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  September 6, 2005
For you in this issue:
  • The Katrina Disaster
  • The Revised Senior Bachelor Website
  • See you soon in Chicago- Stay tuned for details

    Dear New Subscribers- Welcome Aboard! And, of course, a heartfelt Hello to long-time readers,


    I must admit to some anxiety about what turned into a four-day event in Manhattan Beach last week. After all, there wasn't a "baseline," and I was not sure what to expect. What I never dreamed might happen was the INCREDIBLE BONDING, which occurred with most of the women. True kindred spirits. And that was THE STORY, and it was just so delightful to watch it unfold.

    The event was not supposed to start until Thursday afternoon at 2:00, however about twenty women checked into the magnificent Ayres Hotel Wednesday night, September 30th. I did not feel it was right that we had to wait until the next afternoon to meet, and so upon check-in the ladies were invited to come to the Manhattan Beach pier at sunset where I would meet everybody. Joe Franklin (for the benefit of new readers Joe is my right hand man. I had the concept of Meet The Senior Bachelor and Joe did the rest of the work!!!) shepherded thirteen lovely ladies to the pier, we sipped champagne, watched the sunset, and then went to a local restaurant, RockNFish, for a superior dinner. It quickly became apparent that these lovely Ladies were a very intellectual, attractive, self-confident and fun group!!!! We had a blast and this set the pace for the following three days.

    By Thursday morning, about 40 women had checked in, and after a delicious all you can eat breakfast we had an impromptu two hour meeting. And it was HILARIOUS. Women are so lucky that they can bond so quickly-something us guys really struggle with. Approximately 200 women were active participants. A large local newspaper "The Daily Breeze" ran a front story article, which you can read by clicking here. We officially kicked off at 2:00 with a general meeting and then broke into small groups of about four, where we would meet for some twenty minutes. We had a fabulous "Under The Tuscan Sun" buffet and cocktails in the atrium from 6-8 o'clock. Then a large group of us sat around for hours in the lobby simply talking. Wow, that was so much fun. Friday we started at 9:00 and the schedule was the same all day, ending at 6:00 for cocktails and dinner. At the cocktail party on Friday there were lots of fun things happening. Mary from Houston presented me with a Peacock Award. Lois serenaded me with a great rendition of "Misty". Connie "found" my long lost pink pants and returned them to me. Joe's wife, Nancy, gave me a "Roe-st" and I took "travel vows" with Nancy from Dubai. Lots of laughter and good times all around.

    Special thanks go to several supporters without whose help the Meet the Senior Bachelor Tour Event would not have taken place. The Ayres Hotel provided a great venue for all the action to take place with spectacular meeting rooms, fabulous rooms at a special discounted rate, attentive staff, available free shuttle service, a full breakfast and hosted the buffet dinner and cocktail party. I only had to place one phone call to See's Candies and tell them of the incredible event that was about to happen and they came through with a mountain of chocolates for the special Ladies. All-City Computers provided the deluxe "CompuBus" which allowed the Ladies free highspeed access to the internet in air-conditioned comfort just steps from the meeting. And Murad Spa gave the Ladies some sample beauty products and preferred prices for treatments at their El Segundo Spa a mere mile from the Ayres Hotel. Thanks to all of you great supporters from the Senior Bachelor and the Ladies who attended the Event!

    About twenty Ladies stayed for the weekend and two of my sons, Richard and Chris, happened to be playing in a volleyball tournament and many of the ladies spoke with them. Back to RockNFish for dinner that night, and we wrapped up about 11:00 pm. Whew! What fun! What a terrific group of wonderful women. Umberto arrived Wednesday evening and took many pictures, which you can see on Richard's Blog by clicking here. All in all, a fabulous event and a precursor for yet another event in Chicago. The dates are still undetermined but the best guess is September 15, 16, and 17, or September 22, 23, and 24. As soon as I know I will post it on the blog and then send out a Newsletter.

    I want to extend a special Thank You to all the lovely Ladies who attended the first "Meet the Senior Bachelor Event." I know it took a lot of courage to do so because of the unknown. It showed me you are all enthusiastic for Adventure. "Brava" to all you wonderful women! And, please, click here to go to the Blog and write your impressions, comments and suggestions. Thanks, again. Richard.

    Richard Roe- Senior Bachelor

    The Katrina Disaster

    Trying to write about the Manhattan Beach event has been very difficult as it would, at least to my thinking, trivialize and demean this ongoing disaster. Here were all these wonderful women taking the time and expense to meet me and I know they were thinking the same sort of thing about these poor victims. What we did in Manhattan Beach was planned for several weeks and, as we all know, many times unplanned things like hurricanes and tsunamis unfold before us. We went on with the Event because, frankly, we fortunate enough that we could. Perhaps now, and for the immediate future, we should all turn our significant talents and resources towards helping the victims as I know only women of your empathy and spirit can.

    As the facts of Hurricane Katrina are unfolding, I am extraordinarily sad-and embarrassed. Sad and embarrassed because as I see these unfortunate people, more than a full week after the hurricane hit land, still stranded on rooftops, or on bridges, or up in their attics-or in some cases wading through the water-for days!! I feel helpless and embarrassed that at every level of government, local, state and federal, we have failed. I do not feel the blame should fall on any political party, as they both have failed us, miserably, as a nation.

    I 100% agree with President Bush's statement that we could have done better. I feel it is my duty as an individual, who so loves America, to think what I can do to help to ensure we do not ever allow lousy major disaster planning to occur ever again in this great country of ours. When I get some wind back in my sails, I'll try again to write more about the Manhattan Beach event.

    The Revised Senior Bachelor Website

    Just a quick review of what you will find on the Senior Bachelor Website. We added a whole lot of new information and reorganized it recently, so if you haven't seen it in a while or are new to Senior Bachelor, it's worth revisiting.

    Past Newsletters: Please read the past Newsletters. This is easily done by clicking on this link. That is the best way to catch up with the Search for Perfect Traveling Companion, travel stories, new events and much, much more.

    Richard's Blog: There is a very active (and spirited!!!) Senior Bachelor blog. This is where we post photos from the Senior Bachelor activities including recent "Meet the Senior Bachelor Events." All the ladies there are very supportive of one another (and you!). The Senior Blogettes are usually first to get the latest information as well. Please join the lovely ladies of the blog! Click here to participate.

    "Meet the Senior Bachelor Events": September 1 and 2, the first "Meet The Senior Bachelor Event" was held in Manhattan Beach, California. On September 15, 16, and 17, or September 22, 23, and 24 (TENTATIVE) the next "Meet The Senior Bachelor Event" will be held in Chicago. Click here for all of the details. Remember, the deadline for submission of materials for the Senior Bachelor Search and Journey is September 16, 2005.

    Senior Bachelor Cruises: The response to the idea of taking cruises together was beyond a smash!! So we set up a new page on the Senior Bachelor Website just for cruisers and are working on a special Senior Bachelor Cruise Newsletter. Click here to check it out.

    See you soon in Chicago- Stay tuned for details

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    Richard Roe

    Senior Bachelor

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