Friday, December 02, 2005

Some Nature!!!

Hello wonderful people who visit the SB-Blog!!!

Today we went on a little trip just outside Rio de Janeiro. We visited Burle Marx's house... What a spectacle. We had a first taste of what the jungle will be... I just posted a few photos. Hope you like them.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still in Rio...Day 3!

Heeeey Folks,

it's 12:46 PM, my eyes are slowly closing while typing, but I wanted to let you know we have some new photos ... CLICK HERE!!!
Today we visited downtown Rio and as usual we had a great time, learned and... DINNER! WoW.

enjoy... like we did!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rio day 2!!!

Dec 1, From Joe: Hi Ladies, Be sure to leave any new comments on the newest blog. Usually older blogs are turned "off" when a new blog is posted. If you comment on an older blog, it may not be read. Now, back to the fun! Thanks- Joe.

Hey everyone... It's again your favorite photographer... in case you forgot my name it's UMBERTO!!!!

I just uploaded new photos of our adventure in Rio de Janeiro. I hope you'll like them because we had loooots of fun.

P.S. for those who wonder: NO, I have not met a Brazilian girl...YET!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just out of the plane...

Hello everyone,

Umberto is writing so don't think Richard suddenly went dyslexic...
I just posted six photos of our arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Give me some time and I'll give you more, and more... and more!!!! Richard's personal paparazzo is working for you.

Ciao for now. Enjoy the pics on the Senior Bachelor photo page!

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Beginning of The Journey

Hello all, It is now early Sunday morning and at this time tomorrow Umberto and I will be on the way to the airport. Our first stop is Atlanta for a short layover and that also is where we will meet Vicki. I mentioned in my last Newsletter that I had some fear and trepidation. I always have them before embarking on long trips. However in this case, I have more than the usual. I do worry about how I and my six Traveling Partners will get along, and if we will have a good time. All along I have said I will do my best to make everything and everybody as happy as I am capable. And, I will miss my family, that's for sure.

I will comment on the blog everyday if I have access, and I think Vicki will also, and I hope Gael, and Corinne, Lori, Vija and Cindee as well. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into??? Ha ha. Stay tuned and we'll find out.

Again, my sincere thanks to each and every one of you who have supported this zany endeavor in a fun, positive manner. Very best wishes, Richard Roe