Saturday, October 15, 2005


As every reader of this Blog is aware, the letter I have dreaded sending has started to go out. I elected not to send it in the Newsletter format, whereby the letter would go to everyone at the same time. My individual format only allows 100 messages per hour, hence the reason I started to send them early last evening and throughout the night. By this evening all of the messages should have been delivered.

At some point, an exact copy of this letter will be in one of the Newsletters.

As you all know, this was extremely painful for me. Quite a few of the women have sent me e-mails, and thus far, all have been supportive and have expressed their understanding of the situation. For that I am most grateful.

Readers of the blog who did not send in materials, or have not received the letter, will now know what the surprise is. And that was that I found it impossible to choose 12 women-in fact, I believe I could have traveled with hundreds of the women who sent in their information, and both of us would have had a fun time together.

Instead of a one week meeting with 12 women, there will be two, four day meetings, with approximately 12 women at each meeting. The "Fabulous Finalists" will be revealed in next week's Newsletter, expected to go out Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be a separate new page, "Fabulous Finalists" on the website devoted to these women with lots of information, available when the Newsletter goes out.

I thank you all for your patience and indulgence, and as the letter said, this is not the end of the Journey, rather the beginning of a new one. A journey to Promote Romance, Adventure, and Recognition for All People 45 and over. Much more to follow in the future. Very Best wishes, Richard Roe

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Beautiful California Blonde!!

Joe here:

WOW!! I went to Richard's this morning and found him with this beautiful California blonde! "Richard," I exclaimed, "Have you made your first selection?!"

"I think so," he said calmly. "She is FUN, FIT and FREE. I just love her beautiful brown eyes. She is so affectionate and we've had great walks along the strand. I have to struggle to keep up. I think I have my hands full!"

I'm having trouble loading the photo of them together. Please bear with me... I think all you have to do is click on this link:

Click here!

More Photos:

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OK, OK, A New Blog

The blog sure can be fun when it's done this way. I congratulate everyone for being "appropriate." An update....I've have been reviewing videos and biographies, and biting my nails all week! I'm telling you, I feel I could go on a one month trip with hundreds of the terrific ladies who have sent in their materials, and I would have a good time and so would she.

Please understand that I have no real interest in setting up a dating service. Thus far, I have been pleased with results from PerfectMatch, and if they stay good, I might become more involved with them. But for now, we are still in the discovery stage. The Men's page was put up strictly for the ladies. Quite frankly, a lot of work goes into building these pages. Generally, I will write the text, and then Joe does all of the hard work. We have three new pages, and this is a solid 40-50 hours worth of work. Nice going, Joe. Umberto has been at my side helping me with administrative work while I do my work. Thanks, my friend of 20 years.

Some ladies have e-mailed me with concerns that their picture and/or bios would be on the Men's Page if we chose to do so. No, we would never do that. We will only do this with your express permission. Again, this is a free service we would like to make available for your benefit.

I plan on sending out the "agonizing" letter Saturday, October 15. I plan on announcing the ladies who will be going forward in the Search in next week's Newsletter. And, guess what???? There will be a surprise. Surprise! Surprise!! He he. Stay tuned. RR

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MEN!!! Can't Live with 'em and can't shoot 'em

OK LADIES: The Newsletter is out and it is almost all about MEN. For the last week, Joe and I, and our staff, have been preparing 3 new pages for . A Men's Page, a Men's Blog, and an incredible Photo Page. It's all in the Newsletter. The main goal was to be responsive to what I have heard so many times, "Where are all of the men??" Now we have created the structure, your role is get them to sign up for the Newsletters. We are hoping each of you will ask at least 2 to 5 men to sign up for the Newsletters. Why not? It's free, they will not be spammed and I will not allow anyone else to use the list. Now the ball is in your half of the court. Good luck. Richard Roe

Monday, October 10, 2005


Ladies, YOU'RE KILLING ME!! When the comments reach about 100, I will try to post a new blog-that takes about 1 day now!! But keep posting away. 99% are great, and we really don't worry about the other 1%. Believe me!! Here's the Scoop. A new "Special Newsletter" is coming tomorrow. If you attended the impromptu meeting last Sunday morning in Chicago, you'll know what I am referring to. One of the main themes was "How can we have more men attend some of the events, like Manhattan Beach or Chicago, or the cruise to Alaska next summer, and many other events we have planned??" You will see some fantastic new pages on tomorrow, and the ball is in YOUR court now. Joe and I have established the structure. You will read how you can make this happen. Best wishes, Richard Roe

PS- From Joe. We'll keep the previous post open for your comments as well.

How would you do it?

Hello Ladies,

Joe here. Richard is really working hard at his Search. I don't envy him. Umberto and I are sort of standing by as this decision is all his. Richard seems keyed up (wouldn't you expect that?) but calm and collected at the same time. I know you have all been waiting for this for a long time- but Richard has been waiting even longer. Umberto is studying up on his photography and learning how to manage the blog in preparation for the trip (and getting some early morning surfing in!) I am getting many (pleasant) surprises ready for you on the website and other things.

So the thought came to mind. How would you go about making the kind of decisions that Richard has to make? How would you be feeling about now? Please share your thoughts....