Thursday, March 16, 2006

Your Thoughts

In the most recent Newsletter I addressed an issue I have raised periodically-that of marginalization. Generally I hear via the blog or from e-mails when people like a particular article or issue. Many people e-mailed me about really liking Angie's New Orleans story and Lori's Costa Rica story. As long as I am sent interesting articles I plan on re-printing them in the Newsletters. Do you like this idea?????

Re marginalization, I am starting to feel a bit like a lone voice in the wilderness, as I rarely hear that anyone is interested. I would like to hear your thinking, because this is something that has occupied my time and perhaps my time is better spent elsewhere.

It would be best to share your thoughts on the blog. If you would like to say something personally, you can e-mail me at . Thanks for your comments. RR

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hello There

Good Afternoon, Some people have commented that I have been absent from the blog. In fact I read it many times a day and have been very busy with the cruises to Alaska, which are looking great, (super great in fact) as well as some personal things. I am working now on the Newsletter.
By definition a blog will have a lot of back and forth. That's the idea. And some people may consider it boring, well that's their right. As long as something is not offensive, or inaccurate, or mean-spirited, or the like, I think there should be controversy.
I would suggest that some comments might be more suited to being related directly via e-mail versus the blog. But on balance, I think most of the comments are interesting to many people. And it's like television. If you don't like it, change the channel.
Best wishes to all (even the "bored" folks). Richard Roe