Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Photos from CHILE!

We have been in Santiago, Chile since Gael arrived last Wednesday, except for a day trip to the beach. This has been a chance for me to get some things done. Like an eye exam and some new lenses for my sunglasses. I have been dealing with a cataract problem for years now but it has not been bad enough for an operation. Darned if about 5 days before I left, my eyes became bad enough, but there was not enough time for the follow up needed for the operation. This means I have to live with cloudy vision until I return home, thus new lenses helped some. I also had to deal with an old filling which came out, and this required a few days to get properly taken care of. We plan a desert trip this coming weekend so there will be some very interesting photos soon. Best wishes to all. Richard Roe

to view photos click HERE!