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July 22, 2007
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  • WOW- Talk about Inspiring!
  • Senior Bachelor Marriages- Four and Counting!
  • Getting out there!
  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Below is information on 2 possible Senior Bachelor cruises. This is simply a survey to see if we have enough people for a group. You do not have to make any kind of a commitment right now, but if you think you might be interested in either of the 2 cruises below, please hit Reply and indicate which cruise you might be interested in.

    FROM: Fort Lauderdale, Florida TO: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    SAILING DATE: January 5, 2008
    SHIP: ms Zuiderdam

    Cabin Prices:

    Inside $749-769

    Outside $849-869

    Balcony $1049-1099

    Click here for more information.

    FROM: Tampa, Florida TO: Tampa, Florida
    SAILING DATE: January 6, 2008
    SHIP: ms Veendam

    Cabin Prices

    Inside $749-779

    Outside $849-899

    Balcony $1499-1559

    Click here for more information.

    WOW- Talk about Inspiring!

    After watching this video you will have different thoughts about pursuing YOUR DREAMS. Paul Potts on "Britain's Got Talent." This gave me goose bumps....turn on your speakers.

    Click here.

    Senior Bachelor Marriages- Four and Counting!

    I am most pleased to announce an engagement. No, not mine, but of a couple that met on the Senior Bachelor Panama Canal cruise in January of this year!!

    Following is Peggy's story.

    Romance at Sea:

    The Panama Canal Cruise on Crystal Cruises in January was my second Senior Bachelor cruise. My friend Donna encouraged me to go on each cruise, and I will be forever grateful to her because I met Vic.

    Vic and I met on Day 2 of the cruise at a "singles" function sponsored by the Captain. Vic introduced himself and told me he was traveling with his family group of twelve, including three daughters, their spouses, three grandchildren and cousin and friend. I introduced myself as Peggy from Pennsylvania and we had a delightful conversation. The next day I received a note in my stateroom from Vic inviting me to lunch or High Tea. It seems he searched the entire passenger list to find a "Peggy from Pennsylvania" and had the front desk deliver the invitation to me. His granddaughter later said, "I was having a drink with Grandpa and he spots this woman across the room and dropped me like a hot potato!"

    Vic is a widower and I have been divorced for a very long time. Meeting the right person is more about being comfortable as a single person and being open to possibilities that you may have overlooked in the past.

    Managing a ship romance with early and late dinner schedules created a challenge. However, we managed to join each other's group for dinner several times. Warm tropical breezes, fine wine and lengthy conversations on the verandah created a memorable experience.

    We decided if we could manage a romance with different dinner seatings on board Crystal, we could certainly manage a long-distance relationship. Over the next several months, I visited Vic at his home in Naples, Florida, several times, and our relationship progressed. He visited me in Pennsylvania and met my family. On May 31, I visited him at his Connecticut home and we selected a beautiful engagement ring from Tiffany's. He pre-selected five rings and together we chose a round diamond, Tiffany setting in platinum. Tiffany's served champagne to celebrate our engagement!

    We both feel blessed to have found each other and our planning to marry later this year.

    Some fun Cruise Photos:

    This is a photo we took while waiting for dinner. Peggy is sitting at the far left. No wonder she caught Vic's eye!

    Going through the Panama Canal Locks.

    Mixing it up with other eligible men on the ship!

    For more cruise photos, click here!

    Getting out there!

    Dear Newsletter Readers,

    To my knowledge, there have been at least 4 marriages that have resulted from women visiting and signing up for the Free Compatibility Profile with, and then signing up for their dating service for a few months. There have been many many dates and relationships formed by using the service.

    I love to relate the story above because it DOES HAPPEN, and IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. But you have to do something to put yourself in a position to meet other people. As you read above, Peggy and Vic met on one of the cruises I organized. Peggy was part of the Senior Bachelor group, Vic was not. I recognize many people cannot afford the time nor the money to go on a cruise, or one of my tours in Italy. However I do believe most of the people reading this Newsletter can afford about $20 a month or so for a few months on Perfect Click here to take the free Perfect Match profile. (Full disclosure: I do receive a small fee for people who sign up for Perfectmatch. In turn, I use these funds to pay for the website and publishing of the Newsletters) I do understand that online dating does not appeal to everybody. Following are some other ways.

    First....You need to get out of the house!!!!! If you are looking for a companion of the opposite sex, you will not find your man or lady by sitting home. Walking is free. Joining a local religious organization is free. Joining a local center or organization where people 50+ spend time is free. How about volunteering for a worthy cause where you might meet someone who feels the same way as you do. Joining a gym is a great way to get in better shape, and to meet like- minded people. If you can afford the membership fee, go for it!!!

    The point must be pro-active!!! I know, believe me I know, it is easy to just say....the heck with it, I'm never going to find a person to spend the rest of my life with. Why should I bother making any effort?

    Let's be realistic. Aging presents enormous challenges!! It is easy to get the blues. It's hard meeting new friends, and getting out of our regular routine. Well, you can be certain, that if you truly would like to have a new man or a woman in your life, you need to get off your butt and do your part to make something happen.

    Many women have missed out on some great times on the cruises because they feel the ratio of women to men is not good. It is true our groups have more women than men, but the ships typically hold THOUSANDS of other passengers, and, of course, some of them are eligible men. In fact on the Panama Canal cruise, our group had 16 ladies and two of them found Romance!!! On board, I do all I can to arrange single functions, encourage our group to go the disco, etc. And the other people we meet at these events have eligible friends at home whom they talk about. But as I have been writing, ultimately it is up to YOU to be pro-active!!!

    I will continue to do all I can to Promote Romance & Adventure For People Fifty and Over.

    P.S. A Heads Up. In an upcoming Newsletter, I will have a survey about 2 possible cruises in 2008. One to the Caribbean in January and another to Alaska in July.

    Warmest regards,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

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