Saturday, August 27, 2005

Manhattan Beach Event

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Its been quite busy since the Oprah Senior Bachelor re-run a few days ago; working on the arrangements for the Manhattan Beach event, trying to put the Chicago event together, and possibly one or two more cities.

I've just received some astonishing statistics. On the first day the Oprah SB segment aired on April 27, there were approximately 500,000 hits to the website. Because the Thursday broadcast was a re-run, and it was in the dog days of summer with many people on vacations, etc., we believed the traffic to the site might be about 1/2. In fact it was double, almost one million hits, just the first day. And yes, thousands of new e-mails. On balance, this is a positive occurrence because it is drawing attention to "our crowd" and "our mission."

Manhattan Beach is shaping up to be quite a fun event. At least I hope so. We all are in new territory with this endeavor, and that adds a lot of mystery, Romance, and Adventure. On the one hand I am nervous, and the other hand excited. As my Irish grandmother used to say "we shall see." I hope you all are well.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Big Day for Romance and Adventure- Oprah Rerun!

Good Day Ladies,

Welcome Newcomers from The Oprah Winfrey Show audience!
As you may know, getting on The Oprah Winfrey Show is extremely difficult. Getting a rerun of a segment during the summer is quite an honor. I think it happened because they realize there are so many of us mature folks who want to share our lives with a soulmate. We are active, adventurous and more than a little romantic. So, kudos to you Ladies and a growing number of Gentlemen! (See, we are helping them "get it" that there are wonderful and exciting mature women out there.) I heartily encourage newcomers to jump right in to this very active and social blog. Many of the Ladies have formed wonderful friendships and created their own blogs and websites as a result of joining in here. Arrivaderci! So many of you have commented that you never did see the Senior Bachelor segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show that started this phenomenon so I hope you catch the rerun today. If you want to see more of the Senior Bachelor and help the Mission of Promoting Romance and Adventure for People of All Ages, please email Oprah after the show using this link.

I'm really glad my sisters took up my invitation and joined in on the Blog. Remember, this is ALL about fun-- and they are fun! Thank you, Connie and Judi. And go easy on me.... I'll be sure to give you my side of all their stories! Heard from the Ayres Hotel about the "Meet the Senior Bachelor Tour" event next Thursday and Friday. They have less than 20 rooms left so call now and reserve yours if you are thinking of coming by (800-675-3550). I put up a new page on the website called "Meet the SB" that has all the details of all the locations (Manhattan Beach for sure and Chicago is firming up.) I'm so pleased many of you are staying over for the weekend. I'm preparing the "Manhattan Beach Tour Guide" for everyone that you can pick up when you sign in. If I finish it in time I'll post it to the web. Working on the guide is interesting as it is making me look at very familiar things from a new perspective. What would the tour guide look like from your hometown? Here's another photo of the hotel. Everytime I visit this hotel I see something new and fascinating. It is really quite a jewel and I hope you have a fun time staying there.

The fabrics are from Italy as well as the wallpaper. Doug Ayres and his family have done a wonderful job creating that Old European charm. Finally, you may have noticed that we replaced the eHarmony ads on the website with As I mentioned before I was reviewing online dating services and I came upon PerfectMatch. Their compatibility profile was much easier and quicker to fill out and they seemed to "get it" more about us mature folks. Please give them a try and report back to me how it goes. You can click here to fill out their free compatibility profile. As I mentioned before about the ads on the website, I receive a small commission if you use the products or services shown which I use to help defray the costs of the website, etc. Hey, that just means more for the Journey!! Best Regards and thanks for all your support- RR

Monday, August 22, 2005

New Blog-No Title

Good evening, I just returned from one of my favorite things to do; dinner with one of my sons, and great daughter-in-law, and three unbelievably, wonderful grandchildren aged 4,3, and 1. This would be my youngest son Gabby, and he works for the AVP-the Professional Volleyball Association,and he too, lives in Manhattan Beach. My middle son Chris, the "Me" in Pop&Me, lives 15 minutes away and he has 2 sons, and my oldest son Richard lives in San Diego and he has a daughter and a son. I am blessed to have my family so close to me. Well, fellow bloggers, get ready for my 2 sisters, they have wanted to join the blogger world but have restrained themselves-but no longer. Shortly you will hear from them. Connie is 2 years older than me and she lives in the Florida Keys and she will be one of the panel members. My younger sister, Judi, lives in Long Island, and she runs a very successful day care center.

I was over at the Ayres Hotel going over some arrangements for our get-together September 1 and 2. Below is a photo of Doug Ayres, the owner and Ann Williams, the General Manager. They are being such gracious and generous hosts and are so pleased to be involved with the event. We are standing in front of an actual Renaissance fireplace imported from Italy. Wait until you see all the other authentic decorations around the hotel. I felt like I was back in Tuscany again! (Speaking of which, the buffet they have planned for us is called "Under the Tuscan Sun", not A Taste of Tuscany as I miswrote in the recent Newsletter. My apologies!) (I'm also experimenting with loading photos to the blog so we can post them during the event! You Ladies of the blog are way ahead of me...) All of the indications are that this will be interesting. Very interesting and fun! Bye for now. Richard Roe

(Richard Roe, Ann Williams and Doug Ayres)