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   May 23, 2006
For you in this issue:
  • Sydney 2006
  • A Love Story
  • Alaska Cruise Update
  • The Senior Bachelor Cruise- PAMPERING!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Newsletter readers who have forwarded the weekly Newsletters on to others, who in turn have signed up for them. An ever expanding readership serves our collective cause very positively. Thanks.

    How to Make a Woman Happy:

    It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:

    1. a friend
    2. a companion
    3. a lover
    4. a brother
    5. a father
    6. a master
    7. a chef
    8. an electrician
    9. a carpenter
    10. a plumber
    11. a mechanic
    12. a decorator
    13. a stylist
    14. a sexologist
    15. a gynecologist
    16. a psychologist
    17. a pest exterminator
    18. a psychiatrist
    19. a healer
    20. a good listener
    21. an organizer
    22. a good father
    23. very clean
    24. sympathetic
    25. athletic
    26. warm
    27. attentive
    28. gallant
    29. intelligent
    30. funny
    31. creative
    32. tender
    33. strong
    34. understanding
    35. tolerant
    36. prudent
    37. ambitious
    38. capable
    39. courageous
    40. determined
    41. true
    42. dependable
    43. passionate
    44. compassionate


    45. give her compliments regularly
    46. love shopping
    47. be honest
    48. be very rich
    49. not stress her out
    50. not look at other girls


    51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
    52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
    53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes


    54. Never to forget:
    * birthdays
    * anniversaries
    * arrangements she makes


    1. Be naked
    2. Bring food

    JUST A REMINDER....8 days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS.... To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:


    It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time.

    It blocks your number for five (5) years.


    We all need a little inspiration from time to time. Someone passed along to me the BEST POSITIONS IN BED photos below (You must be 18 years old or older to view them.) See them below.

    Alaska Cruises- Why do I keep talking about them???

    A few readers have asked me why I keep talking about the Senior Bachelor Alaska Cruises. I realize many of you may not have the budget to afford these cruises now or ever. I picked Holland America Lines because, frankly, in our survey of cruise lines you said they were the best! But there are other very good, lower cost cruise lines. In fact, did you realize that Holland America Lines is owned by the same company that operates about seven other cruise lines- including Carnival.

    Joe and I are talking to these other lines and we are planning to provide a wide variety of other Senior Bachelor Cruises- hopefully to fit ALL budgets. The Senior Bachelor Alaska Cruise is turning out to be a huge success. We now have a very big company thinking long and hard about the over 50 market. Once they see what a success the Alaska Cruises are, we will be able to get great deals, more social activities and special service when we go on other cruises.

    So stay tuned and enjoy traveling along!





    Are you ready?

    What were YOU thinking??!!

    Here are some more to enjoy!

    Best regards!

    Richard Roe Senior Bachelor

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    Click here to check out the Senior Bachelor Cruise Adventure this Summer!

    Sydney 2006

    Once again, a great story from our readers. Keep them coming! Richard

    Sydney Australia 2006

    Arriving in Sydney early autumn (March 9, 2006) is exciting! Fondly remembering a visit eleven years ago, I am anxious to see familiar places and changes.

    Australia Coat of Arms Justice Building

    Riding from the airport to downtown Sydney; I see major changes immediately. For example, the Sky Tower is hidden among skyscrapers that overshadow the Sydney Bridge, contrast the Opera House, and represent the thriving Australian economy. Unemployment is at 5% and dropping while commerce is booming. A major airline that is a large employer is moving 500 jobs out of Sydney and new businesses are entering. Early arrival at a favorite downtown hotel is a treat and my first surprise. A room key is required to access my floor via the lift. I find my luggage, along with champagne, fruit and cheeses, waiting in a highly contemporary room with a view.

    Room with a view Downtown Sydney

    Walking to the Opera House fond memories surface as I pass the New South Wales Library, Australian Museum, Music Conservatory, and Royal Botanical Gardens. Tickets are purchased and I find the Opera House tour informative and impressive.

    Sydney Opera House

    Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney

    The walk back takes me around Circular Quay where I find Unity Buddy Bears' colorful, artistic bears standing shoulder to shoulder representing over 124 countries.

    Unity Buddy Bears

    Media attention focuses on the privatization of a rugby team with 75% ownership by Russell Crowe and partner, obesity, absence of cancer treatment in remote areas, bullying, and Australia's "sick" hospitals. Media programming is heavily sports oriented. Sydney interests are loosely focused on arts, architecture; tourism, gardens, homes and the people who live in them. Especially enjoyable are the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbor, concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, exhibits at the New South Wales Art Museum, and the Sounds of the Outback performance at Darling Harbor.

    Over 500 Aboriginal Tribes live in Australia. Demonstrating how to play the Didgeridoo is a native from the Northern Territory. As Aboriginal Art and scenes from Northern Territory are displayed sounds and stories of the Outback are heard. The Aboriginal beliefs surrounding taking care of one's self, family, and the land allow for peaceful cohabitation. Commercialization of arts and crafts is welcomed enhancing Aboriginal lifestyles. Concurrently, colonization adversely impacts lifestyles.

    Sample of Aborigonal Arts and Crafts


    An exhibit at the New South Wales Gallery called "This and That Placed Here and There Out of Sight" uses sight, sound, and smell to awaken the senses leaving a favorable lasting impression. The Oz Trek at the Sydney Tower providing a virtual reality ride across Australia is thrilling and informative. A water taxi ride to Taronga Zoo is scenic and the zoo visit includes a sky lift above the animals in their habitat.

    Saying goodbye to Sydney Harbor and all Sydney has to offer is not easy. Embarking on a twelve-day cruise beginning at Circular Quay is. In two weeks I return. Against the backdrop of the scenic Sydney Bridge, towering skyline and famed opera house is the two- year-old vessel of choice that will take me to far away places (New Zealand) with strange sounding names (Tauranga)! Ready for boarding at Circular Quay on this autumn day, I am. Assuring the guards my bags are not dangerous and weigh less than me, bags go one way and I another. Persuading another guard that I am well and capable of traveling alone permission is granted to approach the boarding platform.

    Soon I meet an agent who asks whether I have a valid passport, visa, and credit card (with sufficient available balance to sustain me for two weeks) but no cash exceeding 10,000 Australian dollars. Sniffing dogs check for compliance with quarantine laws, my ship’s card is granted, and I am guided to the photographer. Before sailing at nine a formal dinner is served in the International Dining Room where passengers meet, greet and eat. Afterwards a safety demonstration is required. There is some comfort in knowing that my life jacket is equipped with a light and whistle (so sharks can see and hear me better if I go overboard). However, being informed the ship is equipped with a morgue is more information than I need. I store it just in case. I am advised to cross my arms over my life jacket to prevent it from rising should I hear horns blow and need to step (not jump) overboard in case of an unlikely emergency. Further I must take my ship’s card, a photo ID, and any required medications ashore. Men will not need to take Viagra ashore, since a celery stick used as a splint, works in an emergency. (Smile!)

    Bands play, people sing, and harbor lights gleam as the ship leaves Sydney Cove for the deep blue South Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea. Going south to Melbourne and Hobart, east to Milford Sound and north to Auckland is a dream coming true for me. Extraordinary and elaborate best describe onboard experiences. At sea art auctions, including works by Behrens, Erte, and others, offer exceptional bargains. A fitness center and many other amenities are available. There is something for everyone.

    People from around the world embark on a journey of a lifetime. I meet people from Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Mexico City, South Africa, France, Hong Kong and Japan within a few hours. Knowing words alone are insufficient and many worthwhile experiences occur off camera, I am grateful to be able to spend some time together sharing travel stories. Shore excursions and self-guided tour highlights, I share with the hope others are encouraged to embark on similar experiences of interest to them. For additional information e-mail:

    A Love Story



    I've been following your newsletters for months. My first intent was to send a profile and video and to get into the running with all the other ladies and attempt to vie for your attention. After some introspect, though, I realized that I was actually very happy where I am, nestled near family and close friends. I asked myself, "what if I were chosen by Richard and become involved with him?" My answer said that I am happiest being near the most important people in my life- family. So, you helped me to realize what really matters. Thank you.

    Still, there was something missing. I had dated one fellow for about eight months, yet we were nothing more than just friends. After three failed marriages, it seemed that I was destined just to be happy with what I have- family, friends, work and hobbies. I kept reading your newsletters, and in January thought, "why not try a two month membership to Perfectmatch? What do I have to lose?"

    I had been very reluctant to use any online dating services. After completing the profile and signing up, the first glance at other profiles was exciting- were there really over 425 single men over 50 in my area? Then I got discouraged, because very few would write back to me. I'm not sure why people sign up, then don't respond.

    Just before the end of the two month trial, I met Michael. We began writing, then talked on the phone multiple times, then finally met for breakfast. After the second week, and a long motorcycle ride, we were both hooked and are now enjoying the romance of being in love- who would have thought it could happen so fast! Family and friends are still important in my life, and always will be. Yet, it is that very special bonding, and sharing of life's day to day activities, past experiences, hopes and dreams, and especially the warmth of human touch that was so missing. We both think we have something special in the works, yet plan to enjoy the relationship for awhile before considering marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with thousands and really making a difference in so many lives. May your health continue to improve, and may your journey continue until, you, too find that perfect match!


    Richard here:

    Receiving this e-mail gave me goosebumps. Long time readers of this Newsletter know of our association with and I wanted to bring all of the new readers up to date. We looked long and hard at many dating services, and I believe Perfectmatch is the best one for our group. In the world of full disclosure, I do receive a small commission from Perfectmatch when someone uses their services, but anything I earn is all plowed back into the expense of running Thus by participating, you also are helping me to continue to spread the good word about Romance and Adventure for all of us.

    If you have not taken the free compatibility Profile, I highly encourage you to do so by clicking here. It takes less than 15 minutes, and you will immediately receive your profile back from Perfectmatch. I tried it and it fit me to a "T." If you like your profile, why not give yourself a chance for 2 or 3 months?? The compatibility Profile is free and if you sign up for the service, the cost is very reasonable.

    Now, let's be realistic. With any dating service, or friends fixing you up, or the like, the odds are that you will not find your soul mate-at least not right away. However at least you are trying!!!!!!! We have had some wonderful success stories with Perfectmatch. And, yes, many people did not find their soul mate. But at least they tried, and that's what I am encouraging you to do. Give yourself a chance to find your Perfectmatch!!

    Alaska Cruise Update
    HAL Logo


    The Zaandam, sailing from August 11-18, is sold out and on a waiting list basis only. The Westerdam, sailing from August 20-27, is 95% sold out, and we have 1-2 weeks to make guaranteed reservations. If you would like to see what many people believe is one of the Wonders Of The World, Alaska, in 5 Star luxury, with a terrific group of like-minded people, please e-mail me at I can help you find a cabin mate if you would like, and this way you avoid the single supplemental charge. But please hurry, as time is of the essence. You only live once!!!

    As with our previous "Meet the Senior Bachelor Events", parties and the first part of the Journey, Umberto will be there to take photographs throughout the cruises. (Click here to see photos from the past events.) Joe will post them to the website and in the newsletters written from the open seas!

    You may have been on cruises before- but there will be nothing like the Senior Bachelor Cruise! We will be the hit of the sailing. Remember- there will be 1,700 other passengers on board and they will see the FUN we are having together. They all have male friends, co-workers, brothers who they can introduce to you.

    Remember the "Crazy Hat Party?" (Click here for photos.) Now, imagine that much FUN times seven days.

    (Yes. Those are fake teeth!)

    The Senior Bachelor Cruise- PAMPERING!


    Today I wanted to inform you about the Pampering we can expect!!

    Holland America's ships were designed for Alaska cruising, with airy viewing lounges, wraparound decks and private verandahs that offer guests the chance to experience-in intimate elegance-Alaska's glaciers, wildlife and scenery. Here are just some of the things we can look forward to:

    Spacious public rooms adorned with fine arts and antiques.

    Luxurious Euro-Top beds and premium linens.

    Large, extra-fluffy Egyptian cotton towels, plush bathrobes, magnifying mirrors, stylish new hair dryers. Refrigerators, televisions and DVD players.

    Fresh fruit in room.

    A diverse choice of dining venues:elegant main Dining Room; and fresh cooked to-order specialties in the relaxed Lido Restaurant.

    Complimentary 24-hour in-room dining.

    Lunch and dinner menus created daily and seldom repeated.

    Extensive wine list, featuring wines highly rated by Wine Spectator.

    The Culinary Arts Center will have the Master Chef offering tips for preparing salmon 50 different ways.

    A new, expanded Greenhouse Spa & Salon with massage rooms and thermal suites.

    An interactive learning center.

    The largest staterooms of any major cruise line in Alaska.

    Cozy wool blankets on each teak lounge chair for comfortable deck viewing.

    Complimentary hot cocoa and split pea soup served on deck mid-mornings.

    Menus designed to feature fresh Alaskan specialties such as king crab legs and grilled salmon.

    A Park Service Ranger on board to provide fascinating commentary on Glacier Bay National Park (wait until you see this!!!!).

    A full-time naturalist on deck to provide insight into marine and bird life (amazing), geology, glacial process and natural succession.

    A Native Artist-In-Residence program with lectures, small group sessions and hands-on crafts.

    The Legends and Lore of Glacier Bay as told by Huna Totem tribal interpreters.

    An extensive range of shore excursions, from native cultural tours to backcountry fishing and glacier flightseeing.

    Imagine all of the above, plus the camaraderie of the some 100 people in our group, plus another 1,500 passengers on board. Also, Umberto will be on board to take wonderful photos for you (at no charge) and will also be videotaping our Journey!! Daily uploads to the Senior Bachelor website so you can show your family and friends what a great time we are having!

    Every night we will have a group activity planned. If you are in the mood to attend, great, if not, no problem. I will share never seen before pictures of Grace Kelly, Monaco, The Palace and The Royal Family, and also a meeting one night about Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood and Film making for any group member who is interested.

    We are more than 3/4 filled now, and these cruises always sell out in August. If you know of anybody you think would enjoy this cruise (or the following one August 20-27) PLEASE hit the Forward button and send this message along and have them contact me ASAP.

    Should you have any questions at all, please e-mail me at .

    I really look forward to our time together.

    Very best wishes, Richard Roe

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