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Promoting Romance, Adventure and Recognition for People 45 and Over! )
  October 25, 2005
For you in this issue:
  • Promoting Romance, Adventure and Recognition for ALL People 45 and Over!
  • The JOURNEY!!

    Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and New Newsletter Readers,

    Lots to report this week. First let me welcome all of the new Newsletter readers, and thank the "Rangers" for bringing them on board! The Senior Bachelor Newsletter subscribers keeps growing and growing thanks to your great efforts.

    Starting this Saturday, October 29, the first of (2) four-day meetings with the Senior Bachelor Finalists will begin. Please stay tuned for next week's Newsletter, the Blog and the SB Photos Page for photos and write-ups of the activities. Click here to read about the Fabulous Finalists.

    Special thanks to Umberto for designing the new Senior Bachelor home page graphic. This represents the next step on this fantastic Adventure we are taking together.

    Senior Bachelor Home Page Graphic

    Promoting Romance, Adventure and Recognition for ALL People 45 and Over!

    RE-AWAKENING, HOPE and INSPIRATION: When people ask me "What has been your favorite part of Senior Bachelor?" I answer that I received thousands of emails from women, and invariably one or more of these three words, RE-AWAKENING, HOPE and INSPIRATION are mentioned. This is what drives me to continue to work towards making all of our lives better.

    For months I have talked about the new, parallel mission of the Senior Bachelor endeavor. And that is to Promote Romance, Adventure, and Recognition, for ALL People 45 and over, especially us 50 and over citizens. The Romance and Adventure part will be part and parcel of the cruises, trips, mixers, and other social activities to come in the future, and some fantastic new things Joe will tell you about in the following paragraphs.

    The Recognition part is to provide a forum to address why, in this great country of ours, we don't seem to give the respect and recognition to our elders relative to virtually all other countries. And to take on social issues that affect all of us such as the rip-off when purchasing prescription drugs.


    It is premature to go into details now, but I wanted to let everybody know LOUD AND CLEAR that we are just getting started. We know there is strength in numbers, and this is why I would like to build up the list of people receiving the Newsletters. I believe we are in the forefront of a wonderful, new and exciting grass-roots movement to essentially make all of our lives even better. To that end, if you would like to help this great common cause, e-mail me at and in the subject bar write RANGER and I will send you information. (To email me quickly, just click on your "Reply" button for this email.)

    The JOURNEY!!
    1978 Roe Boys at Taj Majal

    The Search part of Senior Bachelor is winding down, and shortly we will go into my favorite part- the actual Journey. ( Click here to review the amazing Itinerary.)

    I LOVE to write while on the road, describing all of the daily events, sights, sounds, the new people we will be meeting and learning about other cultures. The Newsletter will have lots of stories and pictures. The blog will be a terrific place to keep up on events every day (hopefully, we will have Internet connections in most of the places we will be visiting!) We will be posting lots of pictures and we are working on having streaming video as well. (Photo- My three sons at you-know-where circa 1978.)

    Parts of the Journey are going to be interactive- we are going to ask your advice on where we should travel next! So dust off those atlases and follow along. If there is a special place you know about or have traveled to, we want to know about it. This Journey belongs to all of us.

    Again, stay tuned, the fun is just beginning!!

    Richard on the Beach

    I am in negotiations right now for a great deal with a major cruise line for our initial cruise to Alaska next summer. Oh my, will this be fun! Reservations may be limited, so please get ready for the announcement.

    If you have not signed up for the (free) Cruise Newsletter, simply send me an e-mail at and in the Subject bar write Cruises, and I will add you to the list. (To email me quickly, just click on your "Reply" button for this email.)

    Folks, you will not want to miss this cruise, I assure you!!! If it is going to be anything like the great times we had in Manhattan Beach and Chicago, with many more eligible, quality men along (recommended by your fellow Bachelorettes)- well, you better start resting up now!

    And it is not going to be like any cruise you have ever been on. With the Blog, Newsletter and other fun features on our site, you will be in contact with many of the people planning to take the cruise with you. Just like the "Meet the Senior Bachelor" Events, you will already know so many people on the Senior Bachelor Cruise before it starts!!


    Joe Here- Richard says, "Get this done for the Ladies!"- he gets all the glory while I do all the work! No problem. We've been working on finding a safe, secure and fun way to post your photos and biographies on the website (with your permission, of course.) Why? This gets you added exposure as a woman (or man) who believes in Romance and Adventure! We get thousands and thousands of unique visitors every month-- and it continues to grow.

    Your photo and biography will be seen by people coming to this site for the same reason you have come here. We want you to meet! So here is how it is going to work.

    As Richard has mentioned many times before, we've talked to many online dating services to assess and review their offerings. We went back to them and asked if they would like to help us out with a secure communication service that they could integrate with the Senior Bachelor website.

    It came as no surprise to us that, out of all the companies we talked to, enthusiastically came forward with a great plan. The details are still being worked out but here is what we have so far.

    First, you will be able, for free, to post your photo and biography on the Senior Bachelor website. The photos and bios should be the same sort of style you see with the Fabulous Finalists photos and bios on the site now- we are going to use the same format for your photos and bios.

    Next we are going to request that you take the FREE PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile. Again, it is FREE and we will allow you to post (at your option) the resulting compatibility codes. This will help a potential match to find you.

    Now, in order for someone to communicate with you, both of you will need to be members of PerfectMatch. This is the only reasonable way we could ensure some degree of safety and security for you. PerfectMatch are experts at this. Without their help and expertise, it would be impossible to offer you this kind of service.

    If this fits within your budget, you can give it a try and see if it works for you. Not only will you get the full use of their services to help find your soulmate, you will get the added exposure on the Senior Bachelor website.

    So many of you have taken the time to take the FREE PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile. If you haven't done so, now might be a good time- just click here. As mentioned many times before, Richard receives a commission on these sign ups which he uses to help pay for the expenses of the website, blog and newsletter. If this seems like a good idea for you- great! If it doesn't or you already use another online dating service- that is fine too. Still go ahead and post your photo and bio!

    So, start preparing your bios and photos. I'll provide more details in the next Newsletter on how to get them to me. If you do not have digital photos, we will be able to scan printed ones for you. It's best if the biographies are in a Word document (but don't worry if you cannot provide one in Word.) (We will NOT use the photo and bio you submitted for the Search- you will need to provide a new bio and photo and send it to

    Thanks for following along on this great endeavor!


    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

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