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  October 11, 2005
For you in this issue:
  • The New Senior Bachelor Men's Page!
  • The New Senior Bachelor Photo Page!
  • The New Men's Blog!
  • Free Compatibility Profile
  • Richard's Rangers

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Men-- can't live with 'em and can't shoot 'em. No, not true, but I've heard this and thought it was funny. Yes, Men will be the main topic of this Special Newsletter.

    Senior Bachelor has put me in the most unusual circumstances, which has led to my communicating with more than 25,000 women these past 5 months, and, I have learned a lot!!! Over, and over, and over I have been told how difficult it is for women to date- at any age-and as we mature, even harder!! A common lament is "Where are the men?" I have been asked if there is anything I can do. After all, my knowing 25,000 terrific single women, and after what I witnessed in Manhattan Beach and Chicago, these guys are really missing out. But they don't realize this!!

    I was one of those guys who did not appreciate women my own age, until this endeavor. This is a very un-flattering remark to make about myself, but itís true. For ego reasons, or whatever other dumb reasons, I dated girls out of my age range. But WOW, has Senior Bachelor opened my eyes!!! And now I will do all I can to help YOU to find your soul mate.

    We probably will have a reunion of the Manhattan Beach and Chicago attendees (and anyone else as well) next Fall in a place like Las Vegas. And how about Single Mixers sponsored by Senior Bachelor in other cities around the country? How much more fun will this be with an equal number of men "recommended" by all you Ladies?! And imagine next summer's Alaska Cruise with lots of eligible men that you and your friends have recommended!

    Now the ball is in your court. I have set up the structure to attract the men, but it is YOUR job to get them on board. Here's how. Read on!


    The New Senior Bachelor Men's Page!
    Ladies at the Navy Pier

    We have set up a brand new Menís Page on the website to talk specifically to men. Please click on this link and check it out. Now, how cool is that??

    Also, in most every Newsletter from here on out, I'll have a special message to men. I'll share with them what I have learned after communicating and meeting all of you these past six months. I've learned a lot and they will have a chance to benefit from our collective experience.

    But you have to show them how to get here. The best way is to have the men you know sign up for the Newsletter. The easiest way to do that is to forward this, or any, Newsletter to them with your personal comments.

    Look way down at the very bottom of this Newsletter just below the thick blue border. On the left side, below the border you will see a blue link that reads "Forward email".

    When you click on that link, a new page will appear. It will ask you to fill in your name and then the names and email addresses of five of your friends. At the bottom of the page is a box labeled "Add a personal message (optional)" where you have the opportunity to write a message to your friends encouraging them to sign up and join in all of our fun.

    You know what to say to them! Tell them they are missing out BIG TIME on meeting some wonderful women! Be sure to point them towards the new Men's Page on the Senior Bachelor website. If you want to send this to more than five men, fill in the names and email addresses of the first five and then do the same thing again for the next five. (You may want to "copy" your personal message before you leave that page and then "paste" it later in the box when you fill out your second page, etc.)

    Someone wrote to me once with a great motto that is made up of all two-letter words: "If it is to be it is up to me." Well, it is now up to you! You may have to write to your men friends several times to get them involved so keep doing this with each new Newsletter.

    The New Senior Bachelor Photo Page!
    Ladies in Manhattan Beach

    "Wait, there's more!"

    We have also set up a brand new Photo Page on the website. (It takes a few seconds to load the first time so be patient.) We have a new way to post hundreds of photos much more easily and quickly to the web for everyone to enjoy! We'll still post photos on the blog but here we can post (and have posted) many, many more. Enjoy the photos yourselves but be sure that the men you know see them. Show them how adventurous and FUN-LOVING all of you are! Any of them could have come to these Events and they are invited to future Events to meet you. (Photo- Lovely Ladies at the Manhattan Beach "Meet the Senior Bachelor" Event.)

    We are going to use the new Photo Page to show everyone what a good time we are having. It will also be used to share photos and captions from the upcoming Journey so you can keep up with the Adventure.

    And we'll post your photos as well! Just send us a CD of your photos from any of the Events and we'll put them up on the website for you. Send the CD to the address shown on the Contact Page.

    (And let's see if you sharp-eyed Ladies can find on the new Photo Page a new feature we are testing- have fun with it!)

    The New Men's Blog!
    Ladies on the Cruise

    "And more!"

    We also set up a separate Menís Blog (no peeking, Ladies- ha ha!!) on the new Men's Page. This is a forum where the men and I can ask and answer questions about anything. (Photo- Sherri presenting Bond 9 Perfume to a lucky Lady.)

    Here is what I wrote to the men introducing the Men's Blog:

    "I'm here to answer any questions you may have about us guys meeting and dating women closer to our own ages. Please treat the Men's Blog with respect and kindness and we will have a great time getting to know each other and, hopefully, you will get to meet some of these lovely women. Looking forward to meeting you!" Free Compatibility Profile
    Richard and

    Gentlemen, many of the Ladies have taken the free PerfectMatch Compatibility profile to learn more about themselves to get better prepared to meet and date. You should try it out, too.

    I did take the Free PerfectMatch Personality Profile, and it described me to a "T." It was simple and took less than 15 minutes. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and only time will tell how this service works for you. My recommendation is to take the Free Personality Profile (click here to try it), and if you like what you see with the Profile results, and your budget can afford it, give it a try, and then later tell me your feelings. Good luck. We all are looking for the Perfect Match!!!

    Many people have asked about our association with PerfectMatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of PerfectMatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me. (Photo courtesy of "Merry Mary".)

    From Linda- "You asked for feedback regarding PerfectMatch. I have subscribed to several online relationship sites with varying amounts of success. However, I believe PerfectMatch has combined the most succinct and efficient program available for those of us with the mature status. Not only is help readily available if needed, the site navigation is seamless. I believe the questionnaires are very well done and if participants answer truthfully, the potential for finding the "perfect match" is excellent."

    From a reader in Georgia- "I never desired nor felt the need to join a dating service. On a lark, I decided to try the free personality profile with PerfectMatch. I was floored and amazed how right on they were on about me."

    Richard's Rangers
    Richards Rangers

    I thank you so much for your help in signing up men. Realistically, I understand that some women will not have any men sign up, most 1 or 2, and then there will be small group who really want to help-a lot. Joe has said "Richard, these are the 'Rangers.'" The "Rangers" will be a very active group who will pitch in to help at Events and recruit good men as well as to advance the "Greater Cause" of Promoting Romance, Adventure, and Recognition for People Of All Ages. This group will have its own special Newsletter. (Photo- Richard's Rangers Nancy and Georgette posing like lionesses at the gate helping out in Chicago.)

    If you would like to be in this group, please e-mail me at and in the Subject bar put RANGER, and I will be in touch with you with how to help. Thanks again.

    Ladies, as always, a pleasure. Gentlemen, welcome aboard! And get your rest because you are going to soon be very busy fellows.


    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

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