Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Blood

Hi folks, I would like to make the weekly Newsletter and the blog much more interactive. We have a loyal, but small group, doing most of the writing on the blog, and I feel if we made it interactive we would involve a lot more people. To that extent, I am requesting anybody with a great idea for a topic to be discussed on the blog, to e-mail me the idea at . The story could be volunteer work you have done, or a favorite country or place you have visited, political, whatever!! This should result in people making comments on the blog about this topic. We can share all kinds of good ideas. The topics will be far-ranging, so please e-mail me with some story ideas.

As for the Newsletter, there will be a new section each week called...In Your Own Words.... and interesting stories will go there. Bear in mind some 25,000 people read the Newsletter every week, so this is a great way to get a message across. For the Newsletter, the stories should be about 250 words in length, and certainly not more than 500. I will edit them as I deem necessary. For example, I just spoke with someone who lives in New Orleans, and she will be writing an article for this week's Newsletter about the true story of what is happening on the ground in The Big Easy.

I have written this week's Newsletter and it is packed with information-please look for it on Tuesday morning.

All the best, Richard Roe