Friday, September 02, 2005

Meet the Senior Bachelor- Sept 2-- What incredible women! Photos Part III

11:00PM Friday, 9/2, Joe Reporting:

Another terrific day with Richard and the Ladies. Just going to post these quickly and head for bed- I think the party is still going and it's 11:00PM! Even I am impressed with Richard's energy level- but he has been waiting for this for a long time....

Yesterday there was about 110 women that showed up during the day and today about 50 women. Many heartfelt thanks to the women who came on Thursday as you were so patient and understanding while we were trying to figure out the logistics. As you know, priority for smaller group meetings with Richard went to those women who submitted a video. The smaller group meetings ended up with about 4-5 women on average. The first day of the smaller group meetings all consisted of women who had submitted videos. However, about every hour Richard came out to the Courtyard for a question and answer session with all who were gathered. We referred to these as "General Meetings" and they lasted about 15-20 minutes. Then, back to the smaller group meetings.

Based upon feedback from you Ladies, we learned that perhaps, every hour was too frequent for the General Meetings as there was repetitive information. So today we did the General Meetings every two hours- which left more time for smaller group meetings. Today, the first few group meetings were video Ladies and the rest were Ladies who did not submit videos- several who had signed up on Thursday but had to come back on Friday for a smaller group meeting. Very happy to say that everyone that came to the Event at some time participated in a small group meeting that lasted on the average about 20 minutes. So everyone got to meet the Senior Bachelor!

These photos are the ones I took with my inexpensive Nikon Coolpix 5900. Wait until you see Umberto's shots. I'll get his camera specs for you. Sorry for the slow download for some of you. Still learning this. Please comment if these photos load any faster. Also, we want to find a better way to display photos on the website that is easy and fast that an average computer user can manage. Are there any suggestions out there?

Go to the photos-

"Let's check out the Compubus!"

Give me your best Vanna impression- great sports!

Professor Roe inside the Compubus.

Richard's little helpers- some great Manhattan Beach kids!

Larger group meeting- about every two hours lasting 20 minutes. Lots and lots of great questions and answers.

Smaller group meetings- about 4-5 women for 20 minutes.

Richard enjoys the "show" during the Cocktail Party.

Richard gets the "Peacock Award" from Mary Olive (and she got a big smooch later!)

Connie found Richard's Pink Pants and returns them.

Lois (operawench) seranades with "Misty" accapella (sp?). Bravissima!

The lovely Mrs. Franklin "Roe"sts the big guy. Look for the speech she gave on her website .

Another shot of those fabulous women on those marvelous stairs. Look, Umberto is "trapped"! How do I get his job...

The Second Official Senior Bachelor Stairs Shot

Coach Sharon

A lovely Mother and Daughter "Team"- the daughter (right) forced Mom into making a video and handled all the technical details. Richard received many heartfelt emails and submissions from such wonderful "teams".

Christine pitched in on Friday when we needed help. She is officially named the first Richard's Ranger! Thanks!

Good night, all. I'll post some more tomorrow. Thanks to all the fantastic women that made this happen. It took courage and a strong sense of self to pursue this. And thanks to our supporters who made this such a special event for all to enjoy! Buona sera.


PS- The Meet the Senior Bachelor Event made the front page of the paper:

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meet the Senior Bachelor- Sept 1-- WOW!- What a Party! -Photos Part II


Friday AM- New photos from yesterday posted below!

Breakfast is the most important meal before a big day...

2:00PM First meeting with the Ladies.

Adjourns Board Meeting

A little media schmooz with KNX Radio

A General Meeting with Q&A

Passing the time with chocolates- donated to the Senior Bachelorettes by See's Candies!

Our Host- Doug Ayres (and daughter) at the Cocktail Party

Man... never in his "Wildest Dreams"!!!

and more...

...and more....

Nice group.... they were all nice.

Thank you, All-City for the CompuBus!!

Good night, Ladies. More tomorrow!! -joe

More photos from yesterday (Thursday) before the festivities begin today (Friday)...

These ladies are old friends who haven't seen each other in 28 years and accidently met at the Event! Pam and Marty.

"desertflowers" and "linda from Tucson" from the Senior Bachelor Blog and the NannyNannyBooBoo Sisterhood! And Joe.

Richard's friend, Darleena, stopped by to see Richard. I put her on the spot and had her answer questions about Richard. They met about 10 years ago. Just good friends!

Richard held smaller group meetings in the lovely Ayres Hotel private dining room with Ladies who have submitted videos. This is Lorna.

Leslie from Vancouver at the surprise "Sunset with the Senior Bachelor" Wednesday evening. See "metalxmonkey" Mom is in good hands!

More surprises later...stay tuned! Please note the Senior Bachelor Supporters listed at the "Meet the SB" page. This Event would not have happened at all without their support! Please support them.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Meet the Senior Bachelor" Daily Blog- Wednesday, August 31 -Photos Part I

Hello Ladies,

Check out the first photos below! The Senior Bachelor and the "Early Birds"!

Joe taking over again. Even though the official Event doesn't start until tomorrow, many Ladies are on their way to Manhattan Beach by air and car and the excitement is building! Safe travels to all!

Well, the Senior Bachelor is all spiffed up with new clothes, fresh hair cut and .... well, read my comments in the previous blog. You did it-- you sold out the hotel! And the best part is I think most everyone who is at the hotel already knows each other through the blog. We never would have imagined that! And to think most of you never blogged before meeting up with the Senior Bachelor (including me... and Richard.) And I'm sure that those of you who do not know each other yet will make fast and lasting friends during the Event.

I'm going to make every effort to keep the Senior Bachelor Blog as up-to-the minute as possible during the event with photos and commentary-- Umberto, "aiutami" (help me!). I will also create a new blog every day to prevent "scolli-itis". Ladies of the Blog, I know you have your own blogs to manage but could I ask a favor and request you add your comments on the Senior Bachelor as well so everyone can read what you have to say. Thanks!

Stay closely tuned-- you are all going to make this a fantastic Event!


11:00AM PST- Ladies, I just heard from the hotel that due to Katrina related weather, there have been three cancellations for Thursday night. Please give them a call if you would like to reserve a room! 800-675-3550.

7:00PM PST: A surprise visit with the "Senior Bachelor"!!

7:30PM PST: Sunset on the Pier- Pictures with each of the Ladies

8:00PM PST: Dinner...

9:30PM PST: The Senior Bachelor "rides" into the sunset... on a girl's bike?!

Umberto arrives in the nick of time-- all the way from Milan! Greeted by Desertflowers, Leslie and Barbara.

Good night-- what surprises are in store for tomorrow?


Monday, August 29, 2005

"Meet the Senior Bachelor Tour" **More News About Manhattan Beach**

Hi Ladies, it's me, Joe Franklin, taking over Richard's Blog for some news for you!

Lot's to cover as many of the plans are firming up. First of all, look for this week's Senior Bachelor Newsletter- it went out today around midday.

Many of you have asked about Internet access during the Event. We have been able to secure the use of a fantastic mobile computer lab called the "CompuBus" for you to use on Thursday and Friday! All-City Computers in Manhattan Beach is setting up the computer lab right outside the south side of the hotel. Inside are eight robust computers in air-conditioned comfort. There will be a system printer and I've requested special USB ports for downloading photos from digital cameras. The cost to you--- absolutely NOTHING! Bruce Gelb, the CEO of All-City Computers ( has graciously agreed to provide full support for our tech-savvy Ladies. Check your email at anytime, upload photos from the event, update your blogs, sign up for the Senior Bachelor Newsletter or just cruise the internet while you are here. Be sure to say thank you to his computer tech when you use the computers. Follow the signs in the lobby to the van. It's really, really cool!

Here is some information on Registration and the Agenda: (subject to change)

You will be greeted at the door and your name and time of entry will be noted. You will be asked if you have submitted materials for applying for the Perfect Traveling Companion- video, biography and a recent photo. We will check your name against Richard's Master List of applicants. You will be handed a photograph and video release form to sign. Please let us know if you do not wish to be photographed or videotaped. We will make a note on your registration but we ask that you remind any photographer associated with the Senior Bachelor (we will all have name tags) as the Event proceeds.

You will then proceed to the Registration tables where a name tag will be prepared for you and you will be given an updated agenda, Richard's Tour Guide of Manhattan Beach, the menu for the buffet dinner "Under The Tuscan Sun" and some other relevant materials. Please keep the name tag on because it ensures your entry to secure Senior Bachelor areas at the hotel. If you need a new one, just return to the Registration Desk. You will also be given a raffle ticket for the special gift drawings during the cocktail party and buffet dinner in the evening!

Then the meetings with Richard will begin. These meetings throughout the day will be a mixture of large group meetings with everyone assembled in the lovely outdoor Atrium and meetings of smaller groups in the Ayres Private Dining Room. Priority for the smaller groups will always be given to the Ladies who have sent in the required materials to apply for the Perfect Traveling Companion- video, biography and a recent photo. The meetings on Thursday, September 1 will start at 2:00PM and go through to 6:00PM. Then the cocktail party and dinner will start. On Friday, September 2, the meetings will start at 9:00AM sharp and then follow the same schedule with a lunch break from 12:00 to 2:00PM.

Wait until you see the special buffet dinner, "Under the Tuscan Sun" for only $19.95! If at all possible, can you please call the hotel with an RSVP if you plan to be at one or both of the dinners? 1-800-675-3550. They are trying to get a head count to have plenty of food (and Italian-style desserts!) on hand. Speaking of Italian desserts--- shame on you Ladies for already trying to fix up Umberto (introduced in the newest Newsletter)! He hasn't even set foot on the good ol' US of A soil and you are already fixing him up with daughters, nieces and friends. It's like feeding him to the wolves. Well, I'm only here to help Richard find a match-- Umberto, you are all on your own, mi amigo!

We've arranged with the hotel to set up a set schedule for trips to the beach and for returns. Check at our Registration Desk for the schedule. And I'll include the schedule of the Los Angeles Triathlon Club morning ocean swims on the materials you pick up. We've arranged for two TV's with VCR's (no DVD players at this point in time.) They'll have jacks for playback of other types of camcorders. Bring your jacks.

Oh, and Richard tells me he will be wearing casual slacks and a nice Tommy Bahama style of shirt through-out the Event. You Ladies can ask my wife Nancy for any fashion tips- reach her through her website I have been extremely impressed by the Ayres Hotel Staff these past weeks. They all watched The Oprah Winfrey Show on Thursday and are so excited to be part of this fun Adventure. Without their help this Event never would have taken place so be sure to thank them. The owner, Doug Ayres, will be around on Thursday and he said he will be available for tours of the property. He took Richard and me on one last week and it was fascinating.

Enough for now!! My family is calling me to dinner.

Warmest regards, Joe