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  September 28, 2005
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    Dear Ladies,


    The most gut-wrenching part of this Search For Romance and Adventure is upon me. How to choose from SO MANY wonderful, intellectual, beautiful and fun women!!!! Please believe me when I paraphrase from (I think) a Wayne's World movie when I say "I am not worthy." Truly, that's how I honestly feel. Of course any man in this position would be honored and flattered, and I most certainly am. On the other hand, this is tough stuff. Having to say to so many deserving women that it isn't going to happen. It really affects me. However, I started this endeavor, and I will move forward, as painful as this is.

    On or before October 15, I will contact everybody who has sent in her information. I would really like to send each person a hand-written letter, but given the fact that over 2,000 people have sent in materials, this is not feasible given the time schedule. Thus, all communication will be via e-mail.

    From October 29-November 5, I will meet with approximately 12 women, and we will spend a week together. For now, the location will be undisclosed. At an appropriate time, I will be more than happy to let everybody know the location. During this week, my older sister Connie will be there, as well as Kim Auch. Kim worked with my ex-wife as a Montessori teacher, and is married to one of my best friends. Kim has known me for 30 years, she is one of 12 children, and she has been my female confidant over these past 30 years. My three sons will also be there from time to time. The primary purpose for my friends and family being there is to give the ladies the opportunity to ask them any and all questions before they make their decision if they would want to spend a month with me. Also, I will receive their feedback as to who they feel will make for the best traveling partners. Ultimately, the final decisions will be mine- as well as the six Ladies. I still plan on the Journey beginning shortly after Thanksgiving.

    I have said "Thank you" so many times to all of you for taking the time and effort to participate in my Search for the Perfect Traveling Companion. I just want to say it one more time! I know we have each learned something special from when this whole endeavor started. To me, that is very important- learning and growing- and loving! Thanks so much for being a part of this.


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    Need we say more!

    All the details for the Chicago "Meet the Senior Bachelor Event" are online. Just click here!

    You will be handed a complete Agenda and map of the meeting rooms when you register. Registration opens on Friday at 9:00AM and is open all day. Same with Saturday.

    If you're in Chicago on Thursday, September 29th, check out my LIVE interview on Fox Chicago Channel 32 in the 8:00AM hour! You had to make a video and you know how difficult that can be. Let's see how I do on the hot seat!!

    Also, on Thursday after the dinner at "La Cantina" we will go back to the hotel and around 9:30PM we'll be entertained by the "The Sturgis Improv" in the State Ballroom!!

    Don't forget to check the Senior Bachelor Blog for up-to-the-minute photos from Chicago! Also, check the website early next week for the gallery of Crazy Hats!! Starting next week you can send in a photo of you and your Crazy Hat and we'll post it on our site.

    I'm really looking forward to meeting with you all in one of my favorite cities!! Free Compatibility Profile

    Many people have asked about our association with Perfectmatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of Perfectmatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me.

    I did take the Free Perfectmatch Personality Profile, and it described me to a "T." It was simple and took less than 15 minutes. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and only time will tell how this service works for you. My recommendation is to take the Free Personality Profile (click here to try it), and if you like what you see with the Profile results, and your budget can afford it, give it a try, and then later tell me your feelings. Good luck. We all are looking for the Perfect Match!!!


    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

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