Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fabulous Finalists Comment!

Hello Ladies,

Note: Several of the Fabulous Finalists have posted comments on their visit to Manhattan Beach. See inside.

Gael, Tamara, Yvonne, Wren, RR, Carla, Mary, Lori, Vicki, Donna, Vija

Standing, L-R: Jody, Wendy, Corinne, RR. Paula, Connie, Anita, Carol, Bette, Cindee
Front Row, L-R: Maurette, Jane, Michelle

Roe Grandkids "dogpile" GrandPop

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Kylieidaho said...

Whew, first time ever to be 1st, yeah!!

Hiya all, I checked out the SB photos and have a suggestion for Joe.

Can you post the names of the finalists against their photos? It would help to distinguish between all these beautiful blondes. lololol. We want to vote on the second rounders so hope you can do this.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 2:01:44 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Yea...This is the first time I've been Number one on the blog....Happy week end...Time to rise and shine...Cute picture...I'm going to look at the others now. Love to all, MM P.S. Nope, another popped up...Ms. Kylie in Idaho...Oh well...I'll keep trying. It used to almost always be Linda. Where are you Linda? Hope you are doing all better.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 5:12:31 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Great pictures....Looks like a fun time is being had by all. Thanks for bringing us along Joe and Umbreto via pictures. Let the good times roll. Lovingly, Mary B. P.S.Thanks for the big hug Joe...It feels sooooo good.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 5:27:50 AM  
JanieGirl said...

"Oh! What a Beautiful Morning, Oh! What a Beautiful Day", I've Got a Beautiful Feeling Everythings Going My Way". GOOD NEWS this wonderful morning!! Paul Prudhommes restaurant in New Orleans has re-opened. Brennan's will not open for a few more months, but the "Big Easy" is coming back. No matter what, you can never beat these people down!! I LOVE NEW ORLEANS!!! I met Paul and I know his brother Bobby Prudhomme. The whole family cooks great food and their cook books are GREAT!! Wonderful, wonderful chefs!! Bobby claims that he pick every little red pepper "By Hand" in the Prudhomme factory. I laughed, and laughed when he told me that. WHAT FUN PEOPLE THESE CAJUNS ARE!!! "Let the Good Times Roll.
Have a great week-end everyone.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 6:45:44 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Again, Forgot to say to Umberto, Joe and Richard. The pictures are WONDERFUL!!
What tremendous hosts these California men are!! Boy! Do they know how to throw a party! Good Ole Hospitality coming from our BLOG HOSTS.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:08:50 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...


Oh what a beautiful mornin'
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got that wonderful feelin'
Everythin's goin' my way

Yep that about sums it up for me;)
Enjoy the rest of the time in Manhattan Beach today
Whoever Richard chooses to travel with will have the qualities he is looking for. A tough one as when people travel their persona does not necessarily reflect all their little idiosyncracies. It is only when choosing a Soulmate/Life Partner that the journey truly unfolds and becomes a learning experience through joy, pain, sorrow etc. and it is in the embracing thereof between the TWO that strengthens the marriage through the years. Like a fine South African wine;) that matures with age, so it is with a relationship/marriage.
Bless my Beloved Father for being a Philosopher, I hope to have inherited some of that 'magic' ;)
So, here's to Love, Life, Family, Travel, Sports and all that is FUN!
I am enjoying Life to the fullest!
Life is in itself a ROMANTIC ADVENTURE ;)
Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams
Senior Bachelorette:)
val the gal
psst...remember to Live Life With Passion!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:09:40 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...


JANIEGIRL: just realised we both have the same song in mind this morning, how funny! :)
Thanks for the update on New Orleans, there is only one place like it in the world, hope they bring all that magic back again. New Orleans has 'given birth' to many music legends!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:20:25 AM  
Linda P. said...

Hello All,
The pictures are great!! Looks like everyone is having a fun time, which it should be. Lots of stories to tell and memories made.
I'm anxious to hear who the lucky six will be. I'm sure it will not be an easy to pick only six!!
Umberto, you do a fantastic job with the pictures.
Linda P.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:26:08 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Dreamweaver18, Thanks for the nice sentiment re NOLA. I saw Paul Prudhomme on the NBC morning show, and tears came to my eyes. My sister, Pat is a Louisiana folklorist and a personal friend of Paul's. You are so right about the talent in Louisiana. My sister teaches the talented and gifted kids at a University in La. We moved to Louisiana, from New York, when we were little girls, eight and nine years old. A part of my heart will always be in New Orleans. I always feel compelled to return.
"All the Best". Jane

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:42:40 AM  
Kylieidaho said...

Okey, Joe, way to go and thx for posting these ladies names for us to vote on.

I want to vote for Cindee, Paula and Michelle. There you have a nice mix of faces and personalities with interesting profiles.

So there you have it. Can't wait to see the actual picks by RR.

Go tigger!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 10:00:43 AM  
Merry Mary said...

You girls are singing from the play Oklahoma....Also had I'm Just A Girl That Can't Say No, Surrey With The Fringe On Top,This Is My Once A Year Day,a fantastic play...Oklahoma ,,where the wind comes sweeping down the plains and the waving wheat ,,,can sure smell sweet...when the wind comes right behind the rain....Also, where Merry, Mary Quite Contray was born and raised and still lives. Janie, whar about Antoine's Restrant?, Is it still in existence? The first time I went to New Orleans I stayed at The Monteleon in the French Quarters...Fun Fun...MM

Saturday, November 05, 2005 10:12:40 AM  
Kylieidaho said...


Richard, just in the chance you are listening in to our votes and need some advice on the finals, here are my six choices from the total group of fab finalists for you to consider traveling with --

1st round - Tamara, Yvonne and Mary

2nd round - Cindee, Paula, Michelle

They are natural beauties, poised, dress well and appear quite relaxed in all the scenarios.

Again, this is just suggestions for you to think on

Peace out <**>

Saturday, November 05, 2005 10:46:15 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

The ladies had a blast at Harry Winston's today and walking around Rodeo Drive. Tomorrow, 2 of my sons and 5 of my grandchildren will join the group for brunch, and I really look forward to that. There are so many terrific women, and decisions will be difficult. I expect a lot of input from my sister Connie, Joe and Umberto, Kim, and my sons. Keep tuned for the regular Newsletter Monday and a Special Newsletter Tuesday about a possible follow-up show on Oprah. Very best wishes, Richard Roe

Saturday, November 05, 2005 1:48:13 PM  
JanieGirl said...

HEY EVERYONE, Tomorrow is Merry Mary's Birthday!! Happy, Happy Birthday Mary!! Now you are officially a senior citizen. I know the big day is tomorrow, but I did not want to forget. All my best wishes to you for a wonderful day. Jane

Saturday, November 05, 2005 2:19:10 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Oh! Mary, I love all those show tunes from the broadway play and the movie "Oklahoma". And, I have to say that I have never met anyone from Oklahoma or Tennessee that were not really nice, sincere people. I have to get off the blog and put all my groceries away. I am going to try and make a meat pie, from scratch, with no receipe. Wish me luck!!
Have a Nice Evening!! Jane

Saturday, November 05, 2005 2:25:32 PM  
JanieGirl said...

Mary, Just one more message. Don't want to "hog the blog". I am not certain about Antoine's or Commanders Palace or the Monteleone for that matter. I will have to check. I lived in New Orleans for 6 years, was single and then married, and went to all the major restaurants and parties in the French Quarter. The most beautiful sound I have ever heard was the playing of "The Bells of St. Mary's" on huge ceramic speakers at the entrance of an elegant apartment in the Quarter. I am getting so home sick for Louisiana. Will probably go for a visit over the holidays.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 2:40:06 PM  
REDTBIRD said...

Hi Ladies,
I'm back for just a minute, been scaning some of the imput about what you have all had to say about this whole indever and yes I'll admitt I saw the wonderful pictures and became a little jealous and after giving it much thought here's what were all going through, it's called "with-drawls" because this has been so exciting for the past 6 mos. and we were all such a big part of it now it's like what happens now? it's a big let down but you know what? I know there's more good things coming so stay tuned.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:04:42 PM  
soft_rain said...

Here is a link where you can view pictures of the WTC

Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:28:21 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

wow, great photo REDTBIRD!

jOE, rr, humBerto:

Great photos, i especially like the one of the Cowboy(girl?) hat, half visible with one lense of sunglasses, and RR out of focus in the background. Verrrry "artsy fartsy", would look good in a calendar -- very creative. (i bet you took that one Umberto)

Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:47:00 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Hey Merry Mary, i was trying to sing that "...Surry with a fring on top" to my friend..we were driving to Langley and i asked her if she was going to put the "lid" down on her convertable, then for some reason i thought of the Surey, so i was trying to explain to her what a Surey was, aside from being a municipality in the Vancouver Area, ha ha!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:51:27 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Hey JanieGirl, if you have trouble with your meat pie, just come over to my blog and i will look up some recipes for you. I have like one ZILLION recipes and assorted cookbooks, so you could have Shepherd's Pie, Tortier, or Steak and Kidney Pie, or anythingthing else your little heart desires.

But now i am going to get dressed and GO TO CHURCH, (yes, this little heathen sometimes does that - but it is a long story, which will have to wait 'til later as i must dress now)

Saturday, November 05, 2005 3:57:14 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Howdee Y'all ;)

DRAGONFLYFILLY: surry with the fringe on top refers to the two-seated box type horse-drawn carriage which has a fringe all the way 'round the top. I think the song was sung by one of my very favourite singers Howard Keel who also sang 'I Talk To The Trees'
Love the music from Oklahoma, my lovely Mother, Bless Her used to sing all the songs and Dad had the most amazing whistle. Our house was filled with the sound of music:)
Now you've got me singin' 'Surry With The Fringe On Top'
When I take you out in the Surry..da da da da da da da da da
When I take you out in the Surry with the fringe on top.


val the gal

Saturday, November 05, 2005 4:12:08 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...


A MUST READ: 'CROWNS' FORWARD BY MAYA ANGELOU a beautiful collage of Photographs and Bios of a select few African American Ladies wearing their HATS and the history behind each one.

A Coffee Table Book, a Gem, Very Unigue!


I have deep admiration for those who DARE and have DARED to stand up and be counted, DARE TO HAVE A PURPOSE AND DARE TO MAKE IT KNOWN!

val the gal

Saturday, November 05, 2005 4:31:26 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...


Saturday, November 05, 2005 4:33:49 PM  
Lady Base Camp said...

1 vehicular and 1 stack fire within two days-- unusual for here, good practice for this time of year when people are firing up their wood stoves.
Still working on my bio-- it's a mess. Got my bulbs planted before the ground froze though! I will forget about them and they will pop up in spring. I watched POP & ME last night, I have a lot to say about it but no time right now. Hope things are going well in MB-- the pics are great but I can't tell who is who except for those I know from blog. It seems like some of the captions are in the wrong name order-- but it might be just me. Do people ride all the way to San Diego by the beach now days or is there private area and terrain you cant really get around? They were building a nuke plant when I left and then Tricky Dick was always squeamish about surfers sneaking a ride there at San Clemente.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 4:47:20 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Thank you so kindly for the happy birthdays....I'm going out with my kids after church tomorrow and then my brother and sis in law are taking me to see The Tulsan's quortette (spelling??) tomorrow eve. I still feel 30...Actually, I celebrated my 30th in Paris, France and was so sick from dry heaves and drinking way too much at The Eiffel Tower and Crazy Horse Salon....I feel better at 65 come to think about it. I'm a whole lot wiser. I thought the bidey was to vomit in???YUK.
Richard Remember it's not to late to call and pick me for my birthday present but since you probably won't here's my guess...Paula,Carla,Jody,Carol,Michelle and other Mary from Tulsa. you have a tough road to ROE
Hugs and Kisses...MM

Saturday, November 05, 2005 4:47:39 PM  
leslie said...

Hi everyone - been away a couple of days and just checking in. Great photos of everyone at the beach and looked like a fun bike ride. But...where are Vanessa and Sherri? I think I saw one photo of Vanessa at dinner one night, but none of Sherri. Are they there?

Oh, I wish I lived in a warm climate! We're in for a very rainy, dreary (and maybe even snowy) winter this year. It hasn't been this bad so early in the season for years and years. Oh well,this too shall pass.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 5:38:00 PM  
Linda P. said...

Hi Richard,
If your counting our votes, I vote for Connie, Cindee and Bette for this 2nd round!!! Have a wonderful week.
Linda P.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 6:08:47 PM  
soft_rain said...

LBC...I can't figure out what your picture is.....can you help

Saturday, November 05, 2005 6:54:23 PM  
soft_rain said...

Did you hear the one about the Blonde that got fired from the
M & M factory?

She kept throwing out the W's !

Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:22:08 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

PUERTO VALLARTA I finally got my new pictures up from my trip with John. Please feel free to come and take a look. The place was fabulous

Hugs Suzanne

Saturday, November 05, 2005 9:44:10 PM  
CathyinCarolina said...

Happy Birthday MerryMerry!!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005 11:47:53 PM  
CathyinCarolina said...

My humble apologie Mary, that is

From: ChattieCathy

Sunday, November 06, 2005 12:14:13 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Hey Joe....How about "Getting To Know You" for our name???? Joe ,do you remember a song called "Hey Joe"...???? It was probably in the 60's...really cute song. Janie, what about O'Brien's and The Court of 7 Sisters? I think we should get a group and meet in New least for a week end. What did it do to the cemetaries???? I loved to go to the cemetaries. I feel like Ghost Whisperer....I feel like I can almost hear them talking. Anyway, it would be fun. I'm going to go have a Crispy Kreme donut for my breakfast and get ready for church so hope all you wonderful people have an incredible day....Maybe, soon we could be having Benyets(spelling) and New Orleans coffee and explore New Orleans. I have a ring that I inheirted from my Aunt that she saw in 1943 in a window in a shop on Royal Street. She went in to see how much it cost. Auntie said they told her $475.00. She told Uncle W.M. that was way too much. They just couldn't afford it. He snuke back there and laid it away and paid it out $50.00 a month and surprised her with it. It was one of her prize possessions. It's a star sapphire pearl in the middle surrounded with diamonds. When I was in New Orleans in Nov. of 2000 I took it to the shop and showed it to them. They said it would now apraise somewhere in the 5 figures. She would not have taken a million dollars for it.She was such a classy lady.....always Miss Perfect...reminded me of Katherine Hepburn. Well...Love, Peace and Bountiful Blessings to all. MM

Sunday, November 06, 2005 4:43:00 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Dragonflyfilly, Thanks so much for the meat pie suggestions. I went over to your blog but did not see an email address. I made the meat pie with sirloin (cooked like a pot roast), onion, carrots, potatos, and petit pois peas. It turned out beautifully. If I could ship 1/2 of it up to you in Canada, I surely would. I have enjoye d your light hearted, fun posts and your jokes are so funny!! Your blog is great also. Some day I will learn how to get photos up on my blog and when Joe gets the men's page going, I plan on submitting a bio and some photos. Thanks again!! Have a great Sunday. Jane

Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:15:51 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Hi Merry Mary, What a wonderful story about your Auntie and her ring. I'll bet it is beautiful. I like vintage also. I think the cemetaries escaped most of the flooding as did the French Quarters. I have to check with my sister, Pat about the situation. She keeps up with everything in La. I think the Garden District escaped most of the surge also. When Pope John Paul visited New Orleans a few years ago, they were running around filling in pot holes so the Pope Mobile wouldn't get sunk in one of the holes. Then they dug up some human bones from the 1700's and there was a big too-doo over that. Louisiana politics and the Nepoleonic Code of government make for a very interesting state, indeed. It should all be cleaned up by next summer if all the fighting would end and they would get to work. "We Shall See" what happens. Needless to say, it will always be interesting. Have a great day!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:39:25 AM  
chocolat47 said...

WHy haven't any of the FF blogged here???? Why is Sherri not in any photos -- just wondering. Please let us know.

Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:48:48 AM  
Kylieidaho said...

Hiya all,

Good morning. I checked out the latest photos and the ladies look super sweet at Harry Winston's. Where is flying Michelle? I did not see her in these pics. We miss your great smile Michelle.

Here is a dedication to Richard and all of the 12 super fabulous Senior Bachelorettes finalists:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger

May you never take one single breath for granted

God forbid love ever leave you empty handed

I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean

Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens

Promise me you'll give fate a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance

Never settle for the path of least resistance

Living might mean taking chances but they're worth taking

Loving might be a mistake but it's worth making

Don't let some hellbent heart leave you bitter

When you come close to selling out, reconsider

Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance

Time is a real and constant motion

Always rolling us along

Tell me who wants to look back on their youth and wonder

Where those years have gone

Promise me you'll give love a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance

Have a Wonderful Sunday and May your Good Fortune Prevail

Peace out <**>

Sunday, November 06, 2005 7:28:48 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Morning Ladies,

All things are back in order with the SB Photos page. Sorry for the inconvenience but the heavy traffic brought it down. Please remember that we are all new to this so we are trying different things. We certainly want everything stable for the Journey because we will posting a lot of photos on a regular basis. As we continuously say, this is only the beginning!

Umberto posted photos from yesterday (Saturday) of the trip to Harry Winstons. Looks like they had a great time- duh!! After hanging out on Rodeo Drive for the afternoon, they had dinner at RocknFish- a terrific restaurant in downtown Manhattan Beach. It is about a half block up from the pier which is a wonderful walk after a good meal. If it looks familiar, RocknFish was the place for the dinner for the early arrivals in August at the Manhattan Beach Meet the Senior Bachelor Event.

Richard and I have asked the Ladies to post comments on the blog about their experience. Only a few of the finalists from either group have contributed to the blog and not all of them read it. They have been extremely busy this past week but I'm sure you will hear from them.

For various personal reasons not all the finalists who were invited were able to attend or chose to attend. Please respect their decisions and their privacy. If and when they choose to share anything with you is their decision.

I don't envy Richard his decisions. Heck, I think it was difficult to choose among the 2,000. I reread some things from the website and I'm reminded of this passage from the "Finding You" page:

"The woman I feel I will be the best match for me will be fit, a great traveler with a thirst for knowledge, and really-REALLY-REALLY-a lot of fun to be with. She should be at least 40 years old (thank you, Oprah!), adventurous, adaptable and open to the possibility of a long term relationship."

Nancy and I are planning to drop by for breakfast to spend some time with the Ladies. Richard's family will be there and a gaggle of grandkids will be running around! His sister Connie went home to Florida yesterday and I believe Michelle had planned to leave yesterday as well. I wish all the Fabulous Finalists safe travels and good luck!


Sunday, November 06, 2005 7:55:20 AM  
Lady A said...

Well, I said I would only blog once. But I see it was removed. I just do not undertand why women and men that are searching for their soulmates go window shopping for jewelry. Can you explain that to me. I passed that phase of my life twenty years ago. I really thought the reason for Richard to be on Oprah was to find a soulmate to go backpacking around the world with him. I really do not believe these women are that shallow that they are impressed by jewels. We shall see what happens - should be interesting. I am following this because I have a very high interest im human behavior and motivations.

Sunday, November 06, 2005 12:13:31 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

To Lady a- I think you are not grasping the situation re visiting Harry Winston's. This was all for a fun experience. None of us could have afforded the jewelry shown us, and no one went in with that intention. A main ingredient of the Senior Bachelor endeavor is to have fun, to do fun things. I can virtually assure you, visiting Harry Winston's on Rodeo Drive-just for fun-is an experience that most people would really enjoy. And we all did!! Richard Roe

Sunday, November 06, 2005 12:28:03 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Hey RR,
Aren't you getting fed up with explaining every little thing you do?

cheers for now,

Sunday, November 06, 2005 1:18:18 PM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Lots of photos courtesy of "moi" from breakfast with the Ladies, the Roes and several other guests who dropped by- a regular reunion party! I hope I get the names straight on the captions. Carol had to leave early today and Michelle did leave early yesterday so she unfortunately missed the Beverly Hills trip.

Look for Umberto's photos a little later. And all the Ladies were invited to send me their photos to post for you to enjoy so look for those as time goes on.

Sad but happy farewells all around as new friendships were made over the four days.


PS- Disclaimer. No grandchildren were harmed in this production!

Sunday, November 06, 2005 3:32:04 PM  
showgirl said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Sunday, November 06, 2005 4:31:18 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

Richard Sometimes I can be a non-follower and sometimes I can be right on.

What a beautiful bunch of babies you have. They are a joy for sure and I wish I had as many as you do. Here I can say I am truly jealous. Gorgeous family. Chris looks just like you.

Sunday, November 06, 2005 5:07:07 PM  
leslie said...

Hi Richard I can sure agree with Suzanne here about the grandchildren. Hopefully, some day I will have more. Yesterday, I had to be at school and Jamie popped by with Noah. He was so cute running down the halls with his shoes lighting up with every step! When we took him to the kindergarten class, he found a fire engine that he LOVED and didn't want to leave. The old "foo bird" landed on his bottom lip when he was told it was time to go, but he was so good and quickly went with his Mommy. I got such hugs and kisses from him and put a kiss in his pocket to take with him for later. Grandchildren are the best! Thanks for sharing yours, even if it is via photos, Richard.

Sunday, November 06, 2005 6:26:40 PM  
Lori said...

Hi everyone,

I heard that there was a request to have the FF post comments about their experiences, so here I am!

I have so many people ask me how it went in MB this time and what I thought/felt after leaving. I will try to give a few details without boring all of you and hopefully it will serve to provide just a little bit of insite.

First, I would like to report that every one of the women were so gracious and wonderful. There wasn't even a hint of competitiveness in the group and the warmth and energy I felt was very much like the first MB meeting (I didn't go to Chicago). I very much hope that I have taken home nine new friends! We had such fun getting to know each other and participating in all the activities Richard had planned for us. There was an awful lot of giggling, hugging, joking and good-natured teasing going on. I loved every bit of it. I only wish I could have met the others as well.

Also, I would like to reiterate what I heard many times in our group. Richard will have such a hard time choosing his six travelers! Even in our small group of ten it would be hard for me to select just six. And no matter who he chooses he will certainly have an exciting, enjoyable trip. It would be great if we could all go together! Richard commented more than once that there are so many women that he would certainly enjoy traveling with if he was able to manage more than the 24 (or six) he selected. There are just way too many fabulous women!

Finally, It was wonderful to be able to talk with Richard's friends and family about who he is, what they like about him, and how they view this process. They were all very cool people (excellent reflection on Richard) and made themselves available for all of our questions. More than providing lots of new information, they really helped me understand that what you see is what you get with Richard. There won't be any hidden agendas or personality 'surprises'.

I must confess that the highlight of the entire four days, for me, were the evenings when we were exhausted, full of great food and a bit of wine and we all stretched out on the chairs, floor and sofas near the fireplace in the lobby of the hotel. While we gourged ourselves on Halloween candy, we talked. Just talked. Sometimes the conversation was controversial, sometimes emotional, sometimes hilarious. But we were simply ourselves, enjoying each other's company and topping off another busy day. It was when Richard seemed the most relaxed.

So that's the 'big picture'. I hope that provides at least a little bit of the story for you. I wish you could all have been there too. It would have been great to spend time with so many other great women.



Sunday, November 06, 2005 9:05:06 PM  
Lady Base Camp said...

Thanks lori! We could definitely feel what the adventure this time was like. Especially around the fire- That is where I first landed in the hotel shortly before midnight and the fire was still going and cozy. I’m rooting for the lady who looks like Meg Ryan when she smiles--- I hope that’s you!

There are great benefits in keeping one's life private, I know. But there are parts of this that are like an unfinished story - I still feel like I don't really know who Richard is. . . definitively-- Only what I felt him to be in passing. All the little details we are missing out on would be fascinating to know and I'm wondering what exactly the contestants really learned about you. I'm strongly curious about what the "scoop was" from your sister and family or maybe "scoop" was just a general term. I have a feeling you have a greater story to tell; something much more fascinating than surface details. I think you have a fantastic biographical story to write, Richard. I'm guessing you have had huge metamorphosis from the times of Pop & ME until now. Something so big you might not even see it.
And you have a powerful, powerful handle on helping men resolve unrealized or unfinished connections with each other. This may be the most important thing you can give to the world- you have given us a schematic for the male heart to heal. The blatant truth when you said “My life as a father is over,” was made so obvious; that LIFE AS A FATHER IS NEVER OVER. (--shot me with a moment of extreme hyperbolic irony.) Once you choose to stop needing a father (or mother in my case,) and become one- that gift is with you forever. Chris, thank you for enduring the “General” , you have made something extraordinary and I promise that I will pass it on. It is a great contribution to the awakening of men. A far better thing for men across the world to be doing than going off to war.

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:19:26 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Vanesa....Why did you stay so far away??? Didn't you have room reservations before you came through the Ayers? Gosh, that would have been terrible to stay so far away. When I take my family out alot of times I tell them before they come if they want alcoholic drinks they have to pay for them and I pay for the meals and soft drinks. I remember reading that Richard does not like smoking or drinking to access. This way also, he is not responsible if something should happen to you such as a car wreck. My broker in real estate was exactly the same. He took us to the country club many times for award dinners etc. and it was always cash bar and he paid for everything else. I am so sorry you didn't have fun. I wish I could have traded places with you....not really 'cause I had big family birthday with my babies yesterday. I hope you do find your soulmate or whatever you want out of the rest of your life. Take care...Mary in Tulsa...not the chosen one...the other...

Monday, November 07, 2005 6:47:45 AM  
Paula in Florida said...

Hi Ladies
I just got home last evening -well midnight from an incredible trip to MB. I can't even put into words how much fun we had, and how many wonderful ladies I have met - I have truly made friends for life!

We had a blast from day one and it just kept getting better and better everyday. There was no competition at all - everyone just enjoyed their time together and with Richard and Joe and Umberto. I have bonded with so many and honestly will miss them (go through withdrawal for life actually) if I never saw them again. It was an incredible 5 days and a memory to cherish no matter what happens now.

The atmosphere in MD was very casual, never rushed or frantic, and very exciting at the same time. the beaches were so beautiful and Rodeo Drive was - well, a lot like Worth Avenue in Palm Beach but Harry Winstons was definately a highlight. It was a fantasy and we felt like movie stars for a moment. I got to wear a 2 million dollar ring that was flawless (one of the few perfect clarity diamonds in the world) and it was 20 cts. So, what's not to like. Everyone looked so regal and beautiful in the jewels. We thought about rushing the security guard at the "locked" door - but decided that wouldn't be too funny later when Richard had to bail us out of jail... : )

I will write more later but just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell you I think everyone there who participated in the whole trip had a wonderful time and is better for it!

Thanks ladies for your votes on the blog...and MerryMary Happy Birthday!! (haven't had time to read everything yet)

Some of the ladies had their children there on Sunday and it was cute to see the daughters and sons. I got to see a friend I haven't seen in almost 8 years. He gave his approval for RR and the ladies...hmmm..maybe a cruise is in store for him next year..

Richard, Joe and Umberto - thanks so much for a fun and special trip and experience. Everything was just perfect. I enjoyed meeting Richard's son's and Lauren is just a doll, and the kids were a highlight for me - They truly are beautiful and full of good energy. I like that kid energy.
Joe it was great to finally meet Nancy and your beautiful and talented daughter (wonder where she gets that from,..hmmm)
Umberto - I love you man!!! I will keep a watch out for you and you know what I mean..don't give up on me! : )

Happy Day to all for now...

Monday, November 07, 2005 7:21:16 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Hi Paula, I just read your report and I am so happy you had such a good time but I feel like I know you and you'd have a good time no matter what. That's what my kids tell me...Mom., You'd think it was funny if a dog came in and pooped in the middle of the living room ( I wouldn't really go that far) but a sense of humor is important and Paula you just"Got what it takes.....looks ...personality...the works Richard could buy you thast ring for your engagement if that works out. It looks like it was made for your hand......just stunning. Wow. Take care pretty woman and I got my fingers crossed for you. MM

Monday, November 07, 2005 8:12:08 AM  
Mary R said...

Hi Everyone,

Great Pictures, Stories and EXPERIENCES here.

Thanks everyone for sharing.

I agree with Ladybasecamp; Richard has a wonderful opportunity to mentor.

It is all such a "Showing" of what the mind can conceive, we can achieve, if we have


Love and Faith to ALL.

Mary Rose

Monday, November 07, 2005 8:52:15 AM  
Carol said...

CAROL from Phoenix

Just returned from MB yesterday afternoon. The entire experience was unlike any I have ever experienced. Richard was the perfect host from morning till late evening.... Major amounts of energy and passion for life. Thank you Richard.

Umberto, Umberto....Umberto's Creativity, energy and personality kept US all going, going, and going...the energizer bunny. Thank you Umberto.

Joe... Joe greeted us upon our arrival, spent part of each day talking to us or listening to our "stories"...Thank you Joe.

Connie, you were the greatest. Thank you for sharing stories about Richard.

By the way everyone...Richard's family, and extended family,and friends could not have been more receptive and pleasant to all of the finalists. Hats off to all of you!!!!

Following is the song created and sang to Richard when he was presented with the tee shirt on our final night. This song in a nutshell mirrors what ALL of US
FELT during the entire 4 days at MB:

ALL of US....

Why not take all of US???

Can't you see???

You're no good without US???

YOU gave US a start.

YOU opened our hearts

Now why not take ALL of US????

Thank you, thank you for allowing me to be part of this experience...I know these friendships will go on forever. If I do not make the final 6 I can honestly say I will never look back...I am happy and content being part of what was a fabulous life experience.

Ciao, Carol S from Phoenix

Monday, November 07, 2005 9:24:36 AM  
Boomerang girl said...

Hello to all in the SB loop!
I was one of the honored princesses at King Richard’s castle this last five days. I am still going through lots of emotional ups and downs, though ‘downs’ in this case feels wonderful! Happy tears with a burst of laughter (I’m doing this privately, in my room, so that doesn’t make it hysteria, right?) – I guess what I am trying to say is, it feels good to FEEL!!
If I could name one gift of the days with Richard, it would be that I rediscovered the beauty in life, reveling in the gorgeous lushness of my ‘sisters’ and looking in the mirror at myself and saying, ‘Wow! It ain’t over yet!’ Ya know, those harems might not have been such a bad deal…as long as you DID get a night or two of glory in the sheik’s tent…! Sounds strange, and maybe a pretty wild metaphor, but honestly, jealousy and possessiveness just didn’t raise their little green heads.
We women adored each other and genuinely looked out for each other. Example: Anita slipping me a toothpick after our barbecue – ‘Hey girl, get that green stuff outta your teeth!’ My beautiful roomie Jane: ‘You WEAR those jeans! Strut it while you can!’ Every woman was a gem.. all totally individual and so willing to share with one another. Not just our stories, but we traded clothes, makeup ‘secrets’, made sure everyone had a chance at ‘shotgun’ in Richard’s van… It was heart-wrenching to say goodbye and we are determined to stay in touch and plan our own getaways.
Richard? Well, he’s quite a guy.. All man, and I can see why he wants someone fit for the trip! Non-stop, this one.. and managing it all with aplomb, noticing every detail and treating each woman like a real lady. Sure, I’d love to be one of the Select Six, but that is truly anticlimactic at this point. I am fulfilled!
I could go on and on, and plan to do some more in-depth writing about this whole experience. It’s been life changing and I do think there are things I’ve learned that I’d love to share with women our age everywhere. In a nutshell, focusing on men isn’t the answer for our joy. And I have a suspicion that THAT is what makes us attractive to men. One of life's funny little Catch 22's? We know now that we really are their equals and as capable of leading full lives as they. So now we can all play!!! Yay!
All of you who didn’t get the chance for this round, I just know the cruises and other things Richard has planned will make room for all of us. Thank you for your willingness to expose and be vulnerable. Life’s not worth much if it’s not real. Bless us all! Love, Cindee

Monday, November 07, 2005 10:24:20 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Oh my GAWD! What an adorable PILE of Kids!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005 11:17:02 AM  
Corinne Jean said...

Hi All!
Im new to this site and have really enjoyed just reading all your comments. I wish I could meet all of you personally. Thnaks for the pictures though, that helps.
Im told you would enjoy a little update from us that were in MB beach this last week. I would love to do that, just want to make sure this comment posts before I share.
Talk to you soon.

Monday, November 07, 2005 12:07:14 PM  
CJinSOCAL said...

corrine jean: I was capitivated by your smile from the beginning! Obviously, you care greatly about others, as evidenced by your chosen profession. I lost my precious Mom just two years ago after five heart attacks, and the nurses on the cardio floor and I became 'old friends', as I slept on a rollaway in her room and helped nurse her back to health! What an amazing person you must be....My Mom was also a registered nurse [operating room], and she had a scholarship to become a doctor when she met my dad; married him ten days later; and, then had me nine months later....I often wonder how she would have changed the world as a doctor! I hope that you will be chosen for the trip, if it is something you want in your life....
Richard there are definitely some quality ladies involved....I hope you will treat them with great respect and honor.

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:12:33 PM  
soft_rain said...

I can understand the fun behind visiting Harry Winston's.

I once visited a friend who knew the owners of a zoo, we recieved a private tour of the facilities by the owner, who even insisted we visit the Lion's den and meet in person with the King....GULP!.....
( are you sure this is safe?? )

The Lion's had their own compound and were not in cages.....upon opening the huge fenced in area, my 85 yrs old Grandmother (who at the time was stricken with alzimer) rushed in to meet the kitty that had come to greet us, followed by my 7 yr old son......

( Oh my God!!...was my thought as my hair stood on end!!)

How excited they both were to pet this majestic beast as he licked their hands.........

( Or was he doing a taste test?? )

So sweet this mighty king was,ahhh

( Yeah sure! the little voice in my head was saying....get ready to run )

I am happy to announce no grandma's
were harmed in this adventure...

We later visited where the baby felines are raised.....they are hand fed by the owners who truely Love these gourgeous creatures.

My Grandma gently held one of the babies that was barely a few months old, yet was the size of a small dog. As her eyes sparkeled I knew that this "CAT LADY" felt like she had died and went to heaven.

At the end of our tour ....I purchased a miniature replica of a baby lion and handed it to my grandma, smiling I said " I hope this will help you remember today"

( I knew this might be the last time we saw each other )

(I was blessed to have one more visit with her )

by now she was in a wheel chair, no longer the strengh to stand....
she reached out for my hand and placed in my palm the baby lion I had given her two years earlier, she smiled and said

" I don't want no one else to have this but you "

That was the last time I ever saw her, she passed away that year.

As everyone clawed at the heritage,
I stood back clutching that baby lion....I stood silent, knowing I had the greatest gift of all.....I walked away knowing we had shared a speacil moment....the "CAT LADY" was now in heaven walking amongst the lion's fearless as she was that speacil day we shared.

What has all this got to do with Harry Winston you say ?

Although we got to touch and hold a Million dollar creature, we knew we could never hope to have our own .......but it was sure FUN dreaming..........

I miss you and Love you Nanny

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:23:05 PM  
navymom said...

What a fabulous time in Manhatttan Beach *CA*; what a bunch of fabulous women. THANK YOU, RICHARD!!! The event and the location could not have been better from bike rides, sunset walks along the beach, dinner at a friend's magnificent home in MB, walks down MB downtown hills, dancing in a local club or eating dinner in one of the wonderful MB restuarants, singing on the sidewalk, by accident running into daughter-in-law's girls-only b'day bash & friends at this sidewalk cafe or that one, flexing our muscles at "Muscle Beach" and talking to the locals... it was a blast!! It was laughs, smiles, fabulous fun all around! "Girls" & Richard, I thank you for the memories from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:45:00 PM  
navymom said...

What a fabulous time in Manhatttan Beach *CA*; what a bunch of fabulous women. THANK YOU, RICHARD!!! The event and the location could not have been better from bike rides, sunset walks along the beach, dinner at a friend's magnificent home in MB, walks down MB downtown hills, dancing in a local club or eating dinner in one of the wonderful MB restuarants, singing on the sidewalk, by accident running into daughter-in-law's girls-only b'day bash & friends at this sidewalk cafe or that one, flexing our muscles at "Muscle Beach" and talking to the locals... it was a blast!! It was laughs, smiles, fabulous fun all around! "Girls" & Richard, I thank you for the memories from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:46:11 PM  
JanieGirl said...

To the person that decided to quote my complimentary words about the SB Adventure, please only use yourself and your own words to describe your ill mannered self and your feelings about a venture that so many have enjoyed. You were an invited guest!! You should have conducted yourself as such and acted like a lady. None of you self centered, ill mannered women are a mirror image of me or any of the nice people that post on this blog. How sad that demented thinking can consume some of you. It really is terribly sad!! Much good luck to you Jump8. I hope life will be good to you. Jane

Monday, November 07, 2005 2:51:43 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

It is great to see my companions from MB on the blog...It is like continuing the fun and adventure to see you here...

Welcome Corinne - yes ladies she is truly fabulous, (her son is so tall and goodlooking, like mom, in case your daughters are looking)

and Cindee - ahh Cindee- You ma'lady mirror sunshine and all things wonderful! Let's put the shrimp on the barbee soon ...(did I get that right?)

Honestly I have missed you all so much - and Michelle, who had to leave very very early Saturday morning (by the way that was her birthday) and misssed our Harry Winston extravaganzia...I would travel with you anywhere!!! She is just adorable and very real! We could not stop laughing...let's keep some stuff private...please...teehee! Can't wait to have our trip to your Nutty Mermaid next year!

Carol - it is great to hear from you - ladies let me just tell you - class and beauty and a sweet spirit - that is Carol!

This will forever be special to me to get to meet so many beautiful women of quality in MB and Chicago.. And the family ROE.

We should be changed by this and for the better indeed!
Sweet Dreams all!

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:04:53 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Oh I meant to tell you beautiful your story is about your grandma...made me cry! I had an aunt that touched me that same way.. they are our guardian angels now ya kno!! : )

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:08:33 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Janiegirl, Kindly e-mail me at Thanks, RR

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:12:42 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Janiegirl...miss you and how sweet and perfect you would certainly be the perfect traveling companion.

Let's stay in touch...miss you 2

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:13:11 PM  
Merry Mary said...

Soft Rain....What a precious memory. Thank you for sharing.
Also Fabuous ladies thanks for sharing your good times. Sounds to me like you girls really bonded and had fun. Good for you. I can't wait to see the final 6...Man , I feel sorry for Richard. I think I'd just put the names in his crazy hat and let each of the grandkids draw a name.

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:20:33 PM  
Paula in Florida said...

Janiegirl...maybe you are a different Jane than in MB? Okay you both are still fabulous! Where are you Chicago Jane?? My future Golden Girl comrade? : )

Monday, November 07, 2005 3:24:41 PM  
Kristin14 said...

Hey Richard,
Just wanted to let you know that my mother Maurette said her days with you were the experience of a lifetime and that it was the best trip she has ever had! I hear the excitement in her voice every time we talk on the phone and I can't thank you enough for putting that beautiful smile on her face.

She thinks the world of you and I hope to get the chance to meet you as well some day! We can play some volleyball. My sister Erin is an awesome volleyball player too; we could take you on! lol.

Talk to you soon.

Sincerely, Kristin

Monday, November 07, 2005 7:38:59 PM  
Maurette11 said...

Hello everyone! How are you, eh? (That was just for you Umberto...) Well I finally found a moment to write on the 'blog'! I arrived home this morning still flying high from what had to be the most positive experience I have encountered in a long time! From the moment I first heard Joe's voice in the lobby of the hotel when I arrived, to waving good-bye to Bette as I stepped past the gate for my flight home, I knew life for me was not going to be the same. I met a group of wonderful, diverse and fasinating people that I will never forget. Anita, you are so talented, smart and gorgeous, I am so glad that we had this time together - '1111', make a wish
girl, life is good! Cindee, Jodi - I laughed 'till it hurt - thank you! 'C' is for Carol, the second classiest woman I know (the first is my Mother). Jane, you are so beautiful - I will never shop for shoes again without thinking about you. Michelle, you blow me away - Bahammas here we come! Paula, if any of us have half the energy for life that you do we can call ourselves blessed! Connie, you made a fashion statement with that sash on Rodeo Drive, you're a beautiful breath of fresh air! Corinne, beauty, grace and truly genuine - that's the kind of
tri-athelete you are. Bette, you are truly a 'Bette' - you have the most awesome sparkling eyes that I have ever seen! Wendy, it was wonderful meeting you. You look awesome - you're a stud magnet. Connie T.W.O. - Richard is so lucky to have you for a sister, I enjoyed our bike ride and our chat on the pier when the rest of them were lost having lunch...
Last, but not least, the Three Musketeers - Richard, Joe and Umberto. Thank you for making our trip to MB the great adventure that it truly was.
Love and best wishes to you all, Maurette

Monday, November 07, 2005 9:53:16 PM  
soft_rain said...


Love is all there is , nothing else matters. If you don't have Love in your life then you are not living, the purpose of Life is to Love and be Loved, in the end that's how we shall all be measured.

We are generators of Love and we must ask ourselves daily, just how much Love we help produce each and every day.

The best gift we can give to the world is to produce children and fill them with Love......

Love of sharing, giving, compassion, kindness....teaching them that love is pure and can only be found in the simplest of forms.......

sparkling eyes, an honest smile, a friendly hand on your shoulder, a warm hand shake, a much needed hug, a few words of praise or encouragement.........

Love is an energy that cannot be bought or sold.... it cannot be measured by human means. It's power cannot be understood by the highest IQ.

Love is more powerful than the mightiest tropical storms, yet at the same time as gentle as a warm summer breeze.

Love is faster than the speed of light yet once your touched by it...time stands still.

Love begins deep inside. You must first produce it in your soul and then give it freely.

As your soul fills with Love, it soon flows outwards, producing an opening that allows for Love to flow back inside and penetrate your being, thus transforming the way you view the world.

Small things suddenly begin to hold great importance and life takes on new meaning.

You realize that everything you traded your life for, has little or no value, most of what you spend your time accumulating is dead or has never lived...thus void of love.

It's life's single moments all strung togeather, that produce a worth while necklace of life....each bead a moment in time, as important as a single heart beat.

So stop for a moment and just Imagine, how many minutes of your life have you traded away, for an object that you felt you just had to have.

Yet you don't realize, that as you gaze upon the object of your desire you send loving thoughts that surround and penetrate it and flow back to you and this is what you are buying.....your own Loving feelings and that of others who have admired that same object.

What is your value, what is a moment of your life worth to you, how can you be sure how many moments you have left.

If you had three months to live then what would be the value of a moment of your life.

Monday, November 07, 2005 10:14:57 PM  
soft_rain said...

Kids are so wonderful!

Children are an investment

Grandchildren are the interrest

Monday, November 07, 2005 10:16:31 PM  
Lady Base Camp said...

Wow ! I should read my own blog ! lol . The “ what-ifs” are very profound for me too. I could talk all night about that. It is important not to shut ourselves down – I talk about this with my friends a lot. This is essential to artists and creative people. Things happen that really tend to pop us wide open. I would say it is my humanity rather than spirituality that is the base of my life—I’m real careful with the word spirituality, being a devout atheist. But you are right . This Humanity IS of absolute importance and nurturing it is primary. WE fall off center so frequently. I am proud of you for recovery- I appreciate the absolute value of that . I am ACOA, adult child of an alcoholic and have worked hard with all my issues concerning that. People outside of this SB experience are watching it to see if it works; the concept of selective dating by elimination. I have heard people say “ More power to the guy.” Most people out side of the event aren’t threatened by it. I myself am watching to see if it works. It may be a new way of doing away with dating process and getting right to partnering! OMG Eureka ! –if it works. I don’t know what to think of all this. I have been through a couple thousand men myself –if you count online contact which has been my second most lucrative approach to romance. Think about it scientifically—2 K women in 6 months, one fourth the amount of time it took me to the same thing; record time. Damn, I hate celibacy and if I could cut through the wasted time and effort of dating the wrong people, I WOULD!
I know exactly what you went to find; your angel. Your hope was so clear. R has Joe. I would have liked to have been your support person . ( “Come on Come on TIME TO GO!” Jump in the car and the blood starts pumping out on the street the traffic starts thumping! LA moves my adrenalin and made me so happy to be a part of that seething humanity.) I actually feel guilty because I could have gotten you there and encouraged you and things went so terribly wrong for you. I have a lot of insights on Richard- not good or bad, just who he is and I’ll tell more later. I think I understand that intensity. He’s Brooklyn – all the way! Post WWII / Pre 9-11. He is that New Yorker forever, displaced in LA, relaxed by sun and beach but still EMOTIVELY the SAME New York indelible on his heart and mannerisms. HE emulates the time when NEW YORK was not only the greatest city on earth but the edgiest too and that is oth exciting and intimidating to more relaxed lifestyles. I could see it in Pop & Me and then I began to hear every inflection in his voice and see every animated gesture. ITS truly blowing my mind. WE MAY be the last generations to experience regionalism and all it has made us, these wonderful diverse differences. The difference between intrinsic east coast men and intrinsic west coast men is so clear in my mind, The high energy, emotive, in your face humor, bound by tradition, dynamically intellectual and devoted to skills =EAST COAST Thoughtful, slowly observant, introspective, laid back, slow to rouse but steadfastly passionate, sly-humored WEST COAST MEN! AND I LOVE THEM ALL – oh woeth me. EEEK --except the southern men. Someone else be responsible for them. It's so bizarre to be called "bahbee gurl" I can't deal with it and start laughing. Right now I’m pressed for time. Ill be back online in a week. I’m heading off for emergency medical symposium tomorrow. AND SOUTH PARK’s ON- my dear friend take care of you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:18:07 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Dear Soft Rain, I used to be a Sun. School teachers for the little ones and we had this song that went Love isn't love till you give it away, give it away, give it away...Love isn't love until you give it away and you end up having more...It's just like a magic penny...Squeeze it tight and you won't have any. Spend it, lend it or give it away and they'll roll all over the floor....Your letter brought that song back to me .I also liked the grandkids are out interest...just wait until you get great precious.
Lady Base Camper Hope you have a safe journey. We will miss you. I love to read your letters. Take care. Love to all,MM P.S.Jane The fudge is delicious but I'll have to serve it with a spoon....My faught for using 12 oz. milk where it says 5 oz.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 6:30:07 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

From Wren, one of the Fabulous Finalists, who asked me to post this comment for her:

For my part, I would like to say that the time with Richard was the catalyst that drew 10 wonderful women together. It was serendipity, absolutely! that we all enjoyed each other so much. From my own perspective, even if I do not get chosen for the Select Six, the group of us that bonded because of this endeavor was so great! Women from all over the U.S. shared enough of a common bond that we, I sincerely hope, will continue some kind of communication and maybe some chick-travel. We are already shooting emails back and forth. Group #1 rocked...........I can only guess about Group #2 but I think that all selected were awesome and it sounds like they had the same experiences that we did (with the exception of sitting at the fireplace, devouring Halloween candy accompanied by fine CALIFORNIA sparkling wine after Rich retired for the night) in hanging together and making great friendships.
Since I am asking Richard to help me post this, I won't go on about him but to say that he is a lot of fun, very energetic, engaging, a great raconteur and easy on the eyes. His sons were the best option to plumb for info........they were amazingly forth-coming with stories and opinions. Jordan, btw, is my new heroine, capturing snails in her paper cup....maybe I could have done that at her age but now???

It would be great to say "may the best man (read: woman) win" but everyone of the 24 could be a winner so Richard has some very tough decisions ahead.
Good luck to all of us Fab Finalists and to you, Richard. What a delicious dilemma you find yourself in!!

Wren, "no photo available"
p.s. If you would like to see me, I am on Richard's right in the pic in front of Harry Winston on our memorable field trip. Bling!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 6:37:45 AM  
linda in Tucson said...

Hello all. Yes, I am still out here...just observing.
I will admit to many mixed feelings around seeing/hearing about the FF's trip. Part of me still wanted to be there! But then I realize it is just the ego part of me...that wanting to look pretty for the pictures, get noticed by others, yada yada. And perhaps yearning for a bit of g'friend bonding which I haven't had a lot of in my life.

Another part of me wants to be critical of the whole when I think back to what it was supposed to be all about (finding a soul mate)...I just don't see how that would have even been possible amidst the cameras and being a constant part of a group vs:quality alone one-on-one time. But I am not here to judge. The girls all look/seem lovely. However, that is a somewhat painful reminder that if we weren't blessed with good genes we may be outcast as we age. I hope Richard got an opportunity to see what is in their hearts. I'd like to know what is in his...

Anyway, my life has taken a strange unexpected turn but I am finding myself filled with a great sense of peace and a totally different outlook around what is really important in life. This getting older isn't so bad since with it comes wisdom and a big boatload of mistakes to learn from!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 7:53:06 AM  
The Flying Massage Therapist- The Nutty Mermaid said...

Wow, I've just had a chance to read the blog since I've been back.
Ladies, we are so lucky to have each other and this crazy website that Richard created, has brought so many of us together. THANK YOU RICHARD!(Joe and Umberto we tip our hats to the both of you for all your hard work also, you both are the spice of life)
Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone what about our fabulous time in my own words but all the other finalist beat me to it! (That's what I get for working so hard- OH how I look forward to retirement and other priorities.)Please just read their blogs over again and put my name next to theirs :)
All the ladies who submitted their info and blog were on our minds but Richard kept us so busy having fun that getting computer time to keep you updated moment by moment was impossible. (Thank goodness for Joe and Umberto- at least you knew we were alive and doing well)
Remember ladies there is a bigger picture than just this trip and the more people we get involved the larger the success!!
So, is Richard a sheik or a morman?
Thank goodness he has a sense of humor!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 8:03:10 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

To Betty in New York, Betty you must not be reading the biographies correctly. Here is what you said....the women are all 15 to 20 years younger. I suggest you go back, read the ages on the Fabulous Finalists Page, and then put another comment on correcting what you stated as a fact. Also, no women with disabilities applied. Why wouldn't you ask that question first? I will not allow negative, incorrect comments on this blog without correcting them. I will await to hear your correction. Richard Roe

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 12:18:31 PM  
I'm Connie-pick me! said...

Good Afternoon Everyone!

MB was a BLAST! Heartfelt thanks to you, Richard, for creating this environment of fun and fantasy for all of us. While the four days in MB felt like a fantasy world, the reality is that we were fortunate in finding and deepening so many new relationships. This experience added another layer for all of us and especially a deeper layer in understanding Richard; who he's looking for and what his agenda is in this endeavor. I have to agree with the other ladies that I came away feeling that Richard is exactly what you see. He's forthright, honest, and puts his agenda in the open for all to see.

I was lucky enough to arrive a bit early and had the opportunity to meet Wren, Vicki, Mary, Carla, Tamara and Vija (I know Yvonne from the Chicago event) from group #1, and let me tell you, these ladies are gorgeous...and I'm not talking about outward beauty only. Looking at the FF pictures and reading their bios does not do them justice. I was welcomed with hugs as they fought back tears while saying goodbye to each other. Slowly group #2 began to arrive and along with them the beginning of a new adventure.

Meeting family members on the last day was a highlight for me. Corinne's son came, as well as Jody's daughter, my son, a long time friend of Paula's, Joe's family, Richard's two sons, Gabby's wife Lauren, and those cutie pie Roe grandkids. Seeing and talking to families puts our lives in perspective, and it's hard to pretend your someone else when family is around!

If you were able to attend either the MB event or the Chicago event and experienced the bonding, just multiply it exponentially. This really is NOT a competition. A soccer game, or an essay contest...those are competitions and the more thorough you are, the harder you work and the more creative you are give you a better chance of winning. This is Richard's opinion of who appeals to him (and if he appeals to you) and that is not a competition. I think the ladies in MB last week all understand that and it gives us the ability to just be who we are. It also frees us to sincerely and wholeheartedly care for each other rather than compete.

Umberto--thanks for being such a good sport and making us laugh and feel like beauty queens even though we all know that you're "the famous one".

Joe--thanks for all the work you do behind the scenes!

Again-thanks to Richard for creating this environment of FUN for all of us--not just the FF or the final six. We're all winners!!!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005 12:30:43 PM  
M.M.Corbett said...

Hello Ladies and "The Dream Team" You have accomplished a mission impossible by bringing so many of us from different backgrounds together with one set goal of just getting along and having clean fun. You have given the meaning of excellence clear definition in all your efforts to make us comfortable and show us what flying in stlye is all about. For just 5 short days we experienced the love and caring efforts of people who know how to get the job done. Your devotedness to Richard shows that he is truely a wonderful person worthy of your friendship. Thank you Richard for sparing no expense in showing us a fun time. I would change nothing about the events of the trip. May God grant you the desires of your heart in your search for a wife. Mary of Oklahoma

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:26:54 PM  
Karla said...

If you find a lady to put a happy smile on your face like your grandchildren do in all the photos, you'll truly be blessed. Aren't those little ones the best? They're not so bad when they get older also....try 23, 21, 16, 13, 5 and 2 1/2 on for size...I love every one of them to the moon and back.
Joe and Umberto, you continue to dazzle us with dialogue and wonderful photos...keep them coming.
Also thanks to the finalists for taking the time to inform us of their "take" on the MB trip. They all look like they were enjoying every minute of the "adventure". Good luck to all of you!!
Ciao, Karla in Calif (and Alaska)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 1:59:47 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

just a quick note to the finalists:

It makes sense to me that you choose not to have "open" blogs, and to "keep your own councel" as my wise sister would say, until AFTER final finalists (lol, funny phrasing, eh?) have been announced. I hope that when Richard has made his decision about who is going to travel with him, that you WILL open your Blog Sites so that i can visit you there, instead of on the SB blog. But thank you for sharing your experiences of the past 4 X 4 days, i sure wish i had been available to attend the Chicago and MB events so that i could not only enjoy the fun, but come to my own first hand conclusions about everything.

But i am enjoying the photos...good luck to you all, and

cheers for now,

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 5:21:05 PM  
Corinne Jean said...

Hi All!!
I was touched by all your comments. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.
I dont know where to start with sharing my experience this past week in MB. I feel like Im not going to be able to express in words the awesome experience I had with everyone. Did you ever feel overwhelmed with so much Love and Goodness that you couldnt express it in words? Thats how I feel since Ive returned from MB and again now after reading all your comments. You woman out there are amazing. I truly would be blessed to meet each and everyone of you. Fortunately I have been able to meet some of you this past week in MB and my life has changed for the better as a result of our time together. Im going to try to express some of whats in my heart to each of you. Please know each and everyone of you has touched my life in a very special and meaningful way. God Bless you and Thank-you!! Anita, you are beautiful inside and out,and so creative, talented and sooo sooo much fun to be around. I thank-you for the "lipstick" makeover, my lips never looked so good. Bette, I really LIKE your Burberry purse(Its a joke between us) actually you are beautiful, I never once saw you without a smile or offering to lend a helping hand, you are so generous with who you are and what all you have to offer. Thank-you. Carol, so genuine, classy, and caring. And you give the best hugs. So much love and warmth with each one. I could use another one now!! I miss all of you so much!! And thank-you for the "hot spot" to find that Burberry purse Bette turned me on to. Cindee, yes indeed you have the most awesome smile I have ever seen,along with an awesome spirit. Its apparent you are centered and at peace. You are beautiful,loving and caring. I feel very blessed having been able to spend time with you in MB. Connie,I'll never look at a sash again without thinking of you.(I never saw her without it) You are courageous, genuine, and alot of fun, and we need to stick together for good luck! Remember the winning tickets in Chicago?(We both "won" a seat sitting next to Richard at dinner in Chicago. Boy did we feel lucky.) Jane, we have so much in commom being nurses. You have a big heart, loving heart and not to mention awesome shoes!(She bought some great heels during our shopping time). I really enjoyed our chats in the back seat of the van. (We both have long legs and laughed at our luck at ending up in the back seat of the van). No complaints though. Jody, how are you? Are you still laughing and having fun with your family and friends about this experience? I bet you are! You are alot of fun. I really enjoyed our chats, our laughs and you sharing your joy with me. You are a beautiful, strong, adventurous, courageous woman. Maurette,"Beautiful,and extremely Sexy" Quote from Richard, and I agree. She is also warm and caring,talented,athletic,creative, intelligent etc.etc. You have such charm and peace about you. It was so great to spend time with you. Hi Michelle, sorry you had to leave early. I wondered, have you found your "mouse tattoo" yet?! Youll have to ask her to share her "mouse tattoo" joke with you. I still get red in the face thinking of it. You are so much fun. One thing about Michelle, she says it like it is and she knows how to let her hair down and have a good time. Thanks for the laughs. Paula, Paula, whoever steals your heart is the lucky one. You are beautiful,intelligent, genuine,loving,and fun, fun, fun, and not to forget to mention, a great dancer. You should see her move on the dance floor. The young men couldnt keep up with her. And when she flings that beautiful blonde hair, its magical. Thank-you for the great times and chats. And then theres beautiful Wendy. Smart beautiful Caring Wendy. Thank-you for your healing touch. She took so much time with each of us listening carefully about our aches and pains and placing healing stones on our sore spots. Thank-you Wendy for caring.
I Thank-you Richard for bringing us together. You are an amazing man, and may I add you have "Great taste" in woman!! Good luck trying to pick the final six. But sincerely, you are awesome, authentic,caring,who has a genuine concern for each of us to be comfortable and have a good time with this. I Thank-you for all the planning and creativity that went into our time together. I had a blast!!
I also enjoyed meeting your family. How beautiful they all are. It was difficult to say goodbye. They just make you feel so special and important, and theres nothing like being around children to make you feel like a kid again.
Also Joe and Umberto, what can I say. How much fun you two are. Joe, it was great meeting your wife and daughter. You always speak so highly of them, it was great to spend some time with them. I hope your daughters arm is feeling better.
Umberto, you are magnificent!!! Such a great job you have done capturing the life of the party in film and photos. Im telling you you should consider also doing model photography. You would be the best!! Thank-you. Youre Great!!And Thanks again everyone of you!!!
Take care all. Keep in touch.
Love and Peace to All.
p.s. CJ, Im sorry to hear about your Mom. Its got to be one of the most difficult losses. Although physically she is not here, she will always live in your heart and soul. Take Care CJ and God Bless.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 11:12:58 PM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Morning Ladies,

Vija asked that I post this comment for her:

For the Blog:

I want to share with you some random thoughts and an insider's view as a finalist in this most amazing of journeys.

Where to begin?

First of all, it was wonderful to have so many of you on the sidelines cheering us on. Thank you for your support.

Each participant in MB brought something special to the event and a contribution to the group. Some were prettier than their pictures. All had amazing personalities. All had confidence and were independent. We all got along so well. There was no negativity or catiness. Some made us laugh and kept us entertained with their wit and humor. Some were clever and creative and had an endless repetoire of new ideas for a game or a discussion. Others would never be the life of the party but were deep and introspective and so beautiful inside that you couldn't help but be drawn to them-- real and with substance. The combination of beauty and brains and substance can be irrisistable. These are some things one cannot see or tell from a picture, they must be experienced. One cannot know the depth of another's soul and the kindness of their heart without being in their presence.

Therefore, this should not be a popularity contest or a beauty pageant (though some were blessed to have it all!) nor an "arranged marriage" by us, or anyone else. Richard, and only Richard, will know who "feels right". If he prefers red heads with green eyes, or (green heads with red eyes for that matter!) that is his perrogative. It's his search and his journey and he must make the ultimate decision. An easy decision it will not be.

Without exception, each participant felt like I did-- that if nothing else happens, we would be grateful to have had the opportunity to have the wonderful experiences and form the strong friendships that we did. A huge thank you to Richard for that.

I only had one regret and disappointment-- that Harry Winston's did not give samples.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005 5:32:12 AM  
Merry Mary said...

Dear Softrain in re; to your letter yesterday about meanings of love I thought of a song we used to sing when I was S.S. teacher for the little ones...It got in my mind and I sang it all day yesterday. The words (if I have them right) goLove isn't love until you give it away, give it away, give it away. Love isn't love until you give it away and you end up having more. It's just like a magic penny..Squeeze it tight and you won't have any...Lend it ,spend it or give it away and they'll roll all over the floor...Love isn't love until you give it away. I hope you all will give away some love today. I made Jane's man catching fudge but I'll have to feed it to him with a spoon. The directions called for 5oz. can evaporated milk and I used a big can so it's not hard enough to cut so I put it in individual little containers and I'm going to put whip cream and a cherry on top...It's really delicious. Thanks Ms. Janiegirlfor sharing. You are a sweetheart. Other Mary from Tulsa you can go to my blog and get my email and if you'll send me your number we could go out for a spot of tea. I'd love to get to know you. Love and blessings to all,MM

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 5:48:52 AM  
ItalianMistletoe/Popcorn2222 said...

Hello Richard, Joe, Umberto and wonderful Ladies,

Have not posted in a while but have been keeping up with the events and reading the blogs between work and dealing with the after effects of Katrina on New Orleans. The smile on my face and the feeling in my heart grows when I read about all the sincere, shared, genuine feelings that is within our group of women. Richard, again you were the catalyst for this. It is really difficult to convey the sincerity of this endeavor to those who have not been envolved.

I think that it is great that women here are mature enough to realize that it is Richard's life and his choice, and a serious one, to find his soulmate. Even though there were over 2000 women in this quest, maybe THE ONE is still not there, so let's give him the space he needs for his life, and I believe this group is all about that. Of course, there are some sceptics out there, but that's life.

Hopefully everyone is e-mailing Oprah as Richard requested. I know that our age group is vital and has so much intellignece, independence, life experiences and love to offer, and we have to say, hey, don't overlook us!

Richard, your grandkids are just adorable, I just want to hug them! I have 3, and one on the way of my own, and consider them to be the most precious gift of life.

Good luck to all the finalists, you are all teriffic!

Hugs and all the best to everyone,


Wednesday, November 09, 2005 6:39:31 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Good Morning, Just watched Oprah on "Good Morning America". She appeared in her robe, tons of rollers in her hair, in her bath robe and work out clothing. It is 8:45 a.m. here CST, so try to watch it where ever you are. She is so down to earth. How can you not love Oprah!! Thanks Oprah for 20 years of great programming. "YOUR THE BEST". The lady has left an indelible
mark upon our world.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 6:52:47 AM  
JanieGirl said...

Merry Mary, You may have developed a new dessert with the really creamy fudge. Now we have Merry Mary's Great All American Creamy Fudge. I'll be watching for your fudge stores in all the malls. Let's name it "Merry Mary's & Granny Jayne's Fudge Factory. Have a Great Day!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 7:11:44 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Hello Ladies,

Gael requested that I post this comment:

Hi Richard, Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with 11 (including Connie and Kim), of the most remarkable women!! Your task is truly an enormous challenge!! I wish you the best of luck in your choices. Thank you also for the beautiful accommodations, food, events (that none of us will ever forget), and the pleasure of your company. I think I had forgotten how nice it is to have a man to share breakfast with!!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005 8:06:16 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 8:31:00 AM  
Merry Mary said...

P.J> Thank You sooo much....It's still going tho...I have another party from a bunch of us that used to work together the 17th for the Nov. and Dec. birthdays. We used to have so many of us but we're dwindeling down in numbers due to sickness, death, moving etc. I do not understand cyberspace....I wondered what happened to it...Oh well, now I'm singing a new song from a book I got the babies... I'll love you for always, I'll love you forever..As long as I'm living your Mama I'll be. Have you heard of it. The book makes me cry...It is sooo sweet.I'll dedicate this song to C.J. I didn't know she had lost her Mom until I saw it on Corrine's message. It is hard . I lost mine in 2000 and I miss her so much...especially when I don't feel good I need her....but she is in my heart. Much Love to you C.J.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9:18:55 AM  
Jingo Smith said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9:41:19 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

wow M.MARY.,, no, i have not heard that song, and no, i did not know that CJ's mom had died, as i just skimmed through the messages, and then went on to check out the photos...i guess the angels must be weeping today, i know i am...yesterday i talked to my mom (long distance telephone) as i was worried about her (my sister, who lives on the Island close to her is in Mexico for three weeks so i was phoning to check up on her) and she said: "Well, i'm almost 87 now so it is time for me to go" - well that set me off, and what with one thing and another it has been a really "soggy" last night and morning!! not even "Frazier" can cheer me up today. my dad died three weeks after his 39th birthday, and two weeks after my 10th birthday...and i have always felt his spirit close-by, 'specially in times of need...and while it is not the same as having him physically here, it it better than nothing.

But i watched Oprah this morning, and certainly my problems PALE in comparrison to the people who she had on her show.

But CJ, in case i cannot find your Blog, please accept my sincere condolences...i never know what to say at times like this, so sometimes a respectful silence is all there is...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:22:55 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

I just saw a news story about a 28 year old man who does not remember who he is or where he came from. His photo was shown on last night's news and a Border Crossing Guard remember processing him. He came from Colarado and his parents are in Nebraska. They have not released his name or the name of his parents. At the moment he is in the Lions Gate Hospital in West Vancouver (British Columbia). So if anyone is missing a son who was living in Colarado, they could probably contact the RCMP in Vancouver, who are in the process of trying to get in touch with his parents.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:14:55 PM  
JoeInMB said...

Hi Ladies,

Vicki asked that I post this comment for her:

Rich, I would like to share with you my feelings with regard to the recent finalists event at Manhattan Beach. There are really NO WORDS that truly express the fun and excitement of the four day event. All anxiety quickly subsided upon meeting you, Richard, and the other fabulous women. We all instantly opened up to one another and fun never ceased for one minute!! My sides are still aching frrom all the laughter!! Rich, you were AMAZING!! The women you invited were diverse, confident, energertic, successful and FUN!!! We all went with the flow and LOVED every minute of it!!

It was fantastic to be with so many great women who were ready for anything!! You treated us all equally with dignity and respect and showed no favortism to any one person. Your friends and family were open and honest and shared intimate stories about you which showed great love, affection and respect for you. It was truly a pleasure spending time with all of you. I feel grateful and honored to have been chosen as a finalist and am looking forward to enjoying so many new friendships for many years to come.

My roommate, Carla, was unbelievable, truly the BEST, and I know we'll be friends for life!! The entire Manhattan Beach event was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure forever!!! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it!! You are truly a gentleman who has left me with the fondest of memories. I hope we continue to be friends for many, many years to come. Please stay in touch,

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:16:08 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Aloha all you BIG DREAMERS ;

Well, I sent my note to Oprah re.
follow-up once ROEmancin' ROEmeo has chosen the 6 DREAMGIRLS!

RICHARD: Like the latest newsletter and the qualities that you seek in a prospective Soulmate/Life Partner! Interesting because I 'fit the bill'and had to smile whilst reading it, describes me to a 'T'(haven't heard or used that expression since the passing of my dear Parents) how interesting that you use it too!

So, on to the next phase we go and waiting to see who the 6 DREAMGIRLS will be !

Senior Bachelorette:)
'blondie' ;)
val the gal

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:29:01 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

oh good MERRY MARY, i see you got my belated Birthday Wishes (i think everyone's birthday celebrations should go on for at least a week) -- and i'm still chuckling at you comment about the puppy, don't they just "say the darndest things" to quote whoooo?


Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:57:11 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Joe, I figured it out all by myself! - keep those "postcards" and photos coming...

as always,

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:58:23 PM  
Mary R said...

Dear Friends

Val pushed my 'comment button' this time.

I also so enjoyed "What I look for in a relationship" from Richard. Now I know that I am not the only one that thought "I fit that to a Tee, he just didn't have time to notice. Something less complicated, or whatever must be coming my way"

But--the good is that I have used my own blog sight to describe right UP FRONT, what I am looking for.


The comments from the finalists great.

Love and Faith

Mary Rose

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 2:32:50 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Just wanted to check in. I have been working on talking with everybody who met the Fabulous Finalists for their valuable input. I hope to have final, mutual, selections, on or before Monday night of next week. Also very close to having great information on the Alaskan cruise. Ciao for now, Richard Roe P.S. There will be an updated Newsletter going out tomorrow with comments from all of the 22 Finalists.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 6:36:32 PM  
willemina said...

Just a note to update everyone concerned about CJ's mother. She actually passed away 2 years ago. She has a photo of her mom on her blog and maybe some misunderstood?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 7:26:19 PM  
REDTBIRD said...

MARY ROSE Yes we all agree you should have been there front and center because you are a delightful person but we're not doing the picking. I truely believe there is more fun and good things to come for all.
Right Richard?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 8:45:48 PM  
DesertFlowers said...

MaryRose I left a special message for you on your blog.

Hugs Suzanne

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 9:19:48 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Thanks Willy for the update re: CJ's mom. My apologies CJ regarding the reference to your mom. From the post i read i thought it was in the past couple of days.

Regarding the missing young man (age 21) the 6:00 o'clock news reported that his parents had been informed that he is in BC.

Good, i like the comment moderation policy. How do i install that on my Blog?


Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:14:55 AM  
soft_rain said...

How wonderful Birthday's are...

How more wonderful to celebrate
the person who gave birth to you on that speacil day....on your next birthday, give your Mom a birthday gift (why not Dad to )

Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:48:40 AM  
soft_rain said...

Birthday's are wonderful...

But don't you think that on your birthday everyone should be giving a gift to your Mom instead.....makes more sense

Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:53:47 AM  
Mary R said...

Dear Friends,

Good Friends are like Stars. You don't always see them, you just know they are there.

Thanks everyone.

Mary Rose

Thursday, November 10, 2005 2:50:56 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Good Morning Ladies,

Bette asked that I post this for her:

Hello Everyone~

I've never posted on the blog before, but I understand you may be interested in how we all experienced our time with Richard and his entourage.

It was magnificent! It was real!

It would be meaningless for me to re-state the lovely accolades, so many of our group have already stated. They are accurate!

So, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to post before me. It's very true to say the "ladies" (EVERY ONE OF THEM) were women of grace, vibrancy and intellect. We experienced the chance of a lifetime. I would love for all of you to have the feeling of being cared for and "noticed" as the FF did. Even a simple bike ride can be GRAND when you're with people you care about.

Richard is not a man of pretense. He is authentic, complimentary, generous and strong. Honesty is a core value for him. If you have ever organized an event and then tried to be at that event, you know how difficult it must have been for him to be fully present while handling all the details.

For me, the experience of Chicago and MB have been lifelong gifts. I have friends from each "adventure" that have re-awakened my belief that "over-50" can be beautiful. While we experienced "ordinary things"- (bike ride, shopping, eating at restaurants) I must admit, there's nothing ordinary about being photographed so often. Umberto and Joe are not intrusive in their photographs. It's just that we ordinary folk aren't "camera ready" most of the time. I feel blessed to have been a part of this segment and believe our work to recognize the strength of the collective group of "half-century people" is a valued and worthy one.

My best to you, Bette

Thursday, November 10, 2005 6:12:14 AM  
JoeInMB said...

Tamara requested we post this comment for her:


I wanted to share with you my perspective and appreciation for this eventful 4 days in Manhattan Beach. When I made my decision to accept your invitation I felt excited, to meet wonderful women, to become better acquainted with
you and to have a great experience. Well, the event far exceeded my hopes!

I had the rare opportunity to meet 9 other women, all of which are Classy,brilliant, beautiful, and highly accomplished; never once did I feel or get a sense of competition. We quickly relaxed into ourselves and found "fast
friends". The days that followed were successsful in bringing us even closer and in short, we had a BLAST!! Richard, this is where we saw the best of you, as you worked feverishly to organize the time that we had and offering
us venues and activities designed to bring us closer and draw us out. This was "Girls camp" in the most delightful sense of the word, as we were challenged and delighted at the same time.

Down to every detail, I had the
opportunity to witness the kind of travel partner that you will be
ultimately. Your ability to show us a good time, allowing us to be us, revealing yourself to us and all in, at the end of the day, time for heartfelt conversation by the fire, revealing our opinions, histories, and dreams, even too tired from the day, to stay awake.

However the outcome of this adventure and the final decisions made, I will never forget my weekend with the Senior Bachelor. Your respect, consideration and integrity, as well as having great taste in women, unmatched, will forever stand as a wildest dream come true in the album of my life.

Happy Trails to you, With Love,


Thursday, November 10, 2005 6:33:15 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

I'm sorry I haven't been on the blog much. As you might imagine, this is a very, very difficult decision time for me. When I first thought of this endeavor so many months ago when I was alone in Italy I never thought it would be this difficult. It's really crunch time now!! Imagine, traveling for such a long time with someone. I can't say we are strangers because I have been in contact alot with all the finalists by email, phone and, of course, the get together recently in Manhattan Beach. But getting together really, really helps to see if there is any of that "chemistry."

I'm glad the Ladies are taking the time to provide their observations about the event. It means alot to me that they enjoyed themselves and met the other Ladies and got to know me better by spending time together and alone and meeting more of my family and friends.

Back to work!! RR

Thursday, November 10, 2005 9:44:46 AM  
dragonflyfilly said...

Hello All,
Well RICHARD, nice to "see" you blogging here! how about a photo next to your name?

Well, every picture tells a story, and you cannot fake the great smiles on all the photos i took time out to look at yesterday...what fun, the children are the true "barometors" of atmosphere, eh?...and they look happy and is quite apparent that there were "GOOD VIBES" all around!

Hello FFs, i'm very curious to see who the lucky traveller will be...

cheers for now,

Thursday, November 10, 2005 1:47:44 PM  
dragonflyfilly said...


ops, did not edit properly, i meant to say "travellers" as in more than one, lol

and i enjoyed reading your comments, nice of you to take time to let us know your impressions.

Thursday, November 10, 2005 1:50:13 PM  
Merry Mary said...

I just watched Oprah. Wow, what an amazing woman. She has been such a blessing to so many different people. I emailed her for Richard but I am going to follow up with a thank you card and hand written note. She had a lady and a chior singing "Proud" and has challanged the audience to do something each and everyday that they are proud of. My mother was a great one on sending cards with thoughtful notes so I think I'll take that tradition and I will send 365 cards with notes this year and mail them out starting with Oprah. I'm going to the lake for the week end so will be off line. I wish you all a blessed week end. Love, Mary

Thursday, November 10, 2005 3:45:18 PM  
soft_rain said...

HELP is needed.....

Won't you take a moment to bring change

Thursday, November 10, 2005 9:33:23 PM  
dreamweaver18 said...

Aloha Richard, Joe, Umberto, Posse and Dreamgirls!

speaking of dreams, I woke up this morning from one of THE most lucid and vivid dreams EVER. I have never
been to Manhattan Beach but the dream took place in Richard's home, what seemed to be a livingroom area. My dreams are very sacred to me for it is always a message from Spirit. I wish I can explain all that transpired in the dream. I will say there was a lot of American Aboriginal symbolism, one particular Medicine Woman sitting to my Right wrapped in a blanket and next to her on the couch was a 'dreamcatcher' a 'feather' and a third object. I am going to enter it into my Dream Journal. In the dream I asked Richard to pinch my arm as I wanted to joke around by 'feeling' that I was really experiencing this, he was so funny, a joker himself:) There were lots of people there sitting in a circle from one corner to the other!
If I had my Settlement (which I am hoping will come through very soon)
I would not have hesitated to come to Manhattan Beach with the first group. I do not want to elaborate any further on the incredible amount of symbolism in this dream and wish I can share it with YOU, I know you will understand.
Here's to making DREAMS A REALITY
Senior Bachelorette:)
val the gal
p.s. phew over a hundred posts....'scrollitis' starting to set in ;)

Friday, November 11, 2005 4:47:23 AM  
dreamweaver18 said...

ALoha ROEmancin' ROEmeo, jOE, UmbertO, Posse and Dreamgirls ;)

RICHARD: I know I know I know...brevity ;)
My experience of the elusive 'chemistry factor'. Chemistry is not only an outward attraction but a deep recognition Soul to Soul, a feeling of Kindred Spirits meeting again, encompassing the ALL that goes into innately knowing that you desire to be with that one person.
Call it 'unfinished business' for that is what it is. The Souls know and recognise that the two have to be together, it is a natural phenomenon that goes beyond the physical, it just IS. I have experienced it and in retrospect when looking back, I recognise the Lesson therein. I will recognise my Soulmate ;) What a Gift it is that YOU are ready to meet your SoulMate/LifePartner/Travelling Companion/Friend etc. etc. Since embarking on the Sacred Journey of The SoulMate 18 Years ago, my Life has been and still is incredibly exciting, what a Journey, what a Search, what a Mission!
G-D Bless YOU Richard on this Sacred Quest/Mission
Senior Bachelorette:)
val the gal
p.s. I look forward to meeting you one sunny day for whatever reason. People don't appear in my 'dreamscape' on a continuous basis unless I am to meet them in the physical realm!

Friday, November 11, 2005 6:16:53 AM  

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