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Promoting Romance, Adventure and Recognition for All People 45 and Over! )
  November 8, 2005

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Literally thousands of women from all over the world have benefited so much from the Senior Bachelor Search for Romance and Adventure. So many of the e-mails thank me for "Re-awakening their romantic spirit," as they had believed "those days are over." And, as I explained in the last Newsletter, I have re-awakened also. I've learned how many fantastic women there were out there closer to my age with whom I can pursue a lasting and committed relationship. And other men will learn too! It took me many years- it will not be tomorrow- but it will happen. Where else is anyone talking about this?!

Together we have given new Hope, and new Inspiration to so many people. And look how much FUN, positive energy and spirit we all shared along the way! Meet the Senior Bachelor Events in Manhattan Beach and Chicago, the Odyssey Cruise, the Crazy Hat Party, the skits, the blog, the photos- and now a Journey around the world!! We need to spread the word to keep it going and have it continue to grow. I am willing to spend the time and energy and funds to help you, and many other women, and men. I feel the key to achieving this is Oprah and a follow-up segment showing the world what we have experienced together. The Oprah Winfrey Show is where we got our start and that is our best place to continue to grow to "Promote Romance, Adventure and Recognition for All People 45 and Over!"

I have been talking for six months with The Oprah Winfrey Show about a possible follow-up story, and now that the six Travel Partners are about to be announced next week, wouldn't it be fun to see this announcement on Oprah!!! Let the world learn what I have learned- that there are so many fantastic and wonderful women over the age of 50 who have said "those days are NOT over!!"

My main MISSION is to get men 50 and over interested in women 50 and over. You can help in a very big way by simply sending an email to The Oprah Winfrey Show. If you click on this link, this will get you right to Oprah's e-mail. Simply say that you would like to see a follow-up story for the Senior Bachelor. If you would like to give more details, please do so. But the important message can be said in a few words-- "I want to see a follow- up show regarding the Senior Bachelor."

The amount of time to do this is less than one minute. Will you take one minute to help advance OUR COMMON CAUSE??? And please do it TODAY.

Thank you very much.

Richard Roe

P.S. You can help further by forwarding this email along with a message and encourage your friends to also write in as well. Many thanks!! RR

(Photo below- My sons, Gabby, L, and Chris, R and their children- five of my seven grandkids! At the Ayres Hotel where they got to meet the Ladies.)

Roe Family at the Ayres Nov 6

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