Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Blood

Hi folks, I would like to make the weekly Newsletter and the blog much more interactive. We have a loyal, but small group, doing most of the writing on the blog, and I feel if we made it interactive we would involve a lot more people. To that extent, I am requesting anybody with a great idea for a topic to be discussed on the blog, to e-mail me the idea at . The story could be volunteer work you have done, or a favorite country or place you have visited, political, whatever!! This should result in people making comments on the blog about this topic. We can share all kinds of good ideas. The topics will be far-ranging, so please e-mail me with some story ideas.

As for the Newsletter, there will be a new section each week called...In Your Own Words.... and interesting stories will go there. Bear in mind some 25,000 people read the Newsletter every week, so this is a great way to get a message across. For the Newsletter, the stories should be about 250 words in length, and certainly not more than 500. I will edit them as I deem necessary. For example, I just spoke with someone who lives in New Orleans, and she will be writing an article for this week's Newsletter about the true story of what is happening on the ground in The Big Easy.

I have written this week's Newsletter and it is packed with information-please look for it on Tuesday morning.

All the best, Richard Roe


DesertFlowers said...

New photos from the Blogger get together in Tucson earlier this month. If anyone is interested.

Desertflowers aka Suzanne

Sunday, February 19, 2006 1:53:35 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Hello RICHness, Joe, Posse and Chickies!
Thank you for the newzy newzletter and encouraging us to participate in contributing ideas re. topics for the blog.
Saw a very good movie today directed by Woody Allen called 'Set Point' starring one of my favourite actresses Scarlet Johannsen, brilliant acting and somewhat riveting to say the least!
I LOVE movies void of blood and gore, a vehicle to transport us away from our everyday stuff! My favourite kinda movie is 'Howard's End' or any movie that captures the 'old world charm' :)
Senior Bachelorette:)

Sunday, February 19, 2006 2:18:12 PM  
willemina said...

You have a wonderful idea Richard and I'm looking forward to reading the weekly topics and also the comments from readers...this should be very interesting.

Does this also mean that you would prefer that we refrain from sending jokes, etc. to your blog? Would you like the discussions to focus primarily on the topic of the week? Just curious...

Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:16:37 PM  
willemina said...

Thanks for sharing photos from your get-together in Tucson. What a lovely group you had there!

Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:18:30 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

oooops correction: movie name not Set Point.....'MATCH POINT'

Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:22:36 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Dear Willemana and others, Keep everything going on the blog as before. The new interactive topics will add new voices and interesting stories and all kinds of useful information. Send in your ideas for postings on the blog and articles for the Newsletter. Cheers, Richard Roe

Sunday, February 19, 2006 6:59:47 PM  
Bev said...

What do you bloggers think of asking Richard to spearhead a project that we could all volunteer for? I'm thinking of Habitat for Humanity International (or national). While getting to know each other we could be helping the world. In addition, our travel expenses would become tax deductible.

Sunday, February 19, 2006 7:13:42 PM  
Skywatcher-'ella' said...

RR's in the 'STARS'
February 20, 2006

Stronger Bonds...

You may feel protective today when it comes to your relationships. There is a chance you are seeking ways of restoring harmony to at least one of your relationships. Perhaps there is discord between you and a colleague, or maybe a relationship with a friend or loved one has undergone some strain. If so, your best course of action may be to compromise.

You might consider telling the other person how you feel and what your thoughts are regarding a situation. Allow them to express themselves without judging them or reacting to what they say. If each person is clear on where the other person is coming from today, you may be able to reach a happy agreement.

Reaching a compromise is an effective and productive way to mend a strained relationship. Compromise is built on a foundation of trust and good intentions. When we share honestly and openly in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, we naturally deepen our connection with the other person. We come to realize that our wishes and desires are not as different from those of the other person. We begin to recognize similar shared desires that we might not have otherwise noticed.

Make an effort to reach a compromise today at work or in your personal life, and you can revive a relationship that is important to you.


Monday, February 20, 2006 3:02:27 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Good Morning RICHness and ALL!

In my experience compromise has never proven to be the course of action by which I can reach an agreement or settle a dispute. In compromising I would be stepping down and giving up on a thought or idea that is important from my perspective in order to heal a situation. Both parties are right from their perspectives and in order to settle both have to recognise each other's opinions and in doing that they stand on middle ground and the situation is resolved. Your writing is always a Teaching for me too!
This is purely from my perspective and experience, it is healthy to learn from different angles too! We ALL have something to contribute
Have a sun shiny day today
Love on a MOONBEAM
Senior Bachelorette:)

Monday, February 20, 2006 5:48:34 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

The Newsletter is scheduled to go out as usual early Tuesday morning. Angie from New Orleans has written a great article about New Orleans. I have asked readers to send in their comments about the article as well as how they feel New Orleans and the other areas affected by hurricane Katrina have been handled by the local, state, and federal governments. The comments should be on the blog not to my e-mail. I hope a whole new group of people will join the existing group in participating on the blog.

I am receiving great story ideas. Again, if you have a story you would like to share, keep it under 500 words, and e-mail it to me at and each week I will strive to have an interesting story which should engage people from all sides making comments on the blog.

So....each week a new story will be in the Newsletter and people can respond via the blog. Cheers, Richard Roe

Monday, February 20, 2006 2:24:42 PM  
Skywatcher-'ella' said...

Ok, now... Everybody knows those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons," where:

:) means a smile and

:( is a frown.

Sometimes these are represented by



Well, how about some "ASSICONS?"
This may offend a few (!)'s, HOWEVER... until the terrific stories start rolling in, here is my feeble attempt to put a :) on your faces!!!

Here goes:

(_!_) a regular ass

(__!__) a fat ass

(!) a tight ass

(_*_) a sore ass

{_!_} a swishy ass

(_o_) an ass that's been around

(_x_) kiss my ass

(_X_) leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) a tired ass

(_E=mc2_) a smart ass

(_$_) Money coming out of his ass

(_?_) Dumb Ass

That's all for now... XOXO :)

Monday, February 20, 2006 2:35:21 PM  
wanderlust said...

COMPROMISE would be a good subject here. Ella's use of compromise to mend a strained relationship is truly wise. Its' when we insist on sticking to our convictions without listening to the other person, that we stop growing in maturity, avoiding a chance to learn and turn a negative into a positive situation.

Monday, February 20, 2006 3:17:52 PM  
Frosty said...

YO RICHARD!! This is amazing..............'you look marvelous' my friend! I'm betting on Corinne Jean or that serious 'looker' with the marilyn monroe thing happening!
Aren't you something!

My best to you!
*Life is good, I'm all over the place!*
Susan A. Frost

Monday, February 20, 2006 4:27:21 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Hello All
I miss the blog and wanted to catch up. Richard I like your new idea to keep the blog more interesting and moving forward with new ideas and new blood.
I think we all have a love for travel - so exciting new places in the travel world would be great! It is always nice to read about some out of the norm city or place that is undiscovered a bit. I love that kind of place.

I also like the idea of a gathering of some sort for a charity event like Habitat for Humanity adventure. I have worked for this great charity before and it was so life changing. LET'S Do IT!!

Wishing love, health and adventure for all

Monday, February 20, 2006 4:34:30 PM  
Mary R said...

Dear Richard and Friends,
Yes It was a wonderful get to gether in Tucson only because of the people involved and our helping/suportive natures.
The story i am about to blog has been around awhile, but so much remindes me of the people i meet here that it is worth resharing:
Subject: This is something to think about - What would you do?

What would you do? You make the choice! Don't look for a punch line, There isn't one! Read it anyway. The question is: Would you have made the same choice?

At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning disabled children, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question: "When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does is done with perfection.

Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do. Where is the natural order of things in my son?" The audience was stilled by the query. The father continued. "I believe, that when a child like Shay, physically and mentally handicapped comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes, in the way other people treat that child." Then he told the following story: Shay and his father had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, "Do you think they'll let me play?" Shay's father knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but the father also understood that if his son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by others in spite of his handicaps. Shay's father approached one of the boys on the field and asked if Shay could play, not expecting much. The boy looked around for guidance and a few boys nodded approval, why not? Therefore, he took matters into his own hands and said, "We're losing by six runs and the game is in the eighth inning. I guess he can be on our team and we'll try to put him in to bat in the ninth inning."

Shay struggled over to the team's bench put on a team shirt with a broad smile and his Father had a small tear in his eye and warmth in his heart. The boys saw the father's joy at his son being accepted. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Shay's team scored a few runs but was still behind by three. In the top of the ninth inning, Shay put on a glove and played in the right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game and on the field, grinning from ear to ear as his father waved to him from the stands. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shay's team scored again. Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to be next at bat. Now, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game? Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible 'cause Shay didn't even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball. However, as Shay stepped up to the plate, the pitcher, recognizing the other team putting winning aside for this moment in Shay's life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least be able to make contact.

The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed. The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay as the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball right back to the pitcher. The game would now be over, but the pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first baseman. Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game. Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the head of the first baseman, out of reach of all teammates. Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, "Shay, run to first! Run to first!" Never in his life had Shay ever ran that far but made it to first base.

He scampered down the baseline, wide-eyed and startled. Everyone yelled, "Run to second, run to second!" Catching his breath, Shay awkwardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to second base. By the time Shay rounded towards second base, the right fielder had the ball, the smallest guy on their team, who had a chance to be the hero for his team for the first time. He could have thrown the ball to the second baseman for the tag, but he understood the pitcher's intentions and he too intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third baseman’s head. Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home. All were screaming, "Shay, Shay, Shay, all the Way Shay" Shay reached third base, the opposing shortstop ran to help him and turned him in the direction of third base, and shouted, "Run to third! Shay, run to third" As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams and those watching were on their feet were screaming, "Shay, run home!" Shay ran to home, stepped on the plate, and was cheered as the hero who hit the "grand slam" and won the game for his team. That day," said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity into this world." Shay didn't make it to another summer and died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making his Father so happy and coming home and seeing his Mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!

AND, NOW A LITTLE FOOTNOTE TO THIS STORY: We all send thousands of jokes through the e-mail without a second thought, but when it comes to sending messages about life choices, people think twice about sharing. The crude, vulgar, and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and workplaces. If you're thinking about forwarding this message, chances are that you're probably sorting out the people on your address list that aren't the "appropriate" ones to receive this type of message. Well, the person who sent you this believes that we all can make a difference. We all have thousands of opportunities every single day to help realize the "natural order of things." So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice: Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up that opportunity to brighten the day of those with us the least able, and leave the world a little bit colder in the process? A wise man once said every society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate amongst them. You now have two choices:
1. Delete
2. Forward

May your day be a Shay Day sunny today & always!

Love and Hug
Mary Rose

Monday, February 20, 2006 4:35:16 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Richard and Blogger Friends, I love your idea to spark up the blog with new topics and can't wait to read the story re: New Orleans. I have some very strong opinions about the whole debacle and an administration we call our government when it comes to Katrina. I will reserve my remarks out of respect for our writer's up coming story in the newsletter.
Anyway, what I have to say will probably provoke anger although, I would hope it would spark quality conversation. Being raised in a small bayou town just south west of NOLA, you can just imagine some of the feelings I have. I am looking forward with great interest to your new ideas and the remarks by your very interesting followers, including myself. Ha-Ha. Have a great evening everyone!!
Lady Jayne

Monday, February 20, 2006 4:58:01 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Skywatcher "Ella". Do you have any idea why so many of the skaters last night (Olympic Ice Dancing) were falling all over the place. I wonder if the ice was defective or possibly they were getting tangled in their costumes. I love to watch the ice skaters and hope you might know what happened since you are a skater. Also, I read your last post about the emotioncons and I am still laughing. I am not offended, but this writing is a totally different image of you than what I envisioned. I am not being critical, Ella, just surprised. I had thought of you as a rather shy, wonderful performer and possibly teacher of your fine art of dance and skating. So, now we see another side of you. I'm surprised. Would you agree that you really don't know a person until you have heard the sound of their voice and looked directly into their eyes? Well, I think there will be more skaters on tonight so, I am off to watch. "All the Best", Lady Jayne

Monday, February 20, 2006 5:16:01 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Dear "Frosty," Please e-mail me at Richard

Monday, February 20, 2006 6:52:56 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

SKYWATCHER 'ELLA': WOW what happened....a complete change of face (pun intended :)....oh I get swallowed a HAPPY PILL
...Happy Happy Happy Happy talk...talkin' 'bout things you like to do....if you don't have a la la la la la( from the movie South Pacific) the soldier and young island girl singing to him in the rock pool while the Elder is looking on!
A suggestion: the subject of DEJA VU would be a good one, as it has happened to most of us here on the blog, somewhere, sometime!

Monday, February 20, 2006 7:34:16 PM  
wanderlust said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Monday, February 20, 2006 10:22:22 PM  
willemina said...

Bev I like your idea...

Skywatcher Ella Cute assicons...put a smile on my face :)

Hello to Frosty
First time I've seen a post by you?

mary r
I've heard that story brought tears to my eyes then and still does. Thanks for sharing it.

I enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow and on tonight's show from Los Angeles, they appraised a perfume bottle...which made me think of was a Renee Lalique 1912 valued at $30,000-$40,000! Sure wish I had one of those!

Marty Got married?

hugs and goodnight

Monday, February 20, 2006 10:36:25 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Willy, Darn, I missed the Lalique perfume bottle part of Antiques Road Show. I tuned in late because I wanted to check out the Olympics. Do you remember which bottle it was? They are all documented. A few years ago, a small bottle from Lancome, for the fragrance Gardenia, pressed glass, three starred stopper, ca. 1937, sold for $10,700 at a Phillips auction.
Some Europeans have very deep pockets and will pay enormous amounts for some bottles. Thanks for the tip. The show will be repeated on Saturday. I'll bet it was Nick Daws, Lalique expert, appraising the bottle.
Have a great day!!
I am anxiously awaiting the newsletter to read the NOLA story.
It is only 7:45 CDT where I am so, I will have to be patient.
Lady Jayne

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:49:40 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

To Lady Base Camp, In the last few days quite a few people have inquired as to your whereabouts (on the blog). Hope you will return. Richard Roe

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 7:02:33 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 7:02:55 AM  
chicagotricia said...


I think your Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful idea. I would sign up today! Excellent!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006 8:20:59 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Hi Angie, thank you for sharing on New of my favorite cities...I honey mooned there with 2 different husbands and always have such a fun time there. I hope it comes back better than ever.....Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler.
Richard....wishing you a speedy recovery. MM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:05:47 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Dear Angie,
I want to say that your poignant story about New Orleans is really wonderful!! I am going to print it up and save it. When we ever have a government that cares about all it's people, has love in it's heart for all mankind, then that will be a "A GREAT DAY". When greed and ego motivate our leaders, then you see what we have. New Orleans is one of the most important ports in the world. You would think these fools in Washington would know that. I will always be sad about what happened to our beloved New Orleans and with stories like yours, we shall always be reminded of this joke we call our government. We should all rise up in arms, impeach their butts and put them in the FEMA trailers to finish out this dispicable administration. OPRAH is having a show on today about NOLA and CNN usually has good spots about what is going on. Also, Good Morning America's Robin, always has good pieces on about the Katrina tragedy. Thanks again, Angie, the American people will not allow you all to be abandoned. When I hear people say "Why did they not get out", I get furious at such ignorance! How were the cloistered nuns and the bed ridden elderly in nursing home supposed to get out? They could not, and they died. How were the lower income people without autos or money supposed to get out. They could not. They suffered. Perhaps the government entity that flew into New Orleans to get Spanish dignitaries out of the Super Dome could have done the same for it's own citizens. You know, there will always be "Greater and Lesser" than one's self, and we must all help anyone who is in need. We Americans need to wake up and take a long hard look at what we have governing "OUR" COUNTRY.
End of lecture. Angie, keep us posted on what is going on. Thanks so much for your story.
Lady Jayne

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:18:16 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY richard...and au contraire! ref. your comment about Feb.14 being a hard day for most singles...well you know, like the rest of life, it is what you make it, and if you are going to allow yourself to be miserable just because Hallmark and the Florist does not pay you a visit, well, that is just one big waste of a precious day! so i celebrate LOVE, even while single, and am grateful that i am not one of the many many many "miserably married" those poor unfortunate couples "staying together for the kids" but more honestly for the mortgage, if truth be told! so how's that for a topic...people living in "the institution of Marriage" because they are too scared to do anything else? -- and the ill effects of same?

well, take care,
luv etc,

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:35:10 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:35:13 AM  
leslie said...

Angie - wonderful piece you've written about Katrina and its victims. When the tsunami hit in south-east Asia, our school went all out in its efforts to raise funds and help the victims. But when Katrina hit and I suggested we do something similar, there was no response. I was horrified and ashamed of the school at the time. But each of us, in our own way, should do something, even now. What can we, non-Americans, still do to help? Thanks again for your insight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:35:54 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Wow, I am so happy people are getting involved with the New Orleans story. As I said in the Newsletter, please send story ideas to me, but not the comments about the stories. They go on the blog. I'll throw some fuel on the fire.

Katrina struck at the end of August. ALMOST 6 MONTHS AG0!!!!! Why do you think so little has been done to help the people and the city?? What do you think should have been done??

Again, all responses on the blog please. Best wishes, Richard Roe

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:10:14 AM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...

Hello Richard and All,

I am happy to see your responses to my article about New Orleans and appreciate your flattering comments. Thanks, janiegirl, Leslie and Merry Mary.

Honestly, I did not realize I had so much welling up inside until Richard asked me to write some thoughts.

In a few minutes I will be going to Houston for business and feel the difference in a community that is normal. Please don't get me wrong, things are picking up here but it is more and more disorganized as the days go by, and guess what was announced this morning...we are 100 days away from the next hurricane season! Gasp!

I would love to see you all come to visit here and witness first hand what is happening. If you want to get some daily insights register for Newsletters [] I did not hear any of this when I was living in Houston for the past 6 months. There is something about New Orleans that keeps a person in love with this city and it's rich heritage.

Richard, with all that is going on with your life you are still an advocate of fairness and concern for what is right. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, especially tomorrow. Please ask Joe to keep us posted.

Angie from New Orleans

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:28:55 AM  
wanderlust said...

You told of being called for your famous taping while in Vietnam for the tsunami relief efforts. Could you please tell us how you got involved with that? As Leslie points out, so much was done for the victims from that, but she was unable to find ways to help in the USA.
Several European countries helped out with the Katrina disaster even before FEMA stepped in. That was not mentioned anywhere either.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:16:32 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Dear Wanderlust, I happened to be in Thailand a few days before the tsunami, and was in Vietnam when it hit. I was there exploring SE Asai, not to help with the tsunami. I would have helped, but I was called by the Oprah Producers and came back to the U.S.

Last week a Republican lead committee came out with a scathing report on the administration's job re Katrina. They posited....what will happen if there is a terrorist attack?? We seem to be woefully unprepared for any kind of attack or disaster. At least that's what everything points to. Perhaps this will finally be a wake-up call to all of the politicians on both sides of the aisle. RR

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:27:35 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

i thought Democracy was government for the people by the people,(???) so i am always a bit confused when people criticize the government they voted for, as though it is some entity separate from ourselves. -- and i suppose in some ways it is because we have handed our lives over to this huge anonomous administrative body of individuals that are virtually untouchable, and mostly accountable for its/their mistakes.

what is the solution? i don't really know, except to not listen to people complain about "the government" without acking them: "well, who did you vote for?" -- and "why did you vote for him/her?"


Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:41:41 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Hey Mary,
i just finished reading that story about Shay, and i'm sitting here weeping tears of joy...thanks!

cheers for now,

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:47:54 AM  
wanderlust said...

If all the effort and money put into comities with 20/20 hindsight would be put into whatever they are probing, we would see some meaningfull actions and results.

BTW Richard,
Maybe you want to reconsider the title of this blog? No more blood, please. (j/k)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:56:22 AM  
young at heart said...

I love your idea of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. It's a great way to meet people, learn new skills, and be in a fun environment. As Paula said, "Let's do it!"

Sunny in Lexington KY

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:57:55 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Hey Richard and all the bloggers, I was very encouraged to see the interest in the Katrina issues come back to front page. I was involved in assisting the people at one of local camps when they were sent to Okla. for basic needs help. At times I had to pinch myself as a reminder that I was in the U.S. of America, land of plenty of everything. I'm still burdened by many things that reflect the negligence of our government. The uglyest thing that continues to make me wont to regurgitate is that unlike 911 our government had plenty of warnings that there was more than a strong posibility that a storm like this would cause such destruction. I feel that because it was not one of the things the politicians considered high priority it was not attended to. The question is who sets the order for priorities? The answer to that should be the American people. However, that is not the case. As a whole, I think we have become so involved in our personal spaces that we go to the poles on election day and vote for people based on color. I don't mean black or white, I mean blue or red. Without rational analizing based on the love and benefit for all, we vote according to generational association. Without becoming one of those who waste time accusing why can't we get it right and let our government know how we feel about the continued mis handling of the unused provitions still need in N.O. M.M. Corbett

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 12:05:15 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Hello RICHness, Joe and Co.
RICHness again thinking of you on Thursday February 23rd. I will be away for a few days regrouping!

Dear Angie: I have never been to New Orleans and hope to visit one day. I have always admired the uniqueness about it having given birth to so many incredible musicians and talent galore! There is something about New Orleans that is entirely apart from anywhere in the world, and even though the waters washed away a lot of what once stood there, it will rise again and be even stronger than before! I am not American but feel deeply within a strong connection as I absolutely love the music indigenous to New Orleans. From a political standpoint I can only say from the outside looking in that it is beyond my comprehension why MORE was not done at the time of the disaster affecting so many Souls.
Things always seem to improve only when it is a dire situation, and that is the same worldwide!
G-D Bless ALL of YOU in New Orleans
Habitat For Humanity has undertaken the gargantuan task of assisting to rebuild New Orleans and I for one am proud that my Son worked for Habitat and I encourage those who can afford the time to volunteer, Habitat For Humanity in New Orleans would be a good start!
G-D Bless
Senior Bachelorette:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 12:19:42 PM  
Mary R said...

Dear Friends.
The idea of working for Habitat is always good where ever you live. I have learned a lot by helping on several "Woman Builds." Even the ladies that show up with the fresh manicures, shorts and sandals can find something useful to do and usually come back a time or 2. Any help helps.

How come when you mix water and flour together
you get glue?..


then you add eggs
and sugar...
and you get cake?

Where did the glue go ?


You know darned well where it went!

That's what makes the cake
Stick to our BUTT.

Love and Hug
Mary Rose

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 1:17:34 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

I think most everyone understood the title "New Blood" meaning bringing new people and new ideas to the blog. Quite frankly, many ex-bloggers have e-mailed me saying that the blog had become, shall I say, pedestrian, and they had lost interest. The blog was not really speaking to anything important. Hence the idea of creating interesting topics for us to bat around. No, I'll leave the title as is.

BTW, even some more fuel. Did you know at least 1 year before Katrina struck, National Geographic wrote an article warning what was likely to happen?? Also, this administration had a simulted plan called Operation Pam, specifically for New Orleans if a nasty hurricane hit. This was well in advance of Katrina and it pointed out all of the shortcomings which turned out to be true. Thus, the terrible consequences of Katrina were not only predicted, but were predictable. With all of this advance notice, why weren't the proper steps taken to correct things????? What do you think???? RR

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 2:07:00 PM  
Merry Mary said...

I think our government is not doing their job. As the x wife of a congressman my opinion of the Bush administration is not too great and especially the idea of turning the contol of our ports over to foreigners......Not a wise decission....Boo hiss. Sorry....I really hate to say negative things.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 2:21:00 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Well, I will just say it! Richard, I think so little was done after the (surge) when the levies breached because of total disinterest, ignorance and stupidity on the part of FEMA and the White House. This is what I think should have been done. Why not send in the Navy, Coast Guard or the Merchant Marine or maybe get some U-boats in to the flood areas. FEMA is completely useless. These dumb heads were appointed by "W" and are not qualified to handle a disaster. The indifference of this administration is despicable. When you get appointed to a post you are not qualified to head up, then you get what we see happening. Don't blame Ray Nagin, Mayor of NOLA, or Kathleen Blanco, Gov. of La. or the Senator, Mary Landrue. It is the Federal Government.
Surely, the local government made some mistakes, but this is a horror created by the very government we have in D.C. Do you remember who put "W" in the White House the first time? It was the Sureme Court and the second time, the office was stolen out of Ohio and Florida. All this was perpetrated
and executed by Carl Rove, running around scaring country folks about losing their religious rights and their Evangelical Christianism. This debacle is the sole responsibility of the Government. I will end with this!! I never voted for one of them and never will. In fact I was part of stopping another appointment to MY Supreme Court from happening. She was not qualified so we got her out. Also, I am part of getting indictments and lots of other patriotic things many of us are doing to stop these offenses against the American people. So, I have a right to say what I say, and I am thankful that I can still express my concerns openly. ------ MM, I am asking the same question about our ports!! Can you imagine such a thought? It is almost surreal. Well, I am off my soap box for now. Respectfully submitted by myself. I take full responsibility for all that I say and will fight for the right to say it. The point is not finger pointing and asking who voted for whom. The point is get something done for our fellow human beings. Amen!! Lady Jayne

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 4:25:44 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi again, Just wanted to express much good luck to Richard during the next few days concerning your surgery. I just know that all will go well and you will be O.K., but I am sending up some requests to Saint Patrick on your behalf. I know he will be listening and watching over his fellow Irishman. We will be thinking of you. Take care and keep your chin up. Lady Jayne

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 4:44:12 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Oops, I just noticed a typo in an earlier comment. Should be simulated (I left out an a).

Keep the comments coming, whichever side you are on!! RR

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:13:33 PM  
Neva said...

Pointing to any enitity for responsibility or blame, it seems to me, is counter productive.

Should of, would of, could of applies to all of us. Seek first to understand, then to ask why, or better yet, what if...

What if I could help---what will I do?

What if you could help--what will you do?

What if they could help--what will they do?

I lived through rough times with Isabel, but not Katrina. Over two years later the towns are more or less rebuilt and revived. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes all of us.

What can we do:

o Use our energy positively
o Let others know what is needed
o Let others know what we can do
o Let others know what we cannot
do without them

Lend a kind word.
Lend a hand.
Lend your time.
Do what you can do.

Let the media know that you want to hear about the good deeds that are being done, the progress being made, and the needs that are still outstanding.

Aside: If you don't want to know about the rape of children, the death of the elderly, the suicide by officers, let the media know this too. Be careful though, what we don't know can hurt us!

Let them know that you are aware that more media attention was given to the rescue of animals then the rescue of the elderly in some instances.

Let them know that we need more information about prevention before the next hurricane season.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:30:46 PM  
Merry Mary said...

I saw the last part of Oprah and it was very enlightening and she will have more on tomorrow. I sent what I could to her Angel Network toward some new homes they built.It was only a drop in the bucket but the drops add up.They showed some of the houses and people starting to move in the other day. What a blessing she has been. MM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:47:57 PM  
young at heart said...

Has anyone out there heard of Doris Haddock from New Hampshire?

I just started reading her fascinating book, "Granny D - Walking Across America in My 90th Year."

She left CA on her 3200 mile trek after the Rose Parade in 1999 - to publicize the need for campaign finance reform - and arrived at the Capitol in Washington DC 14 months later.

After giving a speech in Cumberland, MD on 1-24-2000, she skied over 100 miles along the C&O Canal towpath.

For more info, I googled "Granny D" + Doris Haddock.

Sunny in Lexington KY

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 5:56:32 PM  
leslie said...

I wish work didn't interfere with my ability to see Oprah and/or go and help when disaster strikes. However, I do what I can in any small way I can right now.

Now this is more like it with regard to topic discussions. I will learn something new every day about what's going on "down there." I certainly agree with Neva that we can't dwell on the "coulda, shoulda, woulda" mentality, but rather move forward in positive ways to improve things. I daily take that attitude in attempts to enrich my own life and the lives of others around me.

Richard Two more sleeps, you'll be asleep again and when you wake up, it'll all be over. Then, it's just a matter of rest and rehab. Be sure to accept help from family and friends, but DON'T MILK IT!! LOL We want you up on the dance floor. Those Chicago gals can't have you all to themselves. "grin"

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 6:10:54 PM  
windsong said...

Who knows enough to be able to judge? How many here have first hand experience of what happened?
What about the people in Mississippi, that lost just as much as those in NO? One does not hear them complain. Who helped them to get back to where they are now?
I agree with neva, rehashing the past does not accomplish anything. Lets' use our energy to act, not just talk.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 6:38:46 PM  
Inspiration2 said...

Richard, life is a series of experiences, each one makes us stronger, even those that are difficult to understand. The first step towards success is when you refuse to accept defeat!

Best wishes, prayers and fond thoughts that your surgery will be successful and you will soon be on the road to recovery!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006 7:16:58 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hello, When most of us talk about New Orleans, we are also addressing Bay Saint Louie, Biloxi and the other towns along that strip of the gulf that were so damaged. We also love these cities because many of us vacationed and visited these areas so many times. Yes, they lost much and they are on T.V. weekly complaining about nothing being done and the horrors of this storm, Katrina. Nothing is being done!! They know it, we know it and it will take federal funding to clean up this mess. A completely ineffective government out of D.C. that does not know how to handle a crisis of this magnitude. That's the problem!! That is why nothing is being done. Where will these people get the money to return home and rebuild. One of the largest and most important ports in the world should be protected and so should it's people. This is a total failure of the federal government. The whole Mississippi Delta is in danger. If you don't hear as much complaining from Mississippi and Alabama, that is because they are not as well known as New Orleans. Did you all see Oprah today? She also tells it the way it is and so does Anderson Cooper from CNN. They are not complaining. They are telling the truth. I think Oprah and Anderson can say what ever they want to say, and I also think they will be truthful, honest and fair in their reporting. They too also remember Miss. and Ala. So we shall see what Oprah and Anderson come up with tomorrow. One thing for certain, it will be based on fact. =====
Sky Watcher "Ella", did you just see Sarah Hughes skate. She is just wonderful and is now in third place. What an accomplishment for this young girl. WOW!
Lady Jayne

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 7:27:52 PM  
young at heart said...


Which issue of Nat'l Geographic were you referring to?

I think we've been hoodwinked by the media, our government, and big business.

From what I've learned recently our political and judicial systems have been corrupt for years.

Let's keep sharing ideas.

Sunny in Lexington KY

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 9:16:05 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

WOW...oh my goodness it just occured to me...I hope and pray that THE WORLD has learnt a valuable lesson from KATRINA as we have a new threat that is spreading throughout the world as we speak. The reality is THE BIRD FLU...there are no borders it is airborne and Heaven Forbid should it mutate and spread to Humans we will have a global disaster unlike the world has ever known.
Oprah had a guest on her show the other day who told it like it is and said THE WORLD is not yet ready with a vaccine against this particular Flu Strain and the result can be catastrophic. I was absolutely riveted to the TV Screen as Oprah asked him questions about this pending Pandemic that he said is inevitable. G-D help us ALL North South East and West and governments worldwide have known about this for many many years, yet nothing has been done about it to protect the people of our world!
I hope Oprah airs the show again as I want to hear what he suggested each and every one of us can do to be prepared!
I am not one for doom and gloom but this is very important as it spreads through the bird population in Europe and now Africa too!
G-D Bless and protect us ALL
Senior Bachelorette:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:10:31 PM  
windsong said...

schhht, don't let Bush know N.O. is an important port, no telling whom he'll hire to protect it.
WE know he is ignorant, but looks like he is also insane!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:23:32 PM  
Vicki In Brazil said...

Thanks for writing your story and giving us all a first-hand account of the Katrina disaster. As I had mentioned a while back my family and I were Hurricanc Andrew survivors in Miami back in '92. Even though it was a "class 5" we did not have near the water damage that New Orleans had. Our damage was mostly wind and poor construction. We were fortunate enough to live in an older home that held up pretty well except for the roof. So keeping up with the water constantly pouring in was challenging. New homes, however, on our same street fell like tinker toys. We felt so blessed and grateful for surviving that we immediately kicked into high gear to help others not as fortunate. We opened our large home to many who had no place to stay like construction workers, tree removal workers and the like. Anything and everything was made into a bed for someone who did not have one. Everything was cooked on the grill (including spam....a requested favorite by my boys even after we got power 8 weeks later.) Fortunately we had well water and I had saved the hand crank pump as an antique so we hooked it up and pumped our own water. People came from all over to bathe and get drinking water. My daughter and I got up early every morning and made fresh coffee and then hit the streets and passed it out to neighbors and strangers. The smallest gesture was so appreciated. Every night was "kid" night. We hooked up a VCR to a generator and kids came from all over to watch movies and play game. Most spent the night and got fed the next day. We thought we were doing everything as right as we could under the circumstances so the children could take their minds off of the devastation to their own homes and families. The lesson to be learned here is that we did NOT accomplish our goal!!

Many months after the hurricane the University of Miami did a research study on hurricane aftermath trauma in children. Coincidentally they picked my two son's grade school to do the study. (This was a school where many of the teachers lived in trailers in the parking lot because they all had lost their homes.) A few months after the study was completed I got a call from one of the research doctors telling me that my two boys scored the lowest on the test, meaning that they were the most traumatized by the experience. I was shocked since we had tried so hard to turn the whole experience into an "unusual" adventure. Bottom line was that I was the proud mother of two "nature boys" who were now surrounded by (in their words) "DEAD" things. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to talk about the "dead" things. That was the only advice I got from the professionals and things turned around immediately. It's easy to get all caught up in the clean-up and rebuilding and forget about what the kids were really thinking. I know some days I was so sun burn and covered with poison ivy and mosquito bites from using chain saws all day that the only thing on my mind was getting to the aloe plant that survived the storm. In retrospect I wish I'd left the d--- trees on the roof and in the pool and just hugged the kids.

There are always miracles in every tragedy. Ours were amazing!! All telephone poles were down everywhere, no service for miles around but our phone NEVER went out. Not once!! Everyone used our phone to loved ones. The long distance bills were over the top but worth every penny!! Blessing can be found even in disasters.

Angie, the rebuilding takes a loooong time. For Miami it was about five years. For your city it will be much longer. That's the bad news. The good news is it will come back better!! I am happy you were able to move back so soon. Hang in there!! I wish you all the best and I commend you for your courage and determination to rebuild.

Count me in on anything with Habitat. I've worked with them many times. It's "feel good" fun and also a great way to learn a new skill...that is if you are interested in carpentry, painting, landscaping and roofing!! The last time I worked for them they affectionately named me "gutter girl" since I'm the only female who ever volunteers for gutter and roof detail!! Anything to be outdoors in the "sun and fun."

Richard, Richard, Richard,
Last but NEVER least!! I'll be thinking and praying for you on surgery day. I know you well enough by now to know that you have not done the "why me" thing nor have you wasted time trying to make sense of things that make NO sense. That's good!! This illness will NOT define you. It will empower you to turn tragedy into triumph, to turn the pain and hurt into something positive....something that makes you even better than you were before....if that possible!!! Sending loads of love and luck your way on Thursday.......


Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:06:32 AM  
Skywatcher-'ella' said...

“Broken things have been on my mind lately because so much has broken in my life this year and in the lives of the people I love--- hearts, health, confidence... This is life’s nature: that lives and hearts get broken-—those of people we love, those of people we’ll never meet. The world sometimes feels like the waiting room of the emergency ward and that we who are more or less ok for now need to take the tenderest possible care of the more wounded people in the waiting room, until the healer comes…”

--Traveling Mercies…
Some Thoughts On Faith
by Anne Lamott

**“Traveling mercies” to you, RR...
(This is what they always say when one of us goes off for a while. Traveling mercies: Love the journey, God is with you, come home safe and sound…)

‘All the Best’
The Ice Skater-'ella'

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:34:59 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Dear Ella...I love your Travelin' Mercies.....very good food for thought.I start my day with The Open Window...(a Baptist devotional book).
I have signed I don't know how many petitions to get The Pledge Of Alligiance back in school and evidently to no avail.I noticed on Oprah yesterday one of the school teachers gave her students a hug to start the day. I attended the workshop here so I could substitute teach and they said absolutely no body contact with the kids. How sad it is when we can't give a love pat or a hug. Most of mine was a swat with the ruler from the teacher, but I remember it. I remember the hugs too.
I am so proud of our skaters too Lady Jane and Ella. I love to watch them.
Richard....Blessings, Love , Peace joy and a speedy recovery to our leader. MM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 6:26:22 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Angie from NOLA. I tried to access the site you mentioned for the NOLA Newsletters and it cannot be accessed. I typed in ( and nothing was available. I was going to subscribe to the Times Picayune, but never got around to it. When you get a chance, please let me know how to contact the newsletter people. Many, many thanks!!!!! LadyJayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 6:26:34 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Morning Everyone,

Great comments on Katrina. Love the energy! Richard, so many prayers going your way tomorrow.

Angie and others on the Gulf Coast, I think the political storm following Katrina has left out so many details that I'd like to ask some people first hand about what happened before, during and after.

I'm going to relate my questions to my experience living in earthquake-prone California. As you may have heard during some recent Senate testimony, FEMA has no disaster plans for California. Well, not only are the earthquakes coming, they've already happened. Loma Prieta near San Francisco in 1989(?), Northridge in 1994(?) and the history of big ones earlier in the 20th century. I was there for the 1989 and the 1994 earthquakes. The latter one scaring the heck out of me as I rushed to my kids rooms (then 3 and 4) to try to protect them. Talk about feeling helpless. And those were just under 7.0's as I recall. An 8.0 is going to be devastating. I was in Thailand during the tsunami and that was triggered by a 9.0. Unbelievable power. (If I were a paranoid sort I'd say the earthquakes are following me...)

But the preparation for the quakes is mostly local. Starting with the building codes. You have to do a lot with homes to prepare them for earthquakes or you don't get your building permits. I paid to have my 1946-built home bolted to the foundation. I shirred the foundation with plywood to provide even more protection and strapped the water heater to the wall (these were driven by an insurance company who would not give us insurance if we did not do these things.) I am constantly tripping over the three large footlockers in the garage which hold my family's emergency supplies. I keep an extra tank of propane filled. I keep extra bottled water. I have thick plastic sheeting and a staple gun ready to cover a broken roof to mitigate damage from rain. We pack an emergency supply bag for our kids which is stored at their school. I carry an old back pack in my car with emergency supplies including gloves and a crowbar.

My question is how much did the local government help with disaster preparation on the Gulf Coast? Who was responsible for the levees? Who actually specified the building requirements and who oversaw their construction? I think I understand that there are local jursidictions who collect and spend taxes specifically for the levees. Who are these folks? Are they appointed or elected? How often were the levees inspected? Who was responsible for the evacuation plan? I only ask these questions because it seemed I learned alot from the earlier quakes I lived through and then, when I had my family, I took the necessary steps to prepare. If we don't learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. And a remarkable thing here in California is that the local government tells us that we should make preparations to be able to live on our own for three days.

Can you give us a sense of who is responsible for the rebuilding plans? I agree, it is going to take years before the rebuilding is done. There is so much politics in the way of getting the job done properly. Finally, what can be the best way we can help?


Wednesday, February 22, 2006 6:56:23 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Dear Richard, I have the NOLA solution. Here goes: I win the 203 million dollar mega lotto in the state I am in. I would keep the three million, give my sons a few dollars, pack up for New Orleans, move to the French Quarter. I would hire General Honore', the Creole general from NOLA and get things moving. I would try to find the "Soul Patrol" guys that took action to help many shortly after the storm. NO GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE WILL BE ALLOWED. The good general would have to give up his army position. Any politician who trys to horn in will be sent packing. I would ask Oprah to donate a few more millions and ask her to get more millionaires to help. I don't know any millionaires. I would ask Anderson Cooper to resign from CNN and work for our cause. He won't cost much because he is Gloria Vanderbilt's son, and I think he will do this to help for living expenses and exposure only. We get Jimmy Carter's Habitat for Humanity to come in and help rebuild homes. Send the vacant FEMA trailers that are sinking in the mud back to Washington and park them right in front of OUR White House. We will need a stockbroker to invest the 200 M. So, you could have that post. Do you think the private sector could accomplish this. I do!! Now all I have to do is win the lotto. Ha-Ha, I can dream, can't I.======Lady Jayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:17:08 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Merry Mary, Do you want to come down to New Orleanssssssssssss with us? You can be the diplomat. You can use your sweet nature and diplomacy to calm myself and General Honore' down when we crack the whip and anger folks. Richard will be handling the money. We can rebuild the city and stop any Arab company "W" wants to govern our ports. This will be a non profit set up so, we won't pay taxes, and we won't tolerate any government interference. So, pack your bags Mary. We are going to change the course of history!! Lady Jayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:29:47 AM  
KarenJW said...

WOW! It looks like everyone was about to burst with comments about the lousy response from our government to the catastrophe in the Gulf Coast area. I also think our government should be ashamed; They always fly over the area to see the destruction, but no one ever comes back to oversee the rehabilitation. Our government is truly spinning it's wheels, when people right here in the U.S. cannot get immediate help to rebuild after a disaster, but millions, no billions, go all over the world and to a pointless war.
We have a trillion dollar deficit, and go into debt over silly pork projects that benefit only some, instead of suspending trips to Pluto and Mars, and spending the tax money the government is practically stealing from us now on the middle class and poor AMERICAN CITIZENS who lost everything through no fault of their own.

Now I have to climb down from the soapbox, I'm getting dizzy!

Richard, my thoughts will be with you tomorrow as you vanquish the intruder within. Keep your chin up, and that handsome face smiling!

Everyone have a great day, and Hello Angie; I know it feels good to be home!


Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:38:06 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Joe,
So good to hear from you. Joe, I think the Corp of Engineers is responsible for the levees in the NOLA area. I believe they are a Government agency. So, the Army Corp is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the levees. They need money to raise the levees even higher, federal money and it has not been forth coming. Perhaps we don't have it. So much is being wasted in Iraq on an exercise in futility. Our boys don't even have proper body armour for protection. I must admit that I know nothing about earth quakes so, I can't offer much in that area. However, I am wondering if the California situation is not much like the New Orleans problem. "Federal Government" neglect! I know that 40 years ago when Betsy hit New Oreans all the talk was about if the storm had veered in another direction that downtown NOLA would be flooded. I am not afraid of hurricanes for myself, but I had my baby boy Ted, just three months old to think about. I was so worried for his safety. So, we have known for years that this surge and hurricane problem have existed. We have also known that the strip of California you and Richard live on will eventually drop off. How can that be secured? In my opinion, what happened in NOLA was inevitible but, transporting senior citizens and cloistered nuns, out of danger could have been accomplished. I would like more knowledge on the whole situation myself. I do know this, we must secure these levees and rebuild NOLA and give the displaced people homes. WE MUST DO THAT IMMEDIATELY, then we can all argue about who did not do what and we can argue about the graft that dominates in the state of Louisiana. It happened, lets clean it up and get the Federal gov. moving. Lady Jayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 8:40:48 AM  
Merry Mary said...

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Susie, something nice for their first wedding
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 9:19:28 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Ms. Lady Jane I will vote for Oprah for Pres. and you for her V.P. and I'll be your P.R. woman. We'll give out beads for voting for us. Seriously, I would love for some of us to go to New Orleans and see Angie and spend a week or so and do like Neva Habitat for Humanity. We could have a big bacherlett get together at the end. Old Broads Gone Wild...I can still paint, make sandwiches, hammer nails....I don't know about being a gutter girl with Vicki tho. She likes heights.
Joe Good to hear from you. I copied your letter and sent to my good friend in San Deigo to get his comments. Take care. Mary

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 9:48:03 AM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...

Janiegrl, thank you for explaining that when we refer to New Orleans we are not forgetting the Gulf coast as well with regard to Katrina.
You really know this subject well and I appreciate your clarifying comments. In a browser type in and that should get you to a page where there is a ton of information and subscription to the Times Picayune.

Vicki in Brazil, so good to hear from you and as usual, your reactions to situations are admirable.

Hi Karenjw, it does feel good yet bittersweet to be home. I have been traveling so much that I truly feel like a gypsy and as a matter of fact, am working in Houston today and tomorrow.

Hi Joe, you pose some really good questions to us.

Oftentimes we need to get uncomfortable about a topic to find a solution with the least amount of holes as possible. Fact finding is the objective and sometimes that looks like finger pointing. The fact of the matter is there is not coordination between some vital agencies. The levee system was an utter failure. What will happen if there is a Bird Flu epidemic?

On a positive note, I must say that I have learned that with every situation there are good lessons to be learned. The good is there is a lot of camaraderie and basically people are very caring for one another. A little cliché, but we are family, first it begins with a community, then it can spread infinitely.

I am and will always be an upbeat person so dealing with ambiguity and change has become a way of life but that does not mean it is the way to live life and have low expectations.

Richard sending positive vibes to you!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 10:54:01 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Sweet Mary, I with you. Lets Roll!! I will be winning the 203 Million this coming Tuesday. I am staring to pack. Mary, I will be General Honore's secretary and after he a I anger everyone, you can catch them coming out of our trailer (NOT FEMA'S TRAILER) and smooth things over. You will be the Executive in charge of good will. And, when we are not working, lets go down the bayou to Houma, Ville Platte, Lafayette, Mamou, Thibodeaux, Breaux Bridge (crawfish capitol of the world) and a bunch of other little Cajun towns. Brush up on your French. GET READY Louisiana, here come RR's Blogger Biddies to have some fun. Mary, there are restaurants in Cajun country that have men there to teach the unescorted ladies there for dinner, how to do Cajun dancing. This type of dance is not like any other conventional dancing. It is devised to twist every thing out of place in the human body and the mothers and dads put the babies on their hips and dance away to teach them the rhythm of the music. Louisiana is a really fun state. Very different than any other. Jayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:09:30 AM  
REDTBIRD said...

My question is how can you build a city below sea level and not have a back up plan if the levees do break? Did they think by looking the other way it would never happen?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:16:08 AM  
REDTBIRD said...

Richard good luck to you with the surgery. As my son would always to me "suck it up Mom you can handle it" because that's what OJ alway said he was 8 at the time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:20:41 AM  
Mary R said...

Dear Friends,

1st: Good Luck and speedy Recovery, Richard.

Now I will probably get kicked off for saying:I so agree with Neva, Leslie and all the rest of us who don't spend a lot of time here with "Beauty Shop and Bridge Party Chatter."

Should Of's, Didn't, etc.; -- I find that no different then Richard getting Cancer. The fact is: He Did, They Did and SH--Happens. Life goes on or we die. How are we living it is important? What are we learning to that makes us an asset?

Also: when the Papers and New stop talking about the BAD and only talk about the GOOD, We will be in real trouble, because that could mean that the Good is then the EXCEPTION and NEWSWORTHY?

My own value is not established by what I talk about, but rather, What I do on my day to day, moment to moment adventure. Judging others just isn't my job on this Blog--just to be talking. No one, including me, gets up and says "Now I want to do this next thing BAD". We are all learning.

I got on this Blog because of an opportunity to maybe futhur my dreams and abilities as a team member. As a result, I have met MANY,MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE I would have otherwise missed, that have added much as we go along.

Vickie, why might you think we have lost contact and input from so many finalists? None of us are a vanishing breed! (That could be a topic for sure, ie. emotions, feelings, going on, etc.)

For me, this is not a paid journalist site or even where I should give up my "Hand in Hand, Lets do IT,:-)Partner"Dream

Again, just Mary R speaking,**"New Blood" has to be for a purpose.

Happiness is having something pending. I also enjoy learning and sharing in mixed company. My clock of life is only wound once. I don't know when It will stop. I only want to listen and share to learn more about, 'get in there' DOINGwith a PASSION!!!

For those not interested in Ladies or Speakers cruises, (I'de consider it if it was a Dance cruise cause I know there would be men looking for women), what could we be working towards that would incorporate men. Then we might promote by Attraction, because WE accomplished something.

Are we
Politicians or Doers?

Respectfully sealed with
Love and a Hug
Mary Rose

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:33:16 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Dear RICHness, Joe, Posse, Sisters and Brothers!

RICHness your special envelope is on its way to you, at last after all the talking, I just returned from mailing it, you should have it Friday or Saturday! Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery, remember your fighting Spirit that NEVER backs down, proud Irish indeed!
Be sure to watch Oprah today everyone as she is going to surprise a few people on her Angel Lane in New Orleans, I have my Kleenex ready!! :) There will be a ray of sunshine lighting up all our TV's today :)
Remember, the darkest hour is just before the Dawn!
G-D Bless
In Love and Light
Senior Bachelorette:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 12:33:36 PM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Hi everyone, I'm really encouraged by the fire and energy everyone feels toward this Katrina issue. If anyone really wonts to get real and pack their bags to help out include me in. For now I'm working with Oprah and trying to send money to her organizations. I trust that she will continue to give the best example on what an indiviuale can do to change things. She has given her time and used her power of influence to help out.
As a medical missionary, I have seen suffering first hand and believe that if we wait to long to pack our bags to lend a hand these people will be overcome by the spirit of opression and deprssion until it becomes a mind-set for them. When that happens they stop fighting for themselves and it becomes a spiritual battle of great depth. Based on this concept, I think another solution is to excercise the greatest power we have and that is to give of our personal time while we start to put smarter people in the offices that matter.

Richard, I have had my bible study group and other people I know, who live a lifestyle of prayer,to pray for your healing and speedy recovery. I have put my trust in their prayers for my family and myself many times and seen positive outcomes every time. I'm goining these great ladies in wishing you well. I have never deviated from knowing what a great guy you are and know in my heart that the best is yet to come for you. With great love in my heart, M.M Corbett

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 12:35:03 PM  
Neva said...

Yes, Shift Happens (emphasis on the f.)!

When we can shift with the happening, our lives and the world we share shifts into a higher gear and we become happier for it.

To win the lottery, we must first buy a ticket. In other words, progress takes action!

Speedy recovery Richard and New Orleans, Mississipi, and Philipines.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 12:43:29 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Hi All, All of this commentary is GREAT. No matter which side of the fence you are on, we MUST discuss issues like the total lack of preparation for Katrina. As I wrote yesterday, Katrina was predicted and predictable. FEMA is a joke. And both political parties have plenty of blame.

How Michael Chertoff remains in charge of FEMA is disgusting. And he supports having the U.A.E. operate 8 ports (yes, there are 2 Army ports also). Can you imagine Osama bin Forgotten laughing at us for thinking of letting the country (U.A.E.) that had 2 of the 19 9/11 hijackers as citizens operating our ports?? That laundered most of the money to the 9/11 hijackers??? That does not regognize Israel???? That treats women horribly????? That was the trans-shipment point for nuclear centrifuges from A.Q. Khan (Pakistan) to North Korea, Libya and Iran?? That was the country where most of the planning for 9/11 took place??? While the port operators are not in charge of security for the ports they have TOTAL ACCESS TO ALL OF THE PORTSECURITY PLANS BY THE U.S. Are we nuts??????????

I am being a little extra inflammatory here because I am trying to evoke reactions on both sides. Let's debate these issues on the blog. Fire away!! RR

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 2:32:07 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hello, You are not nuts, Richard. You call it like it is. Impeachment proceedings should be initiated immediately by members of both parties. "W" plans to veto any opposition to his lunatic plan. I think he is insane. The stupidy I could over look, but this lunacy has to be stopped++++ On a lighter note, have some of you seen OPRAH today. I still have tears in my eyes. SHE IS TRULY AN ANGEL SENT FROM UP ABOVE. I LOVE HER!!
Please watch her show if you have not already done so. All the folks she helped are not just lazy, looking for
a hand out, and living off the government people, they are just good people. They are honor students, IRS workers, teachers, just regular folks like us. If Oprah can get this going, WHY? OH WHY CAN'T OUR GOVERNMENT DO THE SAME, WHY?
Well they named the street Angel Lane in Houston for some great recipients, and I hope that this ANGEL WAS OPRAH. Have a great evening everyone. Lady Jayne

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:18:39 PM  
Vicki In Brazil said...

Mary r,

I do not know why most of the finalists do not blog. I can only assume it has much to do with work, family, travel, computer challenges and privacy. However, I can get back with you next weekend with regard to this issue since I will be spending four days with many of them for a reunion in Las Vegas this weekend. They are all terrific ladies and I know it will be a fabulous weekend with the "fabulous finalists!!" Richard, are your ears ringing yet?? We've joked for months about him "sweating bullets" over our get together. No fear, however, we're all crazy about him and nothing sinister will be taking place!! In fact, we're all very grateful to him for bringing us altogether!! Lifetime friendships have been formed and the girl "bonding" (without the cat clawing)has completely astonished our dear Richard!! This weekend is going to be a giant slumber party, "girl's camp" if you will (according to Tamara)with fabulous food, fun and frolic!! Hopefuly, Vegas will never be the same after we leave!!!

I'm sure most of you already know about the three day special report on the ABC evening news about prostate cancer but no one has mentioned it yet so I will. Last night was very informative. It appears that Richard has made the right choice as to the type of surgery that will be performed and I know that makes all of us very optomistic about his recovery. Looking forward to the next two nights of indepth reporting.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:11:59 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Hi All, Last year I bought the domain name She would get my vote over any Democrat or Republican from what I see are the potential presidential candidates. RR

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:12:43 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Boy, I am not paying attention. I see 2 typos in my earlier rant. Recognize and PORT SECURITY. I don't have spell check when I write comments and should check my spelling!! RR

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:21:49 PM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...


You are on the blog! Didn't you just have surgery? I am so glad to hear the energy in your words! We will keep you fired up!

Joe, I really did not answer your questions, primarily because I have been in and out of meetings at work. Who was responsible for the levees? The Corps of Engineers. The way in which the levee system is governed is so conviluted...many districts. There is an effort going on to consolidate the levee governance, but that like everything else is a fight. Responsibility for evacuation, levee construction, re-building etc. are all in the hands of disjointed entities, and I am being kind here. Yes, it will take a long time and we know the process is slow. We have not even factored in the struggle with insurance companies! Also, as a point of informaton, neighborhood associations have been asked to come up with plans since some neighborhoods with what were great homes may be disignated as green space, some rightfully so, others not. These are just some of the challenges. There is a lot of positive energy and recovery going on and I want everyone to know that as well. There are some areas of the city that look and feel normal. Just like anything else, there exists a diversity of scenerios and situations.

Joe, your preparations are right on target, but how awfull that each individual has to do this.

One other thing, for years predictions were that if "the big one" hit the NO bowl, it would be underwater. But again, the system that we all pay into just ignored, or so it seems, this possibility.

Oh, and I have met a great FEMA representative who is working with setting up trailers, and there are a few others. Some of the situations that they face or out of their control.

Rambling some but wanted to quickly address some questions.

You ask what you can do...verbal support, helping hands, speaking out to our government, take a lesson and be prepared, these things can help.

You all are great, and I am happy to be a part of this group!

Angie from New Orleans

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:31:27 PM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...


Apologies! Your surgery is tomorrow, the 23rd! Forgive me for getting the day wrong, just goes to show, I don't know where I am or what day it is! I have been on the go way too much!!!

Congrats on the getting the Oprah domain!

Angie from New Orleans

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 4:40:35 PM  
Mary R said...


Short cause I am on my way out the door to work,
But Great, GREAT!

Now we're talkin about REAL THINGS, with excitment/Passion!

ie: kind of like the weather, if you don't like this, stay tuned, it will change to include different contributers.

(my spelling and typing always get worse with excitment, but you can usually fill in the blanks and get my message.)
Work calls.
Love and HUG
Mary R

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:32:10 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

I hope to be able to write next weeks Newsletter on Monday, and I am looking for a new ....In Your Own Words...Certainly Angie's writing of New Orleans was most interesting and very timely.

Please send stories to me at and please keep around 750 words or less. Thanks for your participation. The blog is back!!!!RR

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:50:22 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Dear RICHness, Joe & Co.
I loved visiting Angel Lane with Oprah and Friends today in Houston! Oh my goodness, Angel Oprah you have my vote! You wouldn't require Campaign Ads or Campaign money as You have paved your 'political' way already and have incredible support in the U.S. and my home country South Africa where You have shown Love and Support for the children, unlike anyone else! Habitat For Humanity is also very busy in South Africa.
I leave tomorow for a few days and look forward to seeing what's cookin' on the blog when I return!
Love from your 'CC' CARE CIRCLE

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 10:02:13 PM  
willemina said...

Wow, lots of comments...I haven't read them all yet but I will later.
I just wanted to say good morning and let Richard know that many will be thinking of him today and praying that the surgery is successful.
Today is the first day of the rest of our lives...let's make it a good one.
God Bless and hugs from willamana?

Thursday, February 23, 2006 4:13:34 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Dear Angie from New Orleans, Many thanks for more information about the storm. I havn't lived in the area for many, and reading your first hand knowledge is so helpful. I think there are more angels floating around us with our OPRAH. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? I think so!! Have a Great Day. Lady Jayne

Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:38:48 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi again, I would vote for Oprah in a minute and Gail, one of her associates would also get my vote for VP. Oprah's great interior designer that did all the Angel homes, sorry, forgot his name, can be the decorator. I'll tell you, I am so touched by Oprah, et al and their contributions and kindness to their fellow human beings. I hope they will always be blessed. I don't think she would accept a nomination for the presidency, and I would be afraid they would break her. I don't think her honesty would be tolerated. Perhaps I am wrong. Jayne

Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:56:05 AM  
chicagotricia said...


We are all praying for your speedy recovery.


Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:39:16 AM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...


Ditto to Chicagotrica, we are all praying for you and sending all things positive your way.

One of your many friends,

Angie from New Orleans

Thursday, February 23, 2006 8:32:15 AM  
KarenJW said...

Good morning Ladies!

While Richard is slaying the dragon within, I'll slip this one by him. This is not male bashing, as a male friend sent it to me. I just thought it was deliciously funny!

Of Men And Women:


Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Men don't want to reach for the good ones because they're afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but they're easy.

The apples at the top think there's something wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing! They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's willing and brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men....

Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the sh*t out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with!

Let's all think good thoughts for Richard, and everyone have a lovely day!


Thursday, February 23, 2006 9:24:55 AM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Hi Joe, I am responding to your request for information on who is responsible for what. I was reading in the "Jet" magazine, which is published by a black company. Here are some facts I found:Handling the offers of post-hurricane relief from almost 24 foreign countries was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who refused no offer that could "alleviate the suffering of people in the affected areas...Brig. Gen Robert Crear of Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of repairing the breaks in the New Orleans levees. Louisiana native Lt. General Russel Honore is the man in charge of enormous task of coordinating the military's response to Hurricane Katrina.

This article included the following suggestions to the question of how can you help? Here is a list of organizations involved: AME Hurricane Relief Fund (843) 852-2643, American Red Cross (800) 435-7669, Black Relief Fund (, Catholic Charities USA (800) 919-9338), Christian Methodist Episcopal (323) 294-3830 Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation (225) 342-7000 National Conference of Black Mayors (404) 765-6444 Nation of Islam (713) 741-2747, Salvation Army (800) 725-2769, United Negro College Fund (800)332-UNCF

I Hope this has answered some your questions. You can read more on M.M. Corbett

Thursday, February 23, 2006 11:30:32 AM  
Skywatcher-'ella' said...

Hey Vicki...:)
Hi, you...I just returned home to Las Vegas after visiting my mom in San Juan Capistrano for her 81st B'day which is also Oprah's B'day and it turned into a big family/friend reunion lasting about a month. It was great... Grounding & glorious!!!

Looks like you and RR's 'gals' will be in Vegas this weekend. I would like to take this moment to let my 'blog buddies' know one of the best places in Vegas to meet and eat (reasonable prices, healthy food, lively ambiance),and where the locals, showbiz folks, dancers, entertainers,politicians, movers-shakers, etc, love to meet:

4147 S. Maryland Pky.
(702) 731-6030
**located a few blocks North of the UNLV campus, on the west side of Maryland Parkway-- 1/2 block south of Flamingo Rd...

This SUN @ ONE (Sunday Feb 26 @ 1:00pm) I am meeting several colorful friends (showbizzy artist- types)and family members (fun, crazy-types)...
Why don't ALL of RR's CHICKADEES fly in? I have a tent in my backyard where we can all camp...RR, too (he should be on the mend by then). Heck, Hefner's got his 'bunnies'. What's he done for seniors lately, and why should he have all the fun???

RR's "STARS' sound good for 'brainstormin', maybe even a little astral projection... So, THE BLOG IS BACK!!! I can finally give RR AND his horoscopes a rest. I know it was getting tedious for everyone... Mostly, RR! Haha...

For awhile, it was just us 'chickadees' (Dreamweaver, Merry Mary, Willy, etc.) doing our best to keep the blog afloat! THANK YOU all for coming to our rescue! Mostly, to RR, for giving us some DIRECTION. We need the CAPTAIN of this ship!!!
Hey, to you, Lady Jayne! It will be fun to talk 'skating' but there is too much to say and so little time & space (especially on the blog)... Jeepers, I don't want to fall back into the 'pedestrian' category...ha! (RR, that was pretty, how shall I say...funny, but true?)... EEEEkkkkkk!!!!
Anyway, Team RR, it looks like we're rollin', again. Here's to us:

"It was but yesterday we met in a dream. You have sung to me in my aloneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky.,.

But now our sleep has fled and our dream is over, and it is no longer dawn. The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part.

If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song.

And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky..."
--Kahlil Gibran

Sending LOVE...

Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:16:05 PM  
JoeInMB said...


From Chris Roe:

Family and friends of Pop,

Not much to report now - I'm waiting to hear back from the hospital. Pop was in good spirits when we were at the hospital. The surgery should be going on now and finish up this afternoon (around 3PM PST). His plan is to stay at the hospital through Sunday. As soon as I hear anything I'll send an email update,

- Chris

Thursday, February 23, 2006 2:41:37 PM  
leslie said...

Joe Thanks for the update - I've been thinking about Richard all day and wondering how things are going. I'm sure he's going to be fine, but it's nice to hear from his family via you. I'll check in again later.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 3:13:08 PM  
JoeInMB said...

** UPDATE #2 **

From Chris Roe:

Family and friends of Pop,

Good news! I just spoke with Dr. Holden and Pop's surgery is over and went well. Dr. Holden expects a complete recovery. Pop is now awake and should be going to his recovery room soon. Once there he will be able to talk on the phone, and tomorrow he should be able to see visitors. Once I get more any more info I'll let you all know.

- Chris

From Joe:

It cannot be substantiated that Richard, while going under, asked the surgeon if he was single and if he wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska this summer...

Bravo, Richard!

Thursday, February 23, 2006 3:45:04 PM  
willemina said...

Thank you Chris and Joe for letting us know how Richard is doing. I think we all know that Richard is a survivor and will have a complete recovery.

hugs from me

Thursday, February 23, 2006 3:57:38 PM  
JoeInMB said...

** UPDATE #3 **

From Chris Roe:

So I just spoke with Pop - he's doing great although pretty heavily drugged for the pain - "feeling goofy" were his words. He answered the phone saying, "Comedy Central." He told me the surgery took about
2.5 hours and he was done around noon. He hasn't spoken to the doctor but assumes all went well (I told him the doctor gave me a good report). Aunt Connie asked me if his lymph nodes showed any signs of cancer - I don't know the answer but I'll try and find out when I can speak with the doctor. Pop says he has several nice ladies (nurses) taking good care of him. He'll probably be there until Sunday.

- Chris

Thursday, February 23, 2006 4:58:18 PM  
leslie said...

Hi Joe and Chris That's what I like about Richard - his goofy sense of humour! Good to hear he's still campaigning for the cruises, even as he goes under. LOL And once he's up and able to walk around, make sure he works those men's wards, too. Tell him to just make sure they have all important parts intact. LOL LOL LOL

Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:24:28 PM  
Mary R said...

Richard and friends,

Glad to hear of good outcomes. Guess we all have another day to do something with. Bet you have livened up that nurses station!!! ;-0.
I can almost hear the chatter this far away.
I wish that somehow all of our good wishes could appear live as constant reminders that you are loved and needed.

Vickie, thanks for the info. I just know you ladies will have a GREAT TIME and as with the AZ group, more fond memories to add to our smile piles.
Aren't we among some of the luckiest!!!!!!!

Love and Hug
Mary R

PS, I am one of Oprah's bigest fans and did know her personally before my time here in AZ.

I think she is the BEST doing exactly what she is doing. She is much too kind hearted, honest and loving for the White House.

That would shackle her abilities and talents.
(Just my opinion)

Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:00:19 PM  
willemina said...

janie girl
sorry, thought I had an e-mail address for you?
Here's a little info on the lalique bottle. It looked clear in the middle and had "wings?" on the sides that appeared rose colored. I do remember the appraiser saying that the bottle was made first and then the bottom was added as a separate piece which was unique? Does this help? I'm glad it will be on for you again Sat. so you can watch because I probably got it all wrong?

Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:16:54 PM  
Inspiration2 said...

TO: Karenjw

Thanks for sharing. Love the analogy "women are like apples on a tree". "Of Men and Women" is deliciously right on!

Another Top Apple,

Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:44:14 PM  
willemina said...

I want to thank you for your heartfelt views on the Katrina disaster. My heart goes out to the thousands of people who's lives were devastated in a matter of hours, if not minutes.
I believe that every human being should have a roof over their head, food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in. I am ashamed at the way our government has handled this situation.
I was able to watch some of Oprah yesterday and seeing how happy she made some of the people of NO. To be able to have a home of their own and some dignity...that's all they ask...and they worked hard to help themselves and their neighbors.
This is a situation that never should have happened.
My mother comes from the Netherlands (netherlands means low lands) which is mostly below sea level...the Dutch engineers solved their problem and I think we can learn a lot from them. My aunt lives in Goes, Zeeland and there they have a movable storm surge barrier called the Delta Works. Each gate is the size of a 12 story block of flats...they can leave them open or close them to keep out the raging North Sea during storms. I was able to tour this amazing wonder and see how it works.

God Bless the people of NO and all of the coastal towns effected by this terrible tragedy.

Thursday, February 23, 2006 7:33:13 PM  
willemina said...

EARTHQUAKES! Now there's a subject I am familiar with.
We had a disastrous 6.5 on Dec 22, 2003 here in Paso Robles.
For information search: Paso Robles earthquake.
Good night to all
Richard...get your rest, you're going to be just fine...

Thursday, February 23, 2006 7:42:38 PM  
Franny said...

In the past I have mentioned on this blog my overseas volunteer experiences with Volunteers for Peace and others. Would more information be of interest to anyone?

To easily "hook up" with some overseas volunteer opportunities there is Iko Poran in Brazil and SKIP (save kids in Peru. Also I recommend

Thursday, February 23, 2006 9:13:08 PM  
chicagotricia said...


I am interested in learn more about domestic and international volunteer programs, especially those involved with helping children. Any information you can post would be greatly appreciated by me and I am sure others.


Thursday, February 23, 2006 10:03:49 PM  
soft_rain said...

Richard Sweetie,

I know you will be fine will be better than out girls!!
This tiger is about to release a mighty roar......and lead us all on an amazing adventure!!!!

Lead on Richard....we all need you!

So much great energy is being produced by this wonderful dream of yours, and I believe that as we remain connected we share our energies with each other and thus enable ourselves to leap forward to our are the force that connects us are he that will enable each and every one of us to finally be all we can be in a loving relationship......


We all LOVE you and who you are !!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006 11:10:11 PM  
soft_rain said...



Friday, February 24, 2006 12:00:33 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi, So happy to hear that our RR is doing well. I knew you would, Richard!!! Thanks to Joe and Richard's son for all the updates. WE ARE ALL THINKING OF YOU and sending GOOD VIBES. Your blog has perked up and is becoming so interesting again. Everyone is so respectful of each other and their views. Right from the very beginning, I saw your blog as an educational tool and learned so much from many others from your blog. Just that, Richard, has been a great accomplishment on your part. So, a speedy recovery is expected by all the blogger gals that are so fond of you. XOXO Jayne

Friday, February 24, 2006 6:23:59 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Willy, I sent you an email a few minutes ago.
I think I know which bottle you are referring to, but I am going to try and watch Saturday's repeat of the Antique Road Show. Now my curiosity if peaked. Hi IceSkater, Ella, discussing ice skating with me would be so dull. What I know can be deposited on the head of a pin. I am a dancer though, and deeply appreciate your art. I caught some of the Olympics last night and some of the girls ice dancing. They were great. Have a great week-end everyone. LadyJayne

Friday, February 24, 2006 9:20:50 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Hello Ladies,

Just had to share this with you! A few days ago, the basketball coach at a high school in Rochester NY let the autistic team manager play in the final four minutes of the final game of the season. What an inspiration.

Click here to see what happened.


Friday, February 24, 2006 11:30:21 AM  
young at heart said...


What a neat clip! Thanks for sharing. This computer doesn't have sound - I got the picture from all the HAPPY expressions.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Sunny in Lexington KY

Friday, February 24, 2006 1:27:52 PM  
Vicki In Brazil said...

That sweet kid, his brother and the coach were all on Good Morning America this morning and it was the cutest interview I've ever seen. He was so humble about the whole experience but told how he's now late for every class because so many people stop him in the halls to congratulate him. His older brother goes to a different school an hour away and wanted to come but the mom thought it was too far to drive. He was soooo proud of his little brother and said it was one of the biggest regrets of his life that he wasn't there. The father did call him from the game as the whole thing was unfolding to give a play by play. The coach said it was the most exciting moment of his entire 20 year career.

Loved, loved, loved the whole story and the whole family!!! I've always been a big basketball fan anyway. The tears flowed when the schoolmates carried him off the floor. What an inspiration!


Friday, February 24, 2006 1:48:16 PM  
JoeInMB said...


I have some very tragic news to share. Doug Ayre's 14 year old son died this past Monday in an automobile accident. Doug is owner of the Ayres Hotel and was our host at the Manhattan Beach event. He is a very gracious, warm and generous man. He took time from his busy schedule to attend to many of the details of the first Meet the Senior Bachelor Event and hosted the Fabulous Finalists as well. Here is an email I received from Ann Williams, the Ayres Hotel General Manager:

Hello Joe,

I wanted to let you know about a tragic incident that has happened here. Doug’s 14 year old son, Dylan, was killed in a car accident on Monday morning on his way to a ski trip in Mammoth. To make matters worse, his 16 year old son, Dorian, was the driver of the car and as you can imagine is carrying a very heavy weight on his shoulders. We really have no idea about the cause of the accident, whether he slid on ice or just lost control of the car, but the tragedy remains. This is a very close family and they truly have a strong support system, but they are definitely in need of all of our prayers.

Doug left a very solemn message on my voicemail last night. He actually seems to have a very good outlook and knows that God will use this situation and bring something good out of it, but they are obviously very distraught. He is very grateful for the support he has received. Ironically, one of the first things that came out of his mouth was his concern for Richard and how he was doing. He really appreciated your group and has consistently followed up on how Richard was doing. Please be sure to let Richard know of Doug’s concern for him. Dylan’s funeral is on Tuesday in Newport Beach. Please keep the family in your prayers.



Ann Williams
General Manager
Ayres Hotel
14400 Hindry Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Joe Here:

If you'd like to send a card you may send it to the hotel and Ann will make sure the family receives it. I can't even imagine the pain this fine family must be going through. Please send your prayers.


Friday, February 24, 2006 2:59:33 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Chris Thanks for the Richard/Dad update and my prayers remain with him for a speedy recovery. I am counting on it! It is too cute that he ask the doctor if he was single - well -was he?? lol...

Joe I am so sorry for the Ayers family and my thoughts and prayers are with them. What a wonderful and caring family they are to everyone. Soo tragic.

Vicky - great to hear from you and hope you are doing well also.

MerryMary - thanks for the joke and I miss you lady! too cute!

Where oh where is Umberto the Italian cutie?? Would love to hear from you!

Take care and keep us update don Richard and his recovery!
Many Blessings

Friday, February 24, 2006 3:32:08 PM  
willemina said...

My condolences to the Ayres family. There is no greater tragedy in life than to lose a child. I pray that loving memories of Dylan will bring some comfort and may God embrace them with His love.
I will keep the Ayres family in my thoughts and prayers.
I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ayres in MB and he was very gracious and truly seemed to enjoy having all of us there.
God Bless...Love and hugs from Willy

Friday, February 24, 2006 4:00:49 PM  
willemina said...

I just finished dinner and watched the video clip you suggested and what a beautiful story!

Jason McElwain is an autistic student at Greece Athena High School outside Rochester, N.Y. He was the basketball team's manager until the last game of the season when the coach gave him a uniform and put him in the game. The kid went out and made six 3-pointers and was carried off the floor. This could be one of the most heartwarming sports stories of all time....thanks for sharing this heartwarming story with us.

Friday, February 24, 2006 7:03:35 PM  
Dana Point LOIS said...

Hi Richard,Joe, family and new has been a long time since I have participated here.
If I have had something to say it has been to Richard personally.

The tragic news I have read this evening about Dylan Ayers makes me sad. My prayers are with his family and especially his brother Dorian and Mother and Father...
I am also living the loss of my son. We lost him just before his 14th birthday in a tragic "accident".

Saturday, February 25, 2006 2:33:55 AM  
Dana Point LOIS said...

Sorry,I wasn't finished....
I have learned over the years that life is way too short and to be happy as he would want me to and continue on with his brother in his memory to live a positive and happy life.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 2:50:05 AM  
Umberto said...

Hello Everyone... I'm sorry I haven't written in soooo long. No excuses. Sorry!
Infos from Italy: bad weather, rain and wind. Good surfable waves (sometimes) but no surfboard to use. a little flu "acchuuu sneeez" and long hours in front of my computer.

Paula: still single! something wrong with me or with you women???

I hope you are all well, and I'm sure we'll meet again sooner or later. Ciao for now.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 2:52:01 AM  
ineedsomeRnR said...

dear u being single is a million times better than being in a bad marriage. but thats ok if you have not learned this yet.
hello richard i hope that in 20 years from now your message to others is that of a cancer survivor all the best.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 8:27:38 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Umberto, Umberto, Umberto, I kept watching and looking to see if I might get a glimpse of you amoung the crowd, taking pictures of the Olympics, but I never could see you. Where was the "WORLDS GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHER". "All the Best" to you Umberto. Lady Jayne

Saturday, February 25, 2006 8:46:02 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Bush and his cronies are all idiots, but very good at "feathering their own nests" -- just like Mulrooney, who we allowed to soak us for millions ($$$) which he rec'ed from the Cdn. taxpayers. another example of a psyhcopath who does not murder but who cares little about anyone else but himself. but someone voted him in, so i would look to the Doctors, lawyers, construction workers, insurance salesmen, car salesmen, my next door neighbour, and ask: "did you help to put this moron in power?" -- and how do you get him out, and how to you effect change when 50% of the population just don't care? a daunting task! - but i guess we have to look on the bright side, at least half the people have hearts in the right place.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 11:39:57 AM  
leslie said...

Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister of Canada from 1984-1993. Things have changed a lot in 13 years and Canada is still one of the best countries to live in. Just my humble opinion.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 2:12:34 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Dragonflyfilly, I think sometimes that our great Canadian neighbors know more about U.S. politics than some of us do. I am not certain about Mulrooney, but I know that "W" was seated in MY whitehouse illegally on two occasions. So, I can't blame the voters, and I would not do that anyway because they were mislead. I have three very bright sons and the lot of them voted for "W" much to the dismay of their mother, but how can I tell them not to vote for a certain person? I cannot because that goes against all principals of our belief. I taught them to be autonomous free thinking young men. Anyway, things are a mess down here politically, but rest assured there are many, many like me. We are stopping them!! I sometimes want to tell those who oppose me to "Just Go Lick Your Wounds", you voted for these nit wits, but I don't because they have a choice in our democracy. When you lie, bring religion, and their private moral beliefs into politics, they stir up many emotions. I say SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!! ALWAYS!!
Sent to you in a friendly manner, Dragonflylilly. Anyway, I agree with almost all that you write. Lady Jayne

Saturday, February 25, 2006 3:40:27 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Hi Paula I miss you too. Mary C. and I went to lunch and to see "8 Below" and I was telling her about what a pretty and personable gal you are. We had a good time. I am so happy we have become friends and can do some running around together. One never has too many friends.
I am so sorry about Dylan too. My mom lost a baby 4 years before I was born and it was something she never completely got over. She bought him a sweet new headstone before she passed away and I take flowers 2 or 3 times a year when I do hers and daddy's.
Here's something to give everyone a big laugh.....It's from Ca. so some of you have probably heard it.Joke - Guts and balls

We've all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, the definition for each is listed below.

GUTS - is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: "Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?"

BALLS - is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and having the balls to say: You're next."

I hope this clears up any confusion on the subject.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 3:40:53 PM  
Inspiration2 said...

Hi Merry Mary
Thanks for the definition of "Guts and Balls". Generally I have found that the people that have "guts" also have "balls" and I lumped them together.


Saturday, February 25, 2006 5:19:40 PM  
angiefrom neworleans former italianmistletoepopcor said...

Hello Chris and Joe,

Thank you for the updates about our dear Richard, I can just hear him soliciting doctors for the cruise. Please give my best wishes to him and let him know that his friends in New Orleans are thinking about him.

I am so very sad to hear about the tragedy for the Ayres family, this is one of the worst things that can happen in life.

Hello Umberto, good to hear from you, don't worry single is just fine.


Angie from New Orleans

Saturday, February 25, 2006 5:42:29 PM  
REDTBIRD said...

LOOK NEW PICTURE!!! Thanks to Deserts fox. What a great gal for all of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her.
Thanks Suz,

Saturday, February 25, 2006 6:03:56 PM  
REDTBIRD said...

THE AYRES FAMILY I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan when we were in MB and what a wonderful and bright young man he was. My heart goes out to the family, losing a child is something you never get over and there isn't day that goes by you don't think of them.
I lost my son 6yrs ago. Life is so unfair at times!

Umberto good to hear from you. We have missed you. Will you be on the Cruises?

Saturday, February 25, 2006 6:27:18 PM  
Merry Mary said...

I just watched Charles Stanley on T.V. and he explained to be able to comfort another and say I understand how you feel you must have had to experience the pain yourself...then you can truly comfort someone going through it.This would explain why we go through some bad experiences... so we can be a blessing to someone else. That's deep to me but explains some things. Happy Sun. to all and hope Richard's homecoming will be the beginning of a quick recovery. Love, Mary

Sunday, February 26, 2006 7:45:53 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Hello RICHness, Joe and Co.!
I'm back after a lovely few days in the U.S.A. a breath of fresh air, friendly people and a joy for living! Gotta get away every now and then to charge the batteries, even a day or two makes such a difference! Richard, thank goodness this is all behind you and now the healing process will begin, wishing you a speedy recovery. For a man who loves Women as you so eloquently put it almost a year ago, I am not surprised that you would feel like a Peacock amidst the Peahens(nurses) in hospital! :)

I am shocked to hear about Doug Ayers' 14 year old Son Dylan and send condolences to the Ayers Family, what a tragedy for a family as accomodating and sweet as they are. I will send a card to
Ann Williams at the Ayers Hotel and she will kindly forward it to the Ayers Family. My thoughts and prayers will be with them on the day of the funeral Tuesday February 28th.

Closing ceremonies for the Olympics tonite, and then the Olympic Flag is on its way to Vancouver Canada for 2010, one of my favourite cities!
Senior Bachelorette:)

Sunday, February 26, 2006 8:39:19 AM  
soft_rain said...

My condolences
to the Ayres family

My heart weeps for you

Always remember,

That the mind is in the moment, the body is in the present but the soul is forever and forever he shall be....your LOVE shall be his armour...and your BELIEF his
guiding light.........

Monday, February 27, 2006 2:26:44 AM  

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