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I am proud to be a 3rd generation California ďgirlĒ as I still think of myself. I turned 55 on my last birthday, however, so I can now eat at IHOP using the Senior Citizen discount (not that I would allow myself to take advantage of that!). I refuse to let the chronological number of my years influence me and I have been throwing away anything that comes in the mail to me from the AARP so I guess I am in denial. I still have too much life left to live and joie de vivre to worry about something like age.

My marriage ended almost three years ago after 30+ years. I married my high school sweetheart while I still had two more years of college left. I earned my degree while he finished graduate school and we were good together for the most part. It was not my choice to end the relationship but Iím just stubborn and independent enough to have those traits work for me. I look at this as a new chapter of my life and am having experiences that otherwise I would not have had.

I have a daughter and a son, both out of college and they seem to think that their mom is pretty cool. I feel fortunate to be very close to my daughter. As my son has matured, we have become great friends also. Both of my kids are awesome and I love engaging them on current topics or their views of the world.

Living in a wine-making region has allowed me to be peripherally involved with that industry. I would like to establish myself in a wine-related endeavor since I have retired from the profession that I was educated for.

Travel has always been my favorite thing to do and I have been fortunate to do quite a bit. Each time I return from a trip, I am thinking ahead as to where I would like to go next. Unfortunately, finding someone to travel with has not been easy. I have traveled on my own rather than not go at all but itís much better to share the inevitable joys along with travails with a partner. As a woman, there is also the consideration of safety.

Undertaking this opportunity to travel with Richard is something that began when both my mom and a friend called me the day he was on Oprah for the first time. They both told me to turn on my television and I almost didnít. To be considered as a potential travel mate (and possibly more) is an honor because of so many other qualified, wonderful women who would love to be given this chance. We all await the outcome!

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