Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blog Police

I have been pleased with 99.9% of the wonderful ladies (and maybe men) who have used the blog. There has only been one person who has consistently been negative and virtually always wrong. She (or he) will probably get a thrill knowing I am responding to him/her-and so this will be the ONLY time I will do so. Completely inaccurate statements will be eliminated from the blog, from anybody. I'll say this once, and one time only. As of today, July 26, 2005, I have not had ONE conversation with anybody about a reality show. Nor a book. Again, I will not answer this question again. If there was ever a change, believe me, you would all know about it. It gives me great pleasure to delete the negativity and I will continue to do so without any further explanations to anybody. "You" were right on one thing though, I have way better things to do then check for the negative comments, so a good friend does check every hour so he can delete the inevitable negative and/or inaccurate comments that you will continue to send in. (Hey, get a life, or better yet, a man or a woman!!!!!!!) To everybody else, blog away and have fun!!! Richard Roe

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sorry to hear...........Pro volleyball

Sorry to hear about the passing of Michele's mother........There were many comments about the volleyball, and I sat next to Casey Jennings today (who won the men's championship yesterday) as his fiancee, Keri Walsh, won the women's today!!! What kind of talent are those 2 going to produce!! Sitting on my other side was Holly McPeak, the all time winner of women's beach volleyball tournaments. Casey, Keri, and Holly all live in Manhattan or Hermosa Beach. The kids start playing here at 3 years old!!! I have to get back to reviewing videotapes, and working on this week's newsletter. Ciao, Richard Roe