Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fabulous Finalists Arrive!!

The first group of Fabulous Finalists arrive! All made it safe and sound-- some from way across the country. I only had time to upload the photos (and have not sized them correctly) and will fill some captions later. All the Ladies in the first group are not pictured here.

Richard's older sister, Connie, made it safely from Florida. What a terrific Lady she is and, boy, does she have some great "Richard" stories!!


Click here.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Newsletter

A Newsletter is about to come out later today (Tuesday) and I wanted to give you fellow bloggers a heads-up. Many people have e-mailed me and wondered if I would be "bailing out" now that the Search is almost over and the Journey beginning. I wanted to be clear that the opposite is happening. What I have learned thus far is that we all have very similar goals. We are interested in Romance and Adventure, and we all would like to gain the Respect and Recognition we have earned, which in our society is not always forthcoming. If this was just about me finding my soul mate, I would be moving only in that direction. However I have seen, first-hand, the need for a forum, a place for all of us 45 and over, to voice our views and try to make some changes. This grassroots movement is open to ALL PEOPLE, whatever your gender, color, religion, or political leanings. It is also available to under 45's because they have parents and other relatives and friends who are our age group. As you know now there is a Men's Page, a Men's blog, and information in the Newsletter about a new, upcoming Photo Page for you, if you should be interested. Joe has spent a lot of time making all of these additions to the website, and I will continue to seek ways of Promoting Romance and Adventure-for everybody!!

The upcoming Newsletter will address these issues, describe how you can help, and also inform everybody that the Alaska Cruise info is coming soon. Best wishes, Richard Roe

Monday, October 24, 2005

A new image? Find the theme!

Buongiorno Ragazze,

Umberto is typing, so don't get confused. Richard, your favorite Bachelor, asked me to create a new image for our website and since the California RAIN is keeping me from my beloved surfing, here I am WORKING for all of you.

There is a new image on the Senior Bachelor home page-- have you seen it yet?! Click here to see it. Is it too romantic and not enough adventurous? I don't know, but the photos are great, RIGHT??? You may have guessed who's the photographer. If you didn't, here are some hints for you: he comes from the "old continent", has a big but attractive nose, kind of shy...ohhh and he's the Jr. Bachelor! hahahah

Let's be serious: there is a main theme that relates one image to the other. I'd love to know your impressions about what you see and FEEL!

Ok amiche mie, please enjoy your day and don't forget to smile!