Sunday, October 02, 2005

Crazy Crazy Crazy FUUUUN!!!!- Photos IV

Goooood Morning Ladies!!!!!!!

Umberto is writing so give me a break if there will be some misspelling. By the way, I should have won the prize for coming all the way from Italy!!!
Crazy night, wasn't it? Let me say, this was one of the best things I ever experienced. I'm not talking only about the party but also for seeing so many beautiful ladies, who didn't know each other, become friends in two seconds, hang out, go shopping, talk about life, visit the city and SHARE...the most important thing! Thank you for such a great gift!

Soooo...I guess you want to see some photos, right???? Do you deserve it? YES you do so here we go:

your host!!!! What can I say? The MAN!!!

This is what I'm talking about...

more soon....


willemina said...

Finally!!! The hats!!!
Funny ones, cute ones...and what's up with the Billy Bob teeth?

I have my hat posted on my blog. The URL was too long to change my pick here. Maybe there's another way to do it????

I'm going to look some more and then I'll respond again.

Looks like you all had so much fun!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:39:37 AM  
linda in Tucson said...

Umberto! You are the man! What a hoot....great pictures...thanks!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:40:15 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Umberto, The photos are GREAT!! Thanks much!!! Jayne

Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:47:56 AM  
willemina said...

Thanks so much Umberto

These are some very creative ladies, my kind of gals.

You all look wonderful! Thanks for coming thru for all of us!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:48:18 AM  
willemina said...

Hi Janie and Linda
Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:49:01 AM  
sunni said...

Umberto THANKS for
putting a huge GRIN on me:):):)
The photos are hilarious!!!!
Now get some sleep!!!

Who won FIRST PRIZE??? I saw quite
a few wedding veils, earth globes, GI Jane
get ups, and the PEZ hat, too funny....
the Pimp Daddy's really threw a major
wing ding for their Girls...

And LADYBASECAMP hope you're
still zzzzzzzzzzzing ...what a night...almost
as if the tatooed guy and you were cosmically

Ditto...Have a GREAT SUNDAY all!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:01:56 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Umberto, I have some wonderful Italian art and I am wondering if you could help me with any information you might have. 1) A portrait by Italian Artist, Tarantino from Milan, Italy. It is of a beautiful girl with long, flowing hair. She was a live model for Tarantino. It is dated 1974 when the artist was in his seventies. Do you have any info about this GREAT artist, said to be one of Italy's most famous, that you might share? 2) A canvas with the following info: Maestri de la Lavolozza n. 948 G. Francesco, Canal Grande a Venice, Naples Musie de Capodimonte. I think this may be a canvas transfer of the original. Any info you might have will be greatly appreciated. The portrait of the Tarantino girl looks like she would be perfect for you. However, she was 16 years old in 1974. I think she would be a little old for you. Whenever you have a chance, no hurry, please let me know if these artists are familiar to you. Many, many thanks, Jayne

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:13:03 AM  
willemina said...

Okay here's my favorite...if anyone cares...
The cute lady with the Richard doll is hilarious!!! What a hoot! If I was there, I would have wanted to dance with him too!

So many great ones, they all deserve a big hand for coming up with such creative hats!

Brenda and Cathy
Was Marilyn the surprise? Where are your hats??? maybe I missed them or the pic was too small..will be looking for yours on your sites.

Glad to see that you also participated and Umberto too!

Now I really have to go, I promised my two little chickadees that we would go bowling today.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:22:52 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Hi Jayne,
sorry don't know the artis, but since my mother is a painter I will e-mail her as soon as I can and ask... still, look up in the internet, mayebe under the Italian

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:25:32 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Umberto, Went back and read your intro before the pictures. You write and spell English perfectly. I wish I could say the same for my Italian. I studied the language when I attended Mother Cabrini's School for Girls a long time ago. Mother Cabrini is now a Saint. I can still count in Italian, but must report that this is about all I remember. I can read some Italian though and I have Italian cousins from New York. Ciao, Jayne

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:26:38 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Umberto, Jayne again. Thanks so much. Wow, your Mom is an artist in Italy. I'll bet she know about Tarantino. In the meantime, I will google Italian artists and see if I can find more info. I think Tarantino may be deceased now since he was in his 70's when he did this work, which is over 30 years old.
Thanks again, Umberto!! Your a doll!! Jayne

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:33:27 AM  
Umberto said...

Jayne, thank you!

By the way, the photos are a little small but soon we might have a special page for photos, so please be we say in Italy: Stiamo lavorando per voi. "we are working for you".

Got to go... you know.... WORK!!! hahaha

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:34:20 AM  
Belizegial said...

Hey, good morning everyone.

The hat pics were worth the wait. I fell asleep last night whilst waiting for this!!!

Thanks Umberto :-)

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:37:19 AM  
safari soul said...


Like most of the other ladies of the blog, I have been looking forward to seeing the inventive and creative head gear concoctions coming out of Chicago.

I headed to my computer this morning, and thoroughly enjoyed your posting.

Many thanks.

I wanted to thank you in Italian, but know only a bit of Spanish--similar in Latin basis, but totally different language.

If you and I should end up spending some time around each other for some special reason, such as, oh I don't know, perhaps sharing the same travel companion, I would like to sign up with you for lessons in Italian.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 9:59:21 AM  
Paula in Florida said...

Hey ladies - does anyone recognize Marilyn MonROE? Do you see her last three letters in her last name? Guess what blogette is Marilyn- and you win a prize...just kidding.
We had a blast in Chicago. i am home now and getting ready to take off again tomorrow. I am exhausted but happy. It was so much fun and the women were incredible and beautiful I made so many friends for life. Pam, Born to Travel, was my roommate and she and I just bonded right away and had a blast together. I hope there will come a time when we can all meet and share our wonderful stories. I am so glad that I went and Joe and Umberto are awesome and so much fun. Joe kept us laughing th ewhole time. We also got to meet Stuart and his wife and they were terrific. What an experience and as soon as I can figure it out - I wills end my pictures to be published here also.
Take care all. and I hope everyone makes it home safely from Chicago. Can't wait until the next phase of this adventure.
Hugs to all, especially you Richard! You are a hottie - and a good dancer by the way.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 10:06:24 AM  
linda in Tucson said...

Hey Paula welcome home! YES...I saw Marilyn and meant to comment on it. I showed my mom...I'm like "look at my friend Paula dolled up like Marilyn". You cutie! Can't wait to hear more...

Sunday, October 02, 2005 10:13:52 AM  
Belizegial said...

Paula, special mention for your Marilyn MonROE get up!! heh heh

Can't wait to see the rest of your pics when you can do so.

BTW, who was the grand winner of the Crazy Hat contest???

Sunday, October 02, 2005 10:20:23 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hello everyone!! I think the Crazy Hat Contest is still open and those who did not go to Chicago were to wait until Joe got back to MB and we could send electronic photos to him then. I think this message was posted on 9/28 with other instructions re: submission of hat photos. Please correct me if I am wrong. Maybe Umberto knows about this!!! "All the Best", Jayne

Sunday, October 02, 2005 10:41:07 AM  
Mary R said...


Maybe even a head start for Haloween. Some of them, including the city scene took some work.

Gosh, if I'd of been there, mine would have been much too ordinary, but it is filled with History.
It came to me from England, via a now dead English Man Servant. It is a true Easter Bonnet and has also been to many Fancy Outdoor and Horse events. I actually have a huge collection of hats, including the ones I used as a clown. That passion must have come from my great grandmother who had a Millinary Shop. The Good Old Days.

Time to close my "Talk too much mouth" and wait for more pictures.

Last night,I dreamt that Richard picked *********,
she fell in love with Umberto because they shared like talents and interests, and Richard had to go back to his files to choose again.

Whow, what was I doing before all this excitment??

Still looking to enjoy more pictures and stories.

Mary Rose

Sunday, October 02, 2005 11:07:07 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Hello Ladies!!

Just got back from Chicago as well. What a weekend!! Richard said it best (I paraphrase), "Fellow Senior Bachelors, you are missing out on some very wonderful, HOT women!" We HAVE to get streaming video so you can hear it all as well. Umberto, magnifico job posting and writing! Great start for the many blogs you will help with on the Journey. Chicago Ladies, what originality and FUN- my goodness. It truly took my breath away when I walked into that room!

Ladies, let me get settled and start on my rather long "honey do" list for being away for four days and I will post some of the photos I took. I also want to take a peek at the other blogs from the "blogettes". One lesson I learned from Chicago-- there MUST be music and dancing!!!!!!


--and more good men!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 11:38:53 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Aloha ...all I want for Christmas are my two 'Fwont Teef' ROEMEO...JOE....UMBERTO...gals on the blog;)

OH mee Oh my Cap'an ROE you are a tonic...good medicine:) Love the hat...glasses and especially the 'teef'...who is your dentist,
enquiring minds wanna know???? LOL

PAULA: YOU ARE A 10 as Marilyn MonROE...LOL Brilliant, knew you could do it....Bravo!

The rest of you are priceless a difficult decision when winning first prize BUT one pic is missing from the collage of pics and that is LINDAINTUCSON'S BRIDAL ATTIRE...LOL

LINDAINTUCSON: Now is your opportunity to steal the limelight, step right up girl ;) your 15 minutes of fame opportunity is NOW, strike while the iron is hot!!!!!!! lol

I am speechless, this is amazing and a hoot to put it mildly!!!!
Go ahead.....make my day!!!! I am so happy that I am not sure what I wanna be when I grow up....nothing like being YOUNG AT HEART
to quote one of my favourite songs:
FAIRYTALES CAN COME TRUE, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG AT HEART! We Seniors are blazing the trail for the those behind us...yee haaa!
Hugs and Kisses
Senior Bachelorette:)
Val The Gal

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:11:36 PM  
honestgal said...

Umberto: Bravo! Wonderful pictures...but then again, beautiful models!

I'm listening to Josh Groban:
"Como sobrevivir?
Como calmar mi sed?
Como seguir sin ti?
Como saltar sin red?

- Ay - si volvieras a mi vida, si volvieras"

Hugs on a Sunday!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:18:14 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Bonjourno ROEmeo...jOE...UmbertO!

UMBERTO: Love your hat, the cascading fruit looks edible! Bravo to you too, a photographer supreme!

JOE: You look perfecto in the Orange fluffy almost Dr. Suess looking hat...cute one! :) Where'd you get that hat???? ;)

Ciao ...Arrivederci
Senior Bachelorette:)
Val The Gal

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:31:05 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

..."Elton John" RULES....rock 'n roll on baby...

LOVVVV the photos...

i'm turning various shades of green with envy...

cheers from rainy Vanc.BC

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:35:41 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Linda- I sent you an email with some pictures if you want to put them on your site. The hat contest is still open I guess. I didn't hear of any winner so I think they are waiting for you all to send in your photos..oh at Joe's request of course. Gosh he worked so hard in Chicago and always had a smile.
I am still smiling!
Thanks for yoiur compliments about Marilyn - it was all Cathy in Carolina's idea...she is a hoot! A bundle of energy that girl and way more gorgeous than in her photo.
There were a ton of women there who didn't have the foggest idea about the blog...I found that odd! I thought we were world wide famous! But it goes to show you how BIG this truly is..
Have to pack for another trip - I will check in again tomorrow.
Pam I miss you already girlfriend!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:39:25 PM  
Chandra said...

Hello everyone,
WOW! What a weekend!
I am one of the first of the SB Chicago event attendees home from the weekend because I only live 45 miles North of the city. So I thought I would report in.
I want to express to all of you that this event brought so many GREAT women together in one place that it "rocked the room" when we all got together! You could feel the enrgy everywhere! I was soooooo impressed with the entire group that I can truly say it brought together the most fabulous gals from all over the country, Canada and Hawaii. It was not an event but an awakening! To KNOW now that seniors are not "old timers" anymore! The world needs to see and know that!
You can pick me out in the photo with the wedding cake hat on which I placed Richard's photo on the groom's face and the bride has a red question mark on her face. The hat plays "the wedding march" but that was lost with all the dance music. The silly hats were so great and who would have ever guessed that all of that variety and cleverness could have come with the gals that flew in from all over with a limited amount of luggage? Our uniqueness has no bounds. Never underestimate the creativity and determination of a woman! YOU were all so wonderful! and we missed those that couldn't be there. It was truly a great beginning to a road ahead!
Our weather turned out to be more than perfect in Chicago and those gals that had never been there got a chance to venture out and see the sights since we were so close to everything.
I thank everyone for making this such a SPECIAL OCCASION for all of us in attendance! Joe, you are "the man", Umberto, our ever dedicated photographer, and to Richard whose mind never stops working but yet took the time and energy to treat each one of us like we were the only ones there. (Hey fella,I didn't get to dance with you or have you sign my Odyssey photo!) We have to talk about that.......
Just wanted those of you bloggers to know that we did get to take a photo of the "bloggets" in attendance which is the bottom photos of Saturday night. We were an impressive group.
I can't even unpack until I get this out to everyone because my mind is still whirling and getting back to normal will be no easy task.
This event will long be remembered and cherished by ALL of us I am sure! Thanks again for bringing it all together!

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:39:37 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

What a stellar production!...the previous post was for RICHARD...
and UMBERTO, thanks for the the way, you look like Carmen Miranda..
LADIES, the hats are nothing less than spectacular...glad i don't have to be the "judge" are all winners.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:40:39 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

Willy Went to your site to see your new pics and they are really wonderful, thanks for sharing your family with us. I loved your hat.

Linda in Tucson Now I know we've had our differences, but Umberto is go for the old guy ok. GRIN

Paul I recognized you as Marilyn right off the bat. That was absolutely adorable.

My favorite hats were the one with the Roe dummy doll and the lady that had the blue outfit on with a veil made out of blue balloons. Everyone looks like they are having so much fun and it does look like a non-stop party.

Umberto Loved your pictures and can't wait for the photo page.

Hugs Suzanne aka desertfox by Richard

Sunday, October 02, 2005 12:57:43 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

Whoops Paul equals Paula Sorry about that Paula.

Sunday, October 02, 2005 1:05:19 PM  
linda in Tucson said...

Joe You are so funny, confessing that you need to "peek" at the other blogs! Those naughty girls can't hide! Did you and Richard travel together....meaning, is he home too?

Sunday, October 02, 2005 3:13:21 PM  

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