Friday, December 30, 2005

Gael arrives and a dumb mistake by the SB

Hi All, Gael arrived two days ago and she is fine. We are still in Santiago as I made a "rookie" mistake and did not drink hardly any water for two days (don't know why!!) and came down with a severe case of dehydration. I'll write about this in next week's Newsletter, but it is like having the absolute worst case of the flu. The weather in Santiago at this time of the year is glorious. 80 degree days and 60 degree nights and no rain. Not sure yet what we are doing N.Y.E. as I am still struggling to get my system back up to traveling speed. Umberto is really enjoying his time with his friends. We are staying in the identical place he lived from 2001-2004, and it is exactly like a combination fraternity/ sorority house, but clean!! I'll have pictures and more detail about this also in next week's Newsletter. I am having the comments on the blog sent to me as we still cannot access . Joe is now in Mexico with his family. I hope you all have a wonderful N.Y.E. and a great 2006. Keep those comments coming, we all love to read them. Ciao, Richard Roe

Monday, December 26, 2005

Hello from The Senior Bachelor

As I stated a few moments ago in a new posting of a blog, the only website we cannot access is This is why you have not heard from me for about a week. I finally realized I can go to our "blog server" and post a blog, but I cannot see it!!I asked to be contacted if the previous blog was posted, and I now know it has been, so here goes.

Please look for a new Newsletter coming out tomorrow, Tuesday. The time in Brazil was a really great, albeit some snags, which you will read about in the Newsletter. Vicki was great. She was always on time, never complained about anything (and I'm sure she could have!!), and was completely game for whatever was going on. Umberto was also great, not only taking photgraphs and filming, but with his interpretations. I've pretty much written up about our Brazil experience, and now it is on to Chile. Umberto lived in Santiago for 3 years, from 2001-2004. He had a girlfriend from Santiago, whom he met while they both were in photography school in Paris. That's pretty cool, huh. The pace in Brazil was fast and tiring, and I had lots more business to attend to, other than the trip, than I anticipated. Some personal things at home, and also some issues about being away for 6 months, like who will take care of my car, various bills to pay, junk like that. Now I am caught up.

Santiago is a dream of a city. I don't think I would have said this say 10 or 20 years ago as there has so much amazing new construction here. The country has about 15 million people and half live in Santiago. The city is clean, the Metro and bus system are terrific, (I love to use public transportation as you really get to know the local people) and the people are extremely kind.

Gael arrives the morning of the 28th and we have lots of fun activities planned, including going west to the beach, north to the desert, and then south to Patagonia. A dream destination of mine for a long time. Then on to Argentina.

Seeing as I cannot access the blog, I will e-mail my sister and she can update me on the blog comments, and I will try to post a new blog every couple of days. Thanks for participating and very best wishes, Richard Roe

Hello from Santiago, Chile

Now this is strange. We have been here for 5 days and can access any site in the world-but one. Right. . This is why I have not posted any blogs or any comments. I have gone to and I will try to post this new blog, and will ask the first people to see it (if you do as I have no idea!!) to e-mail me at and tell me you have read it. If so, then I will send a proper new blog. Richard Roe