Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello from RR

Wow, the last blog posting picked up a lot of steam with Jane's new book. There are certain things I don't mind people advertising on the blog, like a book. That is a terrific accomplishment by one of our readers, so I happy to help you sell some books!!

As far as negative reviews, don't worry about it-it goes with the territory. Pop&Me had fantastic reviews in Variety, Los Angeles Times and New York Times (both with pictures), and 100 other newspapers and magazines around the world, and won 6 festivals and was a Semi-Finalist for an Academy Award in 2001. Yet in front of 6 million viewers, Roger Ebert's sidekick (who had replaced Gene Siskel) Richard Roeper, RIPPED the film, well not so much the film, but not Chris and myself. Ebert stuck up for us and the film, but still, that's the way it goes.

While I enjoy controversy on this blog, I would like to keep things on a (relatively) positive basis. I do appreciate everybody keeping that in mind.

I want to encourage everybody to continue to comment away, but would like to add new people as well, so new folks, please come on board.

A Newsletter is going out right now with Seattle Hotel information for the cruise. Please reserve your rooms right away. Ciao for now. RR


Paula in Florida said...

Can't believe I am first when I only check now once and awhile with my crazy schedule. I had a moment, finally and wanted to say hello to all you fabulous ladies of the blog and RR adn Hey Joe - welcome home and thanks for your encouraging words.I am loving it so far.
Jane - good for you writing a book wow that is awesome.
And Leslie - great shoes huh! I haven't pulled them out yet this season - but I will soon.
My wound is healing well - so thanks for your healing positive words.
Take care all

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 12:48:54 PM  
Josie said...

I "Googled" the book re collecting perfume bottles and it looks like a gorgeous book. I have a bit of a collection myself. Mostly bottles that people have brought me from around the world (Abu Dhabi, Paris). I am saving them for my granddaughter who is such a "girly" girl and loves feminine things. I think I will buy the book. It looks very informative.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006 2:30:18 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Hi Paula.....good to hear from you and glad you're healing. We're a puny bunch. I'm still mending but getting better slowly. I just left the cemetary. I decorated my husband's grave with red roses.
Josie,you will love Lady Jane's book and you could hand it down with your perfume bottles to your grand daughters. I have 4 grand daughters and I have each one a special piece of jewelry in the bank box but I'm not ready to quit wearing yet. I just get out some of it on special occasions. I don't have any extra insurance and some was left to me and I probably couldn't afford the insurance. I went ahead and gave my daughter several pieces. MM

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 2:59:35 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...


In the Newsletter just sent out I recommended the Silver Cloud Hotel. It has come to my attention that the hotel is NOT downtown, but 1.3 miles from Pike Place Market and the other downtown attractions.

As a result, I have made a great deal with a downtown hotel, The Red Lion Hotel, which is 3 blocks from Pike Place Market and the other attractions. Please wait for the corrected Newsletter coming out later today or tomorrow to make your reservations at The Red Lion Inn. Sorry for any confusion. Richard Roe

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 3:50:47 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

P.S. The full name for the new hotel is the Red Lion 5th Avenue Hotel, Richard

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 3:52:36 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Howdy RR, Joe, Lone Rangers and Fellow Travellers.
Well, where do I begin? I have just returned from seeing my Ortho. Surgeon and he said the final prognosis re. my left arm:
PERMANENT DISABILITY! He asked me to have my Lawyer contact him pronto pertaining to the final medical report, which needs to go direct to Supreme Court. Taking all that transpired today into account....onward and upward...LIFE GOES ON ;)at least after two years of discomfort, pain, physio, lawyers letters back and forth(still going on) I now know the END RESULT! I must admit in all truth, the impact of hearing those two words: PERMANENT DISABILITY, sent my mind into a tailspin and it took a while for it to fully register! 'nuff said, glad I got it 'off my chest'so to speak!
RR, incredible informative newsletter as usual, loved the FUNny stuff and especially the story from AMMAN JORDAN, in fact on my wish list is a visit to that special place in the desert, where the ancient ruins/city carved deep into the red clay/mountain.
Wow RR the newzletter is something to look forward to more and more as these fascinating stories keep ~~flowing in~~ RR how was your visit at the Dr. yesterday?

Janiegirl, I just happened to remember that I have two perfume containers, one from Afghanistan, looks like a mixture of Pewter and Silver, very interesting and the other from Israel...a necklace fashioned after the ancient perfume oil containers that the women used to wear around their necks.

MerryMary: Ditto...Hallelujah to ya:)

'Marilyn' aka Paula: happy 2 c u blogging and healing nicely!

'senior'ita bachelorette
p.s whatever happened to 'belizegal' ?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 4:02:30 PM  
leslie said...

Hi everyone! Wow, things are starting to get exciting again what with the hotel being selected. And I'm down to counting the weeks left at school! :D I know I'll miss the kids, but NOT all the extra stuff we have to do like the paper work, the meetings, supervision duty and extracurricular activities that take up SO much time and energy.

Janie Your book is listed on Chapters/Indigo but says it's not available yet. I looked at the cover and even though I know nada about perfume bottles, it looks lovely, so ignore the negative comments and be proud of your accomplishment. I'll be starting my own book in the fall and hope I can be as successful as you've been.

(singing) Hey Hey Paula ~ are you SURE you aren't coming on the cruise - I was hoping to meet you. And Tricia YAY! We get to meet on the 2nd cruise! Who's your roomie?

Joe Good to hear from you - don't be such a stranger :D So, are you and Nancy coming to Alaska with us this time? Any time you're up in BC, be sure to get in touch!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 5:08:07 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

RR: I am enjoying The Amazing Race and hope the Senior Couple married for 40 years win, they are still going strong...relentless!!!! And it is all taking place in the DESERT....Camels...Bedouins...Palm Trees....Golden Sand .....
I so enjoyed reading what Maya Angelou one of my favourite people wrote, thank you for adding it all in to the latest newzletter. She is such a refined cultured lady and a sense of humour supreme! A special message for Oprah and Maya if they should ever 'tune in' to this blog......."YOU GO GIRLS" ;)

I just found your book on google too and what an amazing cover and title...good for you and I wish you all the Luck 'O The Irish, I am so looking forward to it gracing my coffee table, a unique gem of a book!

JOSIE: thanks for the tip, a good feeling to support our 'blog sisters'...Leslie when your book is published we shall do same sister!

sweet dreams y'all
fellow traveller
'senior'ita bachelorette

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 6:14:17 PM  
JanieGirl said...

"OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING, OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY" I'VE GOT A BEAUTIFUL FEELING EVERY THINGS GOING MY WAY" Thanks everyone for all the nice comments re: my book!! Have you all heard that one of Oprah's favorites, TOM CRUISE and his precious wife had a little girl. I wanted the baby to be a boy, just like him, but they say his little girl is just beautiful, healthy, drug free from the mother taking prescription drugs while carrying the baby and they are SOOOOO happy. TOM has taken a rap lately for expressing his feelings re: certain classes of drugs taken by Brooke Shields after the birth of her first baby. TOM CRUISE was "absolutely correct" in his remarks about these drugs. I will admit that he was a little over zealous in his presentation, but he was CORRECT. A couple of reporters, that don't know what they are talking about tried to trip him up, but they are wrong. Tom Cruise appears to be a bright, self assured, happy (jumping on Oprah's couch) kind of guy. He just beams, and I think he is very bright and knows what he is talking about. VAL, I hope all will go well for you. That word "permanent" sounds so omninous. Keep us posted on your progress. Also, are those brilliant "Indigo Children" of yours helping to guide you. Like Tom Cruise, your kids minds are clear, and I'll bet their thoughts on your law suit and disability will be most helpful to you. Much good luck, Val, Dreamweaver. Will close for now. Have a good day!!
Lady Jayne

Thursday, April 20, 2006 5:01:00 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Everythin' Iz Gonna B Allright....Everythin' Iz Gonna B Alright! Good Morning Girls And Boys! RR did you catch a glimpse of Ernie Els etc. at the Golf Tournament during your stay on Hilton Head Island? The famous Lighthouse which is a 'golf landmark':)

Janiegirl: you are so right and the word permanent is non-existant in my vocabulary, we have the power to change whatever is diagnosed, be it 'C' which I had in the early eighties, and overcame that challenge with a POSITIVE attitude! And now this so-called 'permanent disability' will not stop me from living Life to the fullest, although now and again I am reminded that my left arm will never be the same as before the accident. I am a fighting Spirit ;)
The Alaskan Cruises will be 'dream cruises' to say the least, Alaska is another world, still pure and pristine where wildlife can exist without being pushed out of their habitat. By the way I don't stop hearing about this documentary 'March Of The Penguins'
have to see it, truly depicts the plight of The Penguin's journey over vast distances. As my (future filmaker Son) put it so eloquently "Mom This Documentary Is A Penguin Love-Story"
It is a glorious day again today....+21 here on Turtle Island :)

pray tell, what secrets do the Stars hold today? ;)

carpe diem
fellow traveller
'senior'ita bachelorette

Thursday, April 20, 2006 5:43:23 AM  
KarenJW said...

Good Morning All!
I hope everyone is enjoying this early springtime as I am; this is my favorite time of year, when everything is new and pure. It gives me a joyous feeling.

I want to congratulate you on your book and wish you much success! It's always a joy to see women accomplish their goals in life.
On a different note, janiegirl, I must respectfully disagree with you on the subject of Tom Cruise, and his take on whether others should use drugs to regain balance in their life.
Let me say that I beleive everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel our opinions and feelings about life are formed within us mostly by our upbringing; we tend to learn and believe a lot of what our parents believe in their lives. We may change some of what we believe due to life circumstances, and we may feel very deeply about some subjects. But NO ONE, not Tom Cruise or anyone should make deprecating remarks about a course of action that anyone deems reasonable and proper for themselves. If Tom didn't need medication to get over the greuling childhood he recently spoke of, more power to him. I could say that if he got proper treatment earlier in life, then maybe he would be in a more reasonable religion, and not try to shove Scientology down anyone else's throat, and that would be my opinion. But just as I don't knock whatever religion and beliefs he has formed in his life, I ask that he not speak and act as if I'm stupid, unintelligent, or uninformed about why I may choose medication to better enjoy life.

I speak from personal knowledge of the benefits medication and therapy can have in a person's life. I also speak from the knowledge of having spent years reading and learning about my illness. I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my life because of early childhood traumas. I like to educate people about the fact that most brain disorders stem from the fact that the chemicals needed for the brain to function properly sometimes become unbalanced. This is the same as the inbalances in your pancreas causing diabetes, or imbalances in your liver causing cirrosis. Medication simply brings those chemicals back into balance, as in Brooke Shields case, and can quickly return you to the person you were before the imbalance occurred.

I don't want go on and on, I just felt I had to put my two cents in on that subject.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Thursday, April 20, 2006 7:30:57 AM  
soft_rain said...

Hi all!

I am a book lover myself

nice of you Richard to encourage

your readers

Take Care

Thursday, April 20, 2006 10:11:12 AM  
Josie said...

Modern medications saved Brooke Shield's life and just possibly her baby's as well. She spoke of wanting to kill her child and that was what frightened her into getting help. After she was given the proper prescription for her medical condition, she was restored to health.

On some levels couldn't Scientology itself be viewed as a drug?

We are all happy that Tom and Katie have a healthy baby, but time will tell how long their relationship will last. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

It's ironic that Brooke Shields also has a healthy baby, delivered on the same day, in the same hospital, on the same floor, as Tom and Katie's. It will be interesting to see what fate has in store for these two children.


Thursday, April 20, 2006 10:15:12 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Hello ladies, I just received my e-cards from Tricia and they are so wonderful. I'm so proud to hand them out to men I see along the way. Hopefully, they will bring in some exciting cruise partners for some of you. I hope you will take advantage of the gift Tricia is giving us. Maybe you will have some encounters along your way that you wish to share or keep.
Have a great day. M.M.Corbett

Thursday, April 20, 2006 10:19:00 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

To those of you who will be traveling this summer. I was reading my favorite travel magazine today and found this medical heads up that I thought you might benefit from. "It pays to be a fit travelor." It was written by medical experts who directed their attention toward senior travels like us. Basicaly, it was discussing our chances of getting and avoiding what is called DVT or deep vein thrombosis. It is rarely seen in young people but is typically seen in people aged 40 and over in general. DVT is more common in women than men, according to the National Aeronautic and Space Adm. It involves getting blood clots in the veins after sitting for a long time. Symptoms include sudden swelling in the legs, tenderness or cramping in calves, shortness of breath, fever, feeling faint, rapid or painful breathing, chest or shoulder pain, or coughing up blood. The NASA recommends the following prevention strategies:
Lose Weight,Don't Smoke, Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, Drink at least l liter of water per five-hour flight. Alcohol causes dehydration. Alcoholic beverages increase the stickiness of blood platelets and should be avoided . Don't take sleeping pills. Don't cross your legs. Wear unrestricted clothing. Check with your physician regarding the use of compression stocking to increase support. Some doctors advise taking aspirin in order to thin the blood prior to traveling. This is controversial, so be sure to check with your doctor first.
I thought by bringing a heads up to one of the things that could go wrong to ruin your travel, it could help you gals enjoy your summer travel better. When we decide to have crazy fun all of a sudden, we forget to remind our bodies of a change in plans. Hope this was helpful to some of you. I invite more heads-up travel tips from some of you seasoned travelors. M.M. Corbett

Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:45:43 AM  
droma said...

Good posts, Josie and Karen.

For labor and delivery Miss Katie Holmes had an EPIDURAL.

Tom Cruise has never had a wife that had a child herself by him,
He does not have any idea what a woman goes through with
those monumental Hormonal changes with, during, and after
a pregnancy.
How can he possibly judge and condemn anybody??!!
He himself takes loads of Vitamins. Lets face it, they are not "natural",
they are chemically formulated after extraction from plants or animals.
Many prescription Medications are produced the same way, the only
difference being that the amount of active ingredient has to be what they
claim to contain.


BTW, Tom Cruise is a high school dropout.
Ms. Brook Shields (married) graduated from Princeton!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006 11:56:20 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Hello Pop Roe, Joe, Lone Rangers and Fellow Travellers!
I had to keep wiping away the tears......Oprah's Angel Network took the viewers to South Africa where in the name of a young American girl, Hallie, Oprah presented girls and boys with brand new rooms, beds, etc. to assist in making their lives better and cleaner. The show is still in progress...gotta get back to it>>>>>
'senior'ita bachelorette

Thursday, April 20, 2006 1:23:15 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Hi Droma, On Good Morning America they also stated Katie had an epidural. They also said Tom adopted his other 2 children. I had nothing for pain on my last one due to his naval cord was wrapped around his neck and he was turned wrong (sunnyside up???????) That's been 46 years ago and I still remember the pain. After 72 hours of labor and the doctor pushing him back and turning him I was so exhausted I passed out. My mother was so upset that he didn't do a c-section and deliver the baby. Anyway, I believe in pain medicine for sure. It's good to hear from you gals again. MM

Thursday, April 20, 2006 1:39:45 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Dear Karenjw, I certainly respect your opinions and thoughts on the subject of drugging. I also respect and admire anyone who needs help for depression and who seeks that help. However, the deprecation you speak of did not come from Tom Cruise or from me.
It is also not a matter of ones upbringing or parental influence that would make us think and see what is happening in our world today with these drugs. I come from an extremely healthy family, and my mother, who was nurse always taught wellness and my father, who never graduated from college had a masters degree when he graduated highschool. The Irish Christian Brothers taught him. He spoke seven languages and was really a brilliant man. My point is this, because Brooke Shields graduated from Princeton, does not make her any smarter than Tom Cruise. I cannot say I remember ever having a pain when I had my three sons. The minute I looked at their little faces I was filled with love and any pain just vanished. They were nine pounders. So, dear friends, certainly have your opinions about antidepressents, but don't use a vibrant young man and his Scientology beliefs or his concern for a fellow actor, as a scape goat for what the Pharmacuetical Companies are doing. I tell you, he knows what he is talking about!! I hope his little girl and Brooke's little girl become good friends. I also hope that she did not take that class of drug while she was pregnant and that she was off of the drugs for a long, long time before she got pregnant. The incidence of autistic babies has sky rocketed, and the reason might just be the over prescribing of serotonergic drugs. If you want more research materials to learn further about the most dangerous and serious problem to ever hit mankind, just let me know. I can tell you exactly where to go for info. I totally respect your ideas and Josie's also. My intent is certainly not to judge, but to help. Tom Cruise's words to Brooke Shields are just the tip of the iceberg and the horrors these drugs have created. There is a movement in this country to spread the word and we certainly would never belittle anyone for their needs or opinions! Sent to you Karen and Josie in all good faith and in a caring way. "I am not inviting you to follow me, but to follow yourself. I am only here to help if you need me." The above words in quotations are a direct quote from Georg Groddeck's work. If you are not familiar with him, he was a medical doctor, the only analyst whose views had any effect on Sigmund Freud. One of his works is "The Book of the IT."
Have a great evening and thank you for posting to me. Your feelings and ideas are certainly welcomed. Lady Jayne

Thursday, April 20, 2006 5:01:17 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Dear Janiegirl!
Your choice of words and the peaceful way you come across when expressing your ideas and opinions is something to be admired, no wonder you are a writer! The name given to Katie and Tom's babygirl Suri, is the very name of My Rabbi and His Wife's Daughter in L.A. May Suri grow up to be the special child that she is and may she live up to her ancient Hebrew name that she has been given by her proud parents!
What a Blessing, Gift, Joy it is to bring a Child into the world!
Amazing what is happening of late what with Melania and Donald Trump's Babyboy: Barron William Trump, Katie and Tom's Babygirl: Suri, Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow and her new Babyboy Moses!
Hallelujah to the Children!!!
fellow traveller
'senior'ita bachelorette

Thursday, April 20, 2006 5:56:47 PM  
Merry Mary said...

R.R, Val,and friends,I was cleaning a drawer today and ran across this by Maya Angelou I had saved....
When I say 'I am a Christian",I'm not shouting I'm clean livin'.
I'm whispering I was lost,now I'm found and forgiven.

When I say "I am a Christian" I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.
When I say "I am a Christian" I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

When I say "I am a Christian"I'm not claiming to be perfect.
My flaws are far too visible but, God believes I'm worth it.

When I say "I am a Christian" I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches so I call upon his name.

When I say "I am a Christian" I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner who received God's grace somehow.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 6:00:44 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Sweet MerryMary!
Thanks for posting that beautiful prayer by Maya Angelou

Hallelujah Sister! :)
fellow traveller

Thursday, April 20, 2006 6:27:01 PM  
Josie said...

If anyone needs medicine for a bacterial infection, they don't hesitate to take it. Or if they need chemotherapy for cancer, they take it. Or if they need insulin for diabetes... you get the idea. The brain is part of the body. The trouble is, there is still such a stigma attached to mental illness, that we just say "oh get on with it; snap out of it". But a person with a brain disease can no sooner do that than they can "snap out of" a bacterial infection or cancer, or whatever.

One day Tom Cruise will need serious, heavy duty medication for something in his body that has gone wrong, and he will be more understanding.

I work with doctors who cure tuberculosis, which before the advent of medications was 100% fatal. It is now 100% curable.

Without pain there can be no compassion.


Thursday, April 20, 2006 8:55:54 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Josie.....Somewhere in the Bible it says "Through suffering grows love"......
Have a bright sun shinny

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:42:27 AM  
JanieGirl said...

MERRY MARY/MM, Thanks so much for the image of the "Senior Bachelor" August Cruise Card. It is magnificant!!! CHICAGO TRICIA and MISS MARY CORBETT,I was off the blog for about a week and lost touch with the calling cards. I just love your choices. Much more appropriate than my flowers, watering can and gloves that I have. Just looking at that card makes me want to go on one of the cruises. CHARLIE,BOTTLE COLLECTOR, you should email Chicago Tricia or Mary Corbett and get the scoop on the cruises. Married folks are invited. Joe is married and he is going. Also, your Martha would love these folks. Great people, great places to go and lots of fun. Mary Corbett, I was in the Central Market a couple of times and got up enough nerve to approach two men at different times, and tried to promote the cruise trips. They both said "are you going?" When I said "NO", I can't, they said well, I am not going. HA-HA-HA So much for my marketing tactics. I had better get your beautiful cards. Later!!Lady Jayne

Friday, April 21, 2006 6:42:05 AM  
KarenJW said...

Good morning all!

Josie, you are exactly right. I find it incredible that if someone has brain cancer, we all have such compassion and understanding. If someone has a mental disorder, it's as if they are blamed somehow for not being able to control themselves; no one can see the pain and isolation these illnesses can cause because first, you are battling what can be a crippling illness, and second, you need to hide what's going on for fear of being somehow banished from 'The Land of the Well'.

It seems to me that the whole world is suffering from feeling inferior in today's world. We all somehow make ourselves feel better by belittling and frowning on what someone else needs to do to feel alive; to be a whole person and be able to accomplish things like any other person. Why is illness looked upon as weakness? Why are the medical advances that have been made in the world looked upon as some kind of voodoo, that should be eyed with suspicion?
Again, it goes along with your beliefs in life, but no one should say things should be avoided by someone else. That's just foolish, narrowminded, and selfish.
Let's remember the simple adage of 'Live and Let Live'.


Friday, April 21, 2006 6:46:07 AM  
KarenJW said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Friday, April 21, 2006 6:46:13 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Good Morning RR, Joe, Lone Rangers and Fellow Travellers!
My whole world turned upside down in 1987 when my then husband and I seperated and three years later divorced(dislike that 'd' word' as much as the 'c' one)
To cut a lonnng story very short, I went into a deep depression, a black hole so deep, I thought I would never return to the LIGHT! Well, I was fortunate to find a Dr. she was the ANGEL in my Life at that time and solely through intense Psychotherapy I climbed out of that 'black hole' without taking a single pill/medication etc. She would listen while I recapitulated about what I had experienced, she would ask me poignant questions that would evoke anwers, and that was the HEALING PROCESS which lasted for a good two years. She said I did not need any medication as she had to 'walk me through' this darkness and THAT WAS THE KEY! SOMETIMES pills/medication merely 'sugarcoats' the existing problem because Dr's are so SWAMPED by their workload that the easier route is to distribute pills/medication without taking THE TIME to treat the patient as an INDIVIDUAL, but rather 'take a number, you're next' attitude!
I thank G-D that I looked and looked until finally I found this ONE Dr. that was right for me in particular at that time. Please take the time to find a Dr. that is right for you, there are Dr.s and Dr.s as in everything else, no two people are alike! 10 people with depression have 10 different reasons to their 'root cause' while we are all Human, we are not the same psychologically/physically therefore we cannot all be treated in the same way, yes there are parallels to illnesses be it mental/and or physical, it is still NOT THE EXACT SAME from one person to the next!
I have been there, done that, I speak of experience too! One can only truly share and engage in a discussion if one has 'been there'
We all share a common thread here in that we have ALL experienced a Life Altering 'something or other'
during the course of our lives!
Have a Sun-Shiny day
fellow traveller
'senior'ita bachelorette

Are You Feeling Sad And Lonely
Don't Forget Your Heart Will Show You The Way
Are You Trying To Find A Beginning
Something To Hold On To?
Don't Forget To Say...Love Will Find A Way
Some Say We Lost The Way
Some Say The World Has Gone Astray
But The TRUTH Will Always Be In Your Soul
song by Lionel Ritchie

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:35:42 AM  
leslie said...

Val, it sounds like you did not have clinical depression but rather a form of grief - something very very different from depression. Josie has hit the mark here in her comments and I whole-heartedly agree with her.

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:45:25 AM  
soft_rain said...

Hello everyone,

I am sorry if I dont post as often

I do drop by and read your posts almost daily

How could I not

This is your fault Richard!!!

You know Richard, you need to post a warning label on your blog


Well as for me ....I have a new post on my blog....and it helps explain a little ...why I have not been very active these past few months

I invite you all to come share a moment in my my life...

and please feel free to leave any comments

x x x

Friday, April 21, 2006 10:26:22 AM  
soft_rain said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Friday, April 21, 2006 10:28:19 AM  
soft_rain said...





Friday, April 21, 2006 10:31:24 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Janiegirl, In reference to your attempt to interest the guys in the cruise. Don't give up we appreciate the effort.
I have found more interesting tips for those of you who will be taking their first cruise.
Know this for sure: Your ship will sail without you. Make sure you give yourself ample time to get there. Richards idea about getting there a day ahead of time is so great because it gives you time line things up especially if you have traveled from a long distance.
Know your ship. It never hurts to ensure your security by knowing how to get around.
Read the back of your ticket. It contains valuable information about the ship's liability laws in the event you are injured.
Have your head in the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground. Reality check: don't be lulled into a false sense of security. There are alot of dishonest people out there. Leave all your valuables at home. travel only with what you really need.
Lysol- (a small can will go a long way when your in close quarters with a roomate)
If you take medication, keeping a pill box near you would avoid not having them to take if your suitcases don't arrive when you do.
Well, that's all for now. I will continue to share tips that may help some of you have a wonderful summer traveling. Be Blessed M.M. Corbett

Friday, April 21, 2006 10:32:28 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Hi All, Interesting discussions about Tom Cruise. I can give you a little "inside Hollywood skinny" on Tom. He has a terrific reputation among fellow workers when making a film. He is polite to everybody including the extras. Tom Hanks also has this reputation. Both are loved in the business for the way they act when filming.

I don't think Tom Cruise has ever fathered a baby "naturally." At least this is the talk in Hollywood, which of course leads to speculation about his manhood. Any comments on that??

Also, I wonder why as religious as Tom Cruise is, and after his performance on Oprah, he never married Katie Holmes??? Any thoughts?? Richard

Friday, April 21, 2006 11:10:37 AM  
Nancy said...

Hi Fellow Cruisers-to-Be!

I'm in the process of planning when to travel to Seattle and how many days to stay in the hotel, both before and after the cruise. I'm wondering - do we know yet at what time the cruise leaves on the 11th and about what time we'll be returning to Seattle on the 18th? That might give us an idea of when to book our plane reservations.


Nancy (in Ohio)

Friday, April 21, 2006 11:35:30 AM  
JanieGirl said...

RR, I don't think Scientology is a religion. Not certain though. I don't know why our Tom Cruise didn't marry his Katy. Why does Oprah not marry her Steadman? I don't care if they get married or not. It's none of my business. Maybe they don't marry so they don't have to encounter the horrible state of getting divorced. Divorce is such a failure, at least in my opinion. If Tom is unable to father a child, how was this precious baby girl's birth accomplished? I don't know a thing about Scientology although I have been by their headquarters in Clearwater, Fla. John Travolta is another Scientologist. What a great guy he also seems to be. Both of these men are great friends of Oprah. Now, this tells me something!! Anyway, I would not even ask if Tom Cruise could father a child? That seems like tabloid gossip stuff to me. If you want to cut a guy down, just attach his masculinity. RR, maybe it was an immaculate conception!! Anyway, a little more of my chit chat. I surely hope this does not start WWIII. Hugs and Kisses to All.....
Lady Jayne

Friday, April 21, 2006 11:52:50 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Nancy, The cruises start at 4 in the afternoon and return at 7 in the morning-on both cruises. Hope this helps to make plans. Richard

P.S. Many people are getting to Seattle 2 days and nights before the sailing times. Both Umberto and I will be there for the 2 days before each sailing and there will be tons of fun activities for all there. RR

Friday, April 21, 2006 12:02:55 PM  
Josie said...

Scientology is not really recognized as a religion by most other religions. It is regarded as a cult. It fits celebrities to a “T” because its practices are very self indulgent and self serving. Once celebrities get to the status of Tom Cruise, they no longer live in the “real” world. I mean, how many of us go on “Oprah”? (…well… present company excluded ). Wouldn’t someone know that jumping on a leather chesterfield can damage it?

I have heard as well that Tom is a very nice fellow, but perhaps he is also a bit of a control freak with anyone in his close proximity.

If you go to you will read some interesting things about celebrities and cults, and some of the things the cults have done to keep the celebrities as members, once they try to leave. Scarey stuff...


Friday, April 21, 2006 12:11:09 PM  
Nancy said...

Thanks, Richard - That helps - now I'll concentrate on making further plans and coordinating them with my cabin-mate, Carol, from Canada, who's also interested in arriving early.

Is there only one airport in Seattle?

Nancy (in Ohio)

Friday, April 21, 2006 12:31:44 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Val,Dreamweaver18. You are so profoundly intelligent with an insight into matters that escape many of us. I read your words above and I am struck with admiration. I would like you to read Georg Walther Groddeck's "The Book of The IT." Did you know that in addition to our ego and our id, we have an IT? Well, we do!!! Groddeck (1866-1934) From Germany, was medical doctor first and foremost, and an analyst secondly.
His book is a brilliant work of literature. As mentioned on an earlier blog, Groddeck was so admired by Freud. I want to quote him here: "How was it the idea of morphine became so important yesterday that you made yourself sleepless, in order to have an excusefor taking it?"
Groddeck thought of liberation, through self-knowledge. Just as your analyst did with you. They set you up to cure yourself. I also know this because I had an analyst who did much the same with me. He ended up throwing myself and my son out of his office, for which he later admitted he was wrong, but he also knew I was ready to go. The problem with him was his problem, and he was great enough to admit that. Anyway, someday I will get to meet you and we can sit and philosophize till the cows come home. I am looking to go on the Carribean or Meditarr anian cruise, unless RR plans something on land. Well, try to find Groddeck's book. You will love it as I suspect many of the the other bloggers will. Groddeck was also a romantic!! I just love him and the way he writes, in the form of letters to a friend. I wish I had been born in his time. These great masters from our past had so much to offer. A man from the Univ. of Ala., Huntsville, got this book for me many years ago. It is in paperback, copyright date 1949 by Vision Press Limited. Next post later!!
Lady Jayne

Friday, April 21, 2006 12:53:51 PM  
dreamweaver18 said... have opened a 'Pandora's Box' here, more likely going to cause a 'feeding frenzy' with the 'piranha'/'gossip lovers'! :)
On a more POSITIVE note Richard Harris starring in 'To Walk With Lions' 1999..filmed entirely in beautiful Kenya, highly recommendable for those who are drawn to East Africa/Serengeti and of course LIONS...grr :) 'I Dreamed Of Africa' starring Kim Bassinger and 'Out Of Africa' starring Meryl Streep all filmed entirely in Kenya..amazing photography and worth having in one's DVD collection!
Here's to movies 'with substance' Viva Africa!
fellow traveler

Friday, April 21, 2006 12:58:21 PM  
Josie said...

It's not very nice to call someone a piranha. If you disagree with someone's ideas and philosophies, attack the message, not the messenger.

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:13:55 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Dearest Janiegirl! fascinating that you should mention 'IT' I certainly will read the book you have recommended, thank you!
I always refer to the word 'IT' when watching movies....Shirley Maclaine has 'IT'...Morgan Freeman has 'IT'....Katherine Hepburn had 'IT'....Grace Kelly had 'IT'Clark Gable etc.....there is a certain onscreen presence that only a handful of moviestars exude, it is a LIGHT from within!
Many years ago in Vancouver B.C. I took the 'Lee Strassberg Method Training' course for 15 intense weeks just to tap into that inner LIGHT and I felt I did! My Drama Coach was from L.A. and bless him, he died from Lymph Node cancer shortly after we completed the course. I still hear and see him as clear as crystal, what a guy he was!
I am happy to be a member of our MAS...Mutual Admiration Society :)
Hugz 2 U
fellow traveller
'senior'ita bachelorette

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:16:48 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

JOSIE: with all due respect, you enjoyed every minute joining in on the 'feeding frenzy' pertaining to Tom Cruise and his 'jumping on the chesterfield' Scientology etc. that had nothing to do with the message but directly 'attacking' the messenger so to speak! Suggestion: read your posts again, if something upsets you, then it has pushed one of your buttons, and we ALL have buttons!

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:27:57 PM  
Merry Mary said...

I believe Lisa Marie Pressley is also Scientologist but I thought it was a religion???MM

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:36:37 PM  
Josie said...

Dreamweaver, with all due respect, I have never attacked any of the participants on this blog. If I disagree with them, I disagree with their ideas or opinions. Often bloggers with agree with each other and often they will not. That's life......

It's "blog etiquette" not to call fellow bloggers names.

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:38:12 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

JOSIE: I still say what I said pushed your BUTTON. I have NEVER gossiped to anyone about anyone and please refrain from speaking for anyone else on the blog, you speak solely for yourself. This is a forum created by Richard for the expression of free speech and discussion with opposing and agreeing opinions with respect and dignity! Kindly refrain from holding on to something someone says, like a dog with a bone...LET IT GO!
Wishing you a happy heart:)
SMILE and the world smiles with you
'senior'ita bachelorette

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:47:51 PM  
Josie said...

Dreamweaver, you seem to be the gatekeeper...

Richard said something interesting things (read his blog) which should have roused some interesting conversation.

It would seem that as soon as there is any (intelligent?) controversy here, people are basically told to shut up. :-)

See y'all...

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:52:31 PM  
skelsea said...

Josie -- all of your posts have been so accurate & right on the money. No "blowing smoke" with what you say! You are so right, and you also just state the facts! You don't mince in a bunch of gibberish gushing! How refreshing on this blog!

Friday, April 21, 2006 1:55:32 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hello, Are we getting much to serious here? Now, just to prove to a few that I might be nutty, I am going to admit that I was once in love with Walter Cronkite, Thomas Edison, Georg Groddeck, and could fall for John Travolta. Oh! and Peter Jennings, and just to prove I am not in la-la land, two of the above are still alive. Sweet, JOSIE, we are not trying to spar with you or hurt your feelings, we are just discussing matters. Can't we agree to disagree without getting our feelings hurt? Josie, I don't care what religious belief one has or should I say religious traditions? It does not matter, Josie. A man from one of the top pharmacuetical companies quoted a verse from the bible to me over the phone. It was "And My People Shall Die From Lack of Knowledge." And, this quote pertained to the debacle that is occuring now with the over prescribing of serotonergic drugs. This from, a Christian man, with one of the major pharmacueticals. So, young Tom and his ideas about antidepressants have nothing to do with Scientology. Can't you try to understand that we are not critizing you, Josie, we are only trying to help and share, just as Tom Cruise was doing with Brooke Shields. He was much to zealous in his presentation re: Brooke, but he was correct. As for the leather sofa, Oprah can afford another one. I really don't think she sent him a bill or jumping on her sofa. �PEACE!! LADY JAYNE

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:03:31 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Dear Soft Rain, I went to your sight but I'll have to go back. I got all teared up and I can't cry right now because I just put fresh make up on to go to a party tonight. What a beautiful tribute to your dad and I will finish it tomorrow. My dad was many things alcoholic, gambler,womanizer and my sister ask Mom after their 50th anniversary why she stayed with him all those years and she said because if I left you kids would want to go live with him, He was also loving,kind, generous and like yours....funny.
Val and Lady Jane, When you two get together I want to be a mouse in the corner and listen. You both fasinate me. Val,have you been an actress??? I had the lead in the high school play when I was a junior but got pregnant and started having morning sickness and had to finish that year with O.U. correspondece courses. I liked sex better than school.....still do. MM

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:05:13 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

josie: I am not the gatekeeper...I am not The Pied Piper...I am not looking for compliments, not looking for followers. Those that like what I have to say and vice versa, so be it! This is a forum for exchange of opinions and ideas but when someone such as yourself is deliberately aiming at the 'heart of the person' and just doesn't let go....then YOU have a problem! Don't make a mountain out of a molehill...Life is too short!
It will be a year next Thursday April 27th since I started communicating here and I intend to keep up with the communication with those whom I have bonded! I will never rely on the opinion of others for there will always be the opposing opinions, that's Life!
I wish you a wonderful, love-filled, healthy, HAPPY :) life!
'senior'ita bachelorette

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:12:56 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Lady Jane, I've been in love with John Trovolta since Greese and Patrick Swaysey since Dirty Dancing and with Elvis since I heard Heart Break Hotel....I've seen most of his movies Elvi made but he wasn't that great of an actor, but I loved to hear him sing(and wiggle) and thanks to perscription drugs my king has left the earth but he lives on here. I've got lots of his cds and vcrs of his concerts. You know I'm getting concerned that I'm taking too many loratabs but the doctor has cut me from 2,7.5mg. to one 5mg. every 4 to 6 hours as needed so I guess he doesn't want to shock my system. The foot they operated on is still swollen where they removed (with pliars) the nail that was keeping that toe straight. I think I have good doctors but I like the P.A. best of all. He's a sweetie....married tho. are you doing?....I hope mending. Be careful little feet where you go.
Nancy,Are you on cruise 1 or 2? My kids and I are coming in on the 8th I think. I've gotta go curl my eye lashes. One of my x husbands will be there tonight so I want him and everybody to look at the face, not the feet. XXXOOO

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:24:40 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi MM, leave it to you to lighten things up on the blog. I would hope that you, Val and myself would sit together and have our discussions. You are a bright shining light amoung us and we all love you. From the Val and Jane MAS group. You are welcome to join. Val, do you remember a man that came on to the blog several months back. His name was Ted, and he was a peace maker, with a very calming effect on the squabbling women on the blog, which included me. His suggestions and insights into things were amazing. I wonder what happened to him!! I wonder who he really is. If we ran you off, Ted, please come back!! Lady Jayne

Friday, April 21, 2006 2:43:45 PM  
Nancy said...

MerryMary -
I'm on Cruise #1 (same as you, right?) :-) There's a non-stop flight from Cleveland, but it doesn't arrive until 10:37PM, so if I travel on Aug. 10th, I'll miss all of the 'fun activities' on the day(s) before the cruise. So I'm considering traveling on the 9th (or even possibly the 8th).

There are earlier flights, but they cost two or three times as much as the non-stop one (why, I don't know) and take much longer, of course. The non-stop is five hours, which is plenty long for me to be sitting.

Nancy (in Ohio)

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:13:31 PM  
skelsea said...

Dreamweaver -- this blog did not begin until June of last year, not April.
I think you need to re-read your post, you are the one "deliberately aiming" and "not letting go"
Josie posted her thoughts, and left. You keep on & on
Just my opinion
I haven't read this blog in 3-4 months, just popped in, same old people gushing on. I would never have posted, but Josie did nothing but state her opinion, in a calm & FACT oriented way. She didn't deserve your comments

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:14:09 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

JANIEGIRL: I vaguely remember a 'stray coyote' that frequented the blog here, yes a Peacekeeper/Gatekeeper kinda guy, well, come on down 'Ted' if you are still roaming them thar we need
I can't stop laughing ...Janiegirl between you and about FUN energy!
I have a feeling our 'leading man' is grinning like a Cheshire Cat, in the corner :) hope so, cauz as passionate as The Irishman is, so hiz temper can be just as know Janiegirl, you are Irish ;)
Hugz and Luv

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:15:02 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

skelsea: with respect, I was referring to connecting on this site from the day I first saw Richard appear on Oprah April 27th, 2005 and then when the blog first started. I don't have to verify anything, Richard knows!
I posted the comment TO RICHARD, I did not point a finger to any particular person, if someone REACTS because of something I say, that is their problem, it was 'tongue in cheek' and I know Richard gets the gist of it...I was talking to HIM and only HIM!
He has an incredible sense of humour and is a very intelligent man who certainly would not misunderstand what I said!
Don't Worry....Be Happy :)
'senior'ita bachelorette

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:32:16 PM  
Josie said...

Has anyone noticed there are no men on this site? One would have to wonder why. If a man has to be a peacekeeper, "with a very calming effect on the squabbling women on the blog", perhaps it became tiresome for him.

In his blog Richard speculated about Tom Cruise's "manhood" and asked for any comments. If anyone else had said that they would have been vaporized...:-)

It's a bit like watching a car accident. It's hard to turn away.

You can take the girl out of the 7th grade, but you can't take the 7th grade out of the girl....?

Friday, April 21, 2006 3:40:04 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Spice Girl

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:02:04 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Dear Val,Dreamweaver, I am getting so tickled with what is going on in the blog. Val, we must remember that there will always be greater and lesser than ourselves and try to tolerate their insecurities. Anyway, I never met RR. I did not go to any of the parties in MB and Chicago, but I have been on the blog since the beginnng. I only sent in a short bio, a letter, and some photos because I was to low tech too figure out how to do a video. Did you go to any of the parties? I just have to come to your defense and say that you have not said one thing to offend or hurt anyone. Sometimes when one's intellect is above another's it will be considered "gushing" because they don't understand what is being said. And, in some cases, it's the meds they are on that makes them so defensive and sensitive. So, that's the way it is in the year 2006. Let it be written and let it be said. Let's start singing again!! Lady Jayne

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:17:12 PM  
Josie said...

Reading some of the blogs, could it be that some of the gals are putting something a little stronger than milk or cream in their afternoon tea.....:-)

Could it be?

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:30:59 PM  
skelsea said...

Ha ha, you people are too much!! And nobody can figure out why this place is normally dead!!
The "gushers" are the ones with nothing intelligent to contribute. The babble is to overcompensate for lack of intelligence & social skills
And Dreamweaver, whenever anyone questions you, you say you are speaking ONLY to HIM, and ONLY HIM, and HE WILL GET IT. Well, a blog is an open forum, if you don't want anyone else "getting" it but him, I suggest a private email. Oh, my opinion only

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:46:20 PM  
skelsea said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:52:55 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

JANIEGIRL: stomach is aching with the laughter at the current developments. I have not had the pleasure of meeting RR but feel a sense of familiarity about him. He removes himself from intensity, throws kindling on the dying embers and then quietly backs away to see the flames rise up and loves every bit of it! Yes, I am on 'medication' itz called THE HAPPY PILL :)
So on this happy note, I bid you a sweet twilight hour and look forward to the next chapter in this ongoing saga, the journey of Romance, Adventure and Recognition for 45+...;)
I look forward to the day when in retrospect we reflect on this present journey.....
Standing On The Station
Awaiting Our Destination
On The Hallelujah Train
Toot Toot
fellow traveller
p.s. Janiegirl do you enjoy giggling as much as I do? I think MerryMary and others do too!

Friday, April 21, 2006 4:59:53 PM  
leslie said...

This is absolutely hilarious! I'm ROTFLOL...Just what I needed after a busy day with 9-year-olds!

Friday, April 21, 2006 5:11:32 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...


Friday, April 21, 2006 5:17:50 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Well, this is interesting!!!!!

I highly recommend for best airfares. They scan ALL of the airlines. You will find great airfares there. RR

Friday, April 21, 2006 5:44:00 PM  
skelsea said...

If only you all knew how much laughter was going on--ignorance must be such bliss!!
Thanks for all the (sad) amusement!

Friday, April 21, 2006 6:11:57 PM  
Josie said...

Skelsea, you're a hoot. Most of the time I can't figure out what people are trying to say on this blog. Usually it's just kind of empty words - like sugar - empty calories, sweet, but no substance.

Leslie, I have been meaning to get in touch with you but have been SO busy. You must have a lot of fun with the 9 year-olds. They have their own innate maturity don't they?

(I wonder if Tom Cruise has any idea how much he livened up Richard's blog....?)

Ya gotta laff....


Friday, April 21, 2006 6:42:34 PM  
UM gal said...

Skelsea and Josie -
Right on!! I can't believe RR actually enjoys reading the drivel that appears on this blog! I and some friends read it as our daily dose of comics that we share private e-mail laughter over!

I will now go hide under the bed to protect myself from the "slams" that are bound to come my way!

Friday, April 21, 2006 6:49:32 PM  
Josie said...

UM Gal: well, I read back over the past blogs, and there were some interesting people there at one time (including fellows). They all seem to have fallen away. Maybe we can get them back. Let's liven this joint up a bit.

Excuse me for now. I have to go and take my 7:00 meds....:-)



Friday, April 21, 2006 7:00:01 PM  
droma said...

Josie, Karen, and MM, great discussion!

Its' difficult enough to diagnose and treat physical problems/ illnesses. How do we determine
mental health, or who is mentally ill?
What is "normal" at one time may be "abnormal" at another time, in
the same person, as seen by themselves or seen by others.

We are all opinionated, and get more so the older we get.
Just like we loose mental and physical flexibility with age.
All one can do is try to stay as "fit" as possible, challenging our minds and bodies.

Movie stars become celebrities mostly because of their good looks;
and their ability to act, i.e. portray someone else in situations
that are interesting to others because these are unusual in every-day lives. The constant adoration from fans has many of them grow unusually inflated egos.
The ones that I have met are not much different from anyone
of us, so why are we surprised if they "act" polite and friendly
like they IMO should be?

What happened on this blog since I wrote the above?
Leslie, doesn't this beat 9 year olds as entertainment?
Oh weh, oh weh, oh Wehen!

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:05:01 PM  
skelsea said...

Josie -- the empty calorie analogy is so right on!! You are an excellent writer! The perfect answer to all the fluff!
Hey Um, don't go hide -- the perfect answer to all that "drivel" is to keep on! When the "gushers" and others realize how ludacrious they look, maybe they will go away. Then maybe, just maybe, an intelligent conversation might just evolve on this blog. Doubtful, but hopeful!!
Oh, maybe I should end it with "a song", yeah, more gushing!

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:11:22 PM  
Josie said...


(Ignore me. My meds just kicked in....)


Friday, April 21, 2006 7:24:44 PM  
skelsea said...

Josie -- you crack me up -- I wonder how many of the peeps here understand humor??
I'm headed out for margarita's with friends (why does no one here ever do that???) My fur child is going with me -- hey, you hold the fort -- I'll take control in early am
too funny
I would be the gatekeeper, but I can't type or talk drivel!!

Friday, April 21, 2006 7:39:15 PM  
Josie said...

Skelsea: Have a good time. Have a margarita for me. After a long week at work I am curled up at home with my duvet, a cup of cocoa and a movie - "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman (my two favourite actors).

Be sure and come back now. We need some livewires.


Friday, April 21, 2006 7:52:36 PM  
chicagotricia said...

Hi everyone...

One thing for sure change does not take place without spirited and insightful thought and conversation. I respectfully value others opinions but in the end it my decision and my action. I go with the "Live and Live", feels right for me. We all have to determine how to remain well and capture our stream of living life to the fullest.

As for why Tom did not marry Katie? Maybe Katie did not marry Tom! Perhaps she is deciding if she chooses to take this "Mr. Mission Impossible" or not. But at the end of the day it is her decision.

As for the where abouts of Ted, aka "Stray Coyote" it is rumored he was last seen smacking down grape nuts laced with "St. John's Worts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Maybe we can get him to come back and cruise with us? asked if I have a roommate for the cruise, no I don't. I just made my reservation and will be working with Richard to find one. I am looking forward to it.

Dreamweaver...the "March of the Penguins" is an amazing story of love of a mate and of an off-spring, simply touching.

My last mention of the Cruise Cards. I will be happy to do any of the following...E-mail an e-card to you so that you can email it onto your friends. E-mail a formatted document so you may print your own cards. Lastly, US mail cards to you. Just click on my picture, go to my blog and email me from there. Now that we have these cards, how about posting suggestions as to how to distribute them effectively?

Hmmm margarita sounds tempting. Don't take my humor wrong, I appreciate spirited conversation.

Take good care....Tricia

Friday, April 21, 2006 11:00:05 PM  
wanderlust said...



Friday, April 21, 2006 11:21:30 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha. Let's have a poetry contest!! I WIN!! Most become actors because of their good looks! Now that is a profound statement. Robin Williams, one of the greats, Tom Hanks, another great, and Michael Crow? that played in "A beautiful Mind" are not Cary Grants or Clark Gables, but extremely gifted and talented. As for Tom C., he is extremely handsome. He lights up a room with his smile. One great woman, mentioned earlier by our Merry Mary is Maya Angelieu, not a raving beauty, but whe she speaks, she demands respect. She has a calming effect with her speech and her wonderful manner. That's what I call BEAUTIFUL. Meryl Streep, no all time beauty. Did her good looks make her a star? Nope!! Her talent did. DEAR VAL,DREAMWEAVER18. The most evil and destructive
force perpetrated by mankind is "jealousy." This blog has been reeling them in from another blog with their bashing, and lashing out. Oh! "Life Is But A Dream," and when I awake from that dream, my mind will be clear and untouched by serotonergic drugs, and it will be a beautiful day. Oh! I don't drink much, but I really love potatos!!! HA-HA-HA-HA. Got it Val? Sure you do!! "All the Best" to all on the bolg, even those who are so distressed. XXXOOO... Lady Jayne

Saturday, April 22, 2006 12:45:45 AM  
JanieGirl said...

WOOPH'S, I mispelled BLOG. Daddy, stop cluck clucking from heaven up above. Your little girl just hit the wrong key!! From Janie with the long brown hair.

Saturday, April 22, 2006 1:01:55 AM  
UM gal said...

At the moment I wouldn't call this blog a place for spirited, intelligent discussion since about 30% of the comments are made by only two people, one of whom presumes to know how happy or unhappy the others are!

Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:27:46 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Good Morning RR, Joe, Lone Rangers and Fellow Travellers!

JANIEGIRL: It takes all kinds to make a world, we live in a world where it is impossible to appeal to everyone, there will ALWAYS be those who 'hate for no reason' who find fault for no reason, who just live on the negative energy. We don't have to 'feed' into it but maintain our level of respect and dignity and not get 'pulled' into 'mean spirited' vibes(as Richard so eloquently put it) we are 'in his livingroom' and need to take that into consideration everytime we blog!
It is healthy to have differences of opinions but there is a very fine line that is easily crossed!
I am watching the escalation of intense goings on up North in a small area called Caledonia where Six Nations (Iroquois + ) are again having to 'stand their ground' in protecting their Sacred Land. They have barricades preventing the police from entering as the plan is to build housing projets on their land and apparently the treaty signed in favour of Six Nations people, way back, is still valid and belongs to the Native people! I and others plan to drive up and support Six Nations, not as spectators but to stand alongside them, even for a couple of hours. Six Nations believe in coming to the table and settling disputes in that manner but the police don't consider that option at this time! Hopefully it will change or there will be a 'showdown at big sky' so to speak! I appreciate your attitude and am happy to 'be in your company' along with those who feel same !

CHICAGOTRICIA: you are a delightful and sweet Spirit, I plan to see 'The March Of The Penguins' and know it will touch my heart! You will love the cruise to Alaska, an adventure of a lifetime!

'senior'ita bachelorette

Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:38:34 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Well, I'm just going to say what I wont here and let the chips fall where they may. Richard, I think the concept "masculinity" comes wrapped in many packages. I favor the one that is characterized by the title "Southern Gentlemen." One who is sensitive to and skilled in bringing out and satisfying the needs of the female. After making a reality of "her" potentials "he" earns the title of "masculine". For example I saw a very romantic movie called "The Piano", I don't remember the actors, but oh how "masculine" this man was who enjoyed her gift of piano playing so much that together they created a symphony of magical romance. It is only when we try to put someone else's contents in our choice of packages that confusion and often insult occurs. So, that's what I have to say on the matter. M.M.Corbett

Saturday, April 22, 2006 7:39:44 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

RR: oh L-D scrollitis is starting to 'set in' you?

CHICAGOTRICIA: I have a feeling 'stray coyote' is lurking, watching and smiling :) good, that he signs on to the Alaska Cruise, he will love it, along with all the others!
Itz rainin' here today....

Itz Rainin' Men...Hallelujah...Itz Rainin' Men ;)

Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:04:17 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Good Morning Val,Dreamweaver. We are on the same wave length. I am also not going to address any of them again on this blog. I can only pity such vicious, mean spirited women, one who is so smart that she has to cut and paste a nasty review and place on RR's blog. I am ending this!! Let them spit their venom on the other blog. Have a wonderful weekend everyone...Lady Jayne

Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:05:41 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

I stand to correction but I think the actor was Harvey Keitel??? You certainly have a way with words, a writer for sure!

Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:08:51 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Val,Dreamweaver, I am looking out the window to see if it's "Raining Men" around me. Not Yet! I dearly love men. I just love them. I am going to get dressed and go to the Cental Market Grocery and see if I can find one. The grocery store can be a great place to meet men, and the Central Market has these little tiny grapes from California that I love. So, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. Find men and get the grapes. Miss Mary Corbett, Please tell me exactly how you approach men with the calling cards. Please share your approach re: the cruise trips and the calling cards. I am going to email Chicago Tricia on how to buy some cards from her. Will see what I can do. Later! Lady Jayne

Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:32:55 AM  
chicagotricia said...

Hi everyone....the cards are charge...just email me and I will send them off to you.


Saturday, April 22, 2006 8:42:55 AM  

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