Friday, August 19, 2005

Senior Bachelor/Oprah-Thursday, August 25

I just went to Oprah's website and found out that the Senior Bachelor segment which was broadcast on April 27, will be re-run next Thursday, August 25. It is the last segment that day. While on the one hand I realize I will be nuts again for about 2 weeks, this certainly will help to Promote "The Cause" which I don't have to re-tell for you sharp-eyed and sharp-eared bloggers!! That's for sure! I have no plans to change the submission cut-off date of September 16, nor the planned departure date, which as of today is right after Thanksgiving. I will be sending a Newsletter out about this on Monday. Have a good weekend and try to watch NBC for the AVP Manhattan Beach Volleyball Tournament this Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Richard Roe

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A New Blog... A Volleyball Tournament and a Full Moon!

Hi Everyone, To prevent "scrollitis" here's a new blog. Just back from four days in Houston and New Orleans, and it was great. Man, it is hot there at this time of the year. It appears we will have a nice group for September 1 and 2, and that should be fun!! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you and having you meet each other. One thing this experience is teaching me is how wonderfully supportive women are of each other. Remember to try and RSVP so we can plan accordingly. I just noticed the full moon tonight. So let the blogging rip, and have fun!! I've peeked at the other blogs and are blown away by how creative you are-- great work! Richard Roe P.S. Still working on Chicago for September 8, 9, and 10, but nothing definite yet. And don't forget to watch the AVP Manhattan Beach Volleyball Open starting today. They've switched the women's finals to Saturday on NBC. Keep an eye out for me and my friends in our Senior Bachelor T-shirts!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Meet The Senior Bachelor-September 1, 2

The Newsletter announcing this meeting will come out tomorrow. The bloggers have had a 3 day heads-up, and some of your questions were incorporated into this Newsletter. Thanks for your input.

I just arrived in Houston. I was invited to be a guest speaker for a Diversity and Cultural Program for Shell Oil. At a luncheon tomorrow, for more than 100 people, Pop&Me will be shown, and then I will answer questions. I fly to New Orleans in the late afternoon Tuesday, and do the same talk Wednesday, then back to LA Thursday. I LOVE doing things like this. Making a documentary film is all about THE MESSAGE. Yes, Senior Bachelor is also about the message. And all of you are well aware of that message!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank two men who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the Senior Bachelor endeavor. Stuart Wolf and Joe Franklin. Stuart hails from Chicago, and I first met Stuart when I appeared on Oprah in June of 2000. For the past few years, Stuart has helped guide me through the many proposals with Oprah, and was responsible for my latest appearance this past April on her show, and also responsible for the People Magazine article this past June. Stuart is a Public Relations & Marketing guru, and a great husband and father of two children. My most sincere thanks to you Stuart. Joe Franklin lives in Manhattan Beach, and also is a great husband and father of two children. Joe and I met about 6 years ago at a local morning coffee shop where we argued about politics and discussed world situations, along with my good friend, and 75 year old surfer, Sol Levy. Joe is a computer genius, and I am the opposite. Joe is mainly responsible for the Senior Bachelor website, and I can assure, you that in itself, is a full time job. Joe edits, and proofreads the Newsletters that I write, and then sees that they get published. A great big thank you to you as well, Joe. That's it for now folks. Have fun on the blog. Richard Roe