Friday, October 07, 2005

A New Blog

To prevent "scrollitis" here is a new blog. I returned home from a glorious 5 days in Chicago late Sunday evening, then left Tuesday for 2 days in Denver and 1 day in beautiful Wyoming. I have been working with Shell Oil, showing Pop&Me to their executives in New Orleans and Houston 6 weeks ago, and now Denver and Wyoming, concerning Cultural and Diversity training. Really fun stuff. Have a great weekend. I'll be with 2 of my sons and 5 of my 7 grandchildren at the beach. Ciao, Richard Roe

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Introducing Richard the Second!

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Kudos to the following Ladies: (from "Bestest Friend" on the blog)
"Karen(KY) suggested the song, which was a Richard Roe rendition of Hayley Mills' 'Johnny Jingo')---which was an old 45 record she memorized as a child---guess she's showing her age! Patty Crow(IL) (made & brought the blow up Richard II that she used in her video to Richard---I would LOVE to see that!!!) Sharon Bramer(KY) & Peggy Rondeau(MA) –danced with Richard II Angie Blalock(LA), Jini Lester(IL) & Jane Papagiannis(IL) –were the "backup" singers.
The lyrics are as follows:We never loved any boy like we love Richard Roe---"Roe"We never kissed any boy like we kissed Richard Roe---"Roe"We're through with Billy, Willie, Ricky, Dickie, Eddie, Freddy, I got me a brand new steady---Oh what he does, what he does to my heart when he holds me...Oh how I love when he whispers in my ear---This is LOVE! The feeling is Zingo! Jingo! We never loved any boy like we love Richard Roe---"Ohhhhh"We never loved any boy like we love Richard Roe....I said, boo, be doo...Yeah!(Obviously in the Hayley Mills version where it says Richard Roe, she used the Name Johnny Jingo)
Joe again: Thanks, Ladies, great job! Next step, streaming video. (I hope!) (and with Patty Crow's permission, maybe a snippet of her video to Richard if she gives us permission.) Thanks, Umberto, for helping me with this.
I'm going to close the other "posts" so let's comment on this one for a while.
Note below the new posting of the audio of the Marilyn skit. It sounds much better!
And, hey, I am so jealous of you Ladies for getting out and about in Chicago. Please share with us everything you did around the city. What is this about the Indian Hindu wedding at the Palmer House on Sunday?

Let's Try Marilyn Again!!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Marilyn tries to enter the Search!!

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From L-R: Pam from Missouri, Barbara, Bette, RR, Marilyn/Paula from FL, Flowergirl Rachel, Cathy from Carolina and Corrine.

Great job, Ladies!!

Use the audio button in the post above. The audio on this post was not good.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Chicago- Crazy Hat Party!- More Fun!!- Photos VI

As promised- more Crazy Hat Photos!

It's our plan to develop new pages for posting photos starting with ones Umberto and I took from the Crazy Hat Party. I'm working with the web folks right now to do it. We had to go through several different options and find the right one. Because we were in Chicago, we're behind on getting this done. We should have it done soon. And then we'll ask for the photos from everyone else- both digitial and printed (which I will scan and post). Thanks for your patience-- I'm pedaling as fast as I can!! Also, it was very technically challenging to get the earlier Chicago photos up on the blog. I'll spare you the details but that is the reason there were so few captions on the earlier photo groups. Plus, I had limited time. -joe

Chandra knows what she wants! Note Carol's "City of Chicago Skyline" hat. Amazing!

Angie's hat had flashing lights!

Merry Mary's Mistletoe-- say that three times fast! Ask Mary what the sign read- LOL!

Erika from Lake Arrowhead (Is that See's Candy in your hand?!)

Georgette. She graciously donated some wonderful skin care products for the drawing.

Jennette- a beautiful Belle from Mississippi.

Yvonne from Hawaii- Along with Corrine from Hawaii, she won the "Furthest Traveled" Contest. Fellow Blogette Cathy from Carolina cheering her on!

Many enterprising Ladies used materials from the Hotel- note the lampshade!

Items purchased across the street at a CVS Drugstore! I think the expression is "The woman makes the clothes!"

Karen continues the "around the world" theme with postcards and souvenirs.

It's "I'm Connie-Pick me!"

These Ladies "unpacked" Richard from a suitcase to show they can travel light...

Richard the Second graciously dances with the Ladies. (almost too real!)

Richard the First dances also!



Umberto gets a warm homecoming from the Franklin kids!

Ladies, more photos to come. I'm going to update the "Meet the Senior Bachelor Page" on the website with more photos sometime this week. Stay tuned for a very important Newsletter coming out tomorrow! Thanks.


PS- I just realized that is Nancy peeking from below the welcome home poster. If you would like to read the "Roe"st she did for Richard in Manhattan Beach (and read more of her writings) go to her website at Oh, and from there you can write her a note and tell her I behaved myself (sort of!)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chicago- Crazy Hat Party!- Photos V

Shhhhhh...sneaking in my office to post some more photos. Nancy thinks I'm pulling weeds. Here you go!!

PS- There was no vote on the winner. They all won!! We're going to post as many as we can for all to see and then share the ones from the online audience as well. Give me some time to catch up on things this week for all the posting. Please DO NOT send me the ones from home yet.

Earlier Saturday:

Some of the Ladies got caught by security trying to sneak into Richard's room. Rumor has it they all fought to be first to be handcuffed!! (To the "naughty mat!")

Breakfast on Saturday. Quite a bit more "buzz" in the room after the great Odyssey Cruise the night before.

Start of the Crazy Hat Party:

One last Lady who wanted to submit a video-- along with her "Posse" who seranaded RR

Richard said "No exceptions.... but keep trying to persuade me!!"

Singing "Travel is a girl's best friend."

The Three Monkeys await their surprise...

Michelle "Flying Mermaid..." presents custom Commando Briefs!

And something for the "Lady" (That's Michelle)

The start of the Crazy Hat Parade (to the tune "Celebrate!")

That's Geraldine (when I first saw her I thought she was a Diana Ross look a like similar to Sophia Loren in MB. Karen is in the orange hat- a great Karaoke Singer!

Will post more later! Who saw us waving to the web cam at Navy Pier on Friday?


Crazy Crazy Crazy FUUUUN!!!!- Photos IV

Goooood Morning Ladies!!!!!!!

Umberto is writing so give me a break if there will be some misspelling. By the way, I should have won the prize for coming all the way from Italy!!!
Crazy night, wasn't it? Let me say, this was one of the best things I ever experienced. I'm not talking only about the party but also for seeing so many beautiful ladies, who didn't know each other, become friends in two seconds, hang out, go shopping, talk about life, visit the city and SHARE...the most important thing! Thank you for such a great gift!

Soooo...I guess you want to see some photos, right???? Do you deserve it? YES you do so here we go:

your host!!!! What can I say? The MAN!!!

This is what I'm talking about...

more soon....