Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The "Final VI" and Cruise Update

November 17, 2005


We just sent out the Newsletter announcing the six wonderful finalists who will be joining me on a trip of a lifetime all around the world! As promised, it is a long Newsletter full of great information for the coming weeks. Enjoy and thank you all so much for helping me on my Search for Romance and Adventure!

Please use this blog for any comments to these and any of the fantastic Ladies.

Ciao for now-- I'm off to get my visa for Brazil!!


PS- Just in case you haven't received your Newsletter, we posted some photos of the six final Ladies on the SB Photo Page. Enjoy!

Hi folks, Tomorrow a Newsletter will come out that will be a loooooooong one. The 6 Traveling Partners will be announced, and let me tell you it was a super hard decision, as of the 22 Fabulous Finalists, well, all of them were Fabulous!! Also more information about the cruise. I think all of the bloggers know that there are other blogs that have a different perspective of the Senior Bachelor venture. And from time to time, some will post negative, generally wildly inaccurate statements on this blog. Some we leave on to show how silly they are, and others with flat-out false information we delete. Someone posted a comment earlier today which Joe deleted and then responded to and I will back it up. If people would like to book a cruise, even on Holland America Lines, they may be able to get a comparable group rate, or with a deep discounter, perhaps even a lower price. These discounted fares have no extras, like free cocktail parties, or meeting the captain, or any of the discussions our group will have. Granted, there are many people who could care less about a first-hand account of Grace Kelly stories, and Oprah stories, and Hollywood. For those people, they should get a separate fare, which of course 100% excludes them from anything to do with our group. However, for the people who would like to hear first hand accounts of two of the greatest women of our lifetime (of course there are others, but not many others!!) Grace Kelly and Oprah, then this group makes a lot of sense. Many, many reservations have been made in the first 24 hours. Please refer to tomorrow's (Thursday's) Newsletter for all booking information. Cheers, Richard Roe