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Primary residence: Florida. Secondary residence: Georgia. Longest residence: Over 30 years in Miami, Florida until Hurricane Andrew blew us away. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, I have trouble deciding which place to call home!

Age: "Young at heart!" And...probably the oldest in the group...a reality that I might as well embrace since I'm definitely NOT going to be getting any younger!

Number of kids: 10, not really, but it often seemed like that many! Actually it's only 4, ages 21 to 34. It's FINALLY official! They're all now "of age" and responsible for bailing themselves out of jail!! YES!!

Number of grandkids: Not enough!! Babysitting them is the BEST and so is the joy that comes from giving them back to their parents!! Mommy and daddy always lay down the rules and then I proceed to break ALL of them! Dinner with me is often chocolate chip mint icecream!! The drama that occurs when I'm leaving town could win an academy award! It goes a little like this. "Queenie" or "Big Mommy" (it's a loooong story how I got those names.) "You CAN'T leave me now!!!" "I NEED you!!!" "PLEASE don't go!!" "I'm BEGGING you to stay!!" Now that's LOVE!!!

Claim to fame: Being on the Oprah Winfrey Show twice this year (one was a rerun), on a show titled "Women Who Look Younger Today Than They Did Ten Years Ago." Fortunately for me, Oprah, her best friend and several of her staff are all over 50 and are easily impressed with those of us who over the years have lost many of our brain cells and consequently do stupid things like "dive off of the roof of our home" as a form of exercise to stay in shape!! I have been a high diver for over 40 years, competed in the Olympic Trials as a teenager and have continued to compete in master's events for many, many years with several national titles and world rankings. I attribute my success to no fear and good genes along with knee, back and joint memory loss!! My passion is athletics and I worked in the modeling and film industry for 28 years doing mostly extreme sports and stunt work that other models and actresses refused to do. Before that I was a Speech Pathologist /Audiologist and taught the deaf for many years.

Why I wrote Richard: Who knows??//#?? Maybe it was an alcoholic stupor but that's doubtful since I rarely drink! Maybe it was aliens, divine intervention or simply Oprah encouraging us women to "step out of the box" and take a chance and do something out of our comfort zone. I'm going with the ladder and the journey has been great fun! Also, I've watched my kids do a complete role reversal during this process. I'm not allowed to do anything with the "senior bachelor" without their approval. They have been my mentors/confidants throughout the past six months and I've come to realize that they actually DID learn something from me over all the years. That's priceless!! So, I feel like a double winner...I've met a great guy with good intentions who feels VERY guilty about not saying "yes" to ALL the women who have written him and I've also been jolted out of my "I hate all men" phase, the result of a painful divorce after 36 years of marriage not to mention the fortune I saved for therapy that I did NOT need!! Thanks Rich!!!

To all you readers: Keep enjoying and following this intriguing "adventure and romance journey." It's positively, absolutely sureal for me to be part of it and and I am very grateful!!

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