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  October 4, 2005
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    Dear Ladies,


    Yes, making these final decisions is agonizing. My feelings of anguish, and some guilt, have been somewhat relieved by a recent e-mail sent to me. "Don't apologize when you do not choose us, rather celebrate with us those you do choose." For sure, I believe there are hundreds of women who have sent in their information, that I feel I could have a great time with traveling for a month, and vice versa. Many people have asked, "How are you going about making these choices?" I think it's fair to say that if our situations were reversed, and you had the circumstance of many men interested in you, right away you would feel the ever-elusive chemistry with, let's guess, 2 of the men. We all have different criteria; they may be too tall, or too short, too thin or too heavy, "GU" (geographically undesirable), have political and/or religious beliefs in sharp contrast from yours, etc. etc. etc. As you well know, I have been consistent in saying that I am seeking a Female who is Free, meaning free of a relationship and Free to travel for up to one month, Fit and Fun. I did my best to ascertain the Fit and Fun part from watching the videos and reading the biographies, and from meetings in Manhattan Beach or Chicago or elsewhere. Bottom line, like in the beginning of all possible relationships, it's guesswork. I have written before that I do not feel worthy of the attention I have received from so many wonderful, intelligent, beautiful women-and I mean this in all sincerity. Either in a Newsletter later this week, or the following week, the names of the women attending the October 29-November 5 week will be announced.

    From October 29-November 5, I will meet with approximately 12 women, and we will spend a week together. For now, the location will be undisclosed. At an appropriate time, I will be more than happy to let everybody know the location. During this week, my older sister Connie will be there, as well as Kim Auch. Kim worked with my ex-wife as a Montessori teacher, and is married to one of my best friends. Kim has known me for 30 years, she is one of 12 children, and she has been my female confidant over these past 30 years. My three sons will also be there from time to time. The primary purpose for my friends and family being there is to give the ladies the opportunity to ask them any and all questions before they make their decision if they would want to spend a month with me. Also, I will receive their feedback as to who they feel will make for the best traveling partners. Ultimately, the final decisions will be mine- as well as the six Ladies. I still plan on the Journey beginning shortly after Thanksgiving.

    I have said "Thank you" so many times to all of you for taking the time and effort to participate in my Search for the Perfect Traveling Companion. I just want to say it one more time! I know we have each learned something special from when this whole endeavor started. To me, that is very important- learning and growing- and loving! Thanks so much for being a part of this. (Photo below is at the Navy Pier, Chicago, Friday evening.)

    Chicago Navy Pier


    No matter how things work out in my personal Search for Romance and Adventure, I can positively state that this endeavor has already been a success, AND IT'S JUST BEGINNING!!!! Over and over I hear the following words; HOPE. INSPIRATION. AWAKENING. FUN. And, TERRIFIC NEW FRIENDSHIPS. Some of these feelings you will see below in "In Your Own Words." I literally get goose bumps when I am told that since this endeavor has started, many women who had pretty much given up on finding their soul mate have been re-awakened and re- energized. In this context, everyone participating is a winner!! (Photo- L to R: Paula, Brenda, Cathy. Met on the Blog, fast friends in person! On the Odyssey.)

    The Senior Bachelor Search has seeded a whole new, HUGE, grassroots movement. Much more detail (much more!) will follow in subsequent Newsletters. In a nutshell, why is it that we are one of the few societies on earth who actually do not give the proper respect and veneration to adults as they age? In most every other country, the elders are Honored, and Venerated, looked up to. We have earned these rights. We shouldn't have to re-earn them!! We have somehow allowed the advertisers, and the media, and others, to gear their ads and shows and articles almost exclusively towards the 18-39 year old group. In short, I feel we have been marginalized. About of the U.S. population is 40 and over, and there are almost 80 million Americans 50 and over, and this latter group controls 70% of the wealth of the country, and approximately 60% of this is controlled by WOMEN!!! How the heck have we allowed it to happen that we aren't being spoken properly to, or represented properly as we should be???

    Well, it's time to change this medieval mindset, in my opinion. I am willing and determined to do whatever it takes to change this. Stay tuned!!!

    In Your Words
    Group Photo on the Odyssey

    Just want to share some of your wonderful comments about what the Chicago Event meant to so many women: (Photo- aboard the Odyssey Friday evening.)

    "Richard, Joe, and your fun spirit and great attitudes as you work day and night to support the cause of promoting romance and adventure...!!! Thank you all for making the weekend a time we'll cherish, remember, and hopefully revive for years to come. The feeling of excitement that "something's coming, something good" continues to encircle my head."

    "I just wanted to thank you again for being the host that created this opportunity for me to spend time in Chicago with 150 other single women over 40. You were delightful, as well was your crew, and never losing your cool. You successfully surpassed our expectations. Don't apologize when you don't choose us...celebrate with us those you do choose."

    "Thanks to Richard, Joe, and Umberto for planning the activities, and thanks to all the wonderful women for being so friendly and nice. What a whirlwind of activity! It's difficult to get back to normal. I'm anxious to see what plans will be coming in the future. It's good to know that it's not all over with."

    "Saturday night was so terrific that I couldn't sleep when I got back to my girlfriend's place. Ended up just getting out of bed and taking pictures of the sunrise on the lake. Anyway, I still haven't come down from my high. Thanks to Joe, Richard, and Umberto for throwing a great party and thanks to all of you who came and made it such a special time!"

    "One thing for sure, someone said already this is certainly no end, this is just a beginning of some wonderful energy coming together. Lord knows, I cannot pretend to understand how this is happening. But somehow one Man's desire to have A Female be present in his life for special times like traveling and taking in the wonders of our marvelous planet. And being brave enough to come forward and say that this desire was "His Wildest Dream". Somehow this Silly thing, has become a Magical thing!!!!! Someone called while I was writing here,from back home, and said: Oh, that sounds Marvelous!!!! Did you win????? Oh yes, YES!!! Yeah!!!! I WON!!!!!! I Realized Again, Who I really AM!!!"

    Richard on the Beach

    Wow!! The Crazy Hat Party on Saturday night. I said it to the Ladies-- "Men over 50 are missing out on so many wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, and, yes, HOT women!!" Did we ever have a blast! (Photo- Crazy Hat Party in full swing at the State Ballroom, Palmer House Hilton.)

    To see all the action, click here to Richard's Blog and see more great photos of the entire event. Free Compatibility Profile
    Richard and

    Many people have asked about our association with Perfectmatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of Perfectmatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me.

    I did take the Free Perfectmatch Personality Profile, and it described me to a "T." It was simple and took less than 15 minutes. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and only time will tell how this service works for you. My recommendation is to take the Free Personality Profile (click here to try it), and if you like what you see with the Profile results, and your budget can afford it, give it a try, and then later tell me your feelings. Good luck. We all are looking for the Perfect Match!!! (Photo courtesy of "Merry Mary".)

    From Linda- "You asked for feedback regarding Perfect Match. I have subscribed to several online relationship sites with varying amounts of success. However, I believe Perfect Match has combined the most succinct and efficient program available for those of us with the mature status. Not only is help readily available if needed, the site navigation is seamless. I believe the questionnaires are very well done and if participants answer truthfully, the potential for finding the "perfect match" is excellent."

    From a reader in Georgia- "I never desired nor felt the need to join a dating service. On a lark, I decided to try the free personality profile with Perfect Match. I was floored and amazed how right on they were on about me."


    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

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