Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meet the Senior Bachelor- Sept 1-- WOW!- What a Party! -Photos Part II


Friday AM- New photos from yesterday posted below!

Breakfast is the most important meal before a big day...

2:00PM First meeting with the Ladies.

Adjourns Board Meeting

A little media schmooz with KNX Radio

A General Meeting with Q&A

Passing the time with chocolates- donated to the Senior Bachelorettes by See's Candies!

Our Host- Doug Ayres (and daughter) at the Cocktail Party

Man... never in his "Wildest Dreams"!!!

and more...

...and more....

Nice group.... they were all nice.

Thank you, All-City for the CompuBus!!

Good night, Ladies. More tomorrow!! -joe

More photos from yesterday (Thursday) before the festivities begin today (Friday)...

These ladies are old friends who haven't seen each other in 28 years and accidently met at the Event! Pam and Marty.

"desertflowers" and "linda from Tucson" from the Senior Bachelor Blog and the NannyNannyBooBoo Sisterhood! And Joe.

Richard's friend, Darleena, stopped by to see Richard. I put her on the spot and had her answer questions about Richard. They met about 10 years ago. Just good friends!

Richard held smaller group meetings in the lovely Ayres Hotel private dining room with Ladies who have submitted videos. This is Lorna.

Leslie from Vancouver at the surprise "Sunset with the Senior Bachelor" Wednesday evening. See "metalxmonkey" Mom is in good hands!

More surprises later...stay tuned! Please note the Senior Bachelor Supporters listed at the "Meet the SB" page. This Event would not have happened at all without their support! Please support them.



soft_rain said...

Well Richard you certainly have your plate full!!

So many beautiful ladies!

Hope everyone has a beautiful time.

Hoping you will come my way Richard.

Thursday, September 01, 2005 11:36:23 PM  
soft_rain said...

Hello there Joe

Thank you so much for keeping us all, up to date, your a good friend.

Have a beautiful day

Thursday, September 01, 2005 11:40:22 PM  
Born To Travel said...

It looks like a good time is being had by all. Richard, are you tired of smiling yet? It looks like you have a lot to smile about! I plan to join the party in Chicago. I have seen two possible dates listed for the trip to the Windy City. Do you have a definite date yet? I'm looking forward to it!

Thursday, September 01, 2005 11:54:13 PM  
Merrymary said...

Wow,what fun. Everyone looks fantastic. I got my package sent in yesterday so I'm way,way behind. I sound just like Kate on the Real McCoys. Does anyone remember that shw??? I'm ready to head to Grove, Ok. to my sister's for the week end and go see"Kountry Kuzins", a really funny show and then my x (we're still friends)are going to church Sun. and out to eat at the casino. I'll be anxious to get home. I'm getting hooked on Richard's adventures and what a pretty harem he has. Have lots of fun. Life is soooo short here. I just keep thinking about the poor people down South. Bank of Oklahoma is doing donations so I neeed to stop and give them a check. Lovinly, Mary B.

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:10:51 AM  
sharingthenight said...

Good Morning, Good Morning,
WOW... I am in AWE.. Thank you for sharing, this is just so amazing, Richard, oh my gosh.. you do have your hands full!!!
well.. all of these beautiful women, I am just shaking my head, at first, you just don't realize what all is involved with what you are dealing with, then you get a peek at a portion of the real deal!!!!!! WOW.... got to hand it to ya big guy your work is cut out for ya..
it would have been easy if only a handful showed up huh? and the rest thought you were kidding??

none the less I am wishing I was there..
so you all have a blast and I will check back later..


you are loooooking good.....

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:14:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

Aloha Richard/ROE/MANce and ADVENTURE MAN:).....Joe, 'Posse' and rest of the gang! Oh m'goodness how amazing it would be for me to be surrounded by as many handsome men as you are by soooo many beautiful flowers Richard! No wonder you have such an irredescent glow about you, it aint just the Mannhattan Beach sunsets! :) Nice to see all the smiling faces, and what a beautiful 'old world charm' hotel The Ayers is, oneday I will definitely visit Mannhattan Beach and stay at The Ayers, they deserve every bit of publicity, such ambience! WOW Richard you look 'spiffy' in White, beautiful colour on you!
Here's to the ancient remedy throughout the ages ROMANCE AND ADVENTURE:)
Love from a 'fellow traveller'
Senior Bachelorette:)
p.s. 'sisters are doin' it by themselves, comin' outta the kitchen and ringing them bells' :)

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:20:21 AM  
anonymous said...

Hey Linda.....nice underwear.
Do you floss regularly?!?!

Friday, September 02, 2005 6:39:36 AM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Hey good morning all,

Suzanne or Linda please could ya call me as soon as you can today ??
Left my #s on Linda's guys look awesome!!

La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 6:42:33 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Morning Ladies,

Just some quick comments before I head back to the fray. First of all, yes, many smiles from everyone. The spirit and energy from the Ladies that came to visit were just incredible- it lit up the place!! And to "dreamweaver", Richard spoke about it all day yesterday how he was going to show all those fellow mature men what wonderful women you ALL are. He wants to serve as role model to have them set their sights higher (both in quality and age) to find their true soulmates in this world. His goal is to get all of you surrounded likewise by eligible men. We'll get there!

Stay tuned for more photos!


Friday, September 02, 2005 6:44:07 AM  
linda in Tucson said...

Hello to all
Anon glad you liked my undies..... anything to get attention, ha ha. Suzanne and I are doing some major g'friend bonding here in MB. Something that I really hadn't expected is that I'd guess more than 2/3 of the ladies have never even heard of a blog. Somehow they have managed to stay juiced up about this via the newsletters only.
Richard has amazing energy...I have watched him go for over 12 hrs a day, always smiling, (even his linen shirt didn't get wrinkled). Traveling parters may have trouble keeping up!
Joe has been an incredible host, things would be chaos without him.
Lots more to share, but gotta go put the pretty on for breakfast.

Friday, September 02, 2005 7:13:14 AM  
Anonymous said...

Aloha ROE/MAncin' Richard, Joe, 'posse' and the 'gals'! :)

Joe: Thank you the photos just keep coming, how wonderful! Yes, Richard's Mission to 'raise the bar' and set higher standards pertaining to the search for the 'TRUE SOULMATE' deserves to be held in high regard! He certainly is a unique individual in recognising the importance of bringing people together who sincerely have a desire to meet their 'TRUE SOULMATE'. This is not an easy journey by no means and I have wanted to 'throw in the towel' more than a few times as there have been so many obstacles on my Path throughout this search for my TRUE SOULMATE:) but something deep within my heart and soul knows that all the pain, struggles, obstacles etc. will take me to that special place where I will be re-united with my TRUE SOULMATE:) That is why I am so happy that I by absolute 'fluke' stumbled on The Senior Bachelor and entourage:) Oprah and Her 'posse' too even though they are all 'behind the scenes' :) When I meet Richard for whatever reason, I know it is not in vain, he may just be the person who will introduce me to my TRUE SOULMATE...:) owwwwww...then my howling at the Moon will cease forever! :)
Senior Bachelorette:)

Friday, September 02, 2005 8:23:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

Linda: I thought the see-through skirt was accidental and I felt sorry for you. But from your remarks, "anything for attention", I hope you get the kind of attention you are seeking from this adventure. Inquiring minds want to know.

Friday, September 02, 2005 8:24:42 AM  
bdnc said...

Good Morning to you all!

Red loving yesterday at the Red Cross.. .didn't go very good... i am so disappointed that i was not able to fill the bag..:-( i had a little faint. The nurses and volunteers are so great though. They really take good care of you. Thanks to the Nurses and Volunteers of the RED CROSS. I am still feeling lightheaded so i must go rest and carry on with my moving.

And BTW ahooo ahoooo ahooo....i am pulling my puter plug today i will miss more of YOUs and the MB event....

I wish for YOU all peace and happiness and hope that your days will be as bright as mine.

Friday, September 02, 2005 8:40:14 AM  
sunni said...

WOW...Ladies!!!! you all look
so incredible....I don't know
how Richard will ever be
able to narrow it down...

Linda You look fantastic
in the see through skirt! Love the belly
diamond...If I could wear it...I would too
Flaunt it while you can!!!!!!

Suzanne, Zoe, Leslie, Mary and all
the rest of theNNBBSH
Your smiles
tell it all....loving your dresses and style!!!
I'm so proud to be a member of the blog!!!


JOE You're amazing....thanks for all
the photos...and comments. You deserve
a medal...RR was so smart
to bring you on board...and the Ayers
Hotel...perfect style for the sophistiCATS!!

Keep those smiles coming ya'll...

Friday, September 02, 2005 8:56:34 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...


Did you reach Suzanne???? I have her last name and the # for the hotel at

You could call the hotel and delivering a message , I know you have something significant on your mind.

If calling is a problem e-mail me and I will call for you.

Friday, September 02, 2005 9:14:31 AM  
Carol/ aka Travelin said...

Wow, what a party!
I almost wished to be there. But alas my family will always come first. Ladies have a blast! I feel sorry for RR now. How do you choose from all those lovely ladies?
I am still burning my candles for La Dolce and family and all others so affected by Katrina.
To La Dolce: The answer to the phone question is: The answering service was not in the affected area. My son in Tallahassee lost his service, because his carrier was in New Orleans. But the phone companies never sleep, help is on the way.
Being in the Miami area, you should see the staging areas just filling up with phone, power, gas personnel. They are coming to all the affected areas. It just takes time.
And who said America is not the best? Thoughts and prayers everyone.

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:00:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!
Ciao......Karla in Alaska

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:10:28 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

Ladies of the Blogg
We have anaother wonderful Joe in MB, you can find him in the Comp=U BUS. He is so patient and helpful with all of the ladies.
Time to go to the beach and watch some of the nnbbs gals fly kites. Understand there is a Chico's nearby too - oh great day!

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:12:57 AM  
Anonymous said...

teeneeboo wants to thank all the neat ladies that showed up at MB so we could all meet each other! We are from all parts of the country and beyond..(: Hi to Jane from England, and Dominique from Florida. Wish you a safe trip home. I said what I had to say to Richard and he heard most of it. He's a great guy and I'd like to see him make a great(the right) connection, though I'm sure I won't be the "one", which o.k. with me. So glad I came from Washington State. Ciao.

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:17:25 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...


Please post the link that you gave on your blog of the reputable agencies who were involved with disater relief.

After Sunni recommended it, I went there and found an agency close to us in North Carolina, Samaritans Purse who are in the disaster area working now.

On their Web site they are asking for groups of volunteers who can go now or later and we have circulated info at work here to lots of folks who are involved in Churches who want to respond.

I think it is a great example of what can be done, when one acts on that desire to do something.!!!!!

Thank you for your "Beautiful Heart" It shows!!!!!!

Thankful thoughts are overwhelming to me right now, for the connection we found here on the Blog with so many of "Heart"!!!!

It makes you marvel at all that has transpired from RR's dream about sharing "LOVE" with one person. Lots of Love to All.

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:46:11 AM  
Mary R said...

Dear Richard and Ladies,

Well, now we are "Chickadees" along with the rest of our accomplishments.

Thank you Ladies, Joe in the wonderful outdoor computer lab, and Joe and a the help inside, and of course Richard.

I stole a few seconds for this photo last night. (I, of course wonder, amongst all that is going on, how you could even remember any of us.) I am also wondering how you can remember what each of our talents are and how our talents can help your MISSION.

I'm going to the beach and fly kites.


This is FUN!!! I hope I live a long life and get to hold hand with a partner some day.

PS. Our attraction is what we are doing, not what we are talking about.


Mary Rose

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:48:34 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi it's Jane from Washington State how are you girls doing this morning. I'm here at MB having a very interesting time. Am glad I came with no expectations, so I won't have to take any disappointment home with me. was thrilled to meet you all, and you came from so far away (: . A bit chilly today in this tralor, so will go out and make it to the beach today. By for now, ciao, jane (teeneeboo)

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:48:36 AM  
Anonymous said...



Best Of Fun To ALL of You

Friday, September 02, 2005 11:06:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

Aloha Richard, Joe, 'blogettes', etc. on this beautiful sunny day with a soft breeze blowing, I send hugs and kisses on the breeze all the way to Manhattan Beach!
Tomorow is my daughter's 21st Birthday, how exciting:)

La Dolce Vida: I have a contact address for you to assist in 'tracking' down your Beloved Father. The Astrodome in Houston Texas has become the new temporary 'home' for those that they have 'shipped' from the Dome in New Orleans. A Zip Code has been allocated to the Astrodome enabling Loved Ones to send letters/messages that will be placed on notice boards in the Astrodome in Houston Texas. The Zip Code is 77230 I guess you address the messages to The Astrodome Houston Texas 77230.
G-D Bless You and all those that are suffering in the 'wake' of this gargantuan disaster. Keep in touch with us through the blog!

So, guys and dolls carpe diem and soak up all the sweetness, a weekend of weekends for sure, how magical it must be and to see the Manhattan Beach Sunset and Sunrise... not forgetting Moonglow over the water, would love to see a pic of the Moons reflection on the water..owwwww:)
Umberto the cameraman must be in his element, amazing photographs, keep up the good work! 'The Man Of The Moment' is soaking up all the attention, no wonder he has a permanent smile:) I have a sense of exciting things lying ahead for the 'Senior Crowd', unlike any other group, we are unique! :)

I am going to try my utmost to attend the Chicago Soiree, first visit to the so-called windy city
and a new step in the right direction for me! I would so love to meet ROE/MANce and ADVENTURE Richard, Joe, Umberto and the rest of the 'posse':)

Senior Bachelorette:)
p.s. Hi to Connie and Judi wherever you are! :)

Friday, September 02, 2005 11:56:35 AM  
Anonymous said...

WOW! Well I must say you are all fabulous ladies indeed. I am so happy that you all got to meet the "Richard"- any disappointments? Is he what you thought he would be? I can't wait to hear all the stories. I am not listed on the blog but read now and then to catch up with the news. Joe and Umberto- keep the great pictures coming and I wish I were there!
Paula in Florida

Friday, September 02, 2005 12:29:17 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Canadian Bloggette said...
G'day Girlfriends!!
I just recieved an email from Chi'Town and great news to brighten the day.... HER DAD IS ON HIS WAY TO CHICAGO!!! It is all good.
She is taking some "quiet" time to reflect and regroup and asked if I would extend warm thanks on her behalf to all the Bloggettes for their prayers, support and compassion. She also sends warm wishes to the girls in MB, she is thinking each of you and is thrilled you are having a wonderful time... she will be back Blogging as soon as the dust settles....and will be back up and planning for Chicago with y'all real soon!
Great news.....the prayers worked!!
Love y'all
La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:14:38 PM  
Phyl said...

Hey Everyone:

*Smiling* here .... looks like you're all continuing to have a wonderful time.

Linda: Go Girl .. love the diamond and the white outfit and your typical sense of humour in your reply to 'whichever sarky anon' is posting this time. Moi only doing my duty policing the blog as per requests ;).

Suzanne: you also look fantastic. Loved your pink/green lil no :).

Leslie: your daughter shouldn't/should?? be worried :).

Have you met up with Suzan yet?

Enjoy ... enjoy ... enjoy ...

Joe .... tks for all the pics ... you must be exhausted *LOL*.

Ciao ... Phyl

p.s. Richard .... hmmmm wonder has any chemistry come your way yet with all the beautiful/intelligent ladies you've met??

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:26:14 PM  
Phyl said...


That's great news about La Dolce Vida's dad ....... give her my love.

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:28:38 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

BTW Chi'Town and la Dolce Vida are one in the same
Sorry about that...just want to make sure y'all get the proper info especailly when it is such GREAT news!!
La Belle xoxo

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:34:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

A suggestion... the photos on the NNBBSH site download very quickly, while the ones on this SB blog take about 15-20 minutes! You might want to see what the girls are doing differently.

Thanks for posting them, it's fun to see what's happening. I just wish it didn't take so long to come through!

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:40:29 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Hey Anon,
I have high speed cable and even with that you are absolutley right, the NNBBSH downloads very quickly and RR's take a minute or so....also the NNBBSH photos can be seen on a larger scale as RR's can't so there is something quite different between the 2 input methods!I thought it was perhaps my computer!
La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 1:46:55 PM  
CathyinCarolina said...

Clickgirl posted this site on her Blog as being a good resource for contributions to disaster relief, I guess most of us are reading both sites, but I wanted to repeat here.

Hard to believe that lots of the ladies at MB did not realize there was a Blog, goes to show how "tunnel visioned" we can be sometimes. I can hardly remember life before the Blog!!!!

I am planning on coming to my work site this weekend to check the Blog, since my brand new Dell notebook got a cup of coffee spilled in the center of it last night and shut it down.

I am a dizzy blonde sometimes, but I was not responsible this time.

I think Wanda's bad karma with her computer in Montana has spread to North Carolina.

So glad you dad is safe, ChiTown girl!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005 2:27:30 PM  
sharingthenight said...

lol.. Thanks Cathy... hey everyone~
the pictures are great!!!!
I am still so excited for all of you, that my fingers just float over the keys in such a hurry, i have to pause to make sure i am in tune with what i wanted to say.. by the way phyl, yes it has been getting 40 degrees at night here, but warming back up to 70 - 75. with the exception of this weekend we are expecting it to be about 79 - 80. yipeee.. well on that note, i am going to be playing on the lake do a little fishin, a little tubing, a little skinney dippin, and some bar-b-queing all weekend, starting about 5 this evening, so cheers to you all, be safe!

I will check back when i come in to check on the homestead.

chat with you all later,


Friday, September 02, 2005 3:28:41 PM  
ladejag said...

Hi Ladies,

This is an awesome experience meeting so many of you. We are all pretty fabulous women.


Ann (aka ladejag) :)

Friday, September 02, 2005 3:29:58 PM  
Chandra said...

Hello one and all,

I have traveled from the Chicago area and am in Dallas for the holiday weekend to see my son and his wife, and it's been so much fun checking in on all of you. Isn't technology amazing? A few years back we wouldn't have had the ability to stay so directly in touch minute by minute. It's not quite as exciting as being there but it sure beats not being included.

What a great group of gals you are! I am hoping that some of you can join us in Chicago soon. We have a lot to live up to now!

Thanks so much for keeping all of us here in cyberland up to date with the experience!


Friday, September 02, 2005 3:55:14 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

WHERE DO YOU BEGIN To talk about this experience and was it good for you? Were your expectations fulfilled? Do you think you have a chance to be one of the chosen few to travel those 6 months, one woman for one month each? How would you feel if you were chosen and fell in love? What would Richard do if he fell in love and had to fulfil his obligations to the other lovely ladies that may have been chosen? Do you think he knows who you are? Did you make an impression on his life? Just a few of the questions presented to Richard in private meetings.

Ladies are you ready to feel that you are lost in a crowd of people (women)? Here it comes Chicago. I've tried so hard to identify with the women here but so many. Some that just found out a few days ago. Some still complaining about the long wait to meet the charming Mr. Richard Roe. Some who haven't a clue of what a blog is and ladies of the blog you and I had are a very, very small percentage of the women being attracted to this adventure and following along with it.

A specific questioned was ask by one of the ladies in my "group" meeting. "Richard has anyone caught your eye here?" Richard said "No, well I don't think it is fair to answer that"Why Not?". Phrased another way "Richard I mean do you go home and think about any particular woman or more than one that you might be attracted to?" "Well yes there are so many beautiful ladies here."

Now ladies Richard is charming, he is handsome, he is articulate, but where are we going with this? Romance for all ages? I want romance for just me. LOL

I specifically ask Richard "Richard do you know who I am....he said "well of course I do"...I said Richard do you know my name?.....Sheepish Grin..."No.Tell me." My response was "I just received the answer that I needed and it was as simple as tha.". I came, I saw, I enjoyed!

But romance for this woman was not to be..By the way at the end of the meeting I did say,"Richard thank you for the meeting my name is Suzanne aka Desertflowers and he at once said of course, Suzanne Wirries I call you "DesertFox" Grin....He really is charming.

This entire process has left me baffled. Another woman ask if it would not have been easier to select the ones he felt attracted to and only call on them. Richard responded that he did not feel that would of been fair, that some women either did not photograph well or did not do a great video because of lack of technical know how. "Fair Answer"

But how on earth to you select from so many.....oh for heaven sakes even I am over whelmed by the reponse. I was really hoping to meet up with some attractive senior men if Richard was not interested, but there weren't any here.

I guess ladies the best way that describes my participation in this process is that I rather felt like a piece of cattle being herded through 200-300 women.

Although I will never forget the experience of meeting so very many lovely ladies which were so much fun, I must say that it was just too much for me to understand why one man would want to go through this whole process again in Chicago.

Ladies there were 100's of women here....100's.

Remember these thoughts when you go to Chicago so you won't feel alone in a crowd.

Operawench sang happy birthday to the birthday girls.

Joe is holding up, but looking a little frazzled. Richard is unbelievable just like the Energizer Bunny LOL

Went to the beach and walked for about 5 miles with Linda - I needed a break.

Friday, September 02, 2005 3:56:24 PM  
HeiressChild said...

u know what ladejag, i agree with u; i think we're all pretty fabulous women also, even if some of us couldn't be in mb. thanks for the complement.


Friday, September 02, 2005 4:21:22 PM  
linda in Tucson said...

The Underwear Saga OK, first of all I'm really glad that I decided to put some on at the last minute, heh heh. Trust me, I have good fashion sense and the undies showing were because of the photography. I was out on the pier in bright sunlight w/Richard and trust one knew what was under my skirt (though I'm sure a few were imagining). Suzanne never would have let me out of the house looking silly so get over it! If you find my panties that interesting, I will post a picture of them on NNBBSH. All in fun!!

We're having great times, watched Mary Rose fly kites on the beach today. Will post pics shortly.

Friday, September 02, 2005 4:43:00 PM  
Phyl said...


What to say .... I don't know. Your post is very succinct. When I saw the pics of all the ladies on the stairs I got a very uncomfortable feeling and I was glad I wasn't there. I, too, would have felt like one of a herd. Not my style at all. I always felt that the bloggers only accounted for a very small percentage of the people involved. I wonder will the same amount of people go to Chicago or not.

I'm glad you enjoyed the place and meeting up with some of the people you had been chatting to. Pity there weren't more men there .... I don't really think it can be about romance for everyone. It's one man who said he was looking for one woman to travel with, then increased it to six women.... who knows what its all about.

Take care girlfriends and do your own thing and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Love & ciao ..... Phyl

Friday, September 02, 2005 4:44:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

Desert flowers,
Thanks so much for your thoughts.
I have been following along and saying nothing. I have enjoyed your adventure and really appreciate all the sharing you have done.
Linda, The website is wonderful and thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures.
You all looked beautiful and I am sure you had a wonderful time.
100s of women and no men.. mmmm...maybe there will be lots of men on the cruise ship...

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:02:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

Desert flowers,
Thanks so much for your thoughts.
I have been following along and saying nothing. I have enjoyed your adventure and really appreciate all the sharing you have done.
Linda, The website is wonderful and thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures.
You all looked beautiful and I am sure you had a wonderful time.
100s of women and no men.. mmmm...maybe there will be lots of men on the cruise ship...

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:02:20 PM  
HeiressChild said...

Desertflowers, Thanks so much for being so open and honest. As much as I want to meet someone, fall in love, and remarry, I just wasn't willing to go the SB route. For those ladies who did, good for you even having the boldness and courage to take this step and find out for yourself what it is all about. I know for some, it has been about making new friendships, but even for some the possibility of being one of the chosen six was still there.

When there is one man and hundreds of women (you said are in MB), and then that one man will be going to another destination to meet maybe another hundred women or so, you have to wonder what is it he's looking for. Wow, hundreds of women - that's a lot to choose from. It was a lot of ladies in one of the pictures. A lot of ladies. A lot of ladies. It's kind of like applying for a job with hundreds of other applicants and there's only 6 positions open. But you usually know beforehand the salary, location, job description, requirements, etc. Then there has to be a process of elimination in order to fill those job vacancies.

But all in all, I'm sure the past few months have still been a good and rewarding learning experience for many, as has been MB.

I understand the cattle analogy. As a matter of fact, I think that's a good analogy. And it's good to be able to express oneself freely. These are just a few of my thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of the trip ladies.


Friday, September 02, 2005 5:20:50 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Hey Linda,
Hang in there, you are not my shock and awe I had the indentical thing happen to me!!
I was leaving Koh Samui and asked one of the guests to take my picture in the lobby, I was wearing black linen tank top and a "transaprent" white frilly n' lacey bra....which by the way looked absolutley fine in my room!!Let me also add I am a private person and flanting it is not my thang (not that I have much to flaunt in that department anyway!!)
When I got home I uploaded all my photos and sent them to family (yes.....including son in laws etc)
I instantly got several phone calls from distressed daughters wondering... What was I REALLY doing on my solo trip!..."Heeeeelllo Mom!!?? What were you thinking wearing such a see through top in a hotel lobby!!"
I could not believe my eyes, it was as though I had no tank top on at all and was standing in the lobby in my TRANSPARENT bra ( frilly n' lacey no less!!)
To conclude...I think the flash (clearly invented by a voyeur!!)on digitals does wierd things to light weight fabrics...
You will notice I did NOT post that photo on my Blog!
The moral of the story:
S--t happens!! We live and learn!!!!
Hope this saga makes you realise you are so not alone!!!
Have a great remainder of your stay and don't sweat the small stuff!
Hugs and kisses to you and Suzanne!!
La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:23:38 PM  
ClickGirl said...

Hi Cathy in Carolina. So true, Cathy, about how Richard’s venture has grown from one … to many hearts! Such a good thing …

Here is that link that you asked me to post – for anyone who wants to help the Hurricane victims:

(It got cut off on my Blog – so I will re-post over there as well. Copy and past into Browser – and delete any spaces.)

Hey Mary Rose:: I loved your comment, “Our attraction is what we are doing, not what we are talking about.”

Paula in Florida: – Welcome from another Florida Girl! Glad to have you joining us!

Hello Chi-Town! What great news!! I am so happy for you! What a reunion you will have! Can hardly wait to hear about it … once you are up to it.

Hi Linda: I sent you an Email – about the Anon post. : )

Hey Suzanne: Ah, as usual, ‘words of wisdom’. Thanks so much for sharing the ‘as you see it’ moments … and the way things are. I was thinking today – about what a long ‘journey’ it has been for us Bloggettes – and seeing so many other women (who don’t even know about The Blogs) – just amazed me. I’ve always had in my mind – about 1,000 women seeking the opportunity – and that 6 out of 1,000 isn’t too bad (better than our state lottery – ha ha). I haven’t sent in a tape yet … but seeing all of you out in MB – despite the huge amount of women … made me take the step to ask my friend to shoot and edit a little video for me. Of course, my initial thought was, ‘I wouldn’t stand a chance’. Then I remembered some words that Linda wrote to me, in an Email – and decided that I stood as good a chance as anyone else … and that it will probably all come down to chemistry, connection and commonalities - in the end. But I think your comments are so good – so that I go in ‘with eyes wide open’. And, if I am able to make the Chicago meet-up … I will go forewarned. Thank you!

And if, like you, there is no romance in it for me … I will have had the satisfaction of getting to know you … and all of the other wonderful Bloggettes and the tremendous NNBB Sisterhood. And what an adventure that has been. I hope that this is just the beginning for all of us. I hope we will travel together … and continue to Blog … and continue to laugh together … and to care for each other … and to reach out in an altruistic nature. That is worth so much.

And don’t forget … we have Ted … and Dale … and the other ‘Strong and Silents’ that may be out there – watching and waiting for this adventure to unfold. : ) Okay – so always, I am ‘the eternal optimist’. : )

Take care, Suz! Thanks for sharing!

Warm regards,


Friday, September 02, 2005 5:34:24 PM  
Phyl said...

CB & Linda

Happened to me too but not with a camera. I was at a function dancing away with various flashing flights and my dress became 'see through' ....... somebody told me so I figured .... well to hell with it ..... dance on *LOL*....

Jeez ... now we have fashion police to contend with .... !!!!!!!!!

Heiresschild: interesting post from you also..... and there's you ... mega wealthy and you not going THAT ROUTE (said tongue in cheek) *LOL* ;)

Ciao ...... Phyl

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:38:07 PM  
Phyl said...

Hey Brenda

Nicely put ...... and don't forget JP !!!!!!!!!! ;)

Friday, September 02, 2005 5:41:46 PM  
ClickGirl said...

Thanks Phyl ... there was a slight 'memory block'. : ) I think there might be one more guy too (oh - and 'Paul' from my Blog - who hasn't responded to all of our very nice posts). But I've had my share of heavy thinking for the day (ha ha) - and just was being lazy - hence re-using that 'Strong and Silent' line that someone came up with. : 0

I had a 'Client Day' today ... and have to work part of tomorrow and Sunday ... Sigh ... so I'm off for now. Have a good one - Everyone!

Warm regards,


Friday, September 02, 2005 6:06:14 PM  
Carol in Riverwoods said...

Dear Suzanne (Desertflowers – such a lovely name!) and others who may be disillusioned by your meeting with Richard in MB,

You are lovely, accomplished women who, in your years of singlehood, have not yet encountered that special man. Deep down, you probably each knew that even Richard was not a likely candidate. Still, you made a decision to go through the process and find out where it would lead. And the same probably is true for him. As we grow in years and wisdom, we may understand better whom we need to be with, but at the same time, that person becomes ever more elusive. My guess is that if the tables were reversed, each of you could easily “go through” hundreds of interesting and charming men and find only a few who were serious candidates for a long term relationship. Though interesting and attractive, upon closer scrutiny you would know most are not the “right one.” And so it will be with Richard. Hopefully he has a pretty good idea of what he’s looking for and will not be overwhelmed. And hopefully each of you will find some benefit to having participated in this rather extraordinary and somewhat bizarre adventure. I know that I have, even without meeting Richard.


Friday, September 02, 2005 6:23:54 PM  
HeiressChild said...

major oooooops, i thought i was on the nnbbsh site when i posted my comments. i guess that's what happens when u go back and forth from one site to the other. these are my thoughts and my opinions, but i probably wouldn't have been so vocal about this on rr's site. oh well.....

however, i do feel that everthing happens for a reason, and as far as this whole sb experience goes, carol in riverwoods put it so eloquently, "hopefully each of you will find some benefit to having participated in this rather extraordinary and somewhat bizarre adventure. (the last part of her comments above)


Friday, September 02, 2005 6:49:37 PM  
onrynurse said...

Joe... Just awsome coverage of this thing!!!!

Richard....What did you get yourself into!!!

The gals are sooo cute... I couldn't compete!!!But, will damn well try!!

Umberto is a cutie,too...

Hi to all....Linda

Friday, September 02, 2005 6:53:31 PM  
onrynurse said...

HI...I just saw a blog that said Chi Town Girl Found her Dad!! OH,,,Thank god!! Girl!! Hugs you and your Dad!!! Linda

Friday, September 02, 2005 7:02:02 PM  
linda in Tucson said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Friday, September 02, 2005 9:35:56 PM  
Love 2 Travel said...

Chi Town I am soooooo happy...elated even, that you found your Dad!!! I have held you in my prayers and it was so wonderful to hear this type of news from you. GOD BLESS YOU!!

Friday, September 02, 2005 9:43:22 PM  
Franny said...

Popular advise is to do the things you love and you will find the right person there - doing the same things. Well, it's never worked for me :)

But I have spent the last 3 days in a cubicle answering the phone and taking donations for Northwest Medical Teams. I didn't meet anyone and fall in love - but still, my heart is full. Some college students gave $20 - probably a lot from a student budget. Some people gave "plenty"; bless them all.

Our medical teams were cleared by FEMA to leave today (we've been ready since Monday!). I've never seen whole cases of Excedrin - but then, I suspect the people in the Katrina disaster area have (or will have)plenty of headaches.

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:05:56 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Hey there my MB NNBBSH Buddies,
Safe journey home!!
Can't wait for a post mortem, as it were!!
Take best care of yous!!
La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:06:31 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Dear Franny
I am so moved by your unwavering altruism.....the world needs more people like you!!
After watching the news tonight the victims have so much more than headaches to deal with...your tireless work will do wonders... every little bit helps.....the journey back starts with the first step!
La Belle xox

Friday, September 02, 2005 10:15:28 PM  

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