Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Good Morning, July 6, 2005

I trust you all had a Happy 4th of July. This being a holiday for my sons and their families, I spent a lot of time with them. Like many of you, my family comes first and foremost and occupies a good deal of my time and thoughts. Who can resist playing with grandchildren? I found as a parent I did things I hadn't done in twenty-five years when I played with my children. And now, with my grandkids, I find myself playing games and doing things I hadn't done in over fifty years. I always marvel how simple things like a small plastic shovel and a pail at the beach brings hours
of wonder and fun to a child.

As I have said many times in my newsletters that this experience is brand new to me, and like on the Journey, things will develop along the way. I'll do my best to clear up a few questions. 1) By far the best way for me to communicate with you is through the Newsletters, and the best way for you to communicate with me is through the blogs. Things are extremely busy for me right now as I have started to review all of the videotapes, biographies, etc. This process takes at least 8 hours a day, and then I have additional tasks to perform for the Senior Bachelor endeavor. I will try to post at least one new blog each week and try to spend some time adding comments along the way. My priority is spending time reviewing the materials that have been sent in. 2) A commenter wrote that she e-mailed me and that I responded to her because she had taken the time to send in the videotape, etc, and that I mentioned to her that I give preference to the ladies who have sent in materials. This is true as quite frankly there are not enough hours in the day for me to respond to all of the e-mails-hence the Newsletters and the blogs. 3) One of my friends pointed out something to me over the weekend that was quite a remarkable statement. He said,"Man, Richard, the odds of going on the trip of a lifetime with you are so much better than winning the lottery! And they don't even have to buy a lottery ticket." Well, I do realize that each and every one of you are making an investment of time, attention and thought in this process. But, still, the odds are pretty good!

I am now writing this week's Newsletter, so I have to sign off. Very best wishes.
Richard Roe


Senior-ella said...

Giving The Freedom To Live
Accepting The Journeys Of Others
Each of us, in life, walks on the special path that the soul is destined to undertake. Our journeys are very different and we progress at different rates. The pitfalls and blessings we encounter are unique, yet we are all learning and no one form of knowledge is more important than any other. Even so, when we observe others, it can be easy to pass judgment on their decisions and to assume their actions will correspond with what we feel is right. But for every problem, there are a multitude of solutions. Everyone makes mistakes and, while watching others do so can be frustrating, it is important that you accept each person's unique way of doing things. Giving others the freedom to act in the way they feel are best without the fear of harsh judgments honors the capacity for growth that all people possess.

It is helpful to practice accepting others as they are. Never judge the decisions of others based on the path you would have taken because every person lives by different values and experiences. Challenge is a universal concept, but we all deal with difficulties in our own way. Give others the space to fail, but don't harden your heart against their experience. It isn't wise to try and fix people or control situations. You may feel compelled to intervene when difficulties arise, but it is important only to offer guidance when asked unless the person is involved in a truly dangerous situation or cannot act for themselves. Failure to choose the right path or to make enlightened decisions is simply another step on the journey. It is a means to experience and wisdom. Letting go of the need to influence others does not discount offering loving support and it does not mean that you need to stop caring. It does mean stepping back, dissolving judgment, and gracefully allowing others! to live their own destinies.

Giving others the freedom to blossom in their own journeys gives you the freedom to take more notice of your own. You may not condone the actions you see taking place, but your reactions will be more loving by letting them be. And you will be able to focus on just being yourself, confident that the path you take is as right, valid, and special as any other.

Enjoy the Journey...
Senior-ella :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:16:11 AM  
BlueEyes1947 said...

Thank goodness you blogged today, Richard! And work on that newsletter...Reading the blogs, you can tell we natives were getting restless. I would fear for you right now if some of them had had access to you with little plastic shovels in their grip! Your head might have been in a little Glad you had a great 4th and played nice with the other kids! Brenda

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:35:22 AM  
onrynurse said...

Morning All,
I am so glad, Richard, you had a fun relaxing weekend! You sound better.....
I too think this is a venture that gives all of us a better chance at going on the trip than the lottery!! I, however, have had a friend or two that keep reminding me of that!! Being one who loves instant is frustrating. We all wanta I am sure!! But, I have found that this journey, for me, is a true lesson in letting go and letting God. I am the worlds worst at that!! Could I be a bit controlling!! ???
Hope all have had a safe holiday!!
hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:38:12 AM  
Melanie said...

Thank you Ella for your words of wisdom. If we all adhered to some of those priciples what a grand world we would be living in.

We are all on a jouney - how we respond to circumstances on that jouney is our choice. I choose to be patient and wait to see what unfolds. Could be a yellow or a pink or a red flower but unfold it will and I can choose to accept or not.

Nothing like a great time with children - RR, glad you had a great week end.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:55:38 AM  
leslie said...

Morning Richard,

Glad to hear from you and also happy to hear you had a wonderful weekend with kids and grandkids.

I noticed the ladies getting restless lately to hear from you but I, at least, figured it's a long weekend...and you'd get back to us when it was over.

We all know you're busy reviewing what has been sent in, but there was something you wrote that raised a teeny tiny red flag. You wrote "I have additional tasks to perform for the Senior Bachelor endeavor." This is a statement that makes me/us wonder what exactly is going on - is this simply a search for a travel/love companion or is it going to come down to a film or TV production or book as well?

I would love to send in a video with hopes of meeting you, but I hesitate because of the small print about allowing you to use our material in any way you choose.

I really think some of these things need to be clarified. It's in your best interest, too. You seem to be a smart man so I think you can figure out why.

In the meantime, I wish you well, and to the ladies out there, I am enjoying getting to know YOU.

Leslie in VanCan

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:56:59 AM  
The Flying Massage Therapist- The Nutty Mermaid said...

Senior Ella,
Very well thought out and I agree whole heartily, life is a journey that we are all on with many roads and curves. Attitude is everything. We learn from our experiences and others then decipher what it means to us. In addition to your letter though, people also need to make sure they take responsibility for their decisions and actions, especially when affecting others. Only if everyone had a positive, caring attitude would the world be the most grand place to of all!! :) Michelle

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:58:20 AM  
neva said...


Great progress.

A small shovel and pail at the beach brings hours of excitement and fun to adults (seniors especially) as well, me thinks!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:00:37 AM  
The Flying Massage Therapist- The Nutty Mermaid said...

Life in the eyes and heart of a child, it puts a warm smile on your face remembering the simple things. :) Michelle Bahr

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:04:58 AM  
happy said...

to Ricardo

If, as you say, "the best way for you to communicate with me is through the blogs" and you have "started to review all of the videotapes, biographies, etc. This process takes at least 8 hours a day, and then I have additional tasks to perform for the Senior Bachelor endeavor."...It's definitely like I've said before: Tiger by the TAIL!! YeeHAW!

Would love to know how you transcend THAT time warp & still have some of it left for us plodding llllowly bloggers! Grrrrrr! :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:53:05 AM  
Anonymous said...

Aloha Richard :)
Thank you for the feel good and positive message t'day!
My three children mean the world to me too! As previousely mentioned my daughter leaves for Israel on July 13th for 11 days,
an experience of a lifetime! I don't mean to push the river but am looking forward to my own Grandchildren(that is the term used in South Africa) I guess Grandkids is the term used in U.S.A ? :) Still a fair amount of water to go under the bridge as they are in their early 20's and
marriage is not 'on the books' at the moment(for them). Having been on the Soulmate Campaign Trail for 18 years, whatever fate befalls me
pertaining to this correspondence going back and forth, I look forward to the element of the unknown for Life is full of surprises. Whichever direction the gentle wind carries me, that is where I need to be, for everything works out according to a Divine Plan, how it works, I haven't a clue but trust and certainty in the process is absolutely essential!
So, carpe diem
Live Life With Passion!
Senior Bachelorette:)
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s. I certainly aim to make my 'WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE', my children agree on that for sure! :) be continued..... :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 11:11:30 AM  
GerrieBushell said...

Hello Richard!
Nice to hear from you again, I must say pictureing you with the idea of a plastic shovel and bucket is amusing!
It's good to know that you spend so much time with your family.
My grandaughters are a little old to be playing at the beach (except Amanda she's 17 and I wonder about her!)
Both Amanda and Amber are computer freaks and I'm still dazed and confused about the whole thing! haha!

Anyway, have a good one!
Keep us up to date!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 11:20:35 AM  
Anonymous said...

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

So Glad to hear that all you Ladies and Richard had such a fun weekend. I traveled from Mesa (115 degrees) to Bellevue Idaho. Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Barbara Streinson, and lots of other celebrity have homes in Haily. When Bruce Willis came up here I understand from the locals here that he brought in a lot of new growth. Well because of him and all the very wealthy people (which I'm not included :>) up here they put on one of the most spectacular fireworks displays I have ever seen. It was a real treat. Some of the fireworks used I have never seen before, one that especially caught my eye was called a ferriswheel. Don't know how in the world they did it but it was complete circles of different colored lights.

Glad to know that Richard is starting to review tapes. Please Richard, don't judge my tape too harshly, I'm better looking than the tape reveals, but mainly I'm lots funnier.

Senior Ella thank you for your very wise message. I think I judged Stephanie a little to hard - sorry Stephanie. I try to be kind to every living creature, no matter how large or small, but God only knows I'm human and haven't quite perfected my mouth.

Good Day to all, peace, love, gentle thoughts, serenity.

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 11:25:39 AM  
Mary R said...

Break time for me too after several hours into another PERFECT day. A little bit of me slips into thinking " I wish I hadn't started it alone, or why am I alone right this minute?" I couldn't/wouldn't be writing here or learning from you if I wasn't alone. Silly me!!! Perfect is PERFECT!! This space is pregnant with opportunities for MORE with different People, Places and things.
God willing, my life long mate will know how to lead, follow, help or stay out of the way. As I ck the blogs, wanting to hear from Richard, I am also reminded that what I say is a representation of ME and how I handle things. My complaints or efforts to force issues make about as much sense as if I were to complain about the sex/violance on my own VCR.
I was also reminded a couple days ago by a group of professional golfers who, as a group, agreed that the CHIEF factor dictating whether Champions continue to win or not, is their ability to stay focused on their goal.
I worked another 12 hours in ER at my hospital yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen, No one I talked with had planned to be there as a patient. We are all so lucky to have today!! even those with various problems who teach the value of on going care, sharing, adaptibility, attitudes and LOVE. None of us are in this alone or exactly the same as we were yesterday. Thank you, everyone. Mary Rose

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:00:39 PM  
AuburnMichelle said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:54:29 PM  
Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone :)

Interesting reading today!

Words of wisdom indeed from Senior-ella.

I am going to quote 2 of 'The Four Agreements' written by Don Miguel Ruiz based on ancient Toltec wisdom.

l. Be Impeccable with your Word.

i.e. speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

3. Don't Make Assumptions

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok.... that's enough quoting other people. For those who may wish to take it on board ... great. For those who don't ... great also. We are all on different journeys at different spaces.

I would ask you Richard to have a look at these quotes and maybe you can see their relevance in various blogs over the last few days ... no judgements implied here .... again just openness.

In the meantime, I, and others, have asked questions which have not been answered. Indeed when I read your blog today I too 'to quote Leslie' noticed a 'tiny red flag'.

It will indeed be interesting to see if you answer any or all of the questions in this week's newsletter.

I am, however, mindful of the fact that this blog can be read by anyone, anywhere on the www and our words and posts can be used anywhere, anyway and anytime. So again, I say to you Richard, cmon, bite the bullet and answer the questions re privacy, small print, the real deal etc. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose by being very upfront and honest.

I also noted with some disquiet your reference to your friend commenting on 'winning a trip with you versus winning the lotto'.... a trifle arrogant, in my opinion, and indeed seems to compound the 'competition' element that you seem to deny.

To Blueeyes:

Hey girl, I don't think you need to worry about Richard. All the ladies who are so richly contributing to this blog are cool. Without them there would be no interaction.

To Happy:

My friend .... I agree with you totally. Hell, I hope you DID NOT lose 40 lbs by lunchtime ... lol.
You rock girl and your integrity shines.

To Suzanne of Arizona:

In my opinion, you're very brave to make that remark about Stephanie. You may/or may not remember that I posted a blog asking that people lay off her. She did have a right to be angry because she was telling the truth. So good for you girl.

So, for one, who last night was withdrawing from the blog, I'm doing an awful lot of talking here ... lol. However, I know you guys will bear with me or just skip over it.

Love to all

Ciao ....... P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:11:10 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

Hello, Hello, Richard, I am so pleased you have arrived home safe and sound. Now time to catch up huh? so much to do! and then there are people like us, wanting to know more, details about ALL/ some of the matters at hand to be cleared up. I do understand though my family has always come first, and will continue too. that is just the way it is.
words of wisdom.. by senior - ella thank you sounds like you are very wise. I printed what you wrote. I am going to re-read it.

little things that bug me.. not to stir the pot again or anything but.. SOMEONE ELSE BROUGHT HER UP SO.. IT BUGS ME OKAY..
I have often wondered.. In the 2nd Blog course?? I think.. just what was the favour that Richard asked Stephanie to do? was it to stir all of us up? to get some reactions? to get conversations? to make things interesting? what happened to Stephanie? hummm..
This of course is for the New Bloggers, so they can catch up on the SAGA of our lives.

Richard, I am so happy you are back! ooops a repeat...
I can't wait for the NEWS LETTER IN HOPES IT WILL ANSWER SOME OF THE QUESTIONS!! My daughters are asking me to re-do my video.. after all, the are my best judges.. they said I said the same thing more than twice!! humm go figure, maybe a little nervous???
any way I can't wait to meet all of you, you are all so wonderful..
well now it is time I get going, I will head off to the lake and catch some more sun and have some fun with my date, remember this one is 63, and a ball of fire... Until tomorrow.

Have a Wonderful Day,

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:46:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard please answer before you press send on that newsletter or blog,

Have read your newsletters, watched POP&ME, read the blogs and feel you have divulged quite a bit of information. I do however have one question that is of concern. You mentioned that you would be visiting certain towns in July and August but the deadline for sending in materials is now September. Will that change your date to visit certain towns for interviews? Wondering about this because what happens to those who may send in video etc. near the end of the deadline? Also your comment about additional tasks for SB did raise curiosity.

I am very happy and relieved to hear that you like to spend time with your grandchildren and family, I do as well and it is very important to me. My 3 grandchildren are all under 3 1/2 and loads of fun, as you
know they can keep you running, but it is pure magic to be a grandparent. I am also happy that you are dedicating most of your time to reviewing the material sent to you, then secondly the bogs.

For the record, I will be submitting my materials within the next couple of weeks after a visit with daughter number three, fiancé and rescued puppy who has just undergone extensive back surgery, back his scruffy self...granpuppy you might say!

Hope your pinched nerve is better, sometimes it takes a little while. Ladies, not trying to get back on that subject, just being realistic. Just because something is discussed doesn't mean it's gone away. Also, ladies, playing the devil's advocate, how would you handle this blog thing if you were in Richards shoes? Not being defensive here, but I had to ask myself that question as well. This is a strong, courageous group of women, so Richard you won't have to worry about someone not being upfront with you.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:54:04 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

ooops, wasn't going to write so soon, but speaking of things that bug me, I guess I m just in that kind of mood, senior- ella...
after re-reading your beautifl words of wisdom.. it seems as though I have read them some where else.. can you enlighten me here? have you maybe picked some or all of them from a book? I just can't quite put my finger on it.. ummm if not I do appologize. But it is so familiar.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 2:00:09 PM  
KLew said...

senior-ella thank you!! Sanity to the blog world. It is too bad we do not make mud pies any longer. I want to be Peter Pan in a sense that is why I joined the venture to have fun and adventure not to worry about what Richard is doing every day. I would hate to go through hundreds+ of videos ( mine is bad, because, I too (Happy) am funnier and hopefully better looking than that video. I had to prop the camera on books and then make sure I could be seen. It was hysterical. Me running back and forth. Anyway ladies of the Fellowship and Richard have a good day. Carry on!!! Laughter to you!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 2:15:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

Senior-ella, perfectly said,
Thank you,


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 2:45:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

Grandchildren are the bonus for having children. I watch my granddaughter (14 months) 2or 3 days a week. We just play all day. She is taking swimming lessons so we spend a good deal of time in the pool.
The words from senior-ella were food for thought.
I am in Fl so we are under bombardment from the news media about Dennis. After going through 3 last year most of us know what to do. I believe the talking heads become orgasmic about the storms.
How many bloggers have actually sent in a tape? I am still very hesitant about this. The one time I watched The Bachelor on tv I was amazed how the young women could go on national tv and be humilated.
Also, do you all think everyone is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this format?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 3:28:37 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

uh oh.. hey guys guess what? when I mentioned going back and re-reading the 1st blogs- I discovered that women are still posting on them like yesterday... hello.. here we are, keep reading, come on love to hear from you, maybe if he popped in on them, maybe I should.. humm I wonder if Richard knows that?
oh bye the way HAPPY... remember when I wanted the letter translated? it was!! the lady said she could show us all around chili. she was married and couldn't enter, but would love to be our host or something like that.
any way gotta go..
good night guys..

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:15:01 PM  
happy said...

to caio...P

Hey--If we win the lotto we can do our own Bachelorette 'contest'--OR just take the $$ and RUN! :)

And no---no 40 pounds by lunch--drat. But IF I ever do, I'm gonna get RICH fer shure!

The Toltec wisdom definitely presents us with intelligent, sensitive guide to behavior.

to popcorn222
oooooooooOO--goodie! goodie! an entertaining question--a doggie treat, to hold us over until we get that long-awaited bone! LOL! (Hey, WAIT! Ya reckon this is a Richard 'plant'??) :) It DOES sound like he could use some help.

popcorn222's question: "playing the devil's advocate, how would you handle this blog thing if you were in Richards shoes?"

Well, Advocate, With my Happy devil-may-care-attitude I'd be having a BLAST!! :) but I would :

#1 organize like #^&@&# !!


#2 make sure the FCC & legal staff were as Happy as I AM :)


#3 Make sure I didn't artificially shorten the application date.


#4 make sure all applicants MET ALL my stated criteria


#5 READ bios like a college professor! i.e.,FAST-but thoroughly.


#6 Watch videos 'til my eyeballs fell out-Remembering that this is only 3 lousy minutes in the poor saps life & maybe he was having a bad day! I'd judge words, i.e. reasons for applying, attitude, physique (wondering WHY that HUNK needed to apply for this trip with ME!)


#7 Try to remember WHY I was doing this in the first place


#8 Fall down "with my face to the risin' sun" and THANK T. Edison & the powers of Oprah & electronics in general for the ILLUSION which was infusing every known bachelor over the age of 40 to claim undying adoration to MOI - MOI - MOI !!!! YESSSS!!!!


THEN: I'D CHECK WITH: my kids, my family, my friends, my neighbors, the guy on the street, for THE thing that THEY and only THEY will honestly in love give you:

THEN: I'd hope, against hope (Happy skeptic that I am), that I'd find a Prince among the frogs. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:15:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

LOL ... LOL @ Happy ...

Yes indeed ....... I'd take the dollars and run .. ok!

You doing devils advocate is very funny but I think you covered all angles in a businesslike manner.

Like yourself, I would definitely take an active part in something I'd set up. That's my reply also to Popcorn222. However, I wouldn't refer back to Oprah or Dr. Phil. Not familiar enough with them. I'd go on my own gut instinct as I suspect you would too and like you I'd have a blast.

So 'Senior Bachelor Endeavour Inc' would appear to a thing apart from the search for a travelling companion etc. No doubt all will unfold in time.

Lots of love everyone ....

Ciao .......... P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:34:45 PM  
travelin said...

Welcome to everyone from Portland, OR. Grams had a melt down that we are staying in a city again. So we are leaving in the morning, after rush hour is over, and just having dinner here in the hotel. I tried reasoning with her, but to no avail. No more cities. So we are heading to National Parks , hopefully see some of this gorgeous Oregon coast first, and I guess even seeeing "O" in Vegas is out now.(so much for spending a few days with my adopted daughter) I will come back out with Lauren (my biological daughter and her best friend)after her MCATS and see Andrea for a few days.
And Portland doesn't have traffic. She wants back roads, she's got them. AH, you have to love being 90 and getting your way. I am thinking a spoiled 2 year old is much more like it. It's a good thing I made no plans after Washington state, deliberately. I wanted to see how she handled the first 6 weeks.
Sorry for griping. Just need to vent some. Back on the road again.
Welcome back Richard! My tape was only a little over a minute. So it won't take long.
Have an awesome day everyone.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:56:10 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Evening Richard.. Ladies,

The time you mentioned with your family makes you sound so real, especially the time spent with grandchildren. I'm with mine a couple days a week and know how precious the time with them is. I cherish every moment. They have such an innocense about them. Glad you had a nice back to the

To Happy: No, I have not walked the Mackinac bridge, but would be glad to join you. You wouldn't lose 40# doing it, but you would definately know you took a trek. I live at the gym and do a lot of cardio work, and like I said earlier, if I'm not in Tahiti with Richard (lol), I will be competing in my first bodybuilding contest in April. So no need for me to travel 8 hours north for a walk on the bridge. (sorry, just threw that in, braggin'

In one of my earlier blogs I asked if Richard was putting faces (from videos) with the bloggers. His answer was no, that there were too many videos. I did send in my video and that tells me that I didnt make as big of an impression that I thought I would. Makes me wonder how many "Marlyn's from Michigan", sent in their materials...Maybe I'm just full of'll come down here in a (laugh with me)

Back to Happy, your monologue with Dr. Phil and Oprah, was HILARIOUS!! You should be scripting your own series!

Back to Richard: Did you remind your friend that we were invited? No lottery ticket required?
I am pleased and thrilled that so many of us have had this opportunity to join in on this journey. I have to admit, it has been somewhat consuming, mysterious and entertaining at the same time. Thank you for the invitation, it's very generous indeed. But most of all, it's the chance to possibly meet my soulmate. My search continues...

All my best to you Richard,

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 7:07:42 PM  
happy said...

to Forest Hills

Forcin' me to really WORK, huh?!
Okdoke...Tag! You're it! :)

Here's the way:
Above the 'comment' box -- see the note "You can use some HTML tags.."etc. These little lovlies allow me (or anyone else :) to emphasize their script via boldening, italiscizing, or enhancing their writing.

Check back on some of my annoying :) comments--or just keep reading and you'll see what I mean. :)

If you have a book on writing HTML it's fairly easy to learn to use these three...but sorta a pain in the caboose. Slows down the thought process a bit. Probably a GOOD thing for moi!

Try them out. Then hit the preview button. (THIS handy-dandy little button allows you to see what your stuff looks like - THEN, IF you're Happy--or Forest Hills, or even Suzane, you have a CHOICE to PRINT or EDIT.--just so you won't be shocked, it PREVIEWS pukey green, but when you hit the publish button the color goes away.)

If you don't do the HTML stuff right the daggone computer's smarter'n we are & it sets us straight post haste with a little pop-up window saying where the mistake is.

As for RR "backing off"..I'd say NO, as for him being overwhelmed, I'd say PROBABLY.

When a school Super received over 500 A+ 100% qualified applications for a Social Studies position, (there are LOTS of those!) the Principal went to her and said, "HOW the *&#$& am I supposed to choose the BEST applicant from among THESE?!!" Super said, "Just toss the applications down the stairwell and whichever one lands at the bottom first, call them!!

I reckon Richard just might feel like that... :) We should ALL have such a delicious problem!!

to ciao...P

Hang in here--we can still have some fun & help keep "the REASON" in front of us all. :)

to marlyn from michigan

(OH Man!--don't give me ammo...I just love to feed off it!)

And Sonofagun!! I reckon "It ain't braggin' if you can DO it." And if you can...a POX on you---"you dirty Rat, you!" LOL :) My body's built already!! I'm lookin' to UN-build it a bit!!

to all

Betcha wish my grandkids would hurry up and get here--so I'd retire from blogging--temporarily! :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 8:10:46 PM  
Anonymous said...

To HAPPY and Anonymous,

I am Popcorn 222 and not a Richard ploy, but a real person that fits the FFF criteria. You guys...ladies are histerical and sharp. After reading the blogs I started to think how would I feel if I were Richard and this was my endeavor? Trying to be a fair minded person, criteria for my job and past experiences in a sport, I had to close my eyes and see how it felt if all of this input was directed toward me. I figured I would read everything, but really live up to paying close attention to ALL materials received.

Just logged on since like the blogette from FL, storms have been the focus of the news. Tropical storm Cindy caused quite a stir here with a huge percentage of the city losing power, downed trees and flodded homes. Had to shower by flashlight then go to work. Maybe it's good preparation. HaHa.

I did seriously want Richard to answer the city visitation question and am happy to see your comments.

Warm Regards to all. You are turning me into a blogger and I didn't have a clue what this was before last week.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 8:45:47 PM  
Claire said...

Happy, I LOVED your DA position of managing the blog. Laughed like hell--and I love to laugh. Thank you.
Wanda, yes, some of us still post on those old, forgotten blogs. I can't always keep up (busy trying to get the house in shape for hurricanes and for upcoming trip to Alberquerque), so I go in there and see what new items have been added--easily done by going to the bottom and working up. I translated the Spanish post, for instance. My daughter-in-law is from Columbia, so I get a lot of practice even though I miss some things. Speaking of missing things,the most recent blogs don't seem to appear on the index automatically. So if any of you get the urge to help out a newbie, check in on old blogs that have been updated. Your notice was very helpful on one of the first.
Last point--I don't usually buy lottery tickets, but I have been known to dig in sand before. Here's hoping somebody doesn't jump on the castle.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 8:50:57 PM  
Annie said...

Wow, this sounds like a wonderful and fun adventure and I wish I could be part of it but alas, my children are still young - 8 & 11 and being away from them for one month or more is out of the question - it would kill me. So, I wish you, Richard, the best of luck in finding the "One" that completes you or as we Irish like to say....May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:09:39 PM  
Chandra said...

Hello Richard,
I am working on my video as we speak. Count on me in the Chicago area. Since I don't gamble on the lottery, because of such small odds, I wonder why I am considering this? Because I want to see the world but with someone who would be able to be my guide.
Thanks for the opportunity to even be considered for the chance.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:33:59 PM  
Carol in Riverwoods said...

Well Richard, it sounds like you and the others here had a great holiday weekend, as did I. In addition to enjoying my granddaughters, my Colorado daughter came home and brought her very nice young man to meet us. Also, a cousin from the East Coast and her family stayed with me – a wonderful opportunity (without the chaos of a wedding or Bat Mitzvah) to better know her husband and girls. Val and I talked until the wee hours every night, so happy to have the rare and precious time together. I had intended to get someone to video part of the weekend, for possible inclusion in my submission to you, but with all the cooking and chattering, and watching the kids playing together and enjoying the local parade, it just never happened. ‘Too bad, as I looked quite fetching stumping along at top speed in my soft to-the-knee cast, the result of a severely sprained ankle suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Changing subjects, I love the words of wisdom (and humor) that so many of the gals here are willing to share. And to those who have concerns about how their words and videos may be used, here's how I see it. First, I feel it’s possible to express who we are without saying things that would embarrass us if repeated in public. We can only be humiliated if we fail to act with grace and integrity. Second, I think it’s important to trust the process. For if we are honest with ourselves, it isn’t Richard and the trip we seek. We don’t know Richard and trips are nice, but not the true goal for either Richard or for most of us. We each (including Richard) want the person who is RIGHT FOR US. And who is to say what may come from this strange journey? We can only hope that it will be something that helps us grow and understand and perhaps leads us closer to the ones who will make each of our hearts sing.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:34:05 PM  
Allie said...

Hey Richard! I had to drop a quick note because thanks to your recent visit to Oprah, which lead me to this site, which lead me to your DVD with your son, Pop and Me, I finally purchased the DVD to watch. What a FABULOUS job everyone did, including you and Chris. I really enjoyed it and I hope that everyone here rents it from Netflix or locally or purchases it. But readers, subscribers, see it! Its an amazing job and I have watched it four times (more if you count the two commentary viewings actually,) and there are so many nuances... great editing, great storytelling with the footage you had... So I wanted to login here to tell you and everyone else reading this blog. Good luck on your new adventure and I'm certainly ESPECIALLY curious now how it all turns out! :) I'll be reading...! But thank you and everyone involved for 'Pop and Me'. Great job, I really enjoyed it and hope many others will get a chance to see it now as well.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 1:37:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard and all our friends in London U.K. thoughts and prayers are with you at this trying time.
Stay safe
G-D Bless
Senior Bachelorette
Vj....alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s. same applies to our Floridian friends with the hurricane season already in progress!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:41:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

to RIchard

Do you read the biographies first or view the tapes first?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:47:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

"It isn't wise to try and fix people or control situations. You may feel compelled to intervene when difficulties arise, but it is important only to offer guidance when asked" ...

Words worthy of repetition and consideration. Including to the author.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 7:07:09 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Well Good Mornin' Richard, Ladies,
How are you all this mornin?

As a great laugh in the mornin' is as good as a work out.. Thank you- Happy.

To Our FL friends: prayers are with you always.

And of Course the mother instinct in me is always worried that someone is going to get left behind, so I went back and posted on all of the other blogs sites and asked the Ladies to join us here.. I hope they do.. I wouldn't want for anyone to say well I didn't know..

Senior-Ella: umm I hate to bother you, but you have not responded to my question that I asked yesterday, is there a reason why?

Travelin: Your Grams must be an Aries!! she sounds a lot like me...

My date last night was nice, great conversation, great food, and of course wonderful company!

So here I am starting my day off on the blog!! then my grandson and I are going to do what he wants (his choice today!).

I will check in later..

Have a wonderful day til then,

Thursday, July 07, 2005 7:57:53 AM  
happy said...

to wanda & all
check the news--it's an 'un-happy' day today in London. don't really want to get into politics--but sometimes wonder what it would be like if women ruled the world?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:04:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

Shhhhhh - women do rule the world!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:58:44 AM  
Video types? said...

Will you accept VHS-C type tapes for review? If not, what format should they be?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:40:00 AM  
BestestFriend said...

I must say, I do love the hot pink pants in the tennis pic! ;0) You know only REALLY secure men can wear pink! Bravo! BTW, pink is my very favorite color!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:42:57 AM  
CJ Mitch said...

Hi there Mr. Rocken Roe,
Great race we are all in & what fun. I e-mailed you today with the same message & more, to make sure you recieve it. I am one of the May Day!May!...gals that jumped the hoops & hurdles to get you the video, that I am still laughing about. So, if we don't get chosen we can all send our video,s into the funniest home video TV show and I know one of us will surely win!!Ha-ha
I am the x-flight attendant who lives between you & oprah,and I us to live in Manhatten Beach. I just wanted to tell you that I loved the "He thinks I am God" joke. So, cute which brings up a ???? that I know women of subtance will be wondering about, but may be afraid to ask. Some of us would like to know what your relationship is with the Lord? Maybe some of us would not be interested if you were chanting on JU JU beads in front of a monkey, frog or something! Yeh! OK I said it. (smile) As so many of us should know we were not evenly yoked or we would not be a blogging to you right now, right?. For this is a fun,funny,serious search for that special soulmate. Your notebook friend. See you at the races on Derby Day!! XOXOX=CJ

Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:48:21 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard
I am responding to your question on the newsletter about the tennis celebrities in the photo. Well the picture is too small to see anyone or make out faces so given the year I would guess Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King? Am I correct? Do I win a date with you? :) Also it is always great to hear about you and your family. I love the way you enjoy them. I can't wait to be chosen to travel with you. I love it!
Paula in Florida

Thursday, July 07, 2005 11:51:46 AM  
Anonymous said...

G'day Richard!
An interesting Newsletter t'day!
I wish I lived closer, would most definitely love to hear you teach/talk, considering that my eldest Son is persueing his dream of becoming a Director/Producer etc. and currently attending Ryerson University. Trevor would gain a lot from hearing you too!
I am fascinated by the elusive Druze...Zorastrians....etc. and always try to learn as much as possible about the ancient lineaqe
of Mayan/Aztec and even Atlantis which I firmly believe existed, and that the people were very advanced technologically and spiritually.
I too love animals but have no pets as it takes away from being very flexible and acting on impulse, should the opportunity arise! I most definitely will not have more children as my three are
entering a new phase of their lives and feel it important to 'be there' so to speak. I am ready to embark on a new leg of my Life's Journey with my 'potential soulmate'/travelling companion:)to go 'out on a limb'
Wishing you sunshiney days and lots of laughter:)
Carpe Diem
'out of africa' :)
Senior Bachelorette
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s. ooooh weeee those pink are a brave Warrior!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 12:28:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

well ... well ...Richard ... and still no replies to the major questions asked except 'do you like pets' .... 'doh' ... and a big ad for e-harmony .... a service which you haven't used !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh Richard .... even I, a model of patience ..... am seeing no light!!

Speak to me someone ... tell me my intuition is not right (even though I know it is).

Good luck Richard with whatever is going on.

Lots and lots of love to everyone else here ... you deserve it.

Love ... light ... and ciao .... P

p.s. special love and light to my neighbours in London on this very difficult day... xx

Thursday, July 07, 2005 12:30:00 PM  
happy said...

to ciao..P

Still looks pretty darn dark to moi, aussi, except for the may-he-never-live-them-down--PINK pants! Oh No! "Superman!...Say it isn't so!" In fairness, RR did mention the type of reading he prefers.
ciao too, ciao...P

And his e-Harmony disclaimer surprised me too. I felt there was an implication he'd tried & not matched...just my opinion, I suppose.

I filled out the questionnaire one day out of curiosity and found out one thing: IF you DON'T take their 'bait' & join up right away, they will inundate you with LOWER & LOWER offers...which I also wasn't interested in. (Which is why I was surprised at my initial interest in this.)

So HOLD OUT and sooner or later you'll get a small dollar deal for a shorter length of time!! Interesting, huh?

Looked at on daughter's list. It's cheaper and they all have similar computer software.

to ?

Ya sure Richard Simmons isn't in that photo? :)

to Richard

Do we get to send in pics from our hey-day to you? I've got some hip-huggin' bell-bottoms that'll keep ya guessing...about a LOT o' things! Doesn't leave much-except my judgement-in the dark.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 1:09:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Happy ........

Good to hear from you hon ... Been a little bit down today which is not something I generally would say on this because as we know, one doesn't know where one is going to be quoted (however, one can sue!!!). Think its probably the London thing ... I know it brings back horrible memories of NY and Madrid for everyone and for me personally the Dublin bombings back in '73 which nobody was held accountable for.

Anyway, don't want to dwell on it and when I logged on to reply to some mail etc and discovered the latest newsletter I thought ... great .... some of the privacy, small print, blah blah questions will be answered. But alas ... no ... In fact, by the very absence of replies, the whole thing should be in PINK .... lol. (so that no-one can read it).

However, its clear that a lot of people here love the newsletters and maybe know something I don't.

To Wanda:

Good for you babes for posting an update letter on all of the previous blogs to drag everyone up to date :). You deserve a personal reply from RR as this is the blogmaster's job presumably (correct me if I'm wrong Happy??).

Incidentally I haven't checked out the BLOG SWARM noun/adjective?

How did it bring down J. Kerry et al? Wasn't aware of this.

To 'Anonymous' who posted a reply to Seniorella re her posting ... excellent reply ... especially your last sentence :).

Love to one and all ...... (even the ones who are probably going to call me 'negative' ... ;)).

Ciao ......... Phyl

Thursday, July 07, 2005 1:39:10 PM  
Claire said...

Thank you, Richard. I understand that many things are in flux and you don't know anything for sure, so you can't tell us. I appreciate hearing from you anyway and hope, as the others do, that one day a newsletter shows up that *will* clarify things for so many of the wonderfully witty women posting here. I enjoyed the small background you gave on the Etruscans. Thank you. Whereabouts did you stay in Italy? I have yet to visit and am looking into home exchange possibilities. Your pink pants made me smile; around the same time period I believe I wore some orange diamond (shaped print) bell bottoms. Ha! Life can be such fun when you dare. I very much wish you happiness in choosing a companion.

Thank you to all of you thinking of us in FL as we begin the hurricane season (coming a bit earlier than expected this year).

My heart goes out to the victims' families in London right now. Will humans never stop taking lives to force others to do their will?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 1:55:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

BLOG SWARM question directed to 'Happy' ...... sorry for confusion guys ;) ..... Phyl

Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:05:06 PM  
Mary R said...

Dear Richard and new Friends, Thank you for the update and info. I had not known about the pre Roman History and so many other cultural tidbits flowing here. I do know some about the pre Computer history when progress was slower, info. was less easily shared, projects were done more by Manpower, Relationships knew fewer options, etc., etc.. (Some of us here even know pre Dating Services and pre Oprah.) All only good for learning how to do Today and Tomorrow better!!! Life's course & decisions are still dictated by the underlying basics: FEAR and/or LOVE. Helping others remains a much needed, worthwhile mission. If I were setting up files, I believe that after the basics 'Benchmarks' were satisfied, experiences and current activities would be most important in helping with all of your yet to be unfurled adventures. (That screaning would even hold in searching for a professional camera man.) I am glad to read that you teach. I know "People Handling" must be an important issue with filmaking as it is with everything else, again coupled with Teamwork. The most important thing I ever learned at a seminar, was from Margaret Thatcher (spelling is not my strong suit). She stood before us, tall and elegant. She looked straight out at what seemed like all of us at once and slowly said "You can not fight today's wars with yesterdays tools!"
On the lighter side, My improvised Film making attempt (video) was made with the excitment and talents likened to that of a 3 year old.=Bad technical combination, but children are honest and fun. Richard, you must have laughed when you read me quoting Sheakspear: "Life is a stage." I still hope that the "Big Director" has trained me for a part by your side. Mary Rose

Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:05:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

Richard, Your entrepreneurial skills are coming through re: the ad for e-Harmony! Such a encourage us all to get more people signed up for the newsletter, which contains info on a service that you have not tried which you get paid for if we bite on! BTW, the ladies here are sooo thirsty for info and answers to questions so let me tell you....e-Harmony would drive you nuts as far as being able to ask direct questions to a potential match. They control the contact content, don't use pictures, etc. It is slow going and in my opinion lame in this era of instant info/gratification.
I signed up for this journey when the 6 month trip was used for bait. 1 month turns it into the kind of trip I could take myself on, or go with any of the countless senior bachelor gents found on a much more fun dating site ( Sorry for the whining!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 2:34:30 PM  
soft_rain said...

Well this is my first time writing on this Blog..
Hi Richard....
Hmmmm where to begin
I did see you on the Oprah show and found your concept very sweet and honest.Being close to Oprahs age I have followed her since day one, she has become wise beyond her years and has shared her wisdom with the world, greatly improving many lives,not to mention the planet itself, She is and shall remain my Idol.You could not of chosen a better person or place to announce to the world, you are ready, willing, and able to taste of the fruit of LOVE once again,(like standing on the highest mountain, shouting out at the top of your lungs for all to hear... Honey Im ready, Ill be there soon!! What a wise choice, but then thats who you are....A wise man that waited for a very long time for the right moment, to be with the right very nobel and a true Knight that has battled the dragon and is now free to find and join his Lady. I can see that you are a very down to earth type of person and like to go straight to the source, you prefer to deal with situations with an honest,kind, open,straight forward and hands on method and you know that LOVE is what its all about,LOVE is all there is,nothing else matters.So many folks just dont get it and some never will.You are a nature Lover,an animal Lover a people lover.You love to sit and gaze out over the horizen and feel one with the world. The wind in your hair,the ocean crashing against the rocks as you sit by the open fire gazing out to the stars as they twinkle and wink at the moon, you are one with nature surounded by the elements an almost perfect moment as you glance over beside you, an empty spot still waiting to be filled, you wonder where she is?Who she is? You realize there is no more time to waste,you must find her now, you now know she needs you as much as you need her....LOVE is all there is....She also has waited a great amount of time for the right moment, the right person.
She is as you are a great LOVER of all that is good.She is the reflection of your inner soul.....the person you have traveled so far to become...the real you.
And you will not care what colour her eyes are or if she eats meat nor if she takes cream and sugar in her coffee,no you will not care if she dips her cookies in milk or pulls them apart and eats the cream first..hmmmmm....
What you will care about is the Love that flows from her heart,how she makes you feel when she cuddles up to you under a warm blanket by the fire as the sun sets or how she will laugh as you try to catch her as she runs across the beach,or when you catch her stealing a loving glimps of you... her eyes smiling, yes that is what you will care about!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 3:03:49 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Afternoon Richard...Ladies,

Yes, I love the pink pants too..funny they look just like my Christie pants from VS. They are my favorite. I also admire a man that wears pink. A sign of security.

AHHHHH, finally words about the dating service. I, too, took the lonnnnngg personality test with e-harmony and signed up for 3 months. This was a year ago. I personnaly do not care for their process. (sorry Richard) I don't think they ever fully understood the importance of health and fitness to me. Some of the applicants they sent my way were sporting some, how can I put this...let's just say, they didnt look like they had ever seen a gym. Also at the time, I wasn't sure as to how high of an age I'd be willing to date. At the time 64 seemed just a little out of range for me..again, sorry is not the case now and hasn't been for a while. They were trying to set me up with a 64year "young" ;)...psychologist from an adjacent city, I declined. Am still kicking myself for not even agreeing to at least meet with him. This is just the short of the long, point being, I have chosen and have had a profile with them for over a year. I prefer to read their profiles with photos and check out the distance and commonalities. I have been on over 100 "first" dates, and have made some friends a long the way..anyone interested in putting a face with the blog, my username with that service is: acutabove1224. I am very selective and..of course, my search continues..

Didnt mean to bore you with details....but I have had some fun along the clients love my dating stories. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated and would never be disrespectful of another individual. But I can share without mentioning any names.. :)

Well, the lawnmower is threatening to start without me..NOT! lol

Will check back later...

All my best to you Richard, and I do mean

Thursday, July 07, 2005 3:25:36 PM  
happy said...

to anonymous
Why apologize for GOOD CONTENT, woman!? You are upfront, & I, for one, totally agree with both your statements...including the one about switching from a 6-month to a 1-month trip!

to marlyn from michigan

I love ya gal---but Holy Toledo!! "Love means never having to say you're "sorry"! (I don't really think that, but it sounds good in this context.) I mean, surely we aren't so afraid of stepping on the Emperors Toes that we don't notice he hasn't got any. [Oh well--BAD pun intended..either we stand behind our comments or we don't. I do. :)]

to ciao...P

This is selfish, I know, but I hope you've not got friends in London's very sad bomb incident. I did not in the OKC Bombing, but what was amazing to me about that one was that it was MOSTLY a LOCAL story -- until 9/11!!! Only then did it start being recounted as "a significant event".

Find the book "Who Let the Blogs Out" and/or "Blog"...both new. Yes, as blogmeister, R should be (but, of course isn't obligated to be) interested in checking in and blogging a bit more, IMO.

If John Kerry or Al Gore & who knows who else had put credence in the "swarm" of "blogs" putting out and/or refuting information about them and their statements, they would have been ahead of themselves instead of "swatting all the little stinging messages" which were in the NEW air of public opinion.

to soft rain

(Uh Oh!--More ammo --yummyyummy!)

Whoa!!--you been SMOKIN', gal?? that's a 'deal breaker, ya know! HA. LORDY,LORDY! I sure hope you are pulling our legs!!!

(Hey wait a minute!! This MUST be Richard writing again!) LOL!

If not ...I SURE hope your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek when you said of RR: "A wise man that waited for a very long time for the right moment, to be with the right very nobel and a true Knight that has battled the dragon and is now free to find and join his Lady."

But just in case your tongue was NOT in your cheek & you had your head up that sympathies. Now listen up. :)

Heck Fire!--by his own admission he's only been looking for a couple of years! That AIN'T so very long!! He says, "I was past 60 [he's now 64] & came to the stark realization I wanted to share the experience..." OR as he "begins his tale: the project "grew from the realization that after 10 years of being single, I miss...etc etc" Yeah--I know divorce takes time--can't believe mine took 5 years!! AARG! His took 2 --that leaves 8 years at least

He's only just realized -duh- that travelling would be more fun with a woman along!

Oh yeah..."LET A WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE"...Rex Harrison...My Fair Lady. bbbzzzzzzzzz :)

Journalism, it is a-changin', folks!! find some political sites & blog in with YOUR opinion. We've definitely ALL got one - or two - or three! Ha!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 3:51:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi R
Relatively quiet 4th, except burns in the lap area of my 2 yr old grandson from a sparkler another boy was twirlling (grandson sitting on a bench merely observing with his uncle sitting next to him). He spent 4 1/2 hours waiting for service at the hospital. I wanted everyone reading these blogs to be aware that even a sparkler can cause damage. He's recovering nicely, in fact we went to the Alaska Zoo today (beautiful sunny day). Sunday we fly to our cabin where we will spend a couple of glorious days, wish you could all join us. Love this newly organized blog system, thanks.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 4:14:52 PM  
Anonymous said...

to AK anonymous

at least it wasn't his eyes...

Thursday, July 07, 2005 4:21:01 PM  
Nina54 said...

Hi Richard,
I'm curious if you have given any thought to how the woman you may chose may become the woman of your dreams and if she does not live in the same area, how would she visit her grandchildren, children, family and friends? You say how very important this is to you, which I think is great.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 4:21:39 PM  
Belizegial said...

To all the lovely ladies on Richard's blog page, greetings from Central America.

Richard has suffered and lost someone special before; yet he has an undeniable need to keep forging ahead in a quest for romance, companionship and love.

That is the concept that first caught my attention and keeps me interested in reading the newsletters and your comments.

My advice to all of you, don't get bogged down in trivialities. Keep an open mind and a willing heart and trust your instincts. Richard deserves someone special who has all these special qualities and who trusts in him to make this journey a moral and ethical one for those of you who get the opportunity to join him in this special transformation.

Let us join in a quiet moment of prayer for the Londoners affected in today's terrorist bombings; that God will give them the courange and strength to recover from this act of terror.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 4:29:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

LOL @ Happy

Thanks for clearing that one up for me. No to my knowledge none of my friends were involved in the London stuff. I'm amazed to hear you say that the Oklahoma bombings were local news mostly because in Europe it got huge coverage!! I get curious about the media in the US at times.

Will check that book when I get a chance. Interesting stuff about the political scene!

What do you reckon 'softrain' was smoking

Marlyn .... good for you in the gym... bodybuilding contest ... wow... good luck with it. If you put the work in yeah you do deserve it :).

Belizegial ... lovely to hear from you and nice to meet you. I would ask you though, please do not get into giving advice to people here. We are capable of making up our own minds. Not being rude ... just asking :).

Love to all

Ciao ....... P

Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:07:30 PM  
Debby Eddy said...


I'm a first time/virgin blogger. It took me a bit of time to figure it out.

K, I think I might know who two of the tennis player's in the photo are. Rod Laver and Arthur Ashe?? Please tell me if either of those are correct. Thank you.

I am still amazed at how you can possibly do all the reading of US mail, e-mail you receive daily and do this all by yourself! Then have time to enjoy other very important things in your life (especially family, actually, that is the most important thing in life. IMHO.

I realize that my chances of being your travel companion is slim to zero, however, you have put much joy in my day just by reading your newsletters and hearing about your past experiences.

I turn 50 next month and I feel as though my "adventures" are just beginning. My children, number in five, ages 28, 27, 25, 22, and 20.

I lived the last 28 years just for them, their sports, their friends, their happiness and now feel it is my turn. Of course I am still there for them, always, but they do have their own lives to live and they do quite well! K, I've rambled enough. Richard you seem to be almost too kind, too perfect. Whomever you chose will be quite the fortunate one, or two, or six. Hope you take vitamins or summpin'.

I love the Ciao sign-off, and the Hugs that was a sign-off that another blogger used. Those are the two I use most when I
e-mail close friends.

I'll bet there are lots and lots of women out there that already feel an attachment to you, whether they are chosen or not.

You have made women speak positively about themselves, and sometimes finding something positive to say about ones self is difficult. I was brought up that it ws considered bragging when doing so. I know it was difficult for this lady. So bless you for that!

You seem so open and would be easy to get to know. Your parents raised you properly. You see I think most of who you are goes directly back to your family life, oh those formative years!

Do your grandchildren call you papa, popi, grandfather, grandpa, Richard, stud-muffin j/k with that one.

Well, I haven't mailed in a video only because it seems kind of, I don't know, like maybe one has to pass certain expectations with looks or something, maybe I'm way off base for stating this, but there it is. Sometimes I'm too honest for my own good.

Hey, I have a personal question. If Oprah didn't have "The Stedman or Steadman", would she have wanted to travel with you, do you think. She is so adorable and kind, with such sincerity. Not many made like that!! She's a good girl.

Hey I'm probably in blog violation for going on for sssssoooo long.

Oh one request could I be on the back-up team, or on call, or on active reserve list? j/k, no really not j/k.

It says a lot about a person when you are still very good friends with a former girlfriend and who knows Richard, maybe SHE is the one.

Did I blog incorrectly? J/W

So Hugs, Ciao, and Happy Hunting

Best Regards back attcha.

Deb Eddy

PS Will the Oprah show be inre-run staus anytime soon. I actually missed it and would really like to see it. Thanks.
Have a great week-end. D Wait one last thing. Did you ever see the movie "I Dreamed of Africa", it is a few years old, but a wonderful movie starring Kim Bassinger. I could watch it over and over. It is about the life of Kuki Goldman. If you ever have a few spare hours some evening I recommend it. Sleep well, BTW how did you get rid of the pinched nerve in your neck?

K, that's all truly, I'm going to go jump in the tub and relax myself.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:10:12 PM  
ZonaM said...

Pain in the Neck......Try the Australian modality "Bowen" or "Bowtech" Google a therapist at the beach and one session should made you thank me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:03:04 PM  
happy said...

to belizegial

Wilkommen :) I believe we ALL deserve someone special! And I also believe REAL life IS made up of trivialities. you know: "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff..It's ALL Small Stuff" by someone briefly well-known.

to ciao...P

Unfortunately, OK is a backwater to East Coast & West Coast media mentality. I was in PA at the time and it was just a 'blip on the screen.'

Re news here: I rely mostly on BBC NEWS, CCTV (China news) & LINK TV for a more unbiased view of things.

to debbyeddy

Welcome also. (wonder what's bringing all the new kids to the blog, guys?)

RR has lots o' help!! If RR seems "too kind, too perfect", it's for the same reason an absentee husband does: He ain't home! He's off somewhere!! HA! (In this case, we can hope he's off reading the bios, etc. :)

What is J/W please?? I figured out j/k.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:27:36 PM  
happy said...

to debbyeddy
AH! J/W =justwondering...right? got it! And you blogged just fine IMO. :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005 6:29:42 PM  
leslie said...

Ladies: sorry to have to write this on here, but it seems the only way to reach Richard. I'll address you all at the end.

Hi Richard,

Received your newsletter today and was sort of hoping for more info about yourself but...FINALLY got the video "Pop & Me" so after doing some "teacher" work all morning, settled down to watch it this afternoon.

Well, now I don't care if I have to go on TV, be in a documentary, or whatever...I really want to meet you! I recognize personality attributes and values in you that I can relate to. Even though you sometimes came off as gruff and a bit controlling, I recognized great sensitivity and vulnerability in you. Before the ending (when Chris finally realizes that he was the "problem"), I could already see how much like you he really is, and that is why you clashed. I know this because when my daughter and I travelled to England and Scotland together, it happened to us - and we weren't together 24/7 for 6 months!

Okay, I have hesitated long enough to get that video made so don't make any decisions yet. My daughter is going to help me the first week of August (only time we're both available)and I'll send it in asap after that. I already sent you my bio and current photos to find out if you wanted me to send a video (reason: every man has a "type" he prefers) and you kindly replied Yes to my question.

I'd prefer the 6 months, of course, to be the one and only (that is if there's chemistry) because I can sell my house, quit my job (yes I'd do that) and make you my number one priority. We have a lot in common - from family history and make-up to loss of a loved one to having to re-identify ourselves at this stage of our lives. Now I know who I've been "saving" myself for 'lo all these years.

I've never read or heard anything about your ever coming to Vancouver Canada. If you do, you will realize that 6 months in Manhattan Beach and 6 months in Vancouver would be an ideal solution to being close to family and friends, plus satisfy the powers that be re taxes,pensions, etc.

Oh, by the way - I absolutely LOVED it when you were dancing in the rice paddies. That's exactly the sort of goofy thing I'd do! :)

See you soon,

Hi to the ladies: okay, I've said it openly - I like him! At least so far. He's only human and has his faults as do we all. But of course there are hundreds more of you who feel the same way. And if I have to go public or go to some resort to "fight it out" j/k I'll do it. 'Course when/if I do meet him, I might not like him and then any of you can have him. j/k again. And then the rest of us can go on that chick cruise together and have a blast.

Re the London bombings, I woke up to the news this morning and was horrified. Someone here mentioned about the OKC bombing and how it was not covered much at the time. It definitely WAS covered here in Vancouver - we knew all about it as it was all over the news, that and the subsequent trial and execution. I am so lucky to live in a place where I can feel relatively safe.

I'm starting to feel like we're already friends through this blog. I look forward to reading your inputs here. I wish there were some way we could trade email addresses without it being on this blog thingy. Anyone have any ideas? I'm always up for meeting new people and making new friends.

Leslie from VanCan

Thursday, July 07, 2005 7:31:27 PM  
KLew said...

Good evening fellow bloggers and Mr. R. Nice quiet evening here in the great Northwest. Took my dog for a walk and saw a young buck in the pasture of alfafa eating. He was not worried we were there. No hunting at this time of the year. I really look forward to reading the blogs each day and Happy you are a kick!! This is a wonderful way to communicate about feelings and dreams and desires. Everyone is talking about Pop and Me---I watched the trailer and it remined me of my son and husband. Both have died--my son 11 years ago and as you know my husband recently. They were so close--Mike, my son would call each day just to tell his dad he loved him. It was an exceptional relationship, I guess much like Richard's. Maybe some day I can watch.

Stepping out from what a person has known for so long is hard, however I find it stimulating and exciting---reading what you all say.

I am saddened by the loss in London. What can a person say? I went to OKC shortly after the bombing and it was incredible the
silence and like being on holy ground. Also went to NYC after 9-11 and it was cleaned up so did not have the same sense of loss at that time but got the Portraits of 9-11 from New York Times So powerful. Anyway---blessings to you ladies of the blog.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:38:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

**to Mr Roe**
what if the one you choose does not have the money to buy gear for the trip? will clothes be covered in the expenses?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 8:50:40 PM  
Carol in Riverwoods said...

Hi Richard,

Given today’s news, a lot of what we’re saying here sounds pretty trivial, but I can't resist adding my comments on your eHarmony recommendation. I wasn’t surprised to hear it, as that dating service showed up on your web site early on, but I would have hoped you had tried it before endorsing it. When I first decided to try Internet matching, I signed up on eHarmony because it did, after all, seem a very logical approach. What I got for my 6-month membership was a no-better-than-fair personality profile (derived from a long and frustrating questionnaire), a site that found me almost no potential matches (and I couldn’t search for one myself), and an awkward communication protocol. I know I’m not everyone’s “cup of tea” (and vice versa!), but I don’t think I ever exchanged one real email with anyone during the entire time I was a member. Since a computer makes the selections, frequently neither of the parties involved has any interest in pursuing the suggested partner. Add to that eHarmony’s cost, which is higher than many of the other popular sites, and I’d give it a thumbs down. has a good personality test, lots of ways to search and match up, easy ways to communicate, and a profile format that allows you to give lots of significant information about who you are and who you’d like to meet. So I understand your pushing eHarmony (and appreciate your disclosure statement), but I’d advise the gals here to try Match first. 'Hope I haven’t put myself on your trash heap, but I felt the need to insert some balance on this issue. BTW, since my experience with eHarmony occurred a couple of years ago, if I’ve unfairly maligned them and they’d like me to try again, I’ll be happy to…but at their expense this time.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 9:59:15 PM  
Debby Eddy said...


When or do you answer the questions asked in the blog's.

Were either Rod Laver or Arthur Ashe in the photo? I'm so curious to know!!

Dear Klew, we do not know one another but I hope you don't mind me sending condolences for the loss of your son and husband. Take care dear soul.

Actually, it is sort of strange. I don't think that any of us know one another, yet we find it sort of easy to chat, and that is special.

A friend of mine who is a few years older than I brought me a copy of the magazine More. I love it, it is the July/August edition. Has the lovely Jessica Lange on the cover, she looks great.

I'm in Blog heaven, I'm a blogger, I'm no longer Blog challenged.

Take care all and sleep well. It is currently 10:05 where I am and there is a news piece about the tube bombing in London, so gross.

Thursday, July 07, 2005 10:10:18 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

I have a question for you, and I'm surprised that no one else has asked it. Why aren't you using eHarmony to find your match? Have you answered the eHarmony questions? Why would you recommend eHarmony if you are not using them?

Thursday, July 07, 2005 10:11:32 PM  
Debby Eddy said...

Back to the tennis thing......its driving me batty. Arthur Ashe, Rod Laver, Jimmy Connors, Bjourn Borg (msp?)

Oh and I see that the answers will be in next weeks NL. Sorry for not paying better attention.

You are aware that PINK is the new BLACK! So you're cool.


Thursday, July 07, 2005 10:56:58 PM  
Anonymous said...


1974 Wimbledon Results

Men's Singles Champion:
Jimmy Connors defeated Ken Rosewall, 6-1, 6-1, 6-4

Women's Singles Champion:
Chris Evert defeated Olga Morozova, 6-0, 6-4

Doubles Champions:
John Newcombe and Tony Roche

Evonne Goolagong and Peggy Michel

Mixed Doubles Champion:
Owen Davidson and Billie Jean King

Friday, July 08, 2005 12:38:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

HI Belizegial

THNAK YOU so much for your words. Keep them coming. It seems that indeed some people are getting bogged down and they are not as much fun to read. So.. I skip the entry. not a problem. this is a free country or so we think!

As for the fine prints, if you are so upset about it. WHY DID YOU SENT YOUR VIDEO IN THE FIRST PLACE!? was it added on later or was it there originally! It is obvious that he was on Oprah (who usually follows up) and that he has a video out! HELLO??????

Have a great day! It is raining cats and dogs here!
Love, MyriaminVA

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:55:28 AM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Morning Richard.. Ladies,

Another beautiful day here in! I love it. Warms up our 10,000 lakes, brings in more tourists.

To Happy, When I say I'm sorry to Richard, I am really saying, respectfully, no offense intended.

If Richard tried to use e-harmony to find his mate, his membership would lapse before he had a chance to even see a photo of his date.

To Ciao...P, thank you, have been in training all my life, so to speak, time to take the leap.

Have another date this Saturday, fella from IN... :) Our profiles came up with an 83% match..we'll see.

Have to get ready for work, long day ahead.

Ladies..Richard...enjoy your day, will check back this evening.

All my best to you Richard and the bloggin' babes... :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 4:42:23 AM  
Debby Eddy said...

Happy Hi!

Yup, J/W=Just Wondering. When my son played football at University of Houston (qb) I used to go on a chatline and chatter's used ROTFLMAO lot's. I was always afraid to ask what it meant and one day I did, when I found out I felt like ROTFLMAO....Have a wonderful day.

Is Happy your real name? Debby is mine (grin)

Friday, July 08, 2005 6:23:32 AM  
WanderlustLass said...

Re: Last weekend & Grandkids ... a weekend in the sand at the beach with a young, sandy, laughing 2 year old was magic! Truly made my Forth fantastic, just the wonder in that little guys eyes brought me back to younger days. I am ever amazed at the joys of life, such simple pleasures are meant to share!

Friday, July 08, 2005 6:35:17 AM  
Cathyin Carolina said...

Hi again!!It's the Blonde from North Carolina. Been just reading this week, watching the Blog go thru this cycle, guess we are past the "just met, be nice phase". I love this getting to REALLY know folks.

Went to your profile on and enjoyed reading and it is fun putting face with your writings. I bet you have had lots of response, I have been relutant to put my picture on-line. Guess I just do not have the time to answer alot of e-mails, much less do dinner.

Being born and bred A Southern Bell, it's an "etiquette thing".

Reminds me of a joke about Southern girls not participating in Orgies (or was that "Gang-Bangs"? They just don't like sending out all those "Thank You Notes". oopps, hope I haven't violated any rules of Blogging.

Lots of talk, last week about the Cherokee Nation here in North Carolina and I wanted to say that I live very, very close to the Cherokee Reservation and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

In fact, I operate two businesses with the tourist trade, here. One is a small motel, that my sis and I are putting our "Baby Boomer Touch" to. We have an Elvis Room and a Marilyn Monroe Room and a Limousine Service, through which I meet lots of Celebs who come to perform at our Casino in Cerokee. If there are still pictures on the Net of our facility, I will give the site later.

Love the idea of getting together with applicants to Richard's adventure, and I want to bring at least one or two of the guys I love but can't live with. To meet some of you ladies. Wouldn't that be fun!!!!

As a matter of fact I could probably help host something like that in Cherokee, but the cruise sounds awesome.

Life is so great!!!And I love being alive and well this day.


Friday, July 08, 2005 7:44:22 AM  
Vegas Showgirl said...

Dear Softrain...
I really loved the thoughts you shared with us on your first- time blog. I hope you don't let the two "smokin" comments hurt your feelings or stop you from expressing yourself. You are obviously a sensitive romantic, and perhaps that is irritating to people who can't relate. There are many of us who enjoy reading the positive and uplifting, so, keep it up, girlfriend... :)

---Vegas Showgirl

Friday, July 08, 2005 7:47:46 AM  
Claire said...

Hey, Softrain, I like reading your blog too and agree with Vegas Showgirl. All things are not small; some are big and beautiful! Good going.

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:00:11 AM  
happy said...

to debbyeddy

Thanks!--but ok, I give up...I don't know what ROTFLMAO stands for. I'll probably feel like that too when I find out! But it will be worth it...add another wrinkle to the ole grey matter. Ha!

As for my real name--It comes from a cold climate. Sorry, but I'll just remain HAPPY, for the time being. If someone guesses my name, I'll just react Rumplestiltskin-like by stomping my feet in a big fit!!!

And FYI..Richard doesn't answer every question.

to Richard

OOOOOOO New Zealand!! Take ME!! Take ME!! I'm (merely) an armchair shephard but I LOVE sheep!! I love their ba's, I love their wool, I love their lambs, I love their land, I even love their ever-lovin' stupidity! :) Maybe I feel a kindred spirit there!

If by the time we'd gotten to NZ we knew we'd both made a wrong choice, then at least you could have a Happy-free visit amongst your friends, and I could Happily watch the lambing and shearing every day and we'd both have something exciting to talk about, as new FRIENDS, on our long return home journey. Ya CAN'T lose! :)

toMarlyn from michigan

Of course you were truly being polite. And I was only being smart-alecky! (Nada new there, is there!!?:) If that's offensive to anyone, I'll make a blanket apology (and send them a box of salt so they can add a "grain" or two to MY blogs! Ha. LOL!

[Never did get sent to the principal's office as a kid, but sometimes here I feel it may just be right around the corner.] Yeah..I'm worried :) LOL


Guess you'll want to send to me the principal's office...SEE MY REMARK TO MARLYN FROM MICHIGAN about me being smart-aleck.

Not knocking ANYone's style...and I LOVE a truly sensitive romantic. Heck, who wouldn't!?
The trouble with BLOGS of course, is that ya can't see the face nor HEAR the inflection of the writer. If we were sitting in the same room, talking, it would be easier. BUT...we'd all still have our say, in our own style! And the more the merrier, I say!

If I hurt 'anon's feelings I do apologize (& will send that salt). On a serious note, however- there's no way 'softrain' can know the "wisdom" or RR. That's really my point. AND BLOGS ARE FOR POINTING>>>>so take aim at me, I'm still HAPPY--and a BROAD target, Lord knows!

to ALL
Peace until I return in about 10 days. Ah now!!! don't all cry at once! :(

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:09:53 AM  
Anonymous said...

Shalom...Salaam...Aloha....Hola Richard! :)
I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Dare To Be A Daniel
Dare To Stand Alone
Dare To Have A Purpose Clear
Dare To Make It Known

All of us who are on a Spiritual Quest for The Soulmate, with a pure Heart and Soul are indeed 'Daniels', for it is He who stood amidst the Lions, and so this reminder is a 'Staff' that we all carry regardless of the obstacles, challenges that may befall us on our Path of Heart!
'out of africa'
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Senior Bachelorette :)
Toronto Canada
p.s. Live Life With Passion!!!!
Bravo Richard for making your purpose known, count me 'in' on
this Quest for Romance and Adventure :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:32:28 AM  
Anonymous said...


"You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing." LOL

M. Pritchard :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 9:27:55 AM  
Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Everyone

Just had a quick read through blogs.

To SoftRain ... my response to Happy's post was just a 'kiddin round type of response'. Thought your blog was lovely but I'm sure you also have a sense of humour too ;). So to whoever jumped to your non-needed defence please read!

To Happy:

Have a wonderful time ... ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, and I think everyone else who blogs in regularly, would know your style of writing by now which is very witty, intelligent and irreverant and long may it continue ;). I also sense your warmth and sensitivity as I'm sure they do. Just jumping in on your 'non-needed' defence ...LOL.
I wonder if I'll be popping in by the time you come back!

To Cathy in Carolina:

Now you definitely have a very healthy sense of humour ..... LOL.
Never heard that joke before!!!!!

To Leslie:

Way to go girl...... best of luck :)

And on that note, before I have to follow Happy to the Principal's office for whatever ..... I shall take my leave for now.

Love to everyone.

Ciao ......... P

Friday, July 08, 2005 9:47:09 AM  
Mary R said...

Dear Richard and New Friends,
Just as I was about to type Ladies, I'm reminded this could be a good place for the guys to ck. I has already turned out to be a meeting place for us. That is my 2 cents---Why do they only give us a penny for our thoughts?

Richard, Good luck with your Seminar tomorrow. Guess it makes no real difference whether your students come because they are really interested in film making or You. They will all come away with something new. I remember Oprah telling me once how she had to be so careful because so many were watching. I have never forgotten her telling me that just before I shared my time in the Green Room where we were all made up to the max enchancments,and certainly looked different then we do every day. Occasionally when my tough decissions are not on Automatic and I take the time to think them through, my most important deciding question is "How would I handle this if I were on national TV?" That has often made a good difference in how I choose. I really NEVER know who is watching or the ripple effect I will start.
Anyway Richard, Good luck tomorrow and have fun with it.

I am also teaching tomorrow. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. I am a Nationally Certified Instructor. The National Program is (bottom line) saving lives by teaching the use of other interventions before the Power Struggle. (Try getting that, more Professional approach, accross to a group of seasoned officers who are so used to the worst of the worst.) Some employers require their staff to pass. And sometimes I don't pass those that are completly clossed minded. I have never had anyone have to participate in more then 2 classes without learning the importance of the instuctor.

Dating sites-I use AmericanSingles,
MaryR83681. My daughter says I should get off it because I am the only one that is honest. I still choose not to believe her. Come to think of it, I really haven't given it much any attention since I started this Richard quest. Obviously though, I do not know whether or not I have already met or will ever meet my match. My life is almost full. HE would be like frosting on the cake and a whole new presentation. Through it, I have learned so much that I guess I needed to know.
Smiles are contagious. It is so hard not to like someone who already appears to like you.
Mary Rose

Friday, July 08, 2005 10:09:26 AM  
happy said...

to ciao...P

:)Keep 'em honest while I'm gone! :)

to cathy in carolina

More F:)N !!!

to maryrose

Totally agree with both statements you wrote:
"Smiles are contagious. It is so hard not to like someone who already appears to like you."
Tres perspicacious!! I like that. :)

to all
Well, here I am, being ornery again, trying to comment when I really should be fixin' to get READY for those Grandkids who arrive TOMORROW & will DEFINITELY keep me off the air for a while!!! Wah---"I'm Torn Between Two Lovers"! Wh:) sang that??

Friday, July 08, 2005 10:36:01 AM  
Anonymous said...

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona said:

To Anonymous "P" - I have no idea what you are talking about, guess I'm a little slow or missed something along the blogging, but I'm with WANDA - what was said that was sooooooo outrageous by Stephanie. None of us were doubting the "truth" that she received emails. I merely stated that she was a tad bit harsh and somethings should be kept on a private level. It was my opinion that she had an issue with RR and that it should be taken up in private.

Thanks for listening, thanks for reading my comments as well. Peace and serenity to all.

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

Friday, July 08, 2005 10:54:02 AM  
Debby Eddy said...

Happy........yep, that is what ROTFLMAO means. But it doesn't really work cause I ROTFLing all the time and I still have my a** (grin)

K, a few guesses with your real name:

Snow (your parents may have been hippies)
Frosty or Frostie

Sorry, I can't think or concentrate very well because I have Best of Lynard Skynard on downstairs, and the TV on upstairs.

I'll bet you have a great chance at being picked because just from your posts/blogs you seem really genuine, kind, warm, and most importantly funny, which converts into you like to have fun! All the qualities Ricardo seems to want in his choice of companionship! You go girl!

No really YOU GO GIRL, because I want to be picked (j/k REALLY and TRULY I didn't mean for that to sound mean, just kidding around). I haven't even sent in a video of myself yet, however, I will work on it. I did send in the bio, photo, and self-addressed envelope.

Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall in Richard's Seniorbachelor office or work space. Who is getting filed where. Who is in the top running (if he has even gotten that far). I would, I would love to be his assistant (to actually and truly assist and for no other reason!). It has to be so interesting, don't you think? All the bios, all the different lives and stories.

Ya'all have a great day. I'm going to.

As Ricardo would say ciao.

Friday, July 08, 2005 11:02:06 AM  
Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh Goddddddddddd!!!!!!!

Right ...

To Suzanne:

I think we have some wires crossed. Stephanie was cool. Did nothing wrong in my book so can we leave it please. I like you :)

*Using the computer in the Principal's office while waiting to be possibly murdered* ;).


Keep em honest ....... j****s ... wouldn't even try at this stage. Have oxygen mask at the ready each time I (b)log on in case something comes at me from the screen. Also wearing bullet proof clothes and a Darthvader mask type thingy ... LOL. Got those tips from an English friend of mine who was in the SAS .... so be afraid ... be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!!

And to Debby eddy ... Hi ...... like your sense of humour also ;).

And finally to Richard:

Lucky you, having the luxury of wearing pink and not having to wear the above for survival ;).

Love and PEACE to all:

Ciao ........ P

p.s. I'd start claiming to be Cherokee and use the peace signs etc only I can't cause I'm Irish!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005 11:23:02 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Well I am just going to log in and say HELLO EYERYONE!! because of course Richard probably doesn't read todays, he might read saturday's though if he take a break from filing all the new tapes, bio's and pic's, because you know he, just can't read all of our blogs, if he did, he might have answered a few of them.. I am an Aries, a very strong willed, very upfront, Leader type, I don't appreciate being pushed aside. I don't yell and scream, I don't loudly speak, I just ask, in the same direct look at you in the eye manner-why don't you answer these ladies? they all have good questions Richard? I am going to send you my Video, Bio, Picture and etc. because I AM WORTH IT. AND YOU DESERVE TO MEET ME. I also feel that these women who every day are loyal to you, meet here, need something from you...
I hope you are having a great day,
and i wish for the ladies to have one too.

Friday, July 08, 2005 11:58:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

In response toFemale,
Fit, Fun and Free
"Women from all countries and continents, of all religions and colors, and "able"
disabled women are also invited and encouraged to apply."
(Quoted from:
Do you think disabled women do "FIT" the criteria? I mean,
how fit can a disable be? Fun and Free but FIT????Ladies, love your comments and
thank you for your words of wisdom. It doesn't matter where you got it from,
just keep it coming. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 08, 2005 1:13:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm ...

Wonder who posted that last 'controversial' blog ..... ???

The quote is correct ... read it in on the website.

My own opinion is that we are all disabled in some way ... some visibly .... other disabilities not so visible but there nonetheless, cause we are all fragile, strong, wonderful, vulnerable, perfect human beings.

Ciao ......... P

p.s. can you give us a little clue as to who you might be? :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 1:25:58 PM  
B Ellen said...

The bombings in London yesterday brought up the usual misgivings about travel , and also got me thinking about the underlying causes of much of the turmoil, and the ever-widening gulf between the Westernized countries and the billions of people who still live on very little these days. The issues are complex and certainly can be debated, and not appropriate for this blog. BUT no matter the causes, responsible travelers/global citizens simply cannot travel just for "fun" anymore. Certainly this must be part of the plan, but it's not quite enough.

I invite you, Richard, to consider your current celebrity "capital" and how you can best use it. Your journey can be about so much more than just finding a travel buddy and perhaps a romantic partner. You can easily "do good" as well as have fun. This could be as simple as arranging to do some volunteer work along your route from time to time at any number of wonderful projects around the globe - doing light construction, helping people with their English, advising NGOs (Non-government organizations) on how to make a video. This would add a very rich layer to your trip.

Another option would be to create a fund - appealing to all those names you shamelessly drop as well as website visitors and newsletter readers - and simply give the money away as you come across a particularly worthy individual, family, community or grassroots organization. It is so very easy to leverage US dollars in the developing world. Check out www.; this project is a terrific model.

An even higher level would be to involve all your followers in a Giving Circle of sorts. We could all learn about pressing issues on your route - environmental, social and economic justice - and donate to the Circle. Those who did so could then vote on where and how the collected funds would be distributed. I would be delighted to work with you to develop any of these opportunities.

Join Bono, Angelina, the Live8 musicians and help save the world as well as travel all around it!!

B Ellen

Friday, July 08, 2005 1:27:27 PM  
macushla56 said...

OK Richard - I'm thinking you lost some of us from your Newsletter distribution list - When I didn't receive mine this time and saw all the blogs about the new one they received this week I checked with my daughter and a girlfriend both in this general area and neither of them have received it either. HELP we're having withdrawal symptoms here! Thanks!

Friday, July 08, 2005 1:35:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi again everyone....

No, I'm not glued to this ... just doing some work on my computer and check in for some light relief (not)!!

While I understand Ellen's comments I disagree fundamentally. I certainly think we can travel for fun ........ I did after 9/11. I know I run the risk of wrath here but I think most of the nervousness regarding travel comes from the US people generally. Maybe its because we in Europe have been more used to terrorist type stuff going on for a long time. The ultimate aim of the terrorist is to cause psychological damage. This is when they are totally effective i.e. when people are afraid to go about their daily business or travel for fun, business or whatever. When that happens, THEY HAVE WON. I have more faith in the strength of people and say THEY WILL NEVER WIN.

Love ....... ciao ......... P

Friday, July 08, 2005 1:38:17 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Afternoon everyone..
yep just like me... Iam checking in.. and well, I will send Love and Prayers out to those in need of course.. and I am sorry for not welcoming our new friends.. Hello.. I did wonder if there would be any progress on our earlier talks: I did not receive my news letter and when I went to sign back up for it well all of my info had to be re-entered.. go figure.. maybe i should get a clue but i will keep right on going;) Listening-Reading though I had my acknowledgment that our questions on board had not been answered.
well ladies, I had a minor say, but it was my say.. had to get it off my chest, doubt it will do any good.. so here are a few good quotes I will leave you with.. "GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY!"
and one I just got recently-
do have a good day, I am taking my grandson and one of his friends down to thae lake.

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:03:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

Howdy Richard!
I must admit since seeing you in those 'hot pink' pants I gotta tell
ya I have not stopped giggling. I may be incorrect but my 'gut feeling' tells me that you posted that particular picture with the intention of 'stirring'. First we had all the F's...Fun Fun...Fit...Free...Female etc. to contend with, now we have the P's...Pinched Nerve...Pink Pants, what's next?....I am waiting wid bated breath :) Having a jolly time bloggin'(gotta find a nicer 'woid' for that:) I have a
question? Where'd ya find the 'pink pants'? Don't get me wrong I love the colour pink...enquiring minds wanna know!
carpe diem
'out of africa'
Senior Bachelorette :)
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s. never a dull moment! :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:08:06 PM  
Gypsy Cowgirl said...

Hello Richard:
Just a small question here. With all that has been happening in our world the last few days re: London bombing, whole families being shot by men in the name of religion in Nigeria, etc. I was just wondering how "safe" are we going to feel on an around the world excursion? Do you have any reassuring words of wisdom regarding this subject? I realize stuff happens, and keeping a positive outlook is "attitude", but as women we are adventuring into the unknown with you, then doing so on shaky ground so to speak, some comforting words here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Your Gypsy Cowgirl from California (not far from you)

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:15:02 PM  
happy said...

to debbyeddy

sorry pal--wrong names, but ya got the 's' right.

Thanks for your vote of confidence-I ENJOY YOUR KEEN SENSE OF HUMOR --LOL!! -it is laughable though, and come to think of it - that's WHY I keep reading & writing!! Keep it up too, woman!

(I'm squeezing this in before a trip to WallyWorld for Grandkid paraphenalia. sp?) Good Gosh--where IS that Duck Tape when I need it?--(for my mouth!)

my birth certificate says FEMALE, my friends say FUN, I know I'm FIT to be tied!! & I'm just plain FREE, cause-who'd pay?! LOL


and to anonymous who's figured out HTML tags....good job! :)

I must say... "able disabled" has rattled around in my brain quite a bit ever since I first read it. It is an oxymoron. And it certainly would leave a LOT of room for positive or negative interpretation!! I'd love to hear Richard's interpretation of his statement.

For example:

If I were as able/disabled as Stephen Hawkings would I stand a snow-ball's chance?

What if I were blind, and using a reader here, but could run a 4 minute mile, and bench press my weight!? I guess that would be "able disabled"....but would it probably rule me out as a candidate to go on a trip w/RR?

I'm guessin' I'd NEVER SEE IT COMIN', but it would be hard to imagine that the "able" part would "win" over the " disabled" part of me.

I'd say this would be a good discussion topic.

Okay--IF chosen, I promise to bring - and hand over to Richard - the Duck Tape!!

to gypsy

Remember "people can SAY anything", according to rr himself. So how could that be protective OR reassuring? IF RR could give such a guarantee he'd be the hottest property in Washington, DC!! Isn't it really true, as with ANY travel: "ya pay your money; ya take your chances." Only HERE we WON'T HAVE to PAY! Yippeee! :) OR we could get out the 8-ball....

In the end, surely, WE, individually have to decide whether to take that chance.

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:23:00 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Happy

Does this mean that you're going to send tape/bio etc.????

If so ....... mega mega luck to ya

Ciao ....... Phyl xxx

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:32:20 PM  
Anonymous said...


Pink pants were all the rage in the 70s ....... you could get them anywhere. The Dandelion Market in Dublin was great for stuff that was kinda hippyish. Incidentally that was where a lot of bands as in U2 started playing. The place has long been demolished. The Stephens Green Shopping Centre now stands in its place.

I've had lots of pink pants ... still have ....... what part of africa are you from?

Ciao ....... P

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:50:25 PM  
Anonymous said...

I thank you for your curiousity..... but i will remain anonymous... :-)

Friday, July 08, 2005 2:52:20 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

To Happy: "Gotta love ya!" No apology or salt ever needed here, you're a hoot! I can take it, so keep dishin' it! Enjoy the grandkids!

To Cath: Thank you for taking the time to view my profile, I'm rather proud of it, it's factual and to the point. I feel fortunate that at this age in our lives that we have opportunities to meet people, via the internet/dating services. Sure beats sittin' on a bar stool, then jumpin' in the back seat! It's a very safeguraded, intelligent means of getting to know someone. There are kooks on every street corner, being a little savvy will keep you safe. I have met some wonderful, classy professional men and some not so wonderful, but all were gentlemen. A must.

To Phyl: You're hilarious too, I love your candor!

Have to close for now..bikini wax at 6:30. Be back later...


Friday, July 08, 2005 2:59:21 PM  
happy said...

to ciao...P

SHEEZE ! MAn I'd NEED the Mega luck--that's for sure. So far, I'm just talking...& having fun doin' that..obviously! :) & I'll probably always talk "as if" I were gonna do it. :)


I did write a 'bio'early on, practically right after I saw the O program...cause like a lot of did strike an honest chord. I re-read my bio again last night...I still like what I said, haven't totally ruled out sending it. Sure won't RE-write it!

Truthfully, getting a video has really been a problem, & I hesitated splitting the some have,indeed, done.

"The project" appealed to me from the first, for all the right reasons, but now with 'finalists to be interviewed by celebrities', etc--I don't know.

Probably I will--mainly, because, you DO have to "buy" a ticket to have a chance... and that IS the ticket...& nothing ventured; nothing gained....but my video won't be done 'til after Grandkids leave....mid-July.


Friday, July 08, 2005 3:00:14 PM  
onrynurse said...

Hi All, Hope you have a good weekend!!
The Newsletter is great! Always love to hear from you, Richard!!
Loved the pink pants in the photo!!I think it takes a self confident guy to wear those! Didn't we wear some cool things in those days!! Loved and still do in pink shirts!!
Remember the bell bottom jeans with all the trim sewed on the bottom and patches all over everything!! And the denim shirts...with embroidry all over!!
Fun!! Found my kids shirts,I the boxes the other day....what memories!!
Soooo glad you like animals Richard!! Always said the next man in my life has to pass the DOG test!! my puppies!!
Gonna get some work done here in the yard the weekend and enjoy home!! Take care.....hugs, Linda

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:00:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

to 'anonymous' re able-disabled ...

ok .... thanks for responding :).

Something about your posting seems familiar though not sure what. Maybe my imagination.

Be good ....... at whatever you choose to do ;)

Ciao .. P

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:01:40 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

OH! Almost're right HAPPY, without eye contact and body's difficult sometimes to project you're humor the way it is meant. However, you're doing a fine job! I'm a real tongue and cheek kind of a gal.. :)

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:03:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Happy: you got a point about being "able disabled".

But I really want to hear from Richard what he meant by that, don't you?. And so i encourage "able disabled" women to apply. And we'll see what their chances are.

To Leslie: Thanks to your comment about "small prints"

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:08:22 PM  
soft_rain said...

Hello Richard
What caught my attention when I saw you on the Oprah show was your straight forward you sat there in frount of millions and poured out your story....the great Love you had for your wife and how devastated you were when she called it quits....the crushing blow to your soul as if a dagger thrust deep inside and twisted.....your wifes words set your world spinning round and round and off you jumped running as far away as possible....single and wounded,but not by choice. Anew journey a lonely road...Seeking, searching, wanting and needing an end to your crushing pain....Surrendering yourself to nature, breathing deep inside your lungs the fresh mountain air,capturing the energy of the universe.... feeling the wild crash of the waves against your body as you yearn for healing.....your soul screaming out in pain...A journey that would last 10 years before a healing would be complete....
Yes Richard this is what I saw, that day on Oprah a brave man that traveled a very long road to liberty, a wise man that new a healing needed to take place before you could begin a new adventure with a lady by your side.....

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:09:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

Does Richard have to choose? We can take turns travelling with him. Why ruin a good thing, right?
Start from A to Z. And guess what? my name is Anonymous, so i go first......

To Ciao ....... P :
And will you tell us who you are? i think i have a pretty good idea ;-)

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:25:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

Ok guys

It's 23.15 here....... work done so hanging for roughly 15 mins.

Marlyn ...... are you having a Brazilian ..... ouch ouch ..... aaargh. Ok it will look fantastic ;)


Are you perchance throwing out a challenge here? In a mad moment initially I thought I might enter but to be honest the thought of being a 'finalist' to be picked/or not by people who I would not be travelling with makes me choke a little ... well a lot... and I don't do tv (says she haughtily like a celeb). Also, I'm not big on the patience virtue and I am big into mutual decisions being made by the people involved ... not a bleedin committee (Dublin expression). Not sure if Richard would know it. He was certainly brought up an 'Irish Mammy' but I don't know what part she comes from. However, I love the fact that she left US to go for a week to Majorca and didnt return for 13 years ...... wey hey ..... lol.

Agree with you that we may not have had as much fun here if we had already sent in info although that shouldn't be a consideration.
I think personalities will 'out' more here than in any 3 min video and bio.

Pondering over my glass of 'believe it or not' Californian Merlot ... lol.

How many grandchildren have you got Happy and what ages are they?
Also where do they live? I know, I know, questions questions and you dont have to answer but I'm sure you will sometime. In the meantime dont be worrying about getting ready for them. They'll love you anyway for you and once you have some food in the house ... lol.

Word of advice ahem ... dont do the ROTFLMAO thing with them and try to explain. They'll probably call 999 not to mention their parents.

Sneak to the computer and try to get a few comments in while they're asleep over next 10 days but enjoy enjoy enjoy. I dont have any grandchildren yet. I have one son who is 26 ... not married yet ... enjoying life with some lovely girls ... and yes, I get on with them all.

So ..... for now babes .........

ciao ..... Phyl xx

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:29:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

ok ...... to 'anonymous'

You may be first cause of 'A'. We can choose in a way ... always open to sharing .... but Richard gets to choose cause its his gig.

You're freaking me out ... what makes you think you know me ... my name is Phyl and I'm from Dublin... that's all you get for now. Who are you???????? Male or female????

Ciao ....... P

ps I'm waiting for a clue ...

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:39:32 PM  
soft_rain said...

A new Chapter for Richard.
Yes , that day on Oprah you began a new chapter in your you wanted to share with a friend you could joke and laugh with and play pranks on..ouupps!
A bud to hike and camp with,one that would help you pitch a tent in the pouring rain then snuggle and sip hot chocolate with you and laugh about it all.
A partner that would be there for you and with you no matter what,play games,sing songs or just sit in silence enjoying one another......
a lady to have and to hold,enjoy a sunset with,share a moonlight kiss,star gaze till sun rise and start all over again...hmmmmm
Richard it is you as a person that got my attention,your past story,your quest in search of romance, your strengh, your wonderful soul.........
The trip seems very important to many, almost more than the feelings at stake..just makes me wonder..
my understanding of the trip was that there would be a good part of ruffing it,including no running water,no toliettes and lots of rain fall,hiking in the blazing sun,cooking on open fires and just making the best with very little.......sounds FUN!

Friday, July 08, 2005 3:55:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

To 'Anonymous'

The question is how to distinguish you from all the other 'A's. I even log in as Anonymous so there goes your right to think you might be first in line!

On reflection, I don't think you know me ... just throwing bait for some reason. Looking for clues, typo on curiosity !!!!!! in your posting ....... speak now or ..... well actually I'm going to bed.

Night all

Ciao ....... P

Friday, July 08, 2005 4:15:41 PM  
KLew said...

Happy---Happy--I tried to use the HTML tage and of course could not figure them out. My daughter, who is a computer geekess, said I just cannot be bothered. I really did try---
I would like the wonderful ladies of the blog and RR to know the chance for travel and meeing a man gave me courage to come out of the grief. It has been an interesting journey. Will quit my job of what will be 20 years in 11 months. Of course, if chosen, I will quit in a heartbeat!!! I will move to a new area and be free to be me. Travel when I want, work when I want and get up when I want. It is a dream that will come true because of Richard's dream and Oprah giving him the opportunity to talk. You ladies are great. Carry on!!!

Friday, July 08, 2005 5:36:25 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Anonymous P ....:-0...
sorry if i freaked you out Phyl... i just thought i knew you... holy geeeesh...
This is all for fun...
Smile and the world smiles with you. So I am smiling.
And you can be first in the line. I can wait.

Friday, July 08, 2005 5:43:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

Re HTML Tags:
You can learn these tags by using ex. frontpage, read and experiment. You'll see...
Good night "ladies" off to the race

Friday, July 08, 2005 5:52:01 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

To Phyl:

Ciao... :)

Need to prepare for tommorrow, another long day, good night ladies... Richard

Friday, July 08, 2005 6:24:43 PM  
Debby Eddy said...


Will your segment on the Oprah show be re-broadcast any time soon? I missed it and I would love to view it. I really feel like I'm missing lots having not seen it!

Girls "I'm Crazy For That Little Lady" is currently on the radio. You know the SJP Gap commercial song. Catchy little tune, I think it should be ya'alls' theme song!!

Richard, I hope you can give an answer to the above question. Obviously you know some of the folks on Oprah's staff and could possibly get some information. Much appreciated. Did I spell Oprah correctly?? If not sowee.

I'm wrecked spent the day in the pool and it was a warm one here, where I live in Northern California.

Everyone, hope you have a great week-end. Happy.....Happy Trails to You. Have a great vaca.



Friday, July 08, 2005 6:43:50 PM  
happy said...

to ciao...P
Took out a LOAN-just kidding :) and got food, some meat for the carnivors, tofu & fruit & veggies for the vegetarians..Then went totally OUT of my ELEMENT into the baby dept for baby food, baby wipes, LOTs o' diapers, swim diapers, sippy cups, bibs, toss away eating utensils, baby shampoo, infant toys, toddler toys, swim toys (then went to a farm nearby and got a GREAT BIG GORGEOUS BOQUET of about 25 different colors of zinnias for my flower-lovin' daughter!) Anyway--all that so they won't have to fly the stuff from PA. It would ground the plane! This is their FIRST trip to Grandmas! :) Gran#1 is 2+, & Gran#2 is 7 mos...both girls. Toddler will be sleeping in my office, but I'll try to connect occasionally.

Guess I'll have to show my ignorance & ask: What's a Brazilian? A drink, maybe? Or a private entre vous which case--sorry...

to kelw
We all need to learn new stuff, right. So Each One Teach ONE. :)
Here goes.
We only have 3 available tags given to us. I'll try to explain an example verbaly: to make something bold, press the shift key, type the little 'less than' sign, type a small 'b', then press the shift key, type the little 'more than' sign, THEN type all that you want to appear emboldened, and then press the shift key and type the 'less than' sign again, then type a forward slash, then type another small 'b', then press the shift key and type the 'more than' sign, to close the tag.

Whew! Like I said--it's a small pain in the RUMP but fun once you get the hang of it. good luck. In my next life, I'm gonna write instruction manuals!! :) LOL

Now if everyone else does it we can ALL be as annoying as moi & anonymous who uses them. :)

to debbyeddy

Danke for your wishes. I'm definitely outta here tonight. And, still HAPPY :) !! but a bit pooped!

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:34:46 PM  
KLew said...

Okay Happy, I am trying your
I will see what happens

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:48:09 PM  
KLew said...

Happy-----you are so good. My geekess daughter sighed and sent me a web site and went O--Mom you might be able to understand. LOL
She is such a wiz and just does the computer stuff so easily. My other daughter is an artist---singing and playing the piano. I am a counselor and so it goes. Thank you. I do not have to go to the baby section for grandchildren mine are all older three teenagers and two smaller. I am taking them all to Disneyland. I am the "beloved grandma" and VERY brave!! I have so much fun with them. Carry on.

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:52:27 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Morning All,

Was just wondering, since Richard's headline reads "Welcome People and Oprah," do you think they (both companies) have spies reading the blogs and taking notes? Certainly never a dull moment here...

Woke up at 5:30 this morning thinking about this and that bee's nest that attacked me last week..who needs sleep right?! I attacked back at 6:00, think I got the sonofaguns.

To Happy: Not sure this is the place to learn about Brazilian Bikini waxing...but since someone mentioned learning something's a removal of all hair in that area, except a small runway. There's an American/Brazilian also..EVERYTHING is gone! Dont care for that one! lol There, I said face is red now..
I'll be surprised if this makes it to the blog..

Well, ladies..I have a long day ahead of me again, and then the "date" tonight, so probably wont be back til late tonight or tomorrow. Have a great day!

I'm starting to feel a little guilty not saying anything to Richard. Sadly, only one blog a week from him just isn't gittin' it..need more! :)


Saturday, July 09, 2005 3:58:33 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone


You're mad .. after spending all that dosh you won't be able to fly to whichever city is the nearest to you if you want to meet Richard ;). Ah you know I'm just kidding, don't you. Enjoy it all!

Your post on the able-disabled subject was very thought-provoking. The invitation to participate was issued as you know. It's a subject which would provide pages and pages of comment. I suppose at the end of the day, the thing is we all click/are attracted to someone or not.I would imagine that Richard must have eliminated lots of people from the videos already submitted and in fairness that's going to happen. Nothing wrong with the person/s, just no spark there. You all know what I mean.

It's also possible (and this is just something that popped into my head now) that he was advised legally to include everyone because of equality laws etc. Just a thought!

To Anonymous who thought they might know me: which continent do you live on? You didn't really freak me out so don't worry. Oh and I haven't entered (yet) so you can have first place on the alphabetical list :).


Great, you saved me having to explain the Brazilian to Happy .. lol. No need to be embarrassed. All part of life.
Do I sense that you're losing interest a bit in the process? Just wondering after I read your post.

God, I hope you didn't get stung by the bees?? love looking at them but wouldn't want to be attacked by them. You take care :).

I suppose its possible that people are reading this and taking notes but I wouldn't think so. You reckon someone may be building up profiles based on posts ... hmmm maybe not such a bad idea ... lol.

Have a lovely weekend ...

Love .... ciao ... Phyl

Saturday, July 09, 2005 6:43:18 AM  
Anonymous said...

G'day Richard! :) 'new kid on the Blog' :)
Oh what a beautiful mornin'...oh what a beautiful day...I've got that wonderful feelin' .....everythin's goin' my way :)
My Middle Son just received word that he is going to Uganda and not Kenya for six months. In September he has to be in Vancouver Canada for a months training and preparation, then October the team will leave for the rural areas of Uganda where they will (re)construct water purification and irrigation systems. I also received word that a favourite Uncle of mine has moved from Guilford Surrey, U.K. to SPAIN, one of my favourite countries!
My family including myself are born travellers, as far back as I can remember Mom and Dad (Moms and Pops) Bless them, moved many times during the course of my childhood days in Cape Town South Africa.
I guess travelling is 'in the blood'.....must go way way back to the days of 'shlepping' through the Sinai Desert with Moses & Co. :)...that goes for all of us who identify with the desert, for I have an affinity with it. Love the stark contrast of sky...sand...winds and creatures that inhabit those arrid areas on our beautiful Planet Earth. The fascinating creatures of the desert some only during the day and others during the night. The Namib Desert is one of those mysterious places on Earth with the beautiful wild horses that roam freely still to this day.
By the way the book 'I Dreamed Of Africa' by Kuki Gallman is amazing and also loved Kim Bassinger in her role of Kuki in the movie of the same name. I heard that Kuki was not impressed as the movie did not fully depict the whole story, she still lives in Kenya with her daughter. How exciting that time is going so quickly for you, I can identify with the innate desire to travel again, to connect with the people of distant lands, observe their ways and 'dance their dance'
even for a brief moment. How exciting to travel with someone of the same consciousness, not only the travelling but the comraderie, companionship...friendship...and most of all to share all the 'on the spur of the moment' events that occur along the way, and lots of laughs for sure :) Well I am practicing for years already in that I walk to work every day, with my backpack over my shoulder,
a song in my heart and a smile :)most days a little 'skip' in me step. The Tenants and I of the house we are renting have been briefed that a move is inevitable
as soon as the house is sold. I am biding my time for the moment to see how things unfold with your ongoing Search for Romance and Adventure, it is ALL in the timing and my whole Life for whatever reason is gearing 'up' for change, in the true sense of the word! I would LOVE to be a part of this amazing journey as you well know by now, time to go 'out on a limb' :) in every sense of the word, the whole 'kit and kaboodle':)
'out of africa'
Senior Bachelorette :)
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s important to note, I do not always comply with what is 'expected' of me...I do It My Way! If it 'woiks' voila, I give it my best shot! A DREAM OF MINE IS TO GO ON A SAFARI IN AFRICA!!! :) WHEN I DREAM I DREAM BIG!

Saturday, July 09, 2005 6:47:05 AM  
happy said...

to marlyn
Now I'm in a HURRY---BUT I have to say: I TOLD you I'd show my ignorance! :( LOL! Sounds hugely PAINFUL! & then to do it again & again..I'm just not into sadism. :) Guess the guys like a little more fur here.
You're feeling this bloggin' in the noggin, huh? The bees' nest just stirs up thoughts. Good to hear some good brains out there!

to ciao...p
YOU got off Scott-free didn't ya? LOL (Irish-free?) yes, I'm guessing legal added the abled part.
Also had invisioned a 'war-room' with blog-tracings all being watched...HA! Just the product of a vivid imagination!

to VJ
Fortunately we have several herds of wild western mustangs in CO, WY, & OK - at least. Also there's a famous wild pony round up in Chincoteague, VA every year...and I think there are wild horses in Russia, and I'm sure in Iceland. So, LONG MAY they ROAM! They are a beautiful symbol of the ultimate freedom: lots of room, lots of sky, & lots of grass!! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005 7:13:03 AM  
Anonymous said...

To Phyl:

FYI: I have not applied either and I don't think i will. However, i am enjoying everyone's comments, including yours of course.
I am learning so much here. From pinched nerves to pink pants. It's quite therapeutic. BTW, I am blogging from the US of A.


Saturday, July 09, 2005 7:47:35 AM  
Anonymous said...

to anon
you said it-quite therapeutic- but then talking girl talk usually is isn't it-don't know if i'll apply either-got the feeling from the get go that when he said "the woman I'm interested in being with will have a similar background." that he was talking about more than just fitness & moral qualities-am i the only one who thinks he is looking for a gorgeous monied society-type, what with having been there before-he's not the R. Roe of Tailhook fame is he?-gad-i hope not-

Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:05:09 AM  
Anonymous said...


Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:27:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

Well... i am hoping that his intentions are good and not doing this for personal (monetary) gain.
But some think he is and some think that he could be the frog women are searching for.
My other question re "And while it should go without saying, absolutely no involvement with drugs of any kind."is:
How about menopausal women? Some of them are taking some type of drugs to relieve symptoms, don't they? And other aches and pains that goes with the age. What does he think about that?

Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:27:49 AM  
Anonymous said...

To 'Anonymous' (from the US of A)

Glad you're finding it therapeutic :).

On your second posting .... ohhhh tut tut ... you are stirring the pot aren't ya ... lol. I don't think prescription drugs are what were being referred to .... just the 'illegal' ones ;). We'll see if you get an answer to that one!

To next 'Anonymous'

What is Tailhook??

To 'Anonymous WHO IS SHOUTING' about WHO HAS TIME TO READ ALL THIS STUFF ..... well you, obviously .... ;)

To Happy:

LOL ..... yep Marlyn beat me to it... luck of the Irish ;).
You know I think I'm gonna have to do overtime monitoring this while you're entertaining your grandkids.
Maybe someone can start a fund or something to pay me .....;);)

Lol ........ ciao ....... Phyl

Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:42:27 AM  
Anonymous said...

*LOL* not really stirring the pot, just want answers. Dont you?
It's almost impossible for Richard to answer all the posted questions but i thought maybe i can get some from somebody and i have been. I guess, you don't jump in the water without knowing how deep it is.

I was going to say to anon: "then what are you doing here?:

gotta take a break!

Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:54:19 AM  
Debby Eddy said...

Anonymous Hi its Debby Eddy...............Have you read African Nights by Kuki Gullman?
Also very good.


Saturday, July 09, 2005 11:04:00 AM  
Linda in Tucson said...

Has anyone heard from Richard in a direct personal way in the last several weeks?
Richard: shouldn't you be letting people know if you have ruled them out, or have an ongoing interest? When does the voting begin? It would be quite sweet if you would interact with us a bit!

Saturday, July 09, 2005 11:44:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

Howdy Richard 'new Kid on the Blog' (Senior Pink :)
I'm comin' out so ya better get this party started! :)
Senior Bachelorette
'out of africa'
Vj ....alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada
p.s. reminder.... me birthday July 22nd!!!!!! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005 11:53:36 AM  
soft_rain said...

Good afternoon Richard
Hope you have a wonderful day.....

Saturday, July 09, 2005 12:08:48 PM  
soft_rain said...

Before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down.
Don't carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow.

Subject: Stress Management

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, " How heavy is this glass of water? "
Answers called out, ranged from 20g to 500g.
The lecturer replied,
"The absolute weight doesn't matter It depends on how long you try to hold it.
If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem.
If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.
If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.
In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes."

He continued,
"And that's the way it is with stress management.
If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later,
as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on.
As with the glass of water,
you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again.
When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burdens of life."

Ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

! Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.
! The second mouse gets the cheese.
! When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
! Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
! Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
! Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
! Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.
! If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
! Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open.
! It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
! Never buy a car you can't push.
! Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.
! Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.
! You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.
! Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance
! Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
! We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colours but they all have to live in the same box.
! A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
! Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

Whatever burdens you're carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can
Relax; pick them up later after you've rested. Life is short. Enjoy it !
Have an awesome day and know
that you were thought of today.

Warm Regards

Saturday, July 09, 2005 12:52:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Soft Rain ...

Like your stress management techniques ... especially the glass of water example :).

Hey 'Anonymous' from the US of A

Course I have lots of questions ... all of which I have posted here on various blog dates. Still something about you .... what State are you blogging from?
C'mon ........ tell ...... you know where I'm from ... lol.

Vj ..... where exactly are you coming out to party so we can perchance join you.... :)
Also wanted to ask you who is 'new kid on the blog' you refer to? Is it 'Richard in Pink'? ... If so, doesn't have quite the same ring to it as 'Lady in Red' !!!!!! :).

Just my Sat night humour kicking in. Interesting times ... people I haven't heard from for some time have been turning up (metaphorically speaking) all week ..... weird ....

I still haven't figured out the HTML scene ... *will follow Happy's instruction manual to the letter*.

Love and ciao to all ...... Phyl

Saturday, July 09, 2005 3:27:28 PM  
Mary R said...

Dear Richard, Sat night and both of our "Classes" are finished. Mine was for a special group of "Higher Ups" and almost like a Pilot (Should they or shouldn't they invest thing.) I just have to tell someone, and you are it. I got 9 out of 12 perfect evals. 5 being the high scores, I got two 4's for not exaxtly following the book and one 3 for not having longer hands on practice. I tell and thank you because I knew you were talking film making so I just pretended there was someone filming my class as a Documentary. I am used to high evals., but not such a high persentage of PERFECT SCORES. Whow, the infulence of a new 'Silent Partner.' Thanks, Mary Rose

Saturday, July 09, 2005 6:07:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

can't tell... sorry *lol*
HTML tags... letmesee...
Tags given to us:
b= bold
i= italic
a= bold, italic, underlined ???
Add one or more tags in the beginning of a sentence and close it with same tags adding "slash" before each letter. Don't forget your *less" and *greater* than symbols.

How's that for explanation?
really hope it helps.

Saturday, July 09, 2005 7:54:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

here is a good site for html learners.

Saturday, July 09, 2005 8:00:27 PM  
LeeislesVT said...

Hi All,

I’ve just got to say my piece about this old Geezer thing. Someone says he shows character and that is true...what I see is sarcasm, negativity, rudeness and many other derisive adjectives...funny I don't see.

We all seem to feel we can do this better than Richard. Constructive suggestions are fine but I see a lot of criticisms and orders. This should be fun, constructive, and a way to communicate our ideas and feelings to Richard. I see many smart ladies here and I enjoy reading there comments. Although it seems that this is being treated more as a chat room than as a blog...but is a free speech world and Richard is free to delete as he wishes.

Patience is a virtue.

Friday, July 15, 2005 2:20:58 PM  

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