Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thanks and Pop&Me

I would like to thank everybody for being so civil on the blog. It is great to see how many new friends are being made. I recall a few years ago when I had the idea of Senior Bachelor and I remember saying to myself "Do all you can to see that this is a fun endeavor for everybody. And if I am lucky enough to find "her" great, and hopefully many women will also enjoy the whole experience." And thus far this is how things are shaping up.

Many people continue to ask about Pop&Me. There is a lot of information about the film at . If you would like some more information, you can also go to . MGM keeps all of the money from rentals and sales, so I am not pushing this for you to do. However, if you would like to see it there are various ways. One, try your local video rental place. Or, go to either VHS or DVD (get the DVD if you can, much more information), but Amazon is funny in that you must type in the title like this... Pop and Me. You have to write the word and instead of & and there has to be a space either side of and. You can buy them used or new very inexpensively. Or go to or if you have Netflix. My son Chris and I had never made a film, and had zero experience, not even having read a book or taken a class on filmmaking. We traveled around the world for 190 days interviewing fathers and sons all over the world. To our astonishment, Pop&Me won every festival it was in and was a Semi-Finalist for an Academy Award as Best Feature Length Documentary in 2000, and MGM bought it and put it in theaters across America, and now Pop&Me is on 5 continents in 3 languages. Best wishes, Richard Roe

Monday, August 01, 2005

OK, OK, a New Blog

Hello to everyone, I agree it's no fun scrolling all the way down. I go the other way so it's easier. Let's see-what's new?? I spent last Thursday with a German television crew shooting a segment about Senior Bachelor. A few weeks ago the same happened with a British television network. The reason I do these is not that I would like more videotapes, etc., it is to continue to advance the cause that you see on the headline on all of the Newsletters; Promoting Romance and Adventure for People Of All Ages. So when I get a chance to reach people via the media, it's for that reason. Also, a little heads-up here about an idea I actually had from the blog!! And that is about cruises. I love cruises, and have always wanted to see Alaska this way, and hope to do next summer. Quite a few of you lovely ladies have suggested this may be a nice way for us all to meet!! So....perhaps a cruise with lots of Senior Bachelor folks!!! I'll have a 35mm copy of Pop&Me-the same one shown in movie theaters and I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories about the Senior Bachelor Journey!! I may mention this in the Newsletter I am writing today. I would appreciate your thoughts on this via the blog. Also, your thoughts on cruises next Fall anywhere else. Have a good week. Richard Roe AKA The Senior Bachelor