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March 12, 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Manhattan Beach Party:

The party in Manhattan Beach February 16-18, was loads of fun, about 60 people ,overall, and the weather cooperated beautifully, 80 degrees and sunny. We had lots of fun on bike rides, going to dinner, going dancing, and an impromptu hot tub soiree!!!!!

I was home when the hot tub action occurred, and here is the "official eyewitness version."

We had some great guys in attendance and one is a sheriff in Los Angeles. It turns out the sheriff has a van that converts to a totally equipped bar!!! Perfect for tail- gating parties, and for situations which might crop up, like on Saturday night.

A large group went back to the hotel, and the portable bar, resplendent with blenders for drinks, was set up and one thing led to another....which led to the hot tub.

I do not have details but there were smiling faces at breakfast on Sunday!!!! You go ladies!!!! (Maybe some photos will be forthcoming.....or not!)


I arrived in Italy March 1, and have been dealing with the Italian bureaucracy ever since! Things like renting a house (2 in my case), buying a car, insurance, and opening a bank account are challenging, and that's an understatement!!!! !!!! Italy is very concerned about terrorism and any newcomers moving here are viewed with loads of suspicion.

I have lots to do so I will make this a brief Newsletter, with much more to come in the weeks ahead.

I have rented two homes in Italy, one for personal use, and the other for people going with me on tours based out of Lerici, and/or for outright rentals. I was always fascinated by the movies with friends or families renting a villa in Italy, and loving life here for 1-4 weeks. I wanted to have the visitors going on tours with me to be able to stay in this great house on the Mediterranean Sea, and also to make the house available for outright rentals as this way is not only less expensive, but it is living in Paradise! The house is ideal for up to 4 people as there are 2 bedrooms.

If you would like to see a short video (about 5 minutes) of Lerici and the Cinque Terre and the house, please click here, and click on the box which says You Tube.

Anybody who has ever taken tours with me in Italy, has said they have been the best trips of their lives. I know this country very well, and I have superior contacts at hotels, restaurants, and know all of the right spots to go to, and which ones not to go to!! I highly encourage you to do all you can to visit with me if it is at all possible.

If you are interested in tours or renting the house, please e-mail me at asap.

Much more later!

Richard Roe
Senior Bachelor

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