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January 2, 2007
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  • A Great Story
  • Roman Empire Greek Island Cruise- September 25, 2007 (10 Days)!!
  • Panama Canal Cruise - Great value!! Departs January 4 (16 Days)

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Many of you have asked about a Senior Bachelor "get together" and Joe and I feel we have a terrific time and place to do this. February 16-18, 2007 at the fabulous Ayres Hotel in Manhattan Beach. Once again, the Ayres Hotel is giving us a great rate at $119 per room- single or double occupancy! This party will be open to everyone 50 and over who is single and interested in Romance and Adventure, the theme for the Senior Bachelor endeavor.

    This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends you have met at past events and to meet new friends. Even if you have not attended any of our activities, please come! The more the merrier. And feel free to bring friends, male and female.

    It would be great if you arrived around noon or so on Friday. We will socialize around the hotel all day and then all have dinner together. And for those who have brought your dancing shoes, we'll go dancing at Harry O's, a nearby bar/disco. Depending on the weather, we will have many activities to choose from Saturday and Sunday. Typically in February, the days are sunny and in the 60's and the nights are in the 50's.

    We can take bike rides along the wonderful southern California beaches, hang out at the beach, or if you wanted to rent a car, go to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, only 25 minutes away. Even with many things to do, most of the fun will be sitting around the fireplace at the Ayres Hotel, and going out to dinners and other activities together.

    Joe and I will invite as many single men as we know. Having said that, I sure have learned a lot about single people 50 and over. And the immutable, number 1 fact, is that women are WAY MORE ADVENTUROUS than most men. Over and over I hear women say "Now it's my turn, and I'm going for it." The men, generally speaking, seem to be happy hanging around their house watching sports. This is a very sad commentary, indeed, that most men in this age group simply do not want to make the effort.

    Now please, don't flood me with e-mails telling me about a guy you know who is not like this. I said, in general. And if you know a great guy, have him come to the Manhattan Beach Party. He will be very popular, I can assure you!!!!

    We will have this event if there is sufficient interest. If you think you might come, please e-mail me at If you know for sure you will not come, simply don't reply. Right after January 1, I will send out another Newsletter and let you know if it is a go or not.

    We have had large events in Chicago, Manhattan Beach, two cruises, and a mini-reunion in November. As I will discuss in the next Newsletter, I will be switching my base from Manhattan Beach to Italy as of March 1 of next year. And I would like to see as many of you as possible before I leave.

    It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to let me know asap if you are interested. Thank you.

    Ciao for now,

    Richard Roe
    Senior Bachelor

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    Some computers have a problem opening the photos from the Senior Bachelor Newsletter. If so, wait a few days and go to and click on the most recent Newsletter and you'll probably be able to see them there.

    A Great Story

    I sure am unhappy that I have put my Search on hold, pending some personal situations. However there has been a tremendous success, albeit unplanned, since we have embarked on this Journey together, some 1 1/2 years ago. And that is the hundreds, no thousands, of relationships that have been formed. Granted they are mostly with women meeting new friends, although I know of at least three marriages that have resulted from Senior Bachelor and Perfectmatch (more on that in another Newsletter).

    The story below exemplifies this. A Canadian woman and a Welsh women, who never knew each other before, "met" on the Senior Bachelor blog. Here is their story.

    Leslie's Story:

    Meeting the Senior Bachelor has truly been an international experience for me. When I crept out of the box in which I’d found myself in 2005, I never realised how much my life would change. Not only have I made lifelong friends with women from all over Canada, the United States and Great Britain, but also I’ve so far seen the Grand Canyon, done an Alaska cruise, and had a 28-day tour of Italy. All of this has been the result of Richard Roe’s search for adventure and romance.

    This fall found me travelling around Italy with a small group of women, Richard, and Umberto. I must tell you that Richard is a great organiser – the hotels were fabulous, the food was exquisite, and the scenery was to die for! When the Italian part of my trip was over, I travelled to Wales to finally meet Jane, whom I’d met on Richard’s blog site. We hit it off right away, and we know that we are meant to be lifelong friends! We already have plans to do a driving tour around the entire coast of Wales and return to Italy to explore more of that beautiful and historic country.

    Albert Schweitzer said, "Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light." So thanks to Richard Roe, many of us have jumped out of our boxes and faced life with new vigour and enthusiasm. I know I’m looking forward to more adventures with the Senior Bachelor group!

    Jane's Story:

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength
    Loving someone deeply gives you courage

    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength Loving someone deeply gives you courage

    I guess for a long time I had never admitted to myself I was wishing for both........

    True to life just when you least expect it.... there was Senior Bachelor on my TV screen (a breakfast show). I listened and reminded myself what I always believe....."What have you got to lose...nothing... and all to gain...go for it!" With a degree of disbelief and a greater amount of hope and excitement I clicked on the Senior bachelor site for the first time not realising that one click of a finger was about to change my life.

    I recall looking at a photo of Richard sat on a log on a beach, his back to the camera. The words "you can only see so many sunsets on your own" hit home at an emotional level with empathy, a sympathy, a shared emotion.......

    Before I knew it I was hooked on the blog the adventure and all the wonderful ladies their depth of communication and emotions that had led them to meet there. I was getting up earlier and earlier each day not able to wait for the next installment. It was like the film "You've Got Mail".....each free minute I would hook up on the blog like a drug. It was fantastic.

    There seemed to be a common bond between us of loss, grieving and re-growth. We were all now ready to move on as stronger people. This one man in his quest for one lady unwittingly had opened up the whole world to a new dawning of friendship and maybe love. One such lady from Vancouver called Leslie mentioned it was her birthday. Since my birthday was in days of hers I sent her a blog to wish her well. That was nearly 18 months ago.

    A few weeks ago after all that time we stood and hugged greetings of friendship for the first time at a place called Cardiff in south Wales UK. We took a whistle stop tour of the city. We spruced ourselves up and out for an evening meal to a place called The Priory. This stands on the site of Roman stables part of huge barracks sited here and one of many Roman ruins within the area. The food was good the company better and we discussed how life had brought us together through Senior Bachelor.

    The following day we returned and explored the rest of the ruins...a museum....a roman baths...a barracks and last but not least the amphitheatre believed to be the original King Arthur's round table. Unfortunately, ladies, we saw no knights. They must have all just gone to lunch at the nearby Priory or still looking for the Holy Grail!

    Had it not been for Senior Bachelor and the events leading up to it we would have never met. We never really know why things happen but we are told it is always for the best even though we can't see it at the time. I am sure we have no idea how in our daily lives we touch so many others and influence their paths and for that matter what reason but I am so glad Senior Bachelor came about. It has brought my life back together given me the confidence I had lost and the courage I knew I had to just go out there and go for it. We live once lets live it well and love along the way.

    A happy union is not one of perfect partners but the triumph of love over imperfections.

    I hope you have enjoyed this story. There are literally hundreds more like it! I will be in touch soon with another Newsletter.

    Roman Empire Greek Island Cruise- September 25, 2007 (10 Days)!!


    WOW! What a great response to both of these cruises! There is still time to sign up for the fabulous Panama Canal Cruise leaving from Los Angeles on January 4th. I've learned that we have to give a lot of advanced notice for these cruises but the deal that Crystal Cruises gave the Senior Bachelor Group for the Panama Canal was too good to pass up. We have a nice group already signed up. See the details below.

    And speaking of giving advanced notice, many of you have signed up for the Empire Cruise, noted below, embarking from Rome on September 25, 2007. This is shaping up to be as big as the Alaska Cruises this past summer. Be sure to take a look for this FUN cruise!

    Here is the information about the cruise to the Greek Isles with Holland America on the Westerdam. This 10 day cruise starts and ends in glorious Rome (where I happen to be as I write this.) Embarkation is September 25, 2007. I will plan really fun sightseeing activities a few days before and after the cruise for those who would like to experience The Eternal City in the early fall without lots of crowds. Vatican City with St. Peters and the incredible Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Roman Forum and much more. When in Rome.............

    Here are the details:


    Day Port Arrive / Depart

    0 Civitavecchia (Rome) 6:00 pm

    1 At Sea

    2 Dubrovnik, Croatia 8:00 am / 6:00 pm

    3 Corfu, Greece 8:00 am / 6:00 pm

    4 Katakolon, Greece 7:00 am / 5:00 pm

    5 Santorini, Greece 1 8:00 am / 11:00 pm

    6 Kusadasi (Ephesus) Turkey 7:00 am / 8:00 pm

    7 Piraeus, Greece 8:00 am / 6:00 pm

    8 At Sea

    9 Messina, Sicily 7:00 am / 2:00 pm

    10 Civitavecchia (Rome) 7:00 am

    Inside Cabins

    Category: J, I

    Prices: $1,939 to $1,979 per person based on double occupancy.

  • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable) but does not include the Government fees of $105.07 per person.
  • Outside Cabins- Ocean View, no obstructions
    (this is a cabin with a large window, not a porthole)

    Category: D, C

    Prices: $2,379 to $2,439 per person based on double occupancy.

  • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include the Government fees of $105.07 per person.
  • Deluxe Verandah Outside Cabins with a usable balcony
    (the balcony has two chairs and a table)

    Category: VA, VB

    Price: $2,889 to $2,959 per person based on double occupancy.

  • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include $105.07 government fees per person
  • Deluxe Verandah Suites
    (can accommodate up to 4 people)

    Category: SA

    Price: $5,899 per person for each of the first two persons

    • This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include $105.07 government fees per person

    • The price for the 3rd and 4th person is $599
      This includes all port charges (also known as non-discountable charges) but does not include $51.17 government fees per person

    • This balcony is much larger and has 2 lounge chairs, a bistro table and four chairs

    • Includes use of the Concierge Lounge and free dry cleaning!

    To Book Your Senior Bachelor Cruise:

    To be eligible for the Senior Bachelor Group rate, you MUST call Coastline Travel at 1-800-448-2374 and you need only mention you heard about the cruise special from the Senior Bachelor! This offer has LIMITED CAPACITY and is open to any single males or females age 45 and over, and especially age 50 and over as well as married couples. In order to be part of the Senior Bachelor group you must book through our dedicated travel agency, Coastline Travel Advisors at 1-800-448-2374, (or 714-621- 1040) ask for Jay or Leah, Mon-Fri, 8:00AM to 6:00PM (Pacific Time) and Saturday 9:00AM to 2:00PM (Pacific Time).

    (If you get voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat your phone number twice and the best time to call you back. Someone will get back to you promptly.)

    Email:, or,

    Panama Canal Cruise - Great value!! Departs January 4 (16 Days)

    The Panama Canal cruise, from January 4-20, is shaping up to be a real winner. PLEASE let me know right away if you are interested as we have a superior deal and only limited cabins at these prices. I have ladies right now looking for roommates. If you are interested, and I hope you are, please e-mail me and in the Subject bar write: Roommate Panama Canal cruise.

    Thanks and I sure hope you will take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Please click here for all details.

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