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  November 7, 2005
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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Wow, what a great eight days the twenty-two Fabulous Finalists and I just spent together! As mentioned in the last Newsletter, each group met for (2) four-day meetings in Manhattan Beach at the wonderful Ayres Hotel. Each group had virtually identical agendas consisting of a bike rides in Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo beaches, trips to Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier and the Third Street Promenade, a day on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, highlighted by a private showing of amazing jewelry at Harry Winston's, and a beach walk and barbeque at the home of a good friend. We ate FANTASTIC meals at Fonz' and RockNFish in Manhattan Beach, Club Sushi in Hermosa Beach, and the super-excellent Matisse restaurant in The Ayres Hotel.

    The Lovely Fabulous Finalists!

    For more fantastic photos of the Fabulous Finalists and their week in Manhattan Beach, click here!

    And now, for the final, and MUTUAL selections, to the Search For The Perfect Traveling Companions, which has been ongoing since the Senior Bachelor endeavor was launched on The Oprah Winfrey Show in late April of this year. I capitalized the word "mutual" to emphasize the point that these decisions are 50-50, which was the main purpose of our meetings this past week. And that was to see who would be the best potential match-ups, with the possibility of Romance along the way, blossoming into a fully committed, healthy and loving long term relationship with one of the traveling partners.

    My sister Connie, and a good friend for 30 years Kim Auch, two of my sons, Chris and Gabby, other friends, and of course Joe and Umberto, were on hand to answer any and all questions about my character, and in turn to give me their input. This week I will spend a lot of time going over all twenty- two finalists with my friends and relatives, and then call six Ladies to see if they would like to go on this Journey with me, starting, I hope, within a month! I will try to match up their wishes for which part of the Journey they would like to be on. Click here to review the Journey Itinerary. I anticipate there may be some changes in partners due to changes in life circumstances, or a change of heart, or "she" falls in love while waiting to go on the Journey, or any of a variety of issues at home that would preclude going on the Journey. To that extent, some of the Finalists not among the six Ladies have indicated that they would be happy to be called if someone dropped out, and if their schedule allowed them to join me, they would do so.

    I expect to make the announcements in next week's Newsletter.

    (Photo below- My sons, Gabby, L, and Chris, R and their children- five of my seven grandkids. At the Ayres Hotel where they got to meet the Ladies.)

    Roe Family at the Ayres Nov 6


    Over the last six months I have been asked this question literally thousands of times. I have been very wary of revealing this information, as I feared videotapes and biographies might then be "tailored" to suit my desires, versus revealing who the real person is sending in the materials. I have honestly thought long and hard about the qualities I sought in a woman, and I found out that those qualities have changed from my youthful days. Well, not the qualities per se, but the order in which they were most important. And those qualities today are:


    As a younger man I would have placed "APPEARANCE" as number one, by far. If we all were very honest with ourselves, I believe we would say the same thing, and this is due to the way we are programmed. Hard-wired if you will, by our DNA and the innate desire to reproduce. Why has that changed for me? That has to do with the maturing process and Mother Nature. At 64 , my programming is not urging me to reproduce, although I am happy to report there is still some "fire in the belly." The desire for companionship is strong. The desire, and yes need, to be touched, and to touch is strong. To love and be loved. To be able to have intelligent conversations about how the day went. Not to have to have meals alone. To be there for each other, and to share in the joys and difficulties in our lives. Overwhelmingly, statistics prove that people with a companion live longer and generally have a better quality of life. Thus, PERSONALITY is the # 1 quality I seek in a woman today.



    This can be an all-encompassing word, and all of us have different ideas about the type of Personality we match up with best. Friends would describe me as active and intense, and I don't disagree. Understanding that, I do not match up best with a woman who is also intense, rather even-tempered. The "fun factor" is foremost in the Personality regard. I have no interest in spending any time whatsoever with a negative person. I want to be with a woman who sees the glass as half full, not the opposite. I want a woman who laughs at my stupid jokes, and smiles a lot. I go nuts for a woman who smiles a lot and has nice teeth and eyes. I love a woman who likes and is kind to animals, loves children, is warm-hearted towards everybody and everything yet can stand on her own two feet. At this point in my life, I will not be with anyone who is a "nagger." I don't nag, and I expect similar treatment. If I want to play volleyball and you want to go shopping, so be it. And so on. An absolute non- smoker and social drinker is an essential as far as I am concerned. Intelligence and a thirst for knowledge are also essential in my Search. I am a news junkie, especially with world politics and our own politics. I need to be able to have intelligent, worldly discussions, even if we have opposing views. I desire a woman who understands how to travel, and not be the "Ugly American" and has ENORMOUS respect, as I do, for each country's customs and cultures. It's vital for me to be with a partner who, if stuck for 12 hours in a seedy airport in Africa or Asia, or wherever, can relax, occupy herself and not stress out.


    As with Personality traits, we all have different versions of fitness. To me, it is one of being a "normal" weight- not too thin nor too heavy. I work out every day in some way or fashion, and I only want to be with somebody with the same mindset. I could not place more emphasis on fitness as something central to my desire for a loving, healthy, and committed relationship.


    As with Personality, and Fitness, we all have our own takes on what kind of a "look" works for each of us. If I was only to give a one-word description of the type of look that drives me bananas, it is a "tomboy." When I see a woman playing sports, or working out, working up a sweat, my youthful instincts start to kick in. A woman who dresses all the time like she is going to Rodeo Drive shopping, is not the look that works for me. The less make-up, the more casual the dress, the more comfortable I feel. I prefer to see a woman in shorts or sweats than in a dress. And I love earrings on a woman. I am a very down-to earth guy and want to spend my time with a woman who has the same characteristics.


    As I've stated all along, this is a 50-50 decision by both me and the Lady whom I select. It can very well turn out that I am not the "type" of man she is looking for or is comfortable with. That is not a bad or wrong thing. It just is what it is. I would expect we are both at the stage in our lives to discuss it openly and go our separate ways happy for the experience of having met and wishing each other nothing but the best.

    My heartfelt gratitude for everyone who is following along on certainly what has turned out to be one of the most amazing Adventures of my life. And I look forward to sharing with you the Adventure as it continues with the fantastic Journeys I and my Perfect Traveling Companions are about to undertake!


    Richard Roe

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