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  December 27, 2005
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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Vicki has returned to Atlanta and Umberto and I are now in Santiago, Chile. First, let me extend my sincerest best wishes to you for a Happy Holiday. I will be here for Christmas, and for sure will miss my family, especially my seven grandchildren, but I look forward to spending a lot of time with them upon my return.

    I had a good time in Brazil, and I believe Vicki and Umberto did as well. However, we always write about the good things, so I thought I would talk about a few of the not so good things. First was the really sticky, very hot, EXTREMELY humid weather everywhere at this time of the year in Brazil. Combine that with all day treks in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, of course wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts because of the amazing number of biting insects, and the one thing I am afraid of, snakes, and it is sticky at the minimum!!! For me, and Umberto, it was tiring. I mean it really saps your strength. The heat and humidity affected Vicki a lot less as she lives in Georgia and Florida and is used to this kind of weather, and she is in excellent physical condition.

    The only other not so good thing was the confounded Varig Airlines. We had many flights in Brazil, and Varig was NEVER on time, the food was not edible, and two flights were canceled outright after 6 hour delays. We had to spend the night in places we did not want to be, and it took a few days out of the fun activities. But that was all of the negatives.

    Here were some of the good things; Vicki, Umberto, The Amazon Jungle (absolutely incredible, especially The Ariau Towers, Iguaz˙ Falls ( I know it is a cliche, but breathtaking), the Brazilian people, food, and the Brazilians overall sense of wanting to be outside and having as good a time as possible-all of the time!!! All in all, a great experience.

    The Ariau Towers

    Travel Tips: One of the purposes of the weekly Newsletter will be to provide you with good, reliable travel hints. Certainly the Ariau Amazon Towers is one of the all time great places to visit. Also, The Grand Hotel Resort and Casino, which is on the Argentinian side of the Iguassu Falls is another fantastic place to stay.

    Iguazu Grand Hotel- Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Grand Hotel- Iguazu Falls

    There will be much more travel information to follow, so please keep reading the weekly Newsletters.

    As to how Vicki and I got along, from my point of view, and as I stated in an earlier Newsletter, well. We share the common interests of family, travel and sports. And she certainly is a female, fun, fit and free. I am in the enviable position of having to share equal time with four other lovely ladies, and only time will tell if there is enough mutual attraction with any of the ladies and me to see if there is the possibility of a relationship going forward. Stay tuned!!!

    I had a weird experience just about one hour ago. I was walking the streets and asked directions from a man of some 35 years old. He responded by saying, in pretty good English, "I know who you are. You are the father in the film Pop&Me." You could have knocked me over with a feather! It turns out his father was working as a geologist in Deer Valley, Utah, and this man, his son, visited him, and he rented Pop&Me. When I confirmed I was "Pop" tears came to his eyes. He said he was never moved more by anything in his life, because the film reminded him of his relationship with his father, and it helped him to improve their relationship. We hugged, and parted, and it was quite a moment, I must say.

    Gael arrives on December 28 and we will spend 3+ weeks in Chile and Argentina. Lori will now be on the Africa portion of this around the world Journey, and I will go to Southern India and Burma with Umberto and his brother, with whom he has had very little contact with. In fact this is his half-brother and they have never spent any time together, and his brother has lived in India for eleven years, so this will be nice for them. I do hope you have a pleasant Holiday and I look forward to any e-mails you would like to send to me or comments on the blog.

    Joe has been in Seattle this week, and has met with both the folks at Holland America Lines and PerfectMatch, both of whom have their headquarters there. I'm sure you can connect the dots to what we are working on-more men for the Alaskan cruises, and future cruises!! Incidentally, bookings are very good. If you plan on going to Alaska with our terrific group, you would be well advised to sign up soon.

    We're playing a new game online- "Where is Clementina?" She is Umberto's rubber ducky. Take a careful look at the photos in the Newsletter and the online Journey Photos and email me at if you find her!!

    Very best wishes,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor


    Click here to see more photos from our Journey!

    Notes from Vicki

    Iguazu Falls was BREATHTAKING!! I could try to describe it in words but they wouldn't be adequate. Better to look at Umbertos's pictures (the best yet) and then multiply that times a hundred!! You really had to BE there to take it all in and truly appreciate it. I never thought Richard could be speechless about anything but this experience really blew him away! There were so many heights and angles to view the 178 different waterfalls from we could never seem to get enough! This is a MUST to put on your travel list. No excuses!!!!

    As many of you know I love to "dangle" especially if it's high over water. Well, all that water was just too inviting so I decided to do it upside down!! Umberto freaked out when I did and missed the shot! The Falls are even more spectacular when inverted!!!!! Don't worry, I was sure to stay away from all the signs that said, "Don't climb over the banisters!" Don't tell Richard's kids but I also got him to try it too- but only when our chaperone wasn't looking!!

    I've run out of adjectives to illustrate the last venture of my trip. Let me describe Buzios this way. Dune buggy. beaches, beaches, shopping, shopping, drinking, dune buggy, beaches, beaches, beaches, shopping, shopping, shopping, drinking, drinking, drinking--passing out!!!!!!

    Several readers and also friends and family have asked if I'm ready to leave and be home in time for Christmas to see my four children, play with the grandkids, sleep in my own bed, eat home cooked meals, etc., etc. To put it simple the answer is "NO." It's ok though, I did the whole devoted mother/grandmother thing for well over 30 years. I paid my dues! With age comes wisdom so I've decided to ditch all of them and just stay here and let the fun continue!!! Hey, it's ok; I'll send them all postcards!! Only kidding, of course- but at least it's a nice fantasy!!! Honestly, one of the best parts of this whole adventure has been that my kids have become my biggest cheerleaders!! They have truly enjoyed watching mom being treated so "special" and having such the time of her life!

    The whole trip has been "perfect" with lots of excitement every step of the way. The time has flown by and I'm sad to see it end. My TWO men have treated me like a "princess" and now in the home stretch have elevated me to the status of "queen" (without the tiara-- just pigtails and khaki shorts)!!!

    At the beginning of the trip Richard told me that the next four weeks were going to be "all about Vicki." I thought he was kidding (especially after he told me I'd be carrying my own luggage) but he wasn't!! Except for the trouble with the airlines and several flight problems, I wouldn't have changed a thing-- well, maybe just trying to get RR to stay up past 10:00pm! I miss those long walks and poolside chats we had after dinner at the beginning of the trip. The extremely fast pace that we kept, however, did tend to wear one out after several weeks and I began to realize that both he and Umberto needed to pace themselves so the rest of the ladies would get the same energy from them that I did. Nonetheless, I will dearly miss the laughter, fun and friendship we shared for one terrific month. You can't find two better men to spend time with and I know we'll all continue to be friends for many years to come. I LOVE "my guys!!!!!!"

    Again, great big thanks to Richard, Umberto and so many loyal followers. It was great sharing my "once in a lifetime experience" with all of you!!! Extra Italian hugs to Umberto and good ole American hugs kisses to Richard for making MY "wildest dream come true!!"



    Quick Links for the Senior Bachelor Cruise and Finalists
    HAL Logo

    Wow! One of the finalists really knows how to party! She is bringing along no fewer than 12 of her friends on the cruise this summer!

    I exchanged emails with Shawn, our Personal Cruise Consultant, and she wants me to remind you that these two cruises are in the "peak" of the Alaska cruising season. They are very popular in their own right- much less with the added attraction of having us party-ers on board! So please start checking your travel calendar and, if you think there is a chance you want to go, contact her ASAP. Your deposit goes directly to Holland America Lines and is completely refundable up to 75 days before the cruise.

    For information about the Senior Bachelor Cruise, click here! Remember to send me an email at if you need a cruise cabin mate to save the single supplement. We've already matched up a whole bunch of people and I will be able to help you even while on the Journey. Or you can contact our Personal Cruise Consultant, Shawn, at or call 1-800-355-3017 Ext. 4294 Mon- Fri, 9:00AM to 6:00PM, PST.

    To submit the Online Cruise Booking Form, click here!

    To see the photos and bios of the Finalists who will be joining me on the around the world Journey, click here! Free Compatibility Profile

    From Peggy:

    "To the rest of the SB hopefuls-I joined Perfect Match about 10 days ago, and am overwhelmed-I have had two dates with the same man, a brunch date this Sunday, and so many e-mails, I am having trouble keeping track-it does wonderful things for the ego! So.....if you haven't joined, you might give it a try!"

    Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you have taken the free PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile to learn more about themselves to get better prepared to meet and date. You should try it out, too.

    One of the criteria for the 22 Finalists was to take the Free Compatibility Profile and I used the results in making my decisions.

    I did take the Free PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile, and it described me to a "T." It was simple and took less than 15 minutes. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and only time will tell how this service works for you. My recommendation is to take the Free Compatibility Profile (click here to try it), and if you like what you see with the Profile results, and your budget can afford it, give it a try, and then later tell me your feelings. Good luck. We all are looking for our Perfect Match!!!

    Many people have asked about our association with PerfectMatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of PerfectMatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me. (Photo courtesy of "Merry Mary".)

    From Linda- "You asked for feedback regarding PerfectMatch. I have subscribed to several online relationship sites with varying amounts of success. However, I believe PerfectMatch has combined the most succinct and efficient program available for those of us with the mature status. Not only is help readily available if needed, the site navigation is seamless. I believe the questionnaires are very well done and if participants answer truthfully, the potential for finding the "perfect match" is excellent."

    From a reader in Georgia- "I never desired nor felt the need to join a dating service. On a lark, I decided to try the free personality profile with PerfectMatch. I was floored and amazed how right on they were on about me."

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