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August 16, 2006
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  • More Alaska Photos!
  • A Love Story (continued)

  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The long anticipated cruises to Alaska began last Friday. The first group met in Seattle 1-2 days before the sailing and that was a great way for all of us to meet each other prior to the cruise itself.

    It is amazing how many different U.S. states are represented. At least 20, and the award for the cruiser from the farthest away goes to Elfie Tomlinson, who traveled halfway around the world from Cape Town, South Africa! And what a bundle of energy Elfie is.

    Our group totals 85. We have a married couple, an engaged couple, a few boyfriend/girlfriends, 3 mother and daughters and the rest are single.

    Three Senior Bachelors

    We have a total of 15 men and 70 women. I am hoping that when the men see how great these ladies are and how much fun everyone is having, they will get off their butts and join future cruises!!

    Shawn Calvo (center)

    Seattle is a wonderful city and our hotel, The Red Lion 5th Avenue, is literally right in the heart of downtown Seattle. Pike Place Market is 3 blocks away and just so much fun to visit.

    Our ship, the Zaandam, is operated by Holland America and we were not disappointed! A gorgeous ship, great food, sensational nightly shows, and exciting shore excursions.There is a terrific spa on board and for the folks who like to gamble, that as well.

    However, the highlight of the cruise thus far has been as expected. The WONDERFUL NEW FRIENDSHIPS that will remain for a lifetime. Within a few hours so many women had made fast friends. The Senior Bachelor ladies who attended the Manhattan Beach and Chicago events, and on these two cruises, are a highly diverse, extremely intelligent and well traveled group-and that's an understatement. We also have a great representation from our Canadian friends.

    This cruise ends Friday, August 18 and the second cruise begins August 20. Vicki, who traveled with me to Brazil and Argentina, will be on the cruise, as well as Gael, who was with me in Chile. Lori and I were to travel together next to India, but as you know that came to a screeching halt-hopefully just temporarily. And two of the Fabulous Finalists, Tamara Sutton and Jane are also on this second cruise. This could make for some interesting dynamics!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!

    The expression a picture is worth a thousand words certainly holds true for Umberto's work thus far. Included in this Newsletter are several of his photos. To see more of the photos from the cruise- as it is happening!- all you have to do is click here and you can enjoy Alaska along with us.

    Very best wishes,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

    PS- Be sure to stay tuned to the Journey Photos Page of the Senior Bachelor Website as we will be posting photos on a daily basis all during the cruise!! And we will be sending special newsletters as well from the cruise. Stay tuned!

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    More Alaska Photos!

    Show time!

    El Capitan

    Umberto the Magificent!

    See more of the Alaska Cruise photos- all you have to do is click here!

    A Love Story (continued)

    If you have been reading the Newsletters you have probably read the story Marie sent me. An abbreviated version follows:

    Dear Richard,

    I kept reading your newsletters, and I thought, "why not try a two month membership to Perfectmatch? What do I have to lose?"

    I had been very reluctant to use any online dating services. After completing the free Perfectmatch Compatibility Profile offered on and signing up, the first glance at other profiles was exciting- were there really over 425 single men over 50 in my area?

    Just before the end of the two month trial, I met Michael. We began writing, then talked on the phone multiple times, then finally met for breakfast. After the second week, and a long motorcycle ride, we were both hooked and are now enjoying the romance of being in love- who would have thought it could happen so fast! Family and friends are still important in my life, and always will be. Yet, it is that very special bonding, and sharing of life's day to day activities, past experiences, hopes and dreams, and especially the warmth of human touch that was so missing. We both think we have something special in the works, yet plan to enjoy the relationship for awhile before considering marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with thousands and really making a difference in so many lives. May your health continue to improve, and may your journey continue until, you, too find that perfect match!


    Last week I received the following e-mail from Marie.

    I'm the Marie in the love story still shown in your newsletter. Michael has proposed and I've accepted! As stated in my original letter, our attraction to each other and the romance was almost instant for both of us - from the very first meeting. We were both a little shaken by the intensity and how fast it happened and said initially that we needed some time for the relationship to develop.

    Well, after 4 months we decided the wait was long enough- at our age why waste time? Seriously, we have searched our hearts and that "gut" feeling and it just seems right. We have discovered a lot about each other in the time spent together and like what we see. We have not yet set the wedding date, but are making plans to consolidate our two households and years of collections of "stuff" -that is a challenge in itself.

    He is a wonderful companion and friend- one that I would not have met if it had not been for your newsletters and encouragement to join PerfectMatch.


    Click here to sign up for the Perfect Match free Profile!

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