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   June 7, 2005
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    Hello Everyone!

    Many thanks to all of you for following along on The Senior Bachelor's search for Romance and Adventure. I am extremely honored and flattered that you have shared such incredible emotions and stories via the letters, e-mails, videotapes, and biographies I have received. Many Newsletter readers have asked if it is my "staff" or yours truly that reads and sees the materials sent in. Thus far I have been the "staff" and when I reply to e-mails (if and when time permits) it is me, as I read and see everything that is sent in.

    Previous Newsletters mentioned that I was overwhelmed by the response to Senior Bachelor, and by that I meant the sheer volume of the materials I have received. Now I have been overwhelmed again. However, this time it is from the emotions and feelings that seem to literally pour out of the e-mails, letters and videotapes. At times, I, too, become emotional and find myself shedding a few tears-not of sadness, but of joy. I feel good that one of the results of Senior Bachelor has been a "forum," a place where people can share their ideas and stories. Many Newsletter readers have a story to tell, and do not feel they have a proper venue to share these stories.

    Another revelation was to discover that there are so many wonderful women looking for the same thing we men are looking for!! A loving, healthy, committed relationship-yet we all know how hard this is to achieve!! Quite frankly, when I contacted the fantastic Producers of The Oprah Winfrey Show (I say fantastic because they have the best Producers of any show on television) it was a plea, a cry for help. I had stopped trying to find my soulmate, and I was convinced that the woman I was looking for did not exist. But now I can see there ARE SO MANY wonderful women all looking for the same thing. The problem is finding each other. I was most fortunate to be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and to be able to make a worldwide appeal, and perhaps what I have learned I will be able to share with other men at some time in the future. To let them know that if you are a man over fifty, there is a plethora of young, attractive, smart, fit and fun women, ALSO OVER 50. A good friend of mine, a 74 year old surfer who also lives in Manhattan Beach, said to me the other day "We may be used but we're not used up." Amen, brother!!

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    Getting Personal
    Man with Cap

    As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, I will do my best to respond to the many personal questions I have been asked. I know that you know we men aren't good at this kind of stuff, all part of the "Men are From Mars" etc. syndrome, but here goes. A lady from Louisiana sent me a letter with an entire list of questions (??), and each week over the next few weeks I'll address some of them. 1) "How do you drink your coffee?" With cream and sugar, lots of cream in fact. Cream and sugar are two of my (very few) vices, ha ha. 2) "Do you wake up happy?" Hmm-kind of a funny question to ask I think, but anyway, that depends. Most of the time yes, but if I go to bed with something troubling me, I will wake with some of those same thoughts and then I will do all I can to resolve the situation so that I can go to bed feeling good and hence wake up feeling good. 3) "Are you a morning person?" Double Hmm. I'm not exactly sure what you are really asking, so I will answer both ways. Yes and yes. 4)" Bath or shower?" Triple Hmm. (I think I'm slowly getting the drift of these questions, are you??) OK, that depends. Depends on what you ask? If I'm alone, shower. If not alone, well you can use your imagination. 5)" Boxers or briefs?" Now I totally get it you devilish little girl. The answer is Commando style, and if you don't know what that means, ask anyone under thirty!! THAT'S IT WITH THE QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK. NO MAS!

    In Your Own Words
    Middle Eastern Children

    A newsletter reader from North Carolina sent me a wonderful letter, telling me about Richard Halliburton, a travel adventure writer, and she referenced one of his books "The Royal Road To Romance." She described how he used the word Romance in a totally new context. "Romance-the vibrant love of life, the courage to dream, and the exhilaration of the experience as dreams become reality." Wow, I've struggled all of my life to try and articulate these same thoughts.

    More from my new friend in North Carolina. "Like so many things long ago, they had drifted into the recesses of memory-until I saw your website, your photographs, and read your story. The finest experience of the Journey is love-the love for your family and friends and guests. The sweetness and comfort of a loving relationship-a true companion." Wow again. These are the words I have struggled to put together to convey my thinking, and here it was done is such an easy to understand, yet deeply profound way. So many times I have wondered why I, and men in general, have so much of a problem communicating these feeling. The last paragraph of this lovely letter says; "It is beautiful to see that your dream is alive. Thank you for sharing the light of your imagination-you certainly have brightened mine." And I, Richard Roe, The Senior Bachelor, thank you and everyone else participating in this Search and Journey, for brightening my life.

    A reader from Pennsylvania wrote; "Part of my healing and recovery (from her husband's untimely and early death) with the help of Oprah and her friends was to learn the value of every minute and to live it like it's your last while being true to yourself and to the things that you hold dear." Another woman wrote; "Life is a gift meant to be used, not wasted. Enjoy the Journey."

    You Can Help

    Many people have asked how they can help with this endeavor. One important way is to help to spread the message of Senior Bachelor, which is that the search for Romance and Adventure never stops, no matter one's age. The Newsletters are for men as well as women, people of all ages and colors and religions and political beliefs. As time goes on, the Newsletters will discuss a wide variety of topics, events and happenings-especially things that are important to people over 50. Hence, the more people reading the Newsletters, the more of a "team" we can become, and we all know there is strength in numbers.

    Below on the left, highlighted in blue you will see- Forward email. Simply click on those words, and you will see how easy it is to forward this Newsletter. If you sign up some friends, email me at and I'll be sure to thank you.

    I remain respectfully yours,

    Richard Roe, The Senior Bachelor

    Please remember that when you submit tapes or any other materials, you agree that they may be used in any manner or media worldwide as determined solely by me, including, but not limited to a future episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and its promotion.

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