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December 11, 2007
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  • Peggy's Story
  • Baltic Sea Cruise for July 2008- Going Fast!
  • Baltic Sea Cruise- July 4-16, 2008 (12 Days)!!
  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As you will see in the Newsletter below, which was originally sent out last June, I am most pleased to announce another marriage. Peggy was part of our Senior Bachelor group cruise through the Panama Canal in January of this year. On the cruise she met Victor, and in November, they were married. This is the 6th marriage due to Senior Bachelor related events! (Hey, I just looked at the photo from the Panama Canal Cruise and noticed Peggy and Audrey were sitting next to each other. Is that Kismet?!)

    The last Newsletter discussed Audrey's brand new life at 69. Audrey was inspired by the Senior Bachelor endeavor, and decided to be pro-active by joining an online dating service. I have also reprinted that newsletter below.

    So.............IT CAN AND DOES HAPPEN......... and it could be you I will be writing about next. However, like Peggy and Audrey YOU have to make it happen by getting out of the house and giving yourself opportunities to meet new people. I have mentioned many times in past Newsletters that I understand many people cannot afford to go on cruises or tours, but you can join a local gym, volunteer for any kind of work, join a religious organization, etc. etc. The point is you have to get off of your butt and make it happen....that is if you would like to meet a new companion.

    I have also mentioned our successes with Perfectmatch.com. I have been careful to point out that with any dating service, the odds are against finding a partner. If you try Perfectmatch.com and have realistic expectations, you are giving yourself a chance to find a partner. I encourage you to try the free Compatibility Profile, it only takes 15 minutes, and if you like the result they send you online, for about $60 you can try the service for 3 months. Click here for your free Compatibility Profile.

    Many people have emailed me about an impending hip operation. I had the surgery November 20th and thus far all is coming along as well as can be expected. Thanks for your interest.

    That's it for now, and please read the 2 Newsletters below if you have not done so before.

    **Audrey's Story- **Originally sent last week** Here is a fantastic story from Audrey I want to share with you...

    Dear Richard,

    Last year -- the summer of 2006 -- I had been widowed for 3 years and living alone. My son and daughters were located elsewhere, so I had become accustomed to having a social life with my lady friends and was quite content to pursue my interests and hobbies on my own. Then, after seeing you on Oprah and further corresponding with you; reading your newsletters, etc.; I began to believe that I, also, could be brave enough to venture forth on one of your meetings or happenings or even a cruise!! I really enjoyed reading about your own personal search and adventures. Of course, I was very sorry you had to cut your trip to Chile short!

    In November, 2006, when the Crystal Cruise to the Panama Canal was being talked about ... I suddenly decided to take the plunge, so to speak, and actually book the cruise -- even though I knew not a soul. You were kind enough to arrange a roommate for me. This was going to be my very first cruise. What excitement! All this at my age of 69. Better late than never -- is a very true statement.

    Group Photo of Panama Canal Cruise

    On that cruise in January 2007, I had a fabulous experience meeting and enjoying all of you, my new friends. It was nice to have the support of senior bachelorettes like myself at the dinner table each evening to share our day's activities, etc.

    Thank you so very much, Richard, for inspiring me to attempt something like this on my own. Now, I am so ready for more adventures, including having met a really nice gentleman here in my hometown through an on-line dating service. (Click here for your free Perfectmatch Compatibility Profile.) He, also, is at a time in his life where he wants to go out and have fun! We're going to do a lot of that together. (big smile). We are leaving next week for a two week Princess cruise to Hawaii. This fall, we are planning to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas. After that, who knows.

    It's so great to feel alive again and to be looking forward to so many things! Thanks again, Richard. You were definitely instrumental in my beginning this new direction in my life.



    Richard here:

    Stories like this make me feel really good. Newsletters for the past 2 1/2 years have emphasized the point that if you want to make new relationships, male and/or female, you have to take the plunge, to quote Audrey. Just look how happy she looks!! This could be you.....but you have to get out of the house and make something happen. I understand cruises and trips may not be in everyone's budget, but you can join many free local organizations and clubs The point is, you must be pro-active, and I hope stories like Audrey's helps to inspire you. It sure inspires me!!

    Last week's Newsletter (see below) mentioned the upcoming Spectacular Baltic Sea cruise next July. The cruise is approaching sold out and 3/4 of the cabins I have blocked have been taken. I highly encourage you to call Leah "B" at Coastline Travel, 1-800-448-2374 asap if you are interested. Maybe you will find happiness like so many others have on these cruises.

    Ciao for now,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

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    Some computers have a problem opening the photos from the Senior Bachelor Newsletter. If so, wait a few days and go to www.seniorbachelor.com and click on the most recent Newsletter and you'll probably be able to see them there.

    Peggy's Story

    **Originally sent June, 2007**

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am most pleased to announce an engagement. No, not mine, but of a couple that met on the Senior Bachelor Panama Canal cruise in January of this year!!

    Following is Peggy's story.

    Romance at Sea:

    The Panama Canal Cruise on Crystal Cruises in January was my second Senior Bachelor cruise. My friend Donna encouraged me to go on each cruise, and I will be forever grateful to her because I met Vic.

    Vic and I met on Day 2 of the cruise at a "singles" function sponsored by the Captain. Vic introduced himself and told me he was traveling with his family group of twelve, including three daughters, their spouses, three grandchildren and cousin and friend. I introduced myself as Peggy from Pennsylvania and we had a delightful conversation. The next day I received a note in my stateroom from Vic inviting me to lunch or High Tea. It seems he searched the entire passenger list to find a "Peggy from Pennsylvania" and had the front desk deliver the invitation to me. His granddaughter later said, "I was having a drink with Grandpa and he spots this woman across the room and dropped me like a hot potato!"

    Vic is a widower and I have been divorced for a very long time. Meeting the right person is more about being comfortable as a single person and being open to possibilities that you may have overlooked in the past.

    Managing a ship romance with early and late dinner schedules created a challenge. However, we managed to join each other's group for dinner several times. Warm tropical breezes, fine wine and lengthy conversations on the verandah created a memorable experience.

    We decided if we could manage a romance with different dinner seatings on board Crystal, we could certainly manage a long-distance relationship. Over the next several months, I visited Vic at his home in Naples, Florida, several times, and our relationship progressed. He visited me in Pennsylvania and met my family. On May 31, I visited him at his Connecticut home and we selected a beautiful engagement ring from Tiffany's. He pre-selected five rings and together we chose a round diamond, Tiffany setting in platinum. Tiffany's served champagne to celebrate our engagement!

    We both feel blessed to have found each other and our planning to marry later this year.

    Some fun Cruise Photos:

    This is a photo we took while waiting for dinner. Peggy is sitting at the far left. No wonder she caught Vic's eye!

    Going through the Panama Canal Locks.

    Mixing it up with other eligible men on the ship!

    For more cruise photos, click here!

    Baltic Sea Cruise for July 2008- Going Fast!

    ** NOTICE** Holland America (and all of the sister companies) has implemented a $5 /per person/per day fuel supplement charge to all bookings. For the July 4th 2008 Baltic Sea Cruise this will add $60. Udated invoices will be sent out as soon as price adjustments have been made.

    Thank you for your understanding as this matter was out of our control.

    A SPECTACULAR Senior Bachelor cruise, our 6th one, from July 4-16, starting and ending in Copenhagen, will sail to some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

    Imagine sailing through the fiord's in Norway, and spending 2 FULL DAYS AND NIGHTS in St. Petersburg, visiting Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo, Berlin, and other cities. We will be sailing on the Rotterdam, one of Holland America's 5 star ships. This will be our 5th cruise with Holland America and past cruisers would tell you about the comfortable beds, fantastic food, superior service, great nightly shows, super shore excursions, workout room and spa facilities, and very interesting (free) lecture series, art exhibitions, and more.

    And all of this with our group of around 32, and thousands of other passengers. All kinds of fun will present itself!!!! There is the possibility of Romance as well if all of our past cruises are good indicators....and which has been the case with each cruise thus far!!!

    The demand for this cruise is very high, and is already approaching sold out. We have been able to "block" 32 beds, that is beds, not cabins. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain more but there are none available.

    Every previous Senior Bachelor cruise has disappointed many people who waited too long to sign up and then found there was not a place available.

    Here is a NO RISK way to reserve your spot. You can receive a 100% refund of your deposit ($600 in this case) if you cancel within 76 days of the ship's sailing. And if you purchase the optional insurance (everyone should do this, it's a good deal) you can cancel very close to departure and get all or most of your deposit back.

    If there is at least a 50% chance you might go, please call Coastline Travel at 1-800-448-2374 and ask for Leah "B".

    If you would like a roommate to avoid the single supplemental charge, please let me know, not Leah, as I take care of this. You would be amazed at how many new friendships have been formed this way!!!

    Below is the pricing information. I encourage you to be thinking ahead so you can be part of this marvelous experience. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baltic Sea Cruise- July 4-16, 2008 (12 Days)!!

    Here are the details:


    Day Port Arrive / Depart

    July 4th – 16th (12 days)

    Departing Copenhagen, returning Copenhagen on Holland America’s MS Rotterdam

    Day Port Arrive Depart 0 Copenhagen, Denmark 5:00 pm

    1 At Sea

    2 Tallinn, Estonia 10:00 am / 6:00 pm

    3 St. Petersburg, Russia 7:00 am

    4 St. Petersburg, Russia 6:00 pm

    5 Helsinki, Finland 6:00 am / 5:00 pm

    6 Stockholm, Sweden 8:00 am / 5:00 pm

    7 At Sea

    8 Warnemunde (Berlin) Germy 6:00 am / 11:00 pm

    9 Arhus, Denmark 9:00 am / 5:00 pm

    10 Kristiansand, Norway 8:00 am / 5:00 pm

    11 Oslo, Norway 8:00 am / 3:00 pm

    12 Copenhagen, Denmark 7:00 am

    Large or Standard Inside Staterooms
    2 lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, shower.

    Category: I, K 182 Sq. Ft.

    Special Senior Bachelor Prices:

    Double $2,499, Single $3,749, Additional person $999.

    Double $2,379, Single $3,569, Additional person $999.

  • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include $168.06/per person taxes.
  • Large Outside Staterooms
    2 lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub & shower.

    Category: EE, F 197 Sq. Ft.

    Special Senior Bachelor Prices:

    Double $2,779, Single $4,169, Additional person $999.

    Double $2,709, Single $4,064, Additional person $999.

  • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include $168.06/per person taxes.
  • To Book Your Senior Bachelor Cruise:

    To be eligible for the Senior Bachelor Group rate, you MUST call Coastline Travel at 1-800-448-2374 and you need only mention you heard about the cruise special from the Senior Bachelor! This offer has LIMITED CAPACITY and is open to any single males or females age 45 and over, and especially age 50 and over as well as married couples. In order to be part of the Senior Bachelor group you must book through our dedicated travel agency, Coastline Travel Advisors at 1-800-448-2374, (or 714-621- 1040) ask for Jay or Leah, Mon-Fri, 8:00AM to 6:00PM (Pacific Time) and Saturday 9:00AM to 2:00PM (Pacific Time).

    (If you get voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat your phone number twice and the best time to call you back. Someone will get back to you promptly.)

    Email: jay@coastlinetravel.com, or, leah@coastlinetravel.com

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