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Promoting Romance, Adventure and Recognition for People of All Ages! )
  April 5, 2006


"Do you know an older bachelor...or are you a successful bachelor between the ages of 55 - 70 and want to be part of an upcoming dating segment on "Dr. Phil?" If you are willing to participate, please email us your profile and photo."

To My Friends,

The best way to advance "Our Common Cause," is the media. You all have read my rantings on the "lack of recognition" concerning people our age. I give Dr. Phil and his producers an enormous thank you for recognizing dating is just not for younger people, and that people of all ages desire to be in a healthy, loving and committed relationship.

Yesterday I responded via e-mail to the Dr. Phil producers, and if you believe in advancing our Common Cause, I ask for your help. If you were to send an e-mail message to Dr. Phil's producers, telling them what you know about me and The Senior Bachelor endeavor, this would help me to be a possible guest on the show.

I think you know what I will talk about. Simply put, the more exposure for everything I have been talking about for a year, the more events, dating sites, publicity, etc. will ensue and the universe for all of us will expand.

Here's how easy it is to help.

Go to and in the upper right of the Home Page you will see...CONTACT DR. PHIL, click on there and in the drop down menu you will see.....E-Mail The show......Click on there and then you fill out some information and there is a space to write your comment.

Or you can try clicking here to take you there.

Being very brief is important as they receive so many e-mails every day. Something like....You saw Richard Roe on Oprah and/or People Magazine, and he would be a good representative for an Los Angeles Bachelor aged 55-70. You could expand on that some if you wish, but the more people that e-mail in, the more attention our cause will get.

Thanks so much for your help. Also, if you would forward this e-mail to your friends, their help would be greatly appreciated as well.

I'll let you know what develops!

Best regards!

Richard Roe
Senior Bachelor

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