Saturday, September 24, 2005

Odyssey Photo Deal for the Senior Bachelor Group- Look, the first one!

Special Senior Bachelor deal for embarkation photos at the Odyssey, Friday, September 30th!

Most of you know that when you embark on cruise ships someone is there taking your photo which you can buy later. The Odyssey does the same thing with a company called Sharpshooters. However, their photo packages for Friday evening cruises usually cost $20. We've talked with them and they have agreed to offer embarkation photos for the Senior Bachelor group at a special rate of $10!!

We'll have Richard there to be in the photo with you and your friends (if you want!) In order to do this we have to be assembled at the Odyssey together just before 7:00PM on Friday, September 30th.

We'll have the information on the Agenda but Friday evening will look like this. The meetings end at the hotel around 5:45 PM. Then we all get to the Navy Pier as close to 6:15 PM as possible. (It's a 10 minute cab ride at around $8 but four can share for that price- or it's a 25 minute walk.) They have a live webcam at the entrance (check it out- click here) and I want us to assemble and wave to our online friends (I only hope their internet servers can handle it)! Then we'll go into the Navy Pier and play for a little while. On the way to the Odyssey, there is a staircase right across from the "Salty Dog" boat. This is a great spot for a group shot! Then we'll finish our stroll to the embarkation point of the Odyssey for our individual embarkation photos and off we go!!

Richard flew to Chicago yesterday just to check this out. How do you like the test photo with Pam!?

Man, what I wouldn't give to get him in an outfit like that for the Cruise!!

More FUN stuff later.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Senior Bachelor on Chicago TV!- Thursday, Sept 29, 8:05 AM, Fox Channel 32

Gather your friends, Chicagoans (and early arrivals), and watch the Senior Bachelor interviewed LIVE on Fox Chicago, Channel 32 next Thursday morning right after 8:00AM!!!

Remember how you felt making your video?! Well, let's see how Richard does on the hot seat-- a LIVE television interview in front of thousands! Richard's going to tell them how fantastic you all are and all the fun things we are going to be doing in Chicago. We think they are going to have an opportunity for viewers to email questions for them to ask Richard on the air so we'll let you know about that. (Anybody local, could you please arrange to record it on VHS to bring to the Event for everyone to see. Click here for the TV station's link.)

Reservations GOING FAST

The reservations for the Palmer House Hilton Hotel and all the events are going extremely well. Heading for a sell-out for everything. Please, please make your reservations as soon as possible- we don't want you to miss out on all the FUN! There was a last minute rush for rooms at Manhattan Beach and some had to be put up at other hotels. While you still may get a room at the Palmer House, they would only set aside a certain number of rooms at the speical Senior Bachelor rate.

Here is a recap of all the reservation numbers:

Palmer House Hilton: 1-877-865-5321-- ask for the Senior Bachelor Rate.

"La Cantina" Restaurant, Thursday, Sept 29 Early Arrival Dinner: Please call 312-332-7005 and ask to talk to "Mina" or "Gina" (that's no joke!) They are the only ones with whom you can leave your RSVP request.

Odyssey Dinner Cruise, Friday, September 30: Call 312-396-2227 and ask for Rob. Have your credit card ready. Be sure to tell him you are calling for the Senior Bachelor Cruise to get the special $80 TOTAL rate.

Dinner for Saturday, October 1 is still being worked on but plan for a 7-ish start and the "Crazy Hat" Party and other fun activities back at the hotel starting around 9-ish.

FREE Drawings Compliments of our Senior Bachelor Supporters

We are also planning FREE drawings at most of our group social events. There are a lot of great supporters of the Senior Bachelor Search and Journey and they are providing fantastic gifts for the drawings worth hundreds of dollars each:

See's Candies

Eshe Day Spa (located steps from the Palmer House- special SB rates. Call 312-629-0376)

Perfect Match Click here to find your Perfect Match!

Odyssey Cruises

... and more we will list later.

Thanks, everyone! -joe

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fireworks on the Dinner Cruise!!

Well, of course, you all want to see fireworks when you are talking with the Senior Bachelor, but we are going to have REAL FIREWORKS!! They'll be blasting off the Navy Pier around 9:45PM on our return to the pier during our Dinner Cruise on the Odyssey. Now, how cool is that!

Call Rob at Odyssey Cruises 312-396-2227 to make your reservation for the Dinner Cruise, Friday, September 30. Embark at 7:00PM from the Navy Pier, return at 11:00 PM.


Monday, September 19, 2005

CHICAGO- Dinner for Thursday, September 29 for EARLY ARRIVALS!

Joe Here:

Be sure you book this one early as you do not want to miss it! On Thursday, September 29th for dinner we are going to go to a fabulous place that has no less than three restaurants. We will dine at "La Cantina" which is part of the The Italian Village Restaurants a mere block and half from the Palmer House Hotel. We got a special Senior Bachelor rate of $25.00 which includes gratuity and taxes. There will be a cash bar and it looks like we will have the lower level all to ourselves (so I expect you all to be loud and unruly.)

We dine at 7:30 PM so we'll assemble in the Palmer House Hilton lobby at around 7:15 PM for the short trek there. Dress should be dressy casual. You know Richard, Umberto and I will have our somewhat dressy, beach-casual threads on!

They are creating a special "Senior Bachelor Buffet" dinner to include:

- Salad with their special Italian Dressing
- Rigatoni with Meat Sauce
- Mostaccioli served with fresh tomato-basil sauce
- Meat Balls with meat sauce
- Sauteed Home-made Italian Sausage sauteed in virgin olive oil
with freshly cut green peppers
- Chicken al Limone served in a white wine sauce
- Dessert
- Choice of Coffee or Tea (hot or iced)
- No host, cash bar.

Special RSVP Instructions: Please call 312-332-7005 and ask to talk to "Mina" or "Gina" (that's no joke!) They are the only ones with whom you can leave your RSVP request. Tell them you want to RSVP for the Senior Bachelor dinner. This is very important so they can get an accurate dinner count. They will not take your credit card at this time. The restaurant is limited to 120 diners so, please, make your reservations early. As we have mentioned before, Chicago is a very busy place this time of year and Mina has been very gracious to set things up this way so, please follow these RSVP instructions to ensure a place at dinner. Reservations will be cut off on Wednesday, September 28th. The hotel early bookings at the Palmer House indicate that many of you are coming in on Thursday and we do not know how many local Ladies will join us so please call soon. If you go to voice mail, clearly state your name and phone number so Mina can mark you down.

Click here for more information on La Cantina Restaurant. Keep your eye on the comments on this blog for any additional information or questions.

Buono apetito! (or however you say it in Italian)

Best regards,


Sunday, September 18, 2005

CRAZY/SILLY/FUNNY Hat party, now for everyone!!!

NEWSFLASH- Sept 19, 8:30AM PST- The Senior Bachelor Newsletter for Monday, September 19 just went out. Lots of details for Chicago!!

Also, the newsletter highlights a special offer from Netflix for Senior Bachelorettes. I'll repeat the info here:

I just received an email from Netflix because my movie, "Pop & Me," is available from them. I have been a member of Netflix for years and I REALLY LIKE the way their service works. This gave me a thought, along with the recent discussion on the blog about movies, that we should have a place on the Senior Bachelor website to discuss movies. I LOVE talking about how my son, Chris and I made the movie and how Hollywood works. In fact, I lecture about this at UCLA several times a year on this subject.

In addition, Netflix is really, really affordable now. They have a special offer of $9.99 per month and they are giving ONE MONTH FREE if you sign up through the Senior Bachelor. So click on this link to sign up now and then we can start discussing movies in a couple of weeks.

Netflix;-Only 9.99 a month. Over 40,000 Titles. No Late Fees. Try it for Free

Don't worry, it's not going to take time away from the Senior Bachelor Search and Journey-- movies are my hobby! RR

Original Post:

Hi Folks, There have been so many positive comments about the upcoming Crazy/Silly/Funny hat party in Chicago, that I thought it would be fun to include everybody from the blog and Newsletter list as well. How, you ask? Via the Internet! You can send a picture of yourself decked out in your goofy hat, or multiple pictures with different goofy hats, to a new Page which will be established on . Then weekly, or monthly (to be determined), we will have everybody voting for the most creative and funniest hat, and I'll award prizes to the winners (also to be determined). I just had this idea 5 minutes ago, so details will follow. Well, back to watching tapes and reading biographies. After all, someone has to do it!! Ciao, Richard Roe