Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Weekly Post- June 28, 2005 **New Blogging Method**

Hi Everyone,

Just sent the Senior Bachelor Newsletter. Hope you are all well. I mentioned in the newsletter that for sake of time management, I need to manage the blogging process. Hopefully, it will make it easier for all of us. This is my first blog and my first website. Before launching the Senior Bachelor Search and Journey I only used my computer for e-mail. I'm learning a lot as it grows and grows. It's good to hear many of you are learning along with me. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes!

I am going to post only one blog or post per week (unless something arises which calls for another blog). Let's use that post to write all comments for the week. I'll archive the old blog and start a new one every week from here on. This way all of us will have to look in only one blog for any new comments. I'm hoping this will free more time for me to add more comments as we go along. If this doesn't work, we'll try something else. Thanks for bearing with me on this.

Summer is slowly showing its warm and sanguine bloom in Manhattan Beach. I found a place online that shows the beach in Manhattan Beach on a live webcam. Try this link http://www.surfviews.com/ . This is a great jumping off place for my world travels because it always so nice to come home to. Also, it is so close to my sons and their wonderful families. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
A chiropractor will put back in place whatever was displaced by being on the computer freeing your nerve. I have been seeing a chiro for the last 20 years after being in a car accident. My knee hit the dashboard. My foot would fall asleeep as soon as I raise it a little. I went through all the motions of going to a specialist for insurance purposes!)understanding full well that the exercises he was given me were not the answer. On a spiritual retreat I asked if anyone had any idea of what I should do and boy did I get an answer: Dr M. Almost everyone there has gone to see him for various reasons. I did see him and was hooked. My daughter and my son-in-law are now going as well.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005 6:37:17 PM  
KLew said...

Richard--holistic care is so good.
I was in two--count'm two rear end collisions within 9 months. Passenger both times and no I did not have a sign on my back that say "Hit me!" Anyway, I have found so much help with chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. Also, a naturopath helped me a lot. I believe in taking care of your body by preventive work--unless someone is not paying attention to their driving. Now living in So CA can you imagine that? Maybe you need a vacation from all of us women! Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 6:57:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

Good Evening Richard:
Pinched Nerve in the Neck. Well I believe all you can do is stop using the computer for a couple of weeks. I've dealt with the same thing from over using the computer while doing a lot of data entry to start an on-line business. My shoulders ached and the hand I used on the mouse was horribly painful. Sorry, but I think that is about the only thing (non use of the computer) other than numbing with ice.

Loved your news letter. The story from "Rooney" was well put. As we get older we definitely have a better idea of self and self-worth as woman or men. Nothing infuriates me more than to be out with my two beautiful daughters and have men 70 years old starring at them. I mean really, how insulting they should be staring at me. (Hee Hee) Anyway, this newsletter in my opinion showed a more relaxed and comfortable Richard. Now I'm going to the site to check out the new changes you mentioned. I guess as we go we become more comfortable with this new technology.

Feel better, pinched nerves are so painful. Ice lots of ice. Get someone to help you with the computer.

Best Regards Suzanne Mesa Arizona

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:10:30 PM  
Mystic said...

Hello Richard~
I liked the new idea for your Blog. I agree, it could use a new name.
Sorry to hear about the neck. What we won't go through to find a 'soulmate'. I've used acupuncture and Reiki (energy work) before, for different things. Also, have you ever heard of the AIM program? Their webpage is: energenicmatrix.com I've done that too. I give a great neck, shoulder massage....come on over to LV. :)
Keep breathing RR.
Ready? Set? GO! (probably not today)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:30:03 PM  
catbird said...

Greetings Richard and all you wise women out there. Okay, sounds like you've gotten lots of good advice so far on the pinched nerve. A chiropractor is a great idea but massage from a good Neuromuscular Therapist would be even better. A combo of the two would have you back in business in no time. Also, you might want to find someone who does ElectroTherapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS). It works. There is also lots of new technology out there that would allow you to work on the computer in some different ways. I'm pretty technically challenged myself but I do know that physically challenged people use computers all the time and you could borrow some ideas from them. I know it isn't very practical for you to stay off the computer for any length of time. However, I do tell my patients (I am a massage therapist and Reiki Master) to take a break at least once or twice an hour to stretch, get a drink and move around a bit. And if all else fails, you could look at this from a metaphysical point of view. Ask yourself 1)what/who is giving you a pain in the neck? and
2) What side is it on? Right (male) or left (female)? Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it's on the left! Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) says some interesting things as well.
Wish I was there to help you out but I guess that'd be cheating. How do women react to you now when they see you in public? I would think it might be pretty weird to have people making such a fuss over you.
I just received and forwarded the Andy Rooney message myself. I had seen it before but it is always nice to read again. It seems there is an increasing amount of information starting to circulate about all of us wise women these days. It's about time!
Hope your neck gets better real soon, Richard.
Take care, Catbird

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:48:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

Suzanne of Mesa Arizona said....
Ladies I'm getting ready to take a trip from Mesa Arizona thru Laughlin, Las Vegas, Ely, Wells Nevada thru to Twin Falls Idaho up to Bellevue to visit an old highschool girlfriend. Anyone interested in meeting me on my way up, let me know at ambieryn@cox.net - maybe I can make some new friends
Best Regards, Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:49:10 PM  
Carol in Riverwoods said...

Yes Richard, I'm pretty sure that quote is from THE Andy Rooney. I think I heard him deliver that commentary, and it's a great piece. Also, I love the new blog format. I'm just too busy to keep up (and I'm not half as busy as you are!) Finally, thanks for some of the great comments and advice from yesterday's blogs, particularly "happy," "cathyincarolina," "catbird" and "karen," to name a few.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:55:25 PM  
~cassidy~ said...

Dear Richard,
What you need is a towel filled with rice that you can heat up for that 'ol neck problem. Works for me every time. My grandma made me one. Anyway, it's good to hear that you're family is doing well! I guess I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:56:08 PM  
From my sister said...

Hi Richard. . .stiff neck? You need to quit stressing and have fun with this. . .What are you doing? Why are you doing this chaos? Why don't you go for what you want. You whine and complain and YOU are the one who started this. I am out of the process. I don't want you anymore. I want someone who knows what they want and goes for it. I originally thought that is who you were. You are trying to please everyone in the world and it is a full time job to please yourself. You are spinning your wheels and if you're not careful it will affect your health (as it has). . .Get smart - stop the insanity - choose a woman (or 50 if that is what you want) and go have fun. Just reading your words gives me anxiety. I'm a counselor and deal with people who get in too deep and can't get out. I certainly don't want to do the same in my free time. And, I certainly don't want a guy who can't make a decision. Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:04:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

Richard-- let us know when you'll be waving to us on surfview.com. That would be a great way to say Hi.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:13:58 PM  
happy said...

to RR & from my sister

Recently I came across some potent tidbits in a book by Steve Hagen: In Zen Buddhism teaching, "picking & choosing is the mind's worst disease." He says that the "maximization of choice brings, not true freedom, but a form of bondage." My favorite is a German expression he mentions, "Whoever has choice, has torment."

Looks like that neck-ache's not gonna get better for a while! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:39:00 PM  
Tisch Alexzander said...

Hello Richard,
My name is Tisch Alexzander. I am F,F,F, and F. I am 5'9". Blonde,fit. If you have an interest I will send the photo, etc. Mother of three adults. Age: 57, as of yesterday. My best friend gave me your Web site as part of my birthday present. Really liked your photo. You're a picture of health, prosperity, confidence and certainly adventure. In addition, handsome. But perhaps I should make this about me now.
I am an interior designer, specializing in new construction, interior architecture and finish material specifications for custom homes and builders. I work and live in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. and Telluride, Co. Obviously I have good taste in living environments.
My life has been great mix of love, joy, children, career, fiends, people, traveling, and learning, learning, learning.
Many gifts and enough reality to keep me grateful and real. I thought my 40's were the best years, now finding the 50's to be an "awakening" and all the good things this offers.
If you would like to answer:

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:43:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your neck, Richard. I know how painful that can be. If my gray matter recalls correctly, I believe sex is a wonderful way to relax those muscles...but seeing as you are looking for your soulmate prehaps that is not the best route to take at this time. I have found the best next thing to sex is soaking neck deep in the hottest bath I can bare. I come out looking like a lobster, but feeling like a wet noodle. In fact, that is where I just came from and I can hardly type right now I am so relaxed. I work on a computer all day so I take great delight in my evening baths. I do have to agree with Catbird that if you can't get away from the computer for a few days, at least take a lot of breaks while you're on it. Get up and do some stretches. I jug up and down the hall at work just to keep the blood flowing...it keeps the rest of the office entertained as well.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:54:29 PM  
Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Roe:


I came across your story in People magazine and i am half tempted to submit my information!
I know from experience that it is tough putting oneself "on the line" (so to speak) and be completely sincere about what one wants and doesn't want in life. There is that fear of rejection that comes up, and there is also the fear of not knowing what to do with true love once one finds it! But I am rooting for you! You're my hero! At 33 I am also redefining my life, and I seem to be getting younger and not older. Like you I am passionate about travel, sports, health, and fun, so I know where you get your "high" from. Aside from martial arts, and scuba diving, my current passion is snowboarding. I've decided to make a snowboarding film with friends, which will document the reasons why "kids" (of all ages) are so enamored with the sport. Any tips on film making would be appreciated!

Wishing you success, smiles, and many many happy moments on your journey!! :0)
And remember, sometimes the thing that makes life worth living, is to manifest the impossible.

A female fan from New York City, who's counting on your success!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:07:32 PM  
Anonymous said...

Once again, RR deleted my post that he does not wish to be seen, nor published... Pity....

RR: Unfortunately, I printed it and saved it...

I'll see about that. In the meantime, I do wish you luck, you will need plenty!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:12:53 PM  
~cassidy~ said...

Dear Richard,
I've read some comments and WOW do you have some really awesome women after you! I just really hope you don't stress TOO much over this whole ordeal. Im just telling you to never give up, ok? And there are some discouraging comments too, but pay no mind. You're such a cool guy. Keep runnin. One of my favorite quotes is:
"i beg you... to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. and the point is, to live everything. live the questions now. perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without ever noticing it, live your way into the answer..." (rainer maria rilke)
I'm not sure who said this, but it's helped me a lot with my questions about myself and life. I hope it helps you out too. KEEP ROCKIN!!! I grew up without a dad, and let me just tell you that your sons are so lucky. If i had a father, I wish he'd be like you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:02:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard!
I can identify with your pinched nerve and the discomfort as a reult of it. My left arm is still in a 'splint', I see my Dr. today again and making good progress. A quote from a book I once read: "Life is a gentle progression from point to the other" Sorry to hear about your discomfort and highly recommend an Aromatherapy Massage, there are amazing Aromatherapists around and I am sure no shortage in sunny Manhatten Beach! :) The scented oils are very relaxing and healing in addition to the neck treatment!
That reminds me to contact my Aromatherapist, haven't had a healing since my fall of April 2004!
Thanks for the interesting Newsletter and the picture of the Namibian Woman. My dear sister and brother-in-law lived in Namibia for a few years and were very fortunate to see the elusive wild horses of the desert, which are rarely seen! Keep on keeping on and thanks for the encouraging article of women 40+. Now in my fabulous fifty-fifth year:) I feel more energized and excited about Life than ever before!
from 'out of afrika'
Vj alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Carpe Diem
Toronto Canada
p.s. You are truly blessed with a handsome family, 'Like Father Like Son' :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 3:39:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

Richard, Apply ice packs to get the inflammation of the nerve to subside,as that is what usually causes the pain. Good Luck! MBruni

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:01:58 AM  
Anonymous said...

Howdy Richard, Oprah and all who post here from U.S.A
HAPPY 4th of July!!!!
I have always wished to celebrate the 4th of July in the States, maybe one day that wish will be fulfilled :) talk about wishful thinking yep! :) I believe NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
May we all have Peace in our hearts and the World!
from 'out of afrika'
Vj alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:14:08 AM  
Anonymous said...

Dear Richard -
I agree with MyriaminVA. A chiropractor is great with almost all that ails the body. Would add to that a Blue Tooth for your cell phone and a head set for your regular phone. We sometimes do not realize how much time we spend "suspended" between these three items. Add to that (solitary)warm baths nightly with a fine wine and scented candles and you are good to go in a new adventure in about a week.

Marlena de Nueva York

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 5:42:39 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard
I think the massage sounds good to me- umm for your neck! : )
I work out hard every day and a great massage every 2 weeks keeps those aches and pains away. I loved the Women Over 40 story!That is so great and true! Hang in there and don't listen to those nasty negative comments - they don't even know you and are judging you already. They definietley wouldn't be your type anyway. I guess I don't understand why some can get so unnerved by your efforts to find true love. I think it will be worth a pain in the neck in the long haul. Take care of your self, take a long walk or work out, and relax some also.
Paula in Fla

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 6:11:23 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

All great suggestions and comments. I'm going to have some fun exploring all these options! Once again, ladies, life is a learning experience. Here I am doing something new--something new happens-- which leads to other new experiences. Keep up that positive energy-- I feel better already!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 6:33:49 AM  
BlueEyes1947 said...

Good morning RR and everyone else who is blessed with another day! Well you certainly have received great advice on treating your pinched nerve and I think you should try them all...if nothing else you will certainly feel pampered. Richard, are you use to being pampered? If not, that's a shame. There's nothing better than a couple who truly cares about each other and enjoys pampering the other...that's what I miss. I love the Andy Rooney commentary and it is even better to hear him recite it. Now the part about the little . . . . . . . . pig . . .
...it's all in the presentation! lol Hope you have a great day. Brenda

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 6:42:51 AM  
onrynurse said...

Good Morning Richard!! Good Newsletter!! Loved the Andy Rooney thing!!

Put ice in the neck and alternate with heat...Need an anti-inflamatory to take,too....a massage might help....

But you need to do exactly as your doing... make the process less complicated and time consuming for you.......time not typing will be healing time!! As well as lightening your stress load!!

Take care of you, Richard....Ok.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 7:10:26 AM  
Anonymous said...

to all
You know what irks ME?! That one of us - or several - "really awesome, loving, caring, fantistic women" didn't think of & DO a senior bachelorette ourselves!!! LOL :O

I wonder if we'd get a similar response from "awesome, loving, caring, fantistic" men as Richard has from women? Wouldn't that be an incredible flow of energy to us?! Keep us goin' to 101 !! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 7:27:40 AM  
Anonymous said...

To From My Sister
I whole-heart agree with your comment :)
To Anonymous
If you have some negative comments about RR, then write it in the blog for other to read and judge it themselves instead of keep writing some of these negative phrases. Questions for you: Could it be just a mis-understanding??? I hope so :). Let have some fun in life here, and stop being so serious. I am not sending my bio at all; so do not take me the wrong way of defending RR. In any event, if you are hurt by the circumstance, heal thyself...:).
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:07:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

Richard, If you can get a small bottle of "Mountain Savory Oil", and rub it directly into the area on your neck where you are having pain, I think it will solve the problem. Mountain Savory is an essential oil and excellent for the problem you are having.
It is safe, and it is effective.
"All the Best". JEF

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:16:01 AM  
Anonymous said...

to anonymous
git yore drawers out of a knot about thet e-mail fer cryin' out loud!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:30:36 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,

Like the new blogging method,good idea.

A Poeple reader and Oprah watcher

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:55:13 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...

Re: the comment that a Senior Bachlorette being a good idea, Certainly. I never imagined such good energy would be stimulated thru RR's search, I see lots of great things happening in a population of folks that have so much to contribute.

I certainly hope this spurs some "copy cat" interactions in this group. One of my male friends said he wants help with a project like Richards. The initial exposure like RR got on Ophra would be a barrier, but with this group of intelligent people, where there is a will there is a way. Love to all.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:09:16 AM  
2 sandy said...

Just wanted to tell you how much your comments on women on 40 was. Everything you said is so true and I admire you for acknowledging what must of us think. Somehow a lot of men do not think the same way. Thanks again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:10:50 AM  
Jane said...

Hello Richard and fellow bloggers.

Regards your poor neck. I have treated many clients with the same complaint. Do get it sorted as quickly as possible as it will eventually affect the the whole arm and hand. Very painful. I agree with a good chiropractor and also follow up with specfic muscle release or neuromuscular massage/techniques to relase tension areas.However prevention is better than cure so it would be worth keeping the following in mind.
Always check your posture while working. No bending over or hunched shoulders.Check if you are sat straight in front of the computer and not at an angel. Is your chair the correct height. Take lots of breaks and have a timer/alarm which sounds every 20mins to remind you to stretch and move.I take it you have a wrist rest. Be careful when you lift especially those lovely grandchildren of yours.At night check how you sleep i.e.your pillows. Roll one small one under your neck as you sleep. Where and when possible do lots of stretching to help release tension in the area. If you need more details yell but must fly as still working.
To all the ladies who write in a big thank you. To the man himself don't be put off but remember why you started all this. Think back to the times when you saw the sunsets on your own. You can have everything and yet nothing if you are not with the right person.Follow your heart.You have all to gain and nothing to lose.

Much love to all Jane (from Britain)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:27:53 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

OK, per your suggestion, and to show enthusiasm for this adventure I am going to submit my first blog ever.

First of all I wanted to state that I think this a great fun thing you are doing, and hey isn't that what life is all about, trying new things. I have learned over and over again that you can't please everyone, will share my popcorn story at the end of this note.

Because I am typically at work from 8 to 5 ish I will not be blogging very often, but did want to make some comments:
- I sympathize with you about your pinched nerve, been going through some of that myself with my back. Note: For those of us who may be submitting our materials please keep in mind that the occasional pinched nerve from stress or whatever does not mean we are not fit. Thanks, and with that said, Here are some suggestions for your neck. Ice really, really helps with the inflammation and I'm sure some holistic things can help as well. Massage helps and mild stretching. An orthopedic doctor may be able to prescribe a machine called a Tens unit, a small device which provides some muscle stimulation and can be worn while you go about your day. It is great and makes a huge difference. This is used by physical therapists as well. Must say though that I am not sure if it is just used for backs..
- There are some truly amazing women out there that I admire for their comments and honesty.
- Loved the Andy Rooney quote and the remarks it contained about women over 40, oh so true, and respectful!

Now for the popcorn story...in my occupation we provide training for employees, much done by video tape particularly for the people who work in remote locations where this is their only mechanism for engagement. During a particular time period I made the comment that I felt like Blockbuster, only without the popcorn. Then, light bulb...why not send popcorn to all employees involved with this training. Sounds like a great idea right! Yes, great, creative idea, the thousands that received their microwave popcorn in their mail slots sent in thanks and loved the light-heartedness of the approach. Of course, not being able to please everyone, we received a comment on our chat board about what one person thought popcorn represented that I can't quote in this blog. It was however, a derogatory comment directed at management and the selection of popcorn over say granola. Anyway, the point is, and we reference this story a lot at our workplace, if people complain about popcorn, they'll complain about anything. So please keep that in mind when you hear these negative comments just laugh and remember the popcorn story.

Best to you with this adventure, I think it is great! I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and chatting.
Take care.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:29:01 AM  
Marie said...

Hi Richard --
For that pinched nerve, first check your ergonomics -- how you sit at the computer. Sit up straight and have the monitor at eye level. Work in several short sessions, instead of 3 hour marathons! For immediate relief, use an ice pack...then make two appointments -- one with your favorite chiropractor and another with a massage therapist. If you're ready for chemical intervention, use an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Hope you feel better, soon and can continue your search. Originally, I had planned to send in a bio and video and join the "journey". After some soul-searching, I discovered that I am really quite happy where I am in life, surrounded by a multitude of family and friends. I wish you well, and that you have success in finding that special someone!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:32:40 AM  
Anonymous said...

Enough advice about the neck, already! It's getting redundant ! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:48:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

to popcorn222
:) LOVE the 'if they'll complain about popcorn, they'll complain about anything comment'!! How true.

to Richard
re your neck..at the gym I attend my favorite 'workout' item is the "stretchy Chair"--don't know what else to call it (maybe a warm-up chair?). That thing is a Miracle Worker on achey shoulders, backs, lower backs & necks. You merely sit on the chair & through various leg, arm, and body positions the tilting seat leans you back against the force of your own weight holding onto the chair handles & it stretches everything! It feels great! Plus it works almost immediately.

I tried it for my neck under the "can't hurt, might help" premise...and it absolutely worked.

Hope you can find one & try it - during all that 'relaxing time' you're going to commit to. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 9:48:55 AM  
Travelin said...

O.K. Richard, now everyone has said go to a chiropractor. Sorry folks. How about find yourself a Good Osteopath. No they are not voodoo doctors.
An Osteopathic Doctor is a real Doctor. They find the underlying cause first, then try treating it with manipulation first. I know, my ex and my late father in law, my brother in law are all Osteopaths.
My father in law was great in treating with manipulation. So is my ex. Now my daughter will be joining the ranks in a few years. She starts med school next year.
They also work alot thru holistic medicine. I am allergic to most antibiotics, so I always go to an Osteopath first. Thank God I am healthy.
Good luck with your neck. Pinched nerves are not fun.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:30:24 AM  
Sharon said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 11:27:11 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

I want to thank all of you who have sent in advice for treating a pinched nerve. I have taken your collective advice and have just returned from a massage therapist (only the second time in my life and I wonder why I haven't done this weekly!!) and from a chiropracter (first visit ever) where I had my first adjustment. I have changed the eye level of my computer, and am sitting with an ice pack on my neck, and I do feel better. I am happy to see so much interaction on these blogs. As you know, I am relatively new to the world of computers and seniorbachelor.com was my first website, and up until a week ago, I did not know what a blog was!! I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend. Very best wishes to you all (yes, even to that "special" anonymous). Richard Roe

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 11:38:43 AM  
SnowSunFunOne said...

I've learned to listen to my favorite orthopaedic surgeon:

Me:"Doctor, it hurts when I do _____!"
MD:"Then don't do that _____!"

Listen to your body.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 11:41:49 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,terrific!!,so glad you are back from your first massage(not a neophyte anymore!!),hope you booked several;not just to work on your neck muscles..but to enjoy the journey of "letting go"very hard to do in this society.(and to keep the stress of this "project"at bay)
thanks for the web-cam of Manhattan Beach,what a beautiful place to live.You are lucky.
Take Care,Enjoy,Continued healing I am sending positive "NRG"..to you,Sybil

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 12:15:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

To all you Canadian bloggers - Happy July 1st on Friday. To all you American bloggers - Happy July 4th on Monday. To everyone - have a great long weekend celebrating your country and may you spend some time with family and friends. As for myself, I'm spending some alone time (greatly needed) resting from a long school year and reading one of the many novels I've put on hold until now. Then I'll go and visit my aging Dad. All the kids are at bbqs with their friends and I'm glad they'll be having fun. Time alone is oh so necessary at times, so I do hope that when we're travelling, Richard, you'll allow us both a tiny bit of it. :)
Leslie in VanCan

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 12:38:38 PM  
gypsy cowgirl said...

Hi Richard...Just got done reading your last response after coming from the chiropractor etc. I laughed and laughed at "all the stuff" u did and were doing...there's our Richard returning to the fun...of course I am not laughing at your pain...just at how cute u r in the sharing of all the things u did...
u too, have a wonderful restful and happy 4th. Your gypsy cowgirl from Calif. not far from you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 12:42:11 PM  
ssk said...

Dear Richard,
Sorry about your neck. Definitely check it out with a chiropractor or osteopath, but if it happened from sitting at a computer, check your chair to be sure you have good back support. Also, focus on your posture at the computer. Be sure your head and neck are not pushed forward when you are sitting, and don't take your laptop into your bed!

I had similiar symptoms a few years ago and got relief from a simple yoga exercise which simulated traction. Sit on your heels, raise your arms over your head, inhale, exhale bend forward touching your palms to the ground, inhale up and continue --- start at 11 times and work upwards to 108 (I never could get past 26).

Hope this helps: nothing worse than a a literal pain in the neck!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:06:00 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Hola from Montreal in La Belle Province!
Just FYI.......ditto re the Osteopathic approach for your neck. My daughter is a Medical Dr and recommends Osteopaths vs Chiropractors as they have much more indepth medical training. Better safe than sorry!!
One other thing....I find I am getting a titch bogged down by Blog, Bloggers, and Bloggettes. Am quite dismayed and disenchanted, (as I am sure are you), by the level to which some allow themselves to be reduced to when faced with challenges and adversity. Fascinating...n'est pas?Quite simply put:

It is what it is.
It isn't what it isn't.

At the risk of being redundant:
Yet another very appropriate quote from Dr Viktor Frankl's book "Man's search for Meaning"..
On chosing one's attitude:

"Everything can be taken from a man
but......the last of the human freedoms - to chose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to chose one's own way." p.104

Again, I highly recommend this book to one and all.....an easy but highly life altering read.It has become my "life bible"! Richard did you have a chance to pick up this book??

also...hang tight...keep on trucking and remember things could always be worse!
The heart never lies!
Bonjour et a la prochain..
(good day...until the next time)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:06:17 PM  
onewhitegardenia said...

Every year on my birthday, from the time I turned 12, one white gardenia was delivered anonymously to me at my house. There was never a card or note, and calls to the florist were in vain because the purchase was always made in cash.

After a while, I stopped trying to discover the identity of the sender, I just delighted in the beauty and heady perfume of that one magical, perfect white flower nestled in folds of soft pink tissue paper.

But I never stopped imagining who the sender might be. Some of my happiest moments were spent in day dreams about someone wonderful and exciting, but too shy or eccentric to make known his or her identity. In my teen years, it was fun to speculate that the sender might be a boy I had a crush on, or even someone I didn't know who had noticed me..

My mother often contributed to my speculations, she's asked me if there was someone for whom I had done a special kindness, who might be showing appreciation anonymously. She reminded me of the times when I'd been riding my bike and our neighbour drove up with her car full of groceries and children.

I always helped her unload the car and made sure the children didn't run into the road. Or maybe the mystery sender was the old man across the street. I often retrieved his mail during the winter, so he wouldn't have to venture down his icy steps

My mother did her best to foster my imagination about the gardenia. She wanted her children to be creative. She also wanted us to feel cherished and loved, not just by her, but by the world at large.

When I was 17, a boy broke my heart. The night he called for the last time, I cried myself to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, there was a message scribbled on my mirror in red lipstick: "Heartily know, when half-gods go, the gods arrive." I thought about the quotation from Emerson for a long time, and I left it where my mother had written it until my heart healed. When I finally went for the glass cleaner, my mother knew that everything was all right again.

But there were some hurts that my mother couldn't heal. A month before my high school graduation, my father died suddenly of a heart attack. My feelings ranged from simple grief to abandonment, fear, distrust and overwhelming anger that my dad was missing some of the most important events in my life. I became completely uninterested in my upcoming graduation, the senior-class play and the prom-events that I had worked on and looked forward to. I even considered staying home to attend college instead of going away as I had planned because it felt safer.

My mother, in the midst of her own grief, wouldn't hear of me missing out on any of these things. The day before my father died, she and I had gone shopping for a prom dress and had found a spectacular one - yards and yards of dotted Swiss in red, white and blue. But it was the wrong size, and when my father died the next day, I forgot all about the dress.

My mother didn't. The day before the prom, I found that dress waiting for me - in the right size. It was draped majestically over the living room sofa, presented to me artistically and lovingly. I may not have cared about having a new dress, but my mother did.

She cared how we children felt about ourselves. She imbued us with a sense of the magic in the world, and she gave us the ability to see beauty even in the face of adversity.

In truth, my mother wanted her children to see themselves like the gardenia - lovely, strong, perfect, with an aura of magic and perhaps a bit of mystery.

My mother died when I was 22, only 10 days after I was married. That was the year the gardenias stopped coming. That was 23 years ago.

I am no longer married, I know who I am and what I want. Richard you are what I want. My video and biography will arrive overnight, along with one white gardenia.

Hugs and kisses

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:29:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

Thank you for removing the blogs from anonymous...the ones that would upset everyone else. You are truly kind and thoughtful. I wish her well and hope she tries eHarmony. It appears the poor dear is just a little stuck and needs us all to send her positive thoughts to move her along to her true destiny. "Today is a wonderful day, I choose to make it so" "I choose to experience the sweetness of life" Blessings to all

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:06:13 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, Ladies,

Yes the humour has returned. All of our necks are now better and we got some great advices for working at our computer and it is... free!!! eh!eh!
By the way my friend is both a chiro and an osteopath, and a PT, an acupunturist, a medicine man and more. He went back to medical school for his degree at 55!

So when this is over we could maybe introduce all of our male best friends, the ones we dearly love but would probably kill if we were married to them and do some blogging to connect.

I was going to answer the "negative", for lack of a better world, anonymous but decided not to waste my energy! We live in a world of duality! So I honor your choice and let it go.

To the French Canadian: Bonne Fete!
I have a friend who is an Egyptian Alchemist (aromatherapy)in Bromont. Maybe we can meet one day when I go and visit him. Bonne journee!

Happy 4th of July to the rest of us and while I am at it: Bonne fete de la Bastille, July 14th.

Richard said he would answer some questions for us so let's have A little fun here:

RR, do you snore? Is this Chris who's shown you snoring in the video?? if yes! how much??? Do I/we need earplugs?? if you don't want to answer put Chris on line! eh!eh!

Sports: which sport(s) do you practice and which one do you like to watch in person, on TV?

If you could have just one romantic day/night? how would you wish to spend it? where?

How tall are you? I am 5'1. I like tall man! but negotiable!

You have been all over the world several times, do you speak another language and I don't mean bad words which is the first thing we learn!! I know the worst insult in Greek and no, I won't tell you!! my (male) Greek friends would not even translate it for me and God only knows it was one of their favorite word! it must refer to certain part of their anatomy!Which one is the mystery, eh!eh!

Do you like to read?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Maybe you could take the Myers Briggs test if you have not done it already. Eh!eh! I did that as a teacher at the State Deaprtment so we could relate better: 30 French, Francophone African, North African, Belgian, Swiss teachers in one place. (and I am not even mentionning all the other language teachers) Quite interesting and another tool to know thyself.

That's all folks! Any questions from you ladies out there?

Luv, Joy and Fun to u all,

PS. the idea of one blog is fantastic. I enjoy reading everyone's message but rarely have time to go back to the old ones.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:58:53 PM  
ngiuntoli said...

So it seems women are becoming a pain in the neck.
I agree with going the holistic route and have had amazing results using acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain. A few years back while teaching an aerobics class I demonstrated how ‘not to do’ an upper body exercise and in the process pinched a nerve in my neck. At least the class got the message.
A good friend and fellow instructor recommended her acupuncturist. I was a bit nervous since it was a first, but immediately felt I was in the right hands. One treatment did it. I’ve also had back pain treated with positive, though less dramatic results.
Ask friends, neighbors and people on the beach for recommendations and testimonials. My own opinion is that those working out of small, possibly quirky spaces are the best, maybe because they do it from the heart and not the pocketbook.
I’ve been keeping my eye on you ever since catching the last five minutes of your most recent Oprah show. This single Seattle mom of two fantastic boys (15 & 20), divorced for 10+ years, had given up the idea that adventure and romance could come hand in hand. Maybe I should reconsider and submit a tape. I like what I’ve read about you, except for the being in pain part… And how about a nice long massage? Best wishes ~Nora

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 3:16:07 PM  
Ms. Wright said...

Hi Richard,
You probably are a wonderful man like so many women are thinking-but I have learned in life, we all have our own unique personalities.
What is a perfect man for me is not a perfect man for everyone. Obviously your first wife and girlfriend found something missing in their relationships with you. Obviously they cared for you very much or they still wouldn't be friends. Could you spend some time exploring what you desire (beyond fit and fun) and what has been lacking in other relationships? I think it would be helpful to all the women that are seeking their soulmates and considering this journey.
Thank You

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:53:42 PM  
Barbara said...

Dear Richard,
I am a computer teacher at an elementary school, I also tutor older adults. Congratulations! Your web site has inspired many women to have some fun online.
Good Luck in your search.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 5:50:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hello to All
This my first time to blog so excue
any errors.Enjoyed Andy Rooney. Check out Ronnie Mcdowell song Older Women make good lovers.Says it all.Try THERMACare heat wraps I get mine at Wal-Mart They are 8 hrs of heat Air-Activated, Only down side is they are for 1 time
use. Enjoy all the coments from all, so many great ladies. Have a safe and great July 4th.
from my Arkansas Mtn.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 5:51:34 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
I have a wonderful Chiropractor here in Michigan. My Mother has started seeing him for her pinched nerve 3 weeks ago and is making great improvement already. This has been a problem off and on for 40 years. Don't wait for relief.

I would happily make an appointment for you and make sure you arrive safe and sound.

You may also want to get wrist braces to prevent carpel tunnel and also use the appropriate wrist pads for the keyboard. Best wishes

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 7:29:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

hello again a correction about
Ronnie Mcdowell's song should have been Older Women Are Beautiful
Lovers instead of Older Women make
good lovers. Both are true but need to get the words right about the song. Few more words say that we could teach the younger a thing or two. Sorry about the error.
From my Arkansas Mtn.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:15:05 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Merci a tous
et Bon Weekend a vous!!( wishing you all a great weekend!!)
Bon (Happy) July 1st for us Canajuns (Canadains) et Bon (Happy) July 4th for y'all south of the border!!
Onwards and upwards to all!!Enjoy every single bite!!
Que la vie est belle...tres tres belle!! ( Oh how wonderful life is!! so so wonderful!!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 8:28:00 PM  
ClickGirl said...


The only show on T.V. that I ‘can’t miss’ – and have set up to regularly record on DVR - is Oprah. She is such a beautiful person and I have such great admiration and respect for her. And I have learned so much from her and the wonderful wisdom that she brings to all of us. When I saw the show where you shared about being The Senior Bachelor, I loved it! What a great idea! And what a great way to show that ‘life goes on’ – even as we go into our 50’s, 60’s … and beyond. My initial thought was – ‘I’m going to do this’ – because I would love the ‘Adventure’ of it. But – after reading your website and considering the requirements – I realized, sadly, that I did not really qualify.

I am 55 … have always been ‘Female’ and I am most definitely ‘Fun’ (ask any of my friends). I am ‘Free’ - in most regards - and could be available -time-wise- for a month. And Travel is my very favorite thing to do. I have traveled extensively (for biz and pleasure / backpacking to luxury hotels) – and it has provided some of my best ‘life moments’.

I also think that we have some things in common – in that I am a Producer/Director … and some of my favorite adventures have come from capturing images … telling the stories … and preserving the moments of life of those who I have been privileged to meet and work with. If you are interested, this Website and Demo that my colleagues and I put together has samples of our work – and shares our philosophy: http://www.dreamkeepersmedia.com - It has been a wonderful career … and a humbling life experience. I am anxious to view your ‘Pop&Me’ … as it sounds like a wonderful documentary. And, honestly, I am intrigued by you – that you have so opened yourself up … and ventured forth ‘where no man has gone before’. I’m fascinated by this exciting journey that you are taking … and wish I could be part of it.

Unfortunately, I don’t meet the ‘Fit’ criteria … as I have been through a battle with Breast Cancer and many surgeries and chemo took a lot out of me … and added some to me as well. And I have been struggling with that for the past couple of years. I am making great progress … and have been planning a trip in 2006 – close to my Valentine’s Day diagnosis date - to celebrate five years Cancer ‘Free’! So, though I am working my way to ‘Fit’, I am not quite ‘there’ yet … so am not eligible to take part in this exciting process. But … I will be watching and following your journey with great interest … and sending good and positive thoughts your way!

I loved your Popcorn story! So true … isn’t it?!!

You crack me up! As a native Floridian, I’m going to have to think of some great reasons why you should visit our fair state! : )

Sob. What a beautiful, touching story. Thanks for sharing.

The quote that you mentioned - by Rainer Maria Rilke - is from ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ - originally translated and published in 1934. It is one of my favorites! I first saw it in the 80’s, in a little book called ‘Live The Questions Now – The Interior Life’ by Beth E. Rhude. Thank you for bringing those thoughts back to me again. What wise words from one so young.

Best wishes to all who are able to participate in this great, life venture. Enjoy the journey! I’ll be sharing the excitement with you!

My very best to all of you!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:03:30 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

Salut to one of the many "Anonymous" bloggettes
So many thanks for the warm regards, I am actually an Anglophone (English) from La Belle Province, originating from Toronto area. All said, being a current resident of "Ethnicity" or Montreal allows we locals many priviledges and luxuries ie access to so many wonderful diverse cultures including, amongst many other treasures, their languages. My 3 daughters are fluently bilingual: fluent in English, French and one is trilingual inc Spanish. As it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks I am relatively fluent in French only as well. We have always considered living in "Ethnicity" such a wonderful opportunity.
So again.......muchos gracius!!
Et bon journee
Should you get to Bromont I would consider it a pleasure to introduce you to Montreal where....la vie est tres belle!!
Ciao, Bonjour, Syanara, Shalom, Oyasumi, Ra-tree sawat, and of course Buenos noches xox
ps....How is your neck doing??

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 11:44:44 PM  
Coach said...

GOOD JOB, RICHARD! I admire your fortitude. You have embarked on a rather remarkable endeavor, that seems to be getting larger by the day! I am considering throwing my hat in the ring, although I have no idea whether I could find you interesting since I have never seen you on TV or in person to see your mannerisms, your MO, etc.; and I find it hard to believe that you could figure out whether I am interesting even after I send the video! Because of this skepticism, I have never participated in any kind dating "service" because, historically, I have to see, hear and touch the man and feel that "spark", or it is a "no go"!
Case in point: About three years ago, I was taking a walk by myself along the Cinque Terra on the Northwest coast of Italy (Riamiaggiore, to be exact!). There was a man also walking along alone. He was not handsome, but he had an interesting, sophisticated look about him, and I fantasized why he might be out here all bundled up in the middle of January by himself. And then laughed at myself when I thought that he was probably thinking the same of me? We finally spoke as we walked along, and it turned into a lovely afternoon...he seemed to like to do what I do, which is explore and research the land, its history and culture. So, we spent several hours walking, exploring several parts of the little village. But much of our conversation was about our lives "back home"; his in Australia, a retired Master Chef, now driving a taxi...for the adventure of it; and mine in So. Calif, retired from a large CA company and now teaching and coaching a speech and debate team at a community college...for the adventure of it. I was intrigued by how similar were our lives on completely different continents: backgrounds, kids, divorces, etc. Then it happened: he touched me. It was an innocent touch. He was pointing out something, and I was looking the wrong direction so he took hold of my shoulders to turn me to the correct direction to look. An electric shock went through me. I was literally "shocked" at my reaction to that touch. Before that touch, he was just a nice gentleman with whom to spend a lonely afternoon. Since this story is getting much too long, I will cut to the bottom line. As the sun got low in the sky, he invited me to dinner. I declined...lots of reasons (or excuses) that I will explain later if we ever meet. However, I have regretted not going to dinner with him now for three years, even while I was in another relationship for awhile!! I feel ridiculous, thinking about a man I only knew for one afternoon on a rocky path along the Italian coast! BUT, I have resolved that I will NEVER, EVER turn down another opportunity to find out what the electric shock was all about, next time I feel it.
So, I WILL apply, just for the adventure of continuing to look for another shocker. Unfortunately, you will not hear from me until August. I am leaving for London and other parts of England for a month...doing some research there. I hope to make time to think about what to do with your video...and prepare it when I return home (to my beach house in San Clemente...you're not the only one who lives in paradise!) This is an intriguing project, and I will proceed if, once we meet and talk, there is electricity...for each of us! My wish for you, is that somewhere among all of us, there will be one or two, or six, who will knock your socks off!! Best, BEST wishes for a successful "shocker". sharon

Thursday, June 30, 2005 1:55:45 AM  
happy said...

to Richard
Heeere I am again. Managed to stay away a whole day...reckon that means I'm not addicted to blogging, huh? Good practice, anyway, for the hiatus which visiting grandchildren will soon impose! :) Ah! the sacrifices we Grans make...

Question #1: Do you always go by "Richard" or do you use a nickname? Just curious. NAR (no answer required)

Question #2: Has all this unearned adulation gone to your head yet? I hope not. Obviously there's something about you which attracts me or I wouldn't be here when I could be working my butt off at the gym..go figure! [pun intended]

But "Richard..we hardly knew ye...."!! Reckon I'm just not the "groupie" type. Curious? Very definitely - because of the 'pull' I felt from your Oprah appearance. I am a fantastic, indefatigable, personal cheerleader, - absolutely! But I'm not a throw-my-keys-to-you kind of person. (WAIT! WAIT! Richard! Don't hit that delete button!!! I'm not done yet! :)

Gotta talk mostly to the women now!

to all
As for questions about prior realtionships, I'm sure they are on the minds of many of us. And no doubt the same questions concerning us would be prominent in Richard's mind. (At least they should be if he's sincerely are looking for a healthy, committed realtionship!)

At any rate, without taking anything away from the sincerity & validity of ms wright's comments, explorations of that sort between the thousands of us would, in my humble opinion, be inappropriate. I personally would have to be seriously considering a personal committment to someone before I spilled those kinds of guts!! And it wouldn't be on the web! :)

to onewhitegardenia How fortunate you were to have such an incredibly sensitive & loving Mom! She sounds like she was the epitome of what many of us aim for in that supreme role.

to clickgirl I've been asking the 'powers that be' for years, "Why do I remain so darn healthy, when so many I know are given the trials of sickness?" I feel like I've been passed over by some quirk. Probably because I'm short and in the 2nd or 3rd row of the picture - just haven't been seen yet!! At any rate, of course, I am immensely thankful, but I do keep wondering: What is the purpose of my health? Perhaps 'encouraging' others IS my purpose. I seem to be a born encourager and have had many chances to do so.

My good health has made me feel rich in wonder, gratefulness & love & compassion for those who have health challenges. It also makes me appreciate our modern medicine! I have one friend who's out-lived 3 'Five year' timelines..through the marvels of medicine & the most positive thoughts imaginable. He claims the encouragement he receives from so many friends & strangers is the force which helps him through the difficult times! I hope I am a part of his force & your force too.

So to you clickgirl: Go woman!!Kudos! Godspeed. Wonderful Valentine anticipation in 2006!& Happy thoughts - enhanced by thousands of others' thoughts, I am sure.
"Something to do, something to love & something to look forward to." :) That's what we need in life.

Sounds like you've got the dream job!! I would love to know how to do that! How exciting to be telling the stories--and it's so obvious EVERYONE has at least one! I will definitely look up your site.

If I hadn't known that my 2nd grade friend was a "native Floridian" I would have thought you were just being funny - presenting us with the oxymoron of the day! :) Now I know there are TWO native Floridians. Ha. If you think of an interesting place I should visit in Winter, let me know please.

to coach NO! Say you didn't turn down dinner 3 years ago!! Bummer! Forty years ago I turned down an invitation under similar circumstances. It's easy for what was 'not' to always seem sweeter than what 'was', but still...I think about it & wonder. And drat! Fate has chosen not to give me another chance..until.. :) maybe.. now?? (Wonder if it would be a 'shocker' or just another pleasant meeting?) Ah - the dreams!

I certainly don't live in paradise, but my mind's pretty happy! I do live very near what I think is the only land-locked former Naval base in the USofA! Ha. Top that for exotic, you guys! Guess that doesn't quite make me a beach bum! Still, good things come outta here. :) Just ask Dr. Phil.

tosnowsunfunone 'Don't do it if it hurts' reminds me of the blonde joke: Blondie goes to the doc and complains that everywhere she touches hurts. She points & whines, "here, & here, & there, & everywhere I touch, Doc!." Doc says, "HHmmmm..Think I know your problem: Your finger's broken!"

Okedoke---wonder how long it will be before Richard puts a word LIMIT on how much we can blog??? Oh well! Not yet!! so Lucky Moi! bye....outta here :)

Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:29:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

To Bloggers who liked the POPCORN story...Thank you!

BTW...I watched POP&ME last evening, it is simply BRILLIANT. Showed a very sensative Richard, and Chris, a great son. I believe that a man who is not afraid to shed tears is a very strong man.

Richard and All, have a great holiday weekend.


Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:35:16 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Morning Richard! Ladies,

How are you? I am so glad to hear you have gotten help for yourself on your pinched nerve, and all of the advice has helped the rest of us bloggers as well!!

OH GUESS WHAT? a friend of mine has been able to locate a video camera! I am now so EXCITED that my dream just might have a chance of coming true!! that shock that I felt- when I saw Richard's Picture, and heard his voice, oh-oh--I had better stop there-- NOW I will be able to join in on the LETS PUT A FACE TO THE NAME OF THAT BLOGGER!!! for "Richard" any way, and of course, he will have a voice too... And my bio, along with a picture, oh wow Richard, I am actually going to do this.. The rest of you all have a pretty good idea of who I am already..

TO HAPPY: Thank you for your support you are always right on top of things, and of course, calling me cinderella helped a bunch!!
TO: FROM MY SISTER: MAYBE RICHARD HASN'T MADE HIS CHOICE yet because that electric shock or whatever it is that he is looking for has not hit him yet, and that is why he continues his search.. so good for you, that you want to continue your search too in another direction where your electric shock knocks you off your feet..
TO MYRIAMINVA: GREAT QUESTIONS! I am sure he has adopted some BACHELOR habits, but as single women, we have too! we learn to adapt!, A good laugh while we do it.. maybe tickle each other or chase eacher around the bedroom, that's always fun!! I could give advice on other ways but I would get kicked right off the blogging system!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
PLEASE-if you need some help getting over this ask someone, there has to be a Dr., a friend, or a help line, but blogging isn't helping you. I am Wanda Whitworth
johndeere@compupls.net if you want to chew my bottom go ahead, if you want to come find me here I am, Polson Montana, On the RESERVATION a Native American Indian. (half breed), I look white, I have blue eyes that are as big as the montana sky and just as blue. I am 5'0 tall, 105 pure muscle, and always smiling.

Oh by the way, I won't be blogging for the next week, My Dad had a stroke yesterday, so I am taking my grandson, and my Mom to Blackfoot Idaho.

I want to wish all of you a HAPPY 4th of JULY and a SAFE 4th.
keep blogging! when I come back, I will ask for a short version-then I will have to learn how to blog all over again-hahaha

TO Everyone,

Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:46:21 AM  
happy said...

to wanda You've provided us with a lot of good words. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Tough times. I definitely support you with hope & love for you & your family on this journey. May it be peaceful.

However !! Go on your way with this thought in mind: (Please take it in the light vein it's intended!:) JUST MAYBE it was MY - MY OWN- glass slipper & MY cinderella-ness I was referring to. HA!

BUt that's all right.....I'm sure there are many of us who feel that way! SO--If the SHOE FITS...!

My Native American heritage (Seminole) was denied, because at the time of 'enrolling' there was great discrimination against them and my great-grandmother would not put her name on the rolls. More's the pity.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:08:17 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

To Happy and all the Ladies,
I wish Luck to all of us in search of our soul - mates, for this is not just a trip winning contest for me, I believe in Love, always have always will, you all have spoken of nothing but travel, here travel there, it has been interesting read. I dream of those places! and yes would love to go, no deny.. however, I am in search of Love!!! If Richard and I do not click when I meet him IF I have the oppertunity to meet him, I won't go, that simple, even if it is for a month... you see I am not greedy, OR MAYBE YOU ARE HIS FIRST choice !! this is MY HEART!! and your HEART!! I HAVE NO HARD FEELINGS HERE, let's continue to be friends.. I love all of you insight. And I hope to meet you in person some day we should have plenty to talk about.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:32:25 AM  
onrynurse said...

HI....to all,
Have a great 4th!!!
Am off for first time in ages!! U know, us nurses a glutten for punishment!! Gonna spend it here at home with the family!!
SOOOO glad, Richard,that the neck is getting some better!! And I thought I was the only one on earth that had never had a massage or seen a chiropractor!! HA.......
I just love reading all the comments and stories here!!
Keep up the good work ladies!!
Richard love the return comments from you!! Course you are the reason we all are here!! You have sure brightened up our lives!! Be sure to relax and enjoy the Holiday.....
Love ya all, or as we southern born would say "yall"....Linda

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:59:40 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...

To Wanda, Read your e-mail if you have time before you go. Hope your Dad will do well.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:09:45 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...

Sorry Wanda,

I guess I had the wrong e-mail address for you, my message did not get delivered.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:12:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Ah come on people .... leave Stephanie alone and give her a break. It's interesting (sort of) reading some of the reactions to her blogs.

People don't need to get angry with her because she chose to write the way she felt. Maybe the people who are angry with her might look at what it is that is causing their own reaction to her words!

Just my little suggestion ... *dives for cover* ;).

Take care everyone.

Ciao ........ P

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:19:40 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

Hi Richard,
Sorry to hear about your back, sounds like it is better - massages are wonderful. So is hearing the waves breaking on shore.
Ever heard Lee Marvin sing "I was born under a wondering star....." I heard it this morning a got a real kick out of it. It is from the soundtrack "Paint Your Wagon" .
Take care (~.~)

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:21:59 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Hi, yes it is me again, something I forgot to mention, the quote from ~Belle Livingston~ it was on my e-mail this morning from Oprah.com
Today's mission calendar, if any of you are interested. Oprah has some great mission statements that come out almost every day.
at any rate, it holds true for alot of us, sometimes we have to look within ourselves to see what we are really searching for!

Now that I have taken enough space here, I will sign off, so until next week, Don't do anything I wouldn't do! haha!! hehe!!!
okay, okay, just keep it to a low roar, and be safe!!

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:23:08 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

To Wanda Whitworth
Sorry to hear about your father

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:27:36 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

that is johndeere@compuplus.net
sorry was in a hurry please try again.
thank you.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:28:02 AM  
ceesoo said...

clickgirl -- dreamkeepersmedia.com is VERY cool. Richard, perhaps DreamKeepers (the perfect name in keeping with this whole venture) can have a part of filming this Romance and Adventure if Chris can't do it. Thank you, clickgirl, I will also pass this info on to my daughter who is a film/video major at the University of Michigan and looking for internship opportunities ! Lovin' this networking....

Thursday, June 30, 2005 11:41:17 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Hi gals, yeah, I know what you are thinking.. but I am going to get on the road soon, and I was thinking maybe I should tell you a story too.. about 20 years or so ago, I was working in Ketchum Idaho of course I grew up in Idaho, so working in Sun Valley was where all the Movie Stars hang out in the winter, at least all the ones I wanted to know.. any way I was lucky enough to be able to tell"Clint Eastwood" that I had been in Love with him since I was knee high to a grass hopper.. I doubt he will remember me though, I was a cashier at the local drug store and he was quite ill.. he was also going through some rough times with "blondie" and wasn't able to get on the slopes yet. He was very polite and said well Thank You, of course, then shortly there after, I was able to hold Jamie Lee Curtis's Newly adopted baby girl, while she and her husband bought diapers and such for her.. so even though you all have traveled around the world, I have had my own non-forgetable experiences too.. and can also drop a few names. I have more stories, but I have just ran out of time. See ya all oopps---
chat with ya all next week...
Have a Wonderful Day,

Thursday, June 30, 2005 12:43:01 PM  
Mary R Hubert 119 said...

Dear Richard,
Thank you for going public with your quest. Us sincere "want-to-be partners" and readers are reminded to redefine and not loose track of our own goals, whether they be Personal Growth (via your inspiration), Entertainment (via your adventures, blogs, boggs,& progress,) and/or Enchancing our own skills (with the help of your open honesty).
Shakespeare said, "Life is a atage." You, Richard, are such a handsome Leading Man in this timely inspirational role. What you have told us about your background qualifies you even further as a leading spokesman for our large segment of today's population.
Pursuing your dream-- "80% not marriage minded?" I believe some number less then 80% have given up their dreams & hope of finding their match. It became easier to settle for 2nd best,living together for the convience that provides. What keeps me pursuing my Partnership Dream is one of my favorite sayings. "No one would have ever crossed the ocean if they could have gotten off the boat in the storm." Our past experiences have shown the value of "Hanging On." We continue to get what we need, even from help like yours, when we need it. Trust, be open minded and we will go where our chins point.
I,like you, take great pride and pleasure from helping others as I continue my quest, knowing the increased potential of Teamwork. I realize that alone, I am NOT unsinkable.
I must rationally deal with my constant yearning for a Loving, Warm, Reassuring "It will be OK" hug from my real partner. I also want to be his Muse.
Bloging-- Thank ,you Richard, for a way to communicate with our Piers.
Ladies & Gentlemen, am I way "Off Base" by thinking 1 month auditions spell Vacations, where we all can get through? I fell Richard's original 6-month plan would certainly be prone to changes and alternates as realities appeared: Tsunamis, Illness, etc. For those of us free NOW,willing,primed and able to add our talents and experiences, wouldn't the longer commitment reveal real characters and smell less like "playing the field?" Sorry Richard, I just had to ask.

Dearest Richard, I feel your partner's female ATTITUDE will sparkle with Adaptability,Compassion, Love, a little Leadership and a lot of Courage. Your shared Passions will evoke Fun. As much as my family, friends and I feel I'm naturally right to hold your hand and share your smile through the next chapters, the outcome is up to our Higher Staging Director. My "NOW"part seems to be using what living has taught me to encourage and nuture your leading role.Hopefull I will reapear in Sept to continue being an asset.
Ladies, remember the saying "Behind every successful man is a woman?"
Aren't we glad Richard has gone public, openly recognizing our value. It is as if we have all already received a Rose.
Thank you Richard.
Mary R Hubert 119

Thursday, June 30, 2005 1:44:58 PM  
ttt said...

Dear Wanda,
Thank you for your stories. Sorry about your Dad illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Have a safe trip and a loving time with your Dad.
Happy the 4th to everyone and RR.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 2:14:31 PM  
BlueEyes1947 said...

Good afternoon Richard...just went to the surfview website you mentioned...it's a great quick trip to the beach since I'm up here in them thar hills of Tennessee (Chattanooga). I can almost hear the waves lapping against the sand...or is that me hitting my head against my monitor? It's that kind of day! If I send my video just look for the female with a monitor imprint in her forehead. How's the neck...better I hope. If you're putting a list of questions together to answer for us gals, would you add...are you religious?...how do you feel about pets?... Other than drinking, smoking and tattoos, what other taboos are there? If you have already answered these...oops I missed them. Now go out and play on that beach and have fun for us...Brenda

Thursday, June 30, 2005 2:36:11 PM  
neva said...

Happy Independence Day!

Here is some light reading when you can find a couple of hours:

Dating After 50: Negotiating the Minefields of Midlife Romance
by Sharon Romm, M.D.
Quill Driver Books, 2005
ISBN # 1-884956-39-4
Info@QuillDriver Books.com
1-800 497 4909

Enjoy and have fun.


Thursday, June 30, 2005 3:37:06 PM  
Nancy Spencer said...

Hi Guy,
About you neck use a Bed Buddy(not that kind) It's a Hot or Cold Pack and you can use it in the Microwave. It's like a long tub so it hangs around your neck and you can still work on your computer. You can get them at any Drug Store. I agree the other kind of Bed Buddy would be more fun.
Try it you'll like it.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, June 30, 2005 3:49:32 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, Ladies,

Thanks Happy. I too believe that prior relationships should not be discussed here in details because it involves someone else and her/their privacy should be respected.

I, too, am divorced. It did not work because even though I loved him our values where different. He's remarried and is happy with 3 kids. When they come into town to visit our daughter during the holidays, I am there too. This is the past. I have no hard feeling, it took me a very long time and lots of personal work to get there but it was worth it. I would not be where and who I am today if it was not for him and the experiences we share! and of course, the way I re-acted to them. Would I want to repeat them. Heck no! that is why I am still looking.
So my question would be, Richard, how what you went through helped you grow?

The English language is great. We have 2 words: Love and Like. We can love a person unconditionnally but not like what they are doing I went to a workshop years ago (all about emotions!) and this young girl was very upset and felt guilty because she still loved her father who was in jail. I told her: there is nothing wrong with loving your dad. He is your dad! you don't have to agree with what he did though.

To the two ladies with the spark. You had a wonderful experience regardless, and know that it can happen again. I went there too except that I saw him everyday and the connection was powerful, but... he was married. so end of the story!It was not meant to be in this life time!

Wanda. I'll send you an email. Mine start with "dragonstar13" so you don't delete it thinking it's "junk mail".

Good night. MyriaminVA

Thursday, June 30, 2005 4:29:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Stephanie,
Check out my website: www.MyriamEnergy.com
I can feel a lot of pain behind your comments???!!! I may be wrong.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 5:32:48 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Evening all,

You may not have noticed, but I took a little hiatus, just a couple of days, wanted to observe.

First I want to say that I haven't traveled a fraction of what most of you have. All this has made me realize just how much in life I have missed. It weighs on my mind to think at 50 years old I'm still not where I thought I would be or how much I haven't seen. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just a night of reflection. I am envious and happy for you at the same time that you have had these opportunities. Other than not speaking another language, or quoting great cliche's from famous poets, all I have to offer is the one thing that I have an abundance of...love. Like Wanda, I, too, am looking for love. The kind that gives you the "shocker" every day for the rest of your life. Maybe I live in a fantasy world, but I do believe that if 2 people love each other to the ends of the earth, everything else seems immaterial. My search has been long, but not futile..I have a lot of hope.

To Happy: Your comment about having something to look forward to is how I live. I look forward to every day and its possibilities. The possibility that I hope I can some time soon meet the man of my dreams, and most importantly, recognize him when I meet him.

On the flip side of all this..

I am excited to say that I have a date this Saturday with a gentleman from Grand Rapids, MI. (sorry Richard)He's an educational consultant, loves to dance and is a runner. All great qualities. I am always hopeful and somewhat cautious. (the cautious side of me is the side that sends up the red flags) (poor table manners, long fingernails, white shoes..lol)just kidding..we'll see what happens..

Have a great Holiday all...Be safe.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 6:45:36 PM  
ClickGirl said...

Thanks for your encouraging words … and for your wonderfully positive attitude. I, like you, was extremely healthy … and so my diagnosis was not expected at all (not to mention that ‘the odds’ were against it being anything serious). But I do have to say that there were life lessons to be learned by the experience – and ironically, I was actually able to find some good in what I went through. Mind you, I was fortunate to catch it in the early stages (Ladies – please take seriously self-examination and regular check-ups and Mammograms. It saved my life). But I now, thanks to chemo, have great wavy hair … after living my entire life with super straight hair … and in envy of my two sister’s beautiful curls. : )

I also always knew that I had a lot of great friends and a terrific family … but I honestly had no idea how much I meant to people and how many friends I had. I guess I was just so busy living life – that I never really stopped to think about it. But it was quite amazing … and I was in awe of how supportive my whole personal community was. Like your friend – I found that was a huge source of strength for me as well. And now – I am the one that everyone comes to – to ask questions and advice … and I have been able to return that care and support many times. So … I actually feel very blessed and fortunate – that what I went through had a positive end to it. And keeping things in perspective and having a positive attitude were key to survival, for me. My entire medical team kept telling me that they wished every patient had the kind of attitude that I had … but I just was determined that cancer would not be the end of ‘me’! At any rate, when I read your posts – I suspect you are the type of person who offers the same kind of care and support that I received - as a natural extension of what seems to be an incredible personality. So … Thanks much! I love reading your posts!

And – Yes – I do have a dream job! : ) But I don’t really know how I do it. It is just something that comes from within me. I often wonder how it is that I actually get paid quite well to do something that I love so much. And I do a lot of non-profit work … which is just so meaningful and really helps to satisfy that philanthropic desire within me. Being able to reach in and touch a person’s heart – and know that there will be a huge benefit from that response … it is a good feeling. Anyway – I do feel incredibly grateful.

Too funny about your 2nd Grade friend. There are not too many of us ‘natives’ around. : ) I live in Tampa – and our Clearwater and St. Pete Beaches are some of the best in the world. I have a special section on the north end of Clearwater Beach that I go to – and have a 4-5 mile stretch that I walk. I love the early mornings … or close to sunset – when the dolphins roll in the waves right off shore. Just magical! I’ll have to see if I can find a live webcam of it – to compete with Richards view. (ha ha).

So sorry about your Father. I hope that you will have strength during this difficult time.

Also – you mentioned living in Montana – on a Reservation. I had to mention to you that - on the website that was in my last post – there is a page that you might find interesting – ‘Now in Production’. It features Dennis Banks (Nowa Cumig), from the Ojibwe Tribe – and co-founder of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Our team spent a week on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota, and had the privilege to meet and interview Dennis and his family. His interview comments are worthy of being in a historical museum somewhere … and he is quite an amazing man. The first night that we were there – he insisted that we stay for dinner. His daughter cooked a wonderful meal … and as we sat there – I kept thinking, ‘I’m sitting right here - next to Dennis Banks … having dinner’. That thought just kept running over and over in my head. I finally had to get over my ‘awe of the moment’ – and live it. It is one that I will never forget. In fact … a whole week of moments that I won’t forget! : )

Thanks much for your kind comments regarding DreamKeepers… and best regards to your daughter. She has chosen an exciting and diverse field! I actually started out as a Multi-image Producer – creating wide-screen multi-projector shows for events – after seeing a 12 projector Kodak show. As soon as I saw it – I knew that was what I wanted to do. It took a lot of hard work – and truly was a dream come true to get into this industry. But well worth all of the effort. About DKM filming Richards journey … Oooohhhh – I think that would be too hard for me – since I would want to be IN the journey … not observing it. (ha ha) Besides – I’m sure that, IF he is going that route, he has plenty of support in that regard. : ) But thanks for the huge compliment!

Cool site. I just took a glance at it – very interesting - but I want to read more about it – when I have a little more time.

TO RICHARD – AND THE LADIES OF THE BLOG: Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Enjoy!!

Warm regards,


Thursday, June 30, 2005 7:27:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

Quite comical ladies...

RR getting rid of me? Many of you know what happened. I stated it very clearly. And I couldn't care less what RR thinks. I do know what kind of so called "man" he is, as has been proven. He wants ONE thing..Publicity..Why else would Oprah's name be here, as well as the ads? Think about it..Do you really want to be put up there, as a piece of media meat, for him? FYI, ladies..I am a very well educated professional nurse, an electrician and have had more happiness in my life as well as wealth than RR will ever know. At this point in time, I only wish him well. He showed me that he is not someone I would want to meet.

Good luck to you all, this should be interesting, to say the least. If you want a direct e-mail of the e-mail he sent? Just ask....



Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:54:27 PM  
Mary R Hubert 119 said...

So Hi again everyone on my 1st day.
I am wondering what the can means at the end of my Message. I don't see another.

Thursday, June 30, 2005 8:57:24 PM  
Mary R Hubert 119 said...

At least there aren't delete cans on your messages. ;-)

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:09:25 PM  
Anonymous said...

Richard and All,

Have to say that it is really interesting reading everyone's comments and must admit that I did not realize I would be monitoring this blog so much.

Richard you have really tapped a source that was lying dormant in all of us, quite remarkable!

The one thing that I would like to say here is that in spite of, or in praise of, all of our past experiences we all now start with a fresh slate with you Richard and have the opportunity to be forthright about what is important in our own individual way. As someone pointed out,this in not merely the quest for having a great travel experience, most of us have traveled pretty much from the remarks, but the hope and POSSIBILITY of finding a lasting, healthy love and FUN life relationship.

No matter what the outcome Richard, thank you for that. You are now in a shop of treasures for your choice.


Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:14:48 PM  
b1ONNDE said...

Hi Richard. Glad to hear you're enjoying massage. Just remember, prevention is uppermost. Use the keys instead of the mouse as much as you can. Tennis elbow is very painful. I'm on my computer alot and have experienced it all. But everything that happens is a learning process.
To the anonymous lady who suggested we blog later on to introduce our spare male friends to each other--WOW, great idea! Have a great July 1st or 4th!

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:41:44 PM  
Canadian Bloggette said...

hey Stephanie,
pls refer to my earlier Blog....
everyone has the freedom to chose. Each one choses to see that
"it is what it is"( to them)
or "it isn't what it isn't " ( to them)
Each and every person involved in this "Quest" has the absolute freedom to chose their own way. I am sure you will concur that we are all so fortunate and blessed to live in a wonderfully free and democratic society, where we all enjoy this freedom to chose, we must learn respect of others and meet them where they are at any given moment in time.
LIFE IS A TERMINAL CONDITION and it is getting shorter minute by minute... why not make the best of it??
Take care of you
Ciao bella

Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:49:30 PM  
happy said...

OK--this is getting slow. How about another topic of conversation heading toward Independence Day? I'm open to suggestions, but here's mine: "Having been 'around the block' already, here's my list of turn-offs from a man: xxxxx". No one is perfect, of course, but at least we could give Richard a whole lot more insight to the mysterious, illusive female! Our July 4th gift...Ha! :O (Keep us pretty darn busy too!)

Friday, July 01, 2005 5:52:56 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...

You must be EST zone. I have noticed that this blog is slow in the AM waiting for our new found friends to get going in the western time zones.

Absolutely, "XXXX", you are referring to kissing??? It is definitely the "litmus test", if they don't have the right qualities in that kiss, especially at our age, you cannot re-train them now.
I guess I think I must have influenced a lad or two, when we were "teenyboppers", but if a guy has not developed that tender, yet passionate, lip connection by now. I just do not get that "shocker" experience.
And it is futile trying to teach "us old dogs-new tricks" in the kissing rehlm.

Friday, July 01, 2005 6:22:37 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...


I have been trying to locate the Blog that gave very specific directions on positioning keyboard, mouse, and I think it said "you should not look up at your monitor".

I already re-read Marie and Jane's comments but I thought there was another on ergonomics-----if anyone remembers who's comments were very comprehensive, please respond. Lost in Blogville!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:02:11 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Morning Richard, Ladies,
well my Dad is doig wonderful!!! yeah!! smiles, smiles, how are you? Richard, I have a question that I just have to ask:
Ready? Are you A patient Man? Now think about this.. then please give all of us a couple of examples.
like-- for instance- if a lady is getting ready to go out with you, and you have been ready for at least an half hour, and maybe she is having a bad hair day? is she worth waiting for, if the end result is her best look just for you. now mind you, you might have had a bad day too.... just what kind of patient man are you? what would you say? what would you do?
now how about a traffic situation? and you are in a hurry? but you just can't get any where fast enough? how patient are you now?
I have my answers.. I am waiting for yours..

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:06:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

Richard, Make sure you see a massage therapist right before you see a chiropracto, this is very important. This will relax your neck muscles. Not that good to have an adjustment when your muscles are that tight.
Take care...

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:11:55 AM  
Anonymous said...

:-( my suggestion about Pain in the Neck was a little too late. Been busy and just read your newsletter and Your Blog this morning.... at least i tried.

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:22:14 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

My Dearest New Friends,
Just A Quick 'THANK YOU' To Everyone-- I really appreciate all of your support-Well Wishes-and Prayers- the e-mails that I received were Beautiful. Once again THANK YOU....
I have made some wonderful friends here and hope to maintaine these friendships for a very long time to pass even after our beautiful expience through blogging!! and hopefully meeting in person.
have a wonderful day,

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:23:49 AM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Morning Richard, Ladies,

I have a quick question Richard. Is the Namibian woman with your newsletter dressed for festival or ceremony? I am very much into hair and fashion and she appears to be dressed to the nines! Beautiful lady and outfit. Or is this every day dresss for her culture.

Ladies: Just when I think I have a world of problems, I just start reading the blogs. My heart goes out to all who suffer from illness or losses of loved ones. You're in my prayers.

I'm going to say one thing to Stefanie and then I agree with Happy, let's change the topics here.

Is this how you repay someone's trust, by betreyal?
Let it go!

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:24:56 AM  
sweetcaroline said...

had to chuckle at the blog about whether or not richard snores. snoring is a major deal-breaker!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:28:06 AM  
happy said...

to cathyincarolina
I just get up early :)--Have to say I do miss an EDST sunrise though.

For the ergonomics info, it was Chris at about 5 p.m. on June 28...on the blog previous to this one dated June 26

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:28:09 AM  
katefromcapecod said...

onewhitegardenia said "When I was 17, a boy broke my heart. The night he called for the last time, I cried myself to sleep."

You're lucky, gardenia. The same thing happened to me, but in '01 & by the high school sweetheart I thought I could always trust to never hurt me...

Friday, July 01, 2005 7:49:07 AM  
happy said...

to wanda -
:) !!

to katefromcapecod -
- yep...been there - done that :( I do not intend to compare pains, but after decades, you have to cry more than a night!

But we all get back to the lighter side of life...THANK GOODNESS !!

Friday, July 01, 2005 8:21:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

to Mary
I am only guessing here but I think that little trash can appears when your blogg is first posted, in order to give you a chance to delete it.

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:06:21 AM  
Anonymous said...

Richard snores-- see Pop&Me

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:07:34 AM  
Forest Hills said...

To Wanda: I’m so pleased your father seems to be better. Catching it early and with the new medication available, recovery (full or functional) is now much more encouraging and likely.

To Katefromcapecod: Boy, doesn’t that hurt like the devil? Haven’t we all at one time, Richard included, had our heart broken by someone we entrusted it to? But, like the death of a loved one, the pain does eventually go away, and hopefully the good memories will stay. But, the gardenia story really touched me. Wish I had a mother that loving and sensitive. How lucky!

To clickgirl: Very interesting website! I’ll bet your video and Bio are excellent. Too bad we couldn’t see you among the “Team”.

To ms. wright: I agree with you, in asking more about Richard. I’ve already asked a couple of times what kind of sports, besides skiing, he likes. I’d also like to know about his sense of humor. I really believe that to be important. So much of our lives are taken up by “serious” things, and without a good sense of humor I think most of us on this blog site wouldn’t have made it this far without one! I just received by Netflix (thank you, earlier blogger for mentioning it, since my local library didn’t have it, nor Blockbuster, nor FYE - “For Your Entertainment”, a big music, film store here in Manhattan), which may already tell me more about Richard. Everyone else’s comments having viewed “Pop & Me” seem very positive, and it has certainly piqued my curiosity!

I’ve been working on my own blog site. It at least has my bio and some more info, if anyone cares to bother! I haven’t had time yet to post any photos. I’d like to scan some of my underwater scuba photos, as well as photos taken from other trips. I’m new at this, but think it a good way to share my travels, experiences, and exchanges with friends and family! Thanks, Richard, for this “heads up”!!

I still have to get my act together and find someone with a video recorder to do my 3-minute “ME”! I’ve got ideas how I’d like it done … There must be someone here in NY!!
I’m looking forward to another spectacular fireworks display here in NYC. I have friends whose apartment looks over the East River, where the Macy barge is tethered. They’re having a BBQ on their patio, and it has always been a wonderful, exciting experience!! We turn on the TV for the background music and shows … Awesome!! And the weather forecast is perfect for this weekend!!

By the way, Richard, do you live on The Strand? Around 30th St???

Take care all, and have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!
Suzan, from Forest Hills

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:12:47 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
I'm new on the block - it's been fun getting to know you all through your blogs
You all have a safe and wonderful holiday week-end!!

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:38:33 AM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Ha ha. Yes, I do snore. However I have decided to get the little operation that fixes that prior to the trip. So there you are-no deal breaker there. That is, unless you snore. Ha ha again. Richard Roe

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:57:03 AM  
Anonymous said...

Ear plugs do the job just fine - if you have the right kind it's no big deal!

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:59:18 AM  
Anonymous said...

About the snoring - if your beloved spouse dies and he/she snored, you will miss that comforting sound until the day YOU die.

Friday, July 01, 2005 12:16:42 PM  
sweetcaroline said...

no richard, i don't snore ;]

Friday, July 01, 2005 2:07:34 PM  
Leigh said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:54:43 PM  
Leigh said...

Hi Richard and everyone,
Many years ago there used to be a book called The Bachelor and it was very interesting. When internet dating became popular the publication ceased. I think we should try to Bachelor Book again.
Richard hope you have fun with your adventure!

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:59:38 PM  
Claire said...

Had to giggle at that "no deal-breaker there," Richard. But an operation? Are you serious?!

Lovely white gardenia story--they are very fragrant flowers--I planted a bush by my front door when I bought my house. The blooms have brought me much pleasure. To the author--send your story in to a mag. It is worth having it touch more people, and you write beautifully.

Neck & back treatments have been almost completely identified, but no one has mentioned the tempur-pedic pillow. Worth buying!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:00:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard
My My...I am amazed at all the goings on out there in cyber space and in Senior Bachelor territory. This was a pretty neat idea what you are doing. BUT... may I ask...WHY do you want to mess up your life by putting a woman into it! To be tied to one woman! Come on! Gosh...you have the life! What is with that! Wonderful children and grandchildren. It looks like you do pretty good financially. You enjoy life traveling! WHY WHY WHY have some woman make it miserable for you! I am speaking from experience in both directions and I envy people that are single and have a life like yours. Why mess it up now! Two people together do not mix! Not normally like in a fairy tale anyway! And to boot...what kind of person are you going to get online! Gosh...YOU are a goodlooking man and I will never believe that YOU have a hard time finding a date or companionship. This is all fine and fun...but it is like the stupid show The Bachelor...WHAT A JOKE...those people only do that for the publicity and then they fold. NO ONE can find love that fast...and hey...does LOVE really exist anyway! I have been married again for 11 years now! That is ALL I have to say about that! Humph! But I have single friends that have a life style like you do and they are having a grand time in their second stage of life! Why mess it up by putting someone else into it to ruin everything you have worked so hard for! Come on...YOU do not need to be looking for a woman! Look at the problems it is already causing you! Go Sleep on it! Believe me...Sleeping alone is so much better than sleeping with someone an inch away from you and still sleeping alone! It is a bummer! Good luck to you in what ever it is you are searching for. I sure hope it is someone your own age at least! Don't be one of those OLD cradle robbers. That is not it either! Sorry to be so blunt...I guess I am one of those OLDER women stated in that Andy Rooney message, which I thought was GREAT! We just tell it like it is. So...You have now become THE MAN...so now what! Why not make a TV show from this! Good Luck! Don't say no one warned you!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 10:24:03 PM  
Claire said...

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! Hmm. Just read anonymous' reference to sleeping alone inches away from her second husband. That certainly makes me stop and think too. The single life can get lonely, but it is not worse than a lonely married life. But we are not talking marriage here, are we? We're talking travel partners of opposite gender which sounds great to me since my dogs really can't escort me to dinner and dancing and really don't want to jump from a cliff into the ocean or go up for a 45 minute ride in a hot air balloon. For those things, I must go alone. But you make some darn good points, dear anon. I can only wish that your future holds more happiness than your present.

Monday, July 04, 2005 6:50:12 AM  
Anonymous said...

Thanks Claire
I know my message sounded like I was a sad case of misery & unhappiness which is NOT true. I am (let me say "content" in my marriage)right now. I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt and having a lifetime partner does get a bit lonely sometimes. You know what I mean! Granted I would probably have more to write home about if I was single but at the same time I am glad I am not out there in that crazy dating world these days. I have had my fun believe me! I was just commenting that a good-looking man such as Richard ~ why on earth would he need to take on the world of strangers to get a date to travel! AND...as far a commenting on having a woman mess things up...I do not mean that in an ugly way ladies. It just seems that women and men too are ONLY out to get what they can out of people and the L word does not exist anymore. My husband is a poor man so I did not go for the gold, I was just ready to settle down with a man that I knew would not beat me day after day and I do love him in a seniorly way. Another story...not important PAST misery! My husband is a good man but we just do not have a relationship like I truly desire, but that is OK...He is a wonderful man and treats me like a queen but sometimes that is really not enough. But enough about me! I was just making a statement and wondering why Richard would need to search for companionship like this. Of course we know it is the publicity! Look at all these reality shows and how they have made these NOBODY people into almost somebody. Amazing how they become "stars" just by doing silly things that get so much attention. It is rather SMART though isn't it. So I say to Richard...See you in the funny papers! Have a great time! Be careful ~ Have you seen the movie "Fatal Attraction". Hummmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 3:08:07 PM  
Claire said...

Yes, I DO know what you mean, and I am *very* glad that you are out of "past misery." Chin up; things will get better. Yes, I totally agree with you re. RR's ability to charm anyone and the oddness in not finding the right one. But I think it's possible that he hadn't actually started looking until the Oprah show. After what he believed was a happy marriage for that long, it takes almost as long to get over it and even have the desire to try again. I know about that, too, as that is where I am. And I'm not even sure if it's even possible to find the "love of my life" at this late stage of living. Maybe that is a false dream found in the collective unconscious. Anyway, by now you must have seen that most people who are blogging are on the very newest blog which you can access by double clicking on the index or by just going to seniorbachelor.com w/o using your history file. Best of luck

Thursday, July 07, 2005 7:04:47 AM  
CJmitch said...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 3:21:33 PM  
CJmitch said...

Hi there Mr. Rockin Roe,
I am the one of the May Day!...May Day! gals that had to jump through there hoops & hudles for you Darlin. Quit the Jockey you are I might say! Ha-ha (smile) Well,this CJ & many other women of substance would maybe like to know this question, but are afraid to ask. Not me! As a Chritian it is important to know & there is something ALL the girls should want to know about you my dear. For, I so loved the "He thinks I am God joke." So funny & my question for you is: Do you have a relationship with the Lord? Maybe some of us would not be interested in meeting, or going on a fun but serious, soulmate, search with you.
If you were chanting on Ju Ju beads in front of a monkey, frog or something. Now! Most of us by now know we were not evenly yoked. Or we all would not be a Bloogging to you at this moment in time. Right? See you at the races on Derby Day! Sincerly, C.J.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 4:17:00 PM  

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