Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 4th of July

Hi Folks, A reader from Malaysia sent me the following: A young woman brings home her fiancee to meet her parents for the first time. After dinner, her mother asks her father to find out about this young man. The father invites him to his study for a drink. "So what are your plans?" the father asked the young man. "I am a Torah scholar" he replied. "Admirable" the father said. "But how will you provide for my daughter in the manner to which she is accustomed?" "I will study, and God will provide for us" the young man replied. "And what about children? How will you provide for them?" "Don't worry, sir, God will provide for us." Later the mother asked the father "How did it go honey?" The father answered "He has no job and no money and no plans, but the good news is he thinks I'm God." Have a great weekend. Cheers, Richard Roe AKA The Senior Bachelor


Canadian Bloggette said...

Too much!!
Perhaps that is why my 3 daughter's Men treat me like a goddess!! for thought.
Bon weekend a tous = great weekend to all from "la belle province"!
Ciao xox

Friday, July 01, 2005 8:21:05 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Morning Richard,
That must be why I am where I am.. My Dad said" when I give her to you> she is no longer mine to provide for"
ha ha

Friday, July 01, 2005 8:38:46 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

Well done! I am getting excited about the 4th, our little town is putting on quite an event and the 3rd. Hot weather, watermelon, squirt guns, parades, bands, dunk tank, corn on the cob, fireworks - I love the 4th of July!
Have a safe one everyone!

Friday, July 01, 2005 8:56:02 AM  
Mary R 119 said...

Good Morning Richard,
Good to see you must be feeling better as you can get back into the humor of things. Another hot day in AZ but a wonderful Jazz concert tonight. Wish you were here to enjoy it.
As I type, I am also wondering if there will be a can on the end of this message as like on 6-30. And I don't even know why.
Best wishes

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:03:56 AM  
CathyinCarolina said...

Thanks to Happy for the assistance navigating the Bloggs, but you didn't say what state you were in, I think a geographic location helps me visulize while "blogging".
Your friend "Cath"

And to Richard, I thought I was going to have to use my "Big Bird" alarm clock. You know we start Blogging earlier than you get up out here, and you seem to RISE pretty early. (What is the "tongue and cheek sign" in Blogsville)

Anyway, I do not really own a Big Bird Alarm anymore, But if you had ever owned one you will STILL hear him squawking:


Talk about annoying,if He did not get your attention he would go into his discourse again.

Thankfully, you COULD "forget to wind the clock".

Good Day Blogging!!! I am going to try to start to the lake early, and check on the Hammock.
LOL to all.

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:04:31 AM  
Mary R 119 said...

Well I took my last name off and that did not solve the problem. I am still appearing with the delete can.
If you are in control of that, should I just stop writing???
Maybe I shouldn't be talking about the aspects of this process????
I still think what you are doing is good, as I stated yesterday.
I don't really have time for chat rooms or Beauty/Barber shop talk. I had read earlier that this was the only way we could talk to you.
I am among thousands of wonderful women "Out there" who,, of course "Feels" the pain and joy from others. (Sometimes I even feel like pinching myself to see if I am really so lucky to be where I am or have escaped that.)
My regular job is in the Psych field where I get paid to listen and offer suggestions.
On this blog sight I am looking for info about you and your quest.
I don't mean to offend by being so focused.
Mary Rose

Friday, July 01, 2005 9:32:38 AM  
LADY said...


Friday, July 01, 2005 10:10:33 AM  
BlueEyes1947 said...

Happy July 4th to you, Richard and your family and all you bloggers! I'm one of those who gets dewy eyed looking at the flag and watching the parade go by. If the email I have received today,which is really too long for here,is the truth about the fate of the 56 men who signed our Declaration of Independence, we should be on our knees in remembrance of them! Long wave our flag.....

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:10:40 AM  
LADY said...

I DID IT!!!!:) I BLOGGED FOR THE FIRST TIME. Hope all is well with you happy 4th of July!

A Message for the lady bloggers, Laughter is like Sunshine thank you all for lots of laughter while reading you messages to Mr R.R. you all are simply spectacular. Keep up the great work.

P.S. I appreciate the spirit of being who you all are "WONDERFUL WOMEN"!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:31:22 AM  
Melanie said...

Good day all -
A local weekly publication carries Free Will Astrolgy by Bob Brezsny - I do not hold much stock in all of this but he is funny. Here is part of what he said this week about my sign - Virgo - "If you think you're too small and insignificant to have a major impact, you've never spent the night in bed with a mosquito." and "In order for you to set in motion all the invigorating, far-reaching changes you now have the potential to initiate, you must believe you are as impossible to fight off as a mosquito in the dark."
Food for thought for you fellow Virgos out there. Never thought of myself as being THAT annoying but I guess I could be.
For those interested his Web site is

Happy 4th week end.

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:50:07 AM  
Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July Y'all!
Shalom...Salaam....Goeie Dag...Hola
G-D Bless America
A delightful Posting with a deep message/reminder, thank you Richard
One of my Spiritual Guides/Teachers recently moved to Laguna Beach, California.
He wrote a book on Soulmate Relationships from a Spiritual/Kabbalistic perspective, of which I have one of the rough transcripts. Fascinating and makes sense, sheds 'Light' on the subject of The Soulmates.
No matter what there is always a 'bigger picture' to everything:)
I woke up this morning feeling excited about the 4th of July and politely started singing the American Anthem at the top of my voice, my neighbours in the house are both Israeli, they must've smiled at this early morning 'wake up'
From 'out of afrika'
Senior Bachelorette
Vj....alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Live Life With Passion!!!!
My Middle Son has an interview re. going to Kenya for six months, he'll be teaching the Women in one of the villages to farm etc. I have a strong connection with Kenya, the Masai,
Serengeti Plains, Mt. Kilamanjaro!
Afrika, the place of my birth!

Kulu Umethlu(one with big eyes).....The Abelungu(white people from the sky)...this is the language of The Zulus!

Friday, July 01, 2005 11:09:00 AM  
happy said...

to mary r 119
Either everyone else knew; or no one else had a can; or you're a Scorpio & just couldn't stand the mystery of it!!:)
Yeah--this just about bugged the bejabbers outta me too. I wouldn't shut up either :) ! So here's what I learned: (I had hoped if I clicked on the can, it would delete the part of moi I'd most like to diminish..but(t)not so. :)

The trash can icon is yours to delete whatever you have written, if you want to. Par example: If you've told Richard you are "Fit, Gorgeous & FUN, etc etc"--just find your comment, and click on that icon, & for Heaven's sake, delete that baby NOW!
(snicker, snicker..hehe..evil laugh)

^..^ meow-meow phhhht!

You will then be taken through a process of deleting the comment. Afterwards, a "Comment has been deleted by author" message will appear where your comment previously was.

As far as I can tell, the icon appears only on our own comment spaces & maybe only on those who have gone through the "set up Blog site" process. you & I seem to be the only ones perplexed about it. At any rate: It's yours. Doesn't affect anyone else, so click away.

to Lady - Ain't it FUN!?

to Wanda :)
to cathyincarolina If you come up with a tongue-in-cheek symbol I'd like to know it. Meanwhile, there's the ;)wink, which is to imply teasing.

Friday, July 01, 2005 11:31:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

Happy July 1st Candian Blogettes! I just received an email this morning with this bit of wisdom:

I've learned....That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.
I've learned....That we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.
I've learned....That money doesn't buy class.
I've learned....That it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.
I've learned....That the Lord didn't do it all in one day. What makes me think I can?
I’ve learned....That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.
I've learned ...That the less time I have to work, the more things I get done.

Well, I'm off to enjoy our holiday, so have a great day everyone - you, too, Richard.

Leslie from VanCan

Friday, July 01, 2005 12:22:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

I agree with Mary Rose -- Richard, thank you for the nice stories and quotes but what we REALLY want is information about you and the search and the journey. We have posed many questions and are extremely curious about what's going on with the logistics of narrowing the field. Since your time and energy are limited, as we know they are, we would most sincerely request that the information you take the time to impart to us be spent on telling us more about YOU and the journey. Respectfully submitted....

Friday, July 01, 2005 1:27:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

Howdy Richard!
Thank you for the info. re Manhatten Beach...checked out the website and as soon as I saw the Palm Trees, the beach and the ocean, it reminded me of beautiful Sea Point, Cape Town South Afica where I spent my childhood! Living in Toronto Canada is a far cry from feeling the cool sea breeze and sunshine 24/7 365 days a year!
Once a sunshine gal, always a sunshine gal! :) My VERY blonde hair is a Strawberry Blonde
after all 27 years of very little sunshine but still 100% al la natural!
Since I was 'knee high to a Grasshopper' I have dreamt of California literally and figuratively, and for whatever reason feel very patriotic when I see the Stars and Stripes! Life is a mystery and years and years go by and then in a flash one starts seeing the 'big picture' and uh ha
things start to gel as with a giant jig-saw puzzle all the missing pieces seem to fit together 'purrfektly' :) only to grasp it for a moment and then realise there is sooo much more to discover on this neverending journey of Self Discovery, Beauty, Wonderment and Adventure!
Carpe Diem
Senior Bachelorette
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada

Friday, July 01, 2005 1:41:48 PM  
catbird said...

Hey Ladies (you too, Richard)
I have gotten so hooked on reading this stuff. I love it. And I think most of my comments are for Happy but I'm not positive so if I mention something that someone else wrote...please accept my apology.
To Wanda! I love that. I said that to a friend (young friend) the other day and she didn't know what I was talking about. Can you believe it? I told her to rent the movie ASAP and not do anything to irritate a wiser woman. "Let's face it, Girls. We're older (wiser) and better insured."
Also, I love the idea about continuing with the blogs and hooking each other up with our friends. Who doesn't have that great guy friend, like a brother, who you just don't/couldn't possibly click with. And there are so many awesome women here who are looking for a great guy. Truth be told, I think I've gotten pretty picky. I've done a great job of taking care of myself up to now. And I'm afraid a guy would have to come with a great recommendation like the one Oprah gave Richard. Okay, maybe not just like that one, but you know what I mean. I trust another woman's opinion. For me, it's difficult to meet men. I don't go to bars and most places you meet men. I do massage and it's unethical (not to mention weird) to think about dating any of my clients. So, what to do? I've just recently realized that life probably would/will be more fun and interesting with a life partner. And more supportive. Like Wanda, I've been dealing with my Mom and some very serious health issues. I'm sure all of us have been through similar situations and it is very tough. I guess it's those times of intense emotion (good or bad) that I miss having someone to hold onto.
Geez, how did I get there? Didn't really intend to get into that, but there you go...
I was thinking last night, after reading all the latest blogs, about what Richard is doing for the six months (at least) of this search. Someone mentioned that she had a date this weekend with a nice...guy. And I'm thinking that we are all going on with our lives; living, loving and laughing in the meanwhile. What about you Richard? I saw you on Oprah and got the impression you weren't currently seeing anyone. But since then, you have been named one of People's most eligible and I'm sure women in the area are taking advantage of their close proximity. Probably hunting you down on the beach, in the grocery store, and your local hangouts. I know you don't have loads of time considering all the videos and bios you must be receiving. Are you dating anyone now? Or are you committed to not seeing anyone until the search is over? One of the reasons I ask is that, in my experience, when I put something out to the Universe (as you have most definitely and literally done,) it tends to come to me pretty quickly. I'm just curious about who may have shown up in your life since this began...Okay, I'll leave that with you.
And I'm all in favor of new topics. Quite frankly, I think we ran the pinched nerve thing into the ground.zzzzzzzz If you get my drift... The kissing issue sounds like a good topic. Or the one about our turn-offs, do's and don't's for guys. I think it would be great info for us to pass along to our guy friends.
And finally, Happy, I really do believe you could easily have your own talk show or newsletter or anything else you'd want to do in the communications field. Girl! You crack me up! thanks, cuz there's lots of days I've been needing a good laugh. To all...
Live, Love, and Laugh Out Loud

Friday, July 01, 2005 2:40:01 PM  
Mary R said...

Thank you Happy,
Strangest thing, before your reply came through I received an anonymous message on yesterday's still growing comments saying it might be because I was new and then all the cans disapeared??? Good- however it happened. I am a Cancer; we are Kind-Hearted Loving Caretakers. Thanks for your help though.
No one has responded to my "Process Question" about 6 one month auditions/vacations where it is possible that anyone could "Fake it till they made it" verses Richard's first proposal of around a 6 month commitment. (Oh oh--I just used that 10 letter word) I realise that the longet idea would have to be open to changes dependant on real facts. Nothing is certain in life but change. Alternate plans would have to be in place or developed as needed. I just think the longer com_______ would show more real character, talents,sincerity,fortitudeadaptalilities,and (oh my gosh,) the ability to make decisions amid so many different people, cultures and customs. I hope there is someone else corageous enough to address this, especially Richard, now that he is better and removed from all the braces, pillows,wraps messages, Chiropractics and other cures. :-) ;-)
I bet we won't see that picture, but it could happen in the 6 month duration to any of us.
Sincerely,Mary R 119

Friday, July 01, 2005 3:11:35 PM  
neva said...

Snoring, when "fixed" can be overlooked but "talking in your sleep"? Well that is just crossing the line in the sand!

Enjoy the holiday with much fun, frolic and friends.

Friday, July 01, 2005 3:20:10 PM  
Mary R said...

I revisited a real
-affecting us all-
guestion and the delete can is back????????????
Mary R

Friday, July 01, 2005 3:41:45 PM  
onrynurse said...

Richard...good to see you in better spirits!! Cute thought for the day!!
Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!!

Friday, July 01, 2005 3:49:46 PM  
happy said...

to catbird
(Eaasy here! I think we can become addicted...)
& all us connecting women
You can read too Richard..might pick up something useful. :)

Life definitely goes on for all of us, in spite of this exciting diversion, doesn't it? Our small world is a microcosm of it all. Any stuff that could happen to the universe could happen among us..& does. So to all dealing with a burden...this might make interesting reading for you.

I always have my computer on & it gets a quick 'consult' several times a day & a hit or two as well. I can sometimes be glib, but I do aim for sincerity. Friends & relations say they always enjoy my letters (remember snail mail :) because the reader feels they're 'right there with me'.

And yet, while I'm now writing a language most of us, including Richard, are able to read, there was a time & place in which women could not do that.

About 400 years ago in a remote area of China women wanted to put their feelings about their everyday life - the struggles, hopes, happiness, sadness - into a written form...just like the men did. Having been denied the reading & writing skills men had been taught, they did what women have always done: they improvised a way around!

They devised their own unique written language - I think they also sang in this language - and swore each other to absolute secrecy to not reveal its code.

The Nushu language, which is believed to be perhaps the only women-specific, women-only language, was passed down from elderly aunt, grandmothers, sisters & friends - generation to generation. They said 'it made our lives better because we could express ourselves that way.' Men were never able to learn it & even today scholars have a difficult time understanding & deciphering it.

When Chinese girls began to be taught Mandarin in school alongside boys, Nushu began to fade from usage. I believe the last speaker & fountain of knowledge of Nushu died in 2004 at 98 year of age.

Perhaps her longevity was due to the sisterhood of communication.

A phrase from that language says it best: "Beside a well, one does not thirst. Beside a sister, one does not despair."

Of course, we would all like to be able to substitute the word "soulmate" for "sister". And in these egalitarian times, I hope that for Richard too. :)

And not to forget the FUN we're having here, I just read today, that Fred & Wilma Flintstone were the FIRST couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV !!

Ah--we haven't come so far, have we? It's still funny! ciao, too

Friday, July 01, 2005 4:07:11 PM  
Forest Hills said...

To Mary Rose:
I believe your "trash can", as mine, shows up when we've posted a message. We can always edit or delete it (regrets!). I think it stays only while you're online. I posted something this morning from work and the can stayed even though other messages came later. Now from home, it's gone.

Why haven't more women filled in their free Blogger info?? I sure like to know who's writing, from where ... kind of get a picture of my fellow "colleagues in dreaming"!! Yes!! Get ourselves out there, to each other! I love reading everyone's blogs. I agree with most, ambivalent of quite a few, disagree with some. Nevertheless... we're all here for the same reason, aren't we?!

Anyway, if anyone is coming through NYC and needs help, suggestions, or would like to share a coffee, let me know!

Good weekend to all! And God Bless America, too!!
from Forest Hills

Friday, July 01, 2005 4:17:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

Greetings from Dublin.

It's midnight here and I just wanted to wish all of you in the US of A a great 4th of July holiday.

Also wanted to remind you of the Live8 concerts tomorrow .... the major effort to 'make poverty history'. These precede the G8 summit to be held next week. Just watched excerpts from the original Live Aid concert in Wembley which was organised 20 years ago by my compatriot Bob Geldof who rounded up a host of MAJOR STARS to take part. I'm assuming here that you are all aware of Bob and Bono (U2) and their 'MAKE POVERTY HISTORY' campaign..... very proud of my fellow Irishmen.

Concerts begin at 2pm Irish time. Concerts to be staged in London (the major one), Paris, Berlin, rome and Philadelphia (place close to your heart Richard?) ... Philly gig due to end circa 3am Sunday morning eastern time.

Hope all you US and Canadian people will contribute hugely to this campaign. 85% of the world's population will be able to see the show, which is being billed as the biggest live event in music history. God, I have to say I love being Irish ... lol ... just bear with me on this one.

So go people ..... rock on ....... and with the USA being one of the richest countries in the world, please do your bit to help.

As last time, Africa is the main focus, as I understand it. I spent quite a while in SA about a year ago and the people are wonderful but the poverty and the AIDS crisis is horrendous.

So that's my bit for today ... enjoy ........

Ciao ........... P

Friday, July 01, 2005 4:26:08 PM  
Forest Hills said...

What ever happened to La Dolce Vita (aka CHI-TOWN GIRL OPRAH COUNTRY)?? Haven't read from you in a while. Update your blog! I agree with cathyincarolina, it's good to know the other bloggers, like "Happy". Let us know ourselves. Each other. Maybe even Richard might be curious enough to click on our Blog Name!
Happy 4th! from
Forest Hills

Friday, July 01, 2005 4:35:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

"Ah, sweet mystery of life..."

Friday, July 01, 2005 4:49:29 PM  
Mary R said...

Trash can solved. You were right. It went away when I restarted the computer. Thanks
Mary R

Friday, July 01, 2005 5:14:55 PM  
KLew said...

Good evening ladies and Richard:

I too appreciate Happy. All of you ladies make me smile and I look forward to blogging and just being with other women and Richard.
He is always in the background isn't he. A common thread that is developing is that those of us who blog regularly could continue after the search is over. Great idea-we could name ourselves or something. Travel---meet and laugh. Today I am sad because after 18 months I went to the mountains to scatter my husband's ashes. My daughters and all of my grandchildren went and the "clouds cried". It was a very tender and special time with wildflowers blooming in "our spot" in the mountains. I have nothing witty to say other than I am so glad to be making new acquaintances and hopefully friends. Most days I am doing well with the loss. Sometimes it is just hard to be perky. So my fellow blogettes thank you for letting me talk. (You too Richard). O btw, he will tell us what we need to know when he is ready. We just have to be patient. Carry on ladies

Friday, July 01, 2005 5:35:29 PM  
Melanie said...

Women of the blog and Richard -
My second blog of the day - I am getting addicted to reading about everyone else so have hopped in a couple of times - so now this has been my day - getting ready to volunteer at a food stop for a 200 mile bike ride through the hills/mountains north of Spokane, WA. Someone else has prepared most of the food but I stirred up some cookies for the event - oatmeal with dried cranberries instead of raisins and walnuts. Now I am going on a bike ride along the river so as my reward I can feel completely justifed in eating some of the cookie dough while baking them.
I agree with one of the anonymous blogers and would like to hear more about and from Richard/Dick -
And enough of the can stuff - what that is all about -
I enjoy the stories - there are so many great women out there - and what an interesting way to get acquainted - we could plan a blog cruise for those of us who are not traveling through the Southern Hemisphere. mmmmmmmmm sigh
Happy - your story about the unique language reminded me of the book the Red Tent and that women when around each other cycle together - that is those women who have not reached the crone age.
Enough for now - my bike ride and cookie dough treat await.

Friday, July 01, 2005 5:48:26 PM  
Mary R said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Friday, July 01, 2005 5:52:05 PM  
Leslie said...

To Klew - I know what you're going through right now having been through it almost 13 years ago. I hope you are able to have some sort of "closure" to that part of your life, even though it will always be a part of who you are and have become.

To Melanie - those cookies sound yummy! I, too, use dried cranberries whenever I can. They're great on cereal, in muffins, or in scones. I buy them in a little village called Fort Langley near my home in the Vancouver area. Hey, we're very near each other, relatively speaking, and I love your idea of a "blog cruise." Also, I read The Red Tent years ago and loved it! Hmmm, maybe I'll read it again.

Enjoy the weekend ladies and Richard.

Leslie from VanCan

Friday, July 01, 2005 6:02:25 PM  
Mary R said...

Whew Trash can, I just WON"T mention it or think of it again. I surely don't know all about this system yet. It reappered when I went back in my Blog sight to question how to add photoes to my profile. It seems I use Compuserve for my e-mail: and something doesn't quite match here yet for pictures. I couldn't be as basic as this is all a new learning experience?? Can anyone tell me their solutions. I did send BLOGGER the question.
Their sight didn't ask me my favorite song. I'll tell you anyway :-). It's a country one: "If We Could live like we were dying" Great Concept!! I did a Toastmaster winning speech on that once. That speech qualified me up to region where I got too confident and lost my "Edge".
Date and Jazz Concert time.
Have a wonderful weekend. Mary Rose

Friday, July 01, 2005 6:13:51 PM  
Mystic said...

Hi Richard~
What a great story....I'm still laughing! Thanks for sharing it on your Blog. (someone told me what BLOG stands for, but I can't think of it right now)
Have a fun filled fourth of July! I think I'm driving with friends to SD for a couple of days, and then back to LV to watch the fireworks.
Ciao! :)

Friday, July 01, 2005 6:35:31 PM  
KLew said...

Melanie and Leslie---I live in the great Northwest, just south of you Leslie on Whidbey Island and 4 hours west of you Melanie. Thinking about moving over to your area. A blogging cruise would be great fun. Women are such great people. Finished The Secret Life of Bees. Richard should read that book. He has given us a great gift in this blog.

Friday, July 01, 2005 6:43:57 PM  
ClickGirl said...


Thanks for sharing the cute story from the gal in Malaysia. And thanks also for allowing us to ramble on and on … and get to know each other … as we wait for updates and comments from you. I was thinking – since I am not ‘eligible’ – do you need an Assistant to help you sort and organize all of the packages that you are receiving? (Ha Ha – just joking).

Thanks for your nice comments regarding the DKM website. The reason that you don’t see me on the site (besides the fact that I was the one taking the photos), is because I am more like ‘the silent partner’ with DKM – until we get enough funding to allow me to make that transition totally. So I also work with another company doing corporate and non-profit projects and events. But almost all of the images in the video clip are from videos that I have produced and the production was a true collaborative effort between the three of us. I also designed and directed the production of the website … so though my pic is not there … my presence is woven throughout the entire site. : ) Since you mentioned that we can do our own Blogs – maybe I can figure out a way to put some pics on there. I will check that out. Until you wrote that – I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility. So … Thanks for the great idea!

Also - in NYC – check out this site:
You may be able to make a connection with someone who would be willing to help you shoot your video. You might be able to convince a film student or intern to help you. Many of them would be glad for the experience … but not charge many $$$’s. I’ve had lots of students offer to ‘work for experience’ … and I’ve even done ‘freebie’ stuff like that too - for a business colleague who needed a vid for ‘The Apprentice’ – so there are people out there who will help out – just for the fun of it. By the way, the Trevanna site was started, and is run, by Jennifer Freed (Jenny) – my younger sisters, husband’s daughter. : ) Anyway – hope it helps!

Thanks so much for sharing the info about the women of China and their unique language. How fascinating! What an education we are getting – as we Blog away! I saw a Documentary a while back – that told the story of the feet binding of the women in China. It was so, so sad. Your info was a much more positive image of that culture.

I love Bono / U2!!! I will definitely check to see when the ‘Make Poverty History’ Concert is airing here in the states. Thanks for the info! I went to one of their concerts years ago, with an Irish friend of mine who lives in Chiswick, England. There were 8 of us together … we hired a Limo … we all wore black … we sang along to every song … and had our lighters held up high. : ) On a couple of the songs, I looked over at Robert and he had tears in his eyes. It was very moving to me … how the songs touched his Irish soul.

Ahhhh … words of wisdom about patience! I agree about Richard – that he will answer questions when he is ready. I keep thinking, 'give - the - guy - a - break'! And for those who want more - he does have a lot of info on the website … and an online search brings up additional info … and POP&ME sounds like another great source for those curious types (I’m going to search for that over the weekend – because it sounds like such a great Doc). And I believe ladies could probably get the transcripts from his appearance on Oprah as well … if they don’t feel they have enough information. And he is sending out regular newsletters and updates the Blog almost daily. I’m not sure what more others are expecting of him – considering this venture that he has taken on. I’ve always gone along under the premise that ‘patience is a virtue’. : )

Also - when I read your post … my heart went out to you. You are in my thoughts tonight. Bless you! And thank you for sharing from your heart.

‘Blog’ is short for Weblog. : )

TO CANADIAN BLOGGETTE: Regarding comments to Stephanie: “Ditto”! Life is way too short!! : )

A Happy Holiday to All!


Friday, July 01, 2005 7:14:28 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Evening Richard, Ladies,
Well I have returned home from spending the day with my mom.
She wasn't happy that we weren't going to make the trip to Idaho because my dad insisted that his health has rapidly improving, and is in much better condition than hers, but such a good day to be with my mom!!

To Click Girl: Forgive Me Please!!!
I have been so involved with what has been going on all around me that I just realized we have a new blogger! WELCOME!! I am sorry that you feel you can't send in a video, bio, picture, THAT IS BUNK!!!!! NOW LISTEN HERE GIRLFRIEND--- if you are walking -jogging 5 miles i think thats what you said? you are doing more than some of us.. what are doing girl get your stuff together and send it in........ now!!!!!
YOU MUST BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THIS SYSTEM TALKING TONIGHT.. get real by Feb.14th, with a clean bill of health. what more can you ask for?
Now I am Late for A date with a 26 year old chef!!!!
gotta go gals, have a great night,

Friday, July 01, 2005 8:53:22 PM  
droma said...

Hi Richard,
Let me see if Blogging goes in and
out of this box.
Re: Snoring: My late husband snored so loud, one could hear him
throughout the house! It scared the 2 yrs. old grandson, but I liked it because I knew he was home! It's all attitude how one adjusts to situations.
To "travelin": What D.O. school did your ex attend? Me KCOM 1972.
Celebrate the big birthday of this country heartely!!!
Auf Wiedersehen, Ellen

Friday, July 01, 2005 10:05:10 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Morning Ladies, (Richard)

To Klew and family: Please accept my condolences for the loss of your husband. I am so sorry...

As for the concert tonight, I hate that I'm going to miss "U2" :( they are my favorite. (I have a date :) "Arms Around the World" is one of my favorite songs, and of course, "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", ranks right up there. (How appropo)

Not sure this will help with the video solution but, it just so happens that a friend of mine is a photographer. All I had to do was bring a blank tape, she provided a backdrop and had a camcorder laying around that she never uses. I scripted what I was going to say, (pretty bad when you have to script your own life in less than 3 I kept it simple, just stated facts. So you could check with a local photographer to see what kind of deal they will cut you.

To BikingPrincess, your cookies have made my stomach growl... :) I can only imagine! mmmmmmm

It's 7:00am on the east side, have to get to work..Have a great day ladies, Richard, will check back tomorrow as I'm sure I'll be dancing all nite! :)

Bye for now..
All my best to you Richard,

Saturday, July 02, 2005 4:04:19 AM  
sweetcaroline said...

to mystic:

BLOG means WEBLOG (as in web log).

Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:55:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, Ladies

To Clickgirl,
I am glad you like my website. If you have any questions, please send them to me directly. I've never done a website in my life and one day when the time was right I sat at my computer and came up with it in 4 hours!!!
I'll check

It is sad but having his ashes scattered in the mountain is beautiful. what a great way to let go. I was part of a ceremony like yours in the mountain in Cherokee. It was very moving and powerful as a very strong wind started to blow and the eagle flew over us. lots of Love and Healing to you and your family.

Forest Hills,
I've got a couple of friend in NYC and New Jersey. It would be fun for you to join us.

Thanks for the info on the Nushu language. Never underestimate the power of Sisterhood!

to all: A cruise for us sounds great, if any male friends could join that would be the ideal setting to meet each other in a "fun" environment. I grew up in France and had no notion of "date" when I came here as an Au pair. We used to go out in group and well then you would find someone. The only "blind date" I had here was a disater. My friend gave my number to her friend. We talked on the phone and it was fine. Then we met, it was the longest meal I had ever had!!!!! His idea of having fun was going out and
getting "loaded", etc. etc. I never went on a blind date again! That is why I don't "do" dating service either. This blog is fun.

Patience is learned. I had none whatsoever when I was young-er. 14 yrs teaching adults with big egos taught me patience and compassion.

Ladies, if you can read between the line when RR write, you'll get some info. If you watched the video POp, they are some infos in there too. Because of a personal experience (not related to romance) I picked up a control issue between father and son because of the Money. Do I have to do what YOU want because you paid for the trip? Hopefully RR and Chris learned a lot from that trip. There was also the comment, when Chris was sick, by Richard that they were going to run behind schedule. Flexibility??

I also realize that Richard may not answer all of our questions because if we are here for the right reason: finding love and a Soul Mate, and not just be willing to go on a trip regardless, we may decide to withdraw or not send the tape at all. No one is perfect and in any relationship there are some give and take as we all know. It is easier to let go of some aspects we don't like but are still within our value system and preferences if we love the person. (drinking/smoking/drugs are out but an early morning bird versus an owl would be fine!)It is going inside out instead of outside in, does that make any sense?

Love to all, MyriaminVa

Saturday, July 02, 2005 6:30:05 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

Dear Klew - arms around my dear

Ladies of the Blog - this is quite a process, each of you with different personalities. I was thinking if we all ended up at a resort we would probably bond for life. Being mature is so hip!

Richard - I cannot imagine how fun and yet overwhelmig this is for you, what an adventure.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 7:17:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard and World! :)
Watching World Live 8 even Johannesburg South Africa!
A jam-packed weekend of the 'kick-off' to Le Tour De France, Lance Armstrong's last Race(I'm hoping he wins) Wimbledon and Venus Williams today too:)I am hoping she wins the Title again!
Looking forward to the day when the world is one of total peace and void of world hunger and suffering.
from... 'out of afrika'
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Senior Bachelorette:)
Toronto Canada
p.s. we also have a Live 8 concert approx. one hours drive from Toronto in Barrie, Ontario
Ciao for now :) Again HAPPY 4th JULY U.S.A !!!!

Saturday, July 02, 2005 8:02:59 AM  
Mary R said...

Good Morning Richard and Everyone else in this forming Fellowship.
I need to almost appologize for my "Beauty/Barbershop" comment. I learned more tidbits of info yesterday then I ever could have imagined. In the real work, listening-listening to each word, noticing the body language and tone is a learned gift. On this sight we are already freely bonding to help each other.
I'm reminded of the hospital that only treated patients whoses arms wouldn't bend at the elbows. At lunch time in the new patients dining hall the wonderful stew remained steaming from the bowls. Everyone was sitting around the table unable to eat. They couldn't bend their arms. Down the hall in the inpatient dining hall everyone was enjoying the same type of stew and having a wonderful time. They were reaching out accross the table feeding each other.
I have already started saving money for our first of many get-to-gethers. I have a large place 20 minutes from the Tucson Airport. It will be my pleasure to open the doors as Host to any of you with just a little advanced notice. Richard,if you choose to come this way, you can have the in-law
suite. (It has a seperate computer hook-up and comfortable desk /chair.) You can remain as anonymous or public as you choose.
Sincerely, Mary Rose

Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:38:01 AM  
zoe said...

Hi, all! I'm also new to blogging. Never heard of it before.

Forest Hills (Suzan) - I enjoyed reading your bio info. At your suggestion, I really did try to fill in the Blogger info but am somewhat reluctant to start filling in blanks without understanding what the blanks are for! I may have managed to get my name on - we'll see. Yes, I know there is a 'Help' icon but that doesn't seem to make much sense to me either at the moment. I'm in the middle of laryngitis and bronchitis so perhaps that's the problem (or else I'm just dense in the head!). If anyone wishes to offer insight, please jump in.

The reality is very few will have the opportunity (should she decide to accept - we always have choice) of travelling with Richard. Regardless of the outcome, we have a win-win situation here. This is a great site for women in similar situations to bond! We already know everyone doesn't smoke, do drugs, abuse alcohol, etc.. How great is that??

Cassidy - I loved your quote a few days ago. It gave me cause to stop, reread and ponder. Thank you for that.

Popcorn222 - Great story! How absolutely true. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

Klew - My heart goes out to you.

Leslie from VanCan - I smiled when I read your dream was to go to Singapore. I had the opportunity of living overseas while growing up and one of the countries we lived in was S'pore. I have very fond memories of the 3 years we lived there and it holds a special place in my heart. We left in 1973 - lots of changes since then. My email pal of 4+ years currently lives in S'pore (she's Chinese Malay) We've never met yet though I did have the opportunity to talk to her when we were both on the same continent this spring! Off topic, I was in Vancouver last week with my mom so we enjoyed your weather. It rained back home the entire time we were gone. It was really great hanging out with my mom though she claims I walked her socks off!

What I'd like to do is share with everyone my favorite travel web site. It is (drum roll please!) If you go to the forum 'talk', you can 'click' on any continent. There, travellers post questions and other travellers answer them. It's a wealth of information.

Ok, that's enough for an initial posting!

Ciao! Zoe from Alberta

Saturday, July 02, 2005 10:33:35 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Morning or After Noon? What ever the Case Maybe, Richard, and Ladies, Mary Rose!!! Wow!! Now that is the type of story I Love to hear, because: that is the type of story I like to tell!! life is all about Love, kindness, and sharing!! helping each other!! and having a good time doing it.. that is why I never ever go to bed angry. Smile Honey you have made my day... this is what I always--- I mean Always tell EVERYONE OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT I TALK TOO ON THE PHONE BEFORE HANGING UP-
Have a Wonderful Day,

Saturday, July 02, 2005 10:40:19 AM  
zoe said...

Sorry everyone - I've now figured out how to edit the information. I'll have to fill it in later - I need a nap!

Zoe from Alberta

Saturday, July 02, 2005 10:45:07 AM  
wanda whitworth said...


I must be in a hurry and just skimming here and missing out on whats going on.. Quit your worry about the can thing ignore it I get it all the time.. really it is

no big deal .. just think of it as humm like .. hummm oh oh like your special.. yeah . like you are special.. there you go.. no more worry..


Welcome New comers, Love to hear your stories as well, me I have never traveled like that as us "old bloggers" know..

At any rate.. I was going to tell you all about my blind date last night.. well 26 years old yep.. he was impressed.. but I wasn't.. he thought I was 30!! yeah!! of course he was drunk and we were on a boat, then we went dancing, he didn't dance.. but I did!! everyone else there were coming from the
IN FROM "BOATING" I had a blast!!
tonight I have a date with a Cowboy age 43, tomorrow, with a gentlemen who owns a construction company he is quite young I believe he said he was only 30!! I will have to fill in the details as we go along.. anyway my daughter just shakes her head and says "You must just be eating this up huh Mom?" my reply of course.. is "yep" lol..for once in my life I am actually able to have fun!!! and not have someone telling me: "you are ugly-shut up and sit down-stay home"
And get this: I have nothing holding me down, so I am able to do whatever my little heart desires, It is so exciting to have wings' I am learning how they work- the first time I spread them out- whoa howdy-- it scared me to death-- I just about peed my pants-- well Maybe I did-- just kidding--
any way back to my date last night: after he kind of woke up a little he asked if I was going to spend the night with him!! say what? are you crazy????? He had to quickly-- find a ride with his friends home because, I told him in a very polite way, Look, I am a resectable lady, who resects herself, her body, I do not know you, I am sorry, but we will not be spending the night together.
He asked If I would take him home.
I said NO, however, I would be happy to call a cab for him. He said No, he would ride home with his friends. That is how my date ended. Well Ladies, OOOOpppsss and Richard, I hope you all are having fun, I need to help with some yard work, then a little laundry... then get ready for a date...

Just tooo much fun you know how it is..

BYE THE BYE: I AM GLAD THAT I BROUGHT UP "PATIENCE" it seems to be a great topic, yes it is a virtue, something that has to be learned! ahh yes indeed, a virtue.. keep smiling..
Have a great day,

Saturday, July 02, 2005 11:50:12 AM  
Anonymous said...

To Klew
From Suzanne of Mesa Arizona

I will be leaving tonight and hope I can meet up with you in Idaho. Can't wait to meet you. I have your tele so I'll give you a ring. I wish there were more ladies on my way up that I could stop and see. What a remarkable bond we've made here.

Klew, I just read your story about your husband. So well spoken and beautiful, I wish you the greatest of happiness in your new quest for life, love, peace, and don't ever think that you may not be the one (because who knows). All the ladies seem so wonderful and "HappY" - I feel like I know you already. "Wanda" you go girl. I've dated much younger men before, but I was always embarrassed, (embarrassed for them). Hee Hee.

I haven't dated in many years, but my heavens this "blog" as sure made me want to.

I'll be gone for two weeks. Maybe I can stop at libraries along the way and check and see how everyone is coming along.

We have a lot of new ladies signing up. This is sooooo fun.

Best to everyone, Suzanne of Mesa Arizona.


Saturday, July 02, 2005 4:17:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi people.....

What a fantastic achievement for the organisers of the Live8 concerts. I watched the London one most of the day and it was fantastic. Also dipped in and out of all of the others and we have just switched over to the Philly one now which has attracted one and a half million people (think I have the figures right there).. Overall, the concerts have attracted billions of tv viewers.

I'm a little bit taken aback by the fact that most people here(with the exception of Clickgirl, Marlyn and vj) don't seem to be aware of the G8 summit and the global importance of 'making poverty history'.

May I ask you to come out of your own little area of the world for a moment and log on to to sign your name if you agree with the fact that 50,000 people shouldn't die every day purely because of their geographical location. If it was happening in the US or any other western country .... well it just wouldn't happen, would it ... because something would be done about it. Well now the world's leaders will know how millions of people feel about the fact that it's happening in third world countries (especially African countries) and maybe the road to justice can be carved out by all of us.

If it's not an issue for any of you, that's obviously your choice but I felt I had to bring your attention to it as I think its horrific and it would appear it's not important in the US in general if this blog is representative of the people.

Love to all

Ciao ......... P

Saturday, July 02, 2005 4:36:44 PM  
travelin said...

Hi everyone,
I am finally off my cruise, we have checked into our
bed and breakfast. (cute and in the woods outside Olimpic National Park in Washington state).
My late father in law went to Kirksville, my brother in law to New Jersey and my ex went to Nova Southeastern in Florida. That is also where my daughter will be going.
The Glaciers were awesome ladies. Wow! After the cruise break, my grandmother and I are going very flexible. So ladies out there, and Richard too. What is a must see in this part of the country? Grams hates cities, so I have taken San Francisco off my itinerary. Right now Grams is out enjoying the grounds of this gorgeous place.
Have an awesome 4th of July everyone and be safe.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:14:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Ciao... P

It is not because I/we don't acknowledge your e-mail that we are not aware of it. I received several e-mails about it. All my friends are involved in it. Actually one guy next door set up a band outside on his yard and they are joining in their own way. Very cool!

PS Are you aware of 7/7/7 and July 21st? certainly different but as we are all connected whether we know it and/or understand it or not, the energy will affect everyone on the planet and beyond.

Love to all.
Ciao, Ladies, Richard.
yes, it is still used a lot in France to say goodbye. We love to borrow our neighbor stuff!


Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:25:16 PM  
ceesoo said...

P -- good for you. I have asked Richard in my video to add a humanitarian aspect to our travel plans-- to participate in some project whether it is education or environment or health-- to raise awareness or money or something! wherever we go. We are so blessedly fortunate.....

Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:40:41 PM  
Anonymous said...


To travelin - glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise. I just took my first cruise last summer to Alaska and had a ball. Which ship were you on? We were on Norwegian Sun and it was fabulous. Too bad you didn't stop in at Vancouver (or if you did, we missed each other). I'd have loved to meet you and Grams and taken you on a little tour of my area.

Not knowing where you are from, and not knowing exactly what you want to do or how you're doing it, makes it hard to make any suggestions. Are you driving? If so, the Oregon sand dunes are a sight to behold, also the Redwood forest near Crescent City in Northern California. Keep in touch and let us know what you're up to.

Leslie in VanCan

Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:44:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Myriam

Sounds fantastic. I wasn't looking for an acknowledgement or an answer to my post and certainly wouldn't expect you to reply on behalf of anyone else! Just noticed that no-one else mentioned the upcoming event which as I said surprised me a little.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Incidentally, I understand connections and energy very well as I have studied both pretty extensively.

To Ceesoo:

Thank you.

Love ....... Ciao ..... P

Saturday, July 02, 2005 5:53:33 PM  
Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor said...

Hi Ladies,

Been a busy day at the beach and have been taking your advice to heart and getting fresh air and exercise. I'm very pleased at how you are all exchanging ideas, dreams, thoughts and conversation. Never in my "wildest dreams" did I think the blog would work out so well. Kudos to all! Several questions that have been asked have already been discussed either on the website or in previous newsletters or blogs. Please take a minute or two and review at your leisure. Men, as you are all probably painfully aware, are not very good talking about themselves and, those from my generation especially. I think people are best judged by their actions because, frankly, people can say anything-- I prefer to study what people do. So maybe that is why I talk more about what I have done than just talking about me. It's probably more comfortable for me. A favorite saying of mine (don't know where it came from) is "Let the deeds prove the man." Or woman! Now this is all pretty heavy talk on the eve of a holiday. That and the Live 8 concerts. Very important things with which to be involved. Having traveled to Africa and other poor areas of the world one can't help but be affected by it. We need to do what we can in the best way we can. Warmest regards, Richard.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 7:14:57 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Evening Richard, Ladies,

Just got home from my date about a half an hour ago....nice guy, but....I didn't feel any "shocker" when he kissed me on the cheek. What I also don't feel, is a romantic connection. He was a total gentleman and we had a great dinner. Great conversationalist. We went to a local club to dance only it was a dead nite in the town cuz of the National Balloon Festival. Anyway, they had the Live8 playing on the big screen, did anyone who is familiar with Bon Jovi hear his remake of his own song "Living on a Prayer?" My date was so moved by it, and he's a country music lover, that he wanted to dance to it. It's a lot slower version of his original and absolutely BEAUTIFUL, we were the only ones on the dance floor.

This gentleman and I met through a dating service and his profile states that he is only interested in meeting women for lunch, dinner/and or dancing, nothing long term. So that settles that anyway. Since I'm seriously looking for my lifelong companion, this works for me... He is a runner and he and I do plan to get together and run sometime and possibly play some golf.

BTW..I also found out what "commando" means tonight! :) MEN... I love 'em!

I can't remember what all was said on the blog tonight, so can't address anything at this time.. will reread later/tomorrow.

I'm going fishing tomorrow with friends at the campground...hope I get the BIG

Enjoy your holiday Ladies.

All my best to you Richard,

Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:15:53 PM  
Leslie said...

Hi all - just figured out my password thingy - had my user name wrong :( duh...

What a gorgeous evening here. Took me lil puppy for a walk and admired all the beautiful gardens in full bloom around the neighbourhood.

wanda - where on earth do you find all these men? Seems my life is full of women (not that there's anything "wrong" in that - aren't we all just great!). However, I work in an all-female environment, have unmarried sisters, no brothers, single girl friends, don't go to bars, etc. So...???

Richard: nice to hear from you and glad you're having a great weekend. I understand where you're coming from about preferring to talk about what you've "done" since that is how most men identify themselves, but I think most of us would like to know at least a few small minor details such as the last book you read, what kind of movies do you enjoy, have you ever been to any part of Canada, etc. Or are you saving all that for the chosen one(s)?

Happy 4th y'all.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:24:30 PM  
KLew said...

Evening ladies and Richard, just got back from a Mariner's game--we lost again-duhhhhhhhh! They are reminding me of the 1980's team. That aside, I really appreciate the thoughts about my husband and the ceremony we had. He was Cherokee and we went to Cherokee a couple of time. He was from NC but fell in love with the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Quite a man. Hard not having him, but I am moving on and making new choices it has been 19 months today. We have to venture out and go forth. I do enjoy this blogging and look forward to what the Fellowship has to say, as someone aptly named us. We are all dream seekers and that is wonderful. Carry on!!! Nite.

Saturday, July 02, 2005 9:51:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard and all One of the subjects today was about people of the world coming together for those whose needs are urgent. The overwhelming response is not surprising since the majority always reach out once aware of utter devastation. What ever you can give or do to support these causes can mean the difference between surviving and just existing. It makes you less concerned about your own problems when you are there for those who have been forgotten. On a personal level I have lived my life accordingly. For years I supported a child in a third world country; I came to the aid of a young man by directing his path to achieve political asylum which would have surely been a horrific death. (I'm proud to say he is now a neurosurgeon and speaks 4 languages); my Mom & I now help the community by cooking for the firefighters, paramedics & police in our town; help those in wheelchairs and walkers and those without cars. We also assist those who have served in the war. My brother was a Marine and I know what they go through. I am a survivor - cancer at 21 years of age which deprived me of having children; and just coming to terms with escaping domestic violence and my new marriage has ended in divorce. There's hope for everybody if you just believe. I'll be 49 soon and also entering a new chapter in my life which I embrace with open arms. It's great to have the laughter back in my life!

On a lighter note, Richard, you will be receiving info on special events in the O.C. for you & your family. Pageant of the Masters in nightly re-creations of classical & contemporary artwork by live models. Painting & statuary come to life while enjoying a full orchestra under the stars in Laguna Beach. There are also 3 other art festivals happening during the day which are all on Laguna Canyon. Big Bear Renaissance Fair to learn the ways of old & perhaps purchase a trinket or two. The annual Sand Castle & Sand Sculpture Contest creating dazzling displays held at Corona Del Mar State Beach. For sports and recreation, Richard, how about the 2005 AVP Pro Volleyball Nissan Series Huntington Beach Open? Bank of the West U.S. Open of Surfing & Beach games at H.B. The surfing capitol attracts world-class athletes from across the globe close to where I live. Also the U.S. Open includes skateboarding, inline skating & BMX Biking competitions as well. Perhaps you've heard of "Lords of Dogtown". It's a companion piece to Stacy Peraltas documentary - "Dogtown and Z-Boys" about the very young men who transformed skateboarding into a commercial extreme sport. There is also going to be a coastal rock cruise & later on a classic jazz festival. There is a Festival of Children w/celebrity appearances, activities, workshops, performances & fun for kids of all ages. These are just highlights of the many activities for the summer and through Labor Day.

Sometimes you can search the world over not realizing what you seek has been here all along.

This is lengthy but I keep my comment to one writing every week or so.

I'll be glad to forward some pics to your E-Mail add. of Huntington Beach, Orange County, California if anyone would like!

Love and peace to all!


Saturday, July 02, 2005 11:49:54 PM  
Anonymous said...


'the clouds cried' .... what a beautiful expression ... thank you.


Ciao .... P

Sunday, July 03, 2005 6:28:07 AM  
The Flying Massage Therapist- The Nutty Mermaid said...

Greetings Ladies,
I believe if Richard gives too much detail on what he is looking for then most of the bios would be similar. The unknown makes us use our inner creativity to bring out what we believe are our best qualities. I have definately enjoyed soul searching again, it has put me back into a reality and spiritual check.
Three important people in my life have passed on early in their life, my sister, my dad, and my husband, in that order. Every funeral that I went to there was a rainbow after the service, and on my dad's service there were 2. This is what I've learned and often, very often, tell my son (age 15) - Attitude is everything, time is precious so use it wisely, life is as good and fun as you make it (minus a few curve balls), and the only thing in life that is guaranteed is change, so don't be afraid of it.
May everyone have a safe 4th of July weekend. Independence is priceless. Michelle Bahr

Sunday, July 03, 2005 7:32:59 AM  
The Flying Massage Therapist- The Nutty Mermaid said...

Greetings Ladies,
I believe if Richard gives too much detail on what he is looking for then most of the bios would be similar. The unknown makes us use our inner creativity to bring out what we believe are our best qualities. I have definately enjoyed soul searching again, it has put me back into a reality and spiritual check.
Three important people in my life have passed on early in their life, my sister, my dad, and my husband, in that order. Every funeral that I went to there was a rainbow after the service, and on my dad's service there were 2. This is what I've learned and often, very often, tell my son (age 15) - Attitude is everything, time is precious so use it wisely, life is as good and fun as you make it (minus a few curve balls), and the only thing in life that is guaranteed is change, so don't be afraid of it.
May everyone have a safe 4th of July weekend. Independence is priceless. Michelle Bahr

Sunday, July 03, 2005 7:33:49 AM  
happy said...

to rr-sb
Richard - I agree that what people do IS more important than what they say. But I take issue with the second part of your phrase, "people can say anything", which implies that words alone are likely to be false.

And where does that leave the bios, the e-mails, the blogs, or the words on the tapes? Why have we come?

Sunday, July 03, 2005 8:00:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Ciao...P, Ladies, Richard

Thank you for your answer. I often wonder if the world (and I know my workplace would be) if we did not assume things instead of asking.

I sure would love to share with you about our energy work. I am not sure this is the place though. I have a blog that I never activated on my website maybe it is time to do something about it. I am living what I studied and it is time to share.

I do agree about service. It is absolutely fantastic and very rewarding. I was a mentor in a county jail for 7 years the last 3 in maximum security, first one there, and that is why I love and respect Oprah so much. She has the guts to put on her shows "Restorative justice", "Inside the most dangerous prison in the States", "Living in NY sewage because of drug addiction", etc. I tought classes there on "Stress management and Spiritual awareness". I had 20 men from maximum security in my 1st class. The deputy was going nuts because I was alone with them in a classroom. Fear never entered my mind. Ubfortunately, I had to take a sabbatical because at the times, I could no longer transform the "negative" energy, (fear, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, etc.) I was picking up and I was getting sick. But I want to go back on a larger scale with a method that deals with emotional issues.

I am very happy to have connected with all of you. so much wisdom, happiness, joie de vivre.
Keep the infos coming.

FOR THOSE INTERESTED, there will be a worldwide meditation on July 7 (7/7/7) for the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal - The Solar Feminine followed by the 17th when the planet Leo moves into the sign of Leo bringing transformation and change and the 21st, full moon.
Astrology used to be a science which was lost when the left brain/Reptilian/male became predominant.

That is why it is so fantastic to hear the women voices rising once again all over the planet. (and men who have integrated their feminine side.)

Rihard, glad to hear from you. I sure would love to be on the beach right now. About men of our generation not being able to express their feelings! But the cycle is certainly being broken. I am witnessing with my daughter, son-in-law and their friends. I remember when fathers as well as mothers used to say: "boys dont'cry!" we have come along way and yet...

Men also have a feminine side. So Richard, you certainly are not afraid to cry which is a sign of a caring man (for me), one in touch with his feelings even though he may not be able to
express them. How about going one step further, one tiny step at a time if it is more comfortable, speaking up about one's feeeling is very difficult, not only for men, but this is part of intimacy, to be willing to be vulnerable. That is what I am learning through another group and it is very rewarding. Intimacy by the way is not only for romantic couples.

So look into your heart and see what you feel comfortable sharing with all of us. It will be appreciated.

Have more fun at the beach and if you get sunburns, cover yourself with honey then the bees will had a ball!!!

Love to all,

Sunday, July 03, 2005 8:00:41 AM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Morning Richard, Ladies,

Last week I saw that movie "The Girl in the Cafe'" It was an awesome movie about the G8 Summit. A very powerful movie that projects a message as to the power of "one" voice. A must see! We are a country of 300, 000,000 voices. Africa not only suffers from hunger, but malaria and HIV.

To Michelle Barr, I am truly sorry for all of your heart goes out to you. And I like what you said about attitude and change. I will pass this one on to my grandsons. Who, btw, are awesome and adorable... :)

Well the campground and fishing gods are calling me.. :) will touch base later.

Blog on...

Truly yours,

Sunday, July 03, 2005 8:23:34 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Well Good Morning Richard, Ladies,
One thing for sure.. You can't let life pass you by!!!!
As I was quickly reading this morning, someone asked, "how do I meet all of these guys?" Well some are blind dates, and I have to trust my friends, family whom ever, and they will not put me in a place where I am uncomfortable.. as for the others.. well I have met them in the Post office, at the Mud bogs, at the Rodeo Grounds, at the Grocery store, At the Lake, At the Gas pump, At the Clothing store, at the toy department, at the hardware store,
at the courthouse, do I need to go on? All I did was SMILE AND said "Hi" then ASK THEM "HOW ARE YOU TODAY?" After a reply we usually have a conversation unless they are in some kind of a hurry, I myself have decided that I don't need to rush through life any more, you know what I mean? I have been out with men who have handicaps, such as wheelchairs, speech impeds., ect.., there is no reason in the world for me to think that I am better than anyone else, and I don't know that the love of my life isn't SITTING before me!!!
I have been raised to think never put all of my eggs in one basket..
Sorry Richard..
even though you have stirred something inside me, I am not going to just pine away.. I am living every day.. 25-75 healthy, not so healthy, you know what..
if GOD has prepared him for me and the package was a little damaged getting here, because, I in fact got damaged myself... and we are soul mates.. by the GRACE OF GOD we will find each other.. and I am ready to accept my package..
so with that said..

My date last night was a BLAST.. we were rained off the boat, so we came back to the farm and had a quick bar-b-que, then played corn hole, later we spent the evening in the horse trailor-- no it hasn't had horses in it- it has been modified to live in-- Jed my date- quite the Cowboy.. had a lot of laughs a great time! I was home at 1:30 this morning.

so now I am off for another wonderful day, you all have the same,

Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:06:29 AM  
travelin said...

Hi Ladies and Richard,
We were on the Norwegian Spirit. It was a 7 day cruise that left and ended in Seattle. I am driving the whole way. So Oregon is definately on my list. My daughters best friend lives there and I miss her so much. She's like another child of mine. I collect kids.
Today we have to do laundry, and then we are going exploring this gorgeous area. Taking lots of pictures. Grams is ready to start her day and get things dons. So have a fun day everyone. The Washington state beach is beconing.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 10:28:30 AM  
zoe said...

anonymous - I agree there is always plenty to do in your own area. However, it is only through travel that we get out of our comfort zone and away from our home turf and experience different cultures, languages, ways of doing things and in this way learn more about the world and the people on it and in the process, more about ourselves as well.

It's experiences such as stopping at a small Italian village while lost in the mountains and asking for directions when no one else speaks the same language that I cherish. You very quickly communicate with lots of pointing, much stomping of feet and, of course, the requisite hand gestures! (The wife was such a dear - while her husband was showing me how to connect with the road we wanted, she went into the house and emerged with 2 slices of pound cake for my sister and me! Needless to say, there were hugs and photos before we went on our merry way.)

Or arriving at a small Fijian island where most tourists don't go, only to find out we have the last room in the hotel for that night, the hotel is booked solid the next night (we unknowingly arrived the only weekend the town was hosting some sort of school soccer play-off!), and the one flight out the next day is totally booked! Great - now what?

Please don't take this as a negative - I think it's great that you have so many activities and so much variety. For lots of people, this is enough. I can only speak about my own personal experiences and for me, it doesn't compare. Just my two cents worth.


Sunday, July 03, 2005 10:33:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

Greetings Richard!
Just happened to stumble on an interesting story on TV about a man who has settled in Tuscany with his family. His name is Umberto Menghi. Originally he studied to be a Priest and his peers say that he is such a beautiful Soul that he would more likely have reached the level of becoming Pope had he persued his
original quest of priesthood.
A lovely story indeed with him walking through his vineyards of Tuscany and cherishing the moments with his family and friends. The sunshine of Tuscany seems to cast a golden hue/aura across the vineyards and valleys(an artists dream) My favourite Italian singer Andrea Boccelli lives in Tuscany too!
A beautiful sunshiny day here in Toronto, perfect for a naturewalk near one of the rivers running through the city parks. I love to bike ride but my left arm is still in the healing process.
All I can say to yesterdays Live 8 show is WOW and hope the message gets through to the G8 Summit this coming week( I too signed the Petition) we all as ONE Heart and Mind can join the ranks of making world history and a better place for all Humankind!
carpe diem
from 'out of afrika' :)
Vj...alias ~~flowingwhitewater~~
Toronto Canada

Sunday, July 03, 2005 10:53:57 AM  
Karen said...

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Happy 4th to you all!

Klew - I was touched about the ceremony for your beloved husband. You & I both know the meaning of the strong winds coming in & the eagle soaring overhead. My fathers grandmother was full blooded Cherokee from N.C. & he took my brother & me to the Cherokee Nation also because he wanted us to know our roots. At age 27 my father became the 2nd youngest Chief of Police in the United States in Cocoa Beach, FL. back in 1956. The mayor was only 35. They held that town together! My fathers parents were of Scot/Irish descent. On my mothers side, her grandparents were the Winthrops of England whose descendents were the Govenors of Connecticut & Massachusetts. Last but not least, my mothers fathers parents were from Baden-Baden (The Black Forest) Germany. The end result is my brother & I are a Heinz Variety, as I'm sure most of us are. I'm glad they didn't come over on the same boat because one set of grandparents raised many children & had laughter & music in their lives; whereas the other set of grandparents were cold & distant!
The reason for this background is the common thread that ties us all together in so many ways. The traditions of our ancestors is apparent even today.
When we look back, the stories come to life keeping grandchildren spellbound and their laughter fills our hearts with joy!

Just another subject to be shared on the blog. Don't you think?
My heartfelt condolence to all those who have shared a loss of loved ones.

We can all share special moments as Richard did in Pop & Me. That film captured every emotion and started a wonderful wake up call.
Thank you Richard and Chris!


Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:01:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Wanda, On Sunday, July 3, you commented on going to a BBQ yesterday and then played a fun game called corn hole. I've never heard of that game. What is it?? Is it a Southern thing??

Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:03:04 PM  
Karen said...

To Zoe,
Thank you for writing. I'm the lady from California. Just wanted to say you are absolutely right; however, I have traveled extensively, learned and enjoy many other cultures, studied a foreign language so I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds. I do look forward to furthering my travels. I've especially enjoyed how we all communicate without knowing each others language but still manage to get the point across with a lot of laughter on both sides.
I just wanted to share whats going on in our neck of the woods!


Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:22:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

Have an great 4th! Enjoy the fireworks! Celebrate life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:32:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

to ??
Cornhole? Suppose it's like Baggo, maybe? - An outdoor bean bag toss game?

Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:45:31 PM  
raceee said...

What a great venue on Live 8 I live near the small city of Barrie, Ontario Canada, but alas I didn't have tickets so watched it at home. Brings back memories of the 60's and the concerts I went to. What a great way to get the message out to the world. One thought, what about all the poverty in our country. I feel that we should be fixing our own back yard then the world. I do a lot of volunteer work and I see families struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Schools that supply breakfast to students because their parents can't afford to feed them. Food banks that are struggling to feed more families than ever. Didn't mean to go on but any help we can give our communities is welcome.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:53:24 PM  
b1ONNDE said...

Richard, I agree wholeheartedly. People can say anything but still not be themselves. The real test is to introduce a partner to your friends and family and see the interaction.
I'm doing some writing right now about my son. Before he left he wrote "Remember! Measure your wealth in friends and not in dollars. All the money in the world can not change the fact that we are no one unless someone loves or cares for us."
To Wanda Whitwater: I don't know your age. Personnaly I couldn't go out with a man a 10 year span above or below me. In the last few days a 37 and 26 year old emailed me at a dating site. I just delete them. There just is no mental commonality. But each to their own. I'm not saying you're wrong. Have fun with it. We only live once.
To all bloggers: The Liva8 was spetacular and very moving. It makes my heart swell to know that we are trying to eradicate poverty. I belonged to a Poverty in Action activist group until it folded up. There are so many important issues to fight for. I'm looking forward to the next newsletter, hoping also that it contains more information than quotes.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 12:57:04 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Raceee:

Hi to you and I totally get what you're saying about fixing your own poverty before others. However, there really is no comparison between what we describe as poverty in the west and poverty in places such as Africa. I do not have the words to describe what the shanty towns of South Africa are like. It's not like people are not having breakfast (maybe they are, I don't know). They're living in containers and make-shift homes made out of I don't know what. Sanitation is non existent and HIV is rampant as well as other diseases caused by not having clean water etc and having no access to the drugs we can get in the west.

Of course, there are some great projects going on. I visited a kindergarten school where the teachers were fantastic (word not good enough) and the kids were beautiful. Also kids are going to real school in the cities. The thing is though, we (not me personally) took from these countries i.e. gems, land etc and relegated the natives to second class citizenship and now I think its payback time and the way to do that, in my opinion, is through education, proper nutrition, not taking away someone's heritage (I also know lots of the reasons for the HIV epidemic are cultural and I for one do have any clue how to handle that right now. Oh god I could go on all night so I'll shut up (colonial/cultural and talking issues going on here cause I'm Irish ;))

My apologies to anyone who was aware of the Live8 concerts and the reasons why. I just got carried away wanting everyone to sign the petition!!

Also agree with B1onnde's comment on next newsletter re having more information than quotes.

Ok ...... I promise to now end my part of this particular subject.... amen ...

Love to all

Ciao ........ P

Sunday, July 03, 2005 1:56:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

Should have good evening to everyone which is what I'm doing now :)

Just got caught up in the moment.

Ciao ..... P

Sunday, July 03, 2005 2:19:25 PM  
Melanie said...

I agree with P - we do have poverty in our country but it is nothing like some of the other countries in the world. I believe that it is a global problem that we need to deal with on a global level. YAAAAAAAAAAAA for Live 8 - Not only was the music awesome but the message should be of great concern to all of us. I have not been to Africa but seeing the pictures always brings tears to my eyes. No child should ever go hungry to point that they starve to death.

So with that I wish all of you a great remainder of your week end. Start tomorrow by listing all of the freedoms and advantages you possess because you live where you do.
Being able to blog for one! haha

Sunday, July 03, 2005 3:34:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

Oh brother!! Now I've seen everything...desperate people!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 4:17:01 PM  
travelin said...

Hello again everyone,
I just got back from doing laundry in the local town. I put in 3 loads, and wouldn't you know it, one load won't stop washing. Grams now has the cleanest undies and p.j.'s in Washington state.
Now the interesting part of this story actually has a point. Had the washer not misfunctioned, I would not have met the local principle of a local high school. You are talking about the concert. I missed it, no t.v.. How about the plight of our own Native Americans. The local principle is Native, and has traveled extensively trying to help. Do you realize 85% of our Native Americans are either alcoholics, few recover, and the percentage of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome will make you cry. Yes a drunk mother gives you a drunk baby. How sad. I am part Native (small part). I am a virgo, and many a Native American has given their life for our country.
So as we celebrate our country tomorrow, put down that beer, pick up some water and drink that instead. And maybe we should look a little closer to home.
Grams wants to go exploring again, so we are going back to the Pacific Ocean, (on a reservation), take pictures of the beauty and say a prayer.
Happy 4th of July! We will probably go to a rain forrest tomorrow, and explore some more.
I actually know alot of native history, but I didn't even realize the # was that high.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 4:17:53 PM  
Forest Hills said...

To: HAPPY,and to b1onnde, too!
I couldn't agree more. Are we having double standards here? We provide our details, bios, video (I don't happen to have anyone in the family, like Chris Roe, who films and directs, to evidence myself), and what do we get in return? Actions speak louder than words? Are we speaking about someone who twice spent his life savings to travel around the world to the same places? What about since? Are we to be a "book deal", with advance? Or is someone else "comping" this trip?

Richard, may I be so bold to ask: What are your prospects? For future travel and possible relationship? Will you respect our (your winner, that is) future, eventual, travel plans? What about ideas, suggestions, changes to the existing legs of each's travel?

If by "actions" from you, forgive me for my frankness, but I did notice a certain resentment by Chris for your being such a "control freak" during your trip together. He mentioned he was counting the days until the trip ended. You two were only at your closest at the beginning of the trip, visiting old childhood neighborhoods, lamenting your past.

Is this an example of action that we are to interpret as YOU? Yes, Chris did love you and your parenting. But he sure did resent not knowing that you had already asked his two brothers prior to him, and didn't tell him. That did hurt his feelings.

I hope you can be honest with all of us, who came to this venue to learn about you, and instead are learning more about each other. Nothing wrong with that, but remember, you changed the rules and asked us to present our questions and issues to you through this Blog rather than your previously furnished email contact.

Your turn.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 4:55:48 PM  
Whitney Cooper said...

Hey Richard-I'm Whitney Cooper and I first heard about your campaign in April when I was watching Oprah, which I'm a huge fan of. Since I am only 18 I decided to secretly make you a tape of my 55 year old, intelligent, and bombshell mom, Jan Cooper. I'm really excited about it and I hope that when you receive the tape and biography of her you will take extra note! You always sound so busy, but if you have the time then check out the web page I made with a picture of she and I at my graduation. (And no the photo isn't nude or anything foul like that-gross!!!!)¤t=gradphotos05056.jpg

Sunday, July 03, 2005 5:16:49 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Evening Everyone!! Wow I am really getting tiered, but still having fun!
let me see here: there was questions on corn hole, it is a game that came from Cincinnati, played with 2 teams, 2 on each team, like horse shoes, only throwing bags of corn, and the points are the same, if you each make a bag in the hole it cancels the points, if you each have a bag on the board it cancels the point, ect.. each team has 4 bags, taking turns throwing, the boards are 21' apart and slanted like a ramp, with a hole in the top of the ramp. extremely fun game the whole family can play to 21, and if you go over, you go back to 11.
and the other comment was about age differences: well the Mayor of Polson just turned 30.. you know how can you delete someone? you don't know there level of inteligence? My ex-husband was 10 years younger than me!!! I won't go into details of my divorce, but I am here to tell you, he is an extremely INTELIGENT man, and had a lot going for him.
I am not saying anyone has to go out with everyone but at least talk to them. for instance today,
I was feeding my kitten, "remember I have to feed her every 2 hours, so I take her every where, and I had her with me and the grandkids at the lake today on the beach" Any way, a guy walked up to me and asked what I had? it started a conversation, he is from N.Y. and will be in town till Wed. so we are going to lunch Tue. he wanted to go sooner but as you know, I am busy.. and yesterday he turned 49.
last night I dated a 43 year old, tonight a 30 year old, Tomorrow though, I will be with my family.
My only advice is if you & they can talk on the same level, and you both understand each other- give 'it a chance, because age is only a number!!!! it is nothing concrete' it changes every day, so do you.
Have a wonderfull night,

Sunday, July 03, 2005 5:47:13 PM  
happy said...

to Richard Roe

No fair double-dipping! While we don't even get to see the pot...(except on your '50 Senior Bachelor photo'...I got POSITIVELY NO room to talk, but it looks like a nice little pot).

You seemed so incredibly sincere when we first learned about your venture. 'Twould be tres disappointing if you turned out only to be trifling.

Using the excuse that 'men are not good at talking about themselves' while expressing a desire to learn to do exactly that, sends a strong negative message to anyone who's sincere about relationships.

"Me thinks thou doth complain too much."

And before you read the following, I just wanna say: I've got a sneaking suspicion that you put your pants on one leg at a time, like most of us.

to Forest Hills & anyone else who wonders 'why we've come'

"Blog Becomes Bogged !!" (see if this passes the delete button..)

While it is temporarily entertaining to the mind, imaginings only create falseness.

Mostly I'm hearing a bunyanizing of Richard, and in my opinion, this is not good. (And no, I'm not his sister, writing this! :)

But what is the adulation based on? Very few facts that we know of. Evidently mostly from the "Pop & Me" movie. (No. I haven't seen it. I have my own "Mom & Me" story which brought my daughter & me happiness -not tears.)

If this blog brings me flak, well at least it'll give this ole dog a bone to gnaw on!

But before ya hit me... just ask yourself (& RR !) the questions Forest Hills, b1onnde & myself & likely others have during the course of the blog.

I think Forest Hills' blog statement is worth repeating: "I hope you can be honest with all of us, who came to this venue to learn about you, and instead are learning more about each other. Nothing wrong with that, but remember, you changed the rules and asked us to present our questions and issues to you through this Blog rather than your previously furnished email contact."

Absolutely nothing wrong with learning about each other. I think we are all strong women with our hearts in the right place; our hopes on our sleeves,& our minds up our ever-lovin' computers! I love to learn from a sisterhood, and certainly enjoy what I've learned doing this project (& maybe one day will complete by blogsite, F.H. :) and will no doubt learn more.

But 'til later--I'm off to other sites to tend my's hungry for Deeeep Thoughts!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 7:35:47 PM  
traveln-hsr said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 8:21:11 PM  
Anonymous said...

to travelin'homeschooler

“Acta femina probant”

Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:02:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

ps to travel-hsr

or is it “Acta feminae probant” ?

Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:03:37 PM  
Travelin said...

Happy 4th of July officially.
Now even my evening was fun. I find fun everywhere, or create my own.
On the cruise all last week we couldn't find the right size spoon for anything. Soup spoons were with the ice cream, table spoons with cereal, and baby spoons with coffee cups. It was getting to be a joke.
So tonight after dinner with Grams, I get the wait staff to play a joke on her. She loves a single dip of vanilla after dinner. Well the staff brought out a 3 plated, single dip, with every size spoon in the place. Even kitchen serving spoons.
I don't think I have seen her laugh so hard in my life. Everyone else was laughing too. Now that is one picture I don't have.
And in defense of Richard and his son. Now I haven't seen the movie, read people,etc. I am really traveling for the summer. You really don't get to know them until you are with them 24 /7 for months at a time. I am traveling with my 90 year old gradmother. I love her to death. But I am seeing a whole new side to her personality and she to mine.
She never knew I had a wicked sence of humor. I never knew she had a temper and such a strict schedule. Up at a certain time ( i beat her), must have beakfast right away, and always the same. And when she is ready to go, lets go! Lunch is on schedule, and dinner must not be after 7 pm. And don't forget the nap after lunch.
Now I get up to a cup of coffee or a few, eat when I am hungry, and prefer a larger lunch with dessert and a lighter dinner. And I never eat late. I eat healthy.
My schedules have always been so crazy, and I am the control freak. But I know how to give and take and settle and put out what I call fires. When the crap hits the fan, I laugh and get everything done.
So my answer tonight was the grocery store for grams favorite breakfast. An after dinner suprise. We bought milk, Special K, a bowl, spoons, peaches, and white bread. Oh, I almost forgot her de-caf lipton tea bags. I think I covered all basis. And we are at a gorgeous bead and breakfast. She was threatening me with taking her out for breakfast. That's a 10 mile drive. I want my coffee in my pj's.
But when you travel with a family member and you only know them as your Dad, or your Grams, you actually see them as a person. Does that make sence? The real person comes out and the fun starts. It's a real eye opener.
Well those are my thoughts for the day. My Grams is hard of hearing, so some of our conversations are really funny. But it makes her shy. Which she really isn't. She has so much to say. Maybe I will teach her how to type.
Happy 4th of July.

Sunday, July 03, 2005 9:52:11 PM  
blueyesoftail said...

Aaah- family, travel and adventure. How I have been living my life. For so long, by myself - not that that is a bad thing...but I well understand what you mean when you say you are ready for someone to share that with.

Have been an African Prehistorian (archaeologist), stock broker (not my forte), mental health worker (my father said "Water seeks its own level") and just got my motorcycle license at 52. Have lived and worked in various parts of the world and ache to travel again.

I wish you a Happy Fourth of July and the very best of luck. Manhattan Beach is not so very far from San Diego - we, most likely, view an extension of the same waves! May all your dreams come true - and, from the photo, Oprah was right - you are handsome!

Sunday, July 03, 2005 11:12:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard and All,

Did not realize that I would be so interested in this blogging thing, but here I am logging on twice a day to read the comments and writing my 4th blog. I guess that if we are all reading every comment Richard you must be doing the same since it is your site.

LADIES, you are all fabulous! I think a get together of some sort would really be fun.

Now for the point of this note:

RICHARD, My request is that this endeavor/adventure not be turned into the, "oh, we're down to two we're down to one rose who will get the last rose" type scenario. I realize full well that there must be some sort of elimination process to come to your choice or choices. Please just find a method that does not denigrate these wonderful women. There are some exceptional people involved here, including yourself. Thank you for listening and possibly commenting on in your next blog or newsletter.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Warm Regards,


Monday, July 04, 2005 6:22:36 AM  
funfitsinglefree said...

Great Story Richard and what a coincidence I must say? The proverb I just sent you: In his heart a man plans his course, BUT the Lord determines his steps!
Happy 4th spending it with my Daughter, son in law my three grandchildren, my son and his girlfriend and my two dear friends who are my family! Great DAY!

Monday, July 04, 2005 10:07:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hello Richard..hello "Women of the Blog",I'm home for a little while,needed to check my e-mails and thought I would write in the Blog(my 3rd!).My 92 yr.old Mom had a Stroke yesterday AM(it must have happened in her sleep)about all of the day yesterday was in the ER,until they admitted her(at first it was not evident that it was Stroke)2yrs.ago she had a fall and hit her head(you think fall-and assume a broken hip,But Mom had a HEAD injury and my sister's and my paradigm shifted!-she went to Rehab.we were told to give her 24/7 care,which we have found a wonderful group of compassionate women to help us).Some of her language is not there,which makes her VERY Frustrated!&@times it appears she does not understand us.(again which makes her unnerved!)We have given the Dr.'s the DNR/DNI and that unto itself is a major transition,because we have so many other times dealt with her hospitalizations(Mom has C.O.P.D.)But we have never had the hospital staff ask us about DNR...!
This is my Reality at this moment.The man I need in my life DOES have to know how he feels& be able to communicate it to me.(once you deal with life and death issues there is no turning back to surface least not for me)& because "LIFE" has a way of being ironic...suppose you are on this wonderful trip,and something totally unforseen happens to either Richard or me (or someone else)...I would have to feel that the person I am with I could entrust my life with..
OK,I know I am being emotional,with this personal event.
God is within all of us..
Be here now,because that is all there is!Take Care,Enjoy,Sybil

Monday, July 04, 2005 11:35:22 AM  
happy said...

to anonymous sybil

Life does have a way of just popping in with its nasty whimsies. Strength & empathy to you dealing with your mom's situation...which now is also YOUR day at a time.

to RR
And once again there are those of us who wonder about the 'what ifs' & wait for answers. I too, as Sybil & surely others, have hypothetically wondered "if on the trip something totally unforseen happens to either Richard (yes, it COULD be YOU) or the 'chosen contestant'? what would be your reaction?"

I personally would expect my travel companion to have MY (or I HIS) best interests at heart in case of a disabling event. Just part of the healthy relationship, in my opinion.

Monday, July 04, 2005 12:03:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Sybil,
love your name.
My heart goes out to you. my dad passed on after a long illness a few years ago. I flew over to France for his funeral. My brother, a gerontologist, was his personal physician and one of my sister was at home with mom and dad. It made it a little bit easier knowing that he was in good hands. I am the oldest of 7. I call my mom (78) almost every week and my "baby sister" (48) who is an anesthesiologist emails me regularly and spent most of her week-end with her in our bungalow at the beach. Internet is a wonderful thing. We are trying to get mom to use it. She is still in pretty good health. But the oldest of my newphews got into a scooter accident last sept and is paralyzed from the neck down so she is very vulnerable.

You are so right about having a companion that is willing to share the good and the not so good. I am glad you have the support of your sister and good friends. I will join the rest of the ladies, Richard, and ask the same questions. The age is of no importance, many things can happen on a trip.

Sybil, Lots of Love and prayers will be sent your way for you, your family and your mom so when she is ready to make her transition way down the road it will be peacefully with all of you surrounding her (if it is your wishes) with your love. In the meantime, be emotional. nothing wrong with that.

Monday, July 04, 2005 12:13:13 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Hello Richard, Ladies,

Just got home from the campground..the fishing gods decided to let someone else clean all the ;) I do enjoy sitting around the campfire and only do it once a year, nice little diversion from the norm.

To Wanda, I love your dating stories. As I have mentioned, I, too, have been on quite a few myself. I usually meet mine from a dating service, however, a couple of months ago, I was in Sam's club and was getting ready to check out when I noticed the long lines at the check out. Then I noticed the really good looking guy with the starched white shirt and tie, in the longest line....I parked right behind him... was checking for ring, clean fingernails, etc., when he turned around to ask if I wanted to go ahead of him, since I only had a few things in my cart, I said, oh no thank you, I'm in no hurry, (as I wanted to just stand there and check him, then he inquired about the protein bars, protein shakes and fish in my cart. I told him I had aspirations of my first bodybuilding competition and needed some "fun" protein. He immedidately wanted to know if we could "talk" over there. I told him to meet me at Barnes and Noble in 30 minutes,(had to run fish home, put in fridge) We spent a better part of an hour there talking about fitness and health, he asked for my number and we've been out on 3 dates thus far. I do not feel a romantic connection with this one either, but have made another friend.

On another note, I signed the petition... :)

As for dating and late, ex husband was 9 years my senior. I have dated younger, but it never feels like we're on the same page. I personally prefer and am very comfortable with older men. Like I have said earlier and Richards newsletter says it too, they have a much more appreciation as to what we're about and our ability to express. As with everyone, the ability to communicate your feelings is a must. It makes for a better understanding of ones needs/desires. Pretty simple.

Ok, I think I've yammered on long enough...Just enjoy this blogging, mostly sharing feelings and daily events as a means to get to possibly know Richard and share with him our interests and feelings. I only hope none of this is in vain.

Happy 4th all, celebrate our independence safely.

All my best to you Richard,

Monday, July 04, 2005 3:18:18 PM  
José said...

Hello busy man,
John is at a school when his teacher asked him: "How old is your father?"
Well, he is of mine age.
Teacher: "That's not possible."
John:"Look, when i was born, he
becomes mine father. So, you see........

bye, bye

Monday, July 04, 2005 5:55:07 PM  
Mary R said...

New day tomorrow.How about I start with the easy part?Some French Toast to wake up to, made the night before and refridgerated until I get up to brush my teeth and preheat the oven in the AM. *Heat 1 stick margarine, 1 cup brown sugar & 2 Tbls dr. Karo syrup intill the sugar melts. Cut French Bread into about 1 inch slices. 6 will cover your 9 by 13 baking pan. Pour warm sugar mix over the bread in your pan. Mix 5 eggs with 1 1/2 cup milk and 2 tsp vanilla. Pour this over the top of your bread mix. Sprinkle on a little nutmeg. Cover and refridgerate till morning when you uncover and cook it in your 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. (We all know what that 45 minutes is for.) The wonderful smell will gently rise Richard or anyone out of bed. The great taste will bring them back for more. Enjoy. Mary Rose

Monday, July 04, 2005 6:01:58 PM  
Anonymous said...


Monday, July 04, 2005 7:09:58 PM  
Travelin said...

Hello Ladies and of course Richard,
Sybil, my heart goes out to you. I had to sign the DNR for my Mom. I was her least favorite of 6 kids. My younger brother and I were with her at the end in ICU. The favorites were at a football game, etc. I drove in from Virginia, after working a 10 hour day, no answer on any phone. And had to make phone calls to everyone, including my husband and all other family. (MY ex and kids in VA, all other family at the game.)
Now I was still with her 48 hours later in ICU, shit kicking country playing on the tape deck (being a nurse there for 20 years helped, mom, not me). We finally found out what killed her. Aids. She was a nurse and got it at work.
Now here is where I come in. Everyone who is good and true goes to heaven. And what a party they are having. My mom is with her youngest brothers( died before she was born from the croup), my POP, ( now there is the kindest man on earth) etc. And now others are partying with them in heaven.
When my oldest lost his dog suddenly (he cried at 2 years old. At movies like Bambi), I said, but Gramps is up there to look after Casey. We all loved and had Casey at various times. (renting, nasty land lords). We all grieved. But Gramps had just died at 90, so she was well looked after. Trust me. Grieve, cry, but know there is such a re-union up there. Knowing and believing what a party is awaiting us, helps. I know, it gets me thru.
Believing that life and death are a party, helps.
But once a virgo, always a virgo, and I always will laugh when shit hits the fan ladies. My mom always did. And if there was one un-lucky lady, it was her.
The fire works are still going off, even in the outer woods of Washington State. Thank God Grams can turn her hearing aid off. Like I said ladies, keep laughing. I don't see sleep any time soon. These people in the outer peninsula have been shooting them off for a few days now.
May you all have had an awesome 4th of July. I did. My daughter and I e-mailed back and forth for hours, from Florida. Pictures taken, her day, my day.
And she can't wait until Mom finally makes it back to Florida. She wishes she was with me, but Organic Chemistry calls. Not Alaska. ETC> We are planning our great escape already for next year. Just before she starts medical school. Family Vacation. All Kids if able.
Not to count you out Richard, But I am only almost 47. Now if you want to have some fun?????? Last year for my birthday I took off with my then, new, boyfriend, and ran from yet another hurricane. With the only 2 things not insured in his house. The ATV's. We had a blast in the smokies! Then rain chased us back to Florida and yet another clean up.
So I will check in when I can. I.E. The next internet connection. I am off on another adventure. A total free fall from here.
Let's keep laughing ladies! Have an awesome night!

Monday, July 04, 2005 10:33:52 PM  
travelin said...

Ladies and Richard,
I don't put much detailed information on this site for safety reasons. But Grams and I are having a grand time.

Monday, July 04, 2005 10:35:49 PM  
travelin said...

Ladies and Richard,
I don't put much detailed information on this site for safety reasons. But Grams and I are having a grand time.

Monday, July 04, 2005 10:35:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

Oh pleeezzz! Do you really assume that we are interested in recipes and your dates with other men? Sounds like some of you need to find another outlet for your overly chatty selves. Let's get back to what we are really here for

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:35:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

a voice of reason at last!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:44:47 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone (including Richard)

I agree with Happy, Forest Hills and B1onnde regarding lack of information coming from the senior bachelor. Lots of quite normal questions have been asked of you Richard via this blog as requested by you. However, none have been answered except the lighter ones i.e. snoring!

I probably won't post any further blogs here as I'm not quite sure anymore what its about and what you intend using the information herein for. You did say you intended to use your newsletter as your forum to answer questions and give further information but so far the newsletter contains quotes by other people and much ado about how 'difficult it is to deal with it all'... pinched nerve etc etc.
C'mon Richard, we all get pains and aches but just get on with things. My gut feeling is telling me that you're holding out on info for some reason known only to yourself.

I haven't sent in a tape or bio (thankfully) because you haven't told anyone where you might use those either and I really think people have a right to know ... lots have asked this question.

At the moment, I have serious reservations about whether you really are seeking a travelling companion or just setting up a reality type show.

Anyway, the ladies here are varied and lovely. Some are probably taking the 'competition' quite seriously and others not.

Anyway, if I don't blog in again, I wish you all lots of love and good lives (that includes you also Richard).

Ciao ..... P

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:49:04 AM  
Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I agree with the previous 2 blogs re detailed stories of dates and recipes .... bit high on the cringe factor!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:56:46 AM  
happy said...

to 'ciao...P'
Richard FYI

Well put. Your statements reflect my own thoughts very well: "serious reservations" - you bet!, also "haven't sent in tape & bio" for reasons of those reservations.

I'm quite happy--obviously--with my life, just thought it would indeed be pleasant to share journeys with a seemingly intelligent travelling companion. But one who doesn't talk??? Nosireebob. Wouldn't have THAT on a platter! So IF you talk, Richard, do let us know!

The longer questions go unanswered; the less we actually know about Richard; the less my own interest is held; the more conjecture about Richard--rightly or wrongly--it just IS; the more I also wonder if it's just a gimmick; and if so, more'n likely the travelling choice will be a loverly piece of 'arm candy', who in the end will get her own reality show leaving R. in the lurch wondering 'Wha' happened!? while he's left singing that ole Beattles tune, "Will Ya Still Love Me, When I'm 64?" (74, 84, etc.) :) And the ones who could see this comin' will be singing "Gonna Get Along Without You Now." Uh-huh.

Perhaps there's really not anything new under the sun after all, as it first appeared, but simply that this is just another gig. IS that it? That, after all, IS the 'Hollywood' way isn't it, and seriously interested, intelligent women are sensing that.

To Richard (I repeat): Women don't ask redundant questions. By now, you've got a pretty clear pic of several of our "voices" 'saying anything' (your words, not mine) while you play your cards, shark-like, close to the vest.

IF this is what it first appeared to be, i.e., a serious search, you are losing several seriously intelligent women's case YOU are interested in knowing that!! But perhaps you aren't.

Time will tell, won't it? I'll hope for what first appeared to be, but even the few minutes of time which it takes to blog this site, will be losing out to other interests unless the Persona of another Richard crosses the blog.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 8:43:51 AM  
Forest Hills said...

Hi to all!
I just remembered a site, (a European site) that give all who download FREE telephony to anyone. Millions already use it. All you need is a headset, the other parties/family/friends also downloading, and you can talk for as long as you want, to and from wherever in the world, absolutely FREE over the web!! No catches. I learned about this from a Hungarian friend who's living here in the US, and calls his family regularly in Hungary, and friends all over the US and the world. And the quality is really good. So, for those of you with family spread out, like mine, and do like to chat, please do yourselves a favor and just check it out. Think of the savings and freed-up minutes on your cell phone!!

Just a little helpful hint to my friends on this, OUR Blog!! (I kind of think Richard should set up another, just for our Q&As, whenever that happens. I'm finding my interest is fading quickly.
Happy day to all, from
Suzan, in Forest Hills

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 8:45:40 AM  
travelin said...

I wonder how many of us are on the blog? How many are seriously wanting to go on the trip with Richard now, or just having fun talking, sharing, and being women. That is called loving, caring, funny, and friendly.
I still want to go, am loving getting to share thoughts and feelings with so many women, it has given my trip a whole new dimension. And an outlet for friendly comments.
But alas I must start my day. Grams just got up. And we are off to another location.
Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:05:45 AM  
droma said...

Hi Ladies and Richard,
If the age of a date or partner "is only a number that does not matter", why mention it, especially when the difference is great?! My problem is that most men and women my age are not interested in being as active as I am, are too set in their ways, and not interested in trying the unfamiliar. That is why my interest in Richard was sparked by his appearance on Ophra.
Richard, is your nerve still pinching? I'll be glad to give you my professional explanation and advis(c)e. It was clever of you to appeal to our nurturing natures.
Auf Wiederhoeren, Ellen

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:10:36 AM  
Anonymous said...

if there's anything unfamiliar here it's the illusive R

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:30:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

To Droma

God ...I would appeal to you not to go down the route of the pinched nerve again. It's soooooooooo boring! And incidentally I personally disagree with you about it being clever to 'mention' it .... especially if you consider 'mentioning' devoting most of a newsletter to it. I felt it showed quite a self-absorbed trait making such a big deal about it.

However, nurture away girl .... ;).

To Happy & forest hills:

Thank you for your response. I guess time till will reveal all (or not) but I would hazard a guess that some of us will not be around due to lack of interest :).

Take care all

Ciao ...... P

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:56:01 AM  
Mary R said...

Good Morning Friends, I too was also getting a bit impatient for more Real info from Richard and it isn't even Sept. Other's travelogs or dating experience aren't my business so I just tried sharing this receipt from a great French Cafe in Bolder. It takes more time to type the receipt then to make it, but I'll not do that again. My own "mission" in life is like the Grandfather walking the Beach on Sanibel, walking along picking up Sand Dollars and tossing them back into the sea. Grandpa was also a bit "Chatty" and explained to his companion Grandson, Michael, that Sand Dollars had no chance of anything but breaking apart unless they got back to the ocean and out of the mound. Mike asked "but what difference does it make, there are so many?" As Grandpa retrieved, examined and tossed another back to the sea, he said "It made all the difference in the world to that ONE." I am sure that each one of us will make some positive difference today. Good partnerships also work wonders. Mary Rose

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 9:57:34 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi ladies (& Richard)

I've kind of been wondering if Richard may have already found who he's looking for, but has to follow through on his well-promoted search. Maybe that's why we don't hear from him much.

I also would like to know about the "small print" - i.e. allowing him to use anything we send him in any way he chooses.

Just wondering.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:05:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

to mary r

I thought the story was about star-fish

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:14:52 AM  
Anonymous said...

so did I ....... lol

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:20:21 AM  
Anonymous said...

Interesting theory from 'anonymous'wondering if perhaps Richard has hooked up with someone.

If he has, surely he would not continue his 'search'. Everyone would understand that one can meet someone while looking for someone else!!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:37:35 AM  
José said...

hey Richard,
I don't envied you, all that reading...some interesting, some
not. But i know myself (curious) and also read most of the stories, if i have the time. Three..four days a week sporting and also i have to learn to program Java (AMBI)and also i have to do my work (32 hours a week)
Well, better be envied then pitied.

have fun each day, each hour....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:50:05 AM  
Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps wondering about Richard. Since this is a travel with Richard reality show of sorts, I went to the TRAVEL section of his website. I think this paragraph tells alot about him.
"When I travel alone (hopefully, never again) I travel in a very adventurous style-backpacking, and my pack is less than 15 pounds. Ex-Officio makes the most incredible line of clothes for travel, and that's all I take with me. It will be a different story when I travel with my perfect travel companion.(How different Richard?) My favorite guidebook is Lonely Planet. I also use and highly recommend two travel websites; and

Hobo Traveler is a very interesting site that has given me an idea about what type of traveling he likes to do. Somewhere I read about the possibility of staying in a tent which is very adventurous and not for everyone.

I certainly think it shows that when he travels, he doesn't do the strictly American tourist thing, which is to take an organized tour and watch local folk dances. Rather he makes his own tour and sees the real deal with the locals. Here's an article from the LA Times. It's informative.,1,6535565.column?coll=la-travel-her_world

I'm picturing a Survivor-Dating Game geared for the mature single, type reality show. What do you think?
Or maybe some TV show will pick up expenses and it could turn into..
The Senior Bachelor... no roses, but the dating habits of the over 50's crowd! I would watch that myself!! HA! to see what I'm missing or not missing! Hmmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:55:11 AM  
Anonymous said...

feeling the heat richard?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:59:06 AM  
José said...

by the way.........
When you ever arrived in Peru and
visit the Manu. There is a very good guide, named Ricardo H. S..
He is fun to be with but most
important he can tell you everything about the rainforrest.

if you see/meet Richardo will you
send him my love.

do as you would be done by


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:59:11 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good afternoon Richard and Ladies,
Sybil, I just went through My Dad having a stroke so my heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
Marlyn, Thank You, and I do have a lot more to catch you all up on, but right now I want to address a few things.

Richard, As I have said in previous blogs, I am not going to put all of my eggs in one basket, here is my reasons why.
#1. You have been unable to answer direct questions. WHY? there is no reason you can't pop in and make a quick note. WE DO IT ALL THE TIME.. JUST FOR YOU..
#2. Where is all of this going? I mean, what are you doing with the information we are talking about? are you not man enough to say HEY this is suppose to be about me?
#3. Are you really looking for a HARVARD GRAD., LOADED, KNOCK OUT,
#4. Come on give us something? Don't lose these BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!!

I told you, I am right up front on everything, I will stand up always, Richard, Please give us something on this.

Thank You In Advance and Appreciation!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 11:30:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

Well well 'Happy' et al ..... looks like we opened a big can of worms ... and that's just by being persistent... said persistence coming from asking questions oneself (speaking for myself)and observing others' questions which were not being answered.

So ... Richard ... I think it's time to bite the bullet and answer some questions i.e. have you met someone (excellent if you have) or if not, what is the 'sound of silence' about .... really??

Hmmmm ...

Ciao ...... P

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 12:31:34 PM  
Linda in Tucson said...

I guess it's no wonder that many of you have wandered off into sharing stories about your everyday life, etc. Richard doesn't seem to be giving us much to react to....what's up with that? I am one of the 100 or so that got the first batch of videos in for that deadline which has been almost 2 months ago. Throw us a bone here Richard....we were seriously under the impression that we could follow you on this journey and your silence is taking the fun out of it!
Give us a good scoop around how you feel about some of the girls you have "met" through the videos, etc. We're waiting :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 2:16:05 PM  
happy said...

to Richard & all
Since we're all into learning new stuff--here's the 'new' word for the day: blogstorm --it's what brought J. Kerry down & Trent Lott...You'd definitely need a bumbershoot if you got caught in it--or a cryin' towel.

C'mon--now. we're LEARNING--remember??

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 2:21:43 PM  
happy said...

to all

OOOPs---(mind got ahead of facts)


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 2:48:55 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

hello again, yep it is me, I was off doing chores, thinking just how lucky I am, you know I don't have much in material things of my own any more, but I am okay with that now, I still have a whole lot of Love, a wonderful Family and a Country I live in where it is possible for me to be able to stand up and speak my mind, ask what I want to know, but most important, be who I want to be.
Maybe Richard, You aren't reacting because you want our reactions! well that is a smart man!! humm, I wonder is this the case, did you want a new point of view?? good for you!! How long did you think it would take? Me, well I like the outdoors, it is my favorite place to be, thats where I figure most everything out at.. let me see, I bet right about now, you are wondering where on earth you would put that pampered graduate up at, that had never set foot on a dirt trail before? sorry, I couldn't resist, ha ha .. any way if I am on track or off--- I would still appreciate some kind of an answer- before happy sways in another direction-- I couldn't resist that either- haha PLEASE happy just trying to lighten things up here a little, I have made a lot of friends here and I don't want to lose you, or any one else... give us some kind of a response soon.. just let us know your still around, and that you didn't have an accident over the 4th GOD forbid...


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 2:51:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Wanda:

What pampered graduate?? *bewildered*


Tuesday, July 05, 2005 3:04:17 PM  
Anonymous said...

Evening All

Just wanted to say that I too have checked out the website. I was fortunate enough to travel for 6 months alone (met lots of great people on the way). It's not unusual to just have a 15 lb backpack. I took one suitcase with me and it weighed under 20 lbs (including weight of case). I didn't camp but stayed in a variety of places i.e. hostels, hotels, motels, house of a friend of a friend ... interesting what the Universe opens up to you.

Love and ciao ....... P

p.s. I know I said I probably wouldn't post again but just looking at some of the posts after mine I will follow with interest.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 3:11:14 PM  
happy said...

to wanda

Me sway?? :) I prefer "stir". Just don't like stagnation. Personally, I'm 'light'. :) Just looking for a 'raison d'etre' -here!

A smart man would answer....MAYbe not say what he's thinking :) but he would answer.

Pampered??..not sure who you mean...I guess most of us here wouldn't know what to do with pampering! I sure wouldn't. Graduate?? I'm sure there are several here who've worked incredibly hard to get there, so why knock that? (Also personally--have hiked from B&B to B&B on a dirt trail across England through a LOT o'sheep-$#!+@ (you know--sheep-stuff! :) with only 3 changes of clothing: one to wear; one to wash; & one to change into (all tucked into an 8 lb pack.)

to anonymous ciao...P
stay in the fray a while longer--just in case interest is rekindled.

Meanwhile...we're naught but dumplings in Richard's soup, are we? LOL !! Maybe I should change my blog name to 'dumpling'. you know: little round white blob of stuff, without which - the soup is NADA :) HA ! ciao, too.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 4:04:07 PM  
dania said...

Okay, I am jumping in here-I missed all of the pinched nerve comments-but will go back and read them, because I have one from reading all of just today's blogs.
My sympathy to Klue-my husband passed away last year, I still have his ashes and he wants me to take them to NC also, but wants me to wait until his dog dies so I can spread their ashes together. The dog is a little mutt I found in the middle of the road. My husband was ill for over 4 years so we had lots of time to make plans and have many conversations about my life after his death. He always told me to find someone else-not to live my life alone. While he was still here I could not imagine sharing my life with anyone else-but I did not realize how much I would miss not having someone to share my life with. I still think I will tell him about "this" when I get home. Other people have quoted great poets,etc. I am going to quote Dwight Yoakum (C&W singer) "I want to love again,...then kiss till there's no place, not one small space that our lips leave unused, I want to have what takes my breath away by just the slightest touch from you." I don't know if that is possible, but I do have hopes of somehow finding something like that.
I love the idea of a cruise for all of us-Or maybe the "losers" could just follow Richard and the winner around on their trip. Then if things didn't work out one of us could jump in and take over her reign-like Miss America.
My one question to Richard-Do you like pets?
This is my first blog--How did I do? Approval is very important to me.
Be kind

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 4:31:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Happy:

Lol @ your last post. Bet you did shuffle your way through loads and loads of sheep sh**e (we don't have to be as pc in Ireland ;)). I certainly cursed lots of animals in my travels because of their trails so to speak which ended up on my shoes :)
Haven't a clue what the graduate thing is about but then I don't tend to get caught up in what qualifications etc people have once they have good manners and treat people with respect so therefore agree with your comments. I either connect or move on.

For the record, I've enjoyed your posts. It's gone midnight here and I have to fall into my bed so will bid you goodnight. I will hang about a little longer purely out of curiosity :).

To Wanda:

I'm not sure what you meant by Happy 'swaying'. Methinks she's solid as a rock. Maybe you're the one doing the 'swaying'.... just wondering as I've read your last 2 posts, don't understand the graduate comment or the 'clever man' comment, but then I guess I don't have to because the comments aren't meant for me presumably?

So goodnight to one and all

Ciao ....... P

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 4:33:17 PM  
happy said...

to caio...P
I knew there was a forthrightness about you I liked! :) (YEah--hope I'm not responsible for any SBE here.) Reckon I'd missed a previous mention about your being Irish..sorry--about missing--not about you being Irish!) My 4 best friends of long,long time standing were born German, PA Coal Cracker, Irish, & Okinawan. Ya' know where you stand with ALL of them, & I LOVE IT!! I want my Irish friend to go back to Ireland & show me her 'haints', but she won't go. Perhaps another hiking trip alone or with daughter...but Ireland's definitely on the short list..looking for cool climes.. too blamed hot here!!

to dania (wonder if your name rhymes with my real one?) Good blog -IMO (in my opinion) :) I too have imagined the necessity of someone "jumping in & taking over". Wouldn't THAT be a HOOT! To be SENT HOME mid-trip? I can hear 'us' explaining to friends & relatives: "Boohoo. I just flunked out of the free trip." Oh well!--just another notch on the ADVENTURE belt!!! LOL (that's laughin' out loud, in case you wonder-- ;)

And making 'light' is not to make light of your loss...true sympathies to you.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 4:57:34 PM  
dania said...

To Happy
Thank you for the thumbs-up!
One of my daughters boyfriends called me Dania-I have a nickname I have beem called since birth and I never tell my real name. Last week I was intrviewed by the newspaper and when they asked my given name I told them I would rather tell my age and DID. Then I was thinking I cannot beleive I just told the newspaper my age. What is your story about "Happy"?
I appreciate the light hearted part-that is what gets me through many days.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 5:30:08 PM  
wanda whitworth said...

hey, "a graduate" was just an example, you know, come on! Me sway, not on your life, I want my questions answered.. I would Love for Richard to end up being my "soul Mate" but I am not going to quit living in hopes that he is. I am going to enjoy each and every day to the fullest.. that includes.ALL OF MY DATING: FOR EXAMPLE- I HAVE A DATE WITH A MAN AGE 63 TOMORROW.....

you really need to lighten up here, I was talking about really stuffy type of women who have never been dirty. just to clarify myself okay.... if all of us weren't the outdoors type I am sure we wouldn't be on the blog..

And while we wait for Richard's reply, Reactions-- they always speak louder than words.. (OR NO WORDS IN HIS CASE) so maybe, he is waiting to see who gets tierd of playing the game "so to speak" and withdraw or not even enter... reaction.. clever man.. see what I mean???? makes his job easier..
just something new to chew on.

have a good night,

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 5:42:20 PM  
Anonymous said...

I am one of the people who sent in a video and biography right in the beginning. And I have read the 5 or 6 newsletters Richard has written. I also purchased a copy of Pop&Me. Ladies, Richard has given you a plethora of information about himself, you just haven't done the work to find it!! And I have e-mailed him and he did respond to me. He mentioned that he places a high priority on trying to answer e-mails from people who have sent in videotapes, etc. as there is not enough time to answer all of them. To me, this makes perfect sense. Ladies, for the few (very few, seems like the same 1 or 2) of you, the rest of us here are trying to have fun. It is interesting that the few who ask for the most information and kind of nasty remarks remain anonymous and say they haven't even sent in the videotapes, etc. Frankly, you don't deserve an answer. The same few almost demand answers. Ladies, this is not your idea-not your endeavor. Quite frankly, it's Richard's decision whether he wants to answer any questions from anybody at any time. And if this is not to your liking, change the station, move on, because many of us are tired of your whining and demanding answers to questions. Do the work. Send in the information, and then you have a good chance of getting questions answered directly. For now I, too, will remain anonymous, but will reveal who I am if some of the other writers do. Lighten up for goodness sakes!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 5:51:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

I so agree with the lady who wrote in about it being Richard's decisions as to what to answer and to whom. I have felt the same way. If you don't like him, or the idea, or the way he is doing things, go somewhere else with your negative comments. He'd never pick a person like you with that kind of personality, that's for sure.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 6:35:08 PM  
Forest Hills said...

Hi everyone!
Just an aside, but I just reread Richard's July 1st Blog, and I swear it could have been written by ANYONE else, not necessarily Richard himself. What's with the story, anyway? I didn't find it that particularly funny. Just OK. Was there some alegorical meaning that I missed?

Girlfriends, we just spent an inordinate amount of our lives, our precious time this holiday weekend, time that cannot be returned to us, obsessed with checking this site for our elusive "host". If he was truly away from all internet contact, then I don't pity the comments he's been reading, trying to catch up. I wonder if he's underestimating our collective intelligence and patience?

I wish we could cc: all of this to his pal, Oprah! I wonder how or if she would comment? I personally think he's bordering on disrespect, for us, the very ones he begs to sign up for his Newsletter, in every other paragraph of each section on his website. I've read and reread these sections, too. Not much there. A bit of PR stuff, but only "what dreams are made of".

Let's think on some of this. And in the meantime enjoy reading of the travels, dates, recipes, joys, sadness, humor and inspiration of our fellow blogettes!

To Ciao ...P
Please don't fold up on us! We (I) need your kind of cynicism to keep me from letting this "stuff" be taken too seriously. I also don't for a minute doubt that there's either a HARPO deal somewhere in this or a book, documentary or something. This idea/concept HAS to be worth something monetarily? I don't know if, by the end of this, there will be enough "warm and fuzzy" feelings, if someone dared read through our various topics and underlying frustrations and insecurities to put up the financing, etc. Let's face it, we ourselves, are not the top target market out there.

Question to all:
Just how far would each of you go, if you entered, won a leg of the trip and earned the Romance, too? Would you just pick up and move? Leave the family? Change your lives completely?

With regards and respect to all!

Suzan, from Forest Hills

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 6:37:33 PM  
Forest Hills said...

Oh, just in case you didn't really read this, allow me to copy this from Richard's Home Page:

"Keep up with all the latest news on the Senior Bachelor's quest to find the perfect traveling companion. See who is in and who is not. Subscribers to the Senior Bachelor Newsletter get to vote for candidates! Follow the trip around the world. Learn Richard's travel secrets and tips. And much, much more!"

Oh. Really??

Suzan, from Forest Hills

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 6:47:36 PM  
happy said...

to dania
I just AM :) !

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 6:57:26 PM  
Marlyn from Michigan said...

Good Evening All!

WOW! I'll bet after reading the last 10 or so blogs, Richards pain has moved to his rear! lol

As I now feel that no one wants to hear of mine or Wanda's dating stories, or Mary Roses recipe's, I'll have to admit, it did feel a little like blah-g, blah-g blah-ging.
What choice did we have? We could hammer Richard with questions til we're blue in the face, but not sure what ones he will answer. Which brings me to what the purpose of all this blogging is for...if my memory serves me, it was supposed to be our only means of communicating with Richard. Sadly, it's been a little one sided, and quite frankly, don't appreciate the fact that I have bared my soul to the entire planet! Would really have preferred to share my personal feelings with Richard himself, whether through email or tele'. It's great that some of you have made new friends as a result, but I for one would like to get to know about this man that we all so want to travel with.

I also "wonder" if he's already met his match, and if this blog is a means to something else..

Well, I'll be anxious to see the next "Newletter or Comment" from it'll be a doozey.. :)

All my best to you Richard,

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:00:29 PM  
happy said...

to forest hills

Bingo!--just how far would any of us go IF---???

And IMO, no missing allegorical stuff--just a mild story, aggressively pandered to...IMO.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:06:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

maybe we should call this blahging

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:19:58 PM  
Chandra said...

Your story about "God will provide" reminds me of a customer who came into my real estate office many years ago. He walked into the office and introduced himself as Jehovah Almighty and said he wanted to buy a house. He had no job and no money but he told me that "God would provide." As one of my first customers I have not taken real estate seriously since then.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 7:33:26 PM  
travelin said...

Happy 5th of July everyone.
I love the blogging, it's fun to read all this after a day driving in rain, fog, and just plain muck in Washington State.
I even went into a rain forrest today, it rained! Who would have thought. Pretty though.
The next few days I will be spending in Oregon with one of my collection of kids. I just talked to her, she is so excited to see me and have someone from home see her first house. Her husband is an artist, and Portland is doing there 1st Thursday this week. I am staying to enjoy the experience with my kid. My daughter in Florida also asked if I can stop in Denver, it seems another one of my collection really needs a mom hug. So Denver just got added to my journey. I just wish I had someone to give me a hug that easily on this trip.
My daughter is taking her MCAT's August 20th. Then she will fly in and help me bring it on back to Florida. Or put her stuff in storage too and go take some more pictures. Who knows. I want to keep going. This is fun. Grams is having a blast too!
I wish Richard would start something, so we all would know something. But it's fun anyway.
I will be heading thru California soon Richard, then I will be hard to find again. I have had little or no cell service, and we like staying in the National Parks areas. Grams hates cities.
So hope all is well with you and your family and that you had an awesome 4th.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 10:31:15 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies
Room for a Brit in the chat room? I have been looking in most days and really enjoy the chat. I have to agree that the silence from the man himself makes us wonder but hang on in there i am sure all will be revealed when the time is right. Besides aren't you having fun making new friends? It seems a shame to lose contact with one another after all this is over and a cruise would be an excellent idea (reserve me a lounger on top deck please if you'll have me) but why have it easy?What about an adventure holiday doing something we haven't done before and laugh at ourselves trying to master it, then finish with a short cruise? Wanda well done to you walking through the sheep etc.I know exactly what you went through. Oh by the way guys glad to know you had a great 4th of july. I have never heard of cornhole so thanks for the explanation. I love your country and plan to visit yet again next year.Like you said it allows freedom of speech which us Brits aren't too good at.We are so poor at honouring our country. We have to go to the local council office and apply for planning if we want a flag pole put up! Any way guys hope you are all still well (and grams) and look forward to reading more blogs. Jane

P.S.Went to see War of The Worlds last night! A must see.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005 11:56:03 PM  
Anonymous said...






Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:26:50 AM  
Anonymous said...


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 12:32:19 AM  
Anonymous said...

good AM Richard,(& Woman of the Blog);thank you for your well wishes,long long story,But the good news is Mom is a little better,but not great.
So,after skimming the Blogs,OY VEY!!,Lighten -Up!!Have fun with this,believe me LIFE is too short to get all bent out of shape. we all have lives outside the Blog,and life goes on,Richard will respond,he must be busy!it is ok..we do not live on the Blog..Do something good for yourselves.Later,Sybil

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:59:34 AM  
happy said...

to old college protestor

Had a bit of fun myself,protesting too...organized a small labor union once.

You are right--no bloggers--no site.

BUT--the POWER of any blog is IN the blogging! negative OR positive..THAT's the game.. :)

(Has anyone looked up BLOG SWARM?)

Pragmatically, as the blogsite owner, it's a klug move to try to fight off the swarm. Ha.

Or at the least give them a sweet or two to buzzzzz about.

to Sybil

Writing levity into/onto a hard screen sometimes ain't easy...I, for one, wish they'd included a range of HTML emoticon tags!! :)

still H:)ppy!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 5:40:46 AM  
Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Everyone

Hmmmm .. interesting reactions to the postings requesting answers to questions.

To the 'Anonymous' who sent in her video and says Richard has given a plethora of information via newsletters, I disagree with you. His website contains basic information about his travels, his wife's relatives, the hollywood stars he has met and continues to ask everyone to ask their friends to subscribe!! If you do a 'google' search you get the same info. Now, if he has enough to do dealing with the amount of replies to date, why would he want more? This is just one of the questions I have asked. He has consisently said he would keep people updated via his Newsletter and the blog page but this hasn't happened!

Of course he should prioritise his replies to people who have sent in videos. I don't imagine anyone would disagree with this. But the man did request that questions be asked via the blog so .........!!!!

You say, 'frankly I/we don't deserve an answer'. Who are you to decide this? That's just your opinion which you're entitled to so we shall agree to differ. The fact that this endeavour was started by Richard is true but without participation by others which he constantly requests, there would be no point to his endeavour!

I haven't made any nasty remarks in any of my postings. I have made observations and asked questions. This is not whining (as you put it). It's interesting that when someone does not do the 'adoring Richard' bit, they are told to 'lighten up'.

I consider myself a very well balanced, healthily sceptical person with an extremely good sense of humour, adventure and fun. As such I find it extraordinary that people will provide videos/personal information about themselves to someone they don't know, apparently to be used wherever/whenever and in whatever manner the recipient wishes. This particular question has been asked many times and no answer has been forthcoming but maybe you do know, so thats fine .... but I don't and would have expected it to be one of the issues dealt with in a newsletter.

To the 'anonymous' posting directly under yours I would say I note you feel the same way and it seems you also interpret normal questions as 'negative comments'. Interesting also that you presume you know me/my personality. Also interesting that you assume you know what kind of person RR is looking for as the only traits he has described as desirable are Fit, Fun, Free ... can't remember the other one offhand :) non-smoker, social drinker, etc etc.
I actually fit all of the above so you see babes .... not a good idea to make judgements about people. Now if you had asked questions of myself and others who have been asking questions of Richard, you would have learned this and I wouldn't have to write this long blog ... lol (well in fairness my choice to write it).

One thread that runs through this blog page seems to be that some people take on the task of answering the questions on Richard's behalf. Now I wonder why that is?

Incidentally, there aren't just one or 2 people asking questions. Scroll back and read and you'll find there are many more.

So ...

To Happy .... thank you for your kind remarks. What is 'Okinawan'.

Wanda ... thank you explaining your 'graduate' comment!!

Suzan ... no, I think it was just a gap-filler as was the 'women over forty' thingy. I've heard them before.

Travelin ... still laughing ... I guess there was always a chance that it might just rain in a 'rainforest' ... lol. Enjoy.

This will probably be deleted as its way too long, so apologies to anyone who finds it boring, just skip it.

Oh just remembered the other 'F' ... Fifties ... yep, qualify on that one too ;).

Love to all

Ciao ...... P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 5:55:07 AM  
happy said...

to caio...P
YEa! Somebody GETS it!! And expresses it succinctly & very dimplomatically too. Possibly some bloggers have more SPACE between their lines than you or I have, & that's where they're getting their info. :) I tend to be more --here's a pun for ya --LITERAL! (as I've said previously: "Words !..I love 'em.")

'Spose I will have to disagree about the "prioritize replies to video contributors". Maybe a standard pre-printed 'We've received your video' postcard. Nothing more. Because the stated deadline IS mid-September! --Unless it gets changed --again. FCC rules, etc...

Okinawan = someone from Okinawa. Ifthere is another word to correctly designate, please let me know.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 7:04:31 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

Good Morning Richard, Ladies, and New Bloggers!
Well it is a Brand new day, lots of questions have been placed on the board, and we are waiting for the next news letter to come out with some (explantions or answers)
or even discriptions of our host, In the mean time, My Prayers go out to those who are travelin' that they are safe, well and happy, also for those that are ill, may they recover quickly.

This Adventure that we all have chose to take is our choice! I do agree! and I did go back and read where Richard had said he was going to answer questions in the news letters, well I am waiting for the answers. You Ladies have made some very interesting points, very interesting arguments, and asked extremely important questions! I am hopefull Richard you are taking all of this into account- these Ladies are serious- they or one of them could be your soul mate and are just waiting for your reaction- not lack there of.
now the reason I pick on Happy so much is because I have voted for her in my BIO that I wrote to you-
she is extremely intelligent, there has not been a single converstion come up that she couldn't help someone with. I continue to Smile and go about my merry way, and Ladies there are many of you now-but Happy and I have been blogging for a long time, and shot comments back and forth, it is only health to express opinions, for if you cannot be yourself than you lose who you are.
here is your hug travelin-
wrap your arms around yourself and sqeeze"
have a nice day

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 7:27:43 AM  
happy said...

to Wanda AKA 'Sparing Partner' Still fun, Aint it :)??!

WOW ! Thanks for your 'vote'. I am truly in awe, but Holy Cow-- I didn't know we got one!! Hope I haven't been too busy with the fun part. But keep those comments & opinions comin'! I'm loaded for BEAR! LOL and may even get together a video--the big hold back. Kinda hard out here in the truth-tellin' sticks to find someone willing to 'frost the cake'..HA. (or 'frost the cornbread'.)

AND if anyone WANTs a perfect - not Yankee - cornbread recipe--they will have to ASK for it!! Ha. LOL

And yes--Wanda, the hug yourself 'recipe' really does work. If you don't love yourself, you can't love anyone else.

to marlyn from michigan

Have you ever done the Labor Day walk on the Mackinac Bridge? That's something I'd love to do--but gotta admit, I'd be a fair-weather hiker, only. I think it would just be a chore - and maybe even illegal - if it were a nasty weather day.

to all Off to the gym to see if I can lose 40 pounds by noon. Please DO forward info ASAP if you know HOW!!

still H:)ppy

to RR Are ya' sorry you gave us tags at all? HA... H

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 7:56:31 AM  
dr.oma said...

Hi Richard,
How was it possible for you and your family to travel so extensively at such a young age?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 8:38:52 AM  
wanda whitworth said...

HEllo yes it is me yet Again,
How do you do it happy? well done.
Hey I was wondering, have I missed something? did some of our blogging friends go on vacation? or did they just up and leave us?
I am talking about Flowing white Water, Melanie, Claire, remeber she is the one that had put her picture up accidently? ummm what was the others names? oh how could I forget Where is Cathy? and Myriam? Come on Ladies DON'T GIVE UP HERE!!!! we need your voices too!! besides, what if I were to win the lotto, then I could travel and meet all of you! heck I would even charter the Yachet. Did I spell it right? I know it is bigger than a

here is a wish that you have a wonderful day,


Wednesday, July 06, 2005 8:50:03 AM  
Senior-ella said...

Each of us, in life, walks on the special path that the soul is destined to undertake. Our journeys are very different and we progress at different rates. The pitfalls and blessings we encounter are unique, yet we are all learning and no one form of knowledge is more important than any other. Even so, when we observe others, it can be easy to pass judgment on their decisions and to assume their actions will correspond with what we feel is right. But for every problem, there are a multitude of solutions. Everyone makes mistakes and, while watching others do so can be frustrating, it is important that you accept each person's unique way of doing things. Giving others the freedom to act in the way they feel is best without the fear of harsh judgments honors the capacity for growth that all people possess.

It is helpful to practice accepting others as they are. Never judge the decisions of others based on the path you would have taken because every person lives by different values and experiences. Challenge is a universal concept, but we all deal with difficulties in our own way. Give others the space to fail, but don't harden your heart against their experience. It isn't wise to try and fix people or control situations. You may feel compelled to intervene when difficulties arise, but it is important only to offer guidance when "asked" unless the person is involved in a truly dangerous situation or cannot act for themselves. Failure to choose the right path or to make enlightened decisions is simply another step on the journey. It is a means to experience and wisdom. Letting go of the need to influence others does not discount offering loving support and it does not mean that you need to stop caring. It does mean stepping back, dissolving judgment, and gracefully allowing others to live their own destinies.

Giving others the freedom to blossom in their own journeys gives you the freedom to take more notice of your own. You may not condone the actions you see taking place, but your reactions will be more loving by letting them be. And you will be able to focus on just being yourself, confident that the path you take is as right, valid, and special as any other.
LOVE to YOU all...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:02:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

To Senior-ella

Oh, that we should all aspire to live this way - I love this!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 9:19:43 AM  
Forest Hills said...

Hi Happy

Your last little comment was about RR possibly being sorry he gave us tags. What are these, please?

It's almost 4pm East Coast time, and RR still hasn't bothered to change or add a new Blog comment from his early July 1st one. And only one criptic comment since. I mentioned to him that I thought he was "biting off more than he could chew", and to be careful of what he asked for. I'm thinking he just might be backing away from this "adventure", n'est-ce pas?

It probably wouldn't have escalated to all this rumbling from us if he had just kept things simple, kept himself involved, and opened up and answered simple questions (like sports?), instead of referring us to his noNewsletter and Blogs, and to learn about him from Chris' "Pop & Me". As I wrote before, I wasn't that impressed with what little insight the film provided. (An amusing note was that they took 2 years to edit it!).

I don't know. He's got a lot of catching up to do, and unless he has a small committee of readers to help him filter out the bona fide questions and doubts, he'll never be able to address them all in a single, or multiple, Newsletters. And I hope he stays away from the "deep and meaningful" (!) little stories and (yuk) jokes.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to who's paying for this 6-month adventure of his??

To Ciao...P
Buono!! You're still with us! Gracie! What's the P stand for?

Will check back later tonight. Who knows, maybe RR is back from his little vacation. (Or he could dictate a new Blog for someone to type in, if he cared to. ???)

Suzan, from Forest Hills

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:11:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Suzan from Forest Hills:

The P stands for Phyl .... short for Phyllis!

You will find the new stuff interesting I'm sure ... ;).

Love ....... P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:21:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

To Suzan, Forest Hills...

Why are you so sarcastic and bitter? It's not an attractive quality, really...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:31:32 PM  
Forest Hills said...

Ciao cara Phylis!

By "new stuff", do you think we'll be finally getting something a bit more "pithy" than anecdotes?!! Will wonders never cease!

I would love to get in touch with one of Oprah's producers, to see if they care to do a follow up on the mess they started, or enabled! Hmmm ... tempting it is!

Buona notte,

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 1:34:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

To 'Anonymous'

i.e. the one who asked Suzan why is she so sarcastic and bitter. I'm answering you to tell you that my perception of Suzan is so different from yours. Maybe you need to read way way back through all the blogs. She sounds like a lovely mentally healthy lady.
Maybe you need to look at your reaction to her words ... just a suggestion.

Ciao ...... P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 2:55:15 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Happy

Of course we can agree to disagree on the 'prioritising of replies'thing. A standard acknowledgement sounds a fair enough proposition. However, if Richard was attracted to various people via their videos, then I reckon he would of course want to email them to find out more.

Saw your new response to the new blog ....... LOL .........

Love and ciao ........ P

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 3:03:32 PM  
Claire said...

Wanda, I'm still here. The blog is so huge, but it didn't take me 8 hours, thankfully. The same questions....and still no answers. I do have a guess about the newsletter thing though. When you sign up for it, your email address is given to hundreds of advertisers. Anyway, I think that's why I am getting an inordinate amount of spam in my mailbox. RR mentioned that the little money he gets from his advertisers doesn't pay for his website, etc., so I don't begrudge that annoyance. Do wish he'd be more candid about the video property thing though. I really have little chance at selection because I am no longer in my 50s, so it all becomes a little silly after awhile. The ladies are pretty great though, and I wish we could all get together. There is a Red Hat Society that will be holding a convention in New Orleans. It has a website with info. on joining and looks like fun. They get special rates for cruises etc. because their membership is so large. I think that might be just the ticket, but as yet I haven't had the chance to connect. At the end of Sept. I am going to Alberquerque; if anyone is somewhere nearby there or where the Tower of London is located in AZ, I would love to stop and say hello. I also plan to go to Oregon because I've never been there, so I've been reading Travelin with relish. Well, it's 2am, so I'd better get to bed. I bicycle with my dogs at 5am. Hugs to all.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:55:09 PM  
Claire said...

Oops. I meant to welcome the Brit. Want to say that "freedom of speech" is certainly a British thing too. My dad was always on his soapbox in England as well as USA. So terribly sorry about the bombings on London subway and bus. Too horrible!
Never made it for the dogs this morning (FL time).

Thursday, July 07, 2005 7:12:14 AM  
AuburnMichelle said...

To Sybil "ditto"

Ladies of the Blog - the time to chill is here.

At times when you travel you have NO control of your situation, you just have to roll with it. We are on an adventure, treasure the procecess.

"Don't push the river, let it flow" Fritz Perils

Friday, July 08, 2005 8:49:47 AM  

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