Monday, June 13, 2005

The Senior Bachelor's Monday

Today is Monday June 13. Do you notice how as we get older the time goes by so quickly?? I just wrote the first draft of a Newsletter to go out probably tomorrow. Today I wrote letters to people who have submitted tapes and biographies but did not send an e-mail address as requested. I said this was the only time I could "snail them" as it is very time consuming. I asked if they would somehow or another obtain an e-mail address if they wanted to communicate with me. Overall I am very pleased with how many wonderful, fantastic women have responded. Well over 6,000 e-mails, 99.9% supportive of this endeavor. Bye for today. Richard Roe AKA The Senior Bachelor P.S. I hope you will check the blog daily as I'll try to write most every day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, I think the blog is a great idea. When I saw Oprah and learned about your plans, my first thought was something like, Wow, I'd go on that kind of vacation with ANYBODY. Since then I've done what we call "getting real." It would be no fun to be on vacation with someone unless there were mutual interests and some sense of friendship. So the important things to find out are, where do you stand on things like religion, politics, fidelity in a relationship, and foods (eating meat or not eating meat)? Are yo an introvert or an extrovert?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 12:42:21 PM  
Janet Pushee said...

Hello Richard, I did not send you a video or apply to go on the trip with you and the reasons is just as I thought thousands of competitors. I am in Ontario Canada. I didn't see Ontario or Canada on your list of cities you may visit. I have one question at this time. Are you a very controlling person? When I look at your picture and read all you have done and what you have you have all the reasons to be controlling. I will continue to follow all your updates. I wish I would have had enough confidence in myself to apply for the trip with you. Good Luck

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 1:31:55 PM  
Julie said...

Hi Richard. Life's too short not to experience things you want to do, and oportunity is just once in a lifetime, if you let it go, you will always regret for not doing what you would have wanted so much to do. What you offer, not only the chance to travel, the chance to get to know somebody that is a decent guy like you, is something nobody should refuse to try and just go for it.
I can understand your situation and really admire what you are doing. I've been divorced for 8 years, 48 years old living with my two daughters and sometimes I do get lonely as you sometime mentioned. Even though they are a great company and we love each other very much, the kind of loneliness I feel is different, it's not about having lots of people around you, it's having that special someone you care about and cares about you.
Richard, sadly I can't apply to travel with you because of all the responsabilities I have at home and can't quit my job, that's the only thing I have to support my family and my home. Nevertheless I wish you all the luck and hope you find Mrs. Right to go with you and maybe to have a nice life with her. I'm writing from Mexico, yes we see Oprah in Mexico too.
Good luck, hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 1:45:19 PM  
linda said...

Hello Richard,It was a very close friend who first mentioned your appearance on Richard&Judy. She
"decided" that you and the adventure where just made for me. I looked at your website and it just didn't stack up. With your extensive social circle, contacts and wealth, why do you need to take this course of action? Reading further, that anyone who reached the final stages was going to be vetted by an ex-girlfriend left my asking the obvious question if she is to be trusted, in helping to make what could be such a life changing decision for you, why are you not together now? Impertinent maybe but relevant I think.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 1:58:31 PM  
sharon said...

Hi Richard,

I'm writing to you from Boston. Welcome to the world of blogging. I've just started to create blogs myself.

BTW, have you thought about putting an RSS feed on your blog so that readers could be automatically updated every time you put a new entry into the blog?

I think that my friend Mari would be a terrific travelling companion for you. As a matter of fact, that's the reason why I have been following your news letters. Originally a native of the Netherlands, Mari speaks four languages, loves to travel, is flexible and has a host of other qualities that are too many to list here. I'm waiting for her to fwd some pics to me so that I can put up Mari's blog for you to see.

Richard, if you are seeking an adventuresome, intellectually stimulating, culturally curious, beautiful inside and out - but technologically challenged (as in computer usage, other than email), I think that you should meet Mari.

BTW, in all of your travels, have you ever ventured across the Canadian Rocky Mountains? There are some beautiful pictures on a blog that I recently created for my sister-in-law and her husband as they travelled east from Vancouver to Calgary.

Moraine Lake is my idea of "heaven."

So long from Baah-stunn!


Tuesday, June 14, 2005 2:11:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

Please forgive the typo near the end of my posting at 12:42 p.m.--meant to write "you" and not "yo." Did not proof-read when my daughter said we had to leave right away for her sports physical. Still, are you an introvert or an extrovert? How extreme? Does quiet time with one other person bore you? What do you like to read? Do you speak any foreign languages? (I know Spanish. Teased my daughter by reading the words on a box at the doctor's office: guantes de latex para examenes sin polvo. Stop it, Mom!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 2:18:43 PM  
AD said...

Hey, RR, I have always been curious about blogging, and now I have you to thank for the lttle nudge I needed to take that step into a realm of cyberspace I have never ventured into. I now have my own blog (though I am fairly certain that I really didn't intend to add another thing I need to remember a password for to my already overwhelmed brain!) I went to the Wachovia Bike Race in Philly 2 weeks ago. First time I had been to the Falls in ages. I could not get over the fact that I was sitting in a picture window on Midvale sipping a latte in a place that used to be a florist shop, but was now a coffee shop/book reading comfy chair kind of establishment. I hope your search is coming along. I enjoy receiving and reading your newsletters and now I will enjoy reading the blog, too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:18:22 PM  
Cindy said...

Dear Bachelor,

I did not send you a video or something like that, because I'm a 26 year old happily married woman (living in the Netherlands) but when I saw you on the Oprah Show, I had to look on your wonderful website and sign myself up for the newsletter and follow your journey true life.
Your story fascinated me tremendously and I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck and happiness for the future!

For when you can not make a decision:

When in doubt, consult your inner child

If it doesn't come naturally, leave it

Making a decision is easy: when the difference is big you know what to choose, and when the difference is small, it does not really matter what you chose

Making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all

Importance is always relative

Indecision is the key to flexibility.

I wish you lots and lots of happiness, love, healthiness and great things.

With kind regards,
Cindy Halvemaan

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 4:39:49 PM  
ceesoo said...

I've been contemplating how disconcerting this process is --- how can a person commit to a month with someone they haven't even had dinner with?

Richard, as you find your way on this journey, I hope you will find a few more meeting places between the video tape and the airline ticket.

We are all wondering, how in the world you are going to choose. On what are you basing your information? How good we look or how entertaining or sincere we are in a 3 minute video or 3 minute interview?

What if I am your first scheduled travel companion for South America and we discover we are DYNAMITE together, then I have to go home and feel OK about you going off for 5 more months with 5 other women, putting our fabulous dynamic connection on hold. Ouch!

I sincerely think you should consult Dr. Phil AND that he should be a judge ! You are messing with people's lives here, wouldn't it be wise to get professional advice about how to proceed?

A few (gentle) suggestions--
*First, get very clear about, not just what, but who you are looking for and be honest with yourself and us. After a time, you're going to have to start narrowing the field a bit, though your heart may want to embrace every one of us. You can at provide us a few characteristics you find attractive --- I read that you like a "tomboyish" woman (skier, mountain biker, roller blader) rather than a "shopper" -- that helps us know if we would be a match or not and keeps our hopes in perspective.

*When traveling to cities for interviews, only invite a few select women whom you sincerely feel have a chance, then spend some time with them. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with them, invite them to show you something special in their city. For example, spend 3 days in a city and visit with 3 women/day. Bring a trusted companion or two along on these trips to meet these ladies so you can discuss impressions.

*When you have narrowed the field even further, figure out some other ways to evaluate whether you match amd then spend quality time with the candidates. A weekend somewhere?

We, Senior Bachelorettes, are swooning over the Romance and Adventure and intrigue of this whole proposition, but after all, it's still about two people dealing with how many days you wear your socks and how I mess up the newspaper when I read it. True?

Vitally yours,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 6:06:29 PM  
unforgettable1 said...

Hi Richard, when I first heard about this venture, I thought I'd apply right away but something stopped me. I think it's what "linda" (above) says about the fact that with your extensive social circle and contacts, why are you feeling the need to meet someone this way? The lower age limit you've chosen makes me wonder whether you are looking for a "trophy" companion or a "real woman." Also, since you allow yourself a panel of "judges," why shouldn't we women be granted the same privilege? Who, in their right mind, would go off with someone they barely know to some out of the way places without a lot of safeguards in place? Finally, would you be willing to travel to some of Canada's major cities to meet anyone? Or are we expected to travel to your choice of locations to meet you? Exciting though you and your travels sound, and much as I'd like to meet you, I would want a lot of answers before proceeding further. I will wait and see how this all develops and may send you something later in the summer if things sound kosher. I don't want to put a damper on your venture, but you really sound too good to be true. And, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Regardless, best of luck.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 6:15:14 PM  
mtnnana said...

Hi Richard,
I saw you on Oprah & I have been reading everything I can about you. I have got to admit, you caught my eye. It is a DREAM. I even went out and purchased POP & ME.... I agree with unforgettable 1, it does sound too good to be true....what a dream for any of us over "50", but realistic???? I'm not sure.
Most of us are just "real" every day people. Not the high society you are used to.
I wish you all the luck in the world finding the "travel companion & love of your life", (if my ex was on the panel choosing the right person for me, I'm not so sure about that....) "Tis the set of the sails and not the gails, that tell us the way to go."
Good luck to you & smooth sailing........

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 7:34:12 PM  
KLew said...

Good grief---I have a blog out there in cyber space floating around telling you Richard, that you did not mention the wonderful, beautiful, adventureous ladies of the great Pacific Northwest in your list of cities. I am one of the five percent who REALLY REALLY wants to travel. I am 62 and definitly not old. I out walk my daughters all of the time. Do you like to read---also, I am truly amazed at some of the personal questions that you are asked and graciously answer. Have a great day and do not forget the sun screen!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 8:02:40 PM  
Claire said...

2nd try. I am new to blogging, so thank you, Richard, for giving us an opportunity to try it. Yesterday, I tried to tell you that I didn't think you were nuts for doing this bachelor thing. Why not do it? I'm sure that out of the thousands, you will find your perfect travel companion, and that's what you wanted. I have not sent in a video yet, but I'm on the edge of it. One question: if all the videos don't come in until September, how do you know in July and August who to visit? Of course if you are just locating yourself in various places and letting anyone stop by, I guess that would work. Also, I saw the post asking you why your ex-girlfriend would be on your selection committee. You do know that even Oprah raised her eyebrow on that one, don't you? Ha! I am assuming that you have stayed close friends with her, and that places you high in my book. We all need as many friends as we can get. I love beach volleyball, but TWO hours? No, I'm not that fit. I'm willing to get there, but how's your patience?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 6:10:40 AM  
Betty said...

Dear Richard,
Now that the hearts and minds of thousands of "older" ladies are racing wildly with thoughts of adventure and love, what are you thinking about? What are your attractions, needs and wants? Personally, I try to live each day day at a time. I won't dwell on the past, that is time gone. I only hope that each day that I have awaiting me is filled with love and peace. If you are the one that could give me those precious things, then it will happen...It will be without my trying to impress you with my sorrows or joys or talents or beauty. You certainly don't seem like a shallow man, so you will find the right lady and when you do, you will know it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 10:25:27 AM  
Anonymous said...

I really like you with a beard. I am one of the people who sent in a video tape even though I do not think I have a chance. I hope you really are looking for a person that enjoys the same things in life that you do and not a trophy person because they can be so shallow sometimes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 12:34:28 PM  
Rita said...

Richard, hope your search is going well. Also I think it is very important that you don't change the rules as you go. There was a deadline for entries, stick to it, one for 6 months, etc. It is only fair to the ladies that entered for a chance to be part of your adventure, and hopefully find a soul mate. Your web site, newsletters, blog capabilites are a good way to keep us followers up to how your search is going. Have fun, but also remember you are toying with a lot of women's feelings and dreams.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 9:00:58 PM  
Renoir said...

I love reading the comments of all these wonderful ladies around the world! I am so glad we're all strong, confident souls that are always ready for adventure!

I love what one wrote regarding "not changing the rules along the way". Well stated.

Have a fun day, Pop.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 8:34:12 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
I love following your blog and newsletter. When are you going to answer some of the great questions being asked? I'm especially interested, for I too have submitted my bio and video and would love to journey with you!

Thursday, June 16, 2005 8:49:59 AM  
LeeislesVT said...

Hi Richard, I think your whole senior bachelor idea is great and your website is perfect. Why didn't I think of that? I've been a member of various on-line dating sites, eHarmony for one and it just never occured to me to have my own site. Of course, without a great promoter (no one better than Oprah)who would come. You have inspired me along with some 6000 others. I was beginning to think that I would never find anyone who actually beleives the time is now, to live life to the fullest. Well I've found him but there is just a little competition. I'm not even a competitive person, just a optimist and a believer.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 1:00:02 PM  
LeeislesVT said...

Again, Hello Richard,

I'd like to reply to some of the concerns expressed by some of the other ladies. I truly feel that when you meet someone there is a certain chemistry and ease; an intuition if you like (usually after the first date or the first few hours). If you are both honest and mature, trusting and trustworthy then you can make a relationship. It may not be a soulmate love connection but it doesn't need to be a disaster either. I believe you can find good in everyone and that there is something to be gained from each person you meet. Hopefully you can give them something in return.

Richard is not "messing with our lives", after all it is our choice and I expect that it will be our choice throughout the process. I for one am willing to risk disappointment and pain to finally find the one for me.

I'm speaking from personal experience...good and bad.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 1:30:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

Ceesoo - right on, you said it all and you were quite honest.

Thursday, June 16, 2005 7:15:38 PM  
Claire said...

Just laughing today!

Friday, June 17, 2005 4:25:12 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
After reading comments on your blog, I can't help but think too many people are taking themselves and you too seriously.
What is this "getting real" thing about at this point. So you're seeking and sending out feelers......sounds like fun to me to begin with. You seem like an interesting, intelligent, fun and clever man. I think we'd mesh because I love to travel and meet interesting people and do interesting things. I've lived an exciting and wonderful life and we could easily fit into eachother's lives. I'm a widow and have three beautiful and accomplished children and 8 amazing grandchildren. Dang....I'd like to meet you !


Saturday, June 18, 2005 5:22:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

I'm just going to watch this and see how it all turns out. Although I am single, for which I guess you could read "available" I will not be putting myself in the running. Why not? I already know that I'm not what you are looking for. I've traveled some and lived in a couple different countries. What I am is the Farmer's Daughter to your High Society - a true MisFit. :) Good luck in the search - I'll be waiting to hear a happy ending!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005 12:46:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

This whole endeavor is just brilliant. Anything with Oprah's hands in the mix usually interests me. As a woman who has spent a few years on earth I was starting to feel that everything fun and sexy was being delegated to the youth with the bachelor series and reality shows. As I enjoyed my thirties, and forties it is my early fifties that has brought me to the best of myself to share with those deserving. I will be applying as I can feel the chemistry before we meet. I enjoy the way you have handled yourself and the vulnerbilities you have shared with your readers. You have made us feel comfortable. I know you are a warm person who enjoys good company. When you mentioned laughter and a good sense of humor I knew I wanted to engage you in conversation and share all the fun that is in me. I certainly hope to get that chance as I will be sending my tape in August.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 5:52:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,
You mentioned in your latest newsletter 6/21 that you would be visiting particular cities. Does this mean those of us in other cities you didn't pick are out of the picture? I hope I get a chance to meet you in person because I know we could be a great team together. But I also know it must be so hard to find the right one with so many choices. Some of us who would be perfect for you will never get a chance and that is too bad- but you will not know what you are missing I suppose and neither will we! I wish I had thougth of this! :)
Paula in Florida

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 7:52:51 AM  
Gwenny said...

I'm trying again, as I don't know how this blog is sent. THIS IS A TEST! I have really enjoyed reading the comments from others who hope to go around the world with you. The video comments were right on . . .I wondered if anyone felt as I did? How much importance are you giving to them? Did you get this? Gwennyual

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 5:08:14 PM  
traveling said...

Hi Richard,
I am glad you are having fun with the blogging, I see lots of interesting opinions poping up, on days that I can log on.
I personally would rather go for a run on the beach barefoot with you, take a walk along the water, and watch the sun go down together.
I am getting ready for the Alaskan cruise. The Canadian Rockies were gorgeous. But I would rather get to know someone one on one, not be a finalist in a resort I have never heard of. But I will be in California this July, if you are still interested.
Have an awesome day, and catch me if you can.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 9:37:17 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

Fellow Bloggers
This is a new one for me, blogging! What an incredible opportunit6y is being offered here. We can let our imaginations fly and dream to our hearts content.
Finding a fellow traveller is not that easy, there are a lot of people who see the romance of it, even the adventure. Actually travelling outside of your comfort zone is the true adventure.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 11:07:45 AM  
From my sister said...

Hi Richard - I'm trying to stay in this process with you but I have to tell you it is difficult. You have changed your original goal/request that I was excited about. I don't want to be one of several women chosen. . .I agree with another woman who said,"Yuck." So - I'm still interested, but it is getting cloudy. I hope you get back on focus soon and decide what/who you want and GO FOR IT! You have not one thing to lose and a wonderful woman (one) to gain. . .:-) I also sense that you lean towards a woman who you probably feel sorry for. . .I'm out of the running if that's the case because I'm no one to feel sorry for. Thank Heavens!
So - good luck and hurry up - I'm not so great with patience and I too need to plan my year. If you want ME on your trip to laugh and have great times with, you better let me know. I have two businesses I will need to close - and, I am willing to do that - like you requested at the beginning.
Smile - it reaps benefits and makes you look younger!
From My Sister

Thursday, June 23, 2005 4:10:46 PM  
Anonymous said...

To "From My sister" - why do you say that Richard is probably looking for someone he feels sorry for? Just wondering.

Thursday, June 23, 2005 9:29:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,

My daughter had you as a guest speaker in Mr. John Mellis' class at Mira Costa High School, and after seeing your documentary she suggested we purchase it. This is truly the best documentary I've seen in a long time. I love to travel but just haven't had the time or money. I started my own Land Rover based business about 6 years ago in Redondo Beach manufacturing after-market accessories for Land Rovers. I'm currently on the board of directors for the Southern California Land Rover Club and sponsor many Land Rover events and Treks within the U.S. I furnished Land Rover North America with equipment for 13 vehicles a couple years for the G4 Challenge. The outdoors is my passion and I have met so many wonderful people through my business. I have to agree with you on one thing. Traveling alone is not as much fun as being able to share it with someone special. My daughter shares my passion for the outdoors and travels with me quite frequently. I'm working on a large contract with a company in the U.K. and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to go visit. I'm in the process of going through a divorce myself and the thought of traveling along just doesn't sound like much fun. Please don't post this message on your site as there are many people in Manhattan Beach who know me and my vehicle, and I wouldn't want any gossip being spread around town just yet. If you ever want to get together for a coffee at Starbucks, justlet me know. I would love to sit and chat

Thursday, June 23, 2005 9:41:10 PM  
Janet said...

Richard, I know how you feel with the pinched nerve on your neck. I just returned from a therapeutic masseuse for my pinched nerve. Apply cold packs/ice for approx 15 min. this will relax the muscles and nerves, then apply heat for about 7 min. alternating for at least 45 min to 1 hr. Tension and stress causes pinched nerves, also your position sitting at the pc. raise your monitor up, put it on a thick phone book so your are not looking down, try to make it eye level. I guess if you have to look at your keyboard that is a different story. I found I was getting round shoulders when typing
my posture was terrible which in turn was straining my neck muscles. The best method is the ice method. I also use Lakota on my neck before going to bed, that helps a lot as I am relaxed and the Lakota does the rest. Good Luck, hope you feel better soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 6:16:33 PM  
furbyjinmd said...

Good Evening, Richard. . .

Just two quick questions here:

1. Last night I spent considerable time posting approximately 10 different things which could help the pinched nerve improve. I hope all is not lost. . . it is ALL GONE tonght.

2. For the lady who posted about your travels in high society, let me assure her that the University of Maryland where Richard went to school, is definitely NOT high society!! Now, if you had said Harvard, SMITH or Yale, perhaps we'd have a different story here. UMD is a pretty "average Joe" school.

Would you agree with this comment, Richard?


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:09:41 PM  

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