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   May 16, 2006
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  • Dr. Phil's Test
  • The Senior Bachelor Cruise- PAMPERING!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Two great stories in this Newsletter. You Ladies continue to inspire all of us!



    I've been following your newsletters for months. My first intent was to send a profile and video and to get into the running with all the other ladies and attempt to vie for your attention. After some introspect, though, I realized that I was actually very happy where I am, nestled near family and close friends. I asked myself, "what if I were chosen by Richard and become involved with him?" My answer said that I am happiest being near the most important people in my life- family. So, you helped me to realize what really matters. Thank you.

    Still, there was something missing. I had dated one fellow for about eight months, yet we were nothing more than just friends. After three failed marriages, it seemed that I was destined just to be happy with what I have- family, friends, work and hobbies. I kept reading your newsletters, and in January thought, "why not try a two month membership to Perfectmatch? What do I have to lose?"

    I had been very reluctant to use any online dating services. After completing the profile and signing up, the first glance at other profiles was exciting- were there really over 425 single men over 50 in my area? Then I got discouraged, because very few would write back to me. I'm not sure why people sign up, then don't respond.

    Just before the end of the two month trial, I met Michael. We began writing, then talked on the phone multiple times, then finally met for breakfast. After the second week, and a long motorcycle ride, we were both hooked and are now enjoying the romance of being in love- who would have thought it could happen so fast! Family and friends are still important in my life, and always will be. Yet, it is that very special bonding, and sharing of life's day to day activities, past experiences, hopes and dreams, and especially the warmth of human touch that was so missing. We both think we have something special in the works, yet plan to enjoy the relationship for awhile before considering marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your dream with thousands and really making a difference in so many lives. May your health continue to improve, and may your journey continue until, you, too find that perfect match!


    Richard here:

    Receiving this e-mail gave me goosebumps. Long time readers of this Newsletter know of our association with and I wanted to bring all of the new readers up to date. We looked long and hard at many dating services, and I believe Perfectmatch is the best one for our group. In the world of full disclosure, I do receive a small commission from Perfectmatch when someone uses their services, but anything I earn is all plowed back into the expense of running Thus by participating, you also are helping me to continue to spread the good word about Romance and Adventure for all of us.

    If you have not taken the free compatibility Profile, I highly encourage you to do so by clicking here. It takes less than 15 minutes, and you will immediately receive your profile back from Perfectmatch. I tried it and it fit me to a "T." If you like your profile, why not give yourself a chance for 2 or 3 months?? The compatibility Profile is free and if you sign up for the service, the cost is very reasonable.

    Now, let's be realistic. With any dating service, or friends fixing you up, or the like, the odds are that you will not find your soul mate-at least not right away. However at least you are trying!!!!!!! We have had some wonderful success stories with Perfectmatch. And, yes, many people did not find their soul mate. But at least they tried, and that's what I am encouraging you to do. Give yourself a chance to find your Perfectmatch!!


    The Zaandam, sailing from August 11-18, is sold out and on a waiting list basis only. The Westerdam, sailing from August 20-27, is 95% sold out, and we have 1-2 weeks to make guaranteed reservations. If you would like to see what many people believe is one of the Wonders Of The World, Alaska, in 5 Star luxury, with a terrific group of like-minded people, please e-mail me at I can help you find a cabin mate if you would like, and this way you avoid the single supplemental charge. But please hurry, as time is of the essence. You only live once!!!

    As with our previous "Meet the Senior Bachelor Events", parties and the first part of the Journey, Umberto will be there to take photographs throughout the cruises. (Click here to see photos from the past events.) Joe will post them to the website and in the newsletters written from the open seas!

    You may have been on cruises before- but there will be nothing like the Senior Bachelor Cruise! We will be the hit of the sailing. Remember- there will be 1,700 other passengers on board and they will see the FUN we are having together. They all have male friends, co-workers, brothers who they can introduce to you.

    Remember the "Crazy Hat Party?" (Click here for photos.) Now, imagine that much FUN times seven days.

    (Yes. Those are fake teeth!)

    Best regards!

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

    Click here to check out the Senior Bachelor Cruise Adventure this Summer!

    Dr. Phil's Test

    Dr Phil's Test: Here you go. Try this!

    Below is Dr Phil's test. (Dr. Phil scored 55; he did this test on Oprah - she got a 38.) Some folks pay a lot of money to find this stuff out!

    Read on, this is very interesting!

    Don't be overly sensitive! The following is pretty accurate and it only takes 2 minutes. Take this test for yourself and send it to your friends.

    Answers are for who you are now...... not who you were in the past. Have pen or pencil and paper ready. This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get better insight concerning their employees and prospective employees. It's only 10 simple questions, so grab a pencil and paper, keeping track of your letter answers to each question.



    1. When do you feel your best? a) in the morning b) during the afternoon &and early evening c) late at night

    2. You usually walk... a) fairly fast, with long steps b) fairly fast, with little steps c) less fast head up, looking the world in the face d) less fast, head down e) very slowly

    3. When talking to people you.. a) stand with your arms folded b) have your hands clasped c) have one or both your hands on your hips d) touch or push the person to whom you are talking e) play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair

    4. When relaxing, you sit with.. a) your knees bent with your legs neatly side by side b) your legs crossed c) your legs stretched out or straight d) one leg curled under you

    5. When something really amuses you, you react with... a) big appreciated laugh b) a laugh, but not a loud one c) a quiet chuckle d) a sheepish smile

    6. When you go to a party or social gathering you... a) make a loud entrance so everyone notices you b) make a quiet entrance, looking around for someone you know c) make the quietest entrance, trying to stay unnoticed

    7. You're working very hard, concentrating hard, and you're interrupted...... a) you welcome the break b) you feel extremely irritated c) you vary between these two extremes

    8. Which of the following colors do you like most? a) red or orange b) black c) yellow or light blue d) green e) dark blue or purple f) white g) brown or gray

    9. When you are in bed at night, in those last few moments before going to sleep you are.. a) stretched out on your back b) stretched out face down on your stomach c) on your side, slightly curled d) with your head on one arm e) with your head under the covers

    10. You often dream that you are... a) falling b) fighting or struggling c) searching for something or somebody d) flying or floating e) you usually have dreamless sleep f) your dreams are always pleasant


    1. (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6
    2. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 7 (d) 2 (e) 1
    3. (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 5 (d) 7 (e) 6
    4. (a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 2 (d) 1
    5. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 5 (e) 2
    6. (a) 6 (b) 4 (c) 2
    7. (a) 6 (b) 2 (c) 4
    8. (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 5 (d) 4 (e) 3 (f) 2 (g) 1
    9. (a) 7 (b) 6 (c) 4 (d) 2 (e) 1
    10. (a) 4 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 5 (e) 6 (f) 1

    Now add up the total number of points.

    OVER 60 POINTS: Others see you as someone they should "handle with care." You're seen as vain, self- centered, and who is extremely dominant. Others may admire you, wishing they could be more like you, but don't always trust you, hesitating to become too deeply involved with you.

    51 TO 60 POINTS: Others see you as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; a natural leader, who's quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. They enjoy being in your company because of the excitement you radiate.

    41 TO 50 POINTS: Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

    31 TO 40 POINTS: Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust In your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

    21 TO 30 POINTS: Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder. It would really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment, expecting you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then, usually decide against it. They think this reaction is caused partly by your careful nature.

    UNDER 21 POINTS: People think you are shy, nervous, and indecisive, someone who needs looking after, who always wants someone else to make the decisions & who doesn't want to get involved with anyone or anything! They see you as a worrier who always sees problems that don't exist. Some people think you're boring. Only those who know you well know that you aren't.

    How did it turn out for you? Send me an email at with your results.


    From Mary C. Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Hello Richard,

    This is a story about a marriage of innocence, courage and hope. Hopefully after reading this story the reader would be delightfully satisfied both in mind and spirit. It is a story about the Tulsa Dream Center tutoring class of children.

    "From Ashes to Beauty," is the transformation that these little children have taken because they have grown up in the ghetto, many of them to parents who have believed the lies of the ghetto songs who's lyrics teach about being born to poverty, raised by the ghetto mentality, and dying in the clutches of poverty, never escaping. In spite of this environment these little children have chosen to believe that they can rise above what they have been handed down by life and become contributing links to a happy future not just for themselves, but for people they share this life with.

    Tutoring begins a 6:00 in the evening when most children's parents are providing hot meals and home work assistance. These children are being raised by single parents who are either at work at this time or not educated enough to help them. We provide a meal and tutoring. Sometimes it's just a matter of reading a story to the 5 year olds. If they come for just the meal we provide reading or math activities that are adjusted to their age and learning level. The computers you see in the picture were donated by regular people. We have programmed them with a program called Auto Skills that does all the teaching for us. For the children who are too young or not computer literate, I teach phonics.

    I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying it is to work with these volunteers and children. The beauty of it all is to see them grow up and have their forgotten dreams come true . Many of them return after graduation to help the other children that society has left behind.

    The children are the heroes in this story because they are over-comers. I think the key is they don't think that life owes them anything, they come in the rain, the cold, the sun, and on dark days to receive the love and hope that some of the real people of this world have provided for them. They work hard and their gentle eyes and smiles portray the peace and gratitude and courage of warriors who have defeated the enemy of poverty.

    The Senior Bachelor Cruise- PAMPERING!
    HAL Logo


    Today I wanted to inform you about the Pampering we can expect!!

    Holland America's ships were designed for Alaska cruising, with airy viewing lounges, wraparound decks and private verandahs that offer guests the chance to experience-in intimate elegance-Alaska's glaciers, wildlife and scenery. Here are just some of the things we can look forward to:

    Spacious public rooms adorned with fine arts and antiques.

    Luxurious Euro-Top beds and premium linens.

    Large, extra-fluffy Egyptian cotton towels, plush bathrobes, magnifying mirrors, stylish new hair dryers. Refrigerators, televisions and DVD players.

    Fresh fruit in room.

    A diverse choice of dining venues:elegant main Dining Room; and fresh cooked to-order specialties in the relaxed Lido Restaurant.

    Complimentary 24-hour in-room dining.

    Lunch and dinner menus created daily and seldom repeated.

    Extensive wine list, featuring wines highly rated by Wine Spectator.

    The Culinary Arts Center will have the Master Chef offering tips for preparing salmon 50 different ways.

    A new, expanded Greenhouse Spa & Salon with massage rooms and thermal suites.

    An interactive learning center.

    The largest staterooms of any major cruise line in Alaska.

    Cozy wool blankets on each teak lounge chair for comfortable deck viewing.

    Complimentary hot cocoa and split pea soup served on deck mid-mornings.

    Menus designed to feature fresh Alaskan specialties such as king crab legs and grilled salmon.

    A Park Service Ranger on board to provide fascinating commentary on Glacier Bay National Park (wait until you see this!!!!).

    A full-time naturalist on deck to provide insight into marine and bird life (amazing), geology, glacial process and natural succession.

    A Native Artist-In-Residence program with lectures, small group sessions and hands-on crafts.

    The Legends and Lore of Glacier Bay as told by Huna Totem tribal interpreters.

    An extensive range of shore excursions, from native cultural tours to backcountry fishing and glacier flightseeing.

    Imagine all of the above, plus the camaraderie of the some 100 people in our group, plus another 1,500 passengers on board. Also, Umberto will be on board to take wonderful photos for you (at no charge) and will also be videotaping our Journey!! Daily uploads to the Senior Bachelor website so you can show your family and friends what a great time we are having!

    Every night we will have a group activity planned. If you are in the mood to attend, great, if not, no problem. I will share never seen before pictures of Grace Kelly, Monaco, The Palace and The Royal Family, and also a meeting one night about Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood and Film making for any group member who is interested.

    We are more than 3/4 filled now, and these cruises always sell out in August. If you know of anybody you think would enjoy this cruise (or the following one August 20-27) PLEASE hit the Forward button and send this message along and have them contact me ASAP.

    Should you have any questions at all, please e-mail me at .

    I really look forward to our time together.

    Very best wishes, Richard Roe

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