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  October 18, 2005
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  • Anita
  • Bette
  • Carla
  • Carol
  • Cindee
  • Connie
  • Corinne Jean
  • Donna
  • Gael
  • Jackie
  • Jane
  • Jody
  • Lori
  • Mary
  • Maurette
  • Michelle
  • Paula
  • Sherri
  • Tamara
  • Vanessa
  • Vicki
  • Vija
  • Wendy
  • Wren
  • Yvonne
  • Get help finding your Perfect Match!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Having to choose from literally thousands of wonderful, accomplished, beautiful and intellectual Ladies was extremely difficult. I know, I know, I asked for it. Be careful what you ask for and all that. Well, I got it-in spades!!! And it has been overwhelming. I never realized how many fantastic, eligible women there are! I am most sincere when I tell you I was honored, flattered, and humbled by the great Ladies who applied. And it has been one of the best thrills of my life getting to know all of you.

    I found it IMPOSSIBLE to select twelve women. I firmly believe that I could have been happy with so many of the women who participated in the Search. My everlasting gratitude goes to all of the lovely Ladies who participated in this Search for Romance and Adventure. You are an incredibly brave, courageous and wonderful group of Ladies to put yourselves out there like that. You should be proud of yourselves!

    And so, I selected 24 women as the Fabulous Finalists who have enthusiastically agreed to participate! What happens next is there will be two, four day meetings in the Los Angeles area-- each meeting with twelve different women. The first meeting will be from October 29 to the morning of November 2. The second meeting will be from the afternoon of November 2 to November 6. I will have family members and friends there for the Ladies to meet and to provide them the opportunities to ask my family and friends questions about me. These same family members and friends will in turn let me know who they feel would make the best traveling partners for me, and with the possibility of a loving, healthy, committed relationship. During the four day meetings the Ladies and I will go on outings throughout the area to spend time together, get to know each other better and to have a FUN time. You won't believe some of the places we are going to visit!

    Shortly after November 6, I will have more discussions with the Fabulous Finalists. I will ask the Ladies who appear to be the best matches for a traveling partner, as well as having the possibility of this Journey leading to a healthy, loving, committed relationship, if they feel the same about me. My hope is to find six women to accompany me for approximately one month each, as I circle the world. Hey, someone's got to do it, right??

    My desire is for this to be a joint decision, by me and my potential traveling partner. We will provide continuous "coverage" of these two meetings while they occur-- so stay tuned on the website for new photos, the blog and the Newsletter for even more details.

    For various reasons some participants did not feel comfortable submitting a photo or personal information. This is understandable. Thus, I asked each of the Ladies to share what they felt was comfortable to them. The information included below in the Newsletter is just a summary of their biographies. More information and a larger photo can be found on the new "Fabulous Finalists" page on the Senior Bachelor website. They are presented here in alphabetical order. Enjoy meeting them!!

    Thank you all very, very much for following along. Richard

    And, here they are-- The "Fabulous Senior Bachelor Finalists!"

    Anita and Gelman

    Born: Miami Beach, Florida, 1949

    Parents: British-heritage Commercial Pilot father & Norwegian-heritage Registered Nurse mother

    Child: Daughter, With Distinction (top 100) 2004 graduate of The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, in Chemistry; US NAVY Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Diver

    Degree: Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Tennessee

    Profession: Information Technology Software Mainframe Independent Consultant, Jewelry Designer & Artisan

    Multimedia/Ratings: Soloed tail-dragger aircraft Piper J3 Cub Summer 1968; 1968 Dogwood Relays & Festival Princess, University of Tennessee; 1968 UT Volunteer "Timette", College Board & Model Jordan Marsh 1969; 1971 Miss UT Semi-finalist, Scuba Dive Master 1980; 1983 Mrs. EAA Oshkosh, WI (Experimental Aircraft Association Air Show Queen); Top 10 Finalist in Mrs. Florida 1984; Appeared on ABC's LIVE With Regis & Kelly in July 2001. Sports/ Slalom Water Skiing, Knee Boarding, Roller Blading & Roller Skating, Snow Skiing

    Interests: Teaching Skiing, Knee Boarding & Bare Footing; Horseback Riding; Canoeing; Mechanics; Deep Sea or Salmon Fishing; Acrobatic Flying; Traveling anywhere, everywhere, for any reason; Genealogy- Fjords of Norway & Black Country of England; Scuba Diving; Small Craft Flying & Navigating; Boating.

    Thrills: Flying an Airbus A300 Simulator as pilot-in- command performing multiple landings & takeoffs; Flying "Pilot-In Command" in Any Aircraft; Flying in a Christen Eagle Bi-Plane Aircraft while the pilot-in- command performs extreme acrobatics or flying at an altitude of 150 feet over the runway while INVERTED (upside-down). TIP: "Tighten your shoulder straps until they hurt!" (Photo- Gelman, the producer of the Regis and Kelly show and me)


    I live in the Midwest, work fulltime in education and am in my 50's. I have no children, but family is very important to me. My friend watched the Oprah show and encouraged me to join the Senior Bachelor journey since she knows my passion for travel.

    It was Richard's sincerity on the website that prompted me to risk pursuing the adventure. During my past international travel, I have enjoyed exploring the culture of another place while attempting to understand the standards of being a gracious guest.

    In my leisure time, I enjoy entertaining friends and family, decorating, photography, the arts, and gardening. I love being in, on and under the water.

    The man I'm looking for is equally comfortable in Jeans and a Tuxedo!


    My name is Carla and I am a California native currently residing in Orange County. I am a successful business owner, multi property owner, financially secure and continue to excel as a single woman.

    My hobbies include staying fit mentally and physically. I enjoy outdoor activities, nature and the "simplicity of life". Passions include living life to the fullest. I am told I am a burst of energy, entrepreneur, survivor, ambitious, goal setter and am like the "EverReady" bunny who always gets things done! Enjoyment of sports comes in variety as the seasons change. During all major play offs, I become the ultimate sports fanatic. Hobbies also include my Grandsons, they give me endless life opportunities as we explore the world together.

    Personal adventures include salmon fishing in Alaska, hunting in Kansas, snow and water skiing, kayaking, boating, rafting, horse back riding, hiking and camping. Additionally, I have been blessed to have traveled Hawaii, Costa Rica, England, France and Cabo San Lucas.

    I value honesty, respect, ambition, courage, admiration, balanced morals, humbleness and a good sense of humor. My three beautiful daughters have fulfilled every dream of motherhood. Grandchildren reflect the devotion of my biggest achievement in my life. Confident my daughters are successful in there own lives frees me for the life I am most ready for. I want shared friendship, shared goals and shared dreams with that special someone.

    Three words that best describe me are; Life, Love and Laughter.


    Hi everyone! My age is in "the range" for the "Journey" with Richard Roe (I will be 60 in a few months). I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona last November to live closer to my children.

    I am a widow with great hope that I will find another special man who will be my "soul mate"----enjoying life's adventures with that person will be a perfect addition to my already "happy" life and will make my "wildest dreams come true!"


    I'm Cindee Pascoe, from Byron Bay, Australia. I'm 58 years old and have been divorced for 9 years. I am an Australian citizen and have lived in Australia for the last 20 years. I was born in the U.S., where my family still lives. My father was in the military, so I lived in many countries and U.S. states as a child.

    I have a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren who all live in San Diego, California. I have been a teacher, a journalist and columnist, lead women's groups, and have also run my own personal development workshops. I love the ocean, nature, and lots of sunshine - and adventure and mystery are integral to my sense of fulfilment. To either my credit or detriment, I'll usually try anything once!

    Since my divorce I have delved deeply into myself, exploring a number of healing modalities and spiritual paths, as well as creative pursuits. Through it all, I've come to believe that common sense and kindness are the greatest human gifts we can offer one another, and joy is in the giving. Though I have so much to be grateful for, I have yearned for a partner to share my life with. I know I thrive most in relationship and feel my feminine gifts are best expressed when balanced by a strong masculine presence.

    Richard's offer kindled my curiosity, and upon meeting him, my heart. So we shall see?


    Responsibly spontaneous would be a good description of me. I'm 52 years old, was raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania, and graduated with a BS degree in 1974. Although I worked in research labs and youth organizations, most of my years were spent as a full-time mom and cheerleader for my family.

    I have a 24 year old son and a daughter who is 21-- they are the joys of my life! After being married for 30 years, my husband wanted a divorce. It hurts and it's not fair but I have moved on to new and better things in my life.

    I stay active with soccer, walking, and pilates. I like to ski and I LOVE to dance. I've traveled extensively in the US, some in Mexico, Canada, Spain, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. I'm a free spirit who's over fifty, fit, fun, free and ready to fly!

    Corinne Jean
    Corinne Jean

    I was born and raised in Milwaukee.Wisconsin (Yes home of the "Cheese heads" and "Green Bay Packers".) I come from a large family. 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I have two wonderful sons, Matthew age 26, attending medical school in WI and Michael, age 25, who is a new business/marketing grad, living and working in Los Angeles.

    I am presently practicing my "second career" as a cardiac, intensive care nurse. I also work in the emergency department as needed. I see lots of pain and suffering which has driven me to appreciate life and health and enjoy as much as I can while I can. That is why and how I found the courage to "Step Up To The Plate" as they say to meet up with Richard.

    My first career was as a TV, Print and Fashion Model. My biggest account was Harley Davidson. What do I have to say about modeling-- trust me, advertisers are very good at Air Brushing!!

    Being a single Mom since 1987 has kept me busy. Now that my sons are grown, I have the time to embark on such an adventure as Richard is offering. I love to travel, but it does get lonely without a "Travel Partner." I would be so grateful to have someone to share the joys of travel with, the ultimate being that this travel partner become a life time partner.


    My story is one of success, loss, survival, healing, and moving forward. I am a born and bred east coaster. I left the small town of Wildwood Crest, New Jersey in 1970 to enter college in DC, where I attended Georgetown University for both my undergraduate as well as graduate degrees. I have worked in the accounting field for 25 years.

    I married John in 1978 and moved to PA; we had two beautiful children together. My marriage to John lasted 15 years, some of them joyful, some sad, with his addictive personality looming as a dark cloud over our happy home. Unfortunately, he died in an automobile accident. It has been twelve years, and the journey back has been arduous.

    I am a great mom, and now that the kids are happily situated, I am concentrating on Donna. I downsized my home, eased up on my work schedule, hired a personal trainer, and simplified my life, all in preparation for giving myself that precious gift of TIME. At 54, I'm in great shape, very energetic and looking for new challenges.

    I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, cuddling with my pets, and, most of all, DANCING, my personal secret for staying young! Freeing that inner "wild child" renews me and allows real joy back into my heart.


    Hi, My name is Gael, I'm 54 y.o. and I'm sooo excited!! Excited to have the opportunity to go back to California, meet all of you and see Richard, Joe and Umberto!! I grew up outside of Boston and now live on kinda Manhattan Beach East. I guess I was born with a business brain. Bought my first piece of land(and brand-new sports car) at 19: got married at 20: built my first house at 21: opened my beauty buiness at 22. Between family, friends , husband, tenants, employees and life, it's been a roller coaster ride.

    I love to travel and usually go WARM. Greece and her Islands, Turkey, Antigua, most of the Virgin Islands, Dominique,Spain, Belize, Abbacco Islands, Italy, Paris, Canada, Mexico and many places around the U.S.. I so want to see the South Pacific..or Africa..or ANYWHERE!!

    I love animals and have worked with both wild and domestic. Love them one and all!!! I have Tucker,( 17yo, 100lb golden), Tessa(8yo, 16lb cat) and Sascha(1yo, 4lb pom). They make every day a better one.

    I have amazing friends and a good family life-- it's just missing an appropiate, loving man. I'm often told(by men), that I'm intimidating. I find that stunning..and STUPID!! New faces, new places is fun for me. I tend to be athletic (work out often) and adventuresome (preferring remote destinations). I just enjoy looking like a GIRL!! Gael in a nutshell: I laugh easily and often, cry rarely, travel lightly, work hard, and love to distraction. I'm like a Lind chocolate- firm on the outside- soft on the inside!!!! Can't wait to see you all.


    I was packing for a trip by myself to Mexico when Richard made his appearance on Oprah in April, 2005. I agreed with his sentiments 100% regarding traveling alone and looking for a perfect travel companion. If you are a traveler-- you are going to keep traveling-- even if alone. That desire to experience all that this great world has to offer is with you always. However, sharing those adventures with a great travel companion makes the whole experience so much more fun, interesting, enjoyable and meaningful. (Photo- Taken at the recent "Crazy Hat Party" in Chicago with Richard-- and his fake buck teeth!)

    My name is Jacqueline and I am a traveler who has dedicated my life to the pursuit of learning and experiencing all that I can about this world. I have been engaged in the practice of law for twenty-three years and hold law licenses from three great states. I have one wonderful daughter who shares my love for travel and adventure and we have an incredible bond with each other. I enjoy participating in the majority of all outdoor physical activities and have a wide range of interests on all subjects. I strongly feel and live my life based on the principle that learning and the desire to keep on learning through travel is the key to ageless living.

    We would all love to have that perfect 'for us' person by our side and have it be just the way we imagine it to be- 'the perfect thing for us'. But in the meantime, we need to keep on moving and seeing all that we can-- and if we have an opportunity to have a great travel companion-- that's fantastic! And you never know-- that truly is one of those unknowns in life.


    I am 55 years young. I'm, healthy, physically fit at 5'8" tall and weigh approximately 130 pounds. I have sandy brown hair and brown eyes. I don't smoke, chew tobacco, use drugs, or drink alcohol except on rare occasions. I workout routinely by participating in Yoga and Pilates class, doing five to seven mile treks, and weight training.

    I grew up in Wisconsin on a diary farm as one of six siblings. We all had to help with the farm chores so, I learned to milk a cow and drive a tractor. I graduated from high school, and moved to the "big city," Milwaukee, to attend the University of Wisconsin. I met a guy and then moved to Chicago and got married. I was married for five years, and then divorced. I have been divorced for the past 25 years. I don't have children. After my divorce, I returned to college and graduated with a bachelors degree in nursing and my specialty is critical care. Currently, I work in an emergency room.

    I am gregarious, open mined and have a positive attitude. One of my favorite body parts is a person's eyes. I like looking into a person's eyes because; I believe they are the windows to the soul.

    In finding my eternal flame, there will be great chemistry and attraction between us. The man of my dreams will have a zest for life and adventure, combines a love of physical and intellectual activity, likes to travel and discover. He will want intimacy, love to hug and be hugged, cuddle and kiss. Finally, I believe that the key to a lasting relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, loyalty, admiration, honesty and open communication with consideration and kindness toward one another.


    I am looking for a fun chapter; I love an adventure and love to laugh. I have always been surrounded by a loving family and great friends. I was raised in a family of five children and we are all still very close. I have the permission from my two children to take this journey.


    Bright, energetic, funny, 52-year-old-going-on-16 mother of three, get-down-on-the-floor grandmother of four, who travels the world, is addicted to warm water activities and crossword puzzles, can read a map, has all her shots, owns more than one backpack and her own tools, and who continues to be the topic of "what is she doing now?" stories that keep friends and family from watching too much TV!


    My name is Mary and I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma. You will be very surprised when you discover that I am a 62 year old. American Creole is my nationality and race.

    My life long journey began with the Sisters of St Dominic in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin. It was my dream to become a servant of God by learning to become a primary education teacher. I did my best to exercise dedication and perseverance. For almost 10 years I gave my all. Just before my final vows, I decided that I could serve the Lord without making such a huge sacrifice. God said I came so that you may have life, peace and an abundant life. I seem to be lacking in these areas, and very much unhappy, so I left. My search for significance continued.

    I joined the airlines (Continental) as a flight attendant almost immediately. I needed to catch up with the youthful stuff others my age had already experienced. I married a very sweet guy, but emotionally I was not ready. My marriage did not last, but I was blessed with a very beautiful little girl, who is now 35 and a wife and mother herself.

    After settling in the single status I began a new career as a Registered Nurse.

    Living a single life for 25 years has been fulfilling and satisfying. Hopefully, this will not be my permanent state. In two words I could describe my character as a genuine original. I am a minister of the word of God. My passion in life is pursuing my divine purpose. As a teacher I am assigned to helping people discover the spirit of leadership that is born out of knowing who they are in Jesus Christ. Motivated by this, I had plenty of work to do with the hurricane Katrina victims. Helping them realize that their lives are all part of a plan that reflects God's glory, made them feels less like victims and more like victorious ambassadors.

    Other passions in my life include dancing and art. I'm an impressionist artist who creates experiences on paper with a technique that involves tearing paper. My daily schedule is filled with accomplishing the assignment given to me by my creator.

    After viewing Richard on the Oprah Show, I was presented with a new challenge. I was very impressed with his ability to transcend the color barrier in your search for a soul mate, travel companion and (or) wife. I felt I could trust the information presented was genuine. I truly feel this could be a good connection and whatever the outcome, I will be able to label this a fruitful experience on my journey.


    Hi! My name is Maurette and I am coming to you all the way from Canada!

    I am five feet eleven inches tall, brunette, slim, free, fit, fun, divorced and in my fiftieth year! I have two gorgeous daughter's, two beautiful granddaughters and a new grandson.

    My passions in life are my family, travel, bodybuilding, volleyball and interior decorating. I believe in looking after myself both physically and mentally so that I can be the best I possibly can in all that I do. Life has a lot to offer and I want to experience it to the max!

    I am a strong independent women that is sexy, passionate, excited about life and looking for that special man to share that passion and excitement with.


    I was born the baby of six in Minnesota. Lived in MO and IL. After high school graduation went west to WA state and did forestry work and forest fire fighting. Went to college and became a head chef for 4 years.

    Married my penpal and moved to southern France for 10 years. Had a son named Ryan. My family, is one of the most precious gifts in my life.

    Sadly, my husband passed on with cancer 9 years ago. Ryan became my priority.

    Needed to make a living and massage therapy and flying were in my soul, so I got my massage license and massaged my way through flight school at a chiropractor's office. Hence "The Flying Massage Therapist". Now I am a captain with the airlines. I adopted a grandfather who lives with us.

    I love to travel and meet new people: discovering new cultures and ideas. I speak fluent French and German and love Italian (they sing when they talk). When I had more time I use to sell my paintings, now I have a vegetable garden and a lovely rose garden. I try my best to go scuba diving and skiing every chance that is possible. "The Nutty Mermaid" is my beachhome in the Bahamas that I rent out. A large part of my heart is in the home as much of the work I've done myself.

    My son and I are very close but he is now 16 and thinks I need someone else special in my life, I do too.


    I am originally from Florida but just moved back here this year in March after 20 years in other places to start my own business. I have lived all over the US for many reasons, sometimes a career move and sometimes for the adventure of it all. I have a wonderlust about me and a curiosity about other countries and other cultures and travel. I was always the adventurer in the family.

    I am a happy, healthy, optimistic person, 52 years young who loves life and enjoys all it has to offer. No Regrets! I love my family and my friends are very special to me. I am very active and work out 6 days a week. I feel the most powerful and strong when I am being active, physical and out living life. I am not the one on the sidelines-- ever! I am in the game and taking charge. I am confident and secure with myself and comfortable backpacking, camping out in the desert, or pampered in a 5 star hotel.

    I have a psychology degree from Wellesley College in Massachusetts and I returned to school after my divorce as a non-traditional age student. I worked hard to accomplish this from this difficult and prestigious school, and it wasn't easy for me, but I am very proud that I made it with honors.


    Born Sherri Griffith in Chicago, but spent formative years as a California "valley girl," before moving to Manhattan New York and back to Chicago.

    I am an over 40 happily divorced mother of 2 awesome kids, 13 and 9 years old. I earned a Bachelors Degree from DePaul University and a Masters Degree from Spertus College. I've been in sales for 14 years and own my own marketing company named after favorite aunt and Uncle, "Janet Vincent Events." I currently work in Fashion and Beauty industry as the Illinois Business Manager for Bond No. 9 Perfumes and work exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue in Chicago where the perfume is sold.

    I've traveled extensively in Europe with my favorite country being Germany because of it's dance clubs and house music scene. I became a Zen Buddhist after surviving an intensely difficult divorce and painful kidney transplant in 2002. I love positive, open minded people who seek happiness in the world. I don't like people who are stuck in one mind-set and vision of their lives and the state of the world.

    I'd like to affect young-women in the world by helping them to re-realize their power as women and to not portray themselves according to what men want. Men are to be enjoyed, not taken seriously. I love men that are fun, carefree, strong and intelligent. Music, dancing and travel are my true passions.


    I am excited to be included in this process!

    Having had a terrific time in Chicago, I look forward to being in southern California and meeting many fabulous women. For me, the real message here, behind the subject of adventure, is that we are all spectacular, each of us. Richard has opened a door and we can choose to walk through it-- look at all we have accomplished in our lives, look at all that we are capable of. (Photo- My brother and me at Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary in Milwaukee.)

    And now get excited because this is just the beginning of what is to come in our lives, if we let it, create it, ask for it. Maybe we won't be one of the final 6 to travel with Richard, but the message is-- what are we waiting for-- BE the senior bachelorette, create your own itinerary, write your book, be your authentic self and we are ALL winners!!

    I am proud to be one of you, grateful for this rare opportunity and looking forward to my own great adventure!


    I was born and raised in a suburb of Boston. I graduated from Boston College in 1973 and Babson College in 1974 with an M.B.A. I worked for Arthur Andersen consulting for several years, and then became a Financial Vice President of a Massachusetts manufacturing firm.

    I met my husband and his two step children and retired to raise them (and never looked back) coaching soccer and even football! After the birth of my daughter Erica, I returned to study Landscape Architecture in graduate school at Harvard. Later I taught finance in a graduate business school in the Boston area.

    My husband, the love of my life, died 2 years ago, which was such a devastating event as to reshape my life priorities from that point forward.

    I currently live in MA and FL. My life is filled with my children (now 5) who live nearby, and NYC, and my 7 grandchildren (I have 4 new grandsons born this July!) My youngest daughter is finishing up at Harvard Business School this year. Horses are my passion, and I compete in shows (jumpers) around the United States. My farm is near Palm Beach, FL. At last count, I have 9 horses and 2 dogs. My hobbies are sports, reading, music, photography, techie stuff, travel and, of course, the RED SOX and NE PATRIOTS!


    Primary residence: Florida. Secondary residence: Georgia. Longest residence: Over 30 years in Miami, Florida until Hurricane Andrew blew us away. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, I have trouble deciding which place to call home!

    Age: "Young at heart!" And, probably the oldest in the group, a reality that I might as well embrace since I'm definitely NOT going to be getting any younger!

    Number of kids: 10, not really, but it often seemed like that many! Actually it's only 4, ages 21 to 34. It's FINALLY official! They're all now "of age" and responsible for bailing themselves out of jail!! YES!! Number of grandkids: Not enough!! Babysitting them is the BEST and so is the joy that comes from giving them back to their parents!! Mommy and daddy always lay down the rules and then I proceed to break ALL of them!

    Claim to fame: Being on the Oprah Winfrey Show twice this year (one was a rerun), a show titled "Women Who Look Younger Today Than They Did Ten Years Ago." Fortunately for me, Oprah, her best friend and several of her staff are all over 50 and are easily impressed with those of us who over the years have lost many of our brain cells and consequently do stupid things like "dive off of the roof of our home" as a form of exercise to stay in shape!! I have been a high diver for over 40 years, competed in the Olympic Trials as a teenager and have continued to compete in master's events for many, many years with several national titles and world rankings. I attribute my success to no fear and good genes along with knee, back and joint memory loss!! My passion is athletics and I worked in the modeling and film industry for 28 years doing mostly extreme sports and stunt work that other models and actresses refused to do. Before that I was a Speech Pathologist /Audiologist and taught the deaf for many years.

    Why I wrote Richard: Who knows??//#?? Maybe Oprah encouraging us women to "step out of the box" and take a chance and do something out of our comfort zone. I'm going with the latter and the journey has been great fun! Also, I've watched my kids do a complete role reversal during this process. I'm not allowed to do anything with the "senior bachelor" without their approval. They have been my mentors/confidants throughout the past six months and I've come to realize that they actually DID learn something from me over all the years. That's priceless!! I've also been jolted out of my "I hate all men" phase, the result of a painful divorce after 36 years of marriage not to mention the fortune I saved for therapy that I did NOT need!! Thanks Rich!!!

    To all you readers: Keep enjoying and following this intriguing "adventure and romance journey." It's positively, absolutely surreal for me to be part of it and I am very grateful!!


    I was born in Latvia, grew up in CA, graduated from U.C. Berkeley in Biological Sciences and spent most of adult life on the east coast (mostly Northern Virginia). I was married 21 years before it unraveled and had a daughter and son. When I graduated from CAL, while deciding what to do with my life, I applied to the airlines. (Back then it was a big deal to be a "Stewardess"). It was a perfect job for me and after thirty great years, I left about two years ago.

    Who I am: I am in my fifties and have been described by others as attractive and intelligent with a good sense of humor. My own opinion is that I am a special, unique, multifaceted individual who does not fit stereotypes. I am attractive but I have a brain. I am strong and capable and yet soft and vulnerable. I am self assured but nice. I am classy but not afraid to try to fix a toilet. My interests are varied. I do not look, act, or feel my age and I approach life with enthusiasm. Sometimes I am nutty and fun loving, sometimes serious and intellectual. I want to constantly learn and I read voraciously.

    The one thing I do know for sure is that travel is a part of my soul and who I am. I am suffering from incurable wanderlust. I have an adventuresome spirit, a great curiosity about things, and I count my blessings for all the wonderful things that have happened to me in my life.

    I am excited for all the good things that are yet to come. Life is good. Let's go on a trip, Richard.


    Wendy, age 64, from Montecito, CA (near Santa Barbara)

    Occupation(s): physical therapist and watercolor artist.

    Interests: include photography, reading, cooking, entertaining, dining out, going to movies and sporting events, keeping in good physical shape by jogging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, hiking in the hills (all with my golden retriever), and skiing in the winter (with my 39 year old daughter.)(Photo- that's me on the right!)


    I am a California native who has lived near the coast all my life. I do envy how Richard can walk out the door and be right on the beach! I am 55 and very physically active. I don't know what 55 should feel like because inside, I still feel like the surfer-girl I was as a teen.

    My high school sweetheart and I married between my sophomore and junior year of college. I finished my degree while he was in graduate school. We divorced almost 3 years ago after a very long marriage that produced 2 great kids, a daughter and a son. I am very close to both of my children who are both out of college; neither one is married.

    My career allowed for flexibility and I was able to work part-time and take some years off when I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Now I am retired but have tried my hand at a few jobs just for the fun of it.

    My mom and a good friend are the ones who encouraged me to undertake Richard's "challenge". To be one of the women still being considered at this point is a huge honor because I know that there have been thousands of wonderful women who been interested. It humbles me and leaves me in awe.

    I look forward to the outcome along with everyone else!


    My Name is Yvonne, I am 50 years old and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, the only girl among three brothers who teased me to no end. But my revenge came when they started dating and needed their "favorite" sister to iron their shirts. My fee was $2.00 for shirts and pants-- back then polyester and bell bottoms were the "bomb"--ha,ha. You always can count on your sister to help you out and look good!!

    But it all paid off. My youngest brother's wife, Lydia, whom he met thanks to my expert ironing, saw Richard on Oprah and sent me his web site, urging me to send my information. If I didn't, she swore she would send her own biography/tape and leave my brother to iron his own shirts. So now here I am, saving a 25 year marriage and with any luck putting at end to my brother's ritual of lighting a candle to the Saints to help me find a good man.

    Now, since I've been selected to continue to the next phase of the journey with Richard, I promised Lydia I would visit and iron my brother's shirts for free. Thank you, Lydia. You are the Best. And thank you Richard for the opportunity of getting to know you better.

    Get help finding your Perfect Match!
    Richard and

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    Many people have asked about our association with PerfectMatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of PerfectMatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me.

    From Linda- "You asked for feedback regarding PerfectMatch. I have subscribed to several online relationship sites with varying amounts of success. However, I believe PerfectMatch has combined the most succinct and efficient program available for those of us with the mature status. Not only is help readily available if needed, the site navigation is seamless. I believe the questionnaires are very well done and if participants answer truthfully, the potential for finding the "perfect match" is excellent."

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