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   October 3, 2006
For you in this issue:
  • A Senior Bachelor Reunion Dinner- November 9th- FREE DINNER AND COCKTAILS!!
  • More Senior Bachelor Cruises!
  • Senior Bachelor Video Now Available!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Ah, feelings. The very mention of the word scares most men and puts them on their guard. I consider myself a typical male, and have shied away from expressing my feelings most of the time. We men get really spooked when a woman asks us "how do you feel about me." Yikes!!!

    Why do I, and most men act this way?? I am certainly not an authority on this matter, but my guess is that many men consider that they may be seen as "wimpy" if they express their feelings. Or cry.

    However, I have noticed this is changing. I see that my three sons, now aged 40, 39, and 38, are much better about expressing their feelings than men my age. In days past, "we" made the money and the women took care of the house and raised the children. We know that has changed!!! And that's a good thing.

    Just this past weekend I was feeling good, and I asked myself, why? Well, my three sons and seven grandchildren were at the beach with me, and just watching the seven cousins interact, and my three sons and their wives, made me feel good. Really good in fact. Heck, I feel fortunate to be alive, and I value every day so much more now after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year.

    However, I still shudder when someone asks, "How are you feeling?" Ha ha. Still a typical male.

    On both cruises, I met with many women and asked them; 1) Why women seem to enjoy going on cruises more than men? and, 2) Why men are not more expressive of their true feelings-especially when it comes to this subject with discussions with women?

    The general answer was that men were; 1) Intimidated by such a powerful group of women, and, 2) To some degree, "performance anxiety."

    I know for an absolute fact, that women 50+, are WAY MORE ADVENTUROUS than men 50+!! Over and over I hear from the women's side, "now it's my turn. I've raised my family, worked very hard, and now it's my time to play. I've earned it!!!" Indeed you have!!!!

    Sadly, it seems many men 50 and over are happiest watching sports on television than seeing the Wonders of the World. Do I have any answers, not really. However, I will continue to do my best to have more men on the cruises. We did have 25 on the 2 Alaska cruises and hope for more in the future.

    Now, "how are you feeling???" Ha ha.

    I have not been writing these Newsletters as often as before because, quite frankly, my Search and Journey is on hold pending my medical situation. However, my other mission, that of Promoting Romance and Adventure For People 45 and Over, is in full swing, as I hope you read a few weeks ago after the two Alaska cruises.

    All best wishes to everybody,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

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    Some computers have a problem opening the photos from the Senior Bachelor Newsletter. If so, wait a few days and go to and click on the most recent Newsletter and you'll probably be able to see them there.

    A Senior Bachelor Reunion Dinner- November 9th- FREE DINNER AND COCKTAILS!!

    I am pleased to announce our next group meeting- sort of a Senior Bachelor Reunion! And the best part- dinner and cocktails are FREE! Everyone is invited. If you met new friends at the Manhattan Beach and Chicago "Meet the Senior Bachelor" Events, then get together again in Manhattan Beach on Thursday, November 9th at the Ayres Hotel. If you missed any of the previous events and want to meet really terrific people who share your interests in travel and adventure, please come on by.

    Bring any of your friends. We are going to have a wonderful, gourmet buffet dinner called "Under the Tuscan Sun" just like we had at the first "Meet the Senior Bachelor Event." And free cocktails will be served until 8:30PM. There will be door prizes too.

    All of this is brought to us free by Crystal Cruises. We'll all get a chance to learn more about their amazing SIX STAR cruises and cuisine and talk to company representatives.

    If you want to stay overnight or make a long weekend of it, Joe and I have arranged with the Ayres Hotel to give you a special rate of $119 per night per room. This is $30 off the regular rate. The Ayres Hotel shuttle is available to take you to all the fun spots in Manhattan Beach.

    So catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Bring others along to share in the fun. Learn more about a quality cruise line and party the night and weekend away in beautiful Manhattan Beach!

    You need to RSVP for the Senior Bachelor Reunion Meeting by calling Coastline Travel at 1-800-448- 2374 and ask for Leah or Jay.

    Here is the information:

    What: The Senior Bachelor Reunion Meeting

    Where: Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach/LAX

    If you want to stay at the Ayres Hotel, call 800-675- 3550 (or 310-536-0400) and ask for the special Senior Bachelor $119 rate. Click here for their website and for directions.

    When: Thursday, November 9th. Cocktails start at 6:00PM, Dinner at 7:00PM.

    RSVP: Mandatory. Please call Coastline Travel at 1-800-448-2374 and ask for Leah or Jay.

    More Senior Bachelor Cruises!

    Things went so well on those cruises that there will be at least five Senior Bachelor cruises in 2007. The first three are in January and February of 2007. One is a SPECTACULAR cruise, and price, with Crystal Cruise Lines-a 16 day Panama Canal cruise. The other two are Caribbean cruises, both with Holland America, and also terrific values.

    A special Newsletter went out Tuesday, October 3, to the folks who had signed up for them. If you would like to read about these cruises, please click here. And if you would like to be added to the Cruise Newsletter, simply hit "Reply" to this newsletter and put "Cruises" in the subject bar.

    Senior Bachelor Video Now Available!

    Senior Bachelor Video- Now Available!

    The Senior Bachelor DVD is now available. It really is interesting and shows everything starting with the first Oprah appearance in April of 2005 right up to when the Journey was put on hold in Chile when I was diagnosed with cancer. If you would like to purchase the DVD, send $29.95 to: Richard Roe, 3010 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. The proceeds will go to Umberto and to help defray expenses on the website.

    The 2-disc DVD is slightly over 2 hours and starts out with the introduction of Senior Bachelor on Oprah and People Magazine,

    and the get-togethers in Manhattan Beach and Chicago.

    And folks wait 'till you see the crazy hat party in Chicago. You will roar with laughter I' m sure.

    Then you will see the visit to Manhattan Beach by all 22 Fabulous Finalists, a highlight is when seeing more than 20 million dollars worth of jewels at Harry Winston's on Rodeo Drive.

    And then off to Brazil, Argentina and Chile with Vicki and Gael. Truly wonderful shots in Rio de Janiero, the Amazon Jungle (really fun to see), Iguassu Falls, Salvador, and lots of Chile, highlighted by the incredible Atacama Desert.

    When I found out I had cancer, Umberto filmed in real time my finding out the news. And more, much more.

    I think most of the readers of this Newsletter know that my son Chris and I made a film, Pop & Me, which won 6 film festivals and was a Semi-finalist for an Academy Award in 2000, and was sold and put in theaters by MGM in 2000.

    For the past 6 years I have taught filmmaking classes and seminars at UCLA and USC and other film schools. I feel very sure that you will be highly entertained by the Senior Bachelor Video. I am so sure I will offer a guaranteed 100% refund of your money if you do not like the video. Simply return it to me and I'll send a refund.

    Please note that the proceeds from this video will pay Umberto for his wonderful efforts and anything left over will go towards the expenses of running the website.

    You can obtain the video by sending a check, or money order, for $29.95 to Richard Roe. 3010 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (U.S.A.) I do hope you will support this mission- and have FUN watching the Adventure unfold.

    Click here to check out Umberto's latest photos!

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