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  September 19, 2005
For you in this issue:
  • Chicago Group Social Events!
  • September 16th Finally Arrives!!!
  • Go to the Movies with the Senior Bachelor!!
  • Try Free Compatibility Profile

    Hello Ladies,

    Chicago "Meet the Senior Bachelor Event"- Details!!!

    The official dates are Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1- but we are planning much, much more for you! The Palmer House Hilton Hotel- undoubtedly one of the finest hotels in downtown Chicago- has given us an unbeatable rate of $159 per night- single or double! Please call 1-877- 865-5321 to make your reservations and ask for the Senior Bachelor Rate. For information about the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, click here. It's been great hearing the wonderful memories from you about this hotel.

    As I have stated before, the opportunity to meet in Chicago is mostly for those women who have submitted materials on time to meet me and for me to meet them. There will be three types of meetings throughout the Event. General Meetings will be for all assembled and will be held about every two hours. Smaller Group meetings with up to five women for about 15 minutes will be held throughout the day until 6:00PM. Priority for smaller group meetings will always be for women who have submitted materials. We have a master list of everyone who has submitted the materials on time. If you have not submitted materials by September 16, but would like to say hello, we will, of course, try our best to accommodate you. And, finally, we have the group social events!! These include dinners and cocktails together on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, special entertainment and activities those evenings like the "Crazy Hat" Party, and informal gatherings over breakfast at the hotel.

    I LOVE Chicago and this get-together is really shaping up to be loads of fun! Here is the schedule- as of today. It may change, so keep tuned to the Blog and future Newsletters. PLEASE READ IT VERY CAREFULLY!! Copies of the final Agenda will be provided when you register.

    Thursday, September 29- 7:00 PM. SPECIAL EVENT FOR THE EARLY ARRIVALS! We will meet in the lobby of The Palmer House Hotel and all go out to dinner. Dress for a big city night on the town. We are still working on a restaurant that will give us our own room, and a great meal at a reasonable price- all within walking distance of the hotel. After dinner, back to The Palmer House for some special entertainment that should have you howling!! Then you ladies are on your own to hoot it up as I am off to bed to get a good night's rest.

    Friday, September 30, 7:00 AM- 9:00 AM: I will be in the breakfast room (it will be noted on the final Agenda) and we can meet and greet there.

    Friday, September 30, 9:00 AM- The line to register for the "Meet the Senior Bachelor Event" will open at 9:00 AM. It will be first come, first served. If you have submitted your materials on time and are on our master list, you will be provided an estimated meeting time for a small group meeting when you register. You will be asked to complete a release form and you will pick up an Agenda and other information. (If you have not submitted materials you will be put on a waiting list for a small group meeting.)

    Friday, September 30, 9:30 AM- 10:00 AM- I'll arrive and conduct the first General Meeting for all assembled. This is the opportunity for everyone to listen to me explain the Search for the Perfect Traveling Companion, provide details of the Journey and for you to ask questions.

    Friday, September 30, 10:00 AM- REMAINDER OF THE DAY- We will start the smaller group meetings at 10:00 AM and go through to 11:30 AM. You will be given an approximate time for your meeting when you register. Please show up on time or you risk missing your meeting time. At 11:30 AM I'll have another General Meeting for 30 minutes and then break for lunch from 12:00 noon until 2:00 PM. From 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM will be smaller group meetings and the final General Meeting of the day from 4:00 PM-4:30 PM. We'll conduct the smaller group meetings for the rest of the afternoon until 5:30 or 6:00 PM as needed. Then it's a quick break and off to the group social activities!!

    Saturday, October 1, 9:00 AM- REMAINDER OF THE DAY- The schedule during the day for Saturday will be exactly like the schedule for Friday. Chances are, if there is time available, and you have been put on the wait list for a smaller group meeting because you have not submitted materials, you might be scheduled for later in the day on Saturday. It all depends on how many Ladies show up who have submitted materials and are on the master list whether anybody on the wait list will have a small group meeting. (The photo below is the lobby of the Palmer House Hotel)

    Last but not least, the Eshe Day Spa! This fantastic day spa is a few minutes walk from the Palmer House Hotel and the owner is extending special discounts for the Senior Bachelorettes and they are going to donate a prize for our drawings! Ask for the owner, Audrey. Call 312-629-0376 for your reservations. Maybe I'll get another manicure and pedicure like I did for MB...

    Palmer House Hotel

    Chicago Group Social Events!

    Now it is time to Party!! Can you keep up?!

    Friday Evening, September 30, Odyssey Dinner Cruise- We are christening this as the first "Senior Bachelor Cruise"! We'll all grab cabs and leave the hotel as soon as we can after 6:00 PM and meet at the Navy Pier. If we arrive early enough, we'll spend some time playing there. Then, we promptly board the Odyssey at 7:00 PM and cruise, eat and party on our own deck with our own jazz combo from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. I'll be going back to the hotel to rest up for Saturday but you Ladies can party on! (Call Rob at 312-396-2227 right away to make your reservation.)

    Saturday Evening, October 1, Dinner and "Crazy Hat" Party!- The restaurant isn't finalized yet but it will be within walking distance of the hotel. We'll meet in the lobby at 7:00 PM and go to dinner. After dinner, we'll return to the Palmer House Hotel around 9:00 PM for the Crazy Hat Party and other FUN activities we think you'll enjoy. We'll have a raffle for some great prizes provided by the supporters of the Senior Bachelor.

    Like I said on the blog, better get your rest before you come to Chicago! But wait, there's more....

    Sunday, October 2, 7:00 AM-9:00 AM: I'll in the breakfast room and will meet with everyone there. And from 9:00 AM-12:00 noon I'll will meet in small groups, or one-on-ones, depending on how many Ladies are still present.

    September 16th Finally Arrives!!!
    Richard and the Chickadees

    Whew, I must admit I was happy to see September 16 roll around, as that was the last day for submissions of tapes and other materials. After the People Magazine article in late June, and the Oprah rerun in late August, it has been really busy, to say the least as there was a wave, no a tsunami, of new materials. As you can imagine, I have been spending almost all of my days since April-at the computer, and opening, reading, sorting, cataloging, and indexing the information sent to me, and then watching the videos. Don't get me wrong-I am basking in my 15 minutes of "undeserved fame" as I embark on this Search and Journey for my Soul Mate.

    Now that the deadline has passed, I'll give you the details of how I've spent virtually 10 hours a day, minimum, these past 4 months. I start out each morning around 5:30 am, by walking into the living room which is stacked almost to the ceiling with boxes of tapes, and other tapes and letters are scattered all over the floor, with just a little path on which I slalom to the computer. As I walk into the room, I say out loud "Good morning, my little chickadees, what do you have in store for me today?" I then check the computer for new e-mails, check the Blog to make sure there have not been some naughty girls on there overnight who need to get cyber-spanked, and then start to open the packages containing materials. I then write the contents of each package on a large index card to serve as my "Master List," create a folder for the written materials, file the tapes in alphabetical order, file the cards in alphabetical order, file the folders yes, in alphabetical order, contact whomever sent in the materials acknowledging receipt, study the biographies and watch the videos. Fortunately, since the rerun on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Umberto has been here to help me.

    And while we are doing this, Joe is working on the computer-all day. Essentially, I write the Newsletters, and all of the text for and then Joe takes it from there. This is a VERY active website, which requires daily maintenance and changes-new pages, changes of text, etc. Even publishing the Newsletter and photos is time consuming, and Joe takes care of all of that, and more. In fact, the three of us work full time on this endeavor. There is also a Webmaster, web technician, and other duties and responsibilities to be performed. I am in touch with Stuart, the marketing and Public Relations guru, on a daily basis concerning this particular part of Senior Bachelor.

    My sincere thanks to Joe, Stuart and Umberto without whom this would not be possible. No, this is not a business, per se, but the structure has to be business-like or it would be (even more!!) chaotic.

    Go to the Movies with the Senior Bachelor!!
    Pop and Me Poster

    Let's go to the movies using Netflix!

    I just received an email from Netflix because my movie, "Pop & Me," is available from them. I have been a member of Netflix for years and I REALLY LIKE the way their service works. This gave me a thought, along with the recent discussion on the blog about movies, that we should have a place on the Senior Bachelor website to discuss movies. I LOVE talking about how my son, Chris and I made the movie and how Hollywood works. In fact, I lecture about this at UCLA several times a year on this subject.

    In addition, Netflix is really, really affordable now. They have a special offer of $9.99 per month and they are giving ONE MONTH FREE if you sign up through the Senior Bachelor. So click on this link to sign up now and then we can start discussing movies in a couple of weeks. Netflix -  Only $9.99 a month.  Create your list of  DVDs online. We'll rush you 3 DVDs  from your list. Keep each DVD as long  ;as you want. Return your viewed movie(s)  to get new ones  from your list. Try Netflix for FREE today!

    Don't worry, it's not going to take time away from the Senior Bachelor Search and Journey-- movies are my hobby!

    Try Free Compatibility Profile

    Get yourself in this picture with me! You remember a few weeks back I said I was evaluating various online relationship sites. I wanted to see how well they responded to the mature audience. You may have noticed that I have put up banner ads for on the website. Their FREE compatibility profile is much easier and faster to fill out and they seem to pay more attention to us older folks-- look at the faces (and hair!!) of the models they use in their ads.

    Their compatibility profile is FREE and they have a database of over 2 million members from which they will search for a compatible match. Please give them a try by clicking on this link and report back to me how you like them. Several of you have with positive reviews.

    Wow, this is a big Newsletter! Hope to see you in Chicago! Be sure you add my email address, to your list of allowable emails to ensure delivery of the Senior Bachelor Newsletters. And please forward this Newsletter on to your friends and family and ask them to sign up to so they can catch all the Fun and Excitement!


    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

    Please remember that when you submit tapes or any other materials, you agree that they may be used in any manner or media worldwide as determined solely by me, including, but not limited to a future episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and its promotion.

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