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September 11, 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

First, let me thank the tens of thousands of people who have diligently followed my search for a life partner. Believe it or not, there have been more than six million unique visitors to the Senior Bachelor website, mostly from a six minute appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and an assist from an article in People Magazine. Extra thanks go to the 2,200 courageous women who sent in videotapes and biographies, and to the ladies that attended the parties and/ or cruises. And extra extra thanks go to the 22 Fabulous Finalists who visited me in Manhattan Beach in October, 2005 for four days. And extra extra extra thanks go to the five women who were willing to take a chance and travel around the world with me!!!

The old expressions "All good things must come to an end" and "One door closes and another opens" both apply to the current situation. My mission to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with, is reaching a conclusion. As of this writing, the final conclusion is still unknown but I am hopeful. I specifically refer to Lori's recent visit with me in Italy. The outcome of that visit is a "work in progress" that I hope I will have more to report on in the coming weeks and months.

I have the highest regard for Vicki, Gael, Lori, Cindee and Vija, the five ultimate Fabulous Finalists. I had either traveled with, or had extensive communication with four of these wonderful ladies, but not Lori, until a few weeks ago.

My Search has ended as I hope that Lori is the woman I have been seeking, and I hope she will feel the same about me. If not, I think I will become a confirmed bachelor!!! I will let you know both my story and Lori's (told by her) at the appropriate time.

The comment "One door closes and another opens" refers to the fact that there has been an equally powerful mission that was born from my Search. And that is...To Promote Romance & Adventure for People 45 and Over (really 50 and over). Readers of the Newsletters know that I have organized cruises, parties, trips to Italy, and encouraged people to get out and try to find a partner!!! Thus far, there have been five marriages, several engagements, many, many dates and countless new friendships formed. We got some help with the marriages, engagements and dates from However, from the thousands of letters I have received, the Senior Bachelor experience seems to have inspired so many to get out and change their lives for the better. This makes me feel really great!!

Thus this Newsletter is...The Prologue. Over the coming weeks I will write a complete re-cap of the Senior Bachelor Search for Romance & Adventure. It's a long story and will be related in 3 parts.

Part 1 will go over the Genesis of the idea and the launching of Senior Bachelor by Oprah and People Magazine.

Part 2 will relate the parties and the meetings and how it came down to five lovely ladies.

Part 3 will discuss the present and the future - events since Lori's visit, what has changed, and what I am hoping for. As written earlier, no one knows how the final chapter will be written. So......STAY TUNED!!!



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Please take a moment today and remember the innocent people who lost their lives and the heroes who gave their lives to protect us on September 11, 2001.

Warmest regards,

Richard Roe
Senior Bachelor

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