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  January 3, 2006
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  • Notes from Gael
  • The Senior Bachelor Cruise
  • A great Success Story!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I hope you have had a Happy Holiday Season.

    Now it is time to look forward to making 2006 the best year we can make of it. I have an idea. Let's all of us who are single, which is about 90% of the people reading this Newsletter, promise ourselves that we will do whatever we are capable of doing, to be in a healthy, loving, committed relationship- THIS YEAR. Now for sure, we know that's a tall order!!!

    For those of you that would like to give it your best efforts, here's what I can do to help. We have been pleased thus far with PerfectMatch, and continue to encourage you to, at the least, take their free Personality Profile. Now let's be honest, no specific Internet dating company will guarantee success. However, if your budget can afford a few months of the fee, why not give it your best shot?

    As long as the expectations are that, at the minimum, you know that you have tried, and given yourself an increased chance to finding your soul mate, then you will be fulfilling your resolution. I believe I am paraphrasing Mark Twain when I write "It's amazing that the harder I try the luckier I get." The free Personality Profile takes less than 15 minutes and if you like the immediate result, then you can consider trying this for a few months.

    Another way I will try to offer my assistance is via the cruises. The two cruises to Alaska this August will be the beginning of many cruises a year I will organize, all with the specific goals of 1) Having fun. 2) Meeting and re-visiting wonderful new friends. 3) Being open to the possibility of meeting your soul mate on one of these cruises. I realize that, unfortunately, cruises are not in many people's budgets, but for those whose budget can afford it, here is another opportunity for you to get "luckier" and have a good time.

    As you know, Joe and I are trying all we can through www.seniorb to get more men involved with the site.

    And each of you can also help our collective resolution by referring good guys to come on the cruises, and attend any other social functions I will organize, and have them sign up for the Newsletters and get on the blog. Please don't be afraid to include new women as well. At first you might consider this more competition, but I don't think that is the right way to look at this. The more good people we have involved, male or female, the stronger our group will be, and will attract yet more good people. And you've all seen how wonderfully we all get along and support each other!

    Now, back to the Journey.


    Gael arrived the morning of December 28 and after three days getting to know Santiago, we went to the beach for a day. The beaches are 1 1/2 hours away by a great bus ride, and we could really see the gorgeous Chilean countryside. A good friend here of Umberto's, Andres, was recently engaged, and we all went to lunch with Andres and his fiancée and her family.

    We have been staying in the identical place where Umberto lived from 2001-2004, what is referred to as a "residence." It is a combination fraternity/sorority house, but clean!! Most of the 29 people who stay here, attend various nearby colleges, and are from a vast variety of countries. It is fun to sit around the dinner table, or go out later, and talk with people from Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Italy, Australia, and many other countries. The average age of these students are mid twenties, and many are here working on advanced degrees. All in all, a great atmosphere.

    As I have mentioned previously, I will pass on good, reliable, tested travel information, and I highly recommend Andres as a guide in Chile, especially in Santiago. Here is his e-mail address:

    I made a real rookie mistake and forgot to properly hydrate myself and came down with an ultra-nasty case of dehydration. Folks, I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but it is like having the worst case of the flu. You feel as if a Mack truck has hit you, as every single inch of your body aches, and you feel extremely hot, and freezing cold- at the same time! Your head aches, stomach problems galore, and all in all, a very unpleasant situation. After 1 1/2 days, I think I am getting back to normal.

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

    Click here to see more photos from our Journey!

    Notes from Gael

    Tues. Dec 27th I flew from Boston to Miami to Chile. The flights were as smooth as silk. I read, ate and slept AND I was beginning my Cinderella Adventure...can't do better than that!!! At 10 am Wed. Dec. 28th, I was met at the airport in Santiago by a limo with Richard and Umberto full of smiles....O.K. so there wasn't a limo...but I'll take those smiles any day!!!

    So Richard, Umberto, camera and I became the new team. Team #2!! Our accommodations are at the dorm that Umberto lived in for 3 years while he was at school. So it is full of familiar faces for him, friends from all over the world. We went grocery shopping, I got settled in and then we took the Metro into the city of Santiago and toured around town. We mostly walked around just taking in the sights. We went into one of their beautiful churches. Richard said he had never seen a church so loooong.

    It was fun getting a feel of the city and it's surroundings. The Chileans are so lovely. It's not so much the beauty of their faces as the beauty of their souls. Very quiet, gentle people. They are so affectionate to their children and each other. Wonderful to see. Makes me wonder if they even HAVE a divorce rate...doesn't seem possible as I walk around surrounded by LOTS of PDA (Public Displays of Affection!) in both young and old.

    Thurs. we just hung out because Richard was feeling punk. He spent most of the day down but was concerned about me being bored. Like that could ever happen!! I was happy, happy, happy to read, read, read!

    Richard rallied and we went to dinner at a local spot called Tiramisu and it was GREAT! The food was good too!! Friday Richard realized his symptoms were of dehydration. So Umberto bought 9 bottles of Gatorade and Richard added packets of electrolytes that he had wisely brought with him. When Umberto had Richard all set up with his Gatorade, Excedrin and electrolytes we went off to the City of Santiago. Again we went by metro. It´s so clean, safe and efficient that it seem like EVERYONE uses it. Once we were in town we could already see the preparations for New Year's Eve. We climbed up the Monument of Santiago going from garden terrace to garden terrace, climbing higher and higher. The view from the top was breathtaking, like when you see Umberto's photos!

    We climbed down the opposite side the opened out into the heart of it all. We then went into the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes, a building of amazing architecture and statuary. The HUGE bronze statue in front was of 2 male angels. One lying across the others lap, dying. The inscription reads: "Glory even in death, as in life." It was so beautiful and perfect in its form that I don't think I'll ever forget it, or its words. Inside the architecture was amazing too. I think I liked the building and its statues better than the art they had on exhibit.

    The children's exhibit was incredible to see what a child of 6 through 10 can create, and the children were actually in the museum, on the floor, still creating more works of art! The majority of the exhibits were like the 70's. Abstract art re-done. Umberto and I didn't care for it. I wasn't wild about it the first time in the 70's!

    We agreed to come back early to check up on Richard. Thankfully, he was feeling somewhat better and rallied enough for us to go to dinner. We were both so pleased with Tiramisu that we went back and shared the same meal. Vicki's description of Richard as SWEET is on the money. I'll add fun and funny to the list. Not only did I find Richard interesting, but I found him interested as well. Richard asked questions that I didn't expect- nothing probing, just showing sincere interest. Nice.

    Sat. Dec. 31, 2006, NEW YEARS EVE. Richard, Umberto, camera and I took a 2 1/2 hour bus trip north to Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar. The bus was immaculate, as were the people, and very comfortable. It was fun to watch the families, and I mean WHOLE families, start their vacations together. It's a good thing that kissing a baby doesn't stunt its growth! If so, these people would never grow more than a foot high! Even the smallest of the children were expected to kiss the babies. NOT something I see at home, sadly.

    Valparaiso is the old part of the newer Vina Del Mar. I loved both, especially the many colors of the homes and buildings in Valparaiso. Both villages were surrounded by beaches and ocean. The ocean was so GREEN that I couldn't stop talking about it! It looked like Kool Aid!

    No one seemed to mind as everyone was preparing for the New Year's Eve festivities, which appears to be a HUGE celebration here. We were met by Andres, one of Umberto's friends, who had just become engaged. His fiancee's family had invited us to share lunch with them. It was a yummy restaurant, and they were totally enjoyable company, even with the language barrier. Of course, the language barrier is Richard and me. Thank God for Umberto and the extra efforts of everyone in Chile. The family asked us to their home for their New Year's celebration but we all thought it best to pack our little butts onto the bus and head back to Santiago. On our return, Umberto hooked up with his friends and I saw the New Year in, in my usual location...BED! O.K. For all of you with your minds in the gutter, Richard was in his bed UPSTAIRS and I was in my bed DOWNSTAIRS, thank you very much!!

    Jan. 1st 2006, was quiet. Richard and I traveled to the mall, two malls, actually. But everything was CLOSED. A few cafes were open and we had a great time sight-seeing in the beautiful, balmy breeze. We lunched at one of the cafes and headed home to the Providencia district of Santiago. Later, Richard and I dined at The Chilean. We both agreed that it was one of the best meals we´ve had...and it was ALL Chilean foods! YUMMY! Richard was feeling closer to 100% and was a excellent dinner companion. Best fun yet! We even had a Chilean drink!

    Today, Mon. Jan.2, Umberto, (his friend) Severo, Richard and I went back to the mall. It is one of the biggest malls I have ever seen...and very high-end stores. Lovely for any shoe/clothes freak (that would be me), but a little unsettling. It is too New York, too out of place. We split up so that Umberto and Severo could go do their thing and Richard and I did ours. We walked out of the mall to the international book store, yeah for me, and then back to the mall. We lunched and then headed back to our "home." Tonight, Richard and I plan on going to the monument at San Cristobal at sunset, as it is supposed to be a beautiful sight. We'll have dinner there and see what happens next!!

    Happy New Year to you all!


    The Senior Bachelor Cruise
    HAL Logo

    Wow! One of the finalists really knows how to party! She is bringing along no fewer than 12 of her friends on the cruise this summer!

    I exchanged emails with Shawn, our Personal Cruise Consultant, and she wants me to remind you that these two cruises are in the "peak" of the Alaska cruising season. They are very popular in their own right- much less with the added attraction of having us party-ers on board! So please start checking your travel calendar and, if you think there is a chance you want to go, contact her ASAP. Your deposit goes directly to Holland America Lines and is completely refundable up to 75 days before the cruise.

    For information about the Senior Bachelor Cruise, click here! Remember to send me an email at if you need a cruise cabin mate to save the single supplement. We've already matched up a whole bunch of people and I will be able to help you even while on the Journey. Or you can contact our Personal Cruise Consultant, Shawn, at or call 1-800-355-3017 Ext. 4294 Mon- Fri, 9:00AM to 6:00PM, PST.

    To submit the Online Cruise Booking Form, click here! A great Success Story!

    I love hearing from you about your experiences with PerfectMatch! I share them only with the writer's permission- usually given enthusiastically because they are excited to share their success. Fits nicely with our New Year's Resolution theme:

    From Connie in Canada:

    Hi Richard,

    Have been keeping in tune with the travels of you and the others senior bachelor girls and Umberto. It is my pleasure to wish all of you a happy Holiday and I can sympathize with your missing your 7 grandchildren. I am about to embark on my journey to northern Canada and then Tucson to visit my family. The greatest news- I have met the "perfect match" on PerfectMatch. Having been leery of these dating sites and had 2 terrible experiences, I tried PerfectMatch figuring Dr. Phil and you support it and then was on a flight recently and saw the movie 'Must like dogs'- I joined up. Norton was the only person who appealed to me and since Nov.29th-- we have come to know one another and also families have met and I who love animals- he has 2 horses, 3 dogs and a cat! I have a precious cat also.

    Good luck-- will stay tuned in. Cheers, Connie

    Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you have taken the free PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile to learn more about themselves to get better prepared to meet and date. You should try it out, too.

    One of the criteria for the 22 Finalists was to take the Free Compatibility Profile and I used the results in making my decisions.

    I did take the Free PerfectMatch Compatibility Profile, and it described me to a "T." It was simple and took less than 15 minutes. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and only time will tell how this service works for you. My recommendation is to take the Free Compatibility Profile (click here to try it), and if you like what you see with the Profile results, and your budget can afford it, give it a try, and then later tell me your feelings. Good luck. We all are looking for our Perfect Match!!!

    Many people have asked about our association with PerfectMatch. After seeing Duane Dahl, the founder of PerfectMatch on Dr. Phil this past June, and doing some research, we felt this was a company we would like to start an association with to see what kind of results they might provide. I know from working with the Oprah folks how careful they are to research their guests, as does Dr. Phil, and this encouraged me. (Photo courtesy of "Merry Mary".)

    From Linda- "You asked for feedback regarding PerfectMatch. I have subscribed to several online relationship sites with varying amounts of success. However, I believe PerfectMatch has combined the most succinct and efficient program available for those of us with the mature status. Not only is help readily available if needed, the site navigation is seamless. I believe the questionnaires are very well done and if participants answer truthfully, the potential for finding the "perfect match" is excellent."

    From a reader in Georgia- "I never desired nor felt the need to join a dating service. On a lark, I decided to try the free personality profile with PerfectMatch. I was floored and amazed how right on they were on about me."

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