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August 10, 2006
For you in this issue:
  • A love story (continued)
  • A Baby Boomers Discourse
  • July 18 Newsletter

  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Hi All,

    Umberto and I arrived in Seattle yesterday two days before the first cruise to Alaska embarks. (Joe is coincidentally in Seattle on his annual summer vacation with his family visiting his in-laws.) It is my first time to Seattle so the gray, drizzly weather is not a surprise. The city has good energy and I like it a lot. Pike Place Market is chock full of all kinds of stands selling everything. Many street performers are doing their thing, and it's all in good fun.

    The next Newsletter will have some terrific photos of Alaska. All you will have to do to see them is to click on a link in the Newsletter. We'll also be sending newsletter from the open seas, internet connection permitting, and these will have photos in them as well.

    Below is a communication sent to me by a reader.

    Very best wishes,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

    Joe here- Nancy and I bring the kids up every summer to Seattle about this time of year to visit with her family. This is the best weather time for Seattle! Although it is a little cloudy this morning the weather has been spectacular the past week with beautiful blue, cloudless skies. Seattle throws a huge two week long party called SeaFair and we caught some of the activities including a thunderous show by the Blue Angels jets. We motored with a brother-in-law with 12 of us (a collection of relatives and kid's friends) to the northern most part of the San Juan Islands. We stayed for three nights at Sucia Island where you can only get to by boat. With the moon becoming full and plenty of bald eagles and sea life keeping us company, it was a great trip. Now the kids are bouncing on a fancy innertube with Uncle Larry on Lake Sammamish and having a ball. The weekend weather is going to be sunny and warm.

    I want to wish Richard and the Ladies a "Bon Voyage" as they continue on with the next chapter of the Senior Bachelor story. Holland America Lines is a great cruise line and you will all have a grand time. Just don't forget to come home!


    PS- Be sure to stay tuned to the Journey Photos Page of the Senior Bachelor Website as we will be posting photos on a daily basis all during the cruise!! And we will be sending special newsletters as well from the cruise. Stay tuned!

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    Click here to check out the Senior Bachelor Cruise Adventure this Summer!

    A love story (continued)

    If you have been reading the Newsletters you have probably read the story Marie sent me. An abbreviated version follows:

    Dear Richard,

    I kept reading your newsletters, and I thought, "why not try a two month membership to Perfectmatch? What do I have to lose?"

    I had been very reluctant to use any online dating services. After completing the free Perfectmatch Compatibility Profile offered on and signing up, the first glance at other profiles was exciting- were there really over 425 single men over 50 in my area?

    Just before the end of the two month trial, I met Michael. We began writing, then talked on the phone multiple times, then finally met for breakfast. After the second week, and a long motorcycle ride, we were both hooked and are now enjoying the romance of being in love- who would have thought it could happen so fast! Family and friends are still important in my life, and always will be. Yet, it is that very special bonding, and sharing of life's day to day activities, past experiences, hopes and dreams, and especially the warmth of human touch that was so missing. We both think we have something special in the works, yet plan to enjoy the relationship for awhile before considering marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with thousands and really making a difference in so many lives. May your health continue to improve, and may your journey continue until, you, too find that perfect match!


    Last week I received the following e-mail from Marie.

    I'm the Marie in the love story still shown in your newsletter. Michael has proposed and I've accepted! As stated in my original letter, our attraction to each other and the romance was almost instant for both of us - from the very first meeting. We were both a little shaken by the intensity and how fast it happened and said initially that we needed some time for the relationship to develop.

    Well, after 4 months we decided the wait was long enough- at our age why waste time? Seriously, we have searched our hearts and that "gut" feeling and it just seems right. We have discovered a lot about each other in the time spent together and like what we see. We have not yet set the wedding date, but are making plans to consolidate our two households and years of collections of "stuff" -that is a challenge in itself.

    He is a wonderful companion and friend- one that I would not have met if it had not been for your newsletters and encouragement to join PerfectMatch.


    Click here to sign up for the Perfect Match free Profile!

    A Baby Boomers Discourse

    Dear Richard AKA the Senior Bachelor,

    I hope your health is staying on course. I am currently off work due to surgery, so plenty of time for imaginings and musings.

    Well after reading this it set my mind to once more puzzle over this issue of those of us "baby boomers" reaching the milestone of 50 and over, where we came from and where and what do we want as our legacy? Where will we take this Nifty over Fifty Traveling Show next? I would bet, that since we have been the largest group to come down the pike so far, I am not alone in these thoughts. The one thing this group did was dare to question. We didn't and haven't found all the answers, but I think as a group we have acquired a diverse and interesting wealth of experiences. And I think we should and will question just what and how this next phase will play itself out. I don't think we should waste that, nor do I think we should go out quietly. We need to find a way to share. Not just online. I think we hunger for face to face connection.

    Besides making fun in the sun, I think we still yearn to make a meaningful difference. Some of us grew up with American Bandstand and never lost our love of dance. Some went off to war and some didn't come back. Some went off to colleges and universities that knew how to teach a liberal thought provoking education and protested a war and the establishment. Some married with images of forever, Donna Reed and Tammy movies dancing in their heads. Good girls, become good wives. From there to questioning the restrictions of our bras and every other restriction that came to being that "good girl, becomes good wife." Some rode the crest of the intellectual "Beat Generation" into dropping out into the "Hippie movement" with experiments of communes, natural foods, clothes, home birthing and breast feeding. Mother Nature and Spiritual Enlightenment came to the fore. A large majority eventually rode the crest that fell onto the shore of Madison Ave and popular culture, thus becoming all flash and not much dash or substance. Welcome "Disco Land," with drugs, sex, and rock n' roll! Tie dye, bell bottoms, long hair, love beads and water beds became mass produced and advertised for all to assimilate. And of all things comes the unnatural, synthetic Polyester Suit, the must have 70's wear. Seemed even a number of our parents caught the fever and decided to go their separate ways, welcome divorce court American style. Most over thirty did indeed put on suits, male and female, and gave a try at being the establishment in 80's corporate land.The seduction. Money, money, money! Who knew best how to mass produce and sell to the "mass produced." We are indeed a clever and creative bunch.

    Here comes suburbia, babies, nesting in large houses with kitchens with every conceivable gadget, where no one is home 85-90% of the time, and fast food and eating out is now a booming business. Two, three and four car garages attached themselves to the standard rising square footage of the family home. Vehicles grow ever larger to accommodate the families to and from work, living, eating, dropping off for school, daycare, extracurricular activities, and more. Until can be seen the ultimate survival machine, the "Hummer," cruising neighborhood streets, a combat vehicle to be found in just about every possible color. Most of the leading edgers of "Boomers" have finished most of this and their "little ones" have grown and gone out the door to start their own adventures and families. That is unless they made it too easy and grown adult children have moved back into the comfort of the nest. Or, some unfortunately succumbed to the lure of drugs, or some other irresponsible form of a "failure to launch," and produced children for grandparents to raise. Like I said, it is a diverse group, with every imaginable kind of experience. It is the stuff movies are now made of, Dr. Phil and Oprah shows and I am quite certain some not yet revealed or played out.

    So, where is this going? Romance and Adventure. We still want it all! And that is not a bad thing. But, would hope it is that, and more. I would wish for meetings both single and couples. All the diversity we represent and the wealth of experiences acknowledged and forged not just into a private walk into the sunset years, but rather a gathering of energy to create a difference and give a new voice and meaning to the wisdom years. How?

    I am not completely sure, but you gave me permission to wonder, and to wander. Most of us are not Bill Gates and can't start a foundation on our own. But there is a large pool of us. Some with money, some with more energy than money. We need to create our own reality show maybe? Documentary? Foundation? Travel to cities, gather together, dance, sing, make music, minglers forums, discussions on numerous issues, create a network, community, bridges all across this land. Fund raisers? Backers? Let's get face to face. Let's meet in the natural course of our passions. Let's have an even larger goal to take those bridges around our world. And let's find a way to include; to extend and share our knowledge and energy to the generations coming up behind us.

    What did those of you who experimented in communes learn? Is this a dead issue? How do we create community without divisions, walls and fences. What have other times and cultures learned in their experiments on this issue? Why don't we want them, or are afraid of them? Are the ultimate goals different now due to age? Do we give up on the big picture because we have "done our thing;" worked hard and earned retirement; our life is heading to its final conclusion and we would rather not go that distance alone? What did those of you who experimented with drugs and lived to tell have to share? How can what you learned help us all to understand, help us to make informed decisions and to make a difference to those testing those waters, or about to head in that direction. You corporate executives, and wheelers and dealers what have your learned? What healthy magnanimous and noble leadership can you offer? Those of you in politics; where are you? Are the two previous so far removed from their past; their existential questions, or do they even exist in hearing this forum? Has life been good to them; comforted and insulated them from the rest of us? I guess I am slightly ranting here, but bottom line I think what we fear the most is the isolation and helplessness we have seen exampled in the generation ahead of us. Putting our heads in the sand, or escaping for as long as we can; while the money lasts, and before our bodies give out, won't get us what we, or our world truly needs and wants.

    If a good number of us last as long as they predict we might, how bored are we going to get with just re-coupling, un re-coupling runs out? I don't have all the answers, I am just sending up a rallying cry. We were once so very good at asking questions. In the end I am just taking the opportunity to respond to your "question" and throw out the idea of opening the forum to a larger design and inspiration. Can we have fun, love and respect our coupling, our friendships, our differences, our experiences, all the while using ourselves up, going out in a blazing light of meaning and significant difference? Am I alone in thinking that there is a deeper meaning to the question of finding one on one connections at this stage in our lives?

    July 18 Newsletter

    In case you missed this very important newsletter, I've repeated it here:

    Many people have asked if the Senior Bachelor Journey will continue. And the answer is...At this time, I don't know. There are many reasons why I do not know, and I wanted to bring everyone up to date.

    Please note that I used to send out Newsletters each week, but recently I have been sending one every three weeks or so. This is because I have had nothing new or interesting to relate and I did not want to bore you.

    The main reason I am unsure if the Journey will resume is due to my medical situation. It has been four months since the operation and my doctors feel it is too early to be thinking about a long, extended trip to places like Africa, India, Laos and Cambodia, and I believe that is prudent thinking. However, there are other factors going into making this decision.

    I have always heard that when you face a life threatening situation, that you take stock of where you are in life and where you want to go. That you re-evaluate and re-prioritize how you want to spend your time. For all of my life my priorities have been the same; Family, Sports and Travel, and now at 65, those priorities have not changed. My three sons, Richard, Chris and Gabby, and my two daughters-in- law Jill and Lauren, and my seven grandchildren have been super to me, and I have been spending as much time with them as possible. I thank them and feel a sincere debt of gratitude to them.

    Since the Journey came to a screeching halt in January, I have felt a deep sense lot of disappointment. Disappointment for the millions of people who have been following this adventure due to the exposure by The Oprah Winfrey Show, People Magazine, and other media. Disappointment for the 2,200 women who had the courage to send in videotapes and biographies. Disappointment for the twenty-two Fabulous finalists. And the deepest sense of disappointment for Vicki, Gael, Lori, Vija and Cindee, who jumped through all of the hoops and then agreed to travel with me.

    My sincerest and heartfelt apologies to anyone I may have disappointed.

    Now that the landscape has been changed, the question arises.....If I am all right medically, do I want to put myself, and the other women, back in a situation where something else unforeseen could go wrong? How would I feel then? These last six months I have thought about this so much. Or do I want to spend time with my family, and not run the risk of disappointing anyone else. I hope to have the answers to these questions before the end of this year.

    I thank you all for hanging in there with this Search and Journey, and for all of your supportive e-mails and cards.

    Warmest Regards,


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