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  September 12, 2006
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  • Senior Bachelor Video Now Available!
  • A Love Story (continued)

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Hello Cruisers and Cruisers to be,

    Wow, the cruises to Alaska were all I hoped they would be and more! Wonderful scenery, wonderful service, food, excursions, and nightly shows. And so many new friendships were formed. And yes, at least five romances on-board (that I know of!!).

    Great Comments-

    Following are just a sample of the comments I received from participants in the Alaska cruises:

    Cupid's arrow is still in me!! It's really hard for me to keep my mind at work. I am still seeing the gentleman. Thank you!!!

    Each of your Senior Bachelor events, including the cruise, have provided opportunities for me for new growth. I meet so many interesting people (and from all over the world). Thank you and keep the events coming!!

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the cruise.

    Every minute of the cruise was special for me. The staff of Holland America was absolutely AAA. I did meet some nice men and hope there will be more on future cruises. (Richard's note: there will be-at least I will be working hard to see this occurs)

    I adored the photos Umberto took. Gee, our own personal paparazzo. I will send you (for Umberto) $20 for the video.

    This was my first cruise and I must admit I was scared. Scared because I traveled from the east coast to the west coat by myself (for the first time), met my cabin roommate( to be) in Seattle, and well, I was very nervous. I finally stepped out of the box I was in and you have given me a new lease on life. Thank you.

    I loved getting dressed up for dinner every night. and I really loved all of the attention from the waiters.

    This was my 47th cruise with Holland America. And it was the best due to the group. I have attended all of the Senior Bachelor events so far; Manhattan Beach, Chicago and now the cruise to Alaska. I hope there will be many more. I look forward to these events all year.

    My daughter and I have not spent this much time together, alone, in 20 years. Thank you. (Richard's note: There were 5 mother-daughter combinations on the 2 cruises)

    I am married, and my wife and I had a ball. Part of the reason we went on this "singles" cruise was because we know you and used your group for a great price. Ha!

    How about a cruise for grandparents and grandchildren? (Richard's reply- "There will be. Keep tuned to the Cruise Newsletters.")

    No more 9:00 AM meetings!! (OK!!!!)

    Loved the shore excursions. However they seemed pricey. Because your groups are so large, can't you get us a discount like you did for the cruise?? (Yes-I will do in the future)

    Sign me up now for a Caribbean cruise next February plus the Greek Isle cruise next fall.

    (From a man)-I really did not realize how many extraordinary women would be in the group. I was reluctant to go and only went because I wanted to see Alaska. And I thought I would be bored on board. Believe me, I wasn't bored, and please do not get more men on the cruises. Ha ha.

    Great beds!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I learned a lot from these cruises. A survey with both cruises has given me a wealth of great ideas, all of which will be used going forward for more great cruises and meetings.

    You may have read in a regular Newsletter last week that I am about to be affiliated with a large travel agency. This will give us even better prices and amenities on cruises, and other travel related events as we go forward. I will send details once this arrangement has been made.

    Next year I am planning (6) cruises, including:

    In February, leaving from southern Florida (probably), 2 Caribbean cruises- one to the eastern Caribbean the other to the western Caribbean. Also a cruise through the Panama Canal, also around that time. A grandparents-grandchildren cruise, probably in July, another Alaska cruise for those that missed the past ones in August, and a Greek Island cruise in the fall. When the cruises are finalized, I will send you details. Stay tuned!!!

    Umberto and I made videos of each of the Alaska cruises. This would be a terrific way for you to see what kind of a time everyone had on the trips. If you would like to purchase one (the net proceeds go to Umberto) please send $20 to: Richard Roe, 3010 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Any excess income will go towards maintaining the website- for all of us.

    Ciao and I'll be in touch soon with new cruise details.

    Very best wishes,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

    PS- Be sure to visit the Journey Photos Page of the Senior Bachelor Website to see more photos from the cruise!!

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    Some computers have a problem opening the photos from the Senior Bachelor Newsletter. If so, wait a few days and go to and click on the most recent Newsletter and you'll probably be able to see them there.

    Senior Bachelor Video Now Available!

    Senior Bachelor Video- Now Available!

    Many people have asked to see the video that Umberto has been shooting from day one of this Search for Romance and Adventure. Umberto worked on the editing for 3 months and it is now available, and I must say it is amazing.

    The 2-disc DVD is slightly over 2 hours and starts out with the introduction of Senior Bachelor on Oprah and People Magazine,

    and the get-togethers in Manhattan Beach and Chicago.

    And folks wait 'till you see the crazy hat party in Chicago. You will roar with laughter I' m sure.

    Then you will see the visit to Manhattan Beach by all 22 Fabulous Finalists, a highlight is when seeing more than 20 million dollars worth of jewels at Harry Winston's on Rodeo Drive.

    And then off to Brazil, Argentina and Chile with Vicki and Gael. Truly wonderful shots in Rio de Janiero, the Amazon Jungle (really fun to see), Iguassu Falls, Salvador, and lots of Chile, highlighted by the incredible Atacama Desert.

    When I found out I had cancer, Umberto filmed in real time my finding out the news. And more, much more.

    I think most of the readers of this Newsletter know that my son Chris and I made a film, Pop & Me, which won 6 film festivals and was a Semi-finalist for an Academy Award in 2000, and was sold and put in theaters by MGM in 2000.

    For the past 6 years I have taught filmmaking classes and seminars at UCLA and USC and other film schools. I feel very sure that you will be highly entertained by the Senior Bachelor Video. I am so sure I will offer a guaranteed 100% refund of your money if you do not like the video. Simply return it to me.

    Please note that the proceeds from this video will pay Umberto for his wonderful efforts and anything left over will go towards the expenses of running the website.

    You can obtain the video by sending a check, or money order, for $29.95 to Richard Roe. 3010 The Strand, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (U.S.A.) I do hope you will support this mission- and have FUN watching the Adventure unfold.

    A Love Story (continued)

    I've always talked about Romance being part of the Senior Bachelor Adventure. From the looks of it some new, deep friendships were formed on the cruises. It wouldn't be the first time that this Adventure has brought people together....

    If you have been reading the Newsletters you have probably read the story Marie sent me. An abbreviated version follows:

    Dear Richard,

    I kept reading your newsletters, and I thought, "why not try a two month membership to Perfectmatch? What do I have to lose?"

    I had been very reluctant to use any online dating services. After completing the free Perfectmatch Compatibility Profile offered on and signing up, the first glance at other profiles was exciting- were there really over 425 single men over 50 in my area?

    Just before the end of the two month trial, I met Michael. We began writing, then talked on the phone multiple times, then finally met for breakfast. After the second week, and a long motorcycle ride, we were both hooked and are now enjoying the romance of being in love- who would have thought it could happen so fast! Family and friends are still important in my life, and always will be. Yet, it is that very special bonding, and sharing of life's day to day activities, past experiences, hopes and dreams, and especially the warmth of human touch that was so missing. We both think we have something special in the works, yet plan to enjoy the relationship for awhile before considering marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with thousands and really making a difference in so many lives. May your health continue to improve, and may your journey continue until, you, too find that perfect match!


    Last week I received the following e-mail from Marie.

    I'm the Marie in the love story still shown in your newsletter. Michael has proposed and I've accepted! As stated in my original letter, our attraction to each other and the romance was almost instant for both of us - from the very first meeting. We were both a little shaken by the intensity and how fast it happened and said initially that we needed some time for the relationship to develop.

    Well, after 4 months we decided the wait was long enough- at our age why waste time? Seriously, we have searched our hearts and that "gut" feeling and it just seems right. We have discovered a lot about each other in the time spent together and like what we see. We have not yet set the wedding date, but are making plans to consolidate our two households and years of collections of "stuff" -that is a challenge in itself.

    He is a wonderful companion and friend- one that I would not have met if it had not been for your newsletters and encouragement to join PerfectMatch.


    Click here to sign up for the Perfect Match free Profile!

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